Apr 292013

I got a chance to watch “The Age of Stupid” on Hulu over the weekend. If you haven’t seen this, maybe you should. It’s a fictional, but not really – account of how we screwed up the planet and wiped ourselves out.  I say not really because there is a preponderance of evidence now that this is exactly what will happen.

I also watched “Living On A Dollar A Day”.  Four students head to Guatemala to experience first-hand what it’s like for over a billion people on the planet to try and survive on a dollar a day. These poor boys (self-imposed poverty, but I use the term to describe their naivety) envisioned difficult times — but had no idea just how difficult this was going to be.  Within mere days, weakened by hunger, they lacked the necessary strength and cognitive ability to make the right decisions.

They tried to be farmers and if not for some expert help, they would have failed miserably, not understanding anything. But they learned, which was the whole point to the documentary.  Even so, they could not and did not ever learn to raise enough food to actually feed themselves — not even for a single week. Instead, they had to buy all their food in order to survive. It’s a telling lesson – in an incredibly fertile country.

Both videos demonstrated that food was the #1 issue for everyone. Adequate nutrition was nearly impossible to find.  Notably, this is true right now and will be quadruply true in the future. Continue reading »

Apr 192013

This is how we destroy an entire generation. This is what our government is doing to our children. This is what you can expect in your future.

Unless you and everyone else, especially the soldiers, say “No more”.

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Apr 132013

“Lack of education, cost of healthcare, childhood obesity and teenage pregnancies put the life chances of American children at the bottom of a table of overall well being – far behind those from poorer countries, a damning report has found.”

“UNICEF ranked the U.S. at the bottom of a league table of the best places to raise a child”:

U.S. Ranks Among the Worst Places To Raise Children

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Apr 122013

Open thread, use for anything you want to share.

Couple of things I’ll share:

a) Blog registration has been turned back on. Bots and spammers ruined it for everybody else, so it’s been disabled. New captcha should help with these creeps, if not, I’ll turn registration off again.

Update: Russia, China and the Netherlands have now been “country-wide blocked” as a result of immediate spam attacks.  Several new layers of security have now been added.

I’ve found and repaired over 100 older posts with embedded hidden “Viagra” ads (something I don’t need).

I’ve also installed a link checker – which still after the above cleanup over 1400 broken blog links. Ouch!  A few are now fixed — but I’ve noticed something really weird and worth reporting:  Many of the broken links appear to now be “scrubbed” from the Internet (embarrassing articles).  I will attempt to fix where I can, but this disappearance of formerly published material is disconcerting.  Just another sign that we’re only be told what they want us to hear imo.  They’re “manufacturing history” to suit their desires.

Anybody that can’t find the link indicated in a blog entry should email me (use the contact form on the site) and include the name of the blog post that contains the broken link. I see what I can do to get this fixed.

b) Lots of website updates. Been tweaking things quite a bit with thousands of tiny changes, if it doesn’t work for you, let me know.

Update: SSL security graphics and updates have been added. SSL security was always there, you just couldn’t see it properly, easy fix. I’ve also speeded up page load time dramatically (and killed the Share link to Facebook, Twitter, they’re using non-compliant standards code still).

c) I’ve created a “Blog Index” in alphabetical order, of all 2000+ posts, but due to display problems had to shove it down below the most recent (and vitally important) post. The index is interesting because it shows a history of what’s been written and what’s happened and how far off or accurate things have been.

d) Plenty of people are concerned about North Korea. I am too, but think it very unlikely anything will happen. All the bluster and rhetoric is (poor) showmanship (I think). It’s not about what we’re being told either. However, I’m NOT concerned about a nuclear attack / war or anything else. North Korean leadership is clearly insane but perhaps not so much as to do something as incredibly self-destructive as start a nuclear war.

Always keep in mind that anything CAN happen. However, what is most likely to happen is usually what DOES happen (but of course, not always). I don’t see any real evidence (yet) that things will spiral as far as war.  Not yet.

e) Greg Palast has an interesting investigative report on the Iraq War and what it was really about. He say’s it was about making sure that we did NOT gain access to the oil — to keep prices artificially high. He’s certainly right on that last point.


Pine Beetle Apocalypse (must watch)

Apr 062013

[This blog entry is updated monthly or more frequently with recent research and science facts about the declining climate and what it actually means for our future survival. I think the evidence is quite clear, thus the title “This means extinction” – Admin]

Update: 8/9/14: A good detailed summary of what is now unfolding – watch this video if you can’t do anything else and you will “current” on the unfolding disaster and what we should all expect.



