Dec 302012

Hard to believe (for me anyway) that we’re actually doing this. This undeclared war by assassination is killing thousands of civilians, none who are ‘involved’ in any way with alleged acts of terrorism.

Oh, in case it matters to anyone: 30,000 drones have been authorized to fly over American skies.

I do hope everyone realizes what this means. This is about far, far more then ‘civil liberties’ being trashed (again).

It’s about who lives and who dies.

Drones Over Civilians

Dec 292012

Quote from the video:

“Everytime that I open my mouth, critically, with regards to this country, everytime I feel like I want to criticize this country, there’s this little niggling voice in the back of my head that says ‘how dare you Paul!

You know how fat and lazy are? You know how privileged you are? How dare you criticize this country!  How dare you sit there in your life of abject luxury and criticize this great country!

But you know what, ladies and gentleman? I cannot carry the torch for this country anymore. America is not the land of the free or the home of the brave. It is neither of those things.

America is a country of aggressively ignorant fucking cowards. People that are just willing to hand over their civil liberties, lock, stock and barrel, without even taking the time to inform themselves. They’re so stupid and so deluded, so caught in the quagmire that is their empty infotainment lies, that they just line up for somebody to tell them how they should feel.

The real problem is us.

We’re the problem.

We’re too distracted by bullshit that is on the fucking t.v. to stand up for what is in our best interests.

What’s the answer to that?

How do you stop that?”

I disagree with the last half of this video, the technology “solution” that is embraced is a false god, and is indeed one of the reasons we are in the mess to begin with. Advocating that we’re all going to live in highly advanced cities but ignoring the ongoing environmental depredation this creates is a gigantic oversight.

Owned and Operated By Insanity

Dec 212012

Well, I’m still here…. and so are all of you. Or at least most of you.

The dreaded apocalypse didn’t happen. Guess I’d better finish clearing the roads from the gigantic snowfall.

This would be a GOOD time to make some new resolutions.  The heck with waiting for the New Year.

We just got handed a new life!!! Continue reading »

Dec 192012

Growing HysteriaI don’t know how many of you are reading the news links regarding the Mayan hysteria, but it’s building very rapidly.

There are links all over the Web, but I’m not going to encourage any of this now by posting them here.

In addition to this, the gun crowd has gone absolutely ape-shit. So has sellers of rifles, ammunition and magazines.

Price gouging has never ever been this bad before, with some things being charged tripled in their former price.

There is also a lot of “witch hunts” taking place, with proponents attacking anyone who questions the motives or actions of what is going on.

What is really scary about all this is these points:

a) Apocalyptic “doomers” are going to be hugely disappointed in just 48 hours. Their reaction to this disappointment could be very, very bad.

What is happening here is a “desire for the end of the world“. This shows a SERIOUS lack of mental stability and being grounded in reality. Continue reading »

Dec 172012

Parts of America are having an aneurism over “gun control”.  I completely agree.

A firm grip will do wonders for your aim.

I find the whole  issue irrelevant. Gun owners are convinced that the 2nd Amendment keeps them free from a tyrannical government, while they stood by and watched the wives and girlfriends get groped at the airports around the nation for years.  Lest we forget — they flew too.

I didn’t.

I wonder who’s wife and girlfriend these two are?

Firm GripThey did nothing when the Patriot Act got passed.  They even voted that rotten bastard back into office.

I didn’t.

Now anybody can be called a terrorist, instantly stripped of their rights, interrogated, tortured, “Gitmoed” (renditioned) and literally disappeared of the face of the Earth — and STILL they did nothing.

They stand silently by why America drops bomb after bomb upon children in foreign countries with nary a peep.  Not their kids, who cares?

Then the new 9/11 happens.  Now we react.

So what’s a few more guns laws going to do?


Incrementalism works, and works very well.  The Dems will scream for the Moon, and settle for a renewed and strengthened “assault weapons” ban.  America will go back to sleep.

If it can.

Unless another fucking idiot decides to wipe out more innocents, killing just to kill and against those who cannot fight back.  What the hell is wrong with people?

I’m truly sorry to hear about another absolutely senseless tragedy. I really am.  I’m just as sorry to see the ridiculous knee-jerk reaction reach the screaming chorus that it has.

The endless reams of propaganda and misinformation. Repeated media sound bytes, video feeds, over and over and over. My television stays off during reactions like this. I don’t do much surfing either.

Nothing can replace those lost kids or those teachers.  No gun laws will ever make this “right”.  Ever.  And nobody can ever stop this from happening again.

