May 282011

“Doubt is our product,” a cigarette executive once observed, “since it is the best means of competing with the “˜body of fact’ that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.”

All this “debate” about what is true, and what is not, who has facts and who doesn’t, what science actually says and reveals and what it does not, has ultimately proven to be entirely pointless.  Almost.

As one poster recently said,

“The tools that have allowed us to dominate our environment and survive outside of it will most likely ensure our ultimate failure. Our incredible mental abilities have developed to serve our emotions.

We are emotional creatures who tend to abandon logic, fact and knowledge in favor of emotional attachments, even if it kills us all. We can know a thing, through and through, but still refuse to address it.

Humans refuse to do what is required to save themselves from their own destructive ways.  We can study and dissect and analyze an issue ad infinitum, employing all of our technical capabilities and scientific expertise, but we remain completely and hopelessly enslaved to our emotional responses on how we actually deal with the results.

If you haven’t yet noticed, the condition of rigor mortis, the “stiffening of the muscles” at the onset of death, has now set in for the human race.

Helping humans to survive their own stupidity has become an exercise in even more stupidity in many respects. Even the best and brightest among us all are getting sucked into useless debates and defensive actions that ultimately serve no purpose whatsoever but to appease the knee-jerk and ill-informed emotional responses of those that disagree.

Recently, I noted that the headlines mentioned that the Freedom of Information Act was being abused to “harass and intimidate” scientist.  In my own words, they are finding it harder and harder to comply with the emotional and useless response of individuals alleging to have “need” for source data, algorithms and research results used and developed by  scientists.  Many of these requests are intended to harass and intimidate scientists, something that has long been noted by the scientific community.

We’re now where extremely valuable time and resources are being expended to appease the idiots who have no interest other then their own self-serving interest at stake.  Ultimately, this means that the human race is now at odds with itself, like white cells attacking red cells.  This is nothing new, but the stakes have never been higher.  We are ultimately talking about the survival of the human race, and the survival of the the living biosphere.

As serious as this is (or should be), the vast majority of us are really not that interested. We’ve got our eyes fixed on something else entirely and that is namely, our next slice of the dwindling pie.  Like hungry children, we’re eying everyone else with a wary eye, who’s going to get the last piece?

We’ve long since turned to technology to solve our way out of this mess, but this has proven to be increasingly elusive. In many ways, technology has failed us. Instead of giving us truly sustainable ways to live, technology has become a leading example of destruction, or more aptly put, how not to live. But we continue to do this anyway, how not to live, fully understanding now (among the informed of course) that this is self-destruction in slow motion.

This is not the “fault” of technology of course, the fault is actually ours, we are after all, the technological innovators and inventors.  How we should utilize technology (and even science) to support our existence is largely based upon our “markets”, another human invention, and one that is entirely based upon our emotional responses (versus our practical needs).

We’ve now run out of “room” so to speak on how much more we can innovate and invent before it all comes crashing down. We’re already seeing the effects of our implementation and ‘intervention’ that technology has made possible for billions of humans, the effects which are now killing us in record numbers.  But we’ve a long ways to go, there are after all many more of us still left to destroy…

So we will continue on our same path as before, ignoring all the warnings, and all the “science”, and even the unfolding disasters now occurring. The mantra continues, we’ve still got time, there is ample resources left, it’s not as bad as some say… giving credence to our defacto emotional responses playing first chair to our path to destruction.

The seeds of doubt are now highly contagious and extremely destructive. And that’s all it takes anymore. You can ignore the unfolding disasters as having “other” causes, and why not? It’s what every nation seems to be doing. Mudslides in Brazil are a long, long ways off and I don’t live in Missouri either. There’s no wind here!

If we’re not dead already, we soon will be.  The Anthropocene is the reason.  Driven by emotional response for human demands, we’re starting to experience (our) true side-effects.

I cannot offer any misled hope (which is just another emotional response by the way). Most of those who are are quite willing to geo-engineer their way (and your future) to Nirvana would try if they could. Or posit the lies that we can “stop” our misbehavior through political activism. Or somehow reign in our carnal appetites through public awareness before it is too late.

