Oct 302012

Hurricane Sandy is of course, in all the news right now, with a still-unknown amount of total devastation and number of people killed. I’ve been keeping quiet on this one, due to the huge amount of media coverage this storm is getting.

Doing more then just massive power outages, flooding and wind damage, many, many homes have now been burned to the ground, fueled by high winds and tornado-like conditions.

This is very tragic for all of those involved.  It does little good to tell people how to prepare after their entire lives have gone up in flames, but even so, some of them could have.

Resilience is actually “by design”, especially when it comes to things humans have built, like our cities, neighborhoods and homes.  Much of America is constructed with economy and profit in mind, and when massive climate-changed induced storms virtually wiped this out overnight, the need for resilient designs and home readiness becomes quite apparent.

I’m personally far away from Sandy, but just last week had my own resilient design “tested”.  We lost power to our well, and to the alarm that would have notified us of this fact failed.  It wasn’t until the water actually stopped running did we even realize we had a problem.  A critical wire had shorted out somewhere in a 300 ft. underground run, which I couldn’t locate.  It was also raining in a major way, flooding the ground.  Now wasn’t the “time” to belatedly wonder if I had any backup systems in place (I did).

A 3600 gallon cistern system had been built, but actually not for something quite like this.  Early in the design, I’d envisioned other problems, such as even the well going dry, or needing to share water with a neighbor and vice versa, and I built in that capacity in the design.  I even powered the entire system from two separate sources, one for the cistern pumps (two), and one for the well itself.  An elaborate network of lines, tanks (three), pumps, and valves (lots) permitted the system to accommodate this need, but now here I was, the “designer” without  water.

Once we figured out what had gone wrong, refilling the cistern came easily, we just had to find a way to repower the well (first priority), then find the broken wire, dig it up and repair it (not a small job).  This took about 40 ft of a 4′ trench.

The well wire had lost insulation and had shorted out rather badly.  This was my fault, I realized, since it had actually been a previous repair (splice in the wire) that had failed. I’d broken it several years ago running equipment.  It was impossible to redo the repair again, the wires were now much too short after the damaged section was removed, thus a new 40 ft trench to lay in a entire new wire to the meter box was required.  This time, the splice was triple-wrapped in heat shrink and waterproof electrical tape, and encased in PVC pipe, sealed at both ends with gobs of silicone.   I even encased the rest of the line in pipe “for protection”. It shouldn’t ever fail again.

It was only until afterwards that I realized that the original design had actually worked better then I thought.  For a week or more, I’d had no well power, and didn’t even know, but I did have water the entire time until the cistern finally ran dry.

My place has a fair bit of redundancy in its “design”, a place we had built (family and I) from scratch, taking virtually raw land and carving out homesite, roads, buildings, root cellar and now a greenhouse.  If I hadn’t designed it — I’m certain that there would have been other problems, since efficiency and cost are usually the “design” you get, but not much redundancy and resilience.

I actually have three wells now, two which are networked together by the system above with over 1000 ft of buried pipes.  Depth prevents me from hand-pumping either well, so power backup is essential. A generator system does the trick.  The cisterns are “backups”, with three 1200 gallon tanks, and two pumps and two pressure tanks to balance the system.  It’s not the non-electric design I’d have liked, but that’s always going to be limited by the depth of your well.  Generator, solar panels, wind power / battery backups are all options to create essential power (or even a wood-gas generator, another wish-list item).

I even have a pond now, which takes the flow from an extensive french drain system surrounding all the buildings. The pond is for fire suppression, something I hope I never need.  The pond still needs some bentonite clay to seal the bottom, which I’ve not been able to do yet since I actually keep expanding it, it’s about twice as big as it was last year, although still modest in size.  Other things I’ve done is fire breaks (also useful for shooting marauders), brush piles, clearing dead limbs up trees (heavy forest here) and trying to keep the fuel loads down.

