Sep 302010

I don’t listen to hardly any talk radio, because talk radio is almost always part of the social conditioning and manipulation agenda being so widely practiced throughout our society.

However, I did stumble across a Lee Rogers broadcast that is worth listening to for a few important points.  Some “truthers” (Alex Jones in particular) are part of the social conditioning / divide and conquer strategy taking place now in the alternative media:

Alex Jones Going Mainstream

Rogers and I disagree on some big issues like climate change, but to his credit, he’s dramatically reduced his anti-global warming news on his website.

But I digress: the points Rogers and “Josh” (I don’t know who this is) make about Jones and the Tea Party are correct.  I still wouldn’t give you a plug-nickel for Jones and his ranting tirades which have accomplished absolutely nothing at all.

The reason for me has always been clear: he’s not “real” and never has been.  He’s like Quayle and so many others — profiteering from the fear they foster under the guise of “preaching freedom”.  Always coming out with something “new” to garner your audience (and fleece your pockets).

But now he’s melding his “movement” (brainwashing) into something else (apparently). If this is what going mainstream means, then it also means exactly what I’ve just said, he’s not real.

Both “movements” are an absolute joke and have zero chance of changing anything except “your mind” and quite possibly, your future freedom.  They’re being manipulated by some pretty powerful forces to gather as many people as they can (besides the obvious profit motives).

Josh say’s “they’re going to make a massive example out of all the people who are in any resistance to global tyranny”.  Well, they already are.  The recent arrests of anti-war activists is but one example among many thousands now.

EVERY organized group is already on a watch list.  Every lone wolf, every dissenter, every “patriot”, every contributor, every Tea Party supporter — everyone is being closely monitored for misbehavior, which includes thinking clearly by the way, and seeing past all the illusions and lies being propagated.

Be aware, that the “lowest common denominator” is the highest standard that these efforts of gathering-in the various groups require.

And if it is not already obvious — that standard is for you to be simply disgruntled and nothing more. Doesn’t matter which group or effort or movement or organization you may belong to — the new message is “join in with us (too) and we’ll become a force to be reckoned with” – which is absolute bullshit, an obvious ploy to defang and disempower everyone that falls for this.

The “new boss” should we ever get one, will be just like the old boss — mark my words, because that’s how things actually operate in this country.

Should any of these groups actually take up armed rebellion as alleged — you might as well kiss your country goodbye (and your life).  This isn’t how you would “take back America” by force — or by vote.  By taking in every couch potato and keyboard commando into your “army” of resisters?  How stupid do these people think we really are?

Lacking is the basic understanding of what people are even fighting against (or for), let alone the rather massive issue of logistics and what “comes next” — a topic which they have absolutely no answers for whatsoever.  Most people still cling to the illusions that they’re going to somehow get everything back — their country, the heretofore levels of abundance, jobs aplenty, prosperity, freedom, liberty, even peace.

FORGETABOUTIT.  As “nice” as this may sound and be, it’s not ever going to happen.  There are stupendously huge forces at work here that are not going to be overcome by any such mickey-mouse movements under any conditions.  If any changes or revolution happens — I repeat for emphasis: the new boss will be just like the old boss.  We’re going to get what we’ve already gotten.  The decline of our society is inevitable now.

This isn’t defeatism, it’s realism.  All these talking heads and profiteers forget about the simple fact that we have pretty well destroyed our resource and environmental base that has supported our growth and development up to this point.

Why they are so utterly stupid on this one point is worth another post altogether, but sufficient for now is the fact that without the abundance we once had, there is no way in hell we can achieve a “return” to anything like we’ve had it before.   Don’t forget that there are now 7 billion people to still house, clothe and feed to and more on the way.

What they promise — and what could even possibly be delivered are two worlds entirely apart, and you’d have to be living in a dream to fall for their lies.

This is a death-spiral, leading only to one possible conclusion (should it go that far).

Don’t fall for it — stay far, far away.  I’d make sure my name wasn’t even on their subscription list.

It’s all just another form of tyranny under a new label with the same worn-out promises as before.

Sep 302010

There is a very informative article on NATO and it’s U.S. led plans for global domination found here at Rick Rozoff’s blog.

Suggest you read it, at least twice, slowly, as this has some really huge and serious global implications.

It’s hard for me to envision what this means. But a coming century of war would be certainly part of it.

America is fighting three wars already, the “undeclared war” in Pakistan is in full-swing with the “drone wars” taking place there (since 2004, already six years of fighting).

