Apr 282010

Tin Foil Hats On Sale Now!

There’s a really great deal going on right now for your very own tin foil hat! Special pricing now includes fear mongering, fabrication and custom engraved ball point pen!

Hawkers and hucksters may want to make bulk volume purchases while inventory and public interest remains high. Imminent attack from multiple EMP devices could negate all sale prices and product availability.

Liberals, conservatives and Republicans can take special advantage right now of the liberty fire sale going on right now. Don’t delay, rights and privileges as connedsumer shoppers are at stake! Be the first on your block to take advantage of ours special low, low pricing and fear mongering paranoia!

Al-Qa’ida recruits that were a part of the Noah’s Ark discovery in Turkey may be exempt from this offer.

Offer void where prohibited by law or by government decree, edict, fiat or instrument.


In other mundane news, a new fungus is killing some species, including humans. Future crop productions must more then double to accomade our ongoing population explosion.

Since the Earth still hasn’t stopped shaking, we can expect more earthquakes with a real doozy coming up (again).

That’s a picture of Deep Water Horizon, or what was left of it, as it is now sunk. This gigantic drilling platform exploded and sank into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thousands of barrels of crude oil are now leaking into the Gulf and threatening several wildlife preserves and thousands of miles of shoreline. Oil may spew for months, making this one of the largest environmental disasters in human history. British Petroleum (BP) is now facing multiple lawsuits for the human deaths caused, negligence and environmental damage while reaping in mega-profits.

It’s also raining in the Arctic and ocean acidity up a whopping 30% in just 200 years. Carbon capture is not going to work according to a new study. So much for a “technology fix”.

Time lapse proof of extreme Arctic ice loss (cool presentation). I’ve shared this before on the old blog. This fits in well with the Arctic Report Card from NOAA.

Predator drones will now patrol the U.S. / Mexico borders according to Fatherland Security Janet Napolitano. Ifeel safer already.


My garden boxes are built, placed and soil has been added. The recent deluge here however has prevented me from going further. I did get my front lawn area graded, raked and seeded and already, some new grass is popping up. Ipretty much hate lawns, or rather the sheer waste of what a lawn represents in water and labor to maintain it, but my front yard was in desperate need of something. We’ve got a lot of mud when the water comes, either from snow melt or rain, so a lawn it is…. for now. One day, it’ll be uprooted as space requires for more garden boxes. For now, I picked the better locations for the garden.

I also have fifteen new chickens, all of them quite small and am having to watch the crows that are trying to catch one of these little guys. I have no doubt the crows would kill them if they could, but so far, all fifteen are doing well. We had a chicken house fire and lost all of the adults we had, so I’m starting over.

I lost an entire week of work-time due to something else I had to do, but that’s ok. It has been a beautiful spring here all in all and I’m glad for the break in outside projects. This is the time when I also cut most of my winter firewood and let it season for the rest of the summer months. By fall, it’s in good shape for the woodstove.

I was recently asked this:

if it is possible, we would sure love to see you do a blog on what are the most critical items people need to purchase and stock up on immediately.We have been stocking up on items, but are not sure its the items we will need the most. Another prospective on this would be awesome, and incredibly helpful to alot of people who want to do what they can to prepare at this late date.

I’ve seen lots of lists on things to buy, but don’t really believe in such things to be honest. If you don’t know what you should be doing or the things you need, just do a quick Internet search and you’ll find plenty of experts who will provide such lists. Here is what I wrote in return:

Make sure you have a place to “be” (get land). Can’t believe how many people overlook that one. I’m pretty outspoken against the “bug out into the woods” theme, it won’t work like people think, and around here, would get you dead. Pick a spot to do your thing and stay there.

Other important thing(s) to do is

a) create a portable income (ability to work or make money anywhere)
b) emphasis skills over “stuff”
c) stay debt free
d) drive as little as possible
e) homestead (raise food, animals, self-employment, the “works”)

Anybody can “buy stuff” and fill lists. I don’t see this as the answer, it’s just a temporary remedy for a much bigger problem and creates a terrible dependency. You’ve got to develop the skills (and the time) to meet all your own needs, ie., financial, physical, etc.

One big overlooked area is to extract oneself from the ‘system’ as much as possible, thereby learning how to reduce your own dependency and reliance (and stop feeding the beast).
I’ve really come to disbelieve in the “bug out” theme more and more, and in fact, think this is going to be exceedingly dangerous for people to try this. It will get you dead pretty fast. Either you will never make it “there”, or run out of things you need soon after you arrive, or decimate the local wildlife so quickly and so completely that you’ll starve anyway and then you’ll be competing with your fellow ‘survivalists’.
Or you’ll get sick, injured or lonely or miss talk radio (or the Internet). But there’s one other thing nobody talks about — the locals will hunt you down and kill you.
Think about it. What would you do, or rather how would you feel about hundreds if not thousands of outsiders invading the countryside around you? What are you going to do when things show up missing? Or crops or livestock are stolen? Or if you get robbed? Or squatters move onto your land? Or people are assaulted? Or beggers come knocking, again and again and again? How long do you suppose any of this would be tolerated?
Bug out is basically a dumb idea all around. Everybody needs someplace to be, but being a refugee is bad bad news for you and everyone else. Refugees never fair well anywhere, and I’m sure they don’t call themselves “survivalists”, but that’s what they really are. Survivalists usually include the current crop of self-prescribed experts in “living off the land”, which they will quickly overwhelm and then will fight each other for the remaining scraps of sustenance that can still be found. And when that doesn’t work, or is too dangerous, they’ll come knockin…. or robbing… or join forces and raid… or worse.
Count on it. You can prove this out pretty easily by looking at how war-torn countries and refugee populations have destabilized the regions and areas where they are found and what happens. Nobody wants them and they only receive sufficient, if meager help from large and well-funded organizations. That won’t exist for the “modern refugee” armed to the teeth who has decided to leave home and head to the woods. You’ll be outlaws, unwanted and unappreciated by almost everyone. You’ll also be highly demonized by media and government, which will turn the majority of the population against you. This is what happens to any marginalized group.
There are examples, even modern day examples of fighters living in the jungles and woods, but they have the support of the people in sufficient numbers that they are permitted to exist there. That’s is not something any collapse refugee can actually count on. There are conditions and requirements outside of the scope of this article that existed for them to do this for periods of time (such as revolution).
The collapse that most people are preparing for is not what is probably going to happen. This country remains extremely divided against itself and it won’t be any better when the collapse “event(s)” happen. Outsiders won’t be trusted, tolerate or welcomed in most parts of the country and more then a few of them would be agent provacateurs — a technique already being widely used everywhere, making trusting outsiders doubley dangerous.
I’m well aware that this goes against the group-think that permeates survival circles today, but then so does a lot of what I write. Don’t come here — the locals think that the deer belong to them. And there are a lot of locals that feel exactly like that, all over this country.
Don’t be a refugee — and don’t make yourself one either. If you’ve not found a place to be, do so now. And make your stand there. You will be far more effective. It takes time, effort, patience and practice to develop the skills and experience you need to become self-sufficient. But it also take a “place”, which is your home. The notion that we will move our home off into the woods one day is pure fantasy and for the people that try this — a death trap for most of them.
To make sure I am not misunderstood, Istill believe that a simple lifestyle is better, but the groups of people who think they’re going to leave their desk jobs or assembly lines or janitorial service and go off and live in the woods when “the collapse happens” are smokin’ something that is clouding their brain.
If you’re not in a good place now, a place where you can meet those points above — move. Get your toes on some dirt where you can practice some self-reliant skills and raise some of your own food.
The other points Imade above are just as valid. Don’t get caught up in the “buy stuff” meme. You don’t need everything. I can’t believe the crap that I see for sale for “survivalists”. Most of it is crap and you’ll never use it. You need what will keep you alive: water, food, clothing, shelter and the tools to do that. You will also need a means to generate an income, whatever it is. Barter, work or trade, but the need to make money is still going to exist (or whatever you’re using for money).
Make SURE you figure that one out (keep making your living). I cannot begin to tell you how many Y2Ker’s screwed that one up as they waited upon their mountain of gear for society to collapse all around them. They listened to those tin foil hucksters above and all their ilk — and they lost everything in the process (and these clowns are still shoveling the same old b.s. as always, hands out, grinnin’ all the way to the bank). They had no plans for a future — even their own, except “survival” and it made no damned sense then and still doesn’t.
The best way to of think of collapse or the breakdown of society and what you should be doing about it is to start thinking a bit like the pioneers did and what they had to do in order to survive. Land, water, food, shelter, a place to “be”, a place where you can dig in and survive. You need to get to this place now, (right now), not after some “trigger event” when the roads will be jammed packed and the gas stations bone dry. Go live there now and learn exactly how — and make your life there.
The wanna-be wandering mountain men living off the land in the 21st century will probably exist for a time and in small numbers, but this probably won’t be any of you. And if there are too many that try this (and there probably will be as they thunder down the highways and byways in their R.V.’s and 4×4 trucks, jockeying for space, guns bristling), they’ll quickly find themselves unwanted and almost with a 100% certainty, woefully underprepared. A gigantic “reality check” will be waiting for them, and the bill will be very steep. Most will forfeit their lives (and their belongings) far, far sooner then they might expect.
Dump Your Dependency
Our society is real quick to point you the way to happiness or entertainment or satisfaction or even survival by selling you something. Everything is for sale, including news, stories, entertainment, education, self-help and of course, mountains and mountains of “stuff” — all of which you “need” if you’re going to be happy or be properly taken care of or some other such nonsense.
It seems that behind every message is the real message we’re all supposed to understand but complicitly go along with, and that message is “buy my stuff”. Send me your money and I promise that: you’ll be young again, or you’ll feel better, or you’ll get your health back or you’ll lose weight or you’ll be sexier or you’ll be better looking or you’ll lose your worries, fears and anxieties, or you can find true happiness at last, and on and on and on. You can’t got ten minutes watching the idiot box before being bombarded with glitzy advertising claiming to do all of these things — if you’d just buy something.
Why do we tolerate such nonsense? Can’t anybody see what this is doing to us all?
A society that is so hell-bent on making you all into a connedsumers army mindlessly buying up every possible thing offered up is one seriously screwed up society. You could rightly say that it is a pathological society, solely interested in one thing and one thing only above everything else. A sick society, that must drug and drown itself with rivers of mind-inducing chemicals and alcohol in order to prevent the madness from becoming uncontrollable (which often backfires).
Unspoken is how this creates nation after nation of hundreds of millions of highly dependent people all over the world who are totally, 100% dependent upon the markets and production of society. Their entire existence, even their very life is only possible because they buy everything that they need in order to live. In turn, they tirelessly feed the machine that keeps them alive by incessantly working, working, working to pay their “bills”, which is just another euphemism for what is really going on here (“will work for food” and trinkets too).
It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this is not how it used to be. The exchange of human labor (work and time) for the needs for existence is as old as humanity. But not like this, oh no, it was nothing like what we have today. Today every nuance of life, every requirement, every essential element and nutrient, every possible combination of essential needs comes at a price, which notably is established by total strangers who are quite adept at making sure it’s a profitable price (never mind fair or equitable), which you must pay through forced volunteerism to this system of fraud and abuse (this is called extortion).
You can only exist or even claim the right to exist through participation in this system of exploitation and corruption, a system which benefits nobody except a privileged few (the “owners”) and exploits the many (the people) while laying waste to an entire planet. This is why there is such a thing as a “price tag” upon everything you might possible need in order to live, even on the garbage you must take out. This system of dependency is designed to keep you enslaved as a working slave for the rest of your life, forever addicted to the lifeline of sustenance and toys that this society “provides” for you — at a price of course.
But this is not how it used to be… and you can undue quite a bit of this forced servitude if you learn how. It’s not that hard, but it will require you to put in at least as much effort as you do now at your “job”.
I already mentioned how — get on some land (by any means possible), create a portable income (you should always be able to make money anywhere, even if you’re traveling), emphasis skills over stuff (and practice them), stay debt free (or get there, asap), develop a homestead (wherever you are – just do it).
You will learn by doing — and by doing you will discover many other very valuable assets, such as hard work is rewarding, simple living can be very satisfying, living debt free is disabling to the voracious society and system that is so controlling, healthy living comes from raising healthy food, skills are fantastic “tools” to be used wherever you may find yourself, and homesteading is really a great way to live.
You will also learn frugality, competence, conscientious living, planning, patience and more then a bit of truth, and you will also unlearn the many dependencies that kept us chained to the slave-posts, rowing away all the days of our lives.
It’s late, I’m tired, so off to bed I go. G’nite.
Apr 222010

