Feb 232011

This isn’t “news”, but a sign of what is happening with food storage.

Effective immediately, Mountain House has discontinued the following items until further notice:

Seafood Chowder, #10 cans
BBQ Beef, #10 can, #10 cans
Chicken Polynesian, pouches
Potatoes & Cheddar, pouches
Precooked Scrambled Eggs, pouches
Organic Strawberries, pouches
Organic Apples, single servings, pouches
Organic Bananas, single servings, pouches
Seafood Chowder, pouches
7 Day Food Unit

Mountain House promises to fill all existing orders for these products, but then that’s it.

There are huge levels of panic buying now taking place throughout the industry.

Expect food shortages (out of stock) on potentially anything now.

Feb 232011

Going out into public is getting increasingly dangerous (and absolutely insane).  We have always had problems with muggers, thieves, bully’s, rapist, road rage and random shootings.  I’ve had to deal with most of these myself.  But lately, there has been a rash of outrageous stupidity take place.

Here’s stupidity on video:  Denny’s Brawl

And here’s a example of a “popcorn muncher” that coldly waits until the end of the movie to gun down someone that complained he was making too much noise.

We’ve also got mob robbing going on now, where a large group of people simply attack a store and steal whatever they want.  Notice that you’re not suppose to stop any of this, just “watch”.

And “sidewalk rage“.  Unbelievable.

There world is going insane. Troopers would “˜absolutely’ use force on Wisconsin protesters if ordered

Many times, and going way, way back, I warned that we would see the time when escalating violence would ‘rule the day’ as the world grinds on towards collapse.  The desperation being exhibited now by everyone, government, police, people, gangs, criminals is increasing exponentially.  There are root causes to all of this, none of which in my opinion are being adequately addressed.

Stay home is my advice. Travel in groups, travel armed and travel safe (if you must travel at all).


Woman Wrecks Towing Company, Attacks Workers And TV Reporter

And another towing incident (by another woman): Tow-truck driver dead after being dragged

Teachers Made Kids Beat Up Student

(keep your kids home if you can)

Woman Beats Up Roomate Over Cookie and Destroys Apartment

Feb 222011

Big problems ahead for farmers (and you) all over the world.


Monsanto’s Technology Stewardship Agreement shifts responsibility to growers for any and all losses, injury or damages resulting from the use of Monsanto seeds. There is no expiration date on the contract. The grower may terminate the contract, but: “Grower’s responsibilities and the other terms herein shall survive”¦”

The problems arise immediately as cross-contamination of neighboring farms and fields occurs (which happens all the time now). But according to Monsanto, “it is the farmers responsibility and liability”.  If a farmer EVER elects to sell his farm, the responsibility remains perpetual

The Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement has another clause that farmers will find disturbing: it appears that the growers agree that in order to sell their farm, the new purchaser must also sign a Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement. According to a top real estate broker, the contract places a covenant, condition or restriction (CCR) on the farmer’s land:

“GROWER AGREES: To accept and continue the obligations of this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement on any new land purchased or leased by Grower that has Seed planted on it by a previous owner or possessor of the land; and to notify in writing purchasers or lessees of land owned by Grower that has Seed planted on it that the Monsanto Technology is subject to this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement and they must have or obtain their own Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement.”

This isn’t a “land grab”, but it is certainly a forced cooperation to use “Monsanto Technology” into perpetuity for any new farmers buying land. It definitely means that Monsanto will now have exclusive rights over any crops produced.

I’m pretty sure that this also means that a cross-contaminated field crop would ultimately be challenged in court as now “belonging to Monsanto” since it is the byproduct of their patented seeds.

Essentially, Monsanto will now control all future harvests, growers rights, and even the sale of farms if they have EVER ONCE used a Monsanto seed or signed one of these contracts. Cross-contaminated farms will also wind up in court attempting to sue the original farmer (this has already happened).

What do suppose this therefore means to the world’s food supply that rely upon crops grown (or animals fed) by private farmers who either agreed to use Monsanto seeds or wound up being cross-contaminated?  Who owns and controls these crops?

The predatory practices by Monsanto are well-known, having forced virtually millions of farmers throughout the world to buy their seeds.  Those that don’t have been driven into bankruptcy and suicide (India has tens of thousands of farmers commit suicide in the last few years).

It’s dead obvious that Monsanto is going after the world food supply.

Feb 212011

Bad news for the West is very rapidly escalating in the East as the Muslim world collapses.

Libya Protests – Gaddafi flees Libya.  Libya is going up in flames and down in bullets as I write this.

Libya warplanes bombing Tripoli-resident

Military aircraft fire at Libya crowds

News is scanty, but probably true.
Libyan Tribe Threatens To Cut Oil Exports

Oil Companies Prepare Evacuations

Libya Facing Civil War

Well, there go oil prices. And food prices.  And everything else.