Not me. I admit to having investigated all of these so-called “solutions” and will now loudly proclaim that rigor mortis is setting in for the human race, or soon will be. We’re virtually guaranteed a least a thousand years or more of catastrophic climate change, which we are ill-prepared for. Modern civilization has little resiliency for something like this, with our just-in-time delivery systems and energy dependent agriculture.  There are other reasons which I won’t bother to elucidate right now.

All this “debate” about what is true, and what is not, who has facts and who doesn’t, what science actually says and reveals and what it does not, has ultimately proven to be entirely pointless.  Almost.  I said “almost” because there are a tiny few who are truly trying to make a course correction for humanity, but by and large, the seeds of doubt being wildly scattered about are making this virtually impossible.

Even so, the tiny few are my heroes. We applaud those that sacrifice themselves for the greater good — those that give their lives so that others might live, especially on this Memorial Day.  But we tend to forget those that are ultimately concerned with the fate of the entire human race!

I’m enough of a pessimist (realist actually) to state that we don’t deserve to be “saved” from our stupidity. I marvel at those that continue to try, because humans have a verifiable, long and sordid and truly violent history of great destruction and depravity.  No, we are not all like that, but enough of us are, generation by generation.

Civilization has sought to ‘temper’ this beastly nature with limited success (or failure, depending on how you look at it). Civilization has both enabled and suppressed human development, also depending on how you look at it.  Our measures of ‘morality’ and ‘advancement’ are relative to the times in which we live, which is why what we find reprehensible today was tolerated or even encouraged before.  And just the opposite is true going backwards then forwards in time.

This means that humanity has a relative yardstick when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. You don’t have to like this fact, but it is still true nonetheless.  We’ve learned that some thing remain forever wrong, like murder and genocide, but we’ve yet to learn that careless self-destruction is no different.  Ecocide, the death of the biosphere, the living envelope of life that surrounds the entire planet, is one such example. It’s wrong for us to do this, sacrificing all future generations of life for our own carnal pleasures.  Our yardstick in our modern era is tied to Wall Street performance, which has nothing to do with natural capital and everything to do with monetary capital.

We are now being constantly reminded that these measurements are inaccurate and misleading at best, and highly destructive at worst.  While both are very true, our emotional response and attachments to worldly ‘things’ including monetary capital makes us all act in very irrational and self-destructive ways. The seeds of doubt have been sown long before our own births and we are their modified offspring.  We’re aware in slight ways that something is seriously amiss, but we still cannot seem to put our fingers upon the pulse of exactly what it is.  A careful inspection reveals the dying heartbeat that can be felt reverberating throughout all of of civilization now, a dying planet being overrun by the Anthropocene.

In his book, “The World As It Is“, Chris Hedges writes about our ongoing destructive nature and our propensity to simply look the other way. The subtitle of his book is Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.  I recommend you read it.

We ARE approaching death, having far, far exceeded the natural limits of what can possibly be tolerated, and the rigor mortis of humanity if we continue to fail to heed the warnings from the best of us.

I can only say at this point in time that ‘saving humanity’ is a misguided idea, itself based upon our inherent emotional response. Even so, being an emotional creature like all of you, I’d still like to see some saved.  But only some.

Helping humans to survive their own stupidity has become an exercise in even more stupidity in many respects.

Seems like we have come an awful long ways already only to self-destruct at the end.

What an incredible waste this would be.

We are the first generation facing the evidence of global change. It therefore falls upon us to change our relationship with the planet, in order to tip the scales towards a sustainable world for future generations.

May 252011

These pictures of Joplin are unbelievable.  The scale of the devastation is hard to comprehend.  My heart goes out to those who are battling for survival — and those that lost loved ones.

More pictures here, with more devastation, destruction and even more tornadoes.


From the last link page:

– Tornadoes to strike Joplin: 1
– Tornadoes so far in the U.S. in May: More than 100
– Average number of tornadoes in May during the past decade: 298
– Record for tornadoes in May: 542, in 2003
– Tornadoes so far in 2011: Approximately 1,000
– Average number of tornadoes in a single year during the past decade: 1,274
– Highest recorded number of tornadoes in a single year: 1,817, in 2004

Six more tornadoes reported today.

