Jul 292012

Do you ever get tired of the crap that is still passed off as “news” in this country? I sure do. Almost all of it is mindless pablum, mind-mush propaganda intended to titillate and propagate the divisions and endless distractions in this country.

Lady Gaga tweets 'naked' picture of herself...


CNN Plays 'Stupid Girls' Before Story About Sarah Palin...

Matt Drudge (Drudgereport) is one of the worst offenders in this ongoing idiocy, but so are many, many of the so-called “alternative news” websites. A constant stream of inane stupidity is paraded across billions of screens every single day, garnering legions of ill-informed, ignorant readers who apparently care about almost nothing except their next infotainment “fix”.

There is however, a worthy article found here: Koch-funded Study Finds Global Warming Is Real, On The High End, and ALL Human Caused.

Since this is the same corporation that is behind most of the denial-movement (they are the leading climate denier supporters in the world), this is news. It might even persuade a few people that they’ve been grossly misled and lied to.

The study also found something I’ve been long harping on:  Their results showed that the IPCC has grossly underestimated the rate of change and speed of climate collapse.

A careful read will also reveal something else in this new study:  Many scientific studies previously claimed we needed to keep warming below 2C to avoid “dangerous effects” and “runaway warming”, yet we’re nearly there right now (not 100 years into the future, but virtually right now).

But this post is not about climate, so read on.

Why is this sort of topic more important that goggling at Lady Gaga’s nude pictures?  Or the allowing the mindless drivel promoted by CNN, Drudge, CBS, ABC or any major news media source permeate your brain?

Caring about the future actually does matter.  It’s a very hard topic however, considering how much this country has chosen to follow the path of instant gratification.  Even tossing in salient facts like “What about your kids and their future” doesn’t seem to cut through the endless brainwashing that passes for “news” these days.  This tells me that we really don’t truly care — about anything.

Major media news sources are complicit with this programmed idiocy and the ongoing denialism they support. They’re guilty as hell and not worthy of a single moment of your time, certainly not a red cent of your money.  This applies to ALL of their propaganda — war, terrorism, Big Oil, the environment, all that stuff that should really matter but somehow doesn’t (by design).   Their agenda seems to be to keep people really stupid, and I mean truly, dumb-as-a-stump “STUPID” in big bold letters embedded across their foreheads.  It’s clearly a very malicious act on their part, intentionally designed to misinform, unreport and mislead millions of Americans away from things that really do matter. But even all this does not excuse the people who still choose to not care.  They’re just as guilty.

It’s now so bad that anyone who tries to break through this Gestapo-like propaganda media machine is considered an “extremist” — hellbent on promoting “conspiracy” and even hatred, “falsely” denying the cherished status-quo and politically expedient paradigm of controlling hordes of clueless and uninformed people (for profits, of course).

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.  The harsh truth of this is obvious:  Even if more people actually “knew” what was really going on (pick any subject), we lack the desire (willpower), political control, money and effort to effect the changes needed.

Please read that statement again, it’s very important.

I do not subscribe to the commonly held belief that “more is better” or that “more means change” when it comes to people being informed.  More in this case very often means nothing at all. It often means nothing changes.  It often means nothing can be done.  Momentum instead is what still occurs, the so-called “forward progress of civilization” unfolds each and every day just like before (business as usual) and world edges ever closer to collective insanity and collapse.

All of our protesting any of this is a total waste of (everyone’s) time.  You may be permitted to “vent” your anger and sense of injustice (in a designated free speech zone, with a proper permit of course) to display your disagreement and displeasure, but it accomplishes exactly nothing except registering you as a dissenter. You are NOT being effective in any way, nor are your actions targeting or even reaching the right people — you’re not even being allowed to get close to them.

There was a time when this once worked — but that time is now decades past.  Since then, the people have abdicated all of their own natural authority and notions of accountability (witness the incredible corruption we continue to allow our leaders).

The political powers that control public thought, perception, expression and dissent simply don’t give a flying fuck about what you “think” or may believe is wrong or injust.  They really, truly don’t.  They’re fast developing an incredible array of surveillance technologies to ensure that you don’t try something else like violent revolution, a concept / action which is WAY overdue in this country and increasingly unlikely to ever happen.