Frankly, I think the title of this blog entry is in error.  It should be called “The Western World Collapses” because there is a growing dissent and unrest in the West too.  Our lifeblood has been oil since as long as any of us alive today can remember.  This is now going to be severely threatened as the oil-producing nations of the East go up (or down) in flames.

Dissent in China is growing (again), Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Morroco, even in Wisconsin.

Governments around the world are desperately trying to figure out ways to crack down on the growing unrest. Violence is of course, always their option as the news has shown. They are also criminalizing bloggers, journalist, free speech advocates, mass protests, and using online surveillance and the so-called “security state” apparatus to track any dissent.

I dare say, this was all expected for a long time.  The problem isn’t just about religion or prices or joblessness, it’s a fundamental issue of human rights and the expectation that all peoples all over the world have in a world of declining resources and habitability.

We have a massive population problem, the giant elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. We also have a massive resource problem, and a total dependence upon foreign energy sources.  Most nations of the world are trying to deal with these issues.  Above and actually “beyond” all this is a hugely growing environmental problem, whereas humankind has grossly overtaxed and over-exploited the natural resources.  Now toss in competition, immigration, capitalism and many other “ism’s” and humanity is already at each others throat.

There is no solution to any of this under the existing paradigm. Battle lines are being drawn on energy, resource, climate, environment, exploitation, economy, entitlement, retirement, religion, racism, respect and on and on.  All things “human” are on the chopping block, both good and bad.

If you have not figured this out yet, they’re going to make mincemeat of these issues, chopping them and dicing them up as finely as they can, distributing the remaining crumbs to the world’s populace.  Depending on where you are, your social status and economic ability will dictate how many crumbs you are going to be “allowed”.

Millions will die, even billions (in my opinion) as we tear out each others throats in our insatiable quest for “more”. Our sense of entitlement is unbelievable.  For most of us, we have really never known anything different and instantly challenge the very question.  It’s outside of our realm of experience, but contrast that to most of the rest of the world.

The opulence and splendor regaled by the truly rich is what a lot of people seem to be focused on, but it is much more base and fundamental then this.  The right to simply exist, and have the means in which to do so, is at extreme risk for millions upon millions of people, who have the very same dreams and ambitions any of us can lay claim to.

We are nearly entirely removed from this daily struggle (almost), but not for long. That struggle is now (truly) beginning within America. The million plus confiscated (foreclosed) homes just last year is a stark reminder that our way of life is crumbling very fast.  So is the growing awareness that governments and States are utterly broke and they are no longer able to keep up their promises to us, or meet their obligations.  And we’re “upset” because of this fact, but we’re still not connecting all the dots together and understanding how this is going to play out (here).

It’s maddening at times to try and convey this viewpoint and information.  Just today, I was reading in a printed copy of Wired how our stock market is now being totally run by computers, which are making millions of decisions per second.  The flash crash (sudden stock dips) that occur are found to be caused by computer programs (algorithms) reacting to other computer programs literally trying to outmaneuver one another in nanoseconds, causing stock prices to instantly dip or rise.

Entire fortunes are being made and wiped out in virtually seconds by these programs (really).  None of this has anything to do with the real value of the companies and their stocks being traded and sold.  No real inventories, capital assets or values are actually changing in these times scales (mere seconds), but the computer programs that now control our stock market aren’t working from these facts, they’re competing with one another in a virtual world (make believe), reacting to trades, buys and sells and “stock news” that is scanned for billions of bits of information in mere seconds.

Anybody that thinks the “market” is where it’s “at” is absolutely nuts.  They’re living in a dream world where they will remain the willing victims of supercomputers and market manipulators who understand that they can make billions and billions of dollars off gullible victims who think they’re “investing”.

It is of course, much more complicated then all this, but the Western world and of course, the Eastern world puts a lot of stock into the markets (no pun intended).  Yet the real world continues to grind on and grind down the individual lives of billions of people, who eventually, cannot take it anymore.

Americans are incredibly slow to react to any of this, whereas other countries and other peoples are not.  The reason is clear, we already have a standard of living and expectation that is considerably higher then everywhere else (notwithstanding other first-world countries who actually live better then we do — but they’re not rioting either).

We also have the most highly controlled media in the world. We make Communist China / Russia look bad.

I’ve harped on these themes many times before.  You can go on believing the deceptions and the lies to keep you ignorant and helpless or you can wake up and realize that there really is nobody in the control room looking out for “you”.  You have to do this for yourself, and the sooner, the better.

Back to work (here), I am being bombarded with orders and emails, so forgive my “break time” expenditure.