The destruction continues…  In each newsletter, I have shown different links, articles, assessments and reports on the ongoing collapse of the biosphere.  Planet Earth is under assault.  The human virus has replicated itself far beyond the naturally sustainable boundaries established by natural limits.

Dead Whale Has Large Amount Of Human Debris In Stomach

Not far from right here –

This hubris of ours cannot continue to go unchallenged, because it is what lies behind our blindness and indifference, the very things that are destroying us even now. 

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Biologists who examined a gray whale that died after stranding on a West Seattle beach say it had a large amount of garbage in its stomach — ranging from a pair of sweat pants to a golf ball.

The scientists say most of the whale’s stomach contents was algae — typical of the bottom-feeding mammals. But they say a surprising amount of human debris was found. Besides the pants and golf ball, there were more than 20 plastic bags, small towels, duct tape and surgical gloves.

The 37-foot whale stranded last Wednesday. Biologists took a large number of samples, but say the results from the examination won’t be known for weeks or months.

Research biologist John Calambokidis says all the debris can at least serve as a reminder of our impact on the Puget Sound.

“Even with all our awareness and attempts to improve the Sound, there is still quite a legacy of our past behavior and current behavior that still exists down there on the bottom,” he said.

There are millions of other examples like this washing ashore.  Whales, fish, seals, sea lions, sharks, birds.  The “gyre” in the ocean is absolutely gigantic, filled with tens of millions of bits of plastic debris and refuse.

Recruitment For Federalists – I’m sure many will “apply”.

Chris Hedges report on Noam Chomsky and the American Decline. I’m sure he’s right about the next (s)election, and he’s also right about the crazed knee-jerk response that is developing in this country.  And he’s also right about the intellectual left. There is not only a terrible vaccum in leadership in this country, there is a near-total absence of common sense and right thinking.  The smoke screen Chomsky mentions is a choking, blinding, billowing fog of absolute nonesense.

“Don’t take assumptions for granted. Begin by taking a skeptical attitude toward anything that is conventional wisdom. Make it justify itself. It usually can’t. Be willing to ask questions about what is taken for granted. Try to think things through for yourself. There is plenty of information. You have got to learn how to judge, evaluate and compare it with other things. You have to take some things on trust or you can’t survive. But if there is something significant and important don’t take it on trust. As soon as you read anything that is anonymous you should immediately distrust it. If you read in the newspapers that Iran is defying the international community, ask who is the international community? India is opposed to sanctions. China is opposed to sanctions. Brazil is opposed to sanctions. The Non-Aligned Movement is vigorously opposed to sanctions and has been for years. Who is the international community? It is Washington and anyone who happens to agree with it. You can figure that out, but you have to do work. It is the same on issue after issue.”

I’d recently mentioned the evil Koch Empire and they’re aggressive backing of the anti-climate change movement. Apparently, they bankroll many movements. There is a very interesting article on this company and it’s source of funding. Apparently, this same private company is the bankroll of the Tea Party movement (whoa!!) and according to Bill (William) Koch, a blacklisted heir and son of the “empire”, a criminal enterprise.

There is some truth to that claim too — they went to court, lost and paid a $25 million dollar fine, but that was nothing compared to the profits they literally skimmed off.

I’ve always said follow the money and you will uncover more of the truth then any other method.

But I’ve also said — none of this will make any difference.  Not the Tea Party movement, not the Koch empire, not Obama, not anything.  The momentum in human affairs, driven by the themes of economics, politics, military domination and social inertia isn’t changing.  What we perceive as “change” isn’t — it’s always more of the same, but worse „¢.

Just for a joke, but to make my point, I’ve included the „¢ to emphasize the point.  But if I were to trademark that saying, that would make me as bad as everyone else seems to be, or those that are only interested in making obscene profits from all the little people.

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part I

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part II

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part III

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part IV

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part V

Anybody’s Son Will Do – Part VI

Earth Day – What Do You Want?

What do you want?  What do you forsee? What do you think is going to happen?

I’ve long written about the future context in relation to resource collapse, environmental collapse and energy collapse.  Human institutions are teetering on the edge of limits that are poorly understood and even more poorly accepted once expressed.  What do you think is going to happen?

I’ve made no secret of my own views and why I think that all that we have built is going to all fall apart (is falling apart!).

What I want is to see is it all brought down, to utterly collapse, destroying every last vestige of ‘civilization’, to wipe the slate entirely clean (once again, this has happened many times before) and then the ‘starting over’ begins anew.

I hold no illusions that we would do anything signicantly different, only that we would give the Earth a much needed rest — from us, and that we ourselves, could finally and ‘forever’ undue the chains we have shackled upon ourselves (until we repeat the cycle once again).

