Feb 152012

To all who have inquired:

I am still alive. I’m basically working my butt off again. Orders are coming in VERY fast now. The war drums with Iran are probably the primary reason.

This is insane, but common sense has long since abandon our government. Apparently, this is also true of many people. A full 77% approve the use of drone wars. That’s probably a good thing, since there will be at least 30,000 of these killers drones over American skies by 2020 according to the latest reports, so they should be very comfortable with these figures. The thought of terrorism by government in America needs to be looked at long and hard. See Who are the real terrorists? for another perspective. The Divine Injustice of killing non-combatant civilians is what drone wars really mean — and their terrifying threat to democracy.

But it does pose the question, how will freedom loving real Americans live in a police state with constant surveillance from the skies? Where every move is subject to scrutiny and suspicion? The surveillance state is ratcheting higher and higher and for no good or particular reason other then because “they can” and because they want to. It’s good business, and extremely profitable.

It demonstrable that complaining about the rising tide of fascism is now a crime. Disagreeing with anything our government does is now a crime. Viewing the ongoing insanity and expressing opinion about any of it is now a crime. But most of America has refused to pierce the veil of media brainwashing that has trapped their minds and dulled their senses, and realized just how far down this road to fascism we really are already.

Even worse however, is the media complicity in what is now a crime against all Americans. It is very hard to sift the wheat (truth) from the chaff (incessant lies). Alternative websites are also as guilty in many cases. They’re being bent into contortionists positions to support what they traditionally didn’t support. It’s almost as if “someone got to them”. And maybe that is exactly what happened. Or maybe they just gave up.

I think that giving up has crossed many of our minds. Truth be told, it has done little good to protest, or to participate in any disagreement, online or in person. The Occupy Movement was co-opted very early on and so was every other so-called “movement”. I’ve always said that these efforts are steam-valves, permitted to the people to allow them to vent their displeasure and their anger before they got really riled up. Most other countries put Americans to shame when it comes to getting angry. We witness the rock-throwing, car burning and general trashing of the place with alarm, but there is definitely something to be said to saying I’m simply not going to take it anymore and being willing to pull the plug on all of it. If it doesn’t work anymore, replace it!

We don’t live there, nor are we under their austerity measures or price hikes or their particular flavor of government corruption. We don’t have their perspectives or experience on what they are enduring. But if they’re fed up, well then they’re fed up, as is their right, and it is a fact that it is also their right to do whatever they need to do to make it right for them. We cannot sit in judgement on them. Continue reading »