Jul 312010

The Kalispel Tribe is holding its annual Powwow meeting. This is the first time I’ve been able to go.

Native dancers from as far as Arizona and even Kansas I think attended.  Colorful dancing costumes were in abundance, as was Native American music and food.

Annual powwow meetings are held throughout the country to reaffirm Native American heritage and culture.

I got there in time for the grand entry, where all the dancers made their appearance in traditional garb and dance.  But I think I missed the buffalo BBQ!

There was also a hall where traditional drumming was held.  There were two groups in two elongated circles drumming traditional songs.  I wasn’t able to figure out the meaning of several things of interest.  The drummers would take turn tossing a pair of squared bones? towards the other drummers.  It almost look like they were throwing dice.  One of the square objects had black strips on it, the other was entirely white.

There was also painted sticks being tossed to specific drummers at various times, but I never did understand the meaning of this.

The dance costumes were spectacular. You could easily tell that a lot of effort went into their construction.

Surrounding the giant tent were teepees and numerous campsites.  Parked outside, instead of horses were Fords and Dodge trucks.

Everybody was doing it.  The kids, young people, elderly.  It was pretty amazing.

To think that we destroyed these “savages” for their way of life and traditions is pretty sad.

The long, sordid history of the U.S. Government and its abusive practices towards Native American Indians is a history filled with treachery, violence, oppression, forced sterilizations, lies and quite literally, nearly endless genocide.

Walking around, you could tell quite a few Indians hadn’t forgotten this either.  T-shirts for sale said things like “Native American Pride” and “My Hero’s Killed Cowboys” and “Homeland Security since 1492”.  I can’t say that I blame them. I’ve collected stories and several books over the years that depict the true history of their suffering at the hands of the invaders, a practice which continues to this day by this government.

There were a number of vendors with Indian bumper stickers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and Native American hand-crafts. Traditional tepees were erected all around the place, but they weren’t easy to get pictures of, due to the numerous R.V.’s and trucks also parked around them.

It looked like everybody was having a great time.

I think it’s pretty neat that they reaffirm their culture and heritage to this day.  In about a hundred years, they should get it all back I’d think.  That is of course, whatever is left.

Jul 312010

This is interesting:

As the U.S. military prepares for the first war crimes trial under President Barack Obama, its most high-profile case against the planners of the Sept. 11 attacks is stuck in political and legal limbo.

Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr, accused of killing an American soldier during a raid on an al-Qaida compound, is scheduled to go to trial Aug. 9 at the U.S. base in Cuba.

But Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the professed mastermind of the attacks, and four alleged accomplices are still sequestered at Guantanamo without charges. The Obama administration, after months of review, hasn’t made a decision on whether to seek a military or civilian trial.

It’s a delay that has angered relatives of Sept. 11 victims. It also has created an unusual situation: Previous war-crimes proceedings, in which Mohammed boasted of his role in the attacks and said he wanted to plead guilty, have essentially been erased. No U.S. officials will say what the plans are for the five men who were transferred in 2006 to Guantanamo from secret CIA custody.

“There’s no case, there’s no judge, there’s nothing,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Richard Federico, a military lawyer appointed to defend alleged plotter Ramzi bin al Shibh. “They are back into the black hole.”

U.S. Stall Sept. 11 Trial

No charges after all this time.  Hah!  Some “mastermind” they’ve got there.  Probably because there isn’t anything to this case and never was, but they always need a scapegoat to cover up their evil deeds.  Once again, being buried by propaganda and public disinterest.

I’m guessing that the so-called confession wasn’t.  And that the U.S. is deathly afraid of a trial and the public exposure.  It’s dangerous to have your plans laid out into the open — who did what and who didn’t.

Jul 292010

NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries

Ten Indicators of a Warming World.

High resolution (Credit: NOAA)

The 2009 State of the Climate report released today draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that our world is warming is unmistakable. More than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries contributed to the report, which confirms that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.

Based on comprehensive data from multiple sources, the report defines 10 measurable planet-wide features used to gauge global temperature changes. The relative movement of each of these indicators proves consistent with a warming world. Seven indicators are rising: air temperature over land, sea-surface temperature, air temperature over oceans, sea level, ocean heat, humidity and tropospheric temperature in the “active-weather” layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth’s surface. Three indicators are declining: Arctic sea ice, glaciers and spring snow cover in the Northern hemisphere.

“For the first time, and in a single compelling comparison, the analysis brings together multiple observational records from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the ocean,” said Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator. “The records come from many institutions worldwide. They use data collected from diverse sources, including satellites, weather balloons, weather stations, ships, buoys and field surveys. These independently produced lines of evidence all point to the same conclusion: our planet is warming,”

The report emphasizes that human society has developed for thousands of years under one climatic state, and now a new set of climatic conditions are taking shape. These conditions are consistently warmer, and some areas are likely to see more extreme events like severe drought, torrential rain and violent storms.