Feb 182011

I came across this video tonight, backs up a lot of what I’ve tried to share about the main stream news: it’s absolutely worthless.

The programming for your mind is very evident if you never watch television and then catch a program or even a commercial. The longer you are away from t.v., the more evident this becomes because you’ve had a chance to decouple your mind from the media programming.

Catching these clowns in lies is not hard to do either. But the real power here is simply this: understand that you are being constantly bombarded with lies, deceptions, misinformation and planted stories, all specifically designed to create an illusion about the real world going on outside of your door.

It’s brainwashing, pure and simple and has been extremely effective as a major tool in dumbing down the American population, but of course, you can tell by that cockney accent, this is not unique to America.

Kill your television.

Feb 182011

Ahem…. I am not sure I should post this, but I guess people have a right to know.

If you want food storage, you’d better get in line now.  I have been overwhelmed with orders since November, a situation that keeps getting worse and worse as more people line up for more orders.

I had hoped things would lighten up a bit, but just the opposite has happened. Mountain House is still very far behind, still not selling cans to the public (dealers only) and expects to be in this situation for many more months. Any Mountain House can orders will be quite slow!

Eggs (from Rainy Day) are no longer available (USDA has change requirements on eggs, and this is expected to be at least another month), as is another common item, yellow dent corn, quinoa and buckwheat.  I admit having a hard time keeping up with the “outs” these days.  Prices are skyrocketing on all grains and commodities around the world, with some grain futures jumping as high as 90%.

I strongly suspect that things are going to go virtually nuclear in the near future (as in mass casualties).  There is nothing I can do about any of this.  It is quite virtually impossible to service even 1/10 of 1% of the American population with food storage, there simply are not enough canneries in the entire country.

Depending on where you find yourself in the rush, is how long you’re going to wait to get order fulfillment.  I’ve seen ten month shipping times in the past (Y2K) and that was 1.5 years before the year 2000 “event” (1998)!  Cannery capacity has not increased noticeably since that time, so once again, I do fully expect some truly long delivery times sometime in the coming future.

Something to keep in mind on this topic — in the past, demand was high, but prices and product availability (and fuel costs) was perfectly fine.

Not anymore. All three, oops four requirements are very volatile now. Commodity demand (worldwide) is driving up prices, which is affecting availability (and so is the widespread crop losses). And we all know what is happening with fuel costs.  Oil is food, the means by which we can plant, harvest, process and ship food all over the world.  It also happens to be the source of many fertilizers and pesticides too.

All the canneries are doing their best to keep up with demand and product prices, but these are not actually controllable events.

A few notices regarding food orders:

A) All orders will be delayed for processing for a minimum of two hours.

Credit card charges usually settle in about two hours these days and all orders will not be processed until this settlement happens.

I did not use to do this, processing most orders immediately upon receipt, but there have been a rash of unhappy husbands who have browbeat their wives into rescinding their orders and I have to unwind everything. This is expensive and causes too much unnecessary work.  If you don’t intend to buy something and keep your commitments, do not order.

B) All cancellations for any reason are subject to our ordering policies regarding cancellations.

No more leniency. It’s sad to say, but problem customers are the reason why I’ve had to create every single one of my policies. I never used to have any, now I have plenty. Essentially, problems customers are ruining it for everyone else.

C) All customers are REQUIRED to read the information posted regarding shipping times, availability, order polices, etc.

I answer countless emails asking the most basic and obvious questions, i.e., “does your food come in cans?” — “do you sell storable food?”.  It’s pretty obvious that they have not taken 2 minutes to read anything or even view the website.  This is revealing in many ways by the context and nature of the questions they ask (or the rambling conversation they try to engage me in).

They’re not serious buyers, they’re not ready to order anything, they lack even the most basic understanding of what they are thinking about doing and so forth. It is essential that you comprehend at least some idea of what you are doing.

The problem here is time.  It is simply not possible educate every person on the basic information already long since published.  Read it.  I didn’t put it up on the site for my own enjoyment, but to help anybody interested come up to speed on the basics of food storage.

There is also the Internet, a great resource for researching any specific question.  I will answer questions, but please, get to the point if you’re making a phone call!

D) Absolutely no rush orders.

People that ask (or demand) a rush shipment apparently do not realize what they are really asking. They’re asking a dozen people or more to virtually drop everything and take care of their demands first, in front of thousands of other people who have patiently waited.

This kind of request causes a chain of events to happen. It is NOT simple or something that “will take just a moment of your time”.  Hardly. It’s just the opposite, it interrupts the daily work flow in dramatic ways and can create many problems.

I also think this is incredibly rude.  If you do not order in a timely manner, this is your fault, not ours.  Existing customers always come first.  If you are already one of my existing customers, be glad.  If your not, you know how to change that.

