Jan 272010

Surviving Civilization

Everyone should be keenly aware of how difficult it is to live these days.  The demands that society places upon us all are onerous and burdensome, increasingly expensive and difficult to overcome — all of it occurring in varying degrees to you in a direct relationship to your financial ability (to pay).

The young and the elderly have a particularly hard time of surviving today.  Young people are faced with the daunting task of high rents, low-paying menial jobs (or no jobs at all), and even higher education costs in the hopes of a “career” or future.

A higher education doesn’t mean much of anything anymore, as competition from all ages in increasing, with the most desperate willing to take the lowest pay.  Qualified nurses, lawyers, architects, machinists, steel workers and trained persons from all walks of life are being forced to work at menial positions in order to survive.

Many people are getting very angry at this, with this guy going to some extensive lengths to get even. The great sadness here is not what the man did (in 2004), as he destroyed the town with his bulldozer, but how he had been treated and the absolute ignorance to this injustice.

“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable”, Heemeyer wrote. “Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”[7]

Nothing has changed since this time, and nothing will either. Instead of rebuilding the town, they should have left it as it was, as a memorial of injustice.

The rage we all feel from time to time (or all the time, as the case may be) is justified.  But we must be careful to discard any sense of ‘entitlement’ as this is misplaced.  We are not actually entitled to anything, the world that our parents had is NOT the same world we have today.  And it will be radically different for our kids, their world in particular as the next generation to inherit what we have done (or failed to do), they are going to experience things that no human has ever experienced before.

I write these articles in this newsletter with the general idea that we need to “see clearly”, or as clearly as we possibly can. The volume of disinformation and misinformation, much of it deliberate makes seeing clearly a challenging task.  At issue is our belief systems and what we think we know and how these things relate to our experiences.  Connecting the dots between today’s news and tomorrows events is helpful towards our understanding of trends, themes and outcomes and what we can expect.

Civilization, as we know it today, has become (imo) very burdensome.  It’s like a giant weight pressing down upon us, we’re expected to carry this load upon our shoulders day in and day out, handing this onerous burdened down when we are too exhausted to continue to our progeny, who are then expected to carry the same load.

I find this entire notion basically “bull” because I disagree with much of what civilization demands of us, and what little it actually really offers us.  I see no point in perpetuating this fraudulent existence any longer then necessary.  The answer to this begins with our refusal – refuse to go along with the parts that do not make any sense, that do not support you and yours, that do not offer you relief from your daily burden and that only support the mythical notions of “progress” in a society that is clearly insane.

Not all aspects of civilization or our society are all bad of course, but frankly, enough of it is actually quite bad and misguided enough that rejecting the whole instead of the parts can be more successful then trying to make accommodations.

It is very hard to navigate the two realities of what this means.  On one hand, we are part of society, dependent upon what society produces and even offers us in order to exist, but on the other, we find ourselves making contributions, usually unwillingly to things we know that are actually destroying us.  We are in fact exhibiting a duality of existence, a dichotomy of opposing tensions which in turn is creating cognitive dissonance in all of us.

Some people simply give up, finding this just too hard to hold in tension (balance) and not go insane.  But I’ve never yet found anyone that can simply forget what they now know, unless it’s being drowned out with alcohol or drugs.  Most of us just choose to forget as best we can, or withdraw, leaving little room left in our lives to be forced to interact too much and deal with the opposing forces.

This is probably unavoidable for the majority of us I suspect, but I’m no psychologist and can only write about what I observe.  I do know that many people are having quite a bit of trouble with this issue, usually exhibited in more obvious ways such as job dissatisfaction, spousal problems, even drug or drinking problems.  The “futility of civilization” seems to drag us down into the depths of despair if we are not careful.

I do not think any of these things are healthy of course, and can only suggest a few things to help you “survive civilization” and what this has come to mean today.  These are the things that have helped me:

1) Stay focused. It is important to not lose sight of your goals, whatever they might be.  There is a reason you came to be the way you are — and why you are persuaded to these viewpoints that you hold.  If they remain true, then so should you, so stay focused.

2) Weed out the disinformation and misinformation. This is a pet subject of mine, as too much of what passes for news is just unadulterated bullshit today.  Shut it out of your life if it causes too much tension.  Sometimes I’ll do just that, but most of the time it doesn’t bother me as I recognize it for what it is.  The b.s. is never going to go away, it’s how they manipulate people and get them to do what they want against their own best interest (like borrow money, fight in wars, support corrupt government and such like).  Remember that it takes an awful lot of propaganda to get people to do stupid things, you’re literally wallowing in it and so is everyone else.

3) Pick your confidents carefully.  We’re at the point in human history where trying to persuade the masses to their folly is hardly productive.  Sharing your latest revelation, insight, news source, opinion or discovery is often disappointing because it falls on deaf ears.  One of the many reasons I closed the blog is I often felt this way.  What you know is often not what people want to hear, so don’t waste your time or your breath on trying to convince the world.  This fits in with #1 of course.

Talk with those that are open and interested, but don’t beat your head against the wall on those that aren’t.  Don’t believe the myth that “people want the truth”, when it’s obvious that they don’t.  Never forget, if they wanted the truth, they’d have it already, and this is true for most other things too. There is actually nothing really stopping us all from having the truth except our own disinterest.

The truth is most of humanity is probably already doomed (yes, it is as bad as that) because of their refusal to “get it”.  And this is actually what they really want too.  They’ve had ample opportunity to get with the program so to speak, especially within the developed world, but their actions reveal their real choices.  Recognize that fact and don’t waste your time any further.

4) It is a myth (urban legend kind of thing) that if more people “understood” or “participated” or “joined in” or any such similar thing, that we could stop what is now happening, so don’t fall for this and don’t try to participate in these kinds of activities and efforts either.

The reason it is a myth is because even very large groups (millions of people) now have near-negligible impact on events, and they are almost always failing to apply the proper pressure (and they are very easily and often manipulated themselves).  Groups operate on “group think” principles, which are generally useless and very ineffective and are almost always co-opted by external interests (and infiltrated).  Their dynamic is to work within very well defined vertical disciplines and response modes that accomplish very little, even if the group is very large.

Therefore, don’t bother with these things. You are much more powerful by not participating in the group and remaining independent and autonomous.  It is also a lot safer by the way for you.  You also don’t get caught up in a lot of wasted and expended energy, time and money.

5) Think for yourself.  Don’t get caught up in the latest hype, fear or scare mongering.  It’s pelting us all from all sides these days, a never ending constant barrage coming from even the most “trusted” sources.  Most of it, if not all of it, is pure crap.  Blow it off.  Believe it when you see it.  Pessimism is not negative here.  Don’t fall for the hype and propaganda, I don’t care who it’s coming from.  You will breath much easier, having far less stress and will be able to stay focused on your original goals.

Moreover, you don’t have any control over these things anyway — even if they came true.  Realize this very important point and don’t get caught up, think for yourself and just move ahead, each day, bit by bit, step by step.  Learn to live your life and no other, especially not one that is being “programmed” for you.

6) Turn off the media inputs.  Start with television, Internet, magazines, shortwave (especially shortwave) and any other “broadcast” that is seeking to persuade you to anything (including this newsletter).  Going back to #5, think for yourself.  How much of what you are hearing affects you?  How much is true?  How much is false? How much is just hype and b.s. to get you to believe something?  Always watch your pocket here too, because that is usually what they’re really after.

7)  Read. If you don’t read books, start.  They’re wonderful for enlightening your mind and you can absorb the information as fast as you can read, or as slowly as you may desire.  If needed, read word by word and let it be absorbed in your mind one word at a time.  Good authors can explain their points, or tell their stories or convey the information that they are seeking to share with you without having to subject you to a ten-second media sound byte that you are supposed to swallow hook, line and sinker.

Reading is an incredibly valuable skill and will help you immensely throughout your entire life.

What you read is just as important. I do not allow trash magazines in my house unless my wife sneaks one in, which she does do sometimes!  I let it lay around for a week or two then throw it out, because it’s just crap and she and I both know it.  Instead, we both read a lot of books and almost everyday, we have spent an hour or two at a minimum reading, even if it’s late at night.

Develop a good library of titles that you like.  I don’t much care what they are, what matters here is if they are important to you.  I loved Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Hash Mistress, a fictional story nonetheless, but informative and educational.  I’ve got a copy of this and many other fiction books around here somewhere.

My main library contains quite a few non-fiction titles that I pull down from time to time.  Jared Diamond’s How Societies Choose To Fail or Succeed was fascinating (to me), as is the latest title I’m still reading, Omni-Science and the Human Destiny.

