Jul 292013

It’s become painfully clear that U.S. journalism is poorly equipped to report the actual news. Why this matters will be covered in a moment.

It’s also become painfully clear that climate scientist are poorly equipped to sound the alarm. They’re great at their job, just no so great when it comes to telling us what it all means.  Why this matters will be covered in a moment.

The media – and the scientist, get caught up in the minutia of the “story”, whatever it is. Examine for example, all the second guessing that went on regarding the Edward Snowden story. Everything from being a Chinese “spy” to a “communist infiltrator” to a “deliberate distraction” has been suggested. There are thousands of articles, blogs and commentary now attesting to this sort of useless gum-flapping.  They are all dead wrong as the actual evidence now shows.

The same thing happens with climate scientists.  How they obtained their data, what it reveals and how it interrelates with other known measurements is exhaustively analyzed. Visit any climate science forum and you will get the gist of what I mean. Scientists are (apparently) perfectly happy to debate to the end of time the exact amount of sea ice left in the Arctic, or the effects of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. There is no end to the discussion or the debate.  From a scientific point of view, this is a good thing, as a rigorous, exhaustive approach and understanding is crucial to proving any scientific theory.

But what happens when theory becomes fact?  When facts pile up on top of other relevant facts? Does science provide the world with the essential tools to notify humankind when an alarm must be raised? Continue reading »

Jul 182013

I saw this a day ago, but needed to contemplate on what it might mean.

Barak Obama (who is not my president) has issued an Executive Order for mandatory HIV testing of all Americans aged 15 through 65.

Allegedly, this is to help identify those who may be carrying the HIV virus.

Nothing this Administration has done can be taken at face value, as the historical record shows. I’m also wary of any efforts to ‘help me’ without asking for my permission FIRST.

Mandatory testing will be done through health-care providers, at least at first. The assumption is that everybody will be seeking health care under Obamacare.

Health care professionals (at least a significant percentage of them), have been recommending this for years.

This is about government interference with your health, which will lead to some disastrous consequences. How long will it be before the disease-prone are denied health care?

But the real ominous possibility is this:  Mandatory DNA collection from every American, the most intrusive collection of personal data possible.  Up until recently, it was simply too expensive to attempt to gather this information on a wide-scale.  Not anymore, it’s relatively cheap.  Your DNA will now go into a massive surveillance database. Continue reading »

Jul 172013

This is a must watch video. The NSA spying is FAR more then we’ve been told (so far).

News organization, financial institutions, American companies, State department, Colin Powell, high ranking military generals, journalists, law firms, lawyers, admirals, Supreme Court, wanna-be Senator Barack Obama, Congressional offices, district offices.

Emails, phone, unlisted numbers, private residences, contacts, relationships, family members, spouses, virtually EVERYTHING was being monitored, recorded and databased.

Directed from the Vice President’s office – Dick Cheney. Traitor in Chief.

Continue reading »

Jul 162013

I keep plugging away at this, because this is serious stuff (versus the absolute insanity of the daily media garbage), but widely ignored.

Humans Are Approaching a State Shift In the Earth’s Biosphere

The news is NOT good (how COULD it be – nothing has changed). Warning signs are screaming from the sidelines WORLDWIDE and yet, the world continues to fixate on absolutely STUPID SHIT that has no meaning or relevance or importance. Continue reading »

Jul 152013

The ridiculous race baiting being promoted by the media isn’t even worth my time or yours. But here is a common sense facts about the Zimmerman / Martin fiasco:

It has always been dead obvious that Martin was a thug who overstepped himself this time and was killed in self-defense as a result. Zimmerman should have never been brought to trial. Anything less then an acquittal would have been a crime.

Yet a real crime was committed – by the prosecution, by bringing this whole sordid affair to trial. And another crime was committed by the racist media who sought to fan the flames for the past year and half (still ongoing). Continue reading »

Jul 092013

Sent in by Lonewolf, this is a really good video on what is happening with the forests in the West by Dr. Steve Running.

If you like facts, science and good commentary, definitely watch this.

Although from 2010, it’s even more valid today as truly huge temperature changes are taking place. Continue reading »

Jul 072013

Have you ever wondered why the alternate media is often so wrong?

I’ve spent a lot of time over nearly 25 years reading alternate media “news” on thousands of sites and printed publications. In that time, I’ve come to view much of the alternate media with the same distrust that I reserve for the mainstream media.

I’ve shared with readers before that I don’t subscribe to much of what is reported on any website as being accurate. But this is not to say that the main stream media is accurate either, because it’s clearly not. It’s the reason the alternate media stepped forward, but many of these sites left journalistic standards behind.

The alternate media goes out of its way to claim that it is the “only truth”.  That’s a pretty high standard.  In point of fact, it’s too high – an impossible bar to be reached by anyone. This is the first clue however, so watch out.

Any site that does this is undoubtedly a liar and is setting you up for propaganda. It’s a technique used to create blind followers, often found within religion. Question nothing, accept everything, only “we” know “the truth”. Your job is to simply follow along.

The truth does not require an announcement by the site owner or the author(s). It will be self-evident in time. Perhaps not right away, but in time as you assess facts, reports, information and stories, and combine this with other sources and experience, you can determine the accuracy of what you’ve read.

Much of the alternative media however, does not operate on this principle, even less so than the main stream media does. This is critically important when identifying a website for accuracy.

This serves the bias of the author(s) and site owners, who are generally trying to sell you something, or simply gain advertising revenue from affiliate links and page views.

Alternative media sites to avoid share these common characteristics:

#1. They do not present any real evidence. Spinning a story around a pet theory is preferable to real evidence.

#2. Conjecture and “second-guessing” fills their “news”. This makes for entertainment and supposedly a “good read”, but it’s lousy reporting and unenlightening. It’s also incredibly inaccurate.

#3. Conspiracy “sells”. Ridiculous yarns make for motivated (fearful) buyers. The real motive here is not “truth telling”, but “profits”.

#4. The bigger the conspiracy, the better. Anything will do, since actual facts (evidence) don’t matter. This accounts for the explosion of  many “alternative media sources” found online.

#5. Journalistic standards are non-existent.

Here’s an example of this “conspiracy conjecture” bullshit that I came across today.  Please read this first before continuing: Fake and Faker.

We’ll easily uncover what is “fake” and “faked” now. Below the “fold” is some evidence about Julian Assange that some of you (including me) never heard before. Continue reading »