UPDATE: More photos here.
A few weeks back, I saw a lot of planted stories that all these storms did NOT have anything to do with climate change.  I knew that this was utterly false and still do.  It’s very simple: increase temperatures lead to increased evaporation, which causes an increase in drought and precipitation and temperature variations in the atmosphere.

It’s all energy and it builds up and it must be released somewhere.  Essentially, the hydrological cycle is being massively disrupted from the norm we’ve come to expect and dumping a deluge of rain Columbia, Pakistan or drought in China, or Texas is / will be the result.

The mega-fires and drought in Texas are part of this “non-event” the climate deniers keep telling us isn’t happening.  Makes you wonder how many bodies it is going to take before they finally wake up.

But it is too late, something I’ve been saying for years now.  This isn’t a switch we can simply “turn off”, even if we went to a zero-carbon existence tonight.  We’re in this unfolding disaster now for a long, long time to come (generations) and it is only a situation that is expected to get worse and worse.

You can only prepare now for what is already set in motion, as best you can.  These events, like all the other events (nuclear releases, earthquakes, financial meltdown, etc.) are increasing around the world.

Collapse is happening right now to thousand and thousands more every day.

May 212011

To all my left-behind readers:

This is an automated timed blog post, scheduled for automatic posting on this blog at 6:00 pm PST May 21st, 2011.

By now everyone around the world understands what has happened. The sudden disappearance of an unknown number of people around the planet should be headline news the world over.  Hopefully for all of you, this will have not caught you unawares or like a thief in the night.

You were given ample warning and opportunity.

I do not know how many people this event has involved, but since I’m unable to post this myself now in real time, well then you know what has happened to me.

The Elect have now experienced the greatest event for all mankind in human history. We are no longer troubled by earthly cares or concerns, but for the rest of you, I’m afraid that your concerns are only just now the beginning of sorrows.

I need to take this opportunity to remind all past customers that find themselves somehow still left behind that their orders (if they have one) will still be fulfilled in accordance to the published shipping times by the remaining earthly staff, should there still be any.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer any predictions on how this may actually affect your order.  Be advised however, that I took nothing with me and I have made every effort to ensure that your order will still be fulfilled to the best of my ability.

Unforseen product demand or shortages due to the worldwide panic by the left behind may have some unknown impact on delivery times or availability. Expected crop losses will undoubtedly account for hundreds of millions of tons of losses worldwide as farmers and workers disappeared and their crops died for lack of care.

This should be expected to have a rather dramatic impact on commodity prices in the very near term, with food products at least quadripling in price virtually overnight.

Since I am unable to make any of these likely price changes myself to the website, you are encouraged to take advantage of the pre-Rapture pricing still in effect as soon as possible, certainly before Sunday. I have made arrangements to ensure that someone will still be here to make sure your order is properly processed.

Eventually, it is expected that food rationing will begin due to a global worker shorter and the corresponding impacts on every other aspect of our civilization.  Some of you may already be experiencing power outages or have noticed the sudden rush for gasoline and food supplies in your neighborhood or even rioting in the streets as the left-behind realize their predicament.

This should be fully expected to cascade into a mob behavior worldwide as the world wakes up to its new harsh reality.  You would do well to ensure that you have taken the proper precautions to ensure the safety and well being of your family, but I must admit, it won’t be for long.

Now begins the final countdown to the end of the world, which is not long, as many can now attest. The day is at hand. You have approximately six months, give or take a little, to get your affairs in order, and then the end of all things will come.

Goodbye and well, good luck to all, I really don’t know what else to say.  Enjoy what time you have left.


May 192011

Only two more days until the End of The World….

Tickets are still available if you hurry…

You can even watch a video on this: May 21, 2011

Or is it Judgment Day?

Actually, it’s neither the End of the World or Judgment Day…

It’s become rather tiresome (and pointless) trying to dispel these beliefs, but since this date is now so close, I’ll stick my neck out (again) and tell everyone — it is NOT going to happen.

Neither the Terminator or the Rapture is going to happen on May 21, 2011.

Please note the “test” on the video link above at minute 5:45 — and how you can identify the “false profits”.

Wish I had a dollar for every time one of these guys made these claims.  Google has 435,000 hits for “May 2011 end of the world”, so there are quite a few people linking and writing about this theme.