Books are immensely valuable sources of intelligent thinking, pools of resources and will help sharpen your mind to new concepts and new ideas, even discarding old ones and developing new ones.   Read whatever you can get your hands on, it’s one of the reasons Americans are so dumbed-down today, they don’t read.

8) Unplug.  Take time to just sit and let your mind and your body to relax.  I have the most trouble with this one as I work 7 days a week.  But sometimes I just can’t take it anymore and I unplug.  Get away from all noise, all sounds even if you can (turn off the radio and the idiot box) and go sit quietly and observe all things.  I mean observe nature and your surroundings, examine the grass and look at the sky, and observe within your own mind and body what you are experiencing, feeling, sensing.  Call this meditation if you like, but take the time to unplug, unwind and disconnect from this artificial existence of glass and steel, asphalt and concrete and constant noise and reconnect to yourself, to nature and to your surroundings.  This is immensely helpful and satisfying and can create peace and tranquility where there was none.

9) Finally, go do something fun.  Take a walk, ride a bike, drive a car, go eat, run, play, swim, hike, see a movie even.  Whatever your idea of “fun” is, go do it.  You need to do this to relax, to also help you unwind and to realize that life is not all about work, money, toil, sweat and tears.  Life “happens” with you plugged in or not, whether you’re constantly attentive or not, and you need to learn to let go from time to time.  It’s very important to not be so wound up tight that you can’t learn to exist and simply “be”.

Learn to have fun, and learn to “be”.  You are who you are and there really isn’t much that is going to change this.  Be yourself, be honest, be true, practice your life with integrity and honor and have some fun from time to time.  Life was not intended for us to be miserable, laughter is fantastic medicine and so is good company, good food and good times.

Civilization will do whatever it is going to do without our help, involvement, protest, dissent or participation.  That is reality.  That is what you can all expect.  In the meanwhile, we have our own lives to live and there is no point in squandering this precious gift upon the anvils of anxiety and worry.


The Terrorist That Wouldn’t Die – Yet another bogus recording from Bin Laden.  These things are laughable and far, far past the point where there is even a shred of credibility from the “intelligence community”.  Talk about an oxymoron.

Cops Beat the Hell Out of The Wrong Man (again). Must be the umpteenth thousandth time this has now happened.  Of course, there is no clear pattern to this, these things are just “accidental”.

Israel Claims Ownership of West Bank Forever – Eternity is a long time, especially for a man who is going to die soon.

Zoey sent me this video link, which fits in exactly with my arguments against Empire in the last issue and the total domination efforts by the US military.  There is also this video which also fits in exactly with what I’ve been trying to convey in these newsletters.

Non-compliance, refusal to go along, think for yourself, act responsibly, disconnect.  Do these things to empower yourself, your life and stop contributing to the gears of Empire.

Empire Stupidly Marches Ahead

Despite our failing economy, millions homeless, ongoing home foreclosures and even more bank closures, the expansion of Empire via military domination continues as usual.  Promising even more military growth, this is clear evidence that essential change within Empire is impossible.

This is a strong reason why I do not believe that contraction will defeat the practice of domination, even here at home.

Venezuela Has The World’s Largest Oil Fields – A new report with sobering news: A new USGS report reveals that Venezuela has the world’s largest reserves, over twice the size of Saudi Arabia.  This has staggeringly huge implications (and why I believe war in the South America will happen).

Thank God Osama Is Dead! – His recent video from the grave reveals however, that the CIA, NSA and AAA are busy resurrecting the dude to provide more scare-mongering from the shadows.

Lobbyist For Foreign Corporations Seek to Use Foreign Money To Influence American Elections – The only thing “new” here is that they are now coming out in the open on this issue. They’ve been doing this illegally for decades, but the Supreme Court has now ruled on the issue.

Corporations do not (should not) have the same rights as natural persons (especially foreign corporations). I’ve written on this topic before.  It is exceedingly dangerous to give artificial entities that same status as natural persons, who in turn are never held personally accountable for their actions (and inactions, which have also caused a lot of death and destruction).

The Island of Doubt has a Minority Report on this topic too.

I have a major bone to pick with corporations in general, but that’s not news or any secret either. Corporations are the driving engines behind government mandates and legislation, they’re also the world’s worst polluters and destroyers of the planetary environment. They receive special protected status and privileged position from nations all over the world due to their influence and control.  They manipulate markets, control economies and essentially are “the force” behind most of what is wrong on this planet.  The other part of this equation is that many of us actually work for them, making this all possible.

And now they want to come out of the closet and directly rule over our (s)election process.  Why don’t we just pick the corporation we like best and let them rule the planet?  How about Monsanto?  Or Archer-Daniels?  Or who is your favorite?  Halliburton?  General Dynamics? Pick one!  We could have a McHappening Day where everybody is a corporate employee, guaranteed a job and meat-flavored veggie burger!

Thought for the Day (or week)There has to be altruism in the universe: Physicist

What we don’t know is far more then what we think we know. Alien life is but one thing we probably don’t know how to recognize yet.  I thought we would have figured this out with the reptilian nature of our government, but guess we haven’t.

Jan 222010

Better Business Bureau Scam Alert

The Better Business Bureau has been bugging me again lately, and I’ve finally had enough of their coercive tactics, and have published the following complaint of my own.  It’s going to stay there too, for life.

Strange that business owners need to fight back against firms like the BBB, and I sure wish more businesses were courageous enough to do it, but it seems like everyone is out for their slice of the pie.  I’ve long known how corrupt they were, but if you aren’t aware of this, be sure to read the comments from other business owners and consumers on Ripoff Reports.

Now I don’t think for a minute that this will solve the BBB and their chasing me around, they can be rather dense.  Most of the time whenever anybody stands on principles, it gets “expensive”.  As one lawyer told me recently, “Principles are expensive”.

Profits Among Us

I am often asked to “rate” other websites, Internet broadcasters, shortwave radio hosts and talk radio hosts.  I have lost track of the number of requests this has now come to over the years, but not the names.

Any honest response that I make almost always backfires, because up till now, I’ve not been willing to pull any punches when it comes to unveiling what I know.  In some cases, I have first-hand experience with the people in question, in others it is the long exposure to their hype and drama (and failed predictions) and their methods used to gain their following (and fleece your pockets).

However, telling the truth here still angers people for some bizarre reason.  Maybe they’ve gotten sucked in to the fear-mongering, or sent them money or whatever it is, I don’t really care.  But it’s probably a mistake for me to try and “educate” anyone anymore on these bobble heads, so I’m not going to respond to these request from here on.

Go figure it out for yourself.  Every time I’ve taken a stand against the fools and charlatans and self-prescribed “experts” and profits, people have reacted pretty badly in turn.  I have publicaly stood against them on many occasions, and will continue to do so because I hate deception and dishonesty — but I won’t respond to private request for information.

Public Education

It has long been clear that “educating the public” at large is an exceedingly difficult task. Due to the huge number of propaganda outlets and disinformation out there, what is widely called “news sources”, which are extremely well funded, disputing or correcting bad information or even bad sources of information is nearly impossible to rectify.

Plenty of people don’t really seem to care whether or not they’ve been told the truth, almost anything will seem to do. The persuasion of belief, truth and views is closely tied to whatever “news” sources that they listen to.

Most information outlets are modeled for profits, not information, deliberately designed to suck you into their “business model” with images, videos, stories and what passes for ‘news’.  Heavily interspersed in all the cracks is their hook, line and sinker of advertising, marketing and the ubiquitous public “programming” (brainwashing).

The ones involved in these kinds of activities are very successful at this too, as witnessed by their giant profits, dominating “markets” and expanding outlets. You rarely hear about the business (profit) failure of the media outlets, unless it’s a tiny one.

We’ve all experienced the programming by the media, accepting this as normal, even acceptable state of affairs. If you take but a few moments to consider how we receive and digest our news stories and information they give us, and how little this actually affects us, you’ll easily see what I mean. There is a stupendously huge ‘disconnect’ on what is being reported and how we feel and react to it.

Even much of the ‘alternative media’ is replete with the same techniques (and profits), they too are often nothing more then spiked sources of infotainment, disinformation and thinly veiled advertising promotions disguised as “news you can count on”. Many are owned by the large media conglomerates, their bread is buttered by the same philosophy.

But even the little guys and so-called truth outlets can be pretty bad, and many are outrageously worse. Some websites and radio shows literally scream “FRAUD” to even the casually aware, but the fact that they are still around and still shoveling their level of bullshit tells me that people are still supporting them.

It’s been very hard to go against the grain here and denounce these activities and tactics and the shills that run them, and it honestly never feels like I’ve made any progress.  The job is monumental and far too much for me to even remotely handle. Many others have tried also, and some have done a really great job, but the task still remains mostly undone.