The mind-control that media, government and virtually every institution in this country has over the individual is staggering.  Very, very few people manage to think outside of their comfort zone, with most never even realizing what is missing from life.  Every waking moment is a scripted experience, controlling what they think, believe, eat, entertain and support. They slave away for virtually decades, their entire working lives, directly and indirectly supporting their own enslavement by their participation. They simply refuse to consider that the majority of these life activities may in fact be in direct opposition to their own well-being and long term survival.  Examine what they do — what they eat — what they support — where they spend their money, time and energy, where they work, and how they live — and you will see if you are willing to be harshly honest with the truth, that they are actively engaged in a self-destructive lifecycle by the billions and billions that will only ensure an increasingly diminished future for everyone.

They’re 100% co-opted into supporting the prevailing paradigm of the world today (consume, make money, support the self-destructive status-quo, enrich and profit the “owners” of this planet, and lest I forget — care for nothing)  — with no consideration even being given to what this type of existence is leading us all to.

Any thoughts to the “future” are driven off either in ignorance or even despair, living for the “moment” is all that they seem to have.  Planning (if there is any) is more of the same status-quo expectations, find a “job”, get promoted, go to college, have a career, buy a home, earn tons of money, consume to your hearts content,  and entertain yourself into a dizzying state of endless pleasure and pursuit.

These are the bountiful cups of the Holy Grail to be obtained as fast as possible, by any means possible, by everyone.  Yet they could be just as accurately described like this:

Join the teeming ranks of billions and billions of wage slaves, compete with each other on virtually everything, rise to the top by any means possible, become brainwashed and “educated” by the hallowed halls of propaganda and institutionalized insanity, go into life-long debt for housing, cars, toys, credit cards and endless reams of useless crap and trinkets to adorn your life, work endless hours at a job you learn to hate, eat unhealthy and toxic food until you are sick and diseased, willingly give an entire lifetime towards the support and participation of the destruction of the planet and the entire biosphere, get divorced, disowned and remarried (or not), and finally after decades and decades of ignorant labor and struggle to have “the good life” — die unhealthy, broke and broken, alone and lonely, never realizing that it was all a sham that you were taught from early on.

Those that have fallen for this deception have absolutely no idea at all that no human on Earth was designed or even meant to live like this, and until very recently, nobody did.

What an incredible scam this is.  Behind it all are the puppet-masters, profiteers — deceiving billions upon billions into the meek acceptance and blind obedience of a near-senseless, depraved and deprived existence.  They offer the only an illusion — the “good life” — at a price you are willing to pay.  Nobody reads the fine print on the contract however, it’s no longer even being taught anywhere.

There are now billions of human lives wrapped around this bizarre acceptance that this is all that life is or has to offer.  Ignorantly, by design or by their own intentions, they are self-destructing any possible hope or promise for a better future that they could have had.  A very strong case can be made that they are all living on borrowed time, that what they are reveling in and experiencing today will NEVER be as good or better tomorrow, or that in the years to come, will become significantly worse or even forever absent altogether.


I’ve often mentioned cognitive dissonance many times before, that state of being where conflicting ideas are held at a distance because they offend the “sensibilities” (ignorance) of a belief system.  Nobody wants to question the basic thought: What if those belief systems are false?  What if they are controlled?  What if they were manipulated very early on?  What if they were actually designed to ensure that you ultimately act (live) against your own best long-term interests?  And what if they were put into place to ensure that you would never, ever come to realize that your entire life was one long scripted existence designed to enrich those around you while keeping you minimally satisfied and free?

