Mar 302013

Everyone is probably aware that North Korea is threatening war.  Kim Jong Un is a true nutcase at the helm of nuclear weapons, but it is still pretty doubtful still that these latest bellicose threats are to be taken seriously.

North Korea is a “dark country”, that has been long reported as a brutal regime.  The story below describes one woman’s escape:


Mar 202013

Alpine Aire and Richmoor (now both owned by Katadyn North America) have issued a huge discontinued products list – all told we’ve lost over 315 items from our product offerings.

This is the third time this year we’ve been informed of discontinued items from 3 different canneries. With the continuing economic situation and raw resources becoming more difficult to source, we are expecting to see many more before it is over.

We have updated several of our units that contained Alpine Aire and Richmoor products. Please be sure you check for new contents and pricing.

On a lighter note, one considers that some of these discontinued food products may now be considered rare and valuable much like Twinkies and Ho Ho’s!

I continue to strongly suggest that food storage be your #1 investment in a declining world. This is an investment that will always meet your needs and be ready when you need it. Food storage is a critical component in being prepared.

Alpine Aire SuperPak

Mar 192013

Guess this makes Joe Biden the new President of the United States, or then again, maybe not.  If Obama couldn’t legally run for Office of the President, then where does that leave Biden as part of the (s)Elected Democratic ticket?

Lets’ see if Congress can finally find their balls and do something about this.

And the other good news: all the laws, decrees, executive orders issued during Obama’s “term” should also to be declared illegal.

Goodbye Obamacare. Yeah!

Obama is a fraud!

Nobody hold their breath on this despite the evidence.  I understand the data quite well, having designed many documents in layers.  A real scanned in document would not have any, but a fake document would have exactly what was found.

I’m not going to get too excited because it’s also VERY clear that our masters have no intention of obeying a ‘raggedy piece of paper’ anyway.

Maybe now we’ll get that declaration of martial law everybody has been claiming was ‘imminent’.   We can always hope.

Mar 172013

Chris Hedges has written an essay on the Horrific Industrial Violence the American Military Is Capable of, shown below.

These crimes are not limited to the US Military and the millions of Americans who support the war industry here at home. These crimes encompass all wars, everywhere in the world.

There is no such thing as a “gentle war”. We should care about these crimes, and what is being done, but we really don’t. The constant denial, coverup and participation is our evidence.

Essays like this won’t stop war. They won’t stop the military industrialized complex. They won’t stop Americans from feeding the war machine, or being grateful for their “jobs” as cogs in the war industry. The complicity that Hedges mentions is completely irrelevant to most Americans, who are bamboozled into believing that they’re really “not responsible” and that all this is actually “necessary” for the greater good. Of course, this always means their good. The mountains of dead civilians left behind don’t count. Continue reading »

Mar 092013

There’s a really great post over on Trout Clan Campfire, here is the link: The Cannibal Cabal

Unfortunately, I can’t get my own commentary to post, Blogger software has a silly 4000 character limit and I’ve always been more “wordy” then that.  My comments to the article are here:

Cannibals Eating the World

Excellent article, kudos to you. Very good.

We all wonder “what to do”. The answer is evident.

Throughout all known human history, we have the record of the rise and fall of civilizations.

Always at the top before the long descent is corruption, ineptness, criminal activity, elitism, greed, crimes against humanity, indifference, arrogance and so much more.

This happens so often, throughout all the Earth, that this is considered “normal”. The notion that we are somehow different now, or “more civilized” is misguided at best. We are the same humans with the same failures as we ever were.

This is where we find our answer, in the past, in the record of history of what happens next. Who does what. When and how. Continue reading »

Mar 072013

Greg Palast has released a free download video about Venezuela and Hugo Chavaz and what is behind the machinations to (re)gain control over Venezuelan oil, an amount which truly dwarfs Saudia Arabia.

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

There is a lot of online speculation regarding the assassination of Chavez. Here are a few, which notably includes the other cancer-struck victims of South American leaders:

Chavismo Lives! by Steve Lendman

In 2011, Chavez suggested Washington’s responsibility for a “very strange” bout of cancer. It affected Latin American leaders.
Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s thyroid cancer was confirmed.
Former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva had throat cancer. Current President Dilma Rousseff battled axillar lymphoma.
Others affected included Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos (prostate cancer), and Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo (lymphatic cancer).


Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He’s Buried by Steve Lendman

Did the CIA Poison Hugo Chavez? by Dean Henderson

I’ve seen quite a bit more over the last couple of years.  Netflix has a number of documentaries on South America and the Bolivian Revolutionary movement.

If you are truly interested in obtaining “another education” about what is really happening in South America, then take the time and watch them.  Read the investigative reports and stories. Unwind your brain from the vile and incessant propaganda that has become American “journalism” by the deceptive media.

Believe absolutely nothing that the main stream media spews forth. If you haven’t killed your television yet, you most definitely should. T.V. is the primary brainwashing tool of the ignorant masses.

The Venezuelan “story”, as far as American politics is concerned is all about oil, always was, always will be.  The democratic people’s movement widely supported by the Venezuelan people (but not most Americans) is actually a side-show, contrasted against corporate America and their incessant demand to regain access to Venezuelan oil.

Many American have demonstrated themselves as “haters of freedom”, openly embracing the brutally murderous policies of their government and efforts to topple “regimes” around the world by any means necessary.

I have always found this level of ignorance and hatred for truth hard to stomach, because it reveals what really governs and supports this country. The duplicity, secrecy and criminal actions supported are all deemed “necessary and good” despite their horrific consequences of thousands upon thousands of innocent victims being extinguished, or left to live horribly disfigured and suffering, all of it swept up under the sordid rug of publicity and brainwashing that passes for news in this country.

Here is a example that just appeared today: From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington’s man behind brutal police squads

This is leading to civil war in this country – and soon. There are so many inconsistent belief systems now vying for total control of the people that armed conflict is sure to arise. There is a reason they’ve admitted to wanting to use armed drones in America, and buying over a billion rounds of ammunition for “Homeland Security”. There’s more, much more. Thousands of armored personnel carriers, tanks, thousands of rifles, equipment, paramilitary training of American police forces, constant surveillance of all phone calls, emails, websites visited, forums posting — it’s all leading to the same place. Continue reading »

Mar 022013

We’ve rolled out a new navigation menu on the website. I still think it needs some changes, but the site should be more mobile friendly and easier to navigate.

Rainy Day has issued all new prices. I must say, they are substantial increases, which were not unexpected. Agricultural disaster areas in the U.S. are continuing to increase, even in winter.

Prices take affect at midnight on Sunday.  About 70 products were also discontinued.

Due to the large increases, we won’t be able to honor checks mailed in and received after the price increase, you’ll have to order now through the shopping cart or expect to pay the difference if you’re late.

We’re also having to update many of our food units due to discontinued items, so expect these changes to appear also.

Rainy Day Foods