Please do not look to this newsletter to entertain you and tickle your ears. The very best that I could possibly do is to plant a few seeds of awareness in the minds of some readers, who are then responsible to let these seeds germinate into new levels of understanding and awareness on their own. But at no place in this process am I responsible for anyone’s self-education.

A primary goal of mine has been getting some people to educate themselves, to make them more self-aware of their beliefs, actions, inaction and responsibilities.  To point out some of the errors, discrepancies, direction and the assumptions and values that have helped keep us all enslaved.

I am finding this a very, very hard road to walk in truth.  Denial, disagreement and simple disinterest are huge obstacles and very difficult to overcome. Nobody is helping in this effort either, beyond some donations and some links being shared.  All of the writings here are original and like the blog, still takes up a lot of my time and energy.

I’ve been encouraged many times to restart the blog. One reason why I don’t is I’ve grown weary of publishing truth that is so widely ignored. We live in a world where disregarding truth is becoming exceedingly dangerous. Our complicity to evil and wrong-doing goes hand in hand with our disinterest. At our worst, we are the willing and even eager participants in ecocide, genocide and omnicide.

I had hoped that the newsletter format would do what the blog didn’t, but have found that this is failing too (imo).

Survival Acres Institute of Learning

What is needed is an institute of sorts, where critical information from reputable sources can be pulled together and made available to the interested public. The goal here would be to help people stay informed, learn to be proactive and self-responsible, and unlock the pathways ahead leading to a better culture, a better ‘civilization’ as it were, and a future that humans can all embrace.

I am aware that several such institutes already exist. There are also some very good website that synthesis much of this type of information.  However, none of them appear (to me) to be very successful, and probably suffer from what all such efforts suffer from, such as a lack of participation, support, money, volunteers, commitment and time.

Any institute worth its salt wouldn’t just be theoretical, but practical, having real, working examples of what they were trying to accomplish. I’d be the first to admit we do not need more words to follow after, but living examples of adaption and modification of how we can live today.

But even these examples do exist today in case you didn’t know. They often unheard of and are being drowned out from the cacophony of our civilization, and they have had only minimal success in their impact and growth. As “change agents”, they’ve only been marginally successful. It is my personal opinion, and has been for a long time now, that they too will succumb and largely disappear.

The problem as it were, is these living by examples are being overwhelmed by outside forces. The outcome of our civilization remains quite firmly fixed now, as the momentum, population, consumption, reluctance, poor education and the overarching marginal awareness drowns the critical desire to change.

Most of these efforts still in existence are woefully prepared for real depth and meaning of our collapse, and are themselves geared towards transition outcomes to a new economy and new methods of living. That would be nice if it were to happen, but I’m not persuaded it will, and for this reason, I find them naive and unprepared for what I suspect will happen.

These are eco-villages, communes and communities for examples that are seeking to find truly sustainable ways for humans to live. There are other groups too, such as patriot communities, survival communities and intentional communities engaging in much of the same activities. Each has weaknesses and strengths, but all will have to adapt considerably further then they are today as collapse overtakes them and their regions, and even as personal collapse happens among their own members.

What Is Missing

There has been a lot of material written on these groups and their focus, intentions and abilities. I personally have always found quite a lot missing. I don’t suppose this is intentional, just overlooked as ‘big picture’ thinking isn’t always being considered.

Because of collapse, the decline of everything our civilization will need to continue to exist in its present form (food, water, climate, soil, energy, oil, transportation, production, manufacture, resources and economy), we can fully expect there to be a tactical response deployed by very powerful forces to secure resources.

You can see this in any disaster situation, or even in any severe decline. Cuba and Argentina both did this when they collapsed, so did the Soviet Union and now Haiti. The only way to control people and critical resources is going to be to implement some pretty draconian measures in public and private activities.

This is a huge area that is often overlooked, but it will become a big problem in a world that is competing for everything. Do not confuse tactical response with military response by the way, as they are not always the same things, but they do often coincide. Many tactical responses are legislative, and some are coercive, using the military or even private contractors.

There are many people that hope for a quiet and calm transition to a new society and a new type of civilization, but I am not at all persuaded that this is even possible or even likely to occur. There are many, many reasons why I think this is a pipe dream, but I won’t go into that here.

The groups that are voluntarily doing this now, making ‘peaceful transitions’ are still very small, still ‘living on the excess’ of society (the production and abundance and availability of all that they could possibly need) and they also doing this with present permission of society.

They’ve got our support, or at least we’re not trying to interfere with them too much. In reality, they’re very existence is allowed by the fact that there has been a fairly stable and democratic society in which they might exist.  But this isn’t guaranteed in the future, and likely to change somewhat, or even quite dramatically when people are hungry, cold, miserable and deeply impoverished or when there are critical resource shortages. During such times, things like democracy, tolerance and patience disappear very, very quickly, and so does justice, honesty, fairness and even the law.

We are getting a glimpse right now in Haiti how going without can descend a society nearly overnight into instant chaos. Even the humanitarian organizations and groups that have long been there are being overrun.  This is exactly the kind of thing that can happen in collapse here (or anywhere). Those ‘peaceful villages’ cannot possibly handle the influx of people and needs.

It is going to take a tactical, military response to resolve this situation. This is what the future holds, as a vast tactical response utilizing huge numbers of military resources are deployed to secure the essential resources for the future and control the population.

We will see a huge ‘up-sweep’ of military activity in the future as more and more resources are secured for each nation by threats or actual use of force. This will cause quite a lot of additional problems too with human rights, freedoms and democratic standards. The agenda is already clear with new crowd control weapons, new military and surveillance technologies and new military commands being designed and developed to specifically suppress more and more urban populations.

I fully expect this to be a huge growth industry in the immediate and long-term future, as governments seek to ‘stabilize’ their populations during resource / economic decline versus actually help them make the transition to sustainable economies and lifestyles. This is tragic I know, but it’s exactly what is happening now.

The United States in particular, will be one of the worst offenders in this regard. This is rather unfortunate, but already being seen. Right now, we could be developing the infrastructures necessary, including education for a very different future without oil and how to deal with the effects of climate change, but instead we are seeking to secure more resources with more manpower and more lethal technology. This is a huge and tragic mistake, and it will come right back to bite every American in the ass.

We are also still seeking to suppress our own population with more restrictions and fewer individual rights. This is still getting worse, even under the “change” Administration. This too is a mistake, because it suppresses innovation, breeds public distrust, resentment and anger.

The United States remains committed to the ridiculous notion of total domination in the face of global depletion, abroad and here at home. This is all a terrible mistake with gigantic consequences, all negative, but the stranglehold this determination has upon our government and our political leaders remains unbroken and unchallenged.

That last sentence is more then a hint — we must stop submitting with meek acceptance to this draconian future that they are proscribing to us all. We must challenge the status quo and what this is going to mean for any future worth having. It is clear that they will respond in the only way that they seem to know how.

Tactical Response

We are all facing the tactical response of collapse from mega-corporations and their hired hands, who are already using the US military to support their demands (there will be private armies too).

Other countries will follow the US example where they can, but I’m optimistic that not all of them will do this, as they have far fewer resources in place. The resource and manpower limits and some of the public dissent will stop or slow down a few countries, but not here in the US. Americans have come to fully accept the carefully crafted deception that our military is protecting us here at home by going abroad. What they are actually doing is securing and protecting resources for American businesses and corporations at a terrifying expense.

Of course, this can’t last forever as contraction occurs in energy supplies. As contraction occurs, these same forces will be used here at home. If you need a timeline, think a few decades of this as energy supplies remain available on a national scale.

We will see even more troops patrolling the streets of America, suppressing American freedoms and engaging in activities that would make us all blanch.  Many people have argued that “this won’t happen here”, while admitting that we will do it everywhere else and think nothing of it. The difference is very, very small, it is easy to demonize any group, even your own into being the “enemy”. Ultimately, soldiers will do what they’re told. Never forget that. This is how atrocities and genocide is committed.

We have all managed to look the other way as our media defined “enemies” were attacked and killed on “our behalf” by our soldiers. The enemy was demonized in the media and by our government and by our politicians and all the talking bobble heads, and most Americans bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

Pay particular attention here, because this is happening again in America right now. Groups are being singled out for hate, distrust and even being labeled the “enemy” among us simply because they oppose policy or disagree. These people are Americans, just like you and me. Some of them being targeted today are even people like you because of your beliefs and / or activities.

This is what any individual / group / community / village must prepare for. It is inevitable and a foregone conclusion. It is also the same type of response to collapse and contraction that will be used by bandits, thieves, gangs, the “dangerously homeless” (those that resort to coercion and crime, not all of them do) and even organized crime rings who will take advantage of the people’s plight by attempting to exercise their power over them.