Unbelievable?  Not at all, it is in fact exactly what has taken place in this country and most of the world.  Denying humans the level of awareness needed to live as conscientious beings, self-responsible and non-dependent, free and un-enslaved to the corporate State is the agenda. Humans are now the “property” of the State, which regulates and requires your acceptance by force.  We’re less free then ever in human history, but it’s all being disguised at the “liberty” to buy, own, work, or speak out as a false replacement for true freedom.  Being an employed slave does not make one free.  Holding a protest sign does not make one free.  You will never be free as long as you remain the property of the State, under State control and State ownership.  Slave plantation owners knew this, which is why they kept all slaves dependent upon them, and their “largess”, decreeing by law that all slaves must remain ignorant of letters and numbers (schooling was prohibited, no slave was permitted to learn to read).

The corporate state has perfected this same level of control under the guise of “protection” and “instruction” and even “democracy”.  Controlling the media and information flow while creating duplicitous rules of the so-called “rights” and freedoms “allowed” to the common people (which never seem to apply to our owners). They can get away with murder (and often do), widespread criminal activities and deep corruption, even war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity (in country after country), because an entirely different set of expectations and behaviors are constantly being permitted to them under the false guise of their “authority” and “leadership”.  We now lack the ability to hold them accountable for their actions, having abdicated our own authority and control long ago.

If you think the vote is going to EVER make you free, you need a serious reality check.  Voting today is an expression of evil — agreeing to the complicit design of deep corruption and control lorded over the people. You vote — because you are afraid.  And deep down within, you know it is absolutely pointless.

It is a situation which is now very far advanced, with their ability to wage widespread injustice and inhumanity through war, oppression, monetary control, trade, embargo and coercion, unlike anything the world has ever seen in all of human history.  There is more injustice, more crime, more murder, more war, more slavery, more senseless slaughter and capricious  destruction in the world today then in all of human history (combined).  These activities are often called “democracy” in action, one of the most misused and misguided control mechanisms of all, where self-appointed “justice” by “authority” is applied heavy-handed to non-conformists people and countries all over the world, ensuring their ongoing slavery and oppression by the  millions and millions.  The overarching factor is always the same: An unending flow of cheap resources and immense profits.

An honest and fair assessment of how things work in the world today is necessary and way, way overdue — but this depends on the free flow of information and accurate reporting.  Instead, we’re given the nipple slips of Madonna or the sports scores of so-called “superstars”, titillating our lives away daily, frittering on the senseless, inane and downright stupid “facts” of empty lives that have become utterly meaningless  in a world that is clearly out of control.

I’m finding it harder and harder to even pretend to participate in what is clearly insane all around me.  Society is made up of absolute garbage, senseless activities and ill-informed belief systems that are all designed to keep people oppressed and incredibly stupid.

The level of stupid that now exists in this country is truly staggering, it’s all-encompassing and pervasive now, and attempting to counteract this with facts, figures, information, science, evidence and even the appeal to common sense, emotion and human decency is very difficult.  It’s as if society is inhabited by insane, deranged individuals acting enmasse against their own best interests — a true zombie horde — cannibalistic and self-destructing, hellbent upon ensuring that any possible real hope for a livable future is utterly absent.  They’re co-opted through widespread ignorance and “disbelief” disguised as provably false “facts”, embracing inane and ridiculous concepts and viewpoints, which virtually govern their entire useless lives as truly brainwashed connedsumers, good for nothing but eating, shitting, fucking and acting like the clowns they are.  Any concern for tomorrow is wholly swallowed up by their struggle for existence and how to “get ahead” by any means possible.  They’ve been virtually robbed of any hope but remain ignorant as to why and their own culpability and participation in this self-destruction.


There are many reasons why civilization will collapse.  This blog has attempted to cover some of them over many years of publication.  The points raised in this article all point towards our destruction.  Human civilization may be resilient, but it is not stupid-proof.

No civilization is.  Easter Islanders cut down all the trees in a fit of religious insanity, destroying the ecosytem and ensuring their collapse. The modern world is doing exactly the same thing, except this time it is on a global scale with EVERY SINGLE RESOURCE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.

One of the definitions of stupid is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.  Human civilizations have collapsed before, often due to self-induced environmental destruction — yet we have still learned nothing from the past! Our modern machinery, technology and addiction to energy-intensive, oil-soaked dependency will be no different.  We’re in a dead-end with no way out.  Already we have tipped the climate and environmental effects far, far over the cliff of sustainability and management, the only thing that “awaits” us is collapse.  Science is increasingly admitting to this fact, slowly breaking free of the reticence and vertical discipline chains that have traditionally bound their research, connecting more and more dots together into the mosaic that truly represents our future.