“Despite the variability caused by short-term changes, the analysis conducted for this report illustrates why we are so confident the world is warming,” said Peter Stott, Ph.D., contributor to the report and head of Climate Monitoring and Attribution of the United Kingdom Met Office Hadley Centre. “When we look at air temperature and other indicators of climate, we see highs and lows in the data from year to year because of natural variability. Understanding climate change requires looking at the longer-term record. When we follow decade-to-decade trends using multiple data sets and independent analyses from around the world, we see clear and unmistakable signs of a warming world.”

While year-to-year changes in temperature often reflect natural climatic variations such as El Niño/La Niña events, changes in average temperature from decade-to-decade reveal long-term trends such as global warming. Each of the last three decades has been much warmer than the decade before. At the time, the 1980s was the hottest decade on record. In the 1990s, every year was warmer than the average of the previous decade. The 2000s were warmer still.

“The temperature increase of one degree Fahrenheit over the past 50 years may seem small, but it has already altered our planet,” said Deke Arndt, co-editor of the report and chief of the Climate Monitoring Branch of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. “Glaciers and sea ice are melting, heavy rainfall is intensifying and heat waves are more common. And, as the new report tells us, there is now evidence that over 90 percent of warming over the past 50 years has gone into our ocean.”

More and more, Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards, including sea-level rise, longer growing seasons, changes in river flows, increases in heavy downpours, earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons in our waters. People are searching for relevant and timely information about these changes to inform decision-making about virtually all aspects of their lives. To help keep citizens and businesses informed about climate, NOAA created the Climate Portal at http://www.climate.gov. The portal features a short video that summarizes some of the highlights of the State of the Climate Report.


We are only at the barest beginnings of what this means and already, the effects have been devastating around the world. The US media does a terrible job (criminal) on reporting these stories, but you can find them yourself online.  Floods, drought, crop damage, forest fires, dust storms, sea level rising, millions displaced (already) — in the news (where you can find it), every single day.

What will happen when the glaciers are actually gone?  How much more humidity can we take?  Wet-bulb temperature experiments show that we cannot survive.  Increased temperatures increase evaporation / melting, causing increased precipitation / humidity and more intense storms, with corresponding flooding in some regions and devastating droughts in others.  Nature has a way of being the great equalizer, far, far beyond the hubris of man.

You can look to most world news events and draw a clear connection to the changing climate.  We fight wars over these things, invade countries, steal resources, exploit populations, destroy economies and infrastructure, starve or feed millions / billions.

Mankind’s survival and that of the entire biosphere (land, oceans, life) is inexorably linked to the climate, a thin narrow range of temperature extremes and tolerance.  If the climate “goes” as it is now expected, the outcome for humanity is very grim.

The future only promises much, much more, all in a very negative way as far as life is concerned, as it all “evaporates” (pun intended).

Jul 282010

[A great summary on what the WikiLeaks document release reveals, the atrocities that have long been occurring by hidden by the media and the Whitehouse. This fits right in with all the (necessary) meat to my earlier quick assessment a few days ago – Admin]

WikiLeaks “Afghan War Diaries”

WikiLeaks “Afghan War Diaries” – by Stephen Lendman

Calling itself “the intelligence agency of the people,” WikiLeaks is “a multi-juristidictional public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive material to communicate to the public” that has a right and need to know – to then use responsibly for better government in a free and open society, absent in today’s America run by warlords, criminal politicians, and corporate bosses, spurning the rule of law for their own gain.

On July 26, WikiLeaks published “The Afghan War Diaries,” its modern day Pentagon Papers, top-secret documents eroding support for the Vietnam War, The New York Times saying they “demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance” – what Julian Assange has done on Afghanistan, revealing Bush and Obama administration lies and duplicity about their illegal war of aggression, America’s longest. More on that below.

Releasing over 75,000 of nearly 92,000 reports, they represent a small fraction of millions of US files uploaded to WikiLeaks databases, more to be regularly released, “high quality material,” according to Assange.

They’re chronologically listed in over 100 categories, covering the period January 2004 – December 2009, describing lethal US military actions, including numbers internally killed, wounded, or detained by geographical location, units involved, and major weapons used.

Since the Pentagon Papers, they comprise the “most significant (comprehensive) archive about the reality of war,” with no resolution or opposition in Congress, providing “a comprehensive understanding of the war (and) modern warfare in general.”

Accounts come mainly from soldiers and intelligence officers, but also from US embassies and other sources revealing corruption and criminality across Afghanistan, including coverups, collusion, distortion, and duplicity – a sordid story needing telling to shock a comatose public to action, and revive a badly needed anti-war movement.