America is splitting at the seams. We have our new 9/11.  This was / is as unpreventable as the rising sun.

This country moves from one crisis to another.  Real or manufactured. It’s what sells. It’s what polarizes the people. It’s what the news media constantly shovels our way.

It’s disgusting.

I refuse to be a part of this fabrication.  The nation needs to mourn, not senselessly react.  The leaders of this country need to shut up.  The news media needs to treat this with dignity and respect, instead of the constant gore-fest they engage in.

One thing or another seems to get our failed national leadership off the hook. They call this “wag the dog”, a distraction from the issues which should be being addressed.

Americans fall for this deception, every time.  They too, will avoid responsibility.

For all of it.

It’s no wonder we’re auguring in as a country. It’s a drone strike, right at the heartland of America by American leaders. Our cherished beliefs in our so-called “freedoms” are “under attack” by the “enemy within”.

We need to whip out the mirror and look that bastard we see straight in the eye and declare, “Not another goddamned inch anywhere in the world”.  Get a firm grip on reality, what is being done in your name by your country and who is in fact, responsible.

If it’s truly freedom you want, start there, with that dude in the mirror.

Dec 142012

NASA releases a video (early), warning about the 12/21/2012 Mayan prophecy:

There is obviously a HUGE problem with this video.  First off, it was released early by a government agency, so it must be wrong (more propaganda). The Internet subculture is full of the Mayan predictions and reactions right now, so whatever the government is saying must be false.

The other evidence that somebody literally took to the bank is found here:

Mayan Apocaplypse Survival Pods

Chinese Survival Pods Defend Against Apocalypse

Don’t let the “no sales” fool you (more propaganda). Obviously from the pictures, the guy is successful.  Somebody lent him the money, right?

There’s also this:  Double Decker Noah’s Ark

Mayan Boat

If you’ve delayed your survival plans for the Mayan apocalypse, too bad.  They’ve closed Bugarach!  Obviously, more proof that the government intends for billions to die in the very near future.

I covered Bugarach before here, in case you missed that too.  According to New Age lore, the mountain is as an “alien garage” where extraterrestrials are waiting to abandon Earth, taking a lucky few humans with them.

I’m afraid I can’t make it there myself.  Kinda busy here. Still need to feed my cat.  If I get whisked away, who’s going to do that for me?

It’s clear something is going to happen. There’s still time to buy a survival pod!

I do strongly suggest you prepare as fast as possible. Even if by some small miracle the Apocalypse doesn’t happen on 12/21/12 (obviously considered by some as being “impossible”) there is a lot of other evidence covered right here on this blog that a major collapse of civilization is well underway.

Dec 112012

Worthy of it’s own blog entry, Blum’s new Anti-Empire Report. Worth reading.

US Foreign Policy

Farther down, you will find this:

Films on US foreign policy

The Power Principle is a series of three films by Scott Noble. Part one, “Empire”, is the only one I’ve seen completely so far and I can say that it’s great stuff. The three parts, with their times, are:

Featured in the films are Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, John Stockwell, Christopher Simpson, Ralph McGehee, Philip Agee, Nafeez Ahmed, John Perkins, James Petras, John Stauber, Russ Baker, Howard Zinn, William Blum, Nancy Snow, William I. Robinson, Morris Berman, Peter Phillips, Michael Albert, and others of the usual suspects.

I’ve watched Part 1 — sure to be shocking for those that are enamored by the benevolent ‘Empire’.  I may report on the rest once I get through it all.

I wonder how many people will take the time to learn?

Dec 102012

Debilitating drought devastates Brazil

Dead Cattle

Also: Widespread Devastation Found in 2010 Amazon Megadrought

“To say the effects were severe is putting it lightly,” says forest ecologist Gregory Asner of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Palo Alto, California, who led the research.

“The whole system is stressed out and falling apart,” Asner says.

The data “are bad news,” he says, because they suggest climate change could dramatically affect forests in the next few decades. “This isn’t a year 2100 thing.”

NOAA sees sea level rise of up to 6.6 feet by 2100

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s latest assessment, similar to others in recent years, also says higher sea levels — regardless of the extent of global warming — won’t stop in 2100. It says 8 million people live in U.S. coastal areas at risk of flooding and many of the nation’s military, energy and commercial assets are located at or near the ocean.

2012 Hottest, Most Extreme Year in Entire US History

Finally, recent NOAA reports make clear that much more record-breaking extreme weather is in our near future:

Anybody still think we don’t have a planetary emergency on our hands?