Aug 302013

A major red herring attempt is underway right now to deflect the reality of what is happening at Fukushima:

Fukushima Meltdown Has Not Polluted the Entire Pacific, No Need to Panic!

More red herring deflections of what is really going on.  You should read the article.  Radioactive debris HAS been detected along the West Coast.

There is a REAL map / video representation on the spread of contamination in the Pacific Ocean.

Radiation Spread in Pacific Ocean

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Aug 212013

Lonewolf gets the credit for this find, severe events ahead:

The (our) buns are in the oven and we are the flame.

Some Credible Scientists Believe Humanity Is Irreparably Close to Destruction

Extreme Heat: Choose Your Own Adventure

VERY important information, especially for those who still do not understand how extreme the situation (already) is and what will happen FAR sooner then most realize. Continue reading »

Aug 182013

I’ve watched a lot of videos online this weekend.  I’m always sort of surprised at the bad advice I see posted online. The same material gets rolled out again and again.

There is a great deal of fear and anxiety of “what happens next”, with gold bugs, investors, Constitution watchers, police-state resistors and other “factions of dissent” to the orchestrated decline of Amerika.

The (rightfully placed) fear is valid.

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Aug 152013

MUCH could be said about the current state of declining affairs occurring all over the world. Most collapse meme blogs and articles will concentrate on the latest news bytes covering these multiple topics.

Those who are already convinced that we are all in deep, deep trouble are not really going to gain much knowledge from yet another “status report” on the declining state of the world. We’ve seen enough. We (few) understand. What is happening in our world today is not going to get fixed or be fixed. It’s going to progress rapidly to a state of total chaos.

This is where I “am” at this point and have been for some time. Environmental / economic / political collapse has reached depths never seen before in human history. Not on this scale, not with this many people, not affecting this many ecosystems and their dependent institutions worldwide. Not even the fall of the Roman Empire can compare. Nothing can compare.

Scientists are also producing reams of data and reports that point to the same end effects. Unprecedented rates of melt, ecosystem collapsing from overfishing, pollution, and human caused environmental damage such as illegal logging and deforestation. Entire species being wiped out at 10,000 times the natural rate. Accelerated greenhouse gas emissions still unchecked. Scraping the world’s ocean floor virtually clean with gigantic nets. Coral collapse on an unprecedented global scale. Mega-droughts and mega-floods. An endless litany of dangers now unfolding globally.

If, in your worst nightmares you think that all this doom “must mean something”, you would be quite correct. Continue reading »

Aug 102013

I’ve been wanting to plug this book for some time now, and it’s far too hot still outside to do anything else.  BUY the book, “Kill Anything That Moves” and read it, by author Nick Turse.

Probably the most explosive book on the war crimes in Vietnam committed by the US military ever written. A absolute monumental work detailing atrocities of unimaginable proportion. If you want the truth about the Vietnam conflict, this is the book to read. Should be required reading by EVERY American. Continue reading »

Aug 082013

In another head-banging article, we’re gently reminded that urban sprawl is somehow “good” – Admin


By Paul Brown

Urban sprawl may not be as bad for the environment as we thought – as long as every home is fitted with solar panels and electric cars become the norm.

LONDON, 8 August – Modern planners are building compact cities, believing tightly controlled zones are better for the environment. New research suggests the opposite: urban sprawl might be a better option, with solar power fitted to suburban houses and the adoption of electric cars transforming the energy needs of a city. Continue reading »

Aug 062013

Nature ‘is better at carbon farming’


By Paul Brown

Turning deserts into forests sounds like a utopian dream, but a group of scientists believe that “carbon farming” really might be the answer to climate change.

LONDON, 6 August – Large forests planted with a single species of tough small tree could capture enough carbon from the atmosphere to slow down climate change and green the world’s deserts at the same time, researchers say.

A group of German scientists says the tree Jatropha curcas is very resistant to arid conditions and can thrive where food crops would not survive.

Unlike other geo-engineering schemes, which are expensive and rely on humans interfering with nature, this project merely encourages natural tree growth. Continue reading »