May 312012

A firey end of the EarthDefiance sent me some important links: 400 ppm CO2 in the Arctic.  First time in 800,000 years too — and sure to be a LONG time before it goes back down.

Not just the Arctic either:  “Levels exceeding 400 ppm have been recorded this spring in Alaska, Greenland, Norway, and Iceland.”

Wall of Water Floods Montreal

Getting a bit wet up there, are we?  You could say that.

State of emergency up in Ontario.

Extreme rain batters Cuba, forcing mass evacuations.

How about a “Flash Drought“?  A new term to me.  Crop destroying heat.

Oklahoma declares a disaster, severe storms, tornadoes, hail.

Michigan also declares a state of disaster.

Wildfire shatters New Mexico records.

And Italy had another earthquake…  it’s getting downright biblical out there…

May 272012

CannibalWeird story.  Apparently a cannibal was eating off the face of a man in Miami.  He was naked, although I can’t say if that made him more dangerous or not.

But not to worry, he’s dead.  Shot to death by the cops.  Took a lot of shooting to kill him too.  Reminds me of killing zombies, not always easy.

Maybe there’s going to be an outbreak of rampant cannibal zombie disease?

This happened right outside the newspaper building.  Definitely a good way to make the headlines on your departing exit from this world. Continue reading »

May 272012

My wife showed me this story: Honor Student Working Two Jobs Thrown In Jail For Missing School

This is another example of judicial stupidity / abuse. These morons ruling from the bench are absolutely insane.

Idiot JudgeWe’ve got a 17 year old high school honor student supporting her two siblings by working two jobs and trying to attend high school.  Why? Because her dead-beat parents split the scene and left her alone to fend for the family.

She’s missed some school (so what?), which causes the school to lose revenue (schools are paid Federal funds according to attendance). Continue reading »

May 252012

The International Energy Agency has bad news for us all:  We’re screwed.  As in all of Planet Earth.
Mount Everest Trash

Well, those are my words, but they’re as accurate as I can make them in regards to the latest news.

The supposed “2°C warming window” is “about to close” (it already has). But the really bad news is we are on track for 11°F Warming — and that part is NOT coming from me.

“When I look at this data, the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of 6 degrees Celsius [11°F], which would have devastating consequences for the planet.”

Just “4°C (7°F) warming would destroy the livable climate 7 billion people have come to depend upon”.

The bottom line: No crops, no food, no civilization. Much of the world’s forests dead and dying. Oceans so acidic that nothing can live in them.Freshwater scarce (where it’s not flooding). Climate refugees by the BILLIONS. Cities and entire States and even countries, utterly uninhabitable.

No doubt, plans to go underground are being rapidly developed and deployed, but this won’t save those that try to escape, just forestall the inevitable.

Some people do seem to get it:

“Im 17 and been into climate for my whole life. Im sad. I cry at night sometimes, sometimes i wonder if its even worth trying in school and life, since civilisation is pretty much screwed,try and enjoy life while its good. And if any oil/coal people are here i have one thing to say: I hate you. I hope you all die a horrible death, preferably caused by climate disasters. If theres a hell i hope you burn in it. everyone i know pretty much accepts that the future will suck but few know how bad. 🙁 🙁 :(“

Some are still suggesting that we “vote” the problem away. I completely fail to see why anyone would still believe this.  Democracy is DEAD.

There is only one way out of this, but it’s so big, so gargantuan in scale, scope and impact, that it will never, ever be tried.

We’d rather die first, and so we shall.

Mount Everest TrashFor a current analogy to our collective indifference, consider this story: Crowds On Top Of Mt. Everest

Jockeying for space on the peak of the world’s tallest mountain.  As Rainlover said, “Indeed, the latest debacle on the world’s highest peak makes me wonder if any of those extreme mountaineers had an epiphany about the excruciating irony associated with trying to summit Everest IN A CROWD.”

Maybe one or two of them did, after picking their way through the trash, gasping for air.

It’s hard to believe that we’re this dense, facing catastrophic disaster, yet willing to go on doing what we’ve always done.

May 242012

Tar Sands DestructionThe Business Insider has a pictorial series on the Canadian Tar Sands being strip mined up in Alberta. There are a lot of good photos to ponder over.

Anyone who hasn’t become familiar with this incredibly destructive practice of wasting tens of thousands of square miles of the Earth’s surface should take a hard look.

The people of Trinidad, thousands of miles away are concerned for their island. They may be facing the same level of devastation if the politicians and Big Oil have their way.

The U.S. and Canadian governments calls all environmentalists “extremists”, akin to terrorism (this definition is in their own reports now). Environmentalists of any kind are considered the #1 domestic terrorist threat.