As expected, the White House reacted sharply and deceptively, National Security Advisor James Jones saying:

“The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk and threaten our national security,” ignoring the war’s illegality; its duplicitous, mindless, shameless destructiveness; a brutal quagmire; waged under false pretenses; and its shocking human costs on both sides; Afghan civilians mostly, but also NATO casualties, including deaths, mutilations, disabling injuries, PTSD, suicides, deadly toxins exposure, and proper care at home denied.

In several Nation magazine articles, Joshua Kors highlighted how US soldiers are treated, his April 26, 2010 article titled, “Disposable Soldiers: How the Pentagon is Cheating Wounded Vets,” mistreating them, misdiagnosing their needs to deny care and disability pay, providing substandard care, abandoning them when no longer needed, the major media not reporting it, how they’re now sanitizing WikiLeaks revelations, downplaying their importance, omitting important truths – about illegal wars and crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, both Bush and Obama administrations culpable.

America’s Lawlessness

The Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8 grants Congress only the power to declare war, appropriate funding, and “provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the” nation.

The UN Charter is also explicit, explaining under what circumstances violence and coercion (by one state against another) are permitted. Articles 2(3) and 33(1) require peaceful settlement of international disputes. Article 2(4) prohibits force or its threatened use, and Article 51 allows the “right of self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member….until the Security Council has taken measures to maintain international peace and security.”

In other words, justifiable self-defense is permissible. Articles 2(3), 2(4), and 33 absolutely prohibit any unilateral threat or use of force not specifically allowed under Article 51 or authorized by the Security Council.

Three important General Assembly resolutions concur, unconditionally prohibiting “non-consensual military intervention:”

— the 1965 Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of Their Independence and Sovereignty;

— the 1970 Declaration on the Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations; and

— the 1974 Definition of Aggression – “the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State, or in any manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations….”

Under Bush and Obama, Washington violated these laws by attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, two nations posing no threat to America, willful aggression, what the Nuremberg Tribunal’s Justice Robert Jackson called “the supreme international crime,” enforceable under the Constitution’s “supremacy clause” (Article VI, clause 2), under which international laws and treaties automatically become US ones.

Then since October 2001, US forces (including CIA operatives) committed appalling crimes of war and against humanity, in violation of the four Geneva Conventions, the US War Crimes Act, the UN Torture Convention, the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Genocide Convention, the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and Principles, US Army Field Manual 27-10, and other US and international laws – using weapons of mass destruction to massacre millions (mainly civilians), cause vast devastation and destruction, and continue oppressive occupations illegally.

WikiLeaks documented the evidence, lifting the fog of war, revealing its true face, the human carnage, shocking atrocities, rampaging death squads against civilians, murdering women and children wantonly, torturing randomly arrested victims, operating freely under a media blackout.

Partnered with NATO, America’s military/industrial/media collaborators misportray US wars as humanitarian, hiding their imperial purpose – state terrorism against millions, showing an utter disregard for the law, truth, humanity or justice.

Even now after WikiLeaks revelations, media reports focus largely on their legality, political impact in November, and how congressional Democrats and the Obama administration may be harmed. They say nothing about nine years of duplicitous lies, shocking war crimes, no accountability, and two illegal wars, demanding they end, their grotesque harm stopped, and hundreds of billions for war profiteers used for homeland needs to revive a sick economy, harming millions as a result.

Undaunted, the White House vowed to keep fighting, continue America’s longest war, its occupation and violence in Iraq, defying popular sentiment against them, discounted for imperial gain and expediency – what the media won’t explain.

WikiLeaks Reports

Civilians are willfully targeted, those killed or wounded called insurgents, the numbers affected downplayed and misreported, embedded journalists an echo chamber for Pentagon/NATO lies and distortion.

Reports cover most Army units, not Special Forces, top-secret European ones, and other International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) except in combined operations, including assassinations and killing of civilians, including women and children, the media calling them militants or saying nothing at all.

Downplaying the revelations, The New York Times described “an unvarnished, ground-level picture of the war,” portraying a bleaker picture than reported, yet collaborating with the White House to sanitize it, clearing it in advance before publishing, its usual practice for sensitive materials to keep readers misinformed, an article like this one impossible to clear its censors.

Der Spiegel published an interview with Julian Assange on his motivation for publishing. He said it eclipses everything released so far about the war and modern warfare, shockingly detailed to influence public opinion and political decision-makers – by “shin(ing) light on the everyday brutality and squalor of war,” in hopes the mood will shift to end it.

“Reform can only come (when) injustice is exposed. To oppose an unjust plan before it reaches implementation is to stop injustice.” America’s most dangerous men wage wars, not whistleblowers who expose them, their motives, false promises and crimes. Asked why he established WikiLeaks, he said:

“We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time (and) do something….meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work,” more than ever vitally needed.

