Jul 292012

Do you ever get tired of the crap that is still passed off as “news” in this country? I sure do. Almost all of it is mindless pablum, mind-mush propaganda intended to titillate and propagate the divisions and endless distractions in this country.

Lady Gaga tweets 'naked' picture of herself...


CNN Plays 'Stupid Girls' Before Story About Sarah Palin...

Matt Drudge (Drudgereport) is one of the worst offenders in this ongoing idiocy, but so are many, many of the so-called “alternative news” websites. A constant stream of inane stupidity is paraded across billions of screens every single day, garnering legions of ill-informed, ignorant readers who apparently care about almost nothing except their next infotainment “fix”.

There is however, a worthy article found here: Koch-funded Study Finds Global Warming Is Real, On The High End, and ALL Human Caused.

Since this is the same corporation that is behind most of the denial-movement (they are the leading climate denier supporters in the world), this is news. It might even persuade a few people that they’ve been grossly misled and lied to.

The study also found something I’ve been long harping on:  Their results showed that the IPCC has grossly underestimated the rate of change and speed of climate collapse.

A careful read will also reveal something else in this new study:  Many scientific studies previously claimed we needed to keep warming below 2C to avoid “dangerous effects” and “runaway warming”, yet we’re nearly there right now (not 100 years into the future, but virtually right now).

But this post is not about climate, so read on. Continue reading »

Jul 182012

The process of global collapse and decline can be fairly described as a series of events, observations and measurements depicting an overall decline in the ability of a civilization to take care of itself.

While it is possible that a single event could precipitate a catastrophic collapse of civilization, the historical record demonstrates that this type of event is very, very rare. History most often shows that the collapse of civilization, which has happened many times before, is a variable period lasting decades to thousands of years, although there are some exceptions to this.

Modern man has forgotten that all former civilizations are now gone. Their relics and monuments remain, but their applicability to “us” and our advanced modern world mystifies most of us. We may be the descendants of our ancestors, but we are nothing like them. We are all extremely vulnerable to the failure of our civilization, lacking the skills, knowledge and ability (including resources) to take care of ourselves should the worst happen.

Our ethnocentric views, lack of historical knowledge and the overall general disconnect and indifference of how civilization exists creates an illusion of false comfort, a sense of the “here and now” as being all that matters, creating a false sense of “protection” and security, a blind faith that collapse of the modern world is virtually impossible in this day and age.

Hinging upon this false sense of security is the general lack of understanding of the interconnected Earth systems upon which all humans who have ever existed and all life on Earth entirely depend, and the human dependencies we have fashioned for ourselves, which is civilization itself, and the over-exploitation of the natural resources over the entire surface of this world.

Most people simply ignore what we are doing, remaining generally ignorant and indifferent to their personal contribution and that of the larger society around them towards the “impossible”.

Indeed, it is the very construct of this design that we call civilization, now spanning the entire globe, that has created the illusion of safety and security for billions of humans. We’ve come to completely depend upon these steely layers of metal, concrete and asphalt and endless construction of “stuff” as a false security blanket against a world many of us barely seem to understand, yet it is the same world it has always been. Continue reading »

Jul 182012

From a reader:


I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly ‘enjoy’ what you post up – the TED talk rattled me for days, the projections from 2025 (great!).

We (South East Australia) have been through a 10 year drought and (our town)  had some pretty spectacular fires (300 houses lost; heard the State of Emergency siren for the first time in my life as they cut into TV, radio etc) a few years ago, so I can sympathize.  By the way, I think your Greenhouse and Root Cellar are fabulous! – a great positive adaptation, regardless of the other posts.

I have learnt an enormous amount over the last 4 years associated with gardening and landscape projects and I have been thoroughly enjoying it on the way through – I now prefer to eat veggies from the back yard, they taste better! Family members are indulging my eccentricity because they like the excess veggies and eggs also.

I also wanted to thank you because your blog helps keep me focused on what needs to be done/what I need to learn etc whenever I look at the people around me and what they choose to focus on.

Thanks again,
(name withheld):

Thanks!  Always glad to hear from “offshore” readers!  I checked that map graphic the other day, people from all over the world are checking in at least once.