Maybe we should all take the day off and just kick back since it’s about over anyway.

Or not.

Or maybe we should finally stop listening to this claptrap and file it away as the hogwash that it actually is.

Some of you are thinking I’m just making fun of the “believers”, not actually knowing what I’m talking about.  But you’d be quite wrong if you thought that.  I spent nearly 20 years in the ministry and in that time frame, I more or less saw all kinds of claims being made, not one which proved to be correct or true.

This was of course bad enough, but I dug considerably deeper since so many were proven so wrong again and again and it was quite important to me to find out why and how this could be happening with such consistency.  This spurred a investigation that lasted many years.

What I uncovered would blow your socks off.  Anybody that is still waiting for a pile of empty clothing to be found were their body has mysteriously disappeared is going to be mighty disappointed.

There will be no Rapture.


It is irresponsible for any human to go on believing that they are going to somehow magically escape from the collapse that is now happening all over the world. Only suicide or an early death will be the ‘escape’.  But not the Rapture.

Nobody is going to ‘escape’ through some magical event.


No Rapture, no alien intervention, no ‘catching away’, no divine intervention, no nothing. We’re all going to have to endure what is happening on our planet, period.

This is for some, the very worst of all possible outcomes, but it is the most real and will be what actually happens for all humans on Planet Earth.  We are going to have to live with what has come to pass, the majority of which is our own doing, and we will have to accept that and find ways in which to adapt (if we can).

If we cannot, then we will die, pure and simple.

Glossing it over with religious misinterpretation and deliberate phony ‘profitcy’ will only lead the gullible among us to embracing a set of false beliefs that will surely lead to massive levels of disappointment and anger, again and again.

May 21st will be like any other day on Planet Earth, with its share of suffering, earthquakes, sorrow, struggles and survival. But it won’t be the end of the world, or even the beginning of the end of the world.

It will be another day on Planet Earth, like the day before it and the day after it.  And the days to come.

It’s rather odd to me anymore why this is so hard to accept.  We’re always looking for yet another escape valve, a way to get away and make believe in something that is simply untrue and will never be true.

We do this with religion, we do this with politics, we even do this within our own families.  Anything but the stark, harsh truth of what actually “is”.

The reason is obvious.  We cannot accept what is plain to see and right in front of our faces.  So we invent another ‘reality’ that makes us feel more comfortable and eases the doubts that we secretly hide away in our minds.

Those that “date set” are guilty of being found out — each and every time.  Those that don’t dare date set, but make the same sort of bogus claims are wise to their own deceptions and try not to get caught (found out).  But the reality is available to any who would investigate.  Escape is NOT possible and not going to happen.  We’re all in this for the long haul, until our own individual lives are extinguished through death, howsoever that may come to be.  In the meanwhile, there is NO ESCAPE.

Eventually, this will come to make itself known to those who are willing to learn from their past mistakes.  Others will continue in strong vehement denial, but this will not change the obvious fact.  We are STILL HERE.

And we must still find a way to navigate our lives through a decreasingly declining world of rising hostility, shortages and deprivations.  That’s the real ugly part — not the ‘escape clause’ so many buy into.  Reality is harsh and getting harsher everyday.  It’s bad enough and certainly hard enough to try and accept this, but if you do, it will definitely be better then the constant disappointments that all these bogus ‘profits’ keep promoting.

The choice is yours.  Wake up to the truth or go on accepting the deceptions and ‘explanation’ the invariably come when their predictions prove false once again.

Makes no difference to me.

I’m still going to be here and so are you.

May 172011

Two cases have now been challenged in the State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court with everyone (except the thugs) the loser:

Indiana: No right to resist ‘unlawful police entry’.

Supreme Court OK’s warrantless searches

Here’s what’s interesting in both cases.  Note that the police did this BEFORE any “case law” was challenged, meaning that they arbitrarily decided to break the law in BOTH instances in two different states.  It was then later challenged by the State Supreme Courts and US Supreme Court and upheld as “lawful” actions.

Noteworthy is the cops did not know if they were “right” to do this or wrong — but they did it anyway.  Therefore, this indicates a growing trend that they will do whatever the hell they wanted (which has been obvious for a very long time if you’ve been paying attention).  And now, the Courts will back them up.

