Sep 292011

The protest continues:

I told you that they don’t care. All these talking heads sympathize with the bankers — they know where their bread is buttered.

Spectator sport.

The protests are spreading (a good thing imo), now headed West:

Might this turn into something else?  Maybe.  The agitators are obviously being targeted and hauled off. They are afraid that this is going to spread into something more then it already is.

Keep in mind that the peaceful nature of the protesters can be easily subverted by agent provocateurs.  This has been documented many, many times, so if you see this occur, realize that it is very likely the result of undercover agents derailing the protests and “justifying” the police brutality.  Right now, that doesn’t seem to have happened yet, but just wait.

The media is going to spin this as long as they can to paint this in the best light for the status-quo.  But… there is a small chance that this entire thing could backfire if it gains enough momentum.  And if that were to happen, it could be the spark to set things off.

We’ll see.  We’re already being warned the financial Armageddon is now underway by the insiders themselves. You’ve been warned that you have less then 12 months now to get totally prepared, but it’s quite possible that in may be a matter of weeks or just a couple of months.  Nobody really knows, speculation abounds.

The danger for the elitists is to keep this all under control as long as they possibly can. Chaos can be profitable, but not so much as controlled collapse, where both sides can be played for profits by the power brokers.

One thing you can COUNT ON — THEY WILL COME OUT ON TOP.  The reasons for this are simple: they still control it all. This will not change in a popular revolution.  This issue goes to the very core of what America is.

Therefore, your strategy (imo) remains the same as ever: Exit the System.  This dis-empowers them in your life, and gives you much more individual freedom.

I believe that it is critical to understand that the status-quo is not going to change much, if at all.  What we have today, with crime, corruption, malfeasance, control, ownership, corporations, fiat money, politics, et al., the whole ball of wax, will remain.  Most likely, it will worsen as people get more impoverished (or angrier).  I do not subscribe to the notion that we’re going to somehow fix what is wrong by marching in the street.  The truth is we’re demanding crumbs — and crumbs are what we (might) get.

If crumbs are what satisfies you, then by all means, ask for some more crumbs…. but is you want something more then that, then leave the system.   The longer we stay in, the more support we have given it, and don’t forget who owns it and who controls it.
I’ve pointed out many times –

Americans do not really want their freedom as is often claimed. This too is a lie. What they want is to be coddled, pampered and taken care of, abdicating most, if not all, personal responsibility for a benevolent government.  This is why they have long since virtually given up.

Let me elaborate on this –

Americans do not really want their freedom as they often and loudly proclaim. This is a lie – a self-deception and false bravado. What Americans really want as evidenced by their own actions and demands, is to be coddled, pampered and taken care of for their every need, they actually like most of what is going on in their lives, including the vast array of connedsumer goods available to them, cheap prices and plentiful food — and they don’t really care where it comes from or how it is obtained — they just want it made easy for them to have.

They’ve abdicated most, if not all, of their own personal responsibility and individual sovereignty for a allegedly “benevolent” government. Uncle Sam to them is like a kindly uncle who looks out for you, but never causes you harm. This is self-delusion too, ignoring the long train of abuses and crimes committed against us and in our name. Our moral blindness is at fault, picking and choosing what we want to believe, but not all of what is real.

This is why Americans have long since virtually given up. They’ve traded their own authority of their very lives and the responsibility for them to something far larger, but far more evil then themselves.  Faceless bureaucrats and multinational corporations that care nothing for human lives or the suffering they cause, just profits, power and control.  Many Americans have exchanged their entire adult lives to even work for (slave labor) these very things, thinking that this is “normal” and a reasonable way to expend their own lives.

This is all a lie, a fantastic, gigantic deception that hides behind illusions and blindness. But it is also the path of less effort and why it is so often journeyed through life.

Sep 272011

I’m amazed that this video / commentary made it to the main stream news.

Really amazed.

This type of brutality has been going on for years and years, and all the videos, blogs and articles covering this (including many of my own) haven’t managed to make a dent in the attitudes of Amerikans towards this type of behavior.

Will it finally sink through into the stunted consciousness of Amerikans?

