Dec 312011

More food developments, but none of this good:

A recent Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the FBI wants what it calls “food activists” prosecuted as terrorists, perhaps because nothing could more terrifying than exposing where our so-called food comes from and how it is manufactured.

The Freedom of Information request comes just as the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a lawsuit challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). The AETA is a law designed to to suppress activism and speech regarding the industries which brutalize animals with horrific conditions and/or pump them full of chemicals and drugs. Activists who expose such things very likely would cause economic loss due to the fact that many people would not eat what they eat if they actually knew what they were eating. Therefore, it is vitally important that they never find out.

Similar repressive laws are being introduced throughout the emerging fascist state that is America in the 21st century. In Florida for example, an “˜Ag Gag’ law has been introduced that would define taking pictures of the way corporations manufacture food as “˜terrorism’. Nothing says “We have something to hide” like saying “You are a terrorist if you take pictures of it.” Open Up and Say “Ahh”

The incredible absurdities continue. Expect more, since this seems to be the only direction we are headed.

Dec 302011

Guest post by Logarithmic:

Nothing illustrates better the utter corruption of our legal system than the illegal wiretapping of American citizens without a warrant that started by Bush PRIOR to 9-11. While Bush lied about the timing of the start of the wiretapping, we know based on court testimony by the Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio, who refused to participate, that Bush asked the phone companies for permission to tap Americans in February of 2001.

Why Bush asked for this permission remains unknown, and it along with many other questions surrounding 9-11 remain unanswered. We do know that it violated federal law at the time (I say this with a smirk, as will become apparent below), and that the New York Times – that beloved bastion of “truth and honor” (LOL) – kept this information purposely from the American public at the request of Bush until after the 2004 election.

Because Bush/Cheney illegally wiretapped American citizens without search warrants, the law called for them to be tried for the illegal wiretapping and, if found guilty, punished by up to 10 years in prison for each count. Of course, when the American people turned Congress over to the Democrats in 2006, many thought that the Democrats would push for impeachment for this and other serious crimes – including torture, another criminal activity with even more severe penalties – up to and including death. This did not happen – either under the Democratically-controlled Congress or even when a new president – Obama – took office in 2009. Continue reading »

Dec 302011

Two food articles worth paying attention to.

First up: Government to government plan to seize control of all food.

And we also have this: New Zealand law mirrors US and Canada, fake food safety bills.

New Zealand is about to witness what we have here in the US; small retailers, family farms and ranches raided by agency swat teams, business and lives destroyed, property illegally destroyed or seized while Big Ag operations responsible for horrendous contamination of various sectors of food production receive only a warning letter and never miss a day in their crappy operations.

The global grab on the world’s food supply isn’t about protecting anybody. It is about making sure that you and everyone else on this entire planet is forced to buy something extremely essential like food from a gigantic Ag-business.  These companies will have the power of life or death, something they already have now, but it will be significantly worse in the days ahead.

Even growing your own food, or buying it from the local co-op or farmers market is now at risk.

We all seem to think we are not at risk, because we are not yet experiencing the utter defeat being experienced by other countries.  In India alone, over 200,000 farmers are already known to have committed suicide. The reason is because they are being forced into bankruptcy, having to buy GMO modified seeds from the Ag giants, who could care less about your health, your freedom, or your right to eat safe, healthy foods. All they care about is that you are being forced by necessity (to stay alive) that every dollar you spend has gone into their pockets.

Nobody has any idea how many other farmers have just utterly given up or killed themselves.

It’s getting serious folks. If you want to survive into the future, then you are going to have to start helping yourselves.

I’ve seen ZERO evidence that the best interests of the people are being supported. What I have seen however, is agency after agency, government after government, and entity after entity being arrayed against the individual and collective rights of the people in a non-stop fashion, forcing us all into a tighter and tighter grip.

I’ve predicted this long ago, which was nothing more then simply charting the path forward. Looking at where we’ve been, where we are going, and the most likely outcome is pretty easy to determine. The 2010 – 2020 predictions are still as valid as ever, with many of these events now well underway.

We are now on the verge of 2012 hysteria, just wait and see if you don’t believe this. We’re already in the “countdown”. I do think we will see even more major environmental and climate related disaster in 2012 then we did in 2011 (now numbering in the hundreds).  These things and many more, such as the financial collapse, is driving the desperation and fear of governments, who are now attacking their citizens in increasingly violent ways.