Headlining “Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation,” London Guardian writers Nick Davies and David Leigh discussed numerous incidents of tens or “hundreds of civilians killed by coalition troops,” covert units hunting leaders for “kill or capture,” the “steep rise in Taliban bomb attacks on NATO,” and the paper’s full war logs investigation, exposing real war, not a sanitized version omitting the human toll, vast destruction, corruption and drug-dealing, collusion and deceit, key unreported incidents happening daily, an “unvarnished picture,” lifting the fog of war.

The Guardian said “Washington fears it may have lost even more highly sensitive material, including an archive of tens of thousands of cable messages sent by US embassies around the world, reflecting arms deals, trade talks, secret meetings, and uncensored opinions of other governments.”

Interviewed on Democracy Now, Daniel Ellsberg was “very impressed,” calling the release the first “in 39 or 40 years, since I first gave the Pentagon Papers to the Senate,” saying he hopes it will inspire others to come forward and reveal what they know despite the considerable risk.

The documents were released in advance to the Guardian, Der Spiegel, and New York Times, revealing “a contemporaneous catalogue of conflict,” classified secret, encyclopedic but incomplete, in total presenting a very disturbing picture, including many accounts of coalitions forces willfully targeting civilians, killing or injuring them, unreported until now.

Other reports cover hundreds of border clashes between Afghan and Pakistani troops, armies supposedly allies, Special Forces killing Taliban, Al Queda leaders, and civilians, mindless slaughter on both sides, and numerous incidents of lethal friendly fire, taking NATO, American and Afghan forces lives – the main concern then concealing the evidence, weapons used, and crimes committed, embedded journalists saying nothing, including about regular demonstrations against America’s presence and the corrupted Kabul government, Hamid Karzai a US stooge.

The documents also discuss Pakistan’s ISI (its Inter-Services Intelligence) linkage ‘to some of the war’s most notorious commanders,” sending 1,000 motorbikes to warlord Jalaluddin Haqqani for suicide attacks in Khost and Logar provinces. In addition, Islamabad’s involvement “in a sensational range of plots, from attempting to assassinate President Hamid Karzai to poisoning the beer supply of western troops.”

Even the White House admits that elements of Pakistan’s army are linked to Afghan militants, endangering US troops by providing them safe havens.

As revealed, “this is not an Afghanistan that either the US or Britain” are about to turn over to the Kabul government. “Quite the contrary. After nine years of warfare (a Guardian editorial wanting it indefinitely extended), the chaos threatens to overwhelm. A war fought ostensibly for the hearts and minds of Afghans cannot be won like this.”

Neither can one fought for imperial gain, Afghan and American hearts and minds be damned. The first casualty also – the truth, WikiLeaks courageously exposing it to arouse a groundswell of public outrage and opposition, demanding the (Iraq and Afghan) wars end, and wasted billions diverted to homeland needs, people ones, including economic development creating jobs and futures, not handed to war profiteers and Wall Street bandits.

A Final Comment

In his 1995 book, “In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam,” former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara said “we were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why” about a war that shouldn’t have been fought and couldn’t be won, what he told Lyndon Johnson privately, what the public never knew and few know now.

It’s no less true about Iraq and Afghanistan, General Stanley McChystal not sacked for deriding his superiors but for losing an unwinnable war, his Chief of Operations, Major General Bill Mayville saying: “It’s not going to look like a win, smell like a win or taste like a win,” an assessment McChrystal and others know, what major media accounts won’t report, what WikiLeaks hopes to change by inspiring a crescendo of antiwar sentiment, what can’t come a moment too soon.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Jul 272010

Yet another attempt to enslave Americans is being tried.

The Universal National Service Act:

To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

H.R. 5741 is legalized slavery and indoctrination. They’ve expanded the draft age from past attempts, now up to 42 years old.

You had better oppose this, vehemently. Burn down the ‘frickin house if that’s what it takes.

“Homeland security” is a sick joke in this country, a euphanism for American oppression and tyranny of the citizens, make-believe ‘terrorists’ and no-fly lists for 6-year old’s and Grandma’s.

I’ve long warned that the Government would enact desperate measure to retain control (and funding, as in tax you blind). Now they want your body and your soul, so they can churn out multi-generations of indoctrinated, brainwashed and dumbed down fools totally enslaved to their every whim.

Don’t give in to them.

Americants are going to have to finally develop a backbone (a.k.a spine) and shut this insanity down.  I doubt very much that this will pass — but they keep trying, don’t they? That’s because these scum-sucking bottom feeding politicians think they actually own your ass.  You live to please them.
So send these pricks a message — Hell no, we won’t go.

The very idea that they can dream this shit up and enact it into law should scare the living pants off of you. They want to force you to participate in their plantation slavery pyramid scheme (as if it wasn’t bad enough already through economic oppression).