E) No phone orders.

Too many people have made mistakes (including me) on the phone.  Wrong shipping address, wrong item, wrong quantity, wrong ingredients, using stolen credit cards, failure to read the shipping times, they just want to talk and chat me up, they can’t form coherent thoughts or ask specific questions, and so on.

Quite frankly, this has cost me (personally) tens of thousands of dollars.  There is nothing more maddening then having somebody call and never actually say anything of meaning, while I miss three other phone calls that could have been critically important.

Most people do not leave voice mail. I can only attribute this to impatience, nothing else makes sense.  I no longer bother to call back on these numbers.  No voice mail, no return phone call, you’re not serious.

I answer all phone calls if I am available. I am not always available. Leave a message. If you don’t, I’m going to pretend that you never called (because you didn’t).

I removed the phone number from the website in December to put a stop to phone orders. Demand is unbelievably high and phone calls create many interruptions and mistakes can be introduced. Everything must now be done in writing, by ordering online, or by obtaining a quote via email. My number IS available to all customers and is found on all receipts, quotes and such like.

Realize that time is a very limited commodity and please be specific with your questions.  I’m NOT interested in hearing your politics, religion, world views or personal plans for the NWO or your next alien abduction, I’m far too busy to “chat”.

Most major companies have done the same thing.  Ever try to get in touch with PayPal for example? Or any other major online vendor?  Some are very good about this, some are very bad.  I’m having to join the ranks of making sure you really need to talk to me out of necessity.  It’s the only way I can get any work done now (keep everything running as smoothly as possible, including your order).

Online orders are quite safe these days. I use SSL (secure socket layer) and a site security certificate, insured for each order up to $50,000 if there is ever any loss (there never has been).

Online ordering is in fact, safer then phone ordering, because we never see your credit card (the information is not passed to us).  It is also significantly more accurate.  And unless you type in your address wrong, we get a 100% accurate order.

F) $100 order minimums.

I tried the $50 minimums for a year (again), but gave up. Since I pay many of the shipping costs, $50 minimums just didn’t cover it anymore, so now I’ve gone back to $100 minimums.

I am seriously considering much higher minimums of $250 or $500 to slow down demand. If things go nuclear as I expect, this will happen.

G) Freight quotes.

Orders 1000 lbs or more can qualify for freight shipping.  You must read our freight quote page for requirements.  Freight quotes are only valid for 7 days (all quotes of any type are only valid 7 days), so please time this request appropriately.

Freight is less costly then UPS, but it’s still not cheap. The days of cheap shipping are long over and it’s only going to get worse as oil costs climb higher.

Please do NOT bother requesting a freight quote unless you intend to order, you’re just wasting everybody’s time otherwise, including your own. Each quote is unique, based upon number of pallets, destination, total weight, bucket counts and even the number of boxes in the order.

We do not “guess” at freight costs, because you will be disappointed and so will we.  A itemized order is required.  Easiest way to do this is to simply add everything you want into the shopping cart and email this to us with a shipping address.  This is the mistake I see most often and it will delay a quote by days if we do not hear back from you.  Check you email!

You can expect freight to be $150 and more less then UPS (on average), especially for zones 5 – 8. Not everybody should ship freight, so please be sure you have read the freight quote page first and see if this will work for you.

H) Email exist. Use it.

The only way to handle thousands of customers is to get it all in writing.  It’s fast, it works, it allows a complete “history” of what transpires, etc., and it’s now essential for many people who are just as busy as I am.

Emails will be answered as accurately, and as quickly as possible.  I’m up to several hundred every day now.

Emails that don’t get answered (anymore) are from rude or threatening people, questions that have already been answered at least twice, and the stupid emails I get from people that still think $7 shipping is “cheaper” then paying a lower price + actual shipping costs.  Believe whatever it is that you want, I’m flat-out fed up and tired of trying to educate idiots.

I) Every cannery keeps a bad customer list.

So do I.  It grows slowly, but once you’re on it, you’re there for life. Threatening, abusive behavior will earn you a quick entry onto this list.  You’re the problem customers I’ve mentioned above who think that a merchant has to take your abuse, especially if it’s something you did and you’re trying to cover it up with bad behavior. This is not tolerated here, not ever.

I fully expect customers to be responsible.  No more, no less.

I do not want or tolerate troublemakers. They are bad business for everybody.  Some people have a truly despicable attitudes towards merchants under the illusions that their money “earns” them this right to act badly.  No it does not.  If you cannot start out with a business transaction based upon mutual respect and common courtesy, then definitely go someplace else, I never want to hear from such people.