Let’s see, there’s more.  Gravel pit, burn pit, log decks, wood piles, fuel tanks, gates, fences, equipment, materials and spare parts (usually) abound. A new fruit orchard was planted this year, now surrounded by an 8′ high deer fence that should last forever.  These vicious varmints will eat you alive (all your crop / gardening efforts), I’ve lost all love for “Bambi” these days.  What I grow is mine.  I planted acres of wild seed to feed them, but they do prefer the tender greens that come up from the once-unfenced garden.  That should no longer be a problem with the greenhouse and the new fencing.

This clearly isn’t New York City or Atlantic City here. I’m definitely “on my own” when things go wrong.  And it’s important that I know what to do, how to fix it and what could be done in the first place to prevent a problem.  I’ve also noticed something that I consider a major drawback: increased complexity increases necessary redundancy (and costs).  A simple non-electric lifestyle would have actually suited me just fine, but I can’t run computers, servers, and my business without it.  One day, if the “lights go out”, I’ll be out of business (and so will all of you), but until that day comes, it’s necessary for me to work with (and take advantage of) electrical power.


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about resiliency — and what this is going to mean as resource depletion / food shortages increase all of the world.  Hundreds of millions of Americans have zero resiliency built into their lives, making “this place” and others like it very desirable.  Hurricane Katrina showed just how incredibly fast looting, rape, robbery and murder descended upon an entire region — and hunger.  I cannot hardly imagine what it would be like to be dependent entirely on what is found in the grocery store. America’s just-in-time delivery system fractures every time there is a major disaster.  Many Americans still think that “food storage” is what’s available at McDonalds at 2:00 am, most have never gardened or planted a seed or harvested anything.

Resilience can only come “by intention”. You must plan ahead for it.  It’s pretty clear that nobody else is going to do this for you. Remaining dependent upon society for what keeps you alive, safe, fed, clothed, warmed and sheltered simply means your dependent and vulnerable, having no backup plans or system in place to save yourself.  It’s much more then just “having a plan” (such as “drive to grocery store, buy food”), but a mental attitude and skill set along with actual preparations that will save you when you need it most.  It was once very common in America, with our pioneer spirit and heritage, but no more.  Corporation have now taken over, controlling what we buy, eat, wear, use and own, even our own attitudes towards “preparedness”. Most of it is pure crap, unadulterated b.s., designed to get into your pockets and make you feel “better” about being “prepared”.  I rarely venture opinions on this issue, more or less giving up to disgust and disbelief at what I see regarding the prepper culture being co-opted by unscrupulous and irresponsible hucksters.

It’s also four letter words, as in “hard work” to be prepared.  It does NOT come easy. I have literally worked myself into the ground, unable to hardly move on some of my major projects. But it’s necessary and essential in my opinion, and provides me a great sense of “security” in knowing that I’ve taken this path and provided for my family.  The future is only promising to be much worse then it is today — and the ONLY solution that I have ever seen identified is to take responsibility for your own welfare and security.  As much as you are able.

Community solutions with built-in redundancy, cottage industries and “locally grown and owned” will be ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL steps for EVERY community (worldwide) to embrace.  American neighborhoods and cities are woefully prepared to do any of this, relying instead upon just-in-time delivery systems, massive food, water and energy imports and everything else.  Right now, over 250 American factories per day are being shuttered in America, a sure sign of how bad things are getting. Jobs, manufacturing, industry and skills are literally disappearing from our nation.  This can only lead to one inescapable conclusion: COLLAPSE and the desperation of hundreds of millions of Americans (nearly 50 million are on food stamps NOW). It’s going to get WORSE.

Now is the time to get busy, get skilled and get versed on how to take care of yourself, build in some resiliency and self-sufficiency, and independence into your own life.  It’s not too late — just harder then is was last year.  Things cost more, we’re closer now then ever to catabolic collapse, and just figuring out how to “stay alive” these days at your nine-to-five doesn’t leave much left over for preparations.  But that’s the entire point — its very clear that we’re in ongoing decline, and if you don’t prepare now (finally), when will you find the time or money or the desire?  After it all falls apart for you?  Hardly.  That will be be the balls-to-walls, bare-knuckle “survival” time, the worst time of all to learn the critical skills, experience and develop the plans and preparations you need.