If you don’t think stealing your food is violent, then you need to reexamine your entire premises. Violence against another is doing anything against their will.  It need not be physical violence, it can be financial or emotional. These activities all wind up being violence against you when they have reached their ultimate conclusions.  Many are also utilizing the threat of violence.  If you do not comply, you will be arrested, jailed and incarcerated.  Farmers around the world face this threat of violence every day, and in reality, so do you, minute by minute. Continue reading »

Dec 292011

There is a really stupid article found here: Exterminate a species or two, save the planet

It’s impossible to post comments these days on many, many sites due to the highly contrived and regulated “comment policy” they use.  My comments shown below were deemed “offensive and inappropriate” and are as follows:

The eco system is self-regulating, and does not need human help. The problem, as it were, is human interference and habitat destruction. All of this is being caused by homo sapiens. The solution is to leave the biosphere alone, it can recover on its own, something humans cannot and will not do. Our meddling will only continue to make things significantly worse.

9/10 of all wildlife species have already been lost, many due to human predations. We’re presently driving the extinction rate 10,000 times faster then what nature does very slowly, which allows new species to adapt and file in the ecological niches created. But the present rate of extinction however, ensures that this cannot happen, ie., what is lost will be lost forever.

Wit’s End published a lecture by William Rees that fits in nicely with my last blog entry. It’s a long read, but worth it.

It’s becoming VERY hard to counter the incredible levels of stupidity being expressed online. The agenda seems to be to force “public opinion” into some kind of warped deception of facts, science, fantasy and fear.

Where you get your news and information is more important then ever. Fox News for examples, was found to have the lowest level of “informed viewers” of any news source in America (lower then even those that do not watch the news). That’s not surprising, considering the idiocy that this media source promotes. But it does reveal the incredible levels of manipulation taking place to shape what people know and think.

This situation is now a “crisis levels”. I do not think that this is even a slight over-exaggeration. But after much thought, I’m at a loss about what can be done.

You cannot “make” people read. You cannot make people self-educate, or look behind the stories for the real facts. Or read history, informed opinions or expert analysis. Essentially, you cannot make people do anything at all, especially if it requires some effort on their part.

The information that everyone needs is already out there from multiple sources. But this has not actually done much good. Continue reading »

Dec 272011

Some big developments many of you probably haven’t heard about yet:

Expect 67% – 84% percent biodiversity loss by 2080 ““ Holocene Mass Extinction within this century.

It’s a short read, and includes a 75% extinction of all mammal species within 300 years.

This is a doozy. And there’s more:

Ecological Sensitivity

According to the same study most of the land on Earth that is not currently desert or under an icecap will undergo at least a 30 percent change in vegetation cover.

NASA: Climate Change May Flip 40% of Earth’s Major Ecosystems This Century

I know that most people do not believe this stuff, which is actually irrelevant. Belief does not stop what is actually being measured or happening. Continue reading »

Dec 222011

Site Updates: Lots of changes to the website have occurred.

Mountain House will have new prices January 1st.  Alpine Aire already did in November, but may have more in the new year.  Rainy Day notified us yesterday that there will be all new prices coming sometime next month.  They’ve also told us that FedEx, UPS and Freight shipping costs are going up again.

Since food storage can last decades, it a smart investment today at today’s prices. We’ve seen prices quadruple in the past, and no doubt they will again. Desdemona and Fire Earth have repeatedly shown agricultural disaster declarations around the nation and around the world, these will have huge effects on prices and availability.

Hundreds of detail pages have now been updated, including all of the Alpine Aire and Mountain House products, and many Rainy Day products. Those that are still missing (a few dozen) are because the manufacture has never released any more information.

We now offer case quantities on Alpine Aire pouches and #2.5 cans, something we didn’t have before. We completely sold-out our Mountain House Sampler Packages, not sure if we’re going to get these in again or not (they’re labor intensive). We may try something else.We’re still going with our check and money order discounts for the time being. You can find these details on the shopping cart checkout page.

We’ve also added an expanded Food Storage calculator page, which can do year or month calculations for you with much more detail then before.  We will probably never return to printed catalogs, as they are instantly obsolete whenever products/prices change, and a terrible waste of resources.