Screw that.  You hear me?  SCREW THAT!!

The military or “civilian service” is NOT the answer to this nations problems, but they are ONE of the major SOURCES of this nations problems and the reason this country is in such deep shit (and hated around the world, that’s what occupation gives you).

This dick-headed moron that is trying to see this passed into law is yet another would-be tyrant that would have every American “reformed” into the image and likeness of whatever this asinine government would dictate.

Hitler tried this.

Look where it got him and what he did with it.

So did Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guyana, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Good luck with that.  Don’t count me in.  My life is not for sale, and is not on any political “exchange”, subject to a politician’s (paid prostitute) wet-dream.

Yeah, I’m livid.  You should be too.

Jul 252010

In a blow to U.S. hegemony and belligerence, WikiLeaks has released 91,000 documents on the Afghanistan conflict.

The Afghan War Diary is massive, containing detailed day-to-day events.  The White House is livid of course, calling this exposure “irresponsible” and is in full-retreat, coverup and scramble mode.

The reason is obvious — we’ve been repeatedly lied to, again and again and again.  Support for our intervention is lagging and this exposure reveal the duplicious nature of US Government “policy”, and that of Pakistan.

Julian Assange claims that these documents “show the true nature of war“.  Assange has been the targeted of a global smear campaign, including the target of Steve Aftergood, head of the project on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS.org) — and organization and effort that many have now come to highly question.

Aftergood claimedIn fact, WikiLeaks must be counted among the enemies of open society because it does not respect the rule of law nor does it honor the rights of individuals.

Unbeknown to all of you, I posted on this article in June as “Reader”.

Reader Says:

I could not agree with you less. It is plainly evident that a attack on Wikileaks is well underway by many agencies, there has been quite a bit of news on this topic lately.

To see you join into this fray is dismaying at best, and somewhat revealing on your own openness.

Wikileaks does not have to fit your assumptions on what you think it should and should not publish. It makes no difference if they are secret rites or rituals or undisclosed government documents.

This side-handed character attack is beneath you, or so I once thought.

The allegations you make are based on conjecture “” example was your comment about not receiving funding from the Knight Foundation. There could be any number of reasons Wikileaks was not selected, but your conjecture was inappropriate, unnecessary and somewhat revealing of your own bias.

And frankly, it’s not really important or even relevant to the real issue here “” which is just as much about you as it is Wikileaks.

What EXACTLY then is your own agenda is this debacle?

Your own position is dead clear, in your own words: “In fact, WikiLeaks must be counted among the enemies of open society because it does not respect the rule of law nor does it honor the rights of individuals.”

That remark is the stupidest thing I think I have ever read here.

Enemies? Since you chose this word yourself, what the hell does that make you?

The rule of law is a sick joke “” which any honest person acknowledges, and the very reason sites like this exist. If the rule of law was in point of fact in effect and actually working, this very site would not need to be here. But here you are “” and here is Wikileaks, trying to overturn the corruption and secrecy (and violations of law).

The rights of individuals you alleged is a straw argument altogether, which you should have immediately realize before uttering this nonsense. You are trying to cloak the issue while sounding self-righteous and ethical yourself, but all you’ve managed to do here is point a finger for some bizarre and unknown reason. Maybe you aren’t the open and honest source you allege yourself to be.

Shame on you for this entire essay. You’ve only revealed yourself uncommitted to open information sharing, biased and quite possibly, not working for the good intention of the people you allege you serve.

Which leaves all your readers with this question: Who exactly are you serving here?

From that point on in the comments, it was a dogpile, as commentator after commentator rejected Aftergood’s insane comments.

Mike001 Says: The “Reader” whose comment began with “I could not agree with you less” pretty much hits the nail on the head with his/her assessment of this article. The absurdity of this article knows no bounds and I, too, question your motives Mr. Aftergood. 

Assange himself sought to answer Aftergood’s claim (several times), but Aftergood would have none of it.

I posted my absolute disgust once more:

Reader Says:

Apparently, some of you, or most of you, have no idea what it is actually like (in real life, beyond the keyboard) to try and expose wrong doing.

My comments above towards Aftergood and his ridiculous essay on Wikileaks were based on personal experience with deep corruption and the inability of government(s) to react with openness, honesty and the necessary transparency to all parties involved when clear abuses were documented and real lives were endangered (this is the same Reader commentator that first disagreed with Aftergood).

I am not affiliated with Wikileaks and barely understand what it is that they do. However, personal experience in these matters revealed to me that Aftergood’s little tirade against Wikileaks was entirely without merit, and even more importantly, based upon some rather blatant false assumptions.

Aftergood alleges that the rule of law should apply to any individual, organization or entity that expresses itself. This is a faulty argument, because the law in many, many cases does not protect you; does not assist you; does not defend you; and can be just as easily manipulated by your opponents who are demonstrably without morals or restraints. To say that they will even kill you to shut you up is no stretch of the imagination at all.