Do it now — by design, by intention.  Your resilience is an act of will that has to come before disaster strikes, not after.  You may “find it” later on, but then you’re also have to deal with whatever disaster has struck — and destroyed neighborhoods, product shortages and outages, long waiting lines and angry, disillusioned and totally unprepared people.

People do not have to be victims — and it most often happens because of ill-preparation.  Major regional disasters will always affect everyone, but even these are quite survivable and can make a huge difference to those around you, if you are properly prepared to deal with them yourself.

Oct 272012

American SheepleIf you want to know who’s going to win in the (s)Election 2012, the media would have you think that this race is coming down to just two names, one to be anointed the “winner”, the other the”loser”.

Is it Obama to win? Perhaps it’s Romney?

Are the polls correct? Will there be an upset? Or is it still too early to tell?

It’s not too early, and it won’t be an upset. The polls aren’t accurate anyway, but we can indeed identify everything that we’re going to need to know about (s)Election 2012 and the coming years ahead.

No matter who is (s)Elected, neither Obama nor Romney will be the “winners”. Whoever gets installed in the White House is not going to “win” anything, except a (temporary) seat at the table, and a bit part in another chapter in the carefully scripted novel of American politics gone bad like rancid milk.

The American people will not win anything either. Whether you vote or not, or even have any hopes of any sort of “real change for America”, I can pretty much assure you that your hopes are misplaced, your vote will be wasted, and the only “real change” you can actually expect to see is in your own mind and your attitudes and beliefs towards the sham called Elections in America.

You will decide, sooner or later, at this (s)Election or another, that Amerika is indeed a complete and total farce as a lighthouse for freedom, personal liberty or even a desirable place to live as it careens down the path towards global destruction. Continue reading »

Oct 212012

Sent in by Jay, a very interesting video on how the medical industry manipulated the results of traditional diets, worth watching:


Several historical facts I didn’t know. All I can say is “wow”.  What a scam.

Oct 202012

Within the subterranean depths of the Internet, there exists a vast subculture of conspiracy theory, and conspiracy theorists.

As a example of this, in what I call “Boxcar Bullshit“, there is a persistent story of “human cattle cars” being built and shipped around the country, complete with multiple levels and shackles.

Years ago, I personally investigated the claims of human boxcars, and came away with the knowledge that this, like many other conspiracies of this kind, is complete bullshit.

human boxcars

Allegedly, these human boxcars are being stored off in out of the way places, but have been “discovered” by hunters and fisherman, sleuth reporters and frightened housewives quivering in their slippers:


It takes about 3 minutes to completely disprove this story as yet another asinine conspiracy theory making its round yet again (for the 10,000th time) on the StupidNet.

Human cattle cars?  Really?  Why would anybody EVEN BOTHER?

I can think of plenty of reasons why this is an incredibly dumb, non-workable idea, including: too expensive, easily targeted and derailed / attacked, no need (plenty of local human labor / storage points for prisoners), too hard to hide, labor intensive requiring a huge number of people to operate and provide security, lack of secure facilities to load and unload, and on and on.

So what is it?  These trains are claimed to be multi-level car carriers by other more knowledgeable people, which do indeed lack “air conditioning and heat”.  So which is it?  Car trains or human boxcars complete with shackles?  Which is more likely, lacking any physical evidence?

Yet despite the easy disprovable claims made (no actual evidence beyond hearsay exists) — this story and many, many others like it continue to persist.

Many website like shtfplan, godlikeproductions, fromthetreches, stevequayle, rense and many others are very guilty of shoveling seemingly endless (and dangerous) conspiracy theories upon their readership.

Why are there so many conspiracy theories? Continue reading »

Oct 162012

The Daily Mail Lies Again with some seriously misleading comments from an oil industry schill.  Why The Daily Mail is Wrong explains how far off the mark this article really is.

Arctic Sea Ice Crashes. Just more evidence that we are all in real trouble.

Lester Brown – Arctic Ice In Freefall.  Tell me something I don’t know already.

World Health Crisis –  2 Billion Dementia Patients definitely something to be aware of. I looked around a bit — looks like this is real and very serious.