We’ll see.

Just know that this is very common behavior towards protests, and Americans demanding (finally) some justice of all the wrongs that are still being perpetrated against us all.

The other side of me wonders why now?  Why now does this type of action FINALLY get the attention of the MSM?

Maybe they’re hoping we pull the plug…

Sep 262011

The Texas drought is now “the worst in history” with a severe threat to food production, livestock and the ability of the state to continue like before.  Unfortunately, the author of that particular articles still remains clueless on climate change.

Here’s a tidbit:

Austin-Mabry’s high of 105 Sunday marks the 26th day of 105+ this year (all-time record), 86th day of 100+ (all-time record), 152nd day of 90+ (record is 159 in 1925), and 127th consecutive day of 90+ (all-time record).

$5 – $12 billion in losses are expected in 2011 Texas food production.

The Texas Water Development Board’s forecasts suggest that the total economic hit to the state, through lost food production and curbs in manufacturing and recreational opportunities, could exceed $12 billion by year’s end.

But during one recent visit, those terminals and monitoring stations sat empty — Rose and a ClimateWire reporter were the only two people in the room. Indeed, there’s a remarkable lack of panic at the LCRA in general, or anywhere else in the state’s capital, for that matter.

Every Farmer In The World Will Be Affected By Climate Change

Ya think?  Still, an important read for those who are not up to speed on what is happening on the ground.

Farmers are already selling off their livestock, since there isn’t going to be any hay (or water). Which also means beef prices are going to skyrocket.

Grain costs are still climbing, with all major food production worldwide imperiled: China, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Cambodia and many US States affected, here are a few — Oklahoma, Kansas.

There is also a growing (and real) fear that we’re going to see a gigantic crash:

Notice the desire to “make money” on the rise and the fall side of all this human suffering, just another sign of our moral depravity.

His advice to “get prepared” however is dead on. It’s not about making money however, it’s about survival.

We all stand a real chance of being “wiped out”.  That is, if this hasn’t already happened to you.  Savings, housing, retirement, virtually everything that we’ve taken for granted for so long, even affordable food. The world is changing very rapidly under our feet (and in the sky) and the domino effects of collapsing systems tear down many other dependencies as they each topple over.

It’s coming people…

Sep 252011

In case you ever had any doubts about America’s standing army and what they are really here to protect, you may want to check out this site: Occupy Wall Street

It’s like this everywhere there is a protest, march, gathering, or even where someone is just trying to sell raw milk to willing customers.

There really is no end to it, as Americans find themselves more and more surrounded.

This is very similar to how America polices much of the rest of the world for “democracy”, except it’s usually much more violent with drones, bombs, assassinations, kidnappings and rendition to America’s “enemies”, which can quite literally be anybody, anywhere, for any reason.

Americans arrested here however, are kidnapped and suffer a form of rendition too. Their “crime” is to protest, to withdraw their consent and to lend their voices to others of like minded in groups.  Assembling peacefully, they are still considered criminals and worthy of abuse, torture, and punishment.

This should sicken every American, but it doesn’t.  Many Americans themselves believe that the status-quo and all that it stands for should be upheld by whatever means necessary, even if it means bankrupting the country, arresting their fellow citizens and having their homes stolen from them.

The political and moral blindness of this country’s citizens is absolutely appalling to behold. The simple failure to place these events and activities into their proper perspective is a leading reason why protests will never work. There is an ARMY of armed supporters arrayed to stop any meaningful and effective democratic action, backed up by an even larger army of ignorant, brainwashed sheep by the millions. You will never achieve even a token measure of success with these tactics.

Very few seem to have grasped the basic concepts that actually govern this country and why we are who and what we are, and why we will never achieve the dreams and aspirations of peace and justice for the people.  This is not defeatist “talk”, just simple reality.  Our pathetic attempts to stop, slow down or “restore” this country are repeatedly met with truncheons, torture, arrests and imprisonment. The general consensus is always the same — “if more people got involved, then ….”