Who then will submit himself to “law” or “rules” under these rather onerous conditions? Self-preservation is paramount in many instances. Perhaps that makes me a coward, but I was not alone “” my family was just as threatened as I and their lives were deemed even more important then my own.

I went to the authorities, once believing that I was doing the right thing and that my own role in all of this was unquestionably right. In my now-dead-naivete, I thought that these “protectors” of truth, law and justice would help me and resolve the situation, only to find out that not only did they not help, they swiftly turned against me, because I has naively uncovered one of their own in wrong-doing.

It is patently absurd to believe in the practice of the rule of law when the law does not in fact apply, or can be so capricious that it may as well not exist. Government create laws so that they can literally get away with murder without objection from the people they allege to serve, but just the opposite is now true.

You serve government at their behest and dictate “” and if you don’t, then you are their declared enemy. They even have a name for this now on the law books “” enemy combatant, a designation that can now be placed upon anybody, anywhere, for any reason.

Aftergood is asking us to support this ongoing atrocity and abomination of justice. I can’t do it anymore and neither can some of you.

Those of you that decry the “secretiveness” of Wikileaks are unlearned in the real world, where anonymity is the ONLY thing that actually protects you and your sources. You apparently believe in the illusion that you are safe in your identity and whereabouts and activities at all times. This cannot possibly be true in a society that targets individuals and organizations anytime that they are deemed a threat to the status quo.

Aftergood’s assassination attempt totally fails to acknowledge that whistleblower activities of any type are not governed by special pre-approved “rules” (especially ones deemed by him), that any such activity carries with it inherent risks to all parties involved, and that this activity itself is ungovernable anyway by anyone. In point of fact, no attempts should even be made to govern this.

That IS the price of an open society, so get used to it.

Or accept the consequences when you try and stop it. If that resulting society is preferable to you, then we are truly living on opposite ends of thought here. One of us is committed to an open society, the other is not. One of us is now the true enemy of the other, because one of us wrongly believes that you can control me, which can be rightly assumed, always to your advantage and not mine.

Which one will you be?

It does no good at all to attack such activities as Aftergood has, except to quench any further discourse and to shut down any would-be whistleblowers, some who have learned as I have “” do so at your own risk. To expect or even demand that these people “follow the rules” is patently absurd “” and damned dangerous for some.

Aftergood remains unrepentant and recalcitrant because he continues to wrongly believe that all should remain committed to the same illusions that rules and laws apply in all cases.

Aftergood expects that this cage of illusions is sufficient for all and in service to all, when this has never been the case in the real world, and it is only by challenging these established “norms” does society itself marginally improve.

Governments rely upon victims (real and imagined) as an effective tool to quench dissent. Aftergood is in effect, helping this process, which is quite bizarre when you think about it.

manuel piñeiro was quite right ““ he missed a real opportunity here and created a giant chasm between himself and his readership.

The REAL question remains however ““ why engage in this line of attack?

Aftergood has not presented a reasonable explanation here.

Perhaps we should start with the most obvious then “” full financial disclosure of all sources of income and support.

This is usually the real reasons we find Judas in our midst.

I realize that this is a side-story to the WikiLeaks furor.  Aftergood never did respond to my (anonymous) request for full financial disclosure — and I really did not expect him to.  Neither did climate change “denier” (liar) Lord Monckton — liars never do.

I cannot comment further on this or the released documents,  — but just remember, honest and transparency are NOT being practiced by those who would fuel the flames of war.  Despite all the retrenchment you will read about in the coming days, weeks and months ahead, all the outrageous claims of how this will “hurt” us (them, let’s get this straight here and now) — they lie, repeatedly, often and without fail. T

They cannot be trusted. Period.

So don’t.

They’re going to spin-spin-spin this story, and cover it up, even redefine the very words to suit their own ends.  Just you watch.  This is a huge story of yet another failed policy of war and uncounted deaths and destruction that up until now, they’ve managed to keep pretty well hidden, even enlisting the likes of Aftergood to do their bidding.

The bottom line is they are going to defend the status-quo to the death, by whatever means possible, even if that means that they will kill you or send you off to Afghanistan to fight in yet another failed war.

I have no illusions at all that anything will change.  Nothing will, nothing ever does.

Jul 252010

Just for an ‘exercise’, go to YouTube and type in “Gulf Oil Spill”.  Then, check the dates on the posted videos.

Look closely.

Notice anything?

The “web scrub” has been more effective then the Gulf cleanup.  There is a rather big gap of “silence”, for something that is as major as the Gulf disaster, very noticable.

This is a widely unreported story, which fits in pretty good with this video:


I’ve reported earlier that the Net was being scrubbed of stories, videos and photographs.  This is still occurring, they’re trying very hard to suppress the scope and magnitude of this disaster.