Also from the Daily Mail (so be careful what you believe), the Armegeddon Virus is posed to wipe out mankind in the next 5 years.

Anonymous beginnings and activities (Youtube video).   Anonymous turns on Wikileaks.  For an organization with no leadership, not sure how this could have happened.

Their so-called “beef” with Wikileaks requesting donations doesn’t make any real sense either, plenty of websites do that. The “cult” of Assange isn’t a reason to abandon Wikileaks either (as alleged).

You don’t abandon what is right about an organization because of one person (unless you’re very immature), something that I think is very evident about Anonymous – (abbreviated commentary found, watch the video first) —

Immature, deluded movement. Imagined self-importance, effectiveness. Success is crumbs. Nothing has changed. Releasing ‘private’ information more important, but also fails. Why – Public opinion (protests, all forms) irrelevant to policy makers, practices despite high effort. Chosen “tools” limited in effectiveness. Anonymous fails to count cost (sign of immaturity). Risk 15 years prison, commit ineffectual crime unworthy of sentence? The inverse is more true and more effective.

Looks like “divide and conquer” and infiltration into the groups “non-leadership” is what has occurred to me.  The rest of us can make up our own minds about all of this. I’m not interested in jumping on this bandwagon.

Food scarcity in 2013 a ticking time bomb.  Plenty of doom news on food lately, 2013 will be a hugely significant year.

Mitt Romney’s strange pastThe 2012 US presidential non-election.  Which brand of fascism this time? Maybe they should “brand” their fascism.  Doesn’t make a lick of difference which of these (s)Elected get installed in the White House to me.

Don’t vote for evil – “If Americans had any sense, no one would vote in the November election.” Yeah — I’ve been saying this for a LONG time.

I’ve NO DOUBT that the American Sheeple will once again, fall for the campaign lies and rhetoric that surrounds every candidate. And once again, be highly disappointed on their “performance” once installed into office.

The real issues facing Americans (which is what this (s)Election is really supposed to be about — not some foreign country) will remain unaddressed and unresolved, due to corporate control and vested interest.  Nothing has been done about that — and nothing will be.

So expect more of the same — only worse. TM

Oct 112012

There’s an important story (and life lesson) going on right now that you probably haven’t heard about.

psychological operations in the United StatesTitled “Fracking Companies Using ‘Psychological Warfare’ Tactics To Silence Critics?, it reveals the corporate use of U.S. military veterans trained in ‘psyops’ — engaging in psychological warfare against Americans.

This is actually about a lot more then fracking (injecting chemicals deep into the Earth to push out gas), but how American companies feel about Americans and the great lengths that they will go to get what they want.

You should read it. Industry is taking a militarized approach even here in the United States to obtain a forced “consensus” and public “acceptance” through fear, intimidation and division of communities.  They’re using American veterans to do this.

Also be sure to read, “Gas Fracking Industry Using Military Psychological Warfare Tactics and Personnel In U.S. Communities“.  Here, you will find how corporations are now calling Americans “insurgents” in their own communities because they simply disagree with a company policy. Continue reading »

Oct 062012


This is a continuation of the Greenhouse Project series.  If you’ve not followed this yet, you can find the beginning of the series here:

The greenhouse is finally completed.  As earlier mentioned, I went on to other major projects during the summer, also now all complete.  The greenhouse wasn’t needed during the warm summer months, so I left off completing construction until fairly recently. Continue reading »

Oct 052012

Two videos to watch, first one was spotted over on Desdemona:

I don’t have “permission” (very odd) to hotlink this important Vimeo video here, but you can watch Professor Waddell and his comments about the ongonig climate disaster here (thanks to Gina for sending me the link).

You should watch it — because it reveals the politicization of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and how muzzled scientists have been and how incredibly long it takes to get the watered-down “results” published for the public to read.

In other words, what the IPCC is sharing, is considerably out-of-date, repressed and water-down on the REAL facts and how utterly serious our climate catastrophe really is.

I’ve caught this myself several times, finding the IPCC reports woefully out of date on what they’re claiming will happen and what already IS happening.