It is very unlikely that we are going to see everyone peacefully turn into willing farmers, homesteaders and workers at the local co-op, walking or riding their bicycles back and forth to work and sitting down 6 days a week to a slice of brown bread and potato soup for lunch. Due to many factors in human nature and the strong sense of entitlement that many people still have, crime including organized crime will sweep upwards to a huge level. There are always people that will seek to exist off the back of others, by any means necessary.

Nobody should think for a minute that our social stratification is going to ever change, where the poor and oppressed will be liberated, or the different classes of society will be melded into one, or where justice will reign for all. Never forget, if we truly wanted that, we would have long since already had it. There has been ample opportunity for humankind to achieve justice, fairness, equity, but we never did. We’ve long had everything we needed to do this, but it is a naive mistake to think that we will ever be allowed this.

Your First Response (there will be many more)

Communities must prepare for this eventuality. Notably, this type of preparation is actually illegal today, but that’s another subject altogether. Communities and even individuals must be strong and well-versed in how they will need to protect themselves and defend themselves. Nothing is going to stop an all-out assault, so don’t be naive either. Nothing is going to stop a well-armed organized group. The best defense is going to be offense. Stop this activity in your area before it gets off the ground. Don’t let anyone in your area / community participate.

I am also referring to “legitimized oppression” by the way, specifically the expansion of military domination. Many will join up (enlist), believing that this is better for them and better for everyone else by participating in the “defense” of our nation (and having food in their belly). Empire has distorted the role of the military into a legalized gang for nation building, corporate expansion, oppression and resource control. The difference between the two gangs, one legalized, the other not, is actually quite small, morally and ethically.

No wars would be fought if nobody showed up. No countries would be exploited, oppressed, divided and conquered, no blood would be shed in war, no lives would be lost in “occupation” and no stolen booty (or bodies) would be carried home. No people would be disarmed, or have their homes stolen or blown up, or have their lives lost, their children killed, their land irradiated if it wasn’t for our participation.

At some point, we decided to be a part of this and it is this simple fact that I am trying to emphasize. We do not have to do this.  As simplistic as this is, it is still the truth.

We Are The Problem

We must finally admit that it is we ourselves, that is making all of these things possible, even today, right here, right now. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, everywhere we go, doing what we are told. We will do it there, again — and we will do it here too, because that IS what we do.

The future holds much more of this, as written about here:

But on another far more important level the real objective of this endless series of wars is the attainment of geo-strategic advantage against any country or bloc that potentially might undermine Washington’s dominion over world affairs. Obama’s Foreign / Military Policy

We are the ones who are making this possible, but it is very simple, we don’t have to. Nobody does. Therefore, we need to make a choice, the sooner the better, because the more of us that enable this type of activity, the faster we will deplete the remaining resources and the worst things are going to get for everyone on the entire planet.

Your first response is to refuse. Don’t go. Don’t participate. Don’t join up. Don’t be a part of one of the most destructive forces on earth. The US military is one of the worst environmental polluters on the planet. Don’t join any gang, group or organization (legalized or otherwise) that is specifically designed and tasked with the business of death, destruction, occupation, resource control and furthering Empire (even your empire).

And that’s just for starters. It’s simple I know. It’s naive, I know, but it’s still the truth and it IS something you can do, quite easily. Stay home. This is where you are needed.

The world does not need a stronger military presences, it needs a lesser one. I’m all for a strong military, but believe that they should be here, at home, solely tasked with protecting us instead of protecting “American business interests abroad”.  Our freedoms (what’s left of them) exist because of what happened here and no place else, despite the bogus claims otherwise.

We wouldn’t need but a fraction of the manpower that we have now, and we’d be spending trillions and trillions less then we do now, polluting less, destroying less and literally saving countless lives and “collateral damage” in far flung campaigns meant to secure and safeguard resources for American corporations, who then in turn gouge the American people with ridiculous profits and insane executive bonuses.

Our militarized industries could be turned into something much more humane and productive. But America thrives on the business of death, we are responsible for more wars then any other nation on earth. Our industries are heavily geared towards war and the vast profits of war. It is what we do.

It is simply not possible to “defend American freedoms” 12,000 miles from home, or even American “interests”. American laws, American democracy, American freedom, American liberties and American security have nothing whatsoever to do with the actions or activities of other sovereign nations on their own soil. If that notion were true, then every country on earth would have had to occupy or invade or attack every other nation on earth to “protect their freedoms”. But this is obviously not the case, but it is the rather disgusting lie being promoted here in America.

The only thing being “protected” here is American business interests, and it is this practice that has led to the creation of real terrorist with real complaints tossing real bombs at us, and real wars with millions upon millions of lives lost through countless decades of occupation and oppression, with a planet reeling from the constant boot-stamp march of “Empire”.

It takes an awful lot of heavy handed propaganda to keep this illusion up about the so-called defense of Empire, enough so that we will keep gladly sending off our sons and daughter to die in the deserts of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of Vietnam (soon to be Columbia). They’ve become extremely adept at manufacturing false pretension, false patriotism, false pride and a false sense of “obligation and duty” to keep us going along with this sham.

Your duty is here, at home, with your family, your friends, your neighborhood and your country. It is HERE, where patriotism exists, where honor, duty, defense and support are undiluted by lies and deceptions and massive levels of brainwashing and indoctrination.

Never forget, that dissent is the highest form of patriotism there is. You do not have to remain brainwashed by their lies.

American uses its military manpower and might in truly terrifying ways, and it all happens because too many of us totally fail to see the big picture. In a volunteer army, you can also volunteer to stay home, because this is where you are truly needed.

Be sure to read the links:

Outsourcing Wars: The Rise of Private Military Contractors

Military Outsourcing Rescue Operations

US Security Firm Offers to Perform “High Threat Terminations”

Blackwater Chief Accused of Murder, Gun Running

Obama’s Foreign / Military Policy


The Holocaust We Will Never See – Monbiot and Avatar, but it’s really about the history of the western world and the march of Empire, and it fits right in to what I’ve written above and what we can continue to expect too.

The genocide, ecocide and omnicide continues right up to this day, but will anyone admit to it?

The far right does hate the Avatar message and a sappy as it was (I saw the flick), it underscores the boot-stamp of the American Empire. Check out this screed, from a real idiot that loves Empire and all that it stand for, she even thinks DDT should still be in widespread use, poisoning your children, your water and the soil.

You will never hear the truth from this source, she’s blinded by her own deceptions. I’m astounded that such ignorance prevails, but this fits right in with my comments above about the alternative media and the disinformation that they’re still spreading. Be very careful about what you accept as truth.

Book Reviews

Primitive Technology: A book of Earth Skills – Cool book, recommended. Pictures (b/w), diagrams, examples and instructions. One of the best books out there if you’d like to learn “how they did it” back when.  I really like this book.

Yurts: Living in the Round – Pictures (color), narration, diagrams and examples. Thinking of building one or two of these myself. I like the idea of “simple” very much. Examples of all kinds of yurts, including hard-sided designs. Recommended if you need some ideas.

Omni-Science and the Human Destiny – By Anthony Marr. Just got this book today, saw an interesting review on this and thought I had to have it. I’ve long been looking for a “synthesis” of thought that deal with human existence and reason. I have not read hardly any of this book yet, but it looks mighty interesting.

Catastrophe: Risk and Response – by Richard Posner. Interesting book I’m still reading that depicts various potential catastrophes for planet Earth and humankind. Some amazing possibilities in there. Natural catastrophes, scientific accidents, other unintended man-made catastrophes, intentional catastrophes, cultural, psychological and economic factors, risk and response, and why we ignore risks, etc. Pretty interesting book.

Encyclopedia of Country Living, 10th Edition – by Carla Emery. Huge book, how to on almost everything you’d need to know to homestead and live in the country. Many practical applications for wherever you live too, even in the city. Sections on land, love, schooling, animals, gardening, resources, even burying the dead.  Great book, recommended.

Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest – by Carla Emery and Lore Forkner.  Haven’t read this yet, picked it up, looks good. Good A – Z “how to” for canning, contains some recipes too.  Since it was also written by Carla who did the huge tome above, it’s got to be good.

Would anybody mind if I stopped writing and just read my own library of great titles?

Check out the Amazon reviews if you are interested. I think some of these titles are available on my essential book page.

Survival Acres Tweet Sitting here waiting for the orders come in… there’s one.  Bang!  Done, fast response time, only five minutes!  Hope they appreciate this. Tweet, tweet, tweet.  Wonder what that’s supposed to really mean? Writing more in the journal, Desdemona has lots to share today, all bad.  Ooh, the coasts are toast!! Good grief, can’t believe humans are still this stupid, but I’m seeing it every day. Doesn’t anybody even read anymore? Sigh, same old shit. I just know we can do better then this. Aaargghh!