This is a endless process occuring over eons of time for the human race.  We presently live at the epitome of all human civilizations that have gone on before us, all having risen and falling into utter ruin for the same essential reasons we are.  We are no more different nor immune to this self-destructive cycle then they were.  My views on collapse as being the ‘solution’ is based upon human history and where we are today in this cycle.

Many people will not understand these sentiments, having not made the connections the collapse of the biosphere and human activity, or that this is inevitable in reality.  To them, the Earth is here exlusively for our use and pleasure, whereas we live off the unlimited abundance of the natural resources we find. What we do with this Earth is our decision alone, and in a civilization like ours that honors wealth, power and prestige over life itself, there is no room for compassionate thought or actions.

The problem with this worldview is that this is a mirror image of the truth.  Everything is absolutely backwards — We are here at the pleasure of the Earth and not because of anything we have done.

We are entirely dependent upon every single natural system on the planet: the watersheds, the climate, the soil, the atmosphere, the topography, the very life we find upon it, literally everything. We are even the product of eons of evolutionary development, literally birthed out of the Earth itself, a earthly creation having the same origins as any other life form found on this planet. But we forget this simple fact to our own peril.

Our “mother” Earth receives the worst possible treatment imaginable by her careless and indifferent human inhabitants, soiled and used like a dirty dish rag and a gigantic dumping ground for our excess and endless greed.  What was once pristine, beautiful and even breathtaking even to the most obtuse amoung us has become festooned and adorned with an endless vista of human trash and construction, scattered throughout the world as gaudy roadside stands of human civilization.

Out of all the species on this planet, it is humans and humans alone that have learned to disrespect, and to deny, and to destroy with a reckless abandon that exceeds all possible measurements of morality and responsibility.  No other species on this Earth can lay claim to this character defect, a moral imperfection of ours alone that has blighted the human race since the dawn of time.

Going further, there is no “unlimited abundance” for our infinite pleasure and connedsumption, the finite world of the biosphere is being grossly exceeded (depleted) in every single natural resource by incessant human activity. We are wiping out tens of thousands of species at an incredible rate, ten thousand times the natural, including sentient life forms, with a complete disregard for this fantastic natural heritage, claiming lordship and total dominion over all things.

Who gave humans this alleged “right”? The answer is self-evident.  We did — in our arrogance and indifference, we claimed this position exclusively for ourselves, buttressed by the lies of religion and deceptive human institutions, never seriously considering the consequences of what this might mean, even to us.  The future looked unlimited and unblemished, and we convinced ourselves of this illusion over and over again, literally over hundreds and thousands of years that it was still true.

Unchecked human expansion and activity has now led the entire planet to the brink of destruction by the human animal.  Our prowress with technology and invention has not saved us at all, it has led us ever closer to biological xenophobia and self-annihalation.

It is the embracement of these outrageous lies, these demonic-inspired mythologies and fabrications of “unlimited resources and abundance” that led us to create a world where we incessantly compete for what is obviously not unlimited, resulting in endless wars, famine and the endless economic slavery of the entire human race, exploiting every possible nuance of life and even death itself in the infinite expansion of the human enterprise.

Our blindness is so complete to these simple truths that we even loudly proclaim that we prefer this highway of debris, the litter of death and destruction and the havoc we wreak over the entire face of the Earth, over the embracement of life, health and true happiness. We even defend this ridiculous notion with our very lives, throwing them into the breach and attacking those that declare we are all headed in the wrong direction as outrageous kooks.

We killed them all — indigenous leaders, shamans and aboriginal peoples, anyone who would dare to live differently and declare that we were headed down the wrong path.

It is clear that the human race is certifiably insane. Out of all the species of life on this planet, it is our own that is alone responsible for the biosphere collapse.  Efforts to point this out or to rectify our ingrained habits of death and destruction are met today with stony silence or outright hatred. This is sociopathic behavior – and is found everywhere in our world today.  This alone is reason enough to hope for civilizations collapse — the eradication of our grandiose schemes and designs, along with all the sociopathic and destructive behaviors exhibited by humans.

Only the most conscious and concerned can seem to understand the depths of despair that must first exist before such hopes can be properly understood in their context.  Humans that can not understand the simple requirement that we must learn to live responsibly with all life on this Earth cannot hope to fathom this.  When death and destruction taints the mind and pollutes the thoughts, when profits, power, position and prestige dominate all senses and notions of “rights” and responsibilities at the exclusion of everything else (even humans), it is impossible for such people to comprehend the mechanics of compassion.

World Failing On Every Environmental Issue

The answer is simple: we “” the human species “” are failing on every major environmental problem, including those I highlight below: biodiversity, oceans, deforestation, food and water, population and consumption, and climate change. Our inability thus far to even being solving these problems is bankrupting our Earth and will leave our children a very different “” I venture to say lonelier and more chaotic “” world.

Value Added Tax Proposed

Government is far too stupid (and greedy) to realize that we don’t need more taxes, we need less government.  Less government would give us lower taxes (and lower interferance in our lives).  But there is no point in even mentioning these things, is there? We know what will happen already.

Wholesale Prices Rise

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wholesale prices rose more than expected last month as food prices surged by the most in 26 years. But excluding food and energy, prices were nearly flat.

The Labor Department said the Producer Price Index rose by 0.7 percent in March, compared to analysts’ forecasts of a 0.4 percent rise. A rise in gas prices also helped push up the index.

Still, there was little sign of budding inflation in the report. Excluding volatile food and energy costs, wholesale prices rose by 0.1 percent, matching analysts’ expectations.

Food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March, the most since January 1984. Vegetable prices soared by more than 49 percent, the most in 15 years. A cold snap wiped out much of Florida’s tomato and other vegetable crops at the beginning of this year.

I am expecting yet more price changes on vegetables in the coming weeks, I have already been notified by the cannery that this is going to happen.  Between 2007 and 2008, world food prices increased a whopping 43%.  Food shortage were expected to continue through 2010 and beyond as the world enters a severe peak oil crisis, as early as 2012, and most certainly “forever” beyond that.

I strongly suggest that everyone prepare now, while you still can.  I really can urge this necessity enough but I don’t want to pressure people into doing this either. My own homesteading plans are still moving along, I will be growing a portion of my own food this year and I should if time permits, have a greenhouse ready for next season too.

The danger is clear, we are running out of those things we need for food production.  Water, land, climate and even essential trace elements like phosphorus are in increasingly short supply and / or at risk. In some areas of the world, extreme risk with 1 billion now hungry.

We may still be relatively ‘comfortable’ in America, but this at the very least will continue to drive up food prices and affect availability as the world competition for essentials continues to heat up.

Oil rich countries won’t always be always rich, they’re already extremely water-poor and this is causing a precipitous decline in food production.

It’s not hard to fathom that competition for world grain is going to skyrocket many times over, and who “better” to do this then the rich and affluent countries like Saudi Arabia and China?  China has trillions of U.S. dollars in reserve, they could literally buy anything that they want from anyone (as long as our dollars are still valued).  America may have grain, but it doesn’t have any money and ownership of agriculture land is fast passing into the hands of foreign interests.

The signs are dead clear — don’t be left standing when the music stops.

Apr 182010


I’m taking it slow these days with the newsletter.  Our early, but wet spring has made it possible for me to get many important outside projects done.  My garden / greenhouse / shed project is one important step for my own self-sufficiency.  All my garden boxes have been built, including deck boxes that will be used for other plantings.  My greenhouse was waiting on the relocation of my shed, which is really a small building, it’s 24′ x 12′ and had to moved.  I achieved this backbreaking chore but broke my tow chain and several steel bars in the process.  This thing must have weighed over 7000 lbs.

I can can now build the greenhouse from those glass panels I’ve been saving all these years. I also have several old windows that I expect to use.

I can’t plant here still, apparently we’re supposed to plant our crops in mid-May.  Our season is short and the greenhouse will help immensely with this.  I have until fall to get this built, as it is simply a bit late this year to worry about finishing it for this spring.  It will probably take several weeks for me to build using recycled materials.


I’ve taken down the old blog for a long-term project.  Several thousand blog entries have been mothballed for now, including all the prep series of articles.


I’m still waiting for those new prices changes from Rainy Day (sigh…) , so the site remains unchanged for the moment.  Oops, they’re all done now.  New stuff, new prices, see below.

A couple of pointers on food orders.  Order volume and order size has been declining dramatically, across the board at all the canneries.  I’m guessing that the economic / credit collapse is partly why.

I also think some folks are ‘holding back’ with a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to food storage and the necessity of doing this.  I’ve long warned about this topic, we’ve seen gigantic price increases in the past seven years.  If this country experience a catabolic, widespread collapse, don’t expect to get any food outside of your local growing area.  Transportation and agriculture, i.e., “food production” will be as hard hit as any segment of society and probably worse, since it also demands upon climate, water, and lack of predatory pests, making it rather unique.

