Jul 012012

When reading weather / climate related articles, you will often see these topics addressed in this manner:

The idea is that if we fail to cut back greenhouse gas emissions and the planet’s temperature soars to potentially dangerous levels, we’ll have to do something.

Most, if not virtually all news stories dealing with climate express within their paragraphs several extremely misguided facts as this one does above:

1) “If” — oft used to depict the notion that “it hasn’t happened yet” (untrue). The implications are that we have more time (untrue) and that this is all that is needed so we can fix things (also untrue).

2) “dangerous levels” — often used to imply that we’re not already there (we are). Current events / temperatures / records are proof positive that “dangerous levels” are already being exceeded, this is NOT some far-out future event, it’s here and now.

3) “something can be done” — worded in various ways, but always found in climate news in the media.  The implication is we can fix this (very unlikely).

4) Omission — always found, the omissions (not included) are all of the following: what these current temperatures actually mean, what the current events actually mean, recent history, and cumulatively what this indicates for next season / year and every year thereafter.

Hopium Drug Of Choice

5) “unusual” or “extreme” — often used to indicate that these events are just that, when they’re not.  The climate of the past is not the climate we have today. The climate of now is the new normal, this is what we are going to get from here on out, and very, very likely, it will get significantly worse as the climate continues to destabilize.  The media is loathe to tell the truth about this.

These failure points aren’t just the fault of the main stream news media either, climate scientists are just as guilty.

Sometimes, you will read in the science journals / websites about the “interglacial” period, often used as the “standard” by which all current climate is measured.  This utterly fails to account for anthropogenic changes (what humans have done), having no parallel in all of Earth’s history. The startling truth is this: we do not yet know how bad things will get because of what humans have done.  We only know it is already worse then periods of the past when the climate was “stabilized”.  Comparing the interglacial to the anthropocene can be useful, but inaccurate.  Current analysis and measurements indicate that we are charting in to utterly unknown territory (up, up, up) for many measurements due to human causes.  The interglacial did not have these forcing mechanisms in addition to the “natural” mechanisms at work then.

Almost everyone is feeding at the public Hopium trough, an addictive, misleading, misguided psychoactive drug affecting brain function, perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior.

Hopium is “the cure” in other words, for our failures to avoid past / present / future catastrophe, and being prescribed to us all by scientists, researchers, media and government.  But like all drugs, it does not address the root problem.

Such a drug affects critical thinking skills and an effective response and is in fact, directly responsible for our abject failure to change our ways. 

As long as we keep consuming this drug — we’re screwed, fully and totally, and we will NEVER stand a chance to survive the hellstorm coming our way.  This drug is interfering with our acceptance of how things really are — and how things will really be.  Despite staggering amounts of evidence and events, Hopium continues to affect cognition and consciousness of what these things actually and truly mean.

Acceptance of facts is a responsibility, which must come FIRST before any actions / behaviors can be changed.

Denialism is another drug of the Hopium variety, which ignorantly embraces disbelief as a protective mental mind-cloak, leaving the body to endure the actual reality.  Both forms of Hopium are just as dangerous as the other, both lead to unmitigated disaster, both are being widely embraced by “believers” and “unbelievers”.

How about realists?  Does it require “belief” to accept what is happening?  Or faith?  No.  It requires simply observation (or direct experience).  Many people right now are getting their personal “direct experience” of what it means to be a victim of climate change, some of who will still stubbornly deny the truth, while others becoming new converts.

But this isn’t about a religion, or a faith or any such ethereal thing that cannot be seen or felt, this is about the acceptance of facts, which I like to call reality.  Our world is changing very rapidly now, this reality will have devastating impacts the longer the Hopium bong is being smoked.


It’s pretty crazy to assume that we can “halt climate change”. The reasons should be obvious, but here are some pointers:

a) If the ice in the Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, Himalayas and glaciers around the world is already melting (a very great amount of ice already turned into water) — what makes anyone think that we can “stop this”?

Is there any evidence anywhere in the world that we have this kind of power and control? No. We are stuck with waiting for the changing seasons / years to “see” if things are “better” (and they’re not, the situation is deteriorating rapidly) while basically doing absolutely nothing.  The inertia (and lag time) at work here is absolutely ENORMOUS.  We simply do not have the resources to “reverse” this process on meaningful time lines (a human lifetime for example).   We are actually already “out of time” due to this fact, but you won’t see this in print anywhere.