A very bad development all around.

The Just-Us-Is are idiots, believing that “lawful authority” has rights that triumph over the citizens rights in both cases.  No matter how you feel about either case, neither example represented an emergency, or a threat life, limb or property, or even required the “assistance” of police interference.

So in typical fashion, the State thugs intervened anyways and being “refused” their unneeded “help”, turned violent in both situations.  This is typical behavior for the State by the way.  Violence IS the modus operandi of all State operations.

Don’t believe me?  Then trying saying “No” or refuse cooperation the next time you are pulled over, or refuse to pay your taxes, or refuse a body scan or anything at all.  The State always responds with increasing levels of violence against your person, ultimately forcing you at the point of a gun your “cooperation” (and arrest and incarceration for daring to challenge the alleged authority of the State).

Note Justice Steven David’s comments:

“David said a person arrested following an unlawful entry by police can still be released on bail and has other opportunities to protest the entry through the court system.”

What he is saying here is very simple: Your ONLY recourse is to cooperate, be arrested, arrange bail, and protest through massive financial expenditures (risking your entire financial future including your job and your family’s future) and “protest” these actions by the State thugs through these means (only) and through the so-called “legal system” try to defend your rights (and yourself) — essentially risking everything.

No more can you do this before incurring tens of thousands of dollars in expense (by simply saying “No”). So the Courts now decide that your “better off” putting your life (and your freedom) on the line through the very system that they created…

This is another form of violence by the way for those that do not understand. It is violent to take away a man’s livelihood, his daily freedom and of course his rights (by force, which is what arrest is). But the State and its growing army of thugs does not care about any of this, THEIR violence is “lawful” and backed up by this army, whereas your simple refusal to cooperate is entirely non-violent, but is deemed worthy of their most extreme response (including killing you), and which can virtually destroy your life and your future even at its very lowest levels.

Most people fail to see the connections between what is the daily, real, violent behavior by the State (and constant ongoing threats of violence) and what the citizens of this country require in order to live in peace (from the State itself).

A few points to ponder:

a) The State always assumes its rights supersedes the rights of citizens; if this is “not allowed” it is constantly challenged and over the years, the State has been extremely successful in gaining “rights” (which makes no sense at all, since the State is an artificial entity and not alive, only humans have rights).

b) The notion of inalienable natural rights by virtue of being human, or being “American” are often ignored. The State challenges these alleged rights too.

c) The State ultimately backs up its demands, whatever they are, with threats of violence, imprisonment and death. This exposes the actual nature of the State by the way and its true objectives.

Reverse this thought for a moment for an exercise and clarity, and pretend that you are the State and your neighbor is the “citizen”.

Now put your demands to your neighbor. If they refuse, then force your demands to your neighbor in increasing levels of violence.  Fines, arrest, imprisonment.  At any point, if your neighbor refuses to meet your demands, back up your demands with physical violence (which is what the State actually does).  Any resistance can be met with the death of your neighbor.

This is in point of fact, how the State operates and a primary reason why the Unites States now has over 2.3 million people in prison.  The State has created conditions by which all citizens are demanded to live in agreement to.  Any disagreement to the demands of the State will result in your imprisonment.

Many people fail to realize that many of these so-called “crimes” by those imprisoned are victimless crimes.  There is no victim.  The only one “hurt” is the artificial non-living State who’s “rules” have been broken.  Quite a few of these rules are both arbitrary and capricious.  Nonetheless, millions now languish in prisons because of this.

Crimes of violence against one’s neighbor are easily identifiable and we, if we are reasonable sane people, support these preventions by the State.  We’d do this ourselves (stop a rape, prevent theft and so on). Criminals should be punished, but there are not as many criminals as we are led to believe.  There are many, many offenses against the State — including resistance, personal opinions, political punishments and victimless crimes that now incarcerate hundreds of thousands (at least).  And it’s getting much worse.

Just saying “No” to unjust or unlawful police action is a crime and will get you imprisoned as the cases above show.  So will protesting a Presidential policy or war, or refusing a pat down at the airport for something you haven’t even done.  Or filming an illegal arrest.

