Sep 252013

If you need a funny to rub your nose into, here’s one:

Wouldn’t it be just great if somebody could give such a speech to the clowns “in charge” of this insane asylum?  I’d pay for a front row seat.

And a definitely non-humorous video:

The Apocalypse is clearly happening to millions of people all over the world – right now.

Americants remain stubbornly blind to the horrible truth. There is NO EXCUSE. The evidence is EVERYWHERE.

Sep 232013

Two videos you should watch (Netflix) – Plastic Planet and Patagonia Rising.

Pretty clear that we’re very rapidly ruining what little remains. Hard to imagine that the entire Earth is now covered with plastic chemicals and pieces. The oil industry very much wants to keep humans ignorant about how serious this has become.

Also read Why and How jellyfish are Taking over the World.  Good read. I’ve covered this topic before. Sent in by Lonewolf who’s been helping keep me informed as the collapse deepens.

Humankind’s Most Dangerous Moment: Fukushima Fuel Pool at Unit 4. “This is an Issue of Human Survival.”

Plenty of (current) apocalyptic events to choose from. Many, many more waiting in the wings.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that humanity will never be able to survive the ongoing assault against the biosphere. We’re adaptable, but not THAT adaptable. The entire planet is / has been poisoned beyond belief, a process that continues to occur daily.

Check out (turn off Java in your browser and you can enable the right click options in your browser, don’t know why they did this) for daily news, and as always, read Desdemona Despair daily.

The human assault upon the living / dying biosphere is still accelerating at a break-neck pace.  Most people don’t care, but they should.

I have a confession to make regarding all of this. You probably already know what it is. Continue reading »

Sep 162013

Oh boy, is this a apocalyptic event now unfolding….

Fukushima Meltdown

We’re about to have our food, water, soil, air, bodies, fish, wildlife and everything else irradiated by 14,000 times the amount released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb if things get ANY worse than they already are.

You absolutely must read Washington’s Blog on the latest developments.

The stakes ARE high indeed…

You should obtain as much food and water from any source, now, while you still can.

This is not a crass commercial advertisement. You can always eat it later (and will anyway) if everything goes right. But so far, nothing has.

Sep 152013

A good short read on what happened in Egypt (resource collapse): Egypt: Apocalypse Now

More information here: How Resource Shortages Sparked Egypt’s Months-Long Crisis

This is happening here (in the Untied States), so we can probably learn a bit from how others have collapsed.

Beans, bullets, bread, and preparations will go a long ways towards your current / future survival, at least until it can’t.

Just in: Ocean acidification threatens to scramble marine life in big way

I like how they water down the terminology (just kidding, I don’t like it at all).  Words like “threaten” and “risks” are easier on the sheep.  Words like “extinction” and “die off” just convey too much (fact).

Maybe this terminology will sink in: “Those changes pose risks for food supplies, from the fillets used in McDonald’s fish sandwiches to the crab legs sold at seafood markets.”

The Big M will simply switch to more unidentifiable paste grown in lab vats, formed into “fish” sticks (seasoned with sea salt of course and therefore, 100% “authentic” ocean “food”).

Enjoy your Apocalypse, now showing in nations and environments world-wide.

Sep 152013

Somebody is thinking ahead – although insufficiently: Bracing for the Big One

Here is the full Oregon Resilience Plan.

There have been a lot of quakes lately around the Pacific Ring of Fire. I rarely mention them, only because predicting what / where / when isn’t exact and the overall message of “be prepared” and attain some level of self-sufficiency remains the same anyway.

Sep 142013

It’s been a week (or more) of bad news, disasters and human suffering, with much, much more to come.

This is what collapse looks like.

I’m not going to gloat, or advertise, or say anything other than “what did you expect?” to the people of the world.

I’m still angry and disgusted at the ongoing denial that is still evident even among the affected by these disasters, but frankly, this isn’t my problem. Idiots will believe whatever the hell they want even when they are drowning or being burned out.