Much of this has been self-fulfilling orchestration, with the United States and the CIA funding people like Osama Bin Laden and Jalaluddin Haqqani who I’d never heard of before:

Press reports stated the targets were members of the Haqqani network, founded by veteran Afghan Mujahedin leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, who when he led attacks from Pakistani soil against Afghan targets slightly over a generation ago was an American hero, one of Ronald Reagan’s “freedom fighters.“ Two years ago the New York Times wrote: “In the 1980s, Jalaluddin Haqqani was cultivated as a “˜unilateral’ asset of the CIA and received tens of thousands of dollars in cash for his work in fighting the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, according to an account in “˜The Bin Ladens,’ a recent book by Steve Coll. At that time, Haqqani helped and protected Osama bin Laden, who was building his own militia to fight the Soviet forces, Coll wrote.”   NATO Expands War Into Pakistan

America often fights it’s “friends and assets” that were once the favored darlings.  What happened on 9/11 in the United States is actually all about this betrayal.

Spend some time and read the linked articles and then consider what this means.  The United States is committed — and committing much of the rest of the world — to a series of endless wars and conflicts.  It will be your sons and daughters who are being “engaged” and ground up into hamburger to satiate the endless bloodlust that is exhibited by this country.  But not just your own — the sons and daughters of families throughout most of the world.

And for what?  To “combat terrorism”?  Who is the real terrorist here?  Who created these conditions in the first place?

What do you think is going to happen when Russia and China finally weigh in?  Of course that is the ultimate goal behind all these evil machinations, always was.

They’re recarving up the world right before your very eyes.

There’s more here: Global NATO Raises Alarms From The Arctic To Brazil

Updated: NATO says aircraft entered Pakistan, killed “armed individuals”

“Operating in self-defence, the ISAF aircraft entered into Pakistani airspace killing several armed individuals,” the statement said.

Self defense?  When you fly cross a border?

Sep 292010

Go watch the videos Desdemona has posted on the riots in Europe.  The austerity measures aren’t very popular.

Now consider the real situation here in the United States and how something like this could come home to roost.  The official U.S. debt is a staggering $202 trillion dollars.   Does anyone honestly think the United States is somehow “better off” then what is happening in European countries?

How much longer can this level of spending be sustained, before “austerity” smashes into the United States?

Ron Paul mentions societal collapse, but only touches on some of the reasons this could happen.

The current crop of legislation and proposals weren’t mentioned — you know, the ones where Obama can authorize the assassination of any American citizen anywhere in the world, or the so-called “heightened terror alert” being broadly played out on your television screen tonight, or the new brigade levels of combat troops being deployed around the country.

We’re closer to the edge than many think.

I think we’ve already dropped off the cliff.

Way back I mentioned often enough that desperate times would create desperate measures.  We’re seeing that now.  It will reaction and over-reaction in escalating numbers.  It’s all orchestrated too and designed to keep any effective response from developing.

I watched a very odd video today called the “Orange Thief” in a foreign language.

One line stood out:

The only man who has power is either a pope, king or a man with nothing.

Sep 292010

My own research supports these views on social collapse (except for the gold comments, I still see this as a poor substitute for practical preparations).  Social collapse will be responded to — in a very dramatic way.

Blood running in the streets — yep.  Paul suggests that we can prevent this, I doubt this very much.  There is no path to a “free society” anymore, we’ve destroyed the resource base that would have made this possible.  The “control” Paul advocates would never be allowed.  They’ll fight us tooth and nail first — thus blood in the streets ahead.

Sep 292010

Slate has an informative article on the proposals to geoengineer the planet.

These alleged “scientists” (nutcases) are prepared to literally put all of humanity (present and future) into the dice and roll — hoping that they don’t screw things up so badly that they totally destroy all life on earth.

It’s not a long article, I hope you read it:

Geoengineering is in fact untested and dangerous. We don’t understand it, we can’t test it on smaller than planetary scales, and we don’t have the political capital, wisdom, or will to govern it. Planetary tinkering is not “cheap,” as some economists claim, since the side effects are unknown. It poses a moral hazard by possibly reducing incentives to mitigate. It could be attempted unilaterally, or worse, proliferate among rogue states, and it could be militarized. (Learning from history, it likely would be militarized.) Geoengineering could violate a number of existing treaties such as ENMOD, which, as von Neumann warned so long ago, would add to international stresses. Most poignantly, by turning the blue sky milky white or the blue oceans soupy green, by attenuating starlight, and by putting bureaucrats and technocrats in charge of a global thermostat, geoengineering will indeed alter fundamental human relationships to nature.

Sep 292010

Related to the recent posts, “Don’t Eat The Fish” and “Massive Fish Kill In Louisiana“, there are now reports of deadly flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf resulting in several human deaths.


Feds funding study of oil spill’s effect on FLESH-EATING bacteria “” Blamed for multiple recent Gulf-area deaths after water/seafood contact – watch the video!

and more recently: Kenner Boy Dies Of Rare Bacterial Infection

National Science Foundation Awards Rapid Response Grant for Study of Vibrio Bacteria in Gulf Oyster Beds

How are the oysters faring with the oil spill? The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a rapid response grant to scientists Crystal Johnson, Gary King and Ed Laws of Louisiana State University (LSU) to find out.