Other people that earn this designation are liars, thieves, frauds and so forth. Recently one person claimed 15 damaged cans in his shipment.  We replaced everything and had the damaged products returned to us.  Only 4 of the cans justified replacement, but were still perfectly serviceable, and 11 were virtually perfect.  To make matters worse, this clown absolutely insisted through many phone calls that he was going to keep the damaged items, and that he had “a right to do so” even though he’d already been given complete replacements AND we paid all return shipping costs.

It was only upon threats of mail fraud did we get the so-called damaged products back (and I still had his credit card number). He earned the list and now he’s somebody else’s problem.

J) Stop panicking.

I’ve lost track of the false alarms that circulate on and off the Internet.  Even if one of them proves to be true, panicking doesn’t make us or you go any faster.

There a lot of talking heads who are deliberately fostering a panic, and it’s pissing me off because almost everything these clowns are saying is absolutely false. But it is causing a panic among the herd of sheep who refuse to think for themselves or do a little research.

Most of these blabber mouths are trying to make a quick buck.  Wait, all of them are.  And that includes the preachers too, who are raising the false alarm flags as much as anybody.  Fear mongering seems to be a very common agenda / theme in America today, I’m surprised we don’t have color “alerts” in every church yet.

This is not going to help anyone, certainly not you.  Anybody that is slyly reaching into your pocket should be avoided, period. Their agenda is clear.

Good grief. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but find myself saying this on the phone plenty of times.

If you’re an Alex Jones fan, RUN the other way. Same for Steve Quayle and all the other hypsters, shucksters and charlatans out there who are shoveling lies and bullshit down your throat.  If you haven’t figured this out already, you should.  I am not a fan.  I am not interested in paying $20,000 or $6,000 to advertise on their radio empire to gullible people.  I have absolutely zero interest in their brand of bullshit.

Fear mongering is being used as a weapon of mass distraction. Understand this. Think it through. You are only a victim to this kind of tactic if you allow it to affect you.

K) They say patience is a virtue.

Along with patience, a little common sense is well-advised. Get your order in and then move on to the other things you need to do. There is more to practical preparations besides stockpiling food (or guns) or whatever. Plenty of resources for anybody interested online, just do a Google search if you don’t know where to start.

It is not the end of the world, not yet. There’s plenty of time yet for things to really fall apart (and they will). I think everyone needs to take a ‘long view’ on how things are going to play out.  ALL the Chicken Littles have proven to be wrong. They’ll be proven to be wrong again and again too. The reason why is very simple: There is still a LOT of slack in the system that has to be taken up before things completely crash.

As I have often said, we ARE going to run this thing totally into the ground. The panic buying now going on is evidence of that, as are many other data points.  Our opportunity to do the right thing, use common sense, reject our consumptive lifestyles and start planning for our migration to a sustainable society is receiving marginal attention, far too little to make any real difference.

Instead, it’s a stampede for the exits.  Predicted and expected, but certainly not desirable and it will make things considerably worse for everyone in the long run.  So when I say “patience” (please), I really mean it.  Take a deep breath, calm down and start simply to do the right thing, a little at a time and it will get done and you will keep your health, sanity and peace of mind in the process (and you won’t drive everyone else nuts).  There is absolutely nothing you can do about world events now underway, so don’t let them frighten you into acting rashly.

I may update this some more, but it’s way overdue already and I’ve little time right now.  Check back later if you like.

Feb 132011

Here are some informative / educational videos to watch.
Dome Greenhouse & Year Round Gardening:

Hydroponics On The Hudson:

Biking Revolution in Copenhagen:

Back To Nature in Russia:


Creative Houses From Reclaimed Stuff:

Landshare & Local Currency:


There are indeed, better, more sound ways in which to live, where we do not operate on the principle of consumption, oil dependency, political manipulation, endless wars and competition, global domination and control.

People all over the world want the same things, but if the truth be told — they are not being allowed to live lives that are free from these encumbrances.

However, there are groups all over the world that are trying. There is only one solution, and it will not be found within the existing death-domination machine that we all live under.

The solution will be people, taking charge of their own lives, reducing their dependency from corporate and political control.

These slave-masters have no interest in your real freedom.  If they did, they’d have made it evident already, there has been ample opportunity.  Instead, what we have today is the “buy and sell” mode of human existence, whereby you must enslave yourself to a lifetime of debt-banking and wage slavery system to “earn” the right to exist while still inadvertently contributing to the ongoing global destruction.  It’s a rigged system, through and through and it will only lead to one place.

This, plus endless competition for resources, widespread destruction and devastation, economic and environmental collapse, have led the world to the brink of global disaster while impoverishing billions.  Most of us are still waiting on these same people to “save us” which is simply not possible.  We will have to save ourselves.

There is a better way.

