Mar 142011

The above headline is a direct quote from Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan.

To Americans: “I would like to ask the nation – although this is an incident of great concern – I request that you act very calmly” – Survival Acres

I am experiencing a catastrophic level of panic in people. Some are acting very irrationally. Everything possible is being done to accommodate these people, but it’s getting out of control (here, on US soil, just so I’m very clear).

This is not the end of the world. The mega-disaster in Japan is unbelievably huge, but it is not the end of the world. We’ve got a long, long ways to go before this happens.

Japan’s problems are going to become ours, of that we can all be perfectly clear. But … we will NEVER experience the magnitude of the crisis now being endured in Japan unless something truly and equally as catastrophic occurs HERE.

This means we can CALM DOWN PEOPLE. The orderly conduct of the Japanese people in the face of their own mega-disaster is an example we should all follow.

I have a saying of sorts, and we’ve all heard it: “What will be, will be”. We can do nothing at all about what happens after the fact, all we can do is a) plan ahead; and barring that, b) deal with whatever comes our way.

For most of this nation, we’re “dealing with whatever comes our way” but it is not being done in the orderly fashion we’ve seen on television. Americans react — often badly, with knee-jerk panic.

Whatever for? This accomplishes exactly nothing, but creates gigantic problems for anyone who is unfortunate enough to run into one of these people.

To put a finer point on it, the food industry has exploded.

People are now lining up in massive droves to stock up before it’s too late.


If you waited this long, then do not expect instant service (anywhere). If you are willing to get into line, then please be patient. Nothing more can be done to make us go any faster, we’ve been doing all we can since NOVEMBER.

The current food rush is just all that much worse since the worst disaster in human history struck the Japanese island.

The biggest problem I’m having (as always) is the failure of some to READ and to respond in a calm manner. I have been experiencing increasingly larger and larger daily order volume to the point now where it is truly catastrophic. It’s a tsunami in effect, a tidal wave of human being crushing in all at once.

One reason I get so many orders is because of these factors: pricing (best around); response time; selection; honesty; integrity; and being quite “direct” in my communications, email, blog and efforts to help as many people as I possibly can.

This is starting to take a terrible toll on me. I have been working non-stop since November and to help with this, I’ve brought on some help (who has to be fully trained). But I’m still unwilling to tolerate bad behavior from customers, would-be customers or trouble makers. The demand right now for food stocks is truly HUGE and there is no time to spare to babysit or placate problem people.

All customers, would-be customers, visitors, aliens and reptiles are reminded that there are limited resources in terms of time, capacity, volume, stock levels and supplies to fill the huge crush of orders now being placed. This is also true of the human resources too — the people you are asking to do all this work for you. We definitely have our limits.

The truth be told (always told here), we have been enduring a long series of collapse effects and actions for quite some time now. This is one of those “big plateau drops” I’ve wrote about in the past. We coast along, seemingly “ok” but in reality, it’s just the (appearance of) calm before yet another storm. And this one was a doozy, and down we go to a “new level” of reality.

Japan will achieve some sort of equilibrium again, and so will we. But we can make this dramatically more difficult and harder to achieve if we do not calm down. I’ve been warning about this day for a long, long time. This is only yet just another event, and I’m not trying to make light of what has happened. The number of dead will exceed anything the media has released, and the nuclear disaster now unfolding is truly terrifying.

But there is nothing we can do, except take whatever comes our way.

Proper planning and preparation was always an option, but long ignored. And even this (being prepared) would not “stop” or “fix” anything. It would only help you weather the next storm a bit better. That’s all.

The truth is, NOTHING is going to stop our ongoing collapse. I have documented this again and again as have many others. There are far too many collapsing dominoes all around the world to expect us to do anything more then to temporarily catch our breath before the next big one hits. Even so — panic is pointless.

So I would like to ask the nation, although this and all the other seemingly endless series of disasters taking place of the last year and more are of a great and ongoing concern — I request that you act very calmly.

I am NOT here to capitalize on this fear, or this disaster, or the hype and huck that is now taking place throughout the blogsphere. There is far, far too much REALITY already to deal with.