The Iceland eruptions have shut down portions of Europe as a current example of how things can suddenly happen and transportation is grounded.  The long term effects are already being discussed, wtih years of lowered rapeseed production (biofuels) in Europe.

There are about 100 new products up on the website, freeze dried fruits and vegetables from Van Durnen Farms, and a bunch of price changes were made too. Now would be a good time to take advantage of the lower prices I’ve posted.

We’re shipping orders out in mere days now, a sign that all the canneries are also experiencing the same “collapse” in order volume as I am.  Overall, this is not a good sign.  It means that people are really hurting.

City Collapse

As predicted, cities are now going after their citizens slaves for more and more tax money, in bizarre ways.  Taxing haircuts, tanning salons, 911 calls, pay toilets on airlines, you name it, they’re dreaming it up and expecting you to pay it.  This was predicatable too, government doesn’t know when to quit (downsize) and when to realize that they aren’t needed (or wanted) anymore.

Los Angeles is having a hard time of it, facing a possible shutdown.  Emergency funds to keep critical services running are being requested.

America always was a pay as you go, land of the fee kind of country. The so-called “free health care” isn’t going to free either, but is going to come at a terrifying price.  To manage this boondoggle, you’re going to have to open up the most private details of your life including your wallet.

Here’s a prediction for you –  a gigantic underground economy will blossom even further as more taxes and more “requirements” of the slaves, err people are enacted upon.  We’ll figure out a way to survive outside of these demands.  It’s what people do, it’s what we’ve always had to do.

There are going to be opportunities here, but none without some pitfalls.

Bad Weather Everywhere

You’ve either experienced a heat wave or your having monsoon weather or severe drought.  It’s monsoon here in Washington after a non-winter of no snow and no precipitation to speak of.  Right now, the rain is coming down sideways and it’s mud everywhere.

Rio weather (Brazil) was so bad that 147+ people died.

Cultural Survival has a writeup on the killings going on in Samburu, Kenya.  The reason? Climate change.

Since February 2009, Kenyan police forces have assaulted at least 10 different Samburu villages, ranging in size from 150 to 1,500 people. In each case, hundreds of armed police conducted well-coordinated, military-style attacks.  They killed, raped, beat, and robbed Samburu villagers completely at random and set homes on fire. In one attack, they seized all of a community’s cattle””4,000 head””leaving the community with no source of food during a devastating drought.


The causes are complex, but they involve politics, guns, and global warming. Climate change is causing more frequent and more devastating droughts in northern Kenya, and pastoralists are fighting over scant water resources and pasture for their cattle. Civil wars in surrounding countries have led to weapons being introduced into the region, and the pastoralists’ traditional back-and-forth cattle raiding has become deadly. The police, who should be curbing this violence, are instead adding to it by committing crimes themselves.  Politicians manipulate the volatile situation for their own political advantage.

There’s a short YouTube clip here.

CO₂ Goes Up

If you haven’t noticed, Desdemona has a CO₂ applet on his site — and this figure has gone up again.  We are now at 391.06, well past the so-called “safe limit” of 350 ppm.  Some scientists claim that this is too high, and 280 ppm is the safer figure.  In any case, we will probably exceed 400 ppm by the end of this year or thereabouts (we see 2 ppm per month on average), not a good sign.

I like promoting that site — because there are daily important environmental updates on collapsing dominoes, so be sure to check it often.

Carbon trading “profiteering” continues to dominate some of the news, but I stand firmly on the “this won’t work” side of things.  I don’t report on this topic much because it’s like arguing about the stock market — it’s manipulated information.  The actual effects of carbon credits / carbon trading are unknown, but like most human-managed idiocies, it’s not going to be hard to see how this won’t work.

Geoengineering is another topic that is growing in volume. Most ideas are exceedingly dangerous for humanity and the biosphere and several small project attempts have backfired.  But the reality is, humans have already geoengineered the planet.  The widespread conversion of lands to agriculture (monoculture), diversion of water sources, heat sinks from city and urban sprawl and of course, the ubiquitous pollution and dead zones all over the world.  Lest I forget – deforestation and “rehabilitation” of lands for human-exclusivity.  We have already widely geoengineered the planet and the climatatic effects are making themselves widely known now.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought and time to the idea that humans are going to be able to engineer something so large and so vast as the planet which we live on. More specifically, that we can do a better job of regulating and managing the biosphere then nature itself can.

The flip side of this coin is that we can simply ignore what we’re doing and go on pretending that nothing we do has any real impact.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We live in a dramatically different world then our forefathers did, and our general ignorance of this fact is being encouraged by “managers” who have appointed themselves as experts.

I picked up a very interesting book on American Indians.  Flipping through, I came across a section where coastal Indians lived and the description of life there.  There was such an abundance of food is this one location that they had piled up empty clam shells covering 70 acres, over sixty feet deep!

In other research that I’ve read, it only took 1 – 2 hours a day to provide for food.  Wildlife and plants were in such extreme abundance that food production was only a small part of daily life.

There were of course bad times, with famine and starvation.  But it was Western civilization that is better known for these events, most of which were actually “engineered” when you uncover their root reasons.  Either we deforested and raped the land or failed to protect what was already there, or our wars or economic attacks on other nations caused these things.  In other words, we were really the responsible parties, bringing these calamities upon ourselves.

We can’t seem to leave well enough alone. This is tragic and the cause for human hubris. It both drives us and destroys us and the final outcome is none too certain.  If you’re pessimistic like I am, then you believe that we will destroy ourselves.  Optimists believe we will manage ourselves into a “better future”, but I don’t see it.  I do not consider totalitarianism or fascism or any “ism” a better, more secure and safer future at all.

I am personally trying to distance myself from all this hubris, in case you haven’t noticed.  That isn’t what life is all about.  When you consider the generations of humans that have lived upon this planet, and how so much of what they have done has been utterly forgotten, it tends to put your own life into perspective.  What you do with your life and how you choose to live this life is NOT what the world “orders”.  Most aspects of our society and our civilization acts as if we are nothing more then ignorant connedsumers, bred and designed to do nothing more then breed, produce and consume.

What an incredibly wasteful existence that is, and how utterly pointless. I believe that our ancestors had fuller, richer lives then we do today, even though we are surrounded by all these material comforts and “opportunities”.  Like Hubberts Peak, we are on the downward slope, where we are losing freedoms, opportunities and future.  We’ve been continually promised that things would get better, but the reality is something far different.

Those empty promises were predicated upon several very negative points: constant consumption, endless energy usage, total compliance and acceptance, abandonment of individuality and personal freedoms, and the eventual and total destruction of the biosphere.

This is where human hubris excels and lies, lies, lies to us all. The promises of all this hubris is enslavement and sickness and eventually death.  Enslavement of body, heart, mind and soul (orchestrated by all the “isms” that abound).  Your time is not your own, you are “owned” in everything you are and do, you are fed garbage and toxic chemicals and encouraged to mindlessley consume, consume, consume (we’re even taken our toxic sewage now and using it as fertilizers on our food), and eventually this leads to the death of everything — not just you, but everything alive and organic: trees, forests, water, soil, fish, humans, animals, even the very air we all depend upon.

That is the real promise of our hubris and why I hate it so, because it’s killing me, and you, and everything else that exists.   I’m only interested in finding a better way to live, which is not in accordance with the way the world demands that we live.

That makes me opposed to most of what is going on in our world today, and in the future direction we are heading.  I also don’t accept the idea that we are going to (finally) manage our way to a better future “for all”, because I don’t see this has ever having happened at any time in human history.

We’ve have manage to create class divisions and social inequities, rich people and poor people and produce generations after generations of an entire slave class of servants tasked to a lifetime of endless (and useless) toil for their mere existence, even for the simple right to exist, but we have not managed to make the world a “better place”.  You have to blindly ignore the devastating consequences that surround us all to believe that.

Most people consider this a “fair exchange” in reality, that we’re better off now and we can’t go back.  Unsaid however is what this one-way ticket really means (and how we got here), and that is what I’ve long pointed out here and in the blog.  It is not a fair exchange and never was.  It is rape, pure and simple, rape of everything we are as humans, and everything that we rely upon to exist, and everything all future humans and non-humans will require to exist in their future too.

Not many people see civilization as rape, the violation of all that is pure, sacred, essential, healthy and beautiful.  But I challenge my readers to consider this if just for a moment and maybe your eyes will open to another reality that is trying to come through.


Donation from Halley – thank you!