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Special thanks to William and James and Oleksiy for their support.

Jan 192010

This is very bad news.  Methane levels in the Arctic have jumped 33% in just five years.

This is more doom on a global scale and very, very serious. It is an indicator of runaway greenhouse effect (global warming), and impossible to stop or even slow down.  Giant releases of methane will accelerate warming considerably faster then any previous models predicted.

Check out CO₂ Now, plenty of links there to understand the science of measuring CO₂, and what it means for the future.

I’ve written about scientific reticence a number of times, and I’m still seeing statements like this:

The reasons for tree mortality in a warmer, drier world have been narrowed down to three main scenarios — greater prevalence of insects and diseases in a warmer world, the drying out of plants, and a third mechanism where water-stressed trees stop photosynthesizing, called carbon starvation.

While researchers are still debating the relative merits of the three, scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory have pointed to the last scenario as the most relevant for tree mortality. Carbon Starvation Killing Trees Globally

Climate science is not exact, as there are still too many unknowns.  It is however, close enough to make reasonably accurate predictions and understand the cause and effects.  All of the denialists claims with regards to climate science have been repeatedly disproven for example.  That leaves us with “what we do know” and what we do know is actually quite a lot.  It is not complete, but it is enough and it is growing every day as more analysis and measurements are made, verified and provably demonstrated.

So why the scientific reticence? It’s important that we understand what this does mean, and what it doesn’t mean.  For instance, while science knows that trees are dying from three main factors, they’re not willing to predict (in a big way) what this means for our forests.

I have no such limitations placed on me and neither do you.  We can make reasonably accurate predictions just by using some common sense.

Let’s try this then: forest are dying from dehydration, insects and diseases and failure to photosythensize (create food for themselves).  Three rather big “dots” of a global picture of the world’s forests that each, by themselves indicate that we are going to lose a lot more trees.

Billions of trees in fact, billions and billions, entire forests.  With it, we will lose many other species of life that depend upon these forests for their existence. We will also have disrupted rain patterns, which will lead to dry and drought, fewer fish in the rivers, more forest fires, and even an increase in grass and shrub lands.  Some areas will even turn into deserts.

It’s all connected, and it leads in the same general direction, but we’re only rarely being told how interconnected it is and what the future outcome is likely to be.

In addition to human caused deforestation by logging (as opposed to trees simply dying from other causes) which continues to increase globally, the other effects of climate change are going to wipe out a huge portion of the world’s trees.  Wit’s End has been privately documenting the tree deaths in her area for some time now.  She’s received little to no response from raising her concerns to officials.

We can see if we but look at what is happening. Science looks but only reluctantly predicts future effects. This is because science itself is a rigorous discipline of measurements, which take place from historical and empirical data.

The future is a wide number of variables of unknown proportions, quantity, quality and many other factors.  These “unknowns” are variables that cannot be accurately measured today, only estimated.  If they are taken on, each variable is subject to many other future variables, causing complex interactions and probable outcomes, which makes future predictions by scientists a form of professional suicide.  Some scientist do engage in these scenarios, with cautious caveats that they do not really know what may actually happen.

But we non-scientists do not need to wait for science and the slow-plod of data collection and analysis of “after the fact” effects, before making our own non-scientific predictions.  We can even be reasonably accurate while doing this, if we are careful how we begin, and what data we have taken into consideration in the process.

At some point, with enough consideration and study, we can reasonably predict for ourselves what the future holds, based upon the data we already know.  Science does this too, but because of professional standards and the very real risk of professional ridicule (death to a scientist) they are very unwilling to claim too much, even if they privately think that the future is very bleak indeed.

My own future predictions are based upon what I know, what science has already told us, what science expects to happen (as far as it goes), what is already “built in” as cause and effects can take decades to show up, what human nature really is and our propensity to ignore clear warnings, thus continuing to do what is obviously not in our best interests, and finally, what my intuition is telling me when I assess it all.

It is not scientific, but it is based upon clear, measurable trends in earth systems, human nature and behavior and the accumulated results.  The “future” as I see it combines all of these effects and activities into a sum total of what I think will happen.  While admittedly unscientific, it has already proven to be very accurate, even surpassing what science itself is claiming.  Notably, science continues to update their own assessments, coming closer and closer to my own. But this is only because many areas of science are verticle disciplines, which require such updates, whereas I’m trying to be much more open to others issues that are effecting the future today.

There are a handful of scientists and authors who are stepping far out onto a limb and making their own future predictions and scenarios.  They’re worth reading, as they can help anyone understand from a professional science viewpoint what they expect in the future.  One of the most know is James Lovelock (who is not a scientist), and James Hansen (who is).  There are many others, I do not keep a list handy, so you’ll need to assess your own.

I do suggest everyone read everything that they can, unless it’s pure trash and drivel from the unwashed crowd of the denialisphere.  I used to read their screed and outrage until I abandoned them due to faked data sets, psuedo-science and outright lies.  They’re still slinging the same swill around as ever, hoping you’ll swallow it and supress your automatic gag reflex.  Every so often some do-gooder tries to “convince me” of one of these dated lies.  Please don’t bother, been there, done that and it’s the same crap as always.

Check out Greenman’s videos on “It’s so cold there can’t be Global Warming” and “32,000 Scientists“.  He’s doing a great job of debunking the so-called debunkers.  But there are many, many more that are doing this too, such as AGW Observers section on the “anti” crowd.

It’s a lot of data to absorb if you’re even half-serious (and I’m deadly serious, so I’ve spent thousands of hours on this now), but I’ve had a particular interest in this for some time now, as the future continues to be diminished.

For a more scientific discussion of this very topic, check out Climate Sight’s Manufacturing Doubt.

Internet Safety

The advent of the Internet has been considered a gigantic boost in personal freedom and information sharing.  While I only agree with the latter (we are no more free then before), there are many dangers to using the Internet that your momma probably never told you about.

Anything ever recorded anywhere on the Internet can be later dredged up and found.  There are many websites and resources dedicated to this archival feature. Imagine you posted a negative comment about your boss on an obscure forum, “safe” in the knowledge that nobody you know would ever read it anyway.  Wrong. Using archival retrieval software, many of these sites are automatically indexed and stored away.

There are programs and protocols that are supposed to stop bots and archival services from “reading” and storing, searching or finding information posted, but they often do not work.  Robots.txt for example is a poor “firewall” that is supposed to stop search engines and other bots (automatted programs) from reading certain files or directories, but are often and widely ignored.

Directories and even files on servers can be password protected or denied public access through simple settings, but even this is not really secure against determined hackers.  These techniques will usually work for stopping bots, but then again, you just never know.  My own WordPress directories for the old blog have had their protection levels mysteriously “reset” to open public access on more then one occasion.  Usually when this happens, I find that the WordPress files were also corrupted by some unscrupulous company that is embedding pornographic links in the WordPress files.  I never have figured out how the directory level protections can be overrode, and neither did my ISP.

I don’t Twitter and never will.  Twitter is a dangerous ‘social practice’ that will be used against people in time. Too much personal information / activities is being revealed by twits, a veritable gold mine of information for anyone (not just the feds) that wants to know anything about you.

I feel exactly the same way about Facebook, Myspace and any other ‘social’ website, including Digg, Reddit and others. They all are used to coax you into revealing personal details about your life.  It is very easy to dig stuff up on almost anybody these days as a result.  What you post there, reveals an awful lot about you, your beliefs, activities, what you support, what you don’t support.

For example, I’ve had several people try to cheat my business with either stolen credit cards or “borrowed” credit cards.  In just a few minutes, I have been able to figure out who they really are, where they really live, what they do for a living, where they work, what their wife’s name is, where she works, and other personal details (and I’ve ruthlessly gone after them, as I truly hate thieves).

This is all possible because these websites and many, many others, such as forums, blog comments, email addresses and such like are all encouraging us to leave little “crumbs” behind, where we post our two-cents about things we like and things we don’t like, things we do, things we don’t do, where we work, how much money we might make and so on.

It is pretty easy to learn about your spending habits, what websites you visit (even rarely), what your opinions are, what your voting registation probably is, religion, who you like, who you don’t like and on and on.  In fact, there is so much information now being posted to the Internet by people about their private lives that it is truly overwhelming.

Data Mining

The NSA and other federal agencies have long been data mining these sources of information, including using bogus encryption software sold to the public, and sweeping up gigantic volumes of information for archival and reference.  Don’t think for a minute that this has not been going on since the inception of the Internet, because it has.