2011 broke all records, by far (a solid 60% increase). 2012 will probably do it again. This level of volume is requiring us to try and become more efficient all the time.  We’re still seeing a lot of “casual shoppers” who apparently have no idea what to do, how to get started or just like kicking tires. As promised in my “triage” comments, I will only help those now who will demonstrably help themselves.

We are seeing a “decline of service” across the board. It’s as if Americans have simply given up. Mediocre service or even no service at all are every-day occurrences now. This is extremely bizarre in a time of severe economic decline, when you would think that people would be jumping at the chance for work. Not so from our perspective. Just the opposite has been true in my own personal experience.

This is not the time to give up. It’s time to get going. Americans are going to have try harder then ever now. The failure to do so will mean more and more personal collapse events, multiplied by hundreds of thousands, even millions.  And that will have a huge cumulative effect on everything else throughout our economy.


Several people sent me emails about the alleged FBI investigation being reported by Promise Keepers into cannery sales. This story was immediately suspect as it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I didn’t bother reporting this as it was utterly bogus, and not the first time they’ve done this either.  As it turns out, it was bogus, but not before causing a lot of unnecessary “scare” among the prepper community.

Everybody (prepper or not) needs to watch out for this type of scam (that’s exactly what it was, a scam). The idea behind these scams is to play the well-worn fear card, and get you to cut loose with some cash, even if it turns out that the promoters get caught in their lies. There are many websites, forums, blogs, and articles all hysterically hyping what “you need to do”. The agenda in every single case is the same — to make a profit from you.  They’re all making merchandise out of you — so beware.

Only YOU know what YOU need to do. This is a personal decision, based upon advice, information and experience. One of the primary reasons I do not advertise on anybody else’s website is because of this same “fear-marketing” (and the ridiculous fees they charge). This all translates into a higher prices ultimately paid by you, the so-called “connedsumer”, who as ever, is being manipulated, again and again.

Self-education of the facts and how the real world actually works will go a long ways towards your peace of mind (and wallet). I strongly advocate that people DO prepare for the eventualities of our declining world, but do this calmly and with forethought. Panic never serves you well unless you are in an immediate life-threatening situation, and even then, can cause you to make a poor decision. Responsible decision making is a personal responsibility, and does not belong in the hands of anyone else but you.

I am now strongly emphasizing that everyone “help themselves”. This is not a time for people to remain helpless or dependent, asking other people to make decisions for them. Here’s why:

A declining world, which has now been exhaustively documented, requires people to perform (exist) in ways in which they never have before. The support structures that once enabled a comfortable existence are falling apart, requiring you to work harder, think more and do more then ever before.  Expecting the “old world” of yesterday or last year or even ten years ago to somehow magically “return” is a ridiculous belief, it won’t happen.  It won’t ever happen, no matter what.  No matter who is (s)Elected for President or even if you land a better job.

Yesterday is “over”.  Forever.  You will NEVER have “yesterday” or “last year” again.  EVER.  This is now the past.  It will always and forever remain the past.  All you have is now.  Today and all of the tomorrow’s that might come.  Therefore, it is up to you and nobody else to see to it that these todays and all of the tomorrows will be what you want them to be, to the best of your ability.  It is absolutely pointless to lament about all the yesterdays, endlessly whining and crying about how you want it all back.

Many, many articles and websites are concentrating on yesterdays.  There is really little point to this and it will never, ever lead to a restoration of yesterdays either.  It’s a logical and physical impossibility.

I am also seeing a lot of “reruns” on themes, agendas, memes and topics, to the point of almost total disgust. What’s the point to all of this?  It’s near-useless information and accomplishes nothing. The mainstream media news sources are very guilty of controlling the flow of information. They’ve done a great job ensuring that you remain a tightly controlled little robot, firmly plugged into their system of belief and fabrication. The stories they publish, which are then picked up by the blogs and forums, are reruns — regurgitating again and again the same bits of useless “news” and infotainment.

This is nothing new to astute observers. It’s just very, very tiresome. The main problem with this is the sheer manipulation of the thinking and awareness of millions and millions of people. The “herd” is being manipulated at every level these days, through the constant bombardment of misinformation, deflection, distraction, infotainment and outright fabrication of “news” and “facts”.