The State always seeks to protect itself and has armies of thugs (cops, lawyers, judges, prisons) to back it up.  Our entire legal system is nothing more then an extension of the State and is NOT designed for your “protection” or defense against unlawful State excesses, but is instead designed to perpetuate itself.  The State virtually requires victims (YOU) to be processed through its myriad of “legal” systems, thereby justifying itself and its existence.  Recall Justice Steven David’s quote above: his entire point was to force you through the system in an attempt to defend yourself!

The notion that none of us even need this corrupt system except in cases of violence from neighbor to neighbor is lost on the entire population.  What we need, desperately, is a way to defend ourselves from the State outside of the corrupt legal system.

I do not need the State to “enforce” victimless crimes.  I’m not hurt or do I suffer any loss if you are doing something that the State does not like.  Your so-called crimes against the State are in fact your business and not mine, but the State makes them mine by virtue of taxation, levies and even the new “See Something, Say Something” law.  We’re being strongly encouraged to become State informants, good little citizens who rat out their neighbors, thereby enriching the State and putting even more of its victims through its self-perpetuating system.

This is why, among other deeper meanings, the 4th Amendment (and all the other Amendment’s) are so important. They’re meant to protect the people against the ongoing daily violence of the State.

But we’ve lost our Amendments if you’re paying attention, again and again.  There are thousands upon thousands of example that can be used to prove this point.  We are no longer under the Bill of Rights whatsoever.  All we have left is the illusion which is being carefully preserved to hide the ongoing violence by the State.

This illusion needs to totally shattered because as long as we hold onto our misconceptions of what is actually happening, we will remain powerless to stop it.

May 162011

Everyone is aware of the mega-massive flooding now taking place.  We’re even under flood watch here now, several thousand miles away.  Our snow pack is huge and only now just starting to melt under the incessant rain.

But how many are aware that the entire town of Slave Lake in Alberta is being turned into a cinder?

Huge events are taking place in North America — maybe now people will finally wake up and take notice.

Nah… I guess not.  But it was a nice thought for a moment.

May 162011

More media double-speak:

The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government lost its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling “” a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With that limit reached Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills.

Geithner, who has already suspended a program that helps state and local government manage their finances, will begin to borrow from retirement funds for federal workers. The measure won’t have an impact on retirees because the Treasury is legally required to reimburse the program.

Time to call out the b.s. detectors (again). The U.S. government is flat-broke, having long since overspent itself into perpetual debt.  There are also laws that state “you can’t do that” on the books, so another “law” is absolutely meaningless.

So once again, our stupid government decides to spend its way out of debt — by stealing federal retirement funds, with the bogus assurance that they are “legally required” to pay by the funds stolen.

Unbelievable.  If anybody in America believes this crap, well, I’ve got a bridge for sale…

The new “budget cuts” being promoted as the biggest domestic spending cut in U.S. history will actually cost $3 billion more…

If you want to feel your head spin, click on this link to see the dizzying speed of the growing indebtedness around the nation: US Debt Clock

Way back I warned that Empire would refuse to restrain itself as the collapse deepens around the world. We’re on a one-way ticket to the bottom, and it will be funded by your “retirement”.

Enjoy it (all) while you still can.

May 162011

This is a sobering story betrayal, broken promises and domestic spying on every American citizen emanating from no less then Presidential authorization.  Encompassing two Administrations, both Republicans and Democrats should cringe with the realization that our protectors have turned inwards against the American people.

Domestic spying by the NSA is nothing new, but the scale and scope of what has been occurring since 9/11 is. ThinThread made this all possible.

It’s pretty clear to all by now that whistleblowers are the next “terrorists” being trumpeted as “enemies of the State”.  The following article is about them — and what has been going on behind our backs all this time.  Well worth reading all the way through.

The Secret Sharer – Spying On Americans

May 132011

The website is reopened as promised (I’m early). There were quite a few people requesting this, so there you are.

I tried to catch a little time off this past week, but never did, not even for a couple of hours. I’m not sure what I should say about this, so how about the truth, even if it hurts?

People still are not reading what is clearly posted and put into emails, such as shipping times. An incessant barrage of “shipping status” requests continues to pour in. That’s why we have a published shipping times page (which you’re supposed to check) — which is also required reading before ordering.