Transition Towns All Over The World:


The Power Of Transition Towns:

Feb 042011

The food situation continues to worsen.  Demand is very extreme and it is getting increasingly difficult to handle. We are already well into another Y2K sized event and I now expect this will never stop.

This was expected, I’ve warned many times that this day would come.  We are seeing unprecedented global disasters all over the world, which while they do not all directly affect us here in America, they certainly will.  Let me explain.

People are watching the Middle East meltdown and panicking. This causes them to react in a self-preservation mode.  Food is always high on the list when this happens.

They’re also watching Australia, who went through extreme drought, extreme fires, then extreme rain and extreme flooding and then a category 5 hurricane — all in the space of a single year.  It’s nearly impossible to comprehend the series of mega-disasters that have hit that country.

Brazil has had terrific flooding, landslides and entire villages washed away.  Desdemona continues to post articles about massive environmental collapse occurring all over the world.  It’s very bad and it is getting worse.  Many people have noted that almost nothing is being done to stop this.

Russia stopped all grain exports months ago, because they too like many other countries, have been having to deal with climate collapse.

In America, we’re being pounded by massive snowstorms.  New Mexico is now in a state of emergency and running out of natural gas.  Ice storms and snow storms are taking their toll on virtually everything in most of the country.  Sure, it’s winter, but we’ve never seen a winter like this.

Mega-droughts in China, Somalia and the Amazon are having terrible effects.  The climate that we have long since taken for granted in spiraling faster and faster out of control.

I’m still seeing really idiotic responses by people who should know better.  They’re still claiming that this is normal, that these events are not related and that global warming is not actually happening.  These claims blow my mind to be honest, because every credible climate scientist in the world doesn’t agree with that.  The historical records alone show that we are now in a destabilized condition, one which is fully expected to get significantly worse.

But let me talk about “belief” for a moment (let’s disregard science and facts).  Belief is something you have that persuades you to a particular point of view.  There are zillions of beliefs about every subject and every topic on Earth.  Humans have a strange propensity to try and persuade others to their beliefs.

Beliefs are in point of fact, not important.  What I or you believe is only relevant to reality by how it changes reality.

Reality is what the world actually is, whether we believe it or not. Beliefs are often in contradiction to the real world. They are often at odds with facts, circumstances, or events.  Nonetheless, beliefs are what people go by when they make decisions. Sometimes beliefs are in agreement with reality, sometimes not.  Beliefs cause you to act rationally or irrationally, depending on the strength and the power of that belief.  In this regard, beliefs have an effect on reality, changing how things actually are.  Entire nations and virtually the world can change because of belief.

We have seem the world virtually explode because of beliefs.  It matters not that these beliefs are not in agreement with the facts, the beliefs “ruled the day”.  For example, there was the claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  The government and media promoted this belief which ruled the day and engaged this country in a extremely destructive war.  The facts were ignored then (and now) and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, but the entire world changed because of this belief, and now we are dealing with the changed world as a fact.

Beliefs can be easily manipulated by people who know exactly what they are doing.  It is in fact, a finely tuned social science used by all kinds of people in our world today.  They know that you can stampede the herd of humanity very easily by implanting the right kind of trigger belief through propaganda and manipulation, and they do this all of the time.

A few more examples: the oil industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on false advertising, claiming that global warming is not true.  Massive campaigns have been developed and are still underway to ensure that the truth about climate change is being suppressed.  Millions of people obtain their beliefs about climate change by devouring this propaganda.  However, none of this is actually true as world events have already shown.  Science refutes these claims but does not have the same propaganda arm that these industries do, who are very much interested in protecting their strangle-hold on world energy consumption and who makes the profits.  Moreover, science is much more disciplined, a virtue by which it has established its credibility and is virtually built into the scientific method itself.

The United States is particularly sensitive to this type of belief manipulation, because we are addicted to the media, which is not disciplined.  It does not matter if the media source is the Internet, television, Hollywood or the radio, the media is promoting all kinds of different beliefs as part of its undisciplined process.  It’s not about truth, it’s about ratings, profits, readership and subscriptions. It is also about control.  They want you, ultimately, to remain a pawn in this game of connedsumerism.  They con you into believing what they want you to believe, because their corporate sponsorship and the people that actually own these media outlets want it that way.  It is extremely profitable.

They want you to remain dumbed-down, ignorant and ‘productive’.  I.e., make money (produce goods or services), spend everything that you “earned”, engage in debt borrowing, and worry not about what the actual and real effects of this lifestyle and manipulation really are.  This, upon examination, is a very destructive and life-threatening cycle for all living beings. The media works in close cooperation with government and corporate entities throughout the entire world.  It is absolutely no accident at all that these media empires are all owned by the very same people.