I’m not “asking” anyone to “believe” — and act of faith that you do not need to have.  Either the facts support this — or they don’t.  Unlike the ridiculously stupid title headlined on this article, it is facts that matter. While telling the truth is exceedingly unpopular these days, and even downright dangerous, none of this changes the facts.  Either the facts or true, or they are not.  They are often misrepresented and misreported, or simply completely ignored in the pursuit of profit.

Ignorance however, is no protection, offering no safety, no future, no hope, no promise, nothing at all except the false refuge on the uninformed mind.  Ignorance then, is really an act of faith, since it refutes both truth and fact.  Like faith, ignorance will be be revealed to be a false god.

Ignorance is dangerous in the end, because it leads one to the wrong conclusions lacking the accurate information needed.  The climate denial movement is full of the ignorant, drawing the wrong conclusions about nearly everything.  Most movements are like this – ignoring pertinent information that will have a direct and applicable impact upon any conclusions that could be drawn.

You are strongly “advised” to stop pretending that everything is going to be ok.  You are also strongly advised to start paying attention to all the things that actually do matter.  Ignoring the unfolding events of today, the ones that actually DO matter, will be increasingly dangerous.  Your very survival is at stake.  I have no doubt now that millions will perish in utter ignorance, cursing their own stupidity and that of their controllers who misled them. This is already happening.  War survivors who once voted for the very politicians that tore their countries apart, climate refugees who listened to the fake media hopium, media pundits and science advisors who resigned and changed their positions, farmers who chased profits but not sustainability, investors who believed the hype surrounding precious metals, voters who were betrayed by their chosen superstar — there are virtually thousands of real-life examples available, yet every single bit of it coming too late to do any good at all.

It does no good to “wake up too late”, the time for opportunity and change is past.  The zombie disease that is affecting our population needs to be eradicated. We may not like it much, but we are all in this together, believer, denier, dissenter, complicit — the future that is still unfolding before our very eyes belongs to ALL OF US.  And DON’T FORGET THE KIDS!  Nobody on Planet Earth is going to escape this.  There will be no “rescue”, no magical carpet ride into the ethereal beyond, nothing but REALITY and its terrifying effects upon us all, each and every day.

I’ve told you that a hellish future awaits us all many times before.  This is now virtually unfolding before our eyes. It is not “hopeless” however, but it is real.

If the world and its people want hope — if they want a future — if they want anything at all, even life itself — then acceptance must come first and foremost now.  Start by cutting through the endless reams of bullshit being propagated by the “owners” all over thIS world and stick to the FACTS. Then take those facts and prepare yourselves for this future as best you can.

Do not expect anyone else to do this for you, they won’t. Do not place any false hope in hopium or non-existent technology or any such thing to “save you”, you will be sorely disappointed. The world “response” is already much too late now, your hope as it were is to take self-responsibility for your future, your sustenance and your very life in ways which some of you have never, ever considered before.

Don’t fret — millions are in the same boat as you — we all are — and millions have succeeded in doing this in the past. Our existence here today is proof!  We would not be here from all the former collapses of civilization unless some had succeeded.

The way ahead will be hard — but necessary and overdue. It will be a new life, a new way of existence, but this is the only path ahead, there is no other — even if you don’t believe it still.

Remember this: The future is not predicated upon your belief system or personal paradigm!  The future does not wait on anyone to “accept” or believe or even “understand”.  The future is the reality of our existence, day by day, unfolding as sure as the rising sun, revealing itself.

Today is yesterday’s “future”, which has nothing to do with what you “think”, “believe” or even “accept”.  It is what it is in other words, irrespective of how we “feel” about it, accept it or believe it.

We know now enough to understand what the future is offering us all — and it is sufficient information now coming from all corners of the globe to tell us what we should be doing right now.

Know it, understand it, and act on it.  That is all you have to do.