The other thing I saw a lot of is “babysitting”. People who create problems by disrupting the normal work flow with constant requests, order changes, address changes, status updates, repetitive emails and such like.  I wound up spending the entire week dealing with an endless stream of emails and while deliberately not taking in a single order.  And frankly, quite a few of these emails were unnecessary, but I had to deal with each and everyone of them anyway.

I suppose many businesses simply ignore this type of barrage, but I’ve long tried not to do this.  But it is getting out of control and something must be done.  I’ve begged, pleading and cajoled both here and my website to “please read” what is already written so that I’m not endlessly repeating what… ahem, is already written down for you to read.

I did get to watch “Waiting for Superman” — a documentary about the decline in American schools (everyone should watch this, available on DVD).  This video depicts the incredible decline in our high schools at levels that are almost impossible to believe (such as only 12% of high schoolers have high school reading ability). The failure rates for mathematics was just as bad. The US ranks as one of the worst nations worldwide in education.  One school had seen over 65,000 students pass through its doors — with 45,000 dropouts!

I can believe it. The level of intelligence in this country seems to have dropped quite precipitously.  I’ve always experienced some of this first hand you might say… by people who are easily misled into believing nearly any off the wall rumor or story, which causes them to panic.

The food industry is rife with rumor and inaccuracy, oftentimes by people who know better (or should), but are quite happy to start rumors or encourage their growth.  It’s also filled with dishonest sellers who spend a lot of time and effort convincing you how to part with your money at some rather absurd prices.

Good grief people. Use a little common sense. Websites offering these ridiculous prices and tiny little food units as “year’s supply” are simply ripping you off.

Frankly, I’d rather be out of business then do business like this. I’ve been discouraging sales for several months now due to a huge backlog of orders. I still sent out about 500 tracking numbers this past week while I was “closed” (these were the necessary emails!). But it’s not enough to lower the existing backlog very much.

Food demand remains catastrophic and I do not have any expectations that this is going to change at all. It is my best estimate that this situation will only worsen. The ongoing naturals disasters from tornadoes, hailstones, flooding, fires and drought (all in America) only bode ill for American food production (and prices).

Restricting orders has been a growing requirement.  Something to slow things down to manageable levels. I’m reading a book titled the “Soft Apocalypse”, which has some scenarios that fit today’s obvious decline. Businesses started restricting the sale of common food stuffs due to shortages, high prices and unmanageable demands.

The future virtually promises us this reality, and it will make for some hard decisions for manufacturers, sellers and merchants across the board. There will always be people and websites making promises on what they cannot deliver, or gouging out your eyeballs while they try, but I’d rather simply slow things down or shut things down versus deal with thousands of irate customers.

Mountain House is still unable to take any more new can orders for example, as their backlog remains huge. This is a sign of the future and will undoubtedly start to happen elsewhere.  My own backlog is very large, I’ve already broken my entire 2010 volume (which was quite significant) by mid-April 2011.  I’m am also working myself to death.  But I will not do this anymore.

I am considering monthly order caps to keep things manageable. My “doors are open” again until such time as I deem this next step necessary.

A few other comments.  Well, more then just a few.

I’ve come to believe that our decline (collapse) as a country is being helped along by our behavior.  Let me say this again a bit more clearly: We are helping the decline because we continue to behave badly.

We refuse to accept what is happening as being any of our responsibility, individually or collectively. Or we want to blame this on some other group, just anybody but us.

It is this kind of thinking (non-thinking actually) that lead us to make bad decisions. If we cannot hold ourselves to any levels of responsibility, then how can we expect anyone else to be responsible either?

I am personally approaching the future with this thought constantly in my head: What can I do NOW that will help me ensure that I can be well prepared for THEN?  What is coming our way is dead obvious (to me anyway), and there is exceedingly little I can do about it — except acknowledge that I must change and adapt and prepare. This also means I must recognize what is occurring (without any garnish or b.s. draped all over it).  If I need to change — then I change, because ultimately, I must.  Better to do it now on my terms and timescale then when I’m forced into it.

I’m not interested in joining any “movements” or protests or any such thing, knowing full well that such efforts have all been tried with exceedingly dismal success. It’s rather pointless, to me anyway, to continue to do the same things over and over again and expect different results.  New tactics, including individual responses are what is needed, but I see very few websites or blogs that actually deal with this on a realistic level. Most are still champions of what has long been proven not to work.