In my last article, I wrote that “it is all related”.  This is very true with this discussion of beliefs.  You are being constantly and strongly encouraged to accept a false world reality of what life actually is, and what is actually happening throughout the world.  If you knew the truth, and if you were not so desensitized when you read it or heard it, you would most likely rebel, and at the very least, become extremely upset.

Our world is in collapse in some very major ways.  The environment is falling apart very fast now, and it’s not just the weather, but long-term trends in climate, natural resources, the world’s oceans, fresh water, crop production, species extinction, pollution, deforestation, acidification, carbon dioxide saturation, and many, many more very important issues that will have a extremely dramatic effect upon the habitability of this planet.

We are very much destroying the only home we have far more rapidly then the majority of the world seems to realize.  There can be absolutely no mistake about it now. Your beliefs about these topics are all being highly manipulated by vested interests that want to keep you in the dark and feed you their brand bullshit.  There, you will grow and produce more spores and continue to act like the good little connedsumers you are, remaining uninformed, ignorant and in total denial of what is really happening.  This is in their best interests, but it most certainly not in your best interest or that of your children.  You, like me, are rapidly destroying what is left, by refusing to wake up to the harsh reality of what is actually happening right outside our doors.

It is critically important that we stop accepting this line of utter bullshit that our politicians, our government and our industries are actually looking out for our best interest. This is patently false on many levels. If they were — there would be no pollution, no deforestation, no war, no starvation, no lack of medical care, no debt and so forth.  But the more of these kind that we add to our “leadership”, the worse things keep getting. Nothing is getting fixed.  Nothing is improving.  They are behind much of the illusionary beliefs that directly contradict the real world, however they are not alone, there are many other actors today that are doing the same things.

Many people today seem to fail to understand any of this.  They’re self-centered, stuck in their own belief system, too afraid, too tired or too something to look outside of their own comfort zone.  They believe in a magical rescue from a planet full of woe, or they believe that it is not their responsibility to be concerned or aware (awake), walking like zombies through this life, ignorant, apathetic and unconcerned about anything but their own lives.

This is an attitude that is deliberately promoted.  We’ve come to accept the belief (there it is again) that we can trust our politicians to do the right thing, that they have this all under control, that they are actually looking out for our best interest.  We are strongly encouraged to then ignore the contradictory evidence that is occurring all over the world as these paid actors “act” for our alleged benefits.  Irradiating an entire country with depleted uranium was a “necessary” evil, as was refusing to reign in global industrial pollution so that we can have our “jobs” (wage slavery) protected (so we can be conned into buying more useless shit).

In the meanwhile, the place we call home is virtually falling apart, but we’d never know, because we’re zoned out watching Dancing with the Stars or the StupidBowl where paid performers entertain us in an endless stream of programmed “fun” and you can participate in Big Sis’s “see something say something” citizen spying program.  Brain-dead infotainment is much too easy now as 500+ cable channels allow us to surf our way to mindless oblivion.

The world is full of woes, but we’re not too concerned, not too aware and most certainly, not much involved.  Sometimes, something pushes our buttons a bit and we react — in very predictable and programmed ways.  Then, having done so, we “feel good” in our “belief” that we’ve “done something” when in reality, nothing has really changed and the problems still exists.  The world grinds on as before, and grinds down the lives of millions upon millions into abject poverty and suffering while the environment we depend upon virtually falls apart — but as long as we feel good about everything in our patently false beliefs we’ve come to accept as reality, we’re just not too concerned.

We live lives of unbelievable comfort and protection, a gilded cage for a gifted people, blessed with stupendous abundance and a once verdant land, virtually stolen from a noble people who we happily exterminated.  But having not taken any real interest in its husbandry or care since, we’ve turned much of it into toxic waste dumps and shopping malls where zombies can ignorantly buy from corporate empires who are rapidly destroying the rest of the world, while we “enjoy” the trinkets and toys we can by with the wage slavery we’ve come to “believe” is “making a living”.

This is the “good life”, the American dream that we’re told all would aspire to.  We ignore our children’s plight, the lack of jobs or creative enterprises, the social injustice and double standards.  “All” should want what we have, despite its glaring contradictions and absurdities.

But boy oh boy, watch out when we panic like the sheep we are, stampeding with the same religious fervor that swept through the Salem witch trials, demanding “justice” for imagined wrongs.  We’re quick to lash out with the world’s most powerful weapons, backed by the massive machine of global military power and superiority, especially when anything even remotely affects the gilded cage and glitter we’ve come to expect as our divine right.

Never mind that our over-reactions are legendary or that millions upon millions have died under our aerial bombardments, guns or oppressive tactics.  We’re the ones who are important, we believe, the only ones that really and truly matter, or even have the right to exist.  We virtually claim the divine right to judge all of the world according to our standards and our belief systems, appointing ourselves judge, jury and executioner to all who do not measure up or matter.  Woe unto those who do hold up to our self-righteous standards!

