Jun 302012

Extreme It’s a certainty now that the future is going to be very difficult.

Nobody in North America, or for the matter, anywhere in the world is going to escape.

The new normal will include this weekends events, as a massive thunderstorms pummel the Eastern U.S., with lightning, hail, and extreme wind.

(Update: 110,000 lightning strikes in England. Flooding, landslides, 6 months of “extremes”.)

There were over 600 reports of extreme winds as a very fast moving storm traveled over 600 miles in just 10 hours.

Additional reading that I’ve done reveals that these type of effects / events are what the present / future will look like, indefinitely.  That may seem extreme, but essentially what we’ve done is create changes that will last thousands of years.  All that carbon dioxide we’ve dumped into the atmosphere, will stay there for thousands and thousands of years…  The warming isn’t going to “stop” for a long time.

The significance of this should not be lost on anyone.  A lot of people are assuming climate changes are “temporary”.  Uh uh…. It’s permanent for all intents and purposes, as far as humans are concerned.

There is also a widespread view that we can fix this easily enough.  Another uh uh…. Whatever we “do” (if anything), has also got to be permanent (performed indefinitely).

Essentially, if governments want to do geoengineering properly, they have to make a pact to do so forever, no matter what the side effects are or what else happens in the world. Modeling Geoengineering

This actually means “failure”, as we simply cannot expect to geoengineer the climate “forever”. In other words, the planet will heat up — no matter what.

Related: “Abnormally” high rates of melt in Greenland. And there was a new study revealing  a large basin under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), which is at greater risk of collapse then thought.

Jun 282012

Colorado is burning to the ground, while Florida is drowning.  Related?  Absolutely.  All of these extreme events are related.

A seriously doomed scenario (human extinction) in less then 18 years.  Essentially, this is simply an updated timeline that takes into account the latest science and information.

After reading this, I spent then next several days reading up on the Arctic situation.  I’ve come away with a very, very scary outlook. What’s happening up there is far worse then the rest of us seem to be aware of.

human extinctionThe significance of this is not lost on me.  We are facing catastrophic collapse of a habitable environment in our lifetimes. If you are under 60, there is a high likelihood you will experience this.

Forget dumping this problem on your kids or on your grandchildren.  If they’re ever around, yes — they’re going to absolutely hate us for what we’ve done and what we’ve failed to do, but I expect that there is a high probability that they won’t be here anyway.  The destabilization of the planetary climate is well underway right now, leading to an environmental collapse heretofore almost completely unacknowledged as a very real possibility.

The only thing “different” that I’ve seen so far about this latest assessment is the time, moving the timeline up by 75 years or so (sooner).  As in 2015 – 2030.  Extinction is not an instant event (usually), but will take a generation to accomplish.

What most don’t know is YOU could very well be “that generation”. Continue reading »

Jun 222012

We have made some big changes again to our Food Assets Storable Food website. Summer Sale!!!

The big news is prices have been dramatically slashed on all #10 cans and #2.5 cans from Rainy Day. This price change also affects all Rainy Day year can units.  All Rainy Day cans are now 25% off.

We’ve dropped the 5% check / money order discount, probably permanently. Payment by mail is still accepted for those that prefer this.

We’ve also instituted $100 order minimums for Rainy Day products (only) again. There are no order minimums on any of our other products lines.

We’ve made adjustments to the shipping costs (lower).

We’ve got a updated layout for browsing products, a new Survival Acres banner (also reflected here on the blog).

We’ve also added the entire line of Survival Cave products (food units) and their line of canned, real meat with decades long shelf-life. This included Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Pork.

Now is probably the best time to order that we’ve ever seen (seriously).  Volume at all canneries is down a whopping 85%.  This means order fulfillment times are very fast.

It is apparent, that the “economy” is totally non-existent. I’ve heard from various people and it’s a disaster everywhere.  We are in a full-blown Depression worldwide. It’s incredibly hard to fathom how this is going to “improve” under any scenario.

Jun 202012

Insect Sized Drones

Hard to believe that they have this already, but apparently they do. There have been many reports over the years of ‘wierd’ flying objects spying on crowds, people.

Cyborg insect drones are now a reality.

And the future of privacy, even in your own home, is now dead.

Just imagine how cheap these things will get — and how pervasive. And how tempting it will be for everyone who can get their hands on this to use it.

Maybe a portable EMP device would disable them, or microwave radiation umbrella…. or something.

Or not. Undoubtedly, they’ll pass more “laws” that claim your interfering with their rights secretly surveil you constantly. Don’t think so? Such claims are already being made.

NSA claims it would violate Americans’ privacy to say how many of us it spied on.

Would you believe the Inspector General from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said it would violate the privacy of Americans for the IG office to tell us how many people in the United States had their privacy violated via the NSA warrantless wiretap powers which were granted under the FISA Amendment Act of 2008?

Spying is BIG business. Historically, the good guys (supposedly “us”) were doing this to stop the bad guys (all of “them”). But it’s now morphed dramatically into our government (and corporate world) spying on absolutely everything individuals are doing. The “bad guys” is now everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

The future has never looked more grimmer then it does now.

Jun 142012

Dallas Hail Storm

More signs of dangerous climate change — hail stones as big a 4.25 inches pounded down over Dallas – Ft. Worth area.

Smashing windows, cars, roofs and doing a fair bit of damage by the sounds of it.

Several interesting videos to see here.

Maybe that idiot Texan climate change denier Alex Jones will finally wake the hell up.

One could hope… but probably not.

Freak weather in Donegal, Ireland with hail and a tornado.

Special thanks to Defiant for sending this in.