This is a blatant lie and always has been. This is not a numbers game and also never has been. It is tactics, logistics and support.  It will also be unending.  Oppression doesn’t just “stop” because some people gather together and say, “Hey there, you’ve got to stop doing this or we’ll, we’ll, we’ll… well, we’ll just get good and mad at you…

Americans do not really want their freedom as is often claimed. This too is a lie. What they want is to be coddled, pampered and taken care of, abdicating most, if not all, personal responsibility for a benevolent government.  This is why they have long since virtually given up.

Those protests, marches, boycotts and all other useless and meaningless acts of disobedience (yeah, right, I’m simply not going to buy their stupid products and that’ll teach ’em…) are token but absolutely meaningless acts of disobedience. It’s why I’ve never once advocated that anybody should participate. They carry all the risks inherent with much more direct “disobedience”, but have absolutely zero chance of any success.

This brings me to my entire point hinted at earlier.  The simple failure to place these events and activities into their proper perspective.  You do not realize that you are all victims in a slow-motion war within the continental United States.  Externally, you can be absolutely certain that these victims well know that they are at war with the United States as they watch their sons and daughters get blown to smithereens. But here, it is a moral and political blindness, enjoined with a mental lassitude and apathy that binds the minds of hundreds of millions.

I’ve oft harped on why and what has caused this, primarily a lack of insightful perception and thinking, i.e., “common sense”, that natural gift that everyone actually has.  We all know something is desperately wrong, but our efforts to identify “it” often point to symptoms but not causes, and we uselessly flail about in futile desperation trying to “fix it” with more and more proven failures.

We are the cause.  Our steadfast refusal to look within is the real cause. We’ve allowed these chains to be placed upon our bodies, our minds and our labors, virtually stealing from us everything that we actually “are”.  What’s left is hordes and hordes of human automatons, laboring and sweating away for our owners, easily entertained with bratwursts and beer.  And every year, we’ve lose more and more of ourselves into the gaping, voracious maw of the Empire and all that it stands for.

God damn, do I ever feel like I’m pounding heads into absolute mush but never, ever getting through.

Whatever. I do not expect to change the world, just a tiny, tiny, incredibly tiny little portion of it.

Sep 232011

This should REALLY piss you off.  Absolute proof positive that Americans are being totally manipulated by the media.

Ron Paul virtually destroys the so-called “competition”, but the media won’t even let you in on the results.

Here’s what Fox News has to say about it:  Who Won the Debate?

They do NOT want Americans to be properly informed. The manipulation by the media is unbelievable.

Here’s who won:

Ron Paul also received the second lowest “face-time” then any other candidate.

It’s already plainly obvious who would win the (s)Election if held today, but the media DEFINITELY does not want you to know this.

If I were Ron Paul, I’d not get on ANY private or public planes…

Sep 192011


Tens of thousands of benefits claimants will be referred to food banks by the Government, which is worried that many Britons face a stark choice: starvation or feeding themselves by begging or stealing.

From tomorrow, jobcentres in England and Wales will refer the needy to charity-run food banks that will give them a food parcel. It is the first time in living memory that hungry people will have been passed on to charities in this way.

The move comes amid growing levels of food poverty, fuelled by rising food prices and high rates of unemployment. Under the scheme, people whose benefits have been delayed, or have been refused crisis loans, will be referred to their local food bank. A claimant will be limited to three consecutive referrals ““ each time giving them enough food for three days. They will be given basics such as tinned soup, baked beans, meat, fish and pasta. – Jobcentres to send poor and hungry to charity food banks

The situation is definitely getting a lot worse then we’ve been told.

Sep 192011

Yet another deception: Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue.

Updated: $3 in tax increases for every $1 in promised spending “cuts”.

The notion that Americans “owe” their unbelievably STUPID government any more taxes is ABSURD.  We didn’t spend our way into trillions in debt — THEY DID.

I would not have approved of 90% of the insane spending they’ve done, believing that we don’t need government to be the nanny protectorate state that it has become.  Very little of the money government spends do I approve of, but the government believes that despite this, you and I are somehow “responsible” for their utterly insane fiscal irresponsibility.

If the Tea Party wasn’t such a stupid sick joke, hijacked by big business and oil interests, I’d say lets use them for a tax revolution.  But that won’t happen.