Apr 052010

The Scary Truth About your IPhone – MotherJones News

The Nutcase Behind Idaho’s Governor Bid – Mix a climate change denialists with a bible-thumping Mormon and what do you expect?  My major beef with these people is little that they stand for is the truth, it’s all based upon lies, misrepresentations and distortion of facts and history.   I cannot imagine a worse scenario then putting in charge someone who would create a (new) American Taliban and deny the environmental catastrophe that is now occurring.

Well, yes I can imagine something worse…. but that’s beside the point.  The point is, why would we (s)elect someone into office that doesn’t know up from down, fact from fiction?

The points that Rex does have right will not change anything anyway.  But what we find when people like Rex (shades of George Bush) are put into office is their personal views of how the world should be .vs. how the world really is overrules common sense (and facts), and then we get saddled with the fantasy world they’re trying to create, which is to say we get to beat at shadows in an endless repetition of the past failures, and thus my total “non-support” for people like this running for office.

Besides, “reform” of the system is a fools game, anybody with any common sense should well realize this by now. We are allowed to change the players every few years, but nothing ever changes. If you are over the age of 25, you should realize this through and through.  There are far too many vested interests in making sure that the status-quo stays firmly in place as long as possible.  There is ZERO possibility (less then zero actually) that political “reform” is going to change anything.

US Special Forces Cover Up Murder – Nothing will come of this. The ‘settlement’ for a wrongfully killed civilian is a couple of thousand dollars at most.

But contrast that article with this one – NATO admits killing civilians.  No mention whatsoever of hiding the evidence, or digging bullets out of bodies, or lying and trying to cover up this atrocity.

This is the kind of ‘reporting’ we have been long receiving, and how people are being spoon-fed brain sludge (b.s. and disinformation).

This is the CATO Institute’s Map of botched raids in the United States. Take it for what it’s worth, it’s out of date and missing information, but still shows how often this happens in our own kountry.

A Layman’s Guide To Climate Change Fact, Myths and the Truth

I have been seriously been considering writing a “layman’s guide” to climate change, which would reveal the facts, expose the myths and establish the truth on this critical issue.

But upon reflection, I do not think that this would change anything.  All of this information is already readily available for the Net enabled, and it only engenders more endless debate and disagreement.  Special interests groups are having a field day distorting the facts.  The “disinformation offensive” is a great term to describe what is really going on.  But you only need to look outside to see the other, more pervasise reality.

Dealing In Doubt

I could write this guide, but deep down inside I do not think it would matter much.  This recent effort by Greenpeace is nice to know (pdf file, Dealing In Doubt), and a very important read (please do, from top to bottom), but the polarization of people’s beliefs and attitudes isn’t going to change because of another report, even when it exposes the bare-bones truth.

(By the way, I challenged “Lord Monckton” to financial disclosure, he refused and instead suggested I ask somebody else to do this!  I have copies of these emails.)

I believe that it will take “mega-effects” in real life to persuade the persuadable.  By that I mean severe climate impacts causing disruptions and changes causing real physical and significant financial problems.

This will help persuade the persuadable, those who are not benefitting by special interests, or on petroleum company secret payrolls, or who are receiving special funding for propagating lies.  This group of denialists will never change, having sold their souls to Satan for thirty pieces of tarnished silver.

That last link by the way, is something I found by reading the “Canadian Free Press” (not!) website, and their promotion of global warming disinformation.  Dr. Tim Ball is an absolute kook, and this is the best they could do for their CFP Speakers Bureau (read the above link for facts).

I’ve found Rogue Government (Lee Rogers) to consistently misreport the facts regarding climate change, and although he has been shared the science links that disprove this (by me), he’s still unrepentent and still headlines stupid stories that prove absolutely nothing but that idiots will deny, deny, deny, and many of them will be making a handsome profit by doing so.

This more or less proves my point — a layman’s guide to climate change and the facts behind it, with a serious effort to disuade the myths, lies, corporate funding and disinformation campaigns, would still fall flat on its face.

Do you recall that in my last newsletter I said “you cannot trust the comments” now being found on websites?  Many, many times my own comments on these sites, trying to dispel the lies and misrepresentation never appear.  This is another reason why another report / guide / fact check won’t make a difference anymore.  The people are not being allowed their free speech, and the dissent and the denial is so great now that common sense and fact is thrown out the window.  It’s all just whitenoise now, and the volume is getting higher and higher.

Therefore, I see no point in spending time on an exercise in futility.  There is yet another reason why I won’t engage in this either and this is well-established now — we cannot change the outcome now anyway.  It doesn’t even “matter” if millions more finally woke up, we’re still going to have to deal with what we’ve already done.

This means that my own efforts are best spent elsewhere.  Since the outcome is “fated” (but only because we disbelieved the facts and the truth for so long) then it would make more sense to focus on adaption and mitigation, i.e., human and even non-human survival.  The entire biosphere is going to have to adapt wherever possible now, that is already perfectly clear.  It is already well-established that much of the biosphere (including many locations of humans) will not and cannot adapt sufficiently, and we are going to lose these components, probably forever.

Here is yet another issue that is at least related to human survival: totalitarianism is still on the rise. I read this on one website where “we had 8 – 12 years of decent government and now we have this!“.  Good god, these people are unbelievably STUPID and willfully blind to what has been going on for the past decade.  We’ve had very shitty government now for a very long time and each (s)election only demonstrates that we only get worse government, again and again and again.

I’ve long documented cases of totalitarianism, it makes no difference “who” is in charge, it always more of the same.  The new legislation promises to always be worse then the past and I see nothing changing this.  Those of us who choose to aware of where this is headed and where this is going need to (you got it) adapt and mitigate. In other words, our tactics (real life) remain the same as if we were trying to fight climate change.

Giving this some thought, there’s not much in our tactics that would be any different between the two issues.  Adaption and mitigation for climate change and for totalitarianism are very similiar.  We already know our lifestyles must change for both, we cannot simply ignore one of these issues and attempt to address the other, both of these issues must be dealt with if we intend to survive.

But this is also true of a number of other issues, that are also very real, very urgent and very important.  We’re witnessing the collapse of our biosphere right now.  We are also watching mega-corporations take over large critical regions of the environment, destroying critical habitats and elements that threaten the fabric of life on earth.

We’re seeing oceans collapse, reef collapse, fisheries collapse, mega “dead zones”, acidification and of course huge decades-long droughts and now massive levels of flooding, sea level rise and the indunuation of coastal lands, islands and acquifers, and many, many strictly “human issues”, such as financial collapse, homelessness, job losses, overpopulation, corporate corruption and greed, human rights abuse, war (always endless wars) and ‘legalized torture’, increasing levels of injustice and terrorism.

Then there’s energy wars, peak petroleum, peak phosphorus, peak rare minerals, spiraling declines in natural resources, threats of Artic energy wars, water wars and massive levels of refugees from both environmental collapse and warfare.  There is no end to the trouble we find ourselves in, but all of these issues can be traced back to where they started and why they exist today.

Each of these issues is affecting all of our survivable futures, which if left unaddressed, will undoubtedly have terrifying impacts with catastrophic “dominoe effects”.  Depending on where you live, and what you do for your living, you WILL be affected by several or even more of these issues.  Nobody on the entire planet will be unaffected.

I believe that all of these issues are critical and going “nuclear” (about to explode) and that they will wreak a terrifying vengeance upon all life on Earth.  To be even more dramatic, I think that they already have, but for the strong sense of denial and cognative dissonance that is still taking place, we are choosing to be willfully blind to it as long as we possible can.

But the reality is very much different to what our brains are refusing to allow us to accept. The long lines of the dispossessed and homeless, the environmental refugees and flooded cities, villages and towns, the growing number of unemployed and starving, the sheer levels of desperation rising higher and higher on every continent — these things cannot remain in our denial forever.  But when collapse has happened to you, when you have lost your home, your livelihood, your health or your future, then reality like none other finally hits home.

But it’s too late then.  Much too late, and why I do not feel as if writing yet another ‘expose’ on the truth is going to make a difference. In fact, I think that anybody that now engages in this type of exercise is also in denial.  If they really believed the stuff that they write, then why are they just writing about it?

The truth be told, that is what 99.99% of them are actually doing.  Most of them are making a good living at it too, with seminars and books and speaking engagements and blogs and promoting products that they want you to buy.  But the stark reality is these people have made it their business (bread and butter) to tell you what is going on, but do little themselves to adapt and mitigate. Most are still shoving ‘reform the system’ through another political process / candidate / (s)election, which if history is any guide whatsoever, is never, ever going to work.

The only thing now that can make a difference now is adaption and mitigation, and that’s what real ‘believers’ should be working on.  This means that we race ahead of the falling dominoes wherever possible to get out of their way and to prevent their collapse from affecting us too much.  The dominoes are going to fall, nothing will stop it.  We will never be able to be immune to their crash, but we can make critical adjustments so that we can survive what is collapsing anyway.

