Jun 282012

Colorado is burning to the ground, while Florida is drowning.  Related?  Absolutely.  All of these extreme events are related.

A seriously doomed scenario (human extinction) in less then 18 years.  Essentially, this is simply an updated timeline that takes into account the latest science and information.

After reading this, I spent then next several days reading up on the Arctic situation.  I’ve come away with a very, very scary outlook. What’s happening up there is far worse then the rest of us seem to be aware of.

human extinctionThe significance of this is not lost on me.  We are facing catastrophic collapse of a habitable environment in our lifetimes. If you are under 60, there is a high likelihood you will experience this.

Forget dumping this problem on your kids or on your grandchildren.  If they’re ever around, yes — they’re going to absolutely hate us for what we’ve done and what we’ve failed to do, but I expect that there is a high probability that they won’t be here anyway.  The destabilization of the planetary climate is well underway right now, leading to an environmental collapse heretofore almost completely unacknowledged as a very real possibility.

The only thing “different” that I’ve seen so far about this latest assessment is the time, moving the timeline up by 75 years or so (sooner).  As in 2015 – 2030.  Extinction is not an instant event (usually), but will take a generation to accomplish.

What most don’t know is YOU could very well be “that generation”.


Here’s what I think is going on:

“Chemtrails” are being used, primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, to reflect solar radiation back into space in attempt to cool the planet.  Working outside today, in perfect blue skies, I saw the jets flying, almost in formation, each picking their path, coming only minutes after each other.  In a matter of minutes, hazy skies from horizon to horizon.  Then – hours later, the skies cleared (and there were no jets).  Eventually I saw 1 more passenger liner with a normal contrail that disappeared in mere seconds.  I’ve seen this a thousand times.

Immediately after 9/11, all airliner traffic was stopped for 3 days. Temperatures rose 1 C in just three days. This may not seem like much, but it’s actually quite huge in just three days.  The significance is what happens when all airliner traffic stops?  Aerosols have a huge impact upon solar radiation, and solar radiance is now down 30%. That goes up, very quickly when the planes stop flying.

The high northern latitudes are heating up fast — really fast.  Some places are 50 – 60 F degrees higher then normal right now.  There is a very high likelihood summer polar ice will be gone by 2015 or even sooner in the Arctic. This will lead to more open ocean / higher warming effects / faster melting of the polar ice caps (landmass).  They’ve been trying to control this with atmospheric manipulation for years now. It’s helped, but only a little.

A stupendously huge methane release was detected in 2010.  At any minute now, 1 gigaton or more methane could be suddenly released into the atmosphere (this is 100 times more potent then carbon dioxide and would exceed an entire year’s emissions triggering rapid runaway climate change effects and events). Runaway climate change would result in very rapid warming, making most, if not all of the entire planet unlivable very quickly (perhaps 10 – 20 years).  This is titled “Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm“.

Life (human, animal, plants) cannot survive wet-bulb temperatures of 95 degrees or more. The latest temperature increase predicted by climate scientists will exceed this.  Current evaporation rates with higher temperatures are leading to immense amounts of moisture / humidity in the atmosphere, which is also heating up (as is the world’s oceans).  The wet-bulb threshold is getting closer.

All past and even current projections by the IPCC are at least 100 years off the mark — worst case scenarios have ALL been exceeded and will occur far sooner then predicted.  The 2C projections guarantee collapse of civilization, with the latest estimates of 4C – 9C guaranteeing extinction.  These are not survivable temperatures, something oft misunderstood, they are a blowtorch to the biosphere when combined with humidity, drought, deluge and resulting crop / plant / tree losses.

Suppression of this terrifying news is widespread. Climate denialism is being heavily promoted to prevent widespread panic. I strongly suspect certain public individuals are very much aware of how serious / severe the situation is about to become and are paid shills to quell any alarm. Some of them are allegedly intelligent individuals, yet continue to shovel forth reams of disinformation and denialism.  Nothing can explain their betrayal to humanity except greed (not even ignorance, which I doubt is the case for some of these people).

There are other oddities and news bits that tie into this.  Reports of underground explosions, noise, seismic activities where no fracking or mining is known to be occurring across many States / locations.  Underground preparations could be the reason. If humans cannot live on the surface, they will have to try below.  This is a possibility.

Elitist buying up remote regions of the world known for their location and acquifers.  Are they pre-positioning for collapse?

Current Arctic ice cap measurements show a staggering 500,000 square kilometer loss over last year’s record ice loss. 2012 has already broken all records.  All indications point to an ice-free summers in the Arctic far sooner rather then never or later.

The amount of fresh water by “melt” now being dumped in the world’s oceans is truly staggering, and will increasingly disrupt the entire ocean web, impacting the thermohaline (ocean currents), salinity and ocean food supply.

Over 1000 temperature records have been broken this past week!

There are quite literally thousands of other facts and events occurring, it’s a dizzying blur now, it’s happening so far, all pointing to the same inescapable conclusion.  The Earth’s climate is “collapsing” (destabilizing) very rapidly, with “extreme events” the new normal. The effects are quite severe, already (this year alone) costing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and losses.  These events are increasing, rapidly with little to no effective response / actions being taken.  This isn’t as mysterious / confounding at it may seem (read on).