If it’s not convenient, we’re simply never told about the destruction we cause as we work in our factories making even more weapons in a world absolutely saturated with our killing machines.  We’ve always got an enemy, and if not, they we’ll declare yet another one, because we have to keep this illusion alive, it’s good for the economy and prosperity at home.

You should be enraged if you are awake. The world is at woe in large part because of us and our participation in ignorance, apathy and indifference.  We allowed all this evil to happen and we’re still doing it, day in and day out, in an endless production factory of global suffering and death.  We are producing suffering, in a myriad of ways, so that we alone can be the benefactors of wealth, prosperity and control.

I have oft wrote that all people everywhere, all over the world, want the same things if given the chance. This is still true, but not all people are even allowed that chance.  There are too many forces at work now that prey upon the weak and the exploited (including us dear readers) to ensure that only some people are given that chance, and very importantly, that even this group conforms to the dictates prescribed to them.

Manipulating your beliefs is a big part of this.  You’re not being told what is really going on because if you did, you might decide to stop your participation.  Multiplied millions and millions of times over and you’ve got some idea now of what is at stake here.

But do you really?  Do you really yet understand what is at stake?

If we keep allowing these monsters to manipulate the truth, distort reality and foster these false belief systems and worldviews, then they will in point of fact, destroy the remaining parts of the world and we will all collapse into utter ruin.  This is by no means a exaggeration, it is a fact and it is happening right now.

If you have not done so already — stop supporting these people.  Stop promoting their stupid brand of bullshit and ignorance.  Cancel your subscriptions, stop catering their stores and businesses, stop buying their crap and stop tolerating their lies.  Yes, it’s small step, but one in the right direction.  It is a liberating exercise that will help your mind unchain itself from their illusions.  You need to develop a hunger for truth and for reality.  If you don’t, there will be none who can rescue you from what you’ve become.  This is something that you have to do.

I hold no illusions that we are going to avoid what is already here and the even worse effects of what is headed our way.  We got here, in this place and with these effects, for a reason.  It is our fault.  And it is also our responsibility to wake up to reality.  If we can do that, if we can stop allowing our brains to be manipulated by these monsters, then we can start assuming the responsibility of unchaining our minds and freeing our bodies to take actions to help ourselves.  Breaking free from their illusions and lies is a big part of this.  So is breaking our dependency and taking on the autonomy and self-responsibility that comes with it.

These are small steps, they won’t change the world but in minuscule ways.  Corporate empires exist because we support them.  Evil, lying, manipulate government exist because we permit it.  These entities are made up of individual humans, just like us.  They are dependent themselves, just like us.  Their dependency is our participation. If we revoke our dependency, bit by bit, then we have undermined their control and ownership, including the false beliefs that they have implanted in our heads.

This too is a small step, but one in the right direction.  They may think that they are the plantation owners and our slave masters, but that too is an illusion they’ve created because it serves their interests, not ours.  Our interests are very much different in reality then theirs.  We have no interest in war, nor any interest in pollution, or lack of medical care, but they do.  It’s big business to create these evils and extremely profitable.  Shortages of any type are a huge industry, creating entire empires of wealthy billionaires.

The people of the earth all want the same things.  We all desire and need the same things, but the way the world is being run, orchestrated and manipulated, it is a virtual certainty that this will never happen.  That is reality, the way things are.  And now we are imperiled by that reality, the world in which they manipulated to their advantage, it is falling apart because of their extreme abuse.  We too, participated in that abuse on an individual level because we never believed that we might run out, or have much effect. We were wrong.

The world woes is very, very real. It’s all-encompassing now from starvation to drought, flooding to deforestation, injustice to tyranny, pollution to destruction.  It’s all related, it’s all the fault of human-kind (some more then others), and it is our responsibility to wake the hell up and realize just how late in the game this really is.  Collapse is a virtual certainty now — but what about our survival?  We can possibly survive the collapse with effort, but we cannot hope to survive ignorance.

There is a war going on for your mind and to keep you ignorant of what is going on.  By virtue of this fact, you should have an inkling of an idea of what you are dealing with.  Any person, newspaper, media, government official, corporate executive or lobbyist or any other person that is willing to lie to you or all of us about the facts and what they are doing is a traitor to humanity.  They are willingly risking virtually EVERYTHING to stay in power, reap massive profits while turning the only world we have into an uninhabitable shithole.  This makes them absolute monsters.

There was a time when the people of the Earth would never stand for this type of insanity.  Somewhere along the way, we lost our ability to think, act and put a stop to this.
If this continues — there will be nothing left.