I have long taken the position that to do so, to build in some level of protection for yourself, that you must embark upon the journey of self-sufficiency and learn the “hows” of a sustainable lifestyle.  This is still my position, because these techniques are the methods by which your severe your dependencies and your weaknesses to the collapsing systems.  You can only protect yourself with this type of insurance, but it won’t prevent actual accidents (nothing will).

So I won’t be writing the layman’s guide.  It would be much better for me to help others learn how to become self-sufficient and how to avoid leviathan’s increasing stupidity.  I cannot do anything about climate change, or the denialsphere and you probably can’t either.

Taboo Topics

They’ve made it illegal now to discuss many topics which at this point in time, need to be aired.  But let me point out something that maybe some of you have not actually considered.  Let’s say we could talk about some of these taboo subjects, what would this actually gain any of us?  Would it solve anything?  Could we then after long discussions, move on to resolution?

I think not.  I do not believe that anything would or even could change by engaging in these taboo topics.  The general idea is if there is enough public support for ‘X’, then we could / would effect change in ‘Y’.  This is the ‘mass awareness’ points I’ve brought up before, and how they fail to change outcomes.  Mass awareness only brings about mass awareness (when it actually happens), but it doesn’t actually succeed in changing much of anything.  There are some few exceptions to this, and in history where change was more probable and timely and even likely to happen, but not today.  Not when all of our media is so highly contrived and controlled, and everything is vetted and pre-approved, and when so much is now discouraged and even outlawed.

Let me pick a non-confrontational, non-violent but ‘taboo topic’.  Secession.  Let’s say that we need to find a State or States that need / should secede from the United States in order to form a ‘more perfect union’ within themselves that would be more inclined to respect and preserve the rights and the liberties of the people then the so-called “union” we have today.

This is a topic that engenders no end of debate and desire, but it’s also illegal to discuss by the way.  But let’s say we could and did this anyway for sake of making my point.  Then what?  Let’s say we had open meetings for years and years within our state (yours, mine, doesn’t matter) and lets say that we finally achieved ‘consensus’ to make this a reality.

Ooops.  That’s where we’d most certainly run into trouble, big time.  Not only would none of these meetings ever be allowed, the instigators would have long been rotting in prison for ‘sedition’ or some other such nonsense.

This is true for any taboo topic.  The moment such a topic ‘goes public’ and tries to enlist public awareness and public support, it gets taken down.  They have laws on the books to keep this all ‘legal’ and prevent this from happening in case you did not know.  This is true for any taboo topic you can dream up by the way, some which I will of course, not even mention here.

But my point besides all that is this: mass awareness lead to what, exactly?  Ultimately it leads to change (ideally) and the idea that we will somehow, through some measure or action or movement, create conditions for change.  We don’t like how something is today, so therefore we change it.  But we cannot do this only by ourselves, so we get other people involved.  If we get enough people involved, we will acheive the changes we seek.  And so it goes.  But it’s not true….

It is not true because we are not allowed to create such movements that will actually effect important changes (and long overdue), and if we try, we get shut down.  And in the meanwhile, the disinformation efforts and the misinformation about these efforts is cranked up to ear-screeching levels, undermining anything that we might try to do to gain public support and acceptance (thanks to your complicit media, it is very easy to see which side of the fence they live on and where their bread is really buttered).

Agent provacateurs are released into our midst and create setup and sting operations to destroy any chance and any credibility any such movements might actually have.  If that doesn’t work (and it usually does), then they marginalize the people involved.  Take a look at the climate science today as an example.  They’re now being personally attacked and ridiculed because of what they are telling us.  This is a type of discredibility technique being used that is very effective, and the people are being bamboozled because of it.  The mass awareness that is needed never arrives, because the proponents are discredited, and not because any of the discredibility is true – but because of well-funded and well-organized campaigns to destroy the movement are very powerful.

Pay close attention, because this is happening again and again and again, in any movement that would change the status quo, it doesn’t even matter what it is.  The effort to disband the Federal Reserve, the tea party movement,  environmental protection movements, a third political party movement, the free state movement — it doesn’t make any difference, they are all nullified by well-orchestrated and well-funded efforts, long before they can gain any real power or reach and effect enough people.  Mass movements do not work anymore!

If you want to understand why nothing changes in this country (despite the musical chairs going on in government), and the illusions that the “people are involved” or even “angry enough and we’re not going to take it anymore” (yes you are, you show that you will every single day), there you have it in a very simple form.  It’s not going to be allowed.

Anything that threatens the status-quo and vested interest that is in power is simply never going to allow it.  And those people who are involved in these various movements and efforts consistently fail to realize this simple fact — and the consistently fail to realize that their tactics are woefully inadequate — and always will be, because they fail to appreciate the magnitude and the mechanisms of what they are up against.

To make a final point on this entire issue — change, real change, the kind that is really needed, is still possible (we are only dealing with humans after all), but not by any of the methods and techniques currently being applied.  Mass awareness and support is even possible, but by the same token, not by any of the methods and techniques currently being tried.

Because these movements fail to admit to this, they’re never going to accomplish much of anything.  All that happens is a little stirring in the pot, but the frogs continue to boil.  And boil they will, there are always new frogs.

If real change were / could happen, it would have to disempower (dismantle) the vested interests first that are preventing these changes.  It isn’t that we need ‘more people aware’ to create change, what we need is to dismantle the powers that are preventing it.  The people will follow, as they always do.

But this is heresy to some who do not understand how things really work.  They think “get the people, then get the change” and do not recognize that the majority of people will do as they are told as long as their are overlords in place telling them to do so.

How do you think this works now?  Do the people in general “do as they are told” by their overlords?  Of course they do.  They generally believe what they are told too.  They’ve long abandoned the ability to truly think for themselves and quite frankly, act like sheep, waiting for a shepard to lead them around.

I’m sorry if this seems harsh or insensitive, oftentimes the real truth is exactly that.  Lots of people believe that they do not actually own or govern their own lives, they believe that they are ‘supposed’ to do what they are told.  Because of this blindness, they cannot even perceive the power that is behind the throne and they have no understanding of how they are being polarized into doing and believing what they have come to accept.  They’re also very much afraid of being truly self-responsible and meekly accept all kinds of ‘protection’ to pamper and comfort them and to provide things for them and to make life easier and easier.  This kind of person doesn’t even care what happens to everythign else either, because their selfishness blinds them to their own dependency and contribution to tyranny and the destruction of the planet.

Movements that are trying to pursuade this mass of selfish people are going to fail.  Unless you can offer them a comfy job or provide for them free food and housing, free health care, retirement benefits or some other such creature comfort, they are always going to side with the power that controls their mind and their bodies.

In America, this now accounts for the majority of Americants, who cannot think for themselves, do for themselves or act with an independent thought on their own.  They seek ‘consensus’, ‘approval’, ‘acceptance’, incapable of even realizing that none of this is even necessary and is oftentimes self-defeating in the end.  Their connedsumers, bamboozled into believing a lifetime of lies and deceptions, unable to see what they have become and what their nation has become.

Many movements seek to recruit these people, to make them aware of their pet issues and I can (and do) respect that, but they are failing to change outcomes (still).  This is still happening because we have lost total control of our media, our government and very, very, VERY importantly, our educational system.  We are churning out armies of idiots, brain-dead, dumbed down and ignorant children who are being force-fed a diet of corn syrup and fats, slothful fools who revel in mundane computer “lives” online and tasked to work at menial jobs for slave wages.

We have totally lost the next generation already, and this is very, very important.  What bloody difference does it make if I care about what is happening, but the next generation does not?  I’m going to die soon enough and take my compassion and my concerns with me.  Then what?  What have I spent my life fighting for, pleading for if this is all going to die with me?  If we do not reach the next generation, we will have lost everything.  You can take that to the now worthless banks.  We will lose if we do not understand some very important basics.

It is because entire generations of people are now being totally controlled in their thoughts, their behavior, their belief and their actions (to say nothing of their pocketbooks), that we will lose any effort we could / can mount to change outcomes.  This is a fact.

Because we have no control now of the media, the government, the educational system, all the information outlets that program the minds of hundreds of millions of people, that we will fail.  And this is absolutely no accident at all, but has been revealed to be quite calculating and a long time in the making.

I think it is also important to know that these same institutions are by and large, all repeating the same mantra (brainwashing).  They are effectively in lockstep with each other on important and critical subjects that are not being taught.  In my opinion, this too is deliberate and not accidental.