Despite the alleged “illegality” of this, it matters not.  The United States has long had cooperative agreements with other countries, such as England to permit them to spy on the American people, and we spy on the English.  This is no joke, they’ve been caught doing this a number of times.  Furthermore, I have absolutely lost track of the number of times the US government and its agencies have engaged in illegal activities.  Even when they’ve been “shut down” such as Carnivore, they’re not.  Like Blackwater, they just morph themselves under a new label and go right on killing people, err, back to business (as usual).

Any electronic information that you share should be done with deliberation and consideration for its necessity and need.  Do you really need to share online, to the entire browsing / snooping / indexing world that your brother in law is a drunk?  Or that your boss is having an affair with your sister?  While it may make you feel a little better by getting this muck off your chest, the harm that this can do is nearly incalcuable.

Many Internet predators and stalkers have used the resources of the Internet to commit murder, rape, stalking, theft, bribery and blackmail, the list here is nearly endless.  But the staggering truth is, this is only possible because people have stupidly posted tidbits of information about themselves (or someone else) online, never thinking for a moment that it might come back to bite them in the ass.

It is not only the predators you have to watch out for, and the swindlers and email marketers and the government themselves, but the corporate “collectors”, who are paying billions of dollars now for data mining.  These are your insurance companies, medical providers, even grocery stores and doctors who are finding out everything that there is to know about you by the crumbs you have left behind.

The FBI has long boasted that there are least 57 “files” on every man, woman and child in the United States.  These records are available to other agencies of course, with none of them actually looking out for your best interest.  You want to adopt a child?  What about that post where you bragged about taking those drugs when you were a teenager?

These kinds of tidbits we innocuously post about our lives, our activities, our beliefs can and are being used against us.  It does not matter one bit that these may be events that took place decades ago — whatever you are revealing about yourself online is quite literally the same thing as writing it up in the sky for all to see.

This is by the way, how many groups have been surrepitiously infiltrated, because one or more of the members got stupid and said something online somewhere.  Bingo! Now they know that there is a group forming or dissent fomenting or whatever the mention was.  Vast resources have been dedicated to monitoring the Internet for these kinds of things, including in chat rooms, forums, blogs, readers comments on websites, anywhere where personal crumbs are being left behind.

True Privacy

There is a simple “rule” that everyone should follow.  Do not use the Internet (at all) for anything you do not want everyone to know about.  This would include browsing, buying, reading, visiting, commenting or sharing anything that you do not feel comfortable announcing to the whole world, because that is actually what you are doing when engaging in these activites.  It may not be available to the average person, but there are many, many people who are professionaly employed and highly skilled that know exactly how to make this available and to whom.

Knowing that, here are a few other comments and observations.  Lately, there has been a very noticable trend in published comments by alleged “readers” of main stream news articles.  Most of these sites require pre-registration before you can post comments.  Some of these can be bypassed with password sites such as BugMeNot.com where you can “borrow” a password and login.  Sometimes this works, but you’re still leaving a breadcrumb with your comments and your IP.  There are browsers that will attempt to hide your IP too, but if you’ve gone to that length, then you’re already aware of everything I’ve already said.

The trend that I have noticed lately is the clear tendency to filter comments that are largely favorable to the article (in many cases).  But the inverse is just as true, an outrageous article will be published, which appears to be deliberately designed to elicit published dissent.

I do not think either of these are ‘accidents’, but spiked stories to a) persuade public opinion; b) root out the IP addresses of people who disagree with the status quo.

It would be very easy to imagine that a map of the United States probably exist in several somewheres, where tiny warning flags are placed showing where the most troublesome and potentially problematic people / areas are.  Hell, I could develop this myself in truth, creating tracking profiles of people that “stand out”, cross-referencing them with their posting history, personal information and even buying habits.  It’s just not that hard in truth, and the Internet actually makes this so damned easy.

Chip Me, Please

There’s more.  There is a clear trend to microchip humans, to control literally everything in their lives, what they earn, where they live, who they know, what they do, what they buy, what they sell, what they eat and even track their movements.  This is no joke — the technology already exists and is in trials in many parts of the world today.  The US military has used these chips to track shipments, from factory to battlefield or to warehouse.  Human trials have been underway for some years now.

The technology is being further advanced with chip-enabled computers that can only function for the right operator who has been personally chipped to interface with them.  While this may be a data miners wet dream, it bodes ill for privacy advocates and personal freedoms.

It is a very easy thing to couple tracking chips with data mining and vast databases that will profile everybody. We are making this draconian task much easier for them by our love and embracement of technology, and by innocuously posting information about ourselves, our wives, our families or our friends, or even information about those people that we do not like or support.  Complain about the government?  It’s not going unnoticed, it’s going into a file that ties it directly to you.  Think you’ve got a disease and want to see a doctor?  Keep it to yourself, or your insurance company may find out and use this information against you one day.

Privacy Equals Freedom

Freedom can only exist where there is personal privacy.  Anybody that knows everything about you or your life is very prone to start making rules (or laws) against you, or certainly to take advantage of what they do know.  Why do you think that there is such a clear agenda to collect everything possible about you?  Where there is no privacy, there is no freedom, and there is only a prison.  You become either a victim or a market, where you are targetted to buy stuff, or taken advantage of.

There is a clear agenda at work with the Census taken every decade for example. They are now using GPS (global position satellite) to locate you and your home right down to the inch.  They’re “reasons” for doing this makes no sense at all, but what makes even less sense is the crap that they are asking from you on the Census.

First off, you do not have to answer those questions being asked.  There is no law that states that you do.  Nor has anyone ever been fined by refusing.  The threat of fine is there, so you decide.

Here is a simple rule to follow: if you want freedom, then stop revealing information about yourself, about your opinions, about your dissent, about your approvals, about everything.  We no longer live in a society where freedom of speech is protected.  Get that fact through your head.  It is not protected, it will be and is being used against you on a daily basis.  We lost that battle.  All we have left is the illusion that our practice of free speech is protected.

Technology, as “enabling” as it seems, is being used against us, especially in the area of information.  Your telephone calls, faxes, email and Internet activities are all “wonderful freedoms” that are being vacuumed into gigantic archives by our plantation owners, because of one simple fact: they don’t trust you and never have.

Everyone is suspect, everything you do is suspicious. The damnable Patriot Act saw to that, but this suspicion and distrust predates this abomination by decades.  Some of you remember McCarthyism and the lynch mobs taking place even then.  It’s only gotten worse since that time, and technology has made it unbelievably easy to do this.  The GPS chip in your phone, your car, soon to be in you and in your money proves this beyond any possible doubt.

You should find it very odd that we are not allowed to know what goes on in the closed door sessions and back room meetings of Congress and their ilk, but they want to know exactly what color of underwear you buy and how much you drink and who you got this from and how much you paid.  There is a one-way street of totalitarianism going on here, when it should be exactly the opposite.  We have become the servants to the masters, instead of the other way around.

Don’t forget that this is actually all coming from corporate slaveowners in reality. Government is jumping at their beck and call, even our politicians come from corporate as part of the (s)election process.

The true plantation masters are private / corporate businesses that are seeking to make merchandise of everything: men, women, children, information, resources, land, animals, water, even the very air we breathe.

They’re the ones after you and are the driving force behind the invasion of privacy in your life.  You are nothing more then an economic unit in their mind, bred and born to work, buy and die in accordance to your position in life.  If you ever wanted to know why we cannot break the social class / racial class barriers, it is because we are not being allowed to.  They’ve got us almost exactly where they want us in truth and the “business as usual” paradigm we can’t seem to shake off and break is coming directly from them.

Disinformation As A Weapon

I have only barely scratched the surface of what is really going on here, but it starts with you and your level of awareness and understanding.  You are in a position to control much of this still, and here is how:

You must learn to walk softly and with wisdom.  Do not reveal anything about yourself online.  Do not fill out any forms where you don’t have to.  On those that you do “have to”, simply lie about everything you possibly can.  None of this information is being used to help you anyway and it is actually illegal to collect it in many cases, but that obviously is not stopping anybody from demanding this information from you, so you have to wise up and deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

It can be great fun to mess up the databases and collection efforts by feeding them bogus information.  During the public heyday of Project Carnivore, many people smartened up and started embedding their emails and posted comments with trigger words to cause this giant computerized vacuum to flag anything and everything as “suspicious”.  While this probably didn’t work, it did help people to wake up to what was going on by their own government and the surveillance society that was being built.  It is a relatively simple thing to program software to ignore these kinds of “baits”.