The researchers will look at how the abundance and virulence of naturally-occurring bacteria called Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus, often found in oyster beds, may change in response to the spill.

The findings will provide insights into vibrios’ ability to “consume” oil, and will allow the biologists to uncover antibiotic compounds in certain species of phytoplankton that live in association with vibrios.

Adaptation to the spilled oil may result in an increase in some types of vibrios,” says Johnson. “We believe that vibrios will change in response to the stress of direct exposure to oil and/or to indirect effects of interactions with other species affected by oil.”

Vibrios”¦ may even help break down the components of the oil.

“Little is known about how microbes”“in the water, along coasts, and associated with other species”“are affected by the spill,” says Phillip Taylor, acting director of NSF’s Ocean Sciences Division.

“Through this NSF rapid response grant, these scientists will be able to track the oil’s effects on marine species living in the Gulf, and by extension, the possible threat to human health.” “¦

Oil-induced changes in phytoplankton community composition and their associated bacterial communities are related to changes in vibrio abundance,” he says. Some species of phytoplankton in Louisiana and Mississippi coastal waters may excrete antibiotics that inhibit the growth of vibrios, according to Laws. More reports of deadly flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf

All four members of Project Gulf Impact were in hospital after “CHEMICAL POISONING”

Internal organs of dead bird were 2.3% Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Lab Results)

Tar Balls Everywhere

“The beaches are not clean, they’ve just been covering it up. There’s oil everywhere. It’s below the sand up to six foot.” [BP worker]

Using shovels, buckets and fishing nets they sift through the sand but there is so much more he says, beneath the surface.

“Dig down about four foot there are actually layers about four inches thick. There’s just tar close to the pier just tar, tar, tar solid layers of tar,”  Video Link Here

Head of EPA says that using dispersants in the Gulf was a “VERY EVIL” situation (VIDEO)

Plumes of Corexit/oil mix causing microorganisms to have “mutant DNA” that can be “passed on” says USF researcher

“Ebola deadly”

Updated: Dying Without Aid

“We had to move from Kenner, Louisiana because everyone in my family came down with headaches, nausea, and vomiting. But when two of us started having blood in our urine and feces, I did my research and this is case book symptoms of Corexit use,” reported the mother in the home.

Her brother had blood in his urine and feces, then so did she, and began vomiting, had rashes. That is when her friend came and got the three of them and told them they had to leave according to Barefooot Doctors.

“My brother was in hospice and I knew I had to get him away.  We left everything.”

The family is now living in a travel trailer and broke.

Similar stories are floodining into Barefoot Doctors from Longbeach, Mississippi; Diamondhead, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; Cantonment, Florida; Pensacola, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; Eustis, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; and of course coastal communities of Louisiana.

Most of those reporting to Barefoot Doctors have had no involvement with the oil “clean-up” (cover-up) activities. Justifiably concerning is that reports much further inland, in states as far north as Ohio have suddenly experienced illness with symptoms consistent with Gulf Coast reports.

“We’re doing our best to get it across to people that just because they’re not experiencing symptoms now does not mean that they will not later, and that it’s very important that everyone begins a detox regimen and remain on it for months–indefinitely for those who are remaining in contaminated areas, which, due to the oil/Corexit rain, includes areas throughout the southeast and beyond,” stated DeLabarre of Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors.

Sep 262010

Economist Manfred Max-Neef says a second, more catastrophic crisis is “unavoidable” because our economic model is “dramatically poisonous.”

Max-Neef explains that “Greed is the dominant value today in the world and as long as that persists, we’re done!” But he doesn’t just mean done economically, he means done as a species.

The “next crisis is coming, and it will be twice as much as this one (referring to financial collapse of 2008).” Only for this one, “there will not be enough money anymore — so that will be it!” Even more frightening are his views that the ecosystem may be beyond critical tipping points.  He says, “Some important scientists believe that it is definite, we are finished . . . I have not reached that point, but I believe we are close.”

‘Dramatically Poisonous’ Economy Heading to ‘Catastrophic’ Collapse, Says Acclaimed Economist

There is a video of Max-Neef on Democracy Now that I highly recommend Max-Neef is direct and to the point.  The entire transcript is there too.

Sep 262010

This will be a huge event by all accounts:

Australia faces worst plague of locusts in 75 years

The warm, wet weather that prevailed last summer meant that three generations of locusts were born, each one up to 150 times larger than the previous generation. After over-wintering beneath the ground, the first generation of 2010 is already hatching. And following the wettest August in seven years, the climate is again perfect. The juveniles will spend 20 to 25 days eating and growing, shedding their exoskeletons five times before emerging as adults, when population pressure will force them to swarm.

It is impossible to say how many billions of bugs will take wing, but many experts fear this year’s infestation could be the worst since records began ““ 75 years ago. All that one locust expert, Greg Sword, an associate professor at the University of Sydney, would say was: “South Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are all going to get hammered.”