Mar 032014

This blog is now closed (forever) Update: oops! Not true – resumed publishing in September, 2014).  I’ve tried about five other times to write a “closing post” to convey my reasons for closing this blog and why now is finally the right time to do so, but could simply never write the words. There was either too much to say, or too little to say, and it was being influenced by a sense of outrage mixed with mind-numbing grief.

I’ve now reached the point where I can be reasonable about this – at least on the keyboard. So don’t worry – what follows is pretty mild, but I think it is important.

I’ve always known, as any insightful person probably does, that collapse of our civilization would eventually occur. There was never any possibility that humanity could continue on its destructive path indefinitely. Sooner or later, we’d screw things up so badly, so completely, and with such irreversible effects that we would destroy any possible chance for “recovery”.  I am convinced – although you may not yet be – that “that” day has now come and it cannot be undone by any means.

The cliff analogy often used really no longer applies. We’ve long since driven right off the cliff – all that remains is the spectacular crash that remains below. At the moment, some of us still hang in the space of empty air (and empty heads), a moment of blissful ignorance and euphoria that complete freedom through ignorance gives. But the rapidly approaching ground below is not to be ignored or denied – no matter what you read or believe. The disaster that awaits us all will be without precedent – and will never be repeated in the history of mankind. But for tens of millions worldwide already – that disaster has already happened and this is why the “cliff” analogy isn’t really applicable anymore. Their “collapse” has already happened.

Like you, I live in the generation that will experience the global collapse that begun many years ago. At some point in time, we’d either over-extend ourselves, or release an uncontrollable technology, or deplete the environment so badly that there could be no chance of survival from these “oops” moments, mistakes that have grown in such size and scale that they utterly dwarf our ability to change them even slightly.  The stark warning signs that flashed by at light speed over the years were repeatedly ignored and dismissed – with the end result being we are now facing an irrecoverable disaster that will affect virtually all life forms on earth.

We’ve now committed ourselves to all three, a disastrous triple-whammy of human hubris and indifference, an unstoppable force of sheer stupidity and arrogance. Apparently, nothing can match this “force” – because almost everything has been tried to no avail. We’ve proven beyond all doubt that we are unable to control our population, or our technology, both of which are now wildly out of control, with the results being catastrophic environmental depletion occurring very rapidly on a global scale.  There is simply no possibility now for “recovery” as demonstrated below.

So for my children and for the troubling legacy that I have left them, and for their sake alone and none other, I dedicated the past twenty years of my life to learning everything I could about what was unfolding. What I discovered as I learned was worthy of a monumental disclosure, a once-in-a-humankind series of occurring events that pointed to only one inescapable conclusion, the shocking truth of an unfolding global catastrophe leading to only one possible outcome for all of humanity and all life on Earth.

As a father, I am deeply grieved to tears about the fate of my family and how fast we have ruined our only home. I’ve uncovered a stupendous amount of information that speaks loudly and clearly about what will occur, but no matter what the evidence may be, even in the cost of human lives now being extinguished, seemingly nothing could be done to change any of this on any meaningful scale. The willful destruction, the “collective suicide pact” of big industry and big oil and all those billions who embrace this utterly false paradigm continues to this day, accelerating daily, despite every protest and every attempt to slow it down.

The time that remains for humanity is really quite short now, only a few decades at most. Approximately ten years ago, I began a series of publications on this blog and two former forums, which has (now) proven beyond all possible doubt that nothing can or will change our behavior, or the outcome that we now all face. Early on, I focused on civilization, collapse, peak oil, peak energy and issues of freedom, politics and sustainable living. Later as my own awareness increased, I expanded my research and publications to include climate, personal preparedness, tyranny, war and many other topics – all of which are having a terrifying impact upon human lives the world over.

But the “big one” was the future habitability of our home (and only) planet. The planet was (and still is) being rapidly degraded, accelerating the possibility of collapse, even “guaranteeing it”. But it was actually much more then that in the end – what research revealed was something far, far greater then another collapse of civilization (which we might recover from, if that’s all there was). What was revealed through years of study was something else altogether – something humanity has NEVER had to face in our entire history. For 40,000 years, humans have lived on this planet, but at no time like today, did we live under the threat of total extinction from our own hand. But now we do – and it is very clear that we are completely incapable of doing anything about it in time. Continue reading »