Stay offline with your comments.  Stop posting them.  But if you do, post wisely.  Keep in mind that you’re not posting in secret.  There is every reason to believe that you are typing in a dangerous minefield.

A New Cyber Army Is Called For

Online, Covert Agents Promoted By Obama Administration

There are literally thousands more references to snooping, spying, investigating, collating, analysing and the collection of stupendous volumes of information about all electronic activity (Internet, phone, fax, microwave, email, satellite, literally everything).  If you are not aware of this, it behooves you to immediately smarten up about what has been going on for decades now.

The collection of information is an incredibly powerful weapon, and has long been used to tightly couple the media output of news, even controlling public opinion, perception, belief, and issues like trust, calm, fear, support, racism, xenophobia, consumption and of course, our ever-present materialism.  Put a little more clearly, you, me, everyone is being programmed for behavior, belief, reaction and response just like a computer, since birth. The more information / data collection they have on us, the easier this task is for them.

This is a type of passive programming, which gives you something that they don’t have (yet).  You can unprogram yourself by decoupling from these programming sources as much as possible.  You do this by unplugging yourself from their inputs into how you are supposed to think, act, buy, believe.  The entire scope of how to do this is going to be beyond this newsletter.  For now, realize that you can take personal authority over all of this if you want to.

In addition to this, what media sources you read, watch and listen to need to carefully considered for their accuracy, completeness, honesty, integrity and usefulness.  The American media in particular is some of the worst sources in the world for these criteria.  If you don’t already know why this is, I won’t try to explain this right now, so that this post isn’t too long.

Propaganda As A Weapon

There are a LOT of so-called news sources and media outlets that are pure propaganda mouthpieces, and even within the so-called “movements” (patriot, right-wing, left-wing, dissent, anti-war, you name it) media sources, a great deal of this information is propaganda and disinformation too.  Just because a group or news outlet fits your worldviews, doesn’t make them right, accurate or truthful.  Their data sources and facts must be checked for accuracy and completeness and any propaganda that they spew forth simply rejected.

Almost all, if not all, news stories are deliberately “spiked”.  They’re ALL vetted by editors and reviewers to toe the party line and push a particular agenda.  They’re spiked with seemingly innoccous statements to plant particular viewpoints and opinions in your mind.  If you look for them, you can find them everywhere, here is an example.

Did you spot it?  It’s the last statement in the article (there are several others too).

While the Pakistani government publicly condemns the strikes as violations of its sovereignty, it is thought to have a secret deal with Washington allowing them.

You are left with the impressions that they want you to believe, without providing any proof or evidence that this is true.  This is a very common tactic and accomplishes exactly what they want it to accomplish: to lull you into meek acceptance.  The message is clear, if our government is doing it, then it must be okay, especially if they’ve brokered a “deal” with another government.

There are many other spiked messags in this same story by the way, see if you can’t pick them out yourself.

They’re intended to desensitize you to what is really going on here.  Here are just a few things you are being lulled into acceptance on this particular article:

that “they” are bad, and we are (somehow) good; that they are protecting us (somehow) from “enemies” thousands of miles away; that an entire American industry is very busy at work building highly technical and complex devices to kill total strangers to us and that this is all well and good and must be okay; that we can meekly trust our government in these matters; that they are acting on our behalf (somehow) and to our benefit in some mysterious but not fully explained way; that all of the people that they kill in our behalf are all our true enemies and they are all deserving of death without trial; that any collateral damage of civilians, bystanders, women, children, men and property is necessary; that repeated actions of this type are still condoned; and that we should just shut up and go along with it all.

There is a real problem with this type of propaganda, but we see this sort of thing all of the time.  The many hidden messages contained within are fully intended to create your acceptance, questioning nothing, accepting everything.  It is even considered “unpatriotic” to question any of it!

The Bush Administration took this type of propaganda to unbelievable levels, claiming that “anyone who isn’t with us is with the terrorists”.  Terrorists, by this definition, was every single person in the entire world that George and his kind did not like or that did not support the actions of his administration.

George W. Bush and all of his ilk made it very clear — do not think for yourself, question nothing, object not and accept whatever we tell you as the unvarnished truth — and that is all you need to know.  Ignore our lies, our manufactured “evidence”, even our corrupt activities, including blowing up some rather big buildings.  Just go with it people!!  We’re here for you!

My gag reflex was so bad during his corrupt Administration that I developed constant heartburn.  But Obama is no better, this man has taken lying and propaganda to entirely new levels.  I suspect that they take lessons on how to do this.  But I know where the real power is coming from, and I hope most of you are catching on to this.

The Unvarnished Truth

New sources are generally pretty bad for presenting biased information.  I can’t provide anyone with a list of trusted sources, as they probably don’t actually exist.  You’ll have to learn to filter out what news is valid and true and what isn’t.  This is a learned skill, in truth, and you must learn to practice this daily, as your world and your worldviews are what is at risk here.

There is a gigantic battle taking place for the minds of men, all over the world, obviously including yours. If they can control what you see, hear, believe, buy, accept, support, condone or even what you are told to be disinterested in, then they have in fact, turned you into a zombie.  If you ever wanted to know why so many Americans are so apathetic, unlearned, disinterested and self-serving, there you have it.  They have been programmed since birth through ten million sources to be exactly that way.

A few pointer then are called for: if you don’t read, start. Reading will open your mind up to many possibilities and sources of information.  It takes a large volume of reading to learn to unlearn the propaganda and myths we’ve all come to believe and accept as truth.  One book won’t do it, ten books won’t do it either.

I buy a lot of books and I read them all.  I spend many hours each day reading, my bookmarks is huge for sites I prefer, but I still have to be very careful.  There are sites that are pretty good but spike their stories with absolute bullshit, stuff I know isn’t true, because I’ve taken the time to learn from qualified experts and researchers on that particular subject.

A few subjects to simply prove a point is the history of the Founding Fathers of this nation and what they actually wrote and believed.  Other such subjects is the US Constitution, Articles of Confederation and the Bill of Rights.  Others that once held great interest to me was the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Holocaust, American history, 911, the Armenian genocide, the history of the bible, even the known facts surrounding the year 2012 and Mayan prophecies.  But there are many, many more, areas of interest that I’ve undertaken to the point of saturation, until such time as I come to exhaust my own personal interest and understand the true history of these things.

Not everybody will do this of course, which is why you really do need to be pretty careful and don’t let your mind become “one of theirs”.  This is after all, what the propagandist are after, since if they can get you to believe what they claim, then they can also get you to obey what they want.

A Free Mind

A free mind is a very powerful weapon.  This is why so much information is deliberately hidden from people, they do not want people to have the ability to truly think for themselves and learn.  One reason why indegenious groups were so easily controlled is that they withheld very important and critical information from them, and then they took advantage of that.  They also withheld education (another form of information), resources and money, but that’s sort of beside the point here.

It IS what you don’t know that can and probably will kill you in the end.  Your lack of knowledge will also help enslave you, just as much as your embracement of false information and myths.  Never forget that there are chess pieces being plotted out several moves in advance by our controllers.  What information we have that is being regurgitated for public consumption is no accident, it is deliberate, methodical and diabolically planned out to always gain the advantage and to leverage control over the public.  It is how they are still overlording over the people and keeping us almost entirely ignorant of what they are really doing.

Ever wonder why the law was so complex and full of legalese and hard to understand language?  It’s an old trick, going back thousands of years.  They did this too when they developed religion, making it hard for people to speak the language, read the words or even understand the full significance of the rituals and rites.  We have that same situation today in our courts, our laws, our corporations and the so-called rules of governance over them and throughout our governments of the world today. Let’s admit it — we barely know what they are doing, and this is absolutely no accident at all.

There is no such thing as “open government”.  This is a myth, and is meant to deflect you from serious inquiry.

Only the highly trained, versed, studied and educated lay (qualified) claims to understanding what is that they do, and try as they might, they’ve only been able to share just a little of what is really going on.

There are protective barriers, walls deliberately erected to keep the people from revolting. There have been a number of highly placed people throughout history that have made exactly this claim — that if the people really understood what was going on, we’d burn their houses down.

So read, learn, watch and listen.  Self-educating is always better then vegetating anyway.  What you learn may just save your life one day, or that of someone else.  It’ll certainly make you a better person, with a stronger intellect and a stronger sense of intuition, understanding and capabilities.


This is interesting, Secrecy News just sent me this in time for this publication, definitely related to the points I raised above:


The Department of Defense has issued a new publication (pdf) to update and clarify its doctrine on “psychological operations.”

Psychological operations, or PSYOP, are intended to “convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives.”

PSYOP is among the oldest of military disciplines, but the new DoD doctrine continues to wrestle with basic definitional issues.