Update 7/12/14: the latest IPCC assessment and analysis – Zero Carbon Budget Left (must watch). A good demonstration how incredibly wrong the IPCC is and what the world leaders are lying to us about.

Nothing I haven’t already blogged here many times, but an updated assessment on the real problems we are all facing and if you truly come to understand what it means to blow right past any so-called “budget” – extinction will be the result. Humans simply cannot survive on the world that is being projected.

Climate Progress has posted a video on the missing ice in the Arctic – Arctic Death Spiral:

Watch the video. It’s from 2007 – and it’s much worse now.

Update: 4/10/13

The amount of sea ice (minimums, September) since 1979 is quite dramatic:

Ice Loss 1979 - 2012

The severely eroded (or entirely absent) ice is very soon to be no more EVER (not in the human experience again, since we will be extinct).  Not only is this “history in the making”, it forebodes an extinction level event (human extinction) if you fully understand what this means for the rest of the planet.

Adaption sounds nice, but the plants and animals that we rely upon don’t adapt as readily as humans and never will. Therefore, the inability to grow sufficient levels of food in the future is the gigantic elephant in the room.

Update: 4/26/13 – Short animation of the incredible amount of ice loss:

Also from Climate Progress, 1600 Years of Ice Melted in just 25 Years. And it’s still accelerating.

This is having a DRAMATIC effect on climate, causing huge disruptions.

Summer Ice Melt On Antarctic Peninsula Is Now Nonlinear, Fastest In Over 1000 Years

A new study finds “a nearly tenfold increase in melt intensity” on the Antarctic Peninsula in the last few hundred years.

In short, while some mistakenly assert the climate is less sensitive than we thought, the fact is that polar ice loss is accelerating far beyond what the models had projected even a few years ago, and the whole region appears even more sensitive than previously thought.

90% of the world’s ice is at the South Pole.  And it’s melting.  The West Antarctica Ice Sheet is in serious trouble.

Here’s a BIG one: Methane Hydrates Venting at the Poles (both of them).

Methane Venting At The Pole

In conclusion, at both poles methane levels can be very high, i.e. higher than elsewhere on Earth, and this methane likely originated from hydrates that have become destabilized by temperature rises.

A great primer on what has been occurring in the Arctic, must watch:

Arctic Dynamic Feedback – Part I

Arctic Dynamic Feedback – Part II

2. How much methane is there?

400 Gt (gigatons) in the Antarctic, 500 Gt in the Arctic.

Shakhova et al. (2008) consider release of up to 50 Gt of predicted amount of hydrate storage as highly possible for abrupt release at any time.

By comparison, the total amount of methane currently in the atmosphere is about 5 Gt.

The numbers of a large methane release (Global Warming Potential, GWP) are staggering:

In its Fourth Assessment Report (AR4, 2007), the IPCC gave methane a GWP of 25 as much as carbon dioxide over 100 years, and 72 as much as carbon dioxide over 20 years.

A 2009 study by Drew Shindell et al. points out that the above IPCC figures do not include direct+indirect radiative effects of aerosol responses to methane releases that increase methane’s GWP to 105 over 20 years when included.

Figures by Shindell et al. and using a horizon of 10 years, methane’s GWP is more than 130 times that of carbon dioxide.

The danger is that a large abrupt methane release in the Arctic will trigger further local releases. This danger is particularly high the first few years after the methane enters the atmosphere, due to methane’s high initial warming potential.


A projection of what to expect:

Methane release in the Arctic

What this means: Continue reading »

Apr 022013

Fire Earth reports over 2/3rds of the United States remains in drought and abnormally dry conditions. Despite the end of winter and the season where we’re supposed to see plenty of moisture, the US is in trouble already.

It’s very dry here. Once the snow finally melted (which fell last year and almost nothing since) it dried out pretty fast. There is almost no snow on the mountains nearby either, a very unusual condition. Without spring rains, fire season will be very dangerous.

Overall, 2013 forecast remains as expected “only worse” then 2012. The downward trend across the nation / world continues.

Cyprus is allowing the banks to steal over 60% of their depositors money in an all-out bid to stave off complete collapse. It remains to be seen if this will work or spark a civil war. There is a real concern that the contagion will spread to other countries which are facing severe financial crisis, including the United States.

Stockton California has filed for bankruptcy, the first major US city.  Unable to pay its bills, the government is looking for additional ways to steal from you. And they’ll find it, no doubt, having the “power” to declare whatever they want as “lawful” and necessary. Continue reading »