This is by virtue of actual countless examples, pure 100% Hopium, uncut and undiluted stupidity being injected into the minds of millions.  If you do what you have always done — you will get the same results every time.  If no improvements are being made, why would anyone expect anything different?

Meanwhile, the human population keeps growing, resources keep dwindling and governments keep dwaddling.  Hopium suggests to drug-laced, addled minds around the world that this will magically change like some psychotic mushroom trip with a pot of gold discovered at the end of the ever-changing rainbow.

b) If climate / weather events are already this extreme (and there have been virtually thousands) with ice storms, snowstorms, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, landslides, desertification, drought, lightning, wildfires — what “evidence” exists anywhere in the world that this will slow down, and by what mechanism?

The “potentially dangerous levels” projected into the future are already here everywhere you look.  Hopium tries to shove this off into some far off place in a distant land and a distant future, where we can all forget about it for now.  This is horribly irresponsible and dangerously stupid.

c) If nothing has been done, why (without Hopium) do we insists we still can? Let’s be honest here, exactly how much “control” do humans really have over something as large as the climate?

Incrementally speaking, quite a lot.  In a few hundred years, we’ve dominated 40% of the land surface for human use (at a terrifying price to every other living thing), and we’ve managed to spew forth 550 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  This is irreversible for all intents and purposes (let’s deal on human lifetimes here, since this is the point to this exercise). Do we honestly and truly believe that any of this is reversible?  If so, how?  By what mechanism or method do we pin this hope?  Hopium incessantly reminds us that we can still fix this, yet there is virtually zero evidence that humans have the desire, political willpower, finances, or time to do so.

Could we actually and honestly engage in millenniums of carbon capture / reductions?  How? Because that is what it would take (several thousand years) of earnest effort.  Humans do not have the kind of capability or commitment, to suggest that we do is absolutely absurd.

d) Population and population growth is the gigantic elephant in the room nobody wants to address. Hopium fills our media articles with stories of “9 billion” by 2030 and “feeding the world” and all kinds of absolute nonsense.  Is this really a good idea?

I’ve no doubt humans will screw like horny rabbits in heat and produce billions more, but we most definitely should not (use a condom).  Culture bias and religious ignorance / intolerance teaches a large percentage of the Hopium addicted crowd that population control is a bad idea.  Why?  Because it reduces the next generation of Hopium addicts.  Ensuring that control never passes to common sense and reason, religion refutes science, facts and evidence with fiction, hopium and heady promises that never seem to materialize.

Haven’t we already “gone forth and multiplied“, many, many millions / billions of times over?  Let’s see — we got that instruction right, but somehow managed to overlook all the other ones (such as destroy those who destroy the Earth).

The ONLY realistic “hope” (minus the Hopium bong) humans have is to accept what is happening, first and foremost. Deceptive articles, new stories and even science offering empty promises hinging on nothing but fabricated promises and futuristic techno-fix “solutions” yet to be invented won’t help. Factual, realistic assessments will help prepare the world’s population better then pages and pages filled with empty words.

There is no doubt that humanity will have to prepare for what has arrived.  Recent reports indicate sea level rise will be more severe then thought, coastal communities will need to be abandoned.  All communities will need to devolve their far-flung dependencies, both simplifying and reducing their resource demands. Population desperately needs to be restrained, it would be “best” if we would simply do this ourselves (willingly, voluntarily) but this is highly unlikely.  Therefore, it will probably be done “for us” (use your imagination).

Individual families need to honestly and accurately assess their contribution / impact / growth and their dependencies upon a global environment / resources that are keeping each of us alive today.  This needs to be dramatically reduced.

The way “forward” as it were, is not the paradigm of old, which promotes growth and consumption. The way forward, as it were, is reduce, reuse, restrict and refrain (downsize) from taking more then we need.  Identify “needs” versus wants and desires (and everything the media is telling us all that we “must have”) is the first step, but it’s a long, long ways from all that is needed.

Hopium teaches us that we can avoid the painful collapse of civilization — but this isn’t true.  Collapse is already here and ongoing, a process which will be going on for a long time.

Like most Hopium promises, this just make no sense and defies our current state of existence, events, dependency and increasing fragility in a rapidly changing world.

Hopium is just an empty bong of smoke, promising a magical genie who will pop into existence at just the right moment (if we are to believe the implied claims), granting humanity three wonderful wishes, saving us all.  It should be obvious enough already that this is very, very unlikely and a very, very dangerous gamble for humanity.

Don’t fall for this deception (don’t inhale the hopium smoke).  It’s a dangerous lie that has already been responsible for placing humanity on the brink of extinction.