It’s not over.  The environmental disaster is huge, beyond anything this country has EVER seen.

Don’t look to the media to keep you properly informed on this issue.  They’re being prevented and in other cases, complicit to the coverup.

Americans have extremely short attentions spans and quickly forget anything not right in front of their faces.  Which is also why I will leave this post very short — it’s not over.  This is a generational disaster of huge proportions.

Don’t forget.

Jul 232010

Oh wow, it’s been five years of blogging already. I just realized that this blog was begun in July 2005.

On the up side to this effort: I’m still here and so are most of you.  My fingernails are getting worn and so is my patience. A lot has happened in the world and we’re still headed down the same self-destructive path as ever.  Not much is being done to change this fact, unfortunately.  I stand by my conclusions reported years ago on what we should expect, what we should do and where this is all still headed.

You might want to read the 2010 Disaster Calendar for a “quick” overview of events that have all occurred.

January 2010

February 2010

March 2010

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

July 2010

These are just some of the events that occurred in 2010, there are many thousands more that all point in the same direction for humanity.

There is a growing sense of “escape” response occurring now throughout America.  While I can empathize with this fear, I can’t actually endorse it entirely.  Escape implies a refusal to deal with reality, which no matter where you go or run off to, you will still eventually have to deal with.

This life as we know it today is already over. We’re only hanging on by our proverbial fingernails, trying desperately to avoid the personal collapse that is coming our way.  We’ve all learned by now that we are not immune or isolated from events taking place elsewhere, it’s all interconnected and intertwined in ways which will and does affect each of us.

Global collapse is a reality, as is our national collapse and right on down to personal collapse.  I once wrote about three stages of collapse, pre-collapse, collapse and post-collapse.   We’re still in that middle stage, which I now call personal collapse, as it happens to each of us, one by one.  We lose our jobs, our homes, our way of life and our reality, our world, falls apart.

We roll with these punches, as best we can.  Sometimes we pick up and move and start over, or we hang on where we are at.  Most of us are still here, still alive, still struggling on.  And most of us, still believe in the “dream”, the one that promised each of us that we could get it all back.

I do not believe in this dream. I do not accept the notion that it is accurate or even desirable.  The dream is the same, everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.  It is based upon endless consumption and endless resource extraction, fueled by an endless supply of energy.  Most companies in America are still spouting this same dream.  Most government agencies are still focused on this dream.  Most businesses are oriented around this dream.  Most lives are trying to live this dream.

But this dream is not going to come true.  Like most dreams, it is all based upon an illusion of reality, that stark, harsh world of how things really work.

Five years of blogging (and two forums) and a few million words later has taught me one important thing: we refuse to wake up to reality.  As a species, humans have shown an incredible propensity for being unbelievably dense.  We suffer from several maladies; cognitive dissonance, speciescentrism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, and although I don’t know the proper word, an incredible capacity (enjoyment) for death, destruction and hatred, to our own kind and to everything else.

The “dream” blithely ignores all this, but reality reveals it many times over.  Our maladies are incurable within this present culture, which has elevated these illnesses to celebrity status. The July 2005 first blog entry revealed that “civilization is the problem”, and a short five-years later, it still is.  The dream responds within the boundaries of this civilization, itself an illusion of reality.  We can’t envision anything else it seems, even our dreams are confined.

But I still contend that it could be very much different, if we but let it happen.  Believe it or not, the collapse is part of this process.  It signals the end of this civilization and the beginnings of a new one.  Because we are so ethnocentric and shortsighted, we have a hard time seeing that.  Cognitive dissonance takes over, ruling our very thoughts and imprisoning our minds with “no solution is this”.  But this is not true.  The solution is happening right now, collapse IS the solution.

I’ve posited many times in past blog entries what I would “save” from this civilization, or from this government, or from this way of life.  This of course was pure speculation, because it isn’t up to me what to save and never will be.  I recognized a long time ago that most of what we have built needed to be swept away.  I pointed out the foolishness of trying to “reform the system” from within, or even from without.  That protest and marching and letter writings and “demanding” from our government was never going to work.  That your answer lay within you all along — and that the solution was actually up to you, each of you.  You had to abandon what was no longer working, turn your back on it all and walk away.

A lot of people struggle with that, still believing that they should “help” or participate within a system that has already abandoned them.  The system itself has long since become self-serving, protectionist against anything and everything that would threaten the status quo.  I saw little point in any attempts at reform.  Let it collapse I said, let it all fall apart, we’ll all be better off without it anyway.

Hard realities, but a position I still personally hold.  I see nothing good coming from propping up the very system that has destroyed most of this world.  I don’t want to be a part of that and more then suggested you shouldn’t be either.