There are quite a lot of videos anybody online can watch, some on television if you still watch that thing, and even books, DVD’s and documentaries available to view at home.  Plenty of factual evidence for anyone with even a passing interest to absorb.

What they all indicate is a “climate code red” condition.  Humanity is in serious, serious trouble and it’s still getting worse.

I’m doing all that I can — or all that I think I can, but I’m keenly aware that this will not be “enough”.  The truth is quite painful: whatever each of us “do” — will be too little, too late. Changing a few light bulbs isn’t going to help. Changing millions of light bulbs isn’t going to help. The only “help” that there could possibly be is for a total global response, led by ALL of the developed advanced nations (which continue to make the highest levels of contribution to greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere).  That’s clearly not happening and even more sobering, unlikely to happen.

So I’m doing what I can at home, but not under any “illusions” that this is going to make a difference on the scale of things headed our way, because it won’t. It only makes my own survival and that of my family a little bit better.

The greenhouse is finally built. I’ll share some pictures later on.  During the summer, I went on to other major projects, which are also all now done.  All major construction projects I had planned here are now complete (and I can barely move).  All that remains is all the little projects that will only take a day or two (for each one) to complete.  I’m not willing to go into any details, just trying to share that personal preparations are all anyone can really “do” now.  It is your own best line of defense against increasing climate disaster.

There are also other “disasters” to consider — such as our accelerated police state. And the dismal condition of our economy. Being self-sufficient is your only “ticket” — there is none other. Remaining dependent upon failing systems is a bad idea all-around.  You are the only person that can make this change. If you want any help — you’re going to have to do this yourself.

I’ve got an idea for another video that I’ve been simmering on for a while now, if I find the time this winter I might produce it. Vlogging our demise isn’t “fun”, but it may be necessary. Humanity is in peril and has yet to effectively respond. It’s as if the gas pedal is stuck to the floor and we’re all still accelerating. The curve up ahead is not navigable or even survivable at this speed.  Some of us are in the back seat, screaming at the top of our lungs to slow down, but the driver(s) aren’t listening, they’re still hell-bent on pushing even faster and faster.

This aptly describes our current condition.  So open the door — and jump out.  You and I are NOT going to stop this runaway freight train.  Try to land on your feet. Do EVERYTHING you can to help protect you and your family.  This you will never regret, but you will regret doing nothing.

Oct 042012

USDA Drought Declarations in the U.S.

Found over on Fire Earth. The United States is in pretty serious drought conditions. An additional 216 counties have been declared disaster areas. Total is now well over 2000 counties. Virtually ALL of the major food production growing regions are in drought.

But — no reason to worry. The (s)Election seems to be occupying everyone’s attention these days. Romney / Ryan are adamantly against doing anything about climate except drill for more oil. I’m still mystified how that’s going to help however.

Obama on the other hand can’t be trusted to do anything either, so there you have it. A nation in peril, and none at the helm capable of effective response.

Here is what is means:

a) Inaction – has brought us to the brink of total disaster, famine, starvation, war, heat and drought, intolerable mad weather – leading to economic collapse and a potential end to 90% of life on earth. Continue reading »

Oct 022012

From Wonkblog: Congress just let the farm bill expire. It’s not the end of the world … yet.

Worth reviewing.  This would be a good opportunity to fix some things, but as it shows, arguing over the farm bill got nowhere.

Our worthless Congress is apparently so incompetent that they simply let it expire — which may have dire consequences on food prices nationwide.

A staggering huge number of people rely upon food stamps to survive (46 million and climbing).

Individual “dependency” is something I’ve long argued against as being a terrible way to live.  Americans in particular are found to be VERY dependent upon their government in order to survive, receiving everything from subsidies, food, money, medical and free housing.

So what do you do when your Government then lets it all “die”?

It’ll be a huge wake up call — and riots in the streets if they let it truly die, because tens of millions of Americants WILL be facing death.

And it would tear this country apart, no doubt about it.

There is no easy path ahead.  But a step in the RIGHT direction would be to stop rewarding dependency and start rewarding individual sustainability.