What do you suppose would happen / occur if the following were known to be true:

a) The planet is heating up very fast, with weather modification, aerosol spraying having only a partial positive effect;

b) Climate scientific data and assessments are constantly being updated with worse and worse predictions / outcomes;

c) Arctic / Antarctic news / data continue to confirm an ice-free (all ice) near-future, which will lead to non-survivable temperatures world wide;

d) Plant / animal / human extinction is “guaranteed” unless something truly drastic can be done, however this possibility is more and more remote with each passing day;

e) Public awareness / knowledge of these facts is widely suppressed through disinformation, denialism, ridicule, harassment, even death threats to leading scientist and researchers;

f) Funding for climate modification (geo-engineering) is absent either due to global economic conditions, and the refusal to support such actions or it’s too late already;

g) It’s simply not possible to save all of humanity, or even a significant percentage, there isn’t enough time, money, resources or will power to do so.


If a) is true, this (partially) explains chemtrails over the developed nations of the world.

If b) is true, this explains the constant revisions / updates / assessments we’ve seen (including scientific reticence I’ve oft mentioned) regarding what we can expect to experience.

If c) is true, this explains the growing alarm among climate scientists and what it means for humanity and all life on earth.

If d) is true, geo-engineering (already being done), will be increasingly proposed and attempted (proof positive that the climate situation is truly catastrophic, ie., a “last ditch effort to save humanity”).

If e) is true, denialism will continue, despite any and all additional “proof” (reality), and will be part of the (s)Election platforms of candidates.  It also explains why some of the same people haven’t been taken down due to their increasingly hostile stance towards a belligerent government.

If f) is true, not enough funding / support will ever be found and would explain why nothing is really being done.

If g) is true, then die-off / population reduction is guaranteed.  Little attention or effort beyond lip service will be given to address the needs of the people. Instead, attention, funding, preference will be given to only those assets, people, corporations that they intend to “save”.  Population reduction of at least 2/3 or more of humanity would be proposed (already happening).

If any of a) through g) is true, the failure to suppress this information would result in panic, economic disruption and chaos.

This means just the opposite would then be true — suppress the science, news, reports, and information. Ensure that the main stream news reports as little as possible. Oppress scientists and researchers through intimidation, threats and ‘investigations’.  While this may seem self-defeating, realize that there are plenty of people who will happily do the devils work (easily manipulated). Either they know the truth about these issues (which makes them incredibly evil) or they do not (which simply makes them ignorant or stupid). In either case, willing lackeys have never been absent in war, genocide, torture, murder, assassinations, or coverups.

If any of a) through g) is true, then everything else going on in the world has far less significance and meaning, being totally eclipsed by the coming firestorm headed our way.  If humans are going to be on the verge of extinction in a few dozen to a hundred years, nothing else really matters, and therefore, will never be properly addressed, which may be a reason we can’t seem to get a damned thing done no matter what is tried.

The root cause of all of this is overpopulation (but not the only cause), which if it hadn’t already occurred, could have forestalled these events by decades or even hundreds / thousands of years or even indefinitely.  However, too many people demanding too many resources, burning carbon based energy, ejecting pollutants into the atmosphere (emissions are up 48%) will ultimately lead to disaster and collapse on a finite world.  I state this again because it didn’t have to end this way.  But it is looking increasingly likely that we have far, far less time then we thought.

  5 Responses to “Updates On Human Collapse / Extinction Event Ahead”


    Okay after reading the links you posted I wonder what good would it actually do to try to hide underground. If I read it correctly there are several options of things in which could happen. 1. the Oceans lose the ability to sustain any life and this rock we call home loses 50% of its ability to produce oxygen and the rest of the “dry” land becomes like a desert thus there is no real oxygen production. 2. This scenario still builds on the fact that the oceans are not a place that can support any life, but there are spots in which is either desert or a tropical rain forest in climate. Even in this scenario there is little hope to grow any type of food due to the new climate and the inability to to move seeds which might grow in a rain forest climate. In either event there is the question of enough oxygen production to survive.

    My question is what good would it do to try to move underground if there is no oxygen production. Even if you can recycle air, I believe there is a limit to how often this can be done, It would seem to be just living in your grave.

    All that being said I also believe the earth goes through stages in its’ life. Moving from Ice Age to Ice Age….I believe we are coming out of an Ice Age. We may not survive it and have aided in the poisoning and reduction of habitat. I believe after reading everything and looking further, if given enough time, there are several species which could survive, but then again we have to stop running business as normal and make a change.

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into your work.



    The move underground is a likely effort. Geothermal could be tapped to provide electrical power (or solar panels), creating energy necessary for underground greenhouses (and oxygen). I’ve no doubt that underground is exactly what is going to be tried.

    We are all ‘living in our own grave’, right now. The hopium that is oft-expressed that we can fix what is wrong is misguided optimism. Between now and then, is our challenge.


    This post took me a few days to sink in. It makes me wonder (and makes me shiver) if someone somewhere with the accompanying power is considering “geo-engineering” our planet back from the track of runaway heating by a post-nuclear winter (i.e triggering nuclear war).