I have a MAJOR beef also with the so-called “cuts” that Obama proposes (and every other lame-duck President). What needs to be done is staring us in our face – dismantle the military industrial complex, bring home 95% of our troops from around the entire world (800+ bases, over 160 clandestine missions daily), toss out the corporate lobbyists (or hang them), put a stop on most foreign aid, especially to terrorists countries like Israel, stop supporting puppet regimes and corrupt governments that have sold their souls to be in America’s pocket, and start focusing on the internal affairs and functions of THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE.

The trillions saved would go FAR towards fiscal responsibility and security for THIS COUNTRY.


Yeah, I’m mad, every single American over the age of 4 should rip roaring mad at the terrible conditions that our government has created around the entire world. There is an awful lot wrong with this country and almost nothing is being done to address the root causes and issue of why we are swirling faster and faster down the drain.

This weekend was the so-called “Day of Rage” non-event that was held in Wall Street, as once again, protesters lined up with signs and slogans, claiming again that they’ve “had it” and “won’t take it anymore” and demanding our country back.

Well, my position on these activities remains the same as ever.  Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money.  The media barely covers these things, having also sold out their own children to the government.

Absolutely NOTHING will come out of this protest. NOTHING. The reasons should be obvious to even the most obtuse.  Our GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT WHAT WE THINK OR DO.

These protest are utterly powerless and meaningless to the people that actually run this country (which is not the U.S. Government, politicians are figureheads). They do not recognize the people or the so-called “power” we hold because we are using it in all the wrong ways.

The “vote” is no longer the tool it once was (but feel free to still try, it IS one peaceful means of still exhibiting your opinion).  They only thing these pricks recognize is power, and that is not a group of people chanting down the street, waving their fingers.

Please watch the video link above… I can barely believe what I saw.  The advertisement showed the Fatherland Security “see something, say something” mantra, a clear brainwashing technique to keep up the fear and paranoia among the sheep.  Then, at about the :49 second mark, the camera focuses on the World Worker Party sign, which shows “A Job Is A Right”.

Unbelievable.  Demanding a “job” is the same thing as saying “put chains on me so that I might work for you and help make you rich“.  It is neither a right or even a need.  It only serves to keep up the failed economic paradigm that has overtaken our entire world, robbing you of EVERYTHING.

Life is a right, food is a right, land to live on is a right, housing is a right, but a job is not a right.

A job is what they want for their global army of worker-slaves, cranking out an endless mountain of products for their slaves to buy, who then “require” a job to buy them.  Slaves who must now work at jobs to pay taxes to support the entire apparatus, from fat cats and bureaucrats and Wall Street thugs, “protected” by a bloated military industrial complex that perpetuates wars, occupation and slaughter around the world.

If you want a job, or believe that you “need” one, then that’s your business. It is not the government’s business and never, ever was.

This is why there will never be a populist people’s revolution in this country. There are so many mixed up ideas and divided people, who have different demands and expectations from their government.  Most seek to propagate the status-quo in all honesty.  I’ve yet to see ANY party that doesn’t. Very few people have come to realize that the status-quo IS at the very heart of our many, many problems.

Oh well.  Monday morning rant.  It won’t do any good, it never does.  I need another cup of coffee however.

Sep 182011

Very cool:

Sepp Holzer is a living legend, there are many other videos on Youtube that can help you find out more.

Another, Part I:

We have this problem here, pine tree monocultures.  Not much is grown around here, food wise. There are some small examples of homesteads, including my own. Others have much more success growing their own food then I have, but I’ve still got a long ways to go.

Winters here are very harsh, but I’m encouraged by someone in the Austrian Alps pulling this off, showing that it really can be done with the proper mindset (and hard work).

I’ve recently (nearly) finished my water storage project, a major undertaking that has been in planning for a couple of years.  It’s been quite dry here this summer, unusual for this area, but undoubtedly part of the “new normal”.  Water is critical to all things living, including plants, animals and humans.  Finding ways with which you can harvest water and store water is essential.

Part II:

Part III:

Be sure to check out the rest of the videos on YouTube.