Let me make a few other comments here.  Nobody in America will actually teach you how to be a truly free man or woman.  Everyone will tell you what you must do to comply however, which is really the opposite.  Nobody will teach you how to live a life unencumbered by the myriad of ‘requirements’ we are all forced to live by.  Nobody will point you to a school, an institute or even a seminar where you can find out how to not do these things.  They will all teach you (those that exist) how you can work within the system, but none of these “teachers” even understands how self-defeating this is, or how this simply helps propogate their existence.

Ever wonder why?  Perhaps you should, because it has important implications.

In point of fact, nobody will really tell you the truth about anything, you have to dig, dig, dig to find this out for yourself.  If you dig long and hard enough, you will uncover a reality that is very much different then the one everybody is telling you about.  And when your eyes have been opened like this, you begin to realize that things are not what they seem, and not even what they could or should be.  Eventually you will try to share this knowledge with others, but you will run into monumental resistance.  And given enough try, time and effort, you will come to realize that your efforts like this won’t succeed in changing much of anything.

There is another, more real, more truthful reality to this life then what we are being taught by our vaunted institutions.  If that is important to you, if having a life that is more in line with the truth matters to you, then I encourage you to seek it out.  But to do so, you will not find it within the halls of our hallowed institutions, because this is in reality, forbidden knowledge.

The truth about this is quite simple.  Very powerful and vested interest have nothing to gain and everything to lose by you learning how to free your mind.  You are of course, only a tiny cog in the entire scheme of things, but you can still use this to your advantage.  They’ll ignore you for the most part if you stay a tiny cog — but try to become a big gear and you’ll find yourself stripped by the torque that would surround your life, mashed down and spun out to little pieces.

Lots of people have wondered why I choose to stay low profile, some even calling me ‘mysterious’.  It is simply because I understand the forces that are at work in our world today, and I have no interest whatsoever in fame or fortune.  I’d rather simply be left alone.  I’ve turned down many opportunities to change my life and become ‘more’, all of it in line with what the world expects as “success”, but why in the world would I willingly do that?  You’ll find me running the other way, I’m more comfortable in being nothing at all, because I do not agree with the direction and esteem that the world holds.

I also understand what is coming and what lies ahead for all of humanity.  What would be the point in trying to “be somebody” when all such things are going to be brought low?  I laugh at self-important people and stuffed shirts, to me, they’re nothing at all, just blowhards and full of shit.  This is why I took great exception to that fool Savinar when he tried to run my blog.  He really thinks he’s something when he’s nothing at all.

But he’s not alone, there are a lot of people like this, that have totally bought into the lies of our generation that you can “be somebody”.  I am somebody — I am my own man, living my own life, the way in which I generally choose to live it.  To me, that is far more important then building a following or trying to gain a ‘reputation’ or being rich or ‘successful’ in a world that believes money is your cloak and comfort.  This is why there is no integrity in today’s world, we’ve sold our souls for worthless silver.

The world at large believes that we must ‘press forward’, higher, faster, upward.  Cheaper, better, more, it’s all the same.  I disagree with this philosophy, which is really not a philosophy at all, it’s just greed and gluttoney, cloaked behind glitter and gold.  Greed is not a philosophy, it’s a disease of the mind.  It’s even a disease of the body and you see this everywhere with two-ton people who cannot rule their own appetites and govern their own lives.

It’s pathetic, that’s what it is, and I want nothing at all to do with it.  I’m only sharing this with all of you because I’m flat-out telling you, there is a better way to live, a life that is more meaningful, more self-valuable, more honest, more truthful and to me, “better”, then chasing after a fools dream.  Why would you do that?  Isn’t that exactly what is causing most of problems in the world today?

Fools create wars, waste resources, destroy lives, pollute the atmosphere, overpopulate, destroy watersheds, cut down rainforests, deny warming, destroy hope, chase after money, fame, fortune, prestige, position and stature.  Fools kill with wanton abandon, crushing and stepping on all that is alive and meaningful.  They’re dead to truth, blind to reality, unable to see past their own selfish self-interests, easy marks for greedy corporations and corrupt politicians.

Saying such things will never make me popular, or endear me to the fooliship, but I simply do not care.  Neither should you.  Build your life on integrity, on truth, on honesty and on those things in life that have real intrinsic value (starting with yourself and then your family).  To accept lies, to pursue destructive dreams — these things are going to end, are ending already for millions of people.  Don’t let that be you.  I’ve always said, choose wisely, because this is ALL a choice.  That’s the part that makes us human, even if we are terribly flawed.

Finally, you do realize that the world is going to do what the world is going to do, right?  That we are not going to change anything but ourselves, and this will never be enough to change the overall outcomes and what is going to happen.  It’s not that this is ‘fated’ so much as it is all set in motion by billions and billions of people and this alone makes it unchangeable.  Therefore, live your life in truth.  Reject lies, deceptions, deceit.  You won’t change the world, but you will have at the very least, changed yourself which is in truth all that you can really do.

Apr 022010

Last issue I had mentioned the attempts by the Obama administration to “reduce nuclear weapons”, and pointed out that this still left over 3,000 weapons in existence, and thus not reducing any nuclear threat at all.  But after publication, I then found something that is even worse then this:

As Politico has pointed out, the Obama administration has a tendency to describe their every action as “unprecedented.” In the case of the U.S.-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, this is actually true. Theoretically, the treaty agreed to by the Obama administration limits each side to 1,550 strategic nuclear weapons. In practice, it will allow least 200 nuclear weapons in excess of the U.S. and Russian stockpiles permitted under the 2002 treaty signed by the Bush administration. The administration is laying claim to a 30 percent reduction in strategic nuclear weapons while actually permitting an increase in the force. This is unprecedented.  Obama’s Nuke Deal With Russia

In what is now a very “typical fashion” for Obama, we’ve been lied to again, and again, and again.  Need proof?

“”The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War… I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

To reduce our warheads and stockpiles, we will negotiate a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the Russians this year. To achieve a global ban on nuclear testing, my administration will immediately and aggressively pursue U.S. ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Together we will strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a basis for cooperation.” Barak Obama, current Liar In Chief

This is a whopper of a lie and demonstrates the warlike nature that this man really exhibits while smiling at the camera.  But there are many many more examples of this nature as evidenced by Obama’s policies.

What’s going on here is interesting.  The lies are being told as the “truth” and many of the people are accepting this, and not checking the facts.

I am not the only one that sees the world stupidity of holding 95% of the world nuclear weapons, still pointed at each other:

The treaty makes some modest reductions from the SORT limits but not large enough changes to make a qualitative difference in the nuclear standoff between the legacy forces of the two Cold War superpowers.  (If anyone can explain to me why we and the Russians continue to need over a thousand nuclear bombs, each five to twenty five times more powerful than the bomb that flattened Hiroshima, pointed at each other, please send me an email. I want to know what the beef between us is that makes that seem proportionate.) Hardly a Jump START

Something you might not know: the Defense Department’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) sold $10,996,180,000 ($11 billion) in arms to foreign countries in 2008, with $36,000,000,000 (36 billion) in agreements (future deliveries).  The business of war is very profitable for America.

Americans don’t really feel much when it comes to arms sales.  Or the bloodshed and broken, shattered lives that this causes.  We’re insulated from the real effects by a complicit “embedded” media who’s job is to pump up morale while hiding the truth, and even they know it, but are too cowardly to do much about it.

While the American media showcase US military power and the high morale of the American troops in what is described as a “war of liberation,” the Arab media focus on Iraqi civilian casualties and damage to Iraqi cities in a “war of occupation.”  Whose ‘truth’ is being reported? Christian Science Monitor

The Chris Hedge article included in the last newsletter brought on a few (positive) comments from some of you (thank you).  I only wish more people realized what we have become.


The hoopla over Iran continues.  But “We should all bother to do a little reading and get our facts straight.

If there was a case for new crippling sanctions or for bombing Iran before, the report adds nothing new.    The February report contains no new evidence of Iranian weapons work that was not already in the public domain. There is no independent IAEA assessment that Iran currently has or has ever had a nuclear weapons program.  Judging the Mood At The IAEA

But the American media continues to spin more brain sludge (b.s.) on this topic:

According to a recent article by the New York Times, Western intelligence agencies and international inspectors now “suspect that Tehran is preparing to build more [enrichment] sites”. This revelation, according to the newspaper, comes at a “crucial moment in the White House’s attempts to impose tough new sanctions against Iran.”

However, these “suspicions” come months after Iran publicly disclosed such intentions.

The Revelation of Fordow+10: What Does It Mean?

This is a tragic story, one which thinking Americans (those that care about their country) can scarcely believe is true: Victimized by American Depravity.  Tortured, repeatedly raped, beaten, this doctor in neurocognitive science is yet another victim in Amerika’s endless war on fear and imagination.