You can’t save stupid.

The flooding was not limited to Colorado. It was much worse elsewhere. New Mexico has declared a state-wide disaster. Flooding in Las Vegas, and thousands of homes were lost in Guatemala. And in Russia, tens of thousands were evacuated. The Mexican state of Veracruz has evacuated thousands.

There there is the New Jersey Boardwalk destroyed by fire.  And don’t forget the gigantic fire in California…

Tepco has admitted to lying about the Fukushima radiation levels for nearly two years. They also admit that they cannot control this release or stop this in any way, and are completely and totally out of their element. It’s now releasing radiation directly into the Pacific. The Wall Street Journal (pay site) has issued a warning. Here’s a short blurb (free). And this: INTERVIEW/ Lake Barrett: Japan must get ready to release Fukushima water into the sea.

This is a situation which will only get increasingly worse. It doesn’t look like anything can be done to effectively stop this or even clean it up. It’s not even imaginable what hundreds of years of release into the Pacific will do.

And to make matters even worse – the methane release in the Arctic is unprecedented. This is a signal of destabilized methane hydrates. Does anyone need a primer on what this might mean?

Also read Temperature Rise for more Arctic doom news.

It all adds up to what everyone should greatly fear (and acknowledge as a FACT) – unprecedented climate change.  The Earth is virtually reeling now from the effects. Fukushima doesn’t qualify, that boondoggle was simply human stupidity built in an earthquake / tsunami zone. Human hubris, i.e, “it won’t happen to us” is not a good policy to bet your life, your country upon.

Here’s what it looks like here across the country:

drought 2013 September

And from Desdemona, the High Plains Aquifer is drying up.  This means less food, grain, cattle, hope, future, humans. Ah yes, let’s just go on pretending everything will be a-ok…. works only in the movies, but Hollywood has written this script.

Ok then.  This means the planet is going to kill a great many of us. Inadvertently of course, but as a direct response to what we’ve triggered.  Think “cosmic karma” for a moment (or a lifetime) of hilarity and sadness.

It didn’t have to be this way.  Goddamn it.  Idiots abound. And thus – my next rant (see below).


I’ve been off, busy making other projects / preparations, thus the “quiet time”. I’ve decided to not publish what I’m doing.  Please do not ask.


The Peace and Security of the People – The Grand Delusion Continue reading »

Sep 092013

Sent in by Lonewolf, a great video on what is happening @ 2013 with climate change effects in the Arctic, Greenland and the jet stream:

The significance of what this means is humanity is in DEEP SHIT. Please take the time to watch and self-educate.

A few of my own comments:

Sad to see the video end with the bogus hopium “good news”. 400,000 Hiroshima bombs DAILY energy imbalance is NOT going to be turned around by ANYTHING we can now do (except collapse). Sinclair needs to do the math and calculate what it means to replace all that lost ice and absorbed energy. Hopium dictates that you do not tell the whole truth and admit just how utterly fucked we are. The “good news” is a just a pinhead on a map of ongoing disaster and nothing more. We’re facing a mortal threat alright – an extinction level threat.

All those metal contraptions he advocates take OIL energy to mine, machine and create, along with vast transportation networks and infrastructure.  It’s not carbon free and never will be. Addressing climate change by replacing energy from oil with energy from the ‘alternatives’ does NOT work. Jevon’s Paradox rules, any efficiencies gained will be swiftly consumed. Alternatives do not alter consumption. Alternatives do not restructure society.  Alternatives do not change global greed, capitalism or how we expect (demand) to live.

Alternatives are NOT the answer everyone is claiming. They are a path to diminishing returns in a declining world – nothing more.

I’ve been super busy here. I figure if my readers don’t get it by now, than nothing I could write would make much of a difference.

It’s pretty clear that our ignorant and lackadaisical government (I’m being unjustly polite) does not care to get serious yet – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.