I’m getting ‘rattled’ too, at times, as I consider the ramifications of what the science is now telling us.  Putting all the dots into place keeps painting a grim picture. Of late, I’ve been looking for techniques for carbon capture, or something to offer us some real hope.  Science say’s “it can be done”, but it’s not being done.  Additionally, there is little incentive (still) to change the root causes of our ongoing decline.  Until that changes, then nothing is going to work.

Another reader asked for a quickie promotion of his new book: The Western Front  (part 1, Kindle edition).  I’ve not read it myself, but it’s VERY affordable.  You can read the first 4 chapters here at his website.   (links to chapters are on the right side menu).

Jul 172012

Yesterday, I came across something this is very important.  The ramifications of this are incredibly serious.

In this article, North American Forests: When the Colors of the Trees Change, massive amounts of North American forests are being wiped out by the bark beetle.  Due to warm winter temperatures, winter survival rates of larvae shot from just 20% to over 80%, causing a massive population explosion. More beetles means more trees attacked and killed.

By 2010, over 30 billion trees have been killed. Logging operations to combat the infestation has resulted in even more tree loss, including many healthy ones.  In British Columbia alone, over 18.1 million hectares are considered contaminated by 2012. In the lower 48, hundreds of millions of tree are already dead and dying. Western forests are at risk of being virtually wiped out.

But it gets worse then this.

Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This balance is now threatened:

Ahead of us we have the possible destruction of forests, vital in maintaining oxygen levels necessary for life, in the control of carbon dioxide, and in water cycle balances. Notably, the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere has dropped from 35 to 21 percent from prehistoric times to now, and the carbon dioxide has increased in part by the human growth pollution in cities with high oxygen levels, which often comprises only 15 percent of total air. So at this rate it is obvious that in these cities we will render the “air” unbreathable. Diana Beresford-Kroeger, a botanist, says, “the abuse of forests and pollution of the oceans has caused them to produce only half the oxygen (they produced) 10,000 years ago.”** We must also consider that in the last 30 years this process has accelerated the deterioration or the collapse of almost all living systems.

This paragraph really stuck out, so I began to research the facts.  Are cities really losing their oxygen?


Dangerously low levels of oxygen are now being reported in cities around the world.  Increased carbon dioxide levels are displacing oxygen in the atmosphere. Continue reading »

Jul 162012

August 2025 – Journal  6:15 am

Life was hard. Back in the early 21st century, the naysayers claimed it would never be this bad, but it was.

The media was full of conflicting reports and news, or what passed for news. Most of it was untrustworthy, misleading or written in such a way to imply both hope and time were available in abundance in order to forestall any really bad things from happening.

They were wrong, all of them.  Changes were already underway even then, but they weren’t being recognized or understood for what they were, or what they foretold.  Floods, droughts, deluge, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, forest fires, desertification were all being blamed on “weather” or La Nina effects.  Nobody seemed to be putting all the pieces together except a very few and nobody was listening to them. Continue reading »

Jul 162012

Tornado in PolandKiller tornadoes — in Poland.

Up to 1 kilometer wide, it ripped right through 100 houses and an entire forest. Watch the video at this link.

Temperature increase, actual measurements since 1921. Green projection is mine, what we can expect for us and our children.


Deadly Heat in America


Inside Story Americas – Extreme weather: Linked to climate change? (Youtube video)


Fresh Flooding threatens Northern India

Global warming threatens towns in Australia outback, says government report

Japan Floods: 250,000 Evacuees

Massive Landslide in Alaska (largest in recorded history)

There’s more, over 100 new stories every day. Hopium is losing out, denialism is the pathway to death and ongoing reticence and sluggish response by global leaders, industry and business is ensuring a hellish future for all.

Have a nice day.

Jul 142012

Epic Drought Over America

There are over 1000 counties that have been declared disaster areas, due to drought and crop losses, a figure that is increasing weekly.  Crop losses, especially corn are now so severe that the commodities market is skyrocketing.

Food prices are expected to take a jump, reflecting the crop losses now being reported (and more to come!).