Nonetheless, she was accused of being a “high security risk” for alleged Al-Qaeda connections linked to planned terrorist attacks against New York landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building, accusations so preposterous they never appeared in her indictment.

No credible evidence was presented. Some was kept secret. The proceedings were carefully orchestrated. Witnesses were either enlisted, pressured, coerced, and/or bought off to cooperate, then jurors were intimidated to convict, her attorney, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, saying their verdict was “based on fear, not fact.”

She endured a lot, some of the worst of it including “six men….strip(ping) her naked. All her clothes would be removed. She told this to the Pakistani senators too, that they would strip her naked, then tie her hands behind her back, and then they would take her, dragging her by the hair. You cannot imagine the cruelty they have done to her. They would take her like this to the corridor and film her there.”

After “beat(ing) her so much that she bled….they made her lie on a bed. Then they tied her hands and feet – hands and feet both tied so that she (could) not even… scratch her wounds. Then they applied torture to the soles of her feet and head. They put her in some machines to make her lose her mental stability. They gave her such injections on the pretext of medical treatment.” When she pleaded not to do it, “they would make her unconscious and then give them to her. Such is (their) cruelty.”

After years of horrific torture and abuse, a federal Bureau of Prisons psychological evaluation diagnosed her condition to be “depressive type psychosis” besides the destructive physical toll on her body.

I don’t know what to say anymore about any of this.  I’ve followed this story for a while, but there are many more just like it.  It has gotten so bad in Amerika these days and with forced Amerikan policies internally and abroad that it just boggles my mind that we have not risen up and thrown off these oppressors.

What needs to happen in the States need to secede from this bogus “union” of torture, fear, intimidation and oppressive taxation and policy.  This would be an important first-step in dismantling the police state that this country has become.

I’ve argued many times before that cognative dissonance and deep denial is at the heart of problems.  This is still true, but there is also something else.  Cowardice.

We’d much rather avoid the truth the face up to the facts of what we have become.

Forbidden Knowledge

There are many types of forbidden knowledge that we are not supposed to know or understand.  Esoteric knowledge and mystery “school” teaching are one sort of knowledge.  Herbal knowledge and homeopathic remedies are another.  Insider trading and political “deals” and how Congress and the Senate really works are yet another.  Constitutional knowledge, tax knowledge, executive order knowledge… all of these levels of awareness are becoming increasingly “dangerous levels” of knowledge that are being a) considered unacceptable or tolerated; b) increasingly illegal to know or practice; c) punishable by arrest and imprisonment.

Lately, Obama has taken notice of these things.  On the chopping block will be the free flow of information that the public will be allowed to know.

Pay close attention here, because this is important.


I have been pondering the true meaning behind the rammed-through ObamaCare “bill” (pun intended) that nobody was allowed to read before passage (when have we heard that before?  Hint: Patriot Act).

I perceive that the real agenda of this action is not what most people think.  It is not about offering affordable health care, or about making sure the “uninsured” are taken care of, or about about capping of health care costs or any such thing.  All of these things are but smokescreens that they want you to believe in.

The objections over this so-called “universal health care” notwithstanding (which are vast and deep), the real agenda here is about creating an “umbrella” of surveillance, monitoring and taxation of every man, woman and child in Amerika.

The media disinformation outlets will continue to spin the yarns about equal access and coverage, and how this will help “protect” us from predatory practices, but the exact opposite will now come even more true then it is already today. It will the same predators as before, only worse.

Anybody found to not have the mandatory coverage will face “enforcement” by the new Corps Obama has authorized, and the 16,000+ new IRS agents.  While many have already said that it would be “cheaper to pay the fines” (true, but only for now, and only once, after that they’ll have you) then to pay the mandatory premiums, that isn’t the real agenda here.  The real agenda is to sweep in million upon millions of citizens and businesses into this new surveillance and monitoring scheme, thereby creating a massive increase in the tax rolls and even more importantly, critical information links on every single American, both young and old.

Here is the scenario I see developing:  Anyone “caught” without mandatory insurance will be turned in.  This is the same thing as not having a “national ID card”, which by the way, will also be coming soon.  They will be forced to pay a fine and pay for the mandatory health care premiums.  The IRS will monitor and track the participants for compliance.  Non-compliant people will include anybody that does not buy health care AND people that do not file taxes. In other words, by bringing the issues of health care and taxes together, they will sweep up all the people that are in violation of one or the other or both, because they will now be able to check each set of records against the other.  This will be encompass tens of millions of people and be a huge “boon” for new revenue and control.

In other words, the gigantic shadow world of “outside income” and non-compliant persons will be swept up under this new legislation.  They will scrutinize everything you do once you are forced to participate, because now they will know about you and all that you do.  Remember, this is mandatory.  Mandatory means you’re going to have to prove your income and where it comes from.  You’ll need to prove your place of employement, your marital status, the names and ages of your kids and so on.

Mandatory means that they will scrutinize your entire life and see whether or not you have complied in all that is being demanded of you. Why else do you think they need 16000+ enforcement agents?  Your income, your status, your place of employment, your health history, your children, their health history, literally everything will come under federal scrutiny.  Any violation will be rectified through increased demands and fines.  Offenders will be fined and perhaps even imprisoned, but probably under a different code, such as IRS tax violations (which is something Americants already have become accustomed to).

Catching you will be easier and easier as time goes on and more and more people bend over and comply.  Either you will get sick and need medical services, or something else will trip you up.  You may only need prescription or an health exam for job, or a mandatory drug test or emergency room visit for a broken finger, but what they’ve done here is to ensure that:

a) all persons are accounted for;

b) all sources of incomes are accounted for;

c) all businesses are accounted for;

d) all business incomes are accounted for;

e) all private and commercial activities such as banking are accounted for;

f) all required taxation are accounted for;

g) all mandatory health premiums are accounted for;

h) all compliance and requirements are accounted for.

The healthcare bill is all about making sure that everyone is forced to participate in both the IRS taxation and mandatory health care.  With this information, they will be able to identify, track and monitor all persons and all activities with a much greater degree then what they are already doing today.

Participants will now be forced to reveal things as part of these new monitoring programs that they have long considered private or personal, but will now become the absolute purview of the federal government (and the States by the way, who will share the information), such as your bank accounts, your assets, your property, your health status, your childrens health and such like.

It is very easy to imagine the type of power and control this will now give to those that dreamed this up.  Using existing records and databases, you will now discover to your dismay that you have no more privacy, no more rights, no more freedoms and no more health care except that which is “allowed”.  Nothing will be sacred or left private.  You may even find that your health care is “cancelled” as punishment because of past or present non-compliance.

I’ve long said that privacy and anonymity is a cornerstone of freedom, and a very important one.  Without anonymity, you are capable of being monitored in all that you do: what you buy, what you eat, where you live, how much money you make, how much tax you pay, how much fuel you consume, your political views, your religious affiliations, your habits and routines, whether or not you harbor “dissent” or compliance and so on.

What the government has done with the health care legislation is create this huge possibility to track every American, every source of income, every bank account, every asset, every job, every employee, every employer, every business and on and on and on.  By making this “mandatory”, they will convince tens of millions of people to just go along with it, with many thinking that this is necessary and good.

They have absolutely NO IDEA what they are going to be giving up.  This will be your worst nightmare realized, the absolute relenquishment of all personal privacy and abandonment of individual rights and soveriegnty.

And I’ve yet to say anything about the fact that no government has the right to dictate what you do or do not do with regards to your life or your health, or to hold you hostage, forced to pay into a system that you neither want, use or need.  But that is exactly what is going on here.

This could go much further — such as everyone is forced then to accept a national ID card, non-compliant persons are not permitted to buy nor sell anything, reward programs for doctors, nurses and staff to catch the ‘outlaws’, mandatory registration of all new births, forced vaccinations, closure of ‘renegade’ businesses that fail to provide coverage, seizure of business and personal assets, rationing cards for food, fuel, electricity, biometric implantable ID chips being declared “essential” to “streamline” and make this all work more efficiently, etc.

By going after “all the people, all the time” which is effectively what the current legislation already proposes, with two systems now in place, they have opened up a gigantic window into the lives of every Amerikant.  They have effectively doubled or even quadrupled their ability to govern very important aspects of your life.

And we let this happen.

I think this is partly why they rammed this crap through and passed this into ‘law’.  They do not want you to realize what is really going to happen here.

If you want health care — it was always available to you.  But now we’ve got this federal monster removing the lint in our back pocket and looking over your shoulder at everything you do.

What's coming next....


Somebody send me some lottery tickets.  Maybe I could buy my own doctor or at least a nurse.


I know I’ve suddenly sent out several of these newsletters after a short absence. This is because some information is more meaningful if shared in a timely fashion.  I promise to sink back into the woodwork now where I belong.