Sep 132014

failI’ve found it necessary due to the inability to have these comments be published anywhere else (and many other comments I’ve made), to make another blog entry. So here I am, breaking my preferred silence.

At the core of the Guy McPherson message is “near-term extinction”. He spends a lot of time spreading this particular gospel.

His advocacy is to accept the inevitable. A few scientist believe that climate effects will be so extreme that our survival as a species, and indeed, the whole of the biosphere, will fail. Because of this, we are encouraged to accept the inevitable. He’s partnered up with Carolyn Baker to do this with as much “grace” as possible.

After much study, and as previously published, I find myself in disagreement with the core message that both of these speakers are now advocating.  I have an entirely different view of what will happen – what actually is happening – and how humanity will respond. Continue reading »