This means if you even think something is wrong with how we’re treating the planet we live on, you’re a terrorist.

Hard to believe it’s already come to this. But it has. Our alleged leaders are so incredibly insane that they would destroy everything and demonize, criminalize, incarcerate and even assassinate anyone who challenges their policy.

Go take a look at the pictures in the top link and ask yourself four simple questions:

1) who are the real terrorists here?

2) Who are the real extremists?

3) How long can this last?

4) How much more should we tolerate?

May 232012

Drought EarthRainlover sent in this link: ‘Faster Than We Thought’: An Epitaph for Planet Earth

Worth reading.

My own views on the future of our grandchildren are even worse. Too many virtually unstoppable positive feedbacks already in motion.

The picture to your left is not from the year 2100 — it’s from January 2012.

It’s hard to even image what the Earth will look like in 2100.

Be sure to read the article on the ticking time bomb – the sudden 50 Gigaton Methane Release.

They’ve been detecting methane plumes wider then 1 kilometer wide outgassing into the atmosphere.

And it’s speeding up.


I’m not a subscriber to the oft-bandied views that this is a ‘fixable’ problem. It simply doesn’t make any sense on the scale of human lifetimes.

Perhaps in 50 generations or so… but then again, who could believe there will even be 50 more generations?

Or even 10?

Our ability to live here is what is at stake, growing enough food, avoiding climate disasters, plague, pestilence, disease, famine and the inevitable resource wars to come.

In the years 2000 – 2012, in just twelve short years, we’ve seen unprecedented environmental disasters, one on top of the other — and they’re accelerating.

From the Heat Is Online:

* Trees absorb less CO2 than IPCC calculated (May, 2012)

* Warming is killing off Minnesota’s moose population (May, 2012)

* Extreme rainstorms in midwestern US have doubled since 1960  (May, 2012)

* Australia’s temperatures since 1950 are the hottest in 1,000 years  (May, 2012)

* Climate change will outpace mammals’ race to new habitats (May, 2012)

* Decline in ocean salinity intensifies weather extremes (April, 2012)

* Warming ocean speeds Antarctic melt (April, 2012)

* Climate changes exert biggest influence on corn prices (April, 2012)

* Poll: public is beginning to link  weather extremes to warming  (April, 2012)

* Britain struggles through its worst drought in 36 years  (April, 2012)

* Midwestern US raked by 112 tornadoes in one day (April, 2012)

May 172012

Barak Obama Born In KenyaThis is mighty interesting:

Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

See the full article / photographs here: The Vetting

I’d not seen this one before. I’ve read through much of the “birther” material. What I believe about the topic isn’t relevant, nor would it make any difference. Dumping Obama and all the executive orders and laws he has passed however, would be uber-cool.

Just nobody hold their breath. Peons don’t count, and neither does the law. Might makes right (writ) and money greases all the squeaky wheels.

Anybody want to bet that this could cost Obama the (S)election?

At the very least, this means the guy has been manipulating the system for personal gain for a long, long time. At worst, he’s not supposed to be the President.

May 162012

Louisiana Prison Louisiana is the world’s prison capital. The state imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of its U.S. counterparts. First among Americans also means first in the world (the U.S. has more prisoners then Russia and China combined).

Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly triple Iran’s, seven times China’s and 10 times Germany’s.


Here’s a few startling facts:Louisiana Incarcerates More Blacks

  • The state imprisons 1,619 people per 100,000 — more than any nation in the world including the U.S. (730), Russia (525), Iran (333) and China (122).
  • 1 in 86 adults in doing time.

  • Among blacks, 1 in 14 is behind bars.
  • 1 in 7 is either in prison, on parole or on probation.
  • Each inmate is worth $24.39 a day in state money, and sheriffs trade them like horses, unloading a few extras on a colleague who has openings.
  • If the inmate count dips, sheriffs bleed money. Their constituents lose jobs. The prison lobby ensures this does not happen by thwarting nearly every reform that could result in fewer people behind bars.
  • Law enforcements is financed in large part by the total number of prisoners kept.
  • Those profits, in turn, are used to finance the budgets of Louisiana law enforcement in the form of new squad cars, guns and laptops.

“You have people who are so invested in maintaining the present system — not just the sheriffs, but judges, prosecutors, other people who have links to it,” said Burk Foster, a former professor at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and an expert on Louisiana prisons. “They don’t want to see the prison system get smaller or the number of people in custody reduced, even though the crime rate is down, because the good old boys are all linked together in the punishment network, which is good for them financially and politically.

BP Uses Prisons for Gulf Spill During the Gulf Spill disaster, BP used prison labor to clean up beaches.