This is what climate change looks like.  Billions of tons of carbon dioxide pollution are being dumped into the atmosphere each years, increasing levels by 40%, causing record-breaking heat with over 24,000 high temperature records being broken this year (so far, it’s barely mid-summer).  The rest of summer looks to be worse.

We dump billions of tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere each year. As a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by 40%. Excess carbon dioxide traps excess heat in the atmosphere. Excess heat causes extreme heat waves, droughts, and storms.

And that’s what we have been seeing. In June alone, 170 all-time high temperature records were broken or tied in the United States, and more than 24,000 daily high temperature records have been broke so far this year.

Smoking Causes Cancer: Carbon Pollution Causes Extreme Weather

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Jul 122012

Mountain House has just dropped a gigantic bombshell press release that is going to piss off a lot of other customers who bought elsewhere.

They commissioned a study of their foods and Wise Foods (April 2012 production). The study was quite revealing. The study showed that the oxygen levels of Wise Food was nearly as high as our normal atmosphere we breathe (18% .vs. 21% in the atmosphere). This means that Wise Foods offers NO PROTECTION against oxygen.

They further assert that the shelf life claimed by Wise Foods is inaccurate:

Consumers should be aware that there are four main contributors to food spoilage: water, heat, light, and oxygen.

Oxygen Levels in Wise Company Products were 110 Times Higher Than Mountain House.

The most alarming part is that Wise Company products were manufactured in April of 2012 and already exhibit near-atmospheric levels of oxygen, which would not provide a 25-year shelf life.

Please read the Mountain House press release in their own words.

Mountain House .vs. Wise Foods

It does make you wonder what past customers are going to do about their previous “investment” in Wise Foods products.

My suggestion is to eat it as fast as you can – and replace it with better food.

This will also demonstrate what I’ve been saying for years — don’t skimp, don’t think you’re going to “survive” on just the basics or highly repetitive meals and be satisfied. In an emergency, you’ll eat whatever you can, but you will be literally starving and craving for proper food. Real food storage is absolutely essential, one of the most critical components for family planning you can make.

Food storage can be quite enjoyable — if you bought correctly.  Food fatigue and highly repetitive meals will quickly make you regret an uninformed decision. We suggest you go read the independent Amazon reviews for Wise Food, they’re quite terrible.

We don’t carry Wise Foods and never will.  Early on we were approached (and then have been repeatedly approached) to do so.  Investigation of their products, selection, prices, claims and marketing revealed a lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies making us uncomfortable, so we opted not to carry this line.  We have a price comparison page where we do a side-by-side comparison — our Survival Cave line is nearly 50% lower in cost making this a much better deal for you.

As usual, buyer beware.  You DO get what you pay for.  Many dealers and even companies lay “claim” to a lot of different things, most of which we have found to be untrue, misleading and deceptive. Regarding shelf life claims, BE CAREFUL. We have long published a shelf life page regarding storable foods. All of the  companies that we carry publish shelf life information also — and DATE CODE their products for a reason.

Food Assets is the only website in the industry that contains the level of information and detail you need to make a sound buying decision.  Most others simply refuse to tell you what you are ordering in their “units”, what is in their food (ingredients) or offer any nutrition information (calories, servings, weights, etc).  And there are many, many claims about “how great” their food is.  In the storable food industry / emergency preparedness business, great food is food that lives up to its promise.

I’ve been at this business since 1996, longer then most and offer the largest selection from the best companies hands down. There simply is no comparison between us and anybody else.  The companies we represent are simply the best, and they got that way by offering a quality product and have been in business even longer then we have.

We recently brought on board Survivor Industries (Mainstay Food Rations and Survival Kits) and Survival Cave (real meat and food units).  This rounds out our offerings now to almost 1600 products.

Jul 092012

Today I made the dreaded trip into town to pick up some essentials. Our little town swells up to 2 – 3 times its normal size during summer, as hordes of tourists invade with boats, R.V.’s, four-wheelers and SUV’s, packing the parking lots and racing around town.

The new McDonald’s was busy, as usual. I’ve never been in there. A line of vehicles stretched clear around the building. Next door, the bank parking lot was virtually empty. Figures. Stuffing their faces and bellies full of processed garbage, McDeath has become a terrifying symbol of American culture.

