Apr 102012

It’s hard to believe that America has made it illegal to be poor, but it is true nonetheless. Being poor puts you on the wrong “side” of everything.

Since your no longer an ‘asset’ to be taxed, licensed, permitted, regulated and controlled (easily), America instead turns against those that would help you.

10 Unbelievably Shitty Things America Does To Homeless People So now it’s illegal to even help the poor in many locations.

What is wrong with this country?  How can such measures stand up to morality or human decency?

Addressing the symptoms of a failing economy rather then the causes, and addressing the demands of the “haves” versus the “have-nots” will only lead to more inequality.

Not everyone wants or actually even “needs” a job. I am a strong advocate of the anti-employee philosophy, considering all employees to be nothing more then wage-slaves, beasts of burdens carrying the load for the owners, begging for the crumbs of existence in life, having to “buy” everything in order to stay alive.  This is so incredibly wrong on so many levels that it boggles my mind.

Most people never question this paradigm, that working is equivalent to the forms of ancient slavery, or that being employed simply makes you another economic unit to be exploited, a real “connedsumer”, or that the years and labor of your life are actually being extracted from you against your will.  You do what you have to in order to make ends meet (stay alive).  “Working” is viewed as essential and a “necessary part of modern existence” to billions, who truly believe that there is no other way in which to live and exist during their lifetimes. This is of course, utterly untrue.

However, Most people want to work, in part because they want the lifestyle that this affords.  It is this desire, this perceived need to “have”, that drives people into the arms of employers.  Employers in turn, have the need for employees, but the disparity between employee and employer is vast.  It’s even worse at the corporate level, where the owners and CEO’s enjoy a rarefied existence unknown to lesser peons.

But what of it?  Hasn’t it always been this way? In the so-called ‘developed world’, yes and it has been worse then it is today.  Today we have employee rights, appeasements and protections in place, which are designed to ensure that you keep working and making profits for your owners.  But the disparity (inequality) still very much exists.

Those that do not work, whether homeless or otherwise, are ‘vermin’, the underclass of our society. They are not contributors (slaves) to the great society. Many exist by wit, by crime, by handouts or by benefits (legalized handouts from government agencies). They are sub-standard humans in the eyes of the State, who are a drain upon the resources of everyone else.  But this only stands up to scrutiny if you believe that all should be forced ‘contributors’ (tax slaves) of the society.

I am not excusing their homelessness, or their “poor status”, or even their behavior (often criminal).  I am addressing the facts that the choice to be whatever you want, including homelessness is criminalized.

If you want to be homeless, or to help the homeless, then this behavior should be legal and afforded the full protection of the law, versus the prohibition. If you want to be a wage-slave, this is legal, but it’s not legal if you choose not to be a wage-slave. The notion that we “owe” society “something” (money, most often) for our daily existence is quite absurd.  Our existence should be our responsibility and our choice on how we live and make that existence.

I am not obligated to help the homeless, but often do. I am not obligated to help anyone, but often do. This is my choice, and I reserve the same exact same rights as a free person to withhold help.  I expect no less from government, who can and does help, but just as often won’t help those in need. I once existed on just $13 in food stamps per month after severe injuries, incapacitated and totally unable to work (I had been employed), this was all the State “help” I qualified for.  And I do mean “all”, I was supposed to pay my rent and meet all my food needs with this $13 monthly allowance.  If my actual and real need was not recognized by others at that time, I’d be long dead, just another victim of our remorseless society and some rules that benefit only a select few. Fortunately, I got help in the form of a loan, and I paid back every penny when I got better.

Passing laws, “legalizing” how each of us can or cannot help, and even preventing those that would try and help themselves (street vendors for example) is utterly stupid and a clear sign of a fascist government. Attempting to criminalize how and where we can help (if we so choose) is really none of their damned business.

I have known some pretty interesting ‘homeless’ people, and some very near so, living in campers, tents, vans, R.V.’s and under bridges. Some are very smart, carrying PhD’s., veterans, ex-housewives, drug addicts, and former employees, all of who have wound up on the bottom rungs of societies ladder precisely because they could NOT get the help they needed, when they needed it, and wound up losing everything. A large percentage of homeless today are there because of medical expense and their inability to pay for health care. These are “there”, hanging on for dear life, a true story of daily survival, because society turned their collective back on them, and now, many of our cities are making it illegal for you to help. This is incredibly stupid and ultimately, it will only make the problems of homelessness worse.

So piss on all these cities and their asinine rules and regulations. I will help whoever I damned well please and fuck their “laws” against such behavior. Immoral laws should never be obeyed by anyone.

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