But admittedly, this is all we’ve ever known.  That by our living and our very existence, we were seriously contributing to the death of this planet.  Facts like that are in the news every single day now, but it’s still passing through one ear and out the other with most of the people on this planet.  They simply don’t care, they don’t give a shit, day to day survival has become their modus operandi, they’re “status quo” that I rail on so often.

In many ways, you can’t blame them. We all try to survive, doing whatever it is that we can.  We’ve been forced into this position oftentimes against our will.  Most of us cannot envision anything else.  Many of us do not want anything else.  And the longer we keep doing this, the worse it is going to get.

We are now all living witnesses to these facts. Harsh fact, brutal facts, in the news and found on websites throughout the world daily.  But these facts have become “entertainment” and do not penetrate the denseness of our minds or translate into new realities for how we actually live on this planet.  We cannot seem to change, no matter what it is that we may “know” or “do”.  It is as if it is truly beyond our capacity to self-adjust.  And perhaps it truly is.  Our civilization refuses to accomodate anything else.  I’ve long pointed out that it is actually illegal to step away and live differently, this civilization has long committed genocide to any group that did.  Laws are enforced to the point of death to ensure you do not “step away” and stop your contribution to this death-culture.

Even so, death be damned, your going to die anyway.  I still advocate a refusal to participate.  It’s flat-out stupid to believe that you don’t have a real choice in the matter.  If they own this much of you already, then we have long since passed the time where a full-blown armed revolution needs to take place, a point I have also raised time and time again.

Your life is your own.  Nobody else “owns” it, even though many, many groups and governments claim that they do.  You live at your own behest, the promise that your life is really your own and nobody else’s.  Nobody should be allowed to tell you what to do with your life either, as long as you do not bring harm to anyone or anything else.  But that is not reality in today’s world, where you are truly owned, bought and paid for, enslaved to a system that forces you to participate in its death-culture and planetary ecocide.

But you still have a choice.  I repeat — you still have a choice.  A life that is worth living is a life that reacts responsibly. Otherwise, you’re just a robot, mindless and without conscience, doing what you are told, when you are told, how you are told.  Not many people seem to realize that this has become the job of the American media, which does this very well, molding millions upon millions of human lives into mindless automons.

I often harp on personal responsibility and personal authority, these are definitely related to all my points here today. Humans have choices, even if they don’t seem to exist or be allowed to you (they do in most cases).  We get to choose how to live.  As humans, we have choices not allowed a plant or a tree or a fish or a bird or an animal.  We can live conscientiously, or we can live haphazardly, without responsible thought or choices, wreaking havoc and destruction in everything that we do.  That is exactly how this civilization was designed, this habitat of humanity, ensconced within our minds through a myriad of methods of pre-programmed, brainwashed responses.  We’re “greenwashed” and brainwashed into beleiving we are “responsible humans” when we’re anything but.

You’re told you do not have a choice.  To this I say, “bullshit” (and why my patience is wearing thin).  Our civilization self-protects and attacks anyone that brings its tenets into question.  But we should question!  Constantly, endlessly, seeking better ways to live and to find peace in all that we do (and what we never seem to question, what we don’t do).  Endless wars and acts of aggression should be teachers enough to make us stop our collective insanity, but somehow, this doesn’t seem to be impetus enough despite the bloodshed or the rivers of tears we cause.  Our behavior is unbelievably xenophobic and hate-filled, insane behavior to an insane culture, totally out of control and beyond all hopes of humanity.

Five years.  Five years of documenting, cajoling and ranting about our collective insanity.  Not really a very long time at all and certainly not enough time to believe that any real change could be forthcoming. This juggernaut of civilization is massive, unmovable and certainly not willing to change, but I still contend, the change begins with you.

Jul 232010

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  These poor babies are crying in their milk that life is such a fucking disaster…

I’ll cry, because these thieves are part of the problem.  They sold every “investor” the lie that they can have the good life in perpetuity, never admitting that the entire thing is just one giant Ponzi scheme, always robbing from Peter to pay Paul ad infinitum.  And now it’s all going up in smoke….

Hehehe, now I’ll laugh, because their comeuppance is now due.  Seems like nobody really understands what “merchants of the Earth” really means or why they’re be held accountable…

These idiots think they’re going to go off and disappear into the wilderness when the time is ripe.  Can you imagine what that will be like?  Hordes of 4×4 trucks, RV’s and gun-toting flat-landers decimating the hillsides (as long as the gas last)…

In about three weeks they’ll start eating each other and dying of exposure.

We did buy into the lie that we could sustain this life, but the harsh truth is nothing in the modern world is sustainable.  And now we act “shocked” that thing we built it is falling apart soooo fast.

By best advice here is don’t listen to anything anybody says, insisting that they can handle your money better then you can.  Money will soon be near worthless (and so will gold).