The only reason I can think of that this type of action is still being promoted is because of the lack of “system awareness” by the authors. They’re not connecting all the various data points into a cohesive picture of what is actually occurring, and more specifically, what is being virtually orchestrated as the “people’s choice”.  All we’re seeing is programmed response actions, which as I’ve already said, amount to virtually zilch.

More and more Americans are being thrown into survival mode, by circumstances or by design.  This is keeping a growing percentage of the population focused more and more on simply staying alive.  This is where adaption and change must become a driving force in order to assure you continued “success”.  System awareness of why this happened will help you immensely make some practical and reason based decisions (versus panic). If your putting this all together, then you will realize that many of the things we’ve long taken for granted are no longer guaranteed and may never be seen again.

However… we’ve yet to act like many of us believe this. The same tired themes play over and over again on an endless loop in our minds… such as things will get better and we’ll return to the same prosperity we had once before….

What if it doesn’t? What if the combination of data points are all converging to something we’ve never, ever experienced in our entire lives?  What if they somehow manage to culminate to a new state of “equilibrium” that leaves no place for human civilization as we know it today?

Impossible? I think not.  I think that this is exactly what is happening and we’re struggling mightily to comprehend the magnitude of this event.

Everyone is. Governments, leaders, industry, citizens — we’re all trying to figure out how we “fit” in the “new” that keeps unfolding, always just a bit worse off then before.  But this is not a stable condition — we have not reached the new equilibrium and are in fact a long, long ways away from this still.  We are in a transition phase now, which will last a generation or perhaps more, but it will never be like it was “before”.

It may be helpful to those that are struggling to understand to try to envision the “worst it can be” and then to consider how you would plan and prepare for that should it come true. What would you need to do?  When would you need to do it?  Who would you need to do this with?  Where would you even start?

It’s a good thought exercise and will put you on the right track to what is actually facing humanity.  There is now a growing consensus of scientists who are basically saying this very point: it’s going to be a lot worse then we thought and it is going to happen a lot sooner then we once told you.  So you can either take their word for it or simply consider all the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind.

The transition we’re all living through will be the hardest times of all, because we’re still stuck in the “old” way of living with our expectations and demands and the “new” reality that continues to unfold upon us day by day. We’re going to wind up spending almost all of our energy, time and money on maintaining the “old” as long as we possibly can, which I will state flat-out is a terrible, terrible mistake.  We’d be far better off comprehending the new and embracing this reality as soon as possible, saving time, money, energy, effort and ultimately, lives.

I’ve previously mentioned that we are “behaving badly” and indeed we are, in many, many ways.  This last point is yet another one of these ways in which we are not behaving like rational people, but instead like spoiled children having a hissy fit in the middle of a supermarket. I’m still seeing a awful lot of that type of behavior these days and it’s becoming extremely wearisome.

We’re going to need to move on from such behavior (and such people), virtually leaving them to die if they must in their own self-pity and despair, since they can do nothing to help themselves.  We cannot offer them anything either, because what they want is no longer reasonable or an increasing number of cases, even possible.  They’re failing to adapt, by their own choice to put it exactly, insisting that the “old” always be maintained at the expense of the “new” (and explicitly for their exclusive benefit).

This cannot be tolerated and will give way to increasing levels of social unrest and civil response. It won’t be pretty, it will be downright ugly as this devolves into a class war of who “deserves” and who actually “gets” what is going to increasingly more unavailable.  Caught in the middle will be everyone who will wind up in this firefight by the simple fact of their existence.

Not a pretty time, but real change never is.

Be ready. Study what is happening and identify where you will need to adapt and make change in your life.  You will be at the forefront of what is now underway if you do. Or refuse, and deny and denigrate and point fingers and make fun and just stick your head in the sand and insist that the “old” will forever by yours until collapse happens to you, and then live with a lifetime of regret and remorse.

Adaption is a choice, but an easier one when you are well informed, given time to decide your course of action, and allowed a running start.

May 072011

We will be closed the week of May 7th – May 14th.  No more new orders will be accepted.  I’ve taken the website offline during this time period.