Dallas Hail Storm Damages Cars


It’s just going to keep getting worse. The reason is that all the growing heat energy and evaporation / hydrological cycle keeps building and building, eventually unleashing hellish storms over land and sea.

Eventually, people will catch on to the propaganda (chiefly American) that keeps trying to twist these events as “unusual” storms.  A new normal is being experienced by people all over the world, but it’s not one that we would like or prefer.  Insurers are going to have a fun time trying to keep up with insurance payouts, but they’ll get their pound of flesh from everyone by jacking up the premiums you have to pay.  Farmers will be wiped out and crop losses will become increasingly common.  It’s going to play hell on the infrastructure too.

There isn’t anything anybody can “do” except prepare for the worst. The existing inertia and momentum of climate change is already very significant and will be around for at least a thousand years or more.

Jun 142012

Here’s a pictorial series on the Greenhouse Project, #3.   If you missed the beginning of this series, here’s Greenhouse Project #1, and Greenhouse Project #2.

I last left off with the foundation built, “feet” installed and bolted down, and the truss legs attached.  Right after this, I realized that I had a problem.  All of the truss leg mounting holes, where the cross bolt passes through the mounting feet, were drilled incorrectly at the factory.

The pic below shows a file of the same diameter as the bolt hole, and the curve of the leg.  They should be perfectly aligned:

Greenhouse Holes Drilled Wrong Continue reading »

Jun 122012

Russian activists raidedRussia appears to be returning to its communists roots. Anti-Putin activists were raided in their homes — and the parents of the activists were also raided.

Not hard to figure out why. Threaten the family and almost any activist will cease and desist.

Nor is it hard to figure where this is all going.

Here’ a new twist of the definition “released”.  Half of all Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been cleared for “release” (over two years ago, and in over 40 cases, 5 years ago!). But they’re still there.

Does everyone remember the uproar over holding (foreign) people / prisoners indefinitely? Or that no charges were ever brought against the vast majority of these people?  Or that no evidence of their alleged “crimes” existed?

The practice of detaining these people continue. Meanwhile, any American, anywhere in the world, including the United States, can be held under the same “conditions”, which are apparently arbitrary as hell.  No evidence is needed, no charges need to be filed, no “proof” of any sort is required. Continue reading »

Jun 102012

Some facts you may not know:

I’ve rerun the numbers and have once again, determined that less then 1/10 of 1% of the population of the United States is adequately preparing for collapse.

Less then 3,000,000 Americans are making sufficient preparations for the future, despite the accelerating evidence that the collapse is gaining significant momentum.

Another way to represent this figure is 99.99% of the people remain totally dependent upon the whole of the system to provide them with the basic requirements for their daily existence.

This is the true meaning of the off-abused  “we are the 99%“:  whole system co-dependents.  Apply this to “Occupy” and it still fits perfectly.

Other points to ponder: 1/10 of 1% cannot possibly assist the remaining 99.99% in crisis, nor can they even protect themselves from the 99.99%.

The 99.99% survive (exist) not because of all the other 99% co-dependents — but because of a very tiny fraction of  actual “providers” (food, fuel, energy, water, etc.) that make life possible for them. Most, if not all these providers are themselves are whole system co-dependents.

The whole of society exists because this tiny fraction is engaged in cooperative enterprises for the basic necessities you need (they provide it, you buy it). Continue reading »

Jun 072012

A new paper published by Nature, produced by 22 international scientists reveal that the scope and scale of the human impact upon the planetary environment is now so severe, that imminent collapse is possible.

Flooded landscapeTitled, “Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere“, 22 of the world’s top researchers have signed off on the paper, claiming that humanity is very close to a irrevocable planetary-scale tipping point.

Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. We are now using 43% of the world’s land surface for human need, just 7% away from the critical 50% threshold.

A report just published in Nature by a group of 22 international scientists warns that human activity is quickly pushing the planet to a tipping point, after which time the Earth’s ecosystem will suffer a rapid and irreversible collapse. What’s worse: They suggest we’re nearly there.

By using recent scientific theories, ecosystem modeling, and paleontological evidence, the scientists have concluded that the Earth’s ecosystem is poised for a “state-shift”, after which time the ecosystem is poised for an imminent collapse that would happen in the “blink of an eye.” The report, titled “Approaching a State Shift in Earth’s Biosphere,” warns that localized ecosystems will shift abruptly and enter into a new state of equilibrium.

Not only would these transitions be irreversible, they warn — they’d likely be catastrophic to all life on the planet.

The team determined that once 50-90 percent of small-scale ecosystems become altered, the entire eco-web tips over into a new state, characterized especially by species extinctions. These “state-shifts” are being rapidly approached, coming as early as 2025 (in just 13 years).  If that happened, collapse would entail a shocking disruption for the world’s food supply, with bread-basket regions curtailed in their ability to grow corn, wheat, rice, fodder and other essential crops.

This new paper fits in very well with my own predictions, which indicates that this will actually happen some sooner then 2025, as science continues to updates its estimates and the effects already set in motion. There’s been quite a lot of “revisions” going on all over the world and the scientific modeling and estimates that are being brought up to date with new data.

We got snow on the hills around me yesterday. It’s very cold here for June, in the low 40’s during the day and at the higher elevations, there was some snow.  It’s also very, very wet, my buckets were emptied and had over 4″ of water in just two days and it’s still raining.  I’m also having a lot of “wild animal” trouble lately, really strange considering it’s never happened here before.  My guess is the animals are being very stressed by the rapidly changing environment and I’m seeing the effects.

Anybody want to bet that our 7% “cushion” will be squandered while the fools and morons uselessly debate these latest assessments? It’s not a bet I’m willing to take. My life is already gambled away — and so is yours.