Jan 182013

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Drought conditions in the U.S. are still increasing despite it being winter.  2013 looks to be catastrophic for food supplies.  Also, Rolling Stone: Don’t Ignore The Drought

Severe drought has spread to 87.25 percent of the High Plains, up from 86.20 percent previous week, with 61.27 percent of the region rated in extreme drought, up from 60.25 percent.

  • The entire land area in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma is currently affected by severe drought or worse.


Update 1/31/13 from Fire Earth:

More than 87 percent of US High Plains remains in severe drought or worse

FIRE-EARTH Forecast:  Persistent heatwaves and other factors disrupting the continental precipitation patterns could significantly intensify and spread the drought in the U.S. over the coming months.

  • More than 67 percent of the US Midwest, about 69 percent of the South and 70 percent of the Southeast were abnormally dry or in drought conditions (D0 – D4), as of January 29, 2013.
  • Drought conditions for the U-S, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico:  68.87 percent in D0 to D4 (from 48.78% a year ago)
  • Conditions for the Contiguous U-S: 69.73 percent in D0 to D4 (from 58.20% a year ago. Source: National Drought Mitigation Center)
Jan 172013

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It’s extremely doubtful that millions of idiot Americans have any idea what the above quotation means, or even where it comes from.

If this by chance describes you (my readers are smarter than this), I’ll give you a hint:

It’s in the founding documents of this country.  The big “C” in other words. You know, what created this modern nation after we stole it from the Indians.  The U.S. Constitution.

It’s short, sweet, and easily understood. Yet it is one of the most contested statements in the Constitution.

It need not be.  Any idiot should be able to understand it.

It doesn’t say anything about hunting. Or target practicing. Or the Army. Or Internet sales.

It doesn’t give the government, or liberals, or the media, or any idiotic do-gooder the right to restrict Arms (firearms), in any manner.  That is what “shall not be infringed” means.  Arms is even capitalized so we won’t misunderstand.

It is the right of the people to keep Arms. Bear Arms. This right shall not be infringed. That means regulated, restricted, permitted, taxed, taken, or removed.

All existing gun laws (all of them) are Constitutionally illegal. More gun laws are Constitutionally illegal.

Why is this so damned important?  Do we REALLY want to have Americans armed to the teeth with no restrictions?

Yeah, we really do.  There are just too many examples throughout history where a disarmed population was treated to things like genocide, tyranny, and torture once they were disarmed.  And since the U.S. Government has now authorized genocide, tyranny, and torture of any civilian,  including Americans,  anywhere in the world, what exactly do you think is going to happen if we relinquish our firearms?

Or are you so stupid to believe that “It can’t happen here”? Continue reading »

Jan 152013

Anonymous on gun control:


You should also watch Anonymous on NDAA and battleground America:


Dangerous times ahead

Jan 142013

Television trivia – from StatisticsBrain.com

Total Use of Television Data
Average time spent watching television (U.S.) 5:11 hours
White 5:02
Black 7:12
Hispanic 4:35
Asian 3:14
Years the average person will have spent watching TV 9 years
Family Television Statistics
Percentage of households that possess at least one television 99 %
Number of TV sets in the average U.S. household 2.24
Percentage of U.S. homes with three or more TV sets 65 %
Percentage of Americans that regularly watch television while eating dinner 67 %
Percentage of Americans who pay for cable TV 56 %
Number of videos rented daily in the U.S. 6 million
Percentage of Americans who say they watch too much TV 49 %
Child Television Statistics
Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television 1,480
Percent of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television 54 %
Hours per year the average American youth spends in school 900 hours
Hours per year the average American youth watches television 1,200
Number of violent acts seen on TV by age 18 150,000
Number of 30 second TV commercials seen in a year by an average child 16,000

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Jan 092013

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the news is full of discussion on “gun control”.  It’s worth paying attention to.

I am not going to bother outlining the ‘merits’ of pro-gun or anti-gun. For the record, I’m very much ‘pro-gun’.  No need to explain why.

What I’d like to do is write the projections of what this latest hysteria is going to mean for gun owners and for the nation.

First, a little history. Continue reading »