The supermarket was packed out. Overflowing shopping carts full of beer, chips, ice cream and other useless crap crowded every aisle, pushed around by overweight sunburned people. Young kids were grabbing even more junk and tossing it into the already-filled carts.

Waiting at the butcher counter, the very stressed out employee didn’t want to take my order for some of the selections behind the refrigerated glass. His frustration was evident. He’d probably been there all weekend when it was even worse then today.

The checkers were harried, overworked and underpaid, running packages through the table top laser scanners as fast as they could. The waiting lines stretched out everywhere with bored-looking strangers trying to look inconspicuous in their designer shorts and floppy hats.

Near the checkout stands, glossy magazines filled the available space between the breath mints and chewing gum. It was easy to read all the latest headlines, Katie dumped Tom, and Kate got embarrassed by the Queen. Absolutely useless shit that nobody needs to know.

The din was incredible, loud, non-stop and contained a sense of anger amidst the smell of suntanning lotion and sweaty bodies. Some stupid lady tried to buy an entire weeks’ worth of groceries at the customer service counter, several items which had to be weighed at the non-existent weight scale.  The checker patiently took these items back and forth to the checkout stand where this ditz should have gone in the first place.

Even the manager, who is actually a cool dude, looked pretty harassed. I wondered at all the money this store rakes in, in a never ending stream of cash drawers opening and closing and welfare card swiping (a full 70% of sales are charged to welfare). And then I wondered about how in the world could they even managed to keep the place stocked up. There was so much stuff flying off the shelves, piled high into the carts that it looked like Black Friday.  They didn’t have Paul Newman’s salsa anymore, discontinued which is too bad, I did without.

But this is normal for this time of year, and in many places and in many much larger cities, it’s even worse. Millions upon millions of tons of products being shelved and purchased everyday by hordes and hordes of people.

I was already primed for disappointment. On the drive in, I got to hear about a swimming trip to a nearby lake. I didn’t go, working as usual instead.  On the way to the lake, there was garbage everywhere. On the beach, in the forest, piled along the roads.

I’ve seen this pigsty myself in the past. Dirty diapers, empty cans, beer bottles, chip bags and discarded unidentifiable plastic garbage just tossed wherever these animals care to leave it. Lots and lots of so-called people are absolute pigs. I mean truly disgusting useless pigs.  Emptyheaded bags of water.  I’d rather live with hogs then be neighbors to them.

It’s times like this when it really hits home just how impossibly insane our world really is. I mean truly, bat-shit crazy, screaming at the moon insane.  How incredibly wasteful, stupid and indifferent hundreds of millions of “people” are to the levels of damage we are causing by our voracious consumption.  The discarded trash heaps, the bloated bodies lining up like pigs at a trough, the idling 4×4’s at McDeath waiting for the chicken “nuggets” (processed pink meat slime), the blaring media garbage overflowing at every checkout stand, the endless rows and rows of processed “food” (read the labels, it’s not food anymore, it’s poison), the jockeying for space and position at every aisle, street corner and stop light (a great representation of what “life” has become for Americants), it’s all so incredibly fucking sad and tragic that it defies my ability to convey.

I should have stayed home.

I just read early today where sea level rise is “virtually unstoppable”. No doubt. Yet the article still posited the same hopium found everywhere else that we can still deal with climate change. Well cover me with shit. This makes no sense at all (or just delivery my body to McDeath for recycling). Rising waters means heated oceans (thermal expansion) and even more melting ice, which also means temperatures on land are continuing to heat up, which means we are most definitely NOT able to deal with climate change as being endlessly promised.

They’ll (now, finally) admit the oceans are toast — but somehow the land will escape (somewhat), or so the (failed) logic goes.  I don’t get it.  You cannot have one without the other, lose one, you lose them both.  It’s that friggin simple.

There is such an incredible disconnect to how things works, and what clearly isn’t working, that it truly staggers my mind on days like today. Our civilization may be “working” (at greed, gluttony, abuse and indifference), but not for much longer.

And that would be, in my opinion, a very good thing.

Our comeuppance is way overdue.