Why is this so important? Because it is causing millions of people to support things like genocide, unjustifiable war, terrorist actions by government, the removal of American freedoms for our so-called “protection” and so forth.  The crimes being committed in our name (the American people) continue to happen because we continue to remain ignorant and supportive. The mainstream media is VERY GUILTY on this point and is just as responsible for these atrocities and injustices as if they had done them themselves.

It takes a blind, willing and ignorant populace to allow these things to occur. The latest news on war technology, weaponization of the American civilian police forces and FEMA contracts and actions is all occurring now in response to our (slow) “awakening” to what is actually going on. This is going to lead to conflict sooner or later. No nation has EVER undergone the changes to fascism like we have and suddenly “reversed” themselves before conflict has occurred. This only happens after much carnage and bloodshed has exhausted itself.

There is a naive “hope” that the next (s)Election will prevent this type of thing happening here. I doubt it very much. The so-called powers that be are too well entrenched and invested to just politely pack up and leave. If Ron Paul is elected, then he will have a gigantic fight on his hands unlike ANYTHING this country has EVER seen before. It will be of such great magnitude that it will very likely tear this country apart. But I still think that everyone should vote for him, because he is the only candidate that will actually TRY and bring REAL CHANGE.

This country is absolutely desperate for change that REDUCES then insane and ridiculous demands being laid upon our shoulders.  Paul promises that (if he can deliver). But this is not going to be enough. I advocate that the PEOPLE THEMSELVES must change too. We need to abandon our stupid notions of dependency and entitlements and get back our individual freedoms and liberties — which means personal responsibilities for one’s life and actions.  We will never get “yesterday” back or the freedom and liberties yesterday had — but we can (if we try) get freedom and liberty back that will be better then it is today.

Paul wants to do away with the TSA for example. These groping morons should all be fired, the entire lot of them. He also wants to do away with five Cabinet level agencies.  That’s a start, but can any of this happen in just four years?  We’ll see, but first he has to put into power.  It’s not enough, but asking or even hoping for more is a pipe dream.

Personally, I’d tear the whole thing down and start over, rebuilding only what is essential and necessary for the well-being and liberty of the people themselves, applying common sense and personal responsibility to all of it.  No government entity should be allowed to exist that is simply self-serving, which includes most of what we have today. This is the definition of a “parasite”, sucking the lifeblood from the people as it justifies its “essential existence”.  Political reforms are rarely, if ever, actually successful, because they do not deconstruct enough before rebuilding. I am not an advocate of this approach since it doesn’t actually work.

2012 will be “interesting” to say the least. I’m gearing up as best I can for it. My advice is everyone else do the same.

Dec 182011

Some common sense from Ron Paul:

That stupid cunt that is champing at the bit for more war should be hauled off the stage and tarred and feathered RFN. Why is she even up there?  That’s not a candidate, that’s an idiot playing up the manufactured fear of the people.

No, I cannot stand that women, she’s almost as bad as Palin and it’s not because she’s a woman. I think a woman Prez would be good for the country, but there isn’t a qualifed female candidate worthy of the job yet (certainly not Billary). The two that have tossed their name in the hats for our so-called “consideration” are true idiots — uniformed, under-experienced and ill-advised. The fact that they are there at all speaks volumes about the manipulation of the entire (s)Election process.

It is STAGGERING how stupid Americans have become. Inept, bungling, fearful SHEEP, afraid of virtually EVERYTHING. That talking monkey Bush got away with championing the fear card on the heels of 9/11, but we should have long since wised up to the truth.  But somehow, we can’t seem to do that.

The governments response has been to raise the fear card higher and higher into the stratosphere. You have to be sucking ozone to believe this crap.

Why? Obama (like Bush) removes more freedoms (indefinite detention for Americans without charge or trial or even any evidence in case you didn’t know) and we’re STILL worried about the alleged “foreign terrorists” in our midst (which never seem to materialize).


The entire American Congress and Senate have become domestic terrorists in their own right, with their insatiable desire to undermine, deprive, detain and indoctrinate the American people. With one notable exception: Ron Paul.

There is only one person worthy of your vote. There is only one person worthy of even listening to. Everyone else is a sick, sad, tired joke, a rerun of the same useless brain-dead infomercials, all being endlessly played out to keep you distracted from the reality of what is really going on.

This is all so very tiring. Nothing is going to change until WE CHANGE. And I think ultimately, we are going to all have to want that very, very badly and be willing to pay an EXTREMELY high price before that can or will happen.  Anything less is going to be failure.