It endorses a new, negative definition of the term “propaganda,” which had formerly been used in a neutral sense to refer to “Any form of communication in support of national objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.” From now on, propaganda will refer only to what the enemy does:  “Any form of adversary communication, especially of a biased or misleading nature, designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.”

The new doctrine also dictates that the term “perception management” shall be eliminated from the DoD lexicon (pdf).

DoD acknowledges that PSYOP is limited by legal constraints, including statutes, international agreements, and national policies. Among other things, the DoD doctrine states, there is a “requirement that US PSYOP forces will not target US citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances.”  Yet in a near contradiction, the doctrine also states that “When authorized, PSYOP forces may be used domestically to assist lead federal agencies during disaster relief and crisis management by informing the domestic population.”  Perhaps the PSYOP forces are supposed to inform the domestic population without “targeting” them.

Fundamentally, psychological operations are tethered to the reality of U.S. government actions, for good or for ill.  As the new doctrine notes, “Every activity of the force has potential psychological implications that may be leveraged to influence foreign targets.”  But PSYOP cannot no substitute for an incoherent policy or rescue a poorly executed plan.

See “Psychological Operations,” Joint Publication 3-13.2, Joint Chiefs of Staff, January 7, 2010.

Don’t buy into the propaganda of “legal constraints”, it has never stopped them before, they just go underground and do it anway.  You remain the “foreign objective”, PSYOP’s has long been known to be practiced by corporations and government throughout the world.

Never forget, if we’re being told about this in “disclosure”, that in itself is an admission that there is much, much more going on.  Even disclosure is part of an agenda, and is part of both damage control and propaganda in itself.


Trijicon, maker of rifle scopes and weapons sights, just got found out, they’ve been putting Bible passages on their weapon sights sold to the US Military (and probably others).

Apparently, they’ve been doing this for a rather long time, I’ve got one sitting right here next to me (attached to you-know-what) and yep, it’s got this on it.  I’ve had this one for years too.  Guess I need to remember who I’m serving as I send that bullet down range into the head of my enemy.

Nothing like proselytizing for Christ with the business end of a gun.  That’ll get the message across, albeit a bit late I’d think.

Unbelievable. Trijicon must be the stupidest company on earth to try this.  I’ve always known that Iraq and now Afghanistan is a holy jihad for Christ (look it up if you don’t believe me), but this takes the cake, mostly because I got taken myself.

Plenty of other places to spend your dollars on quality sights.  Recommended: Aimpoint, Eotech, NightForce and Schmidt & Bender for starters.

Food Price Increase

I took the time to calculate out the cost of food from 2006 to 2009.  The bad news is prices have gone up steadily and substantially, some of the 4 year plans have jumped over one thousand dollars since 2006.  It’s not going to get any better either.

If, and I say “if” so that there is no mistake, the 2010 harvests turns out just as bad as others have claimed will happen, then everyone can expect this to be reflected in the grocery stores and on places like my own food website.

Food as a weapon is no joke and is being used in many stricken areas of the world.  If you’ve been following the Haiti story, food and water is in critical short supply right now.  This will probably continue long after the earthquake “relief” stops too.  Strangely (or not, Haiti is as corrupt as any nation gets), some people are being turned away already and there is still a great deal of search and rescue to do.


I saw a review of the “mass graves” a few days ago, where they were already claiming of having buried 70,000 people (by hand) and the opinion there was “not possible”, and that this was mostly just media disinformation, likely planted by Haiti and perhaps a few others, all hoping to get their hands into the cookie jar at a time when world attention was on the nation.

This is unbelievably tragic, but possible for sure.  Haiti has had US help for a very long time, but remained one of the most impoverished and corrupt places on earth (hint: I just told you why). That hasn’t changed, even in crisis.  Images of looting, burning and crime are what we’re being shown, but images of coordinated relief and recovery (in the early days) and mass graves on the scale they were claiming were almost entirely absent.  We saw people using sticks and hammers and their hands to rescue survivors, but no heavy equipment.

Everyday that passes now for this stricken country will undoubtedly worsen their real and imagined need.  However, the problems Haiti has remain as acute as ever.  Deep corruption contributed to staggering levels of poverty.  Over ten thousand organizations have sought to bring help to Haiti, which remained the poorest place in the northern hemisphere.

The underlying tragedy of Haiti remains the same as ever, even if there had been no earthquake.  The real and accurate count of Haiti’s loss will probably never be known.

Jan 142010

I hope readers are savvy enough to keep up on the so-called “climate debate” issues of interest, which are taking up plenty of useless space on various blogs and forums. The real scientists are easily disproving the so-called debates, which are almost entirely made up of manufactured lies and quotations.

This is eerily similiar to the so-called Climategate fiasco, where messages broadly taken out of context were supposed to “disprove” the science.

Good websites will do a credible job of exposing these frauds, such as Real Climate, Climate Progress, the Island of Doubt and many others.

There has been a lot of climate news lately, all bad, but all more or less predictable for a warming world. Increased methane release bodes ill for the planet, snow cover over the U.S is shrinking (despite the cold snap much of the U.S. is experiencing), the pine forest of British Columbia are now net carbon emitters, Australia just broke its own all time record for the warmest decade, ocean surface water temperatures continue to increase, with this kind of thing leading to increase jellyfish blooms.

We just survived the hottest decade on record as global warming marches on.

Many people are confused about the temperature variations and the precipitation variations that are experienced when the climate becomes unbalanced. These oscillations are expected.

Due to increased evaporation, more water vapor is carried aloft into the atmosphere. Land surface temperatures and lower albedo effects from less snow and ice cause shifts in regional weather patterns (among many other factors). There are even changes going on in ocean surface tempertures and deep sea temperature changing the thermohaline and ocean currents. The end result of temperature shifts is changing weather patterns. Some areas will experience increased drought effects, others will experience increased precipitation (rain or snow).

Overall, much of the land surface is actually drying out. Some of this is caused by deforestation which is changing regional rainfaill. Some is being caused by glacial melt, which is rapidly increasing all over the world choking rivers and causing many villages to fail for lack of water.

Spiked stories of “increasing levels of ice” in the Arctic are deliberately misleading, because you’re not supposed to read the entire article for facts, which reveals that ice thickness has significantly diminished. Thinner ice each year is a clear trend of a warming Arctic. More on this below too.

I expect the next decade to be substantially hotter as a result of this and many more source articles and scientific publications. Fresh water will become critical for many countries and regions. It’s probably no accident at all that the George Bush family bought most of the land over the Guarani Aquifer back in 2006, one of the world’s largest aquifers.

We must keep in mind that the chess pieces of the global elite are often moved well in advance, such as the new seven Columbia military bases being built. The new Africom military command is being assembled to enable the United States to go after more resources in the decades ahead. Yemen, and now the Horn of Africa are in the target sights with more to come.

None of this has anything to do with freedom, democracy, national security or even justice, it’s the same business as usual model of taking resources from wheresoever we want by coercion and force, and using American sons and daughters to do it (or proxy armies coerced into helping us). This is “business”, the tried and true methodology of Empire.

I’m hoping readers understand where this is all heading. Like climate change and the so-called “raging debates” surrounding anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate, the issues that surround Empire, expansion and dominionist policies will be just as vehemently denied.

The So-Called Hidden Dot

Why is it so hard for people to connect the dots? There is a very clear connection that can be easily seen if people but look with open minds, discarding preconceived or ill-guided notions and misinformation.

Alas, it really is hard for many people to see what is developing, where it is heading, and what the inevitable conclusion of all these things will be. I feel like I am beating my head repeatedly against a wall.

There is a saying that goes well here. Forewarned is forearmed. There is no need to be taken by surprise when your country engages in yet another senseless war — you should have seen this coming. It doesn’t particular matter where this occurs next, you just know that it will. And you’re going to be expected to pay for it of course, or rather, your great-great-great-great grandchildren are, because that is how far out we are into the future in terms of financing our military debts and global occupation.

Our generation is, beyond any doubt, the most complicit generation to ever grace the face of Earth. Despite our feeble protests and disagreements with what we are aware of that is going on, we are almost entirely powerless to effectively do much about it, but this is primarily because we won’t do what it takes (revolt). Nothing else will work (if it did, we’d have that evidence).

So we stand is shocked horror as our country engages in stupidity after fiasco after knee-jerk after coverup, again and again and again, ad naseum.

I could do this all day, but won’t. Already some of my readers are bored with this newsletter, finding that it does not meet their expectations or interest or viewpoints. I’m not sure what people expected. It’s the same format / tone / theme as the blog. I’ve fallen into a rut so to speak, of cajoling, encouraging and pointing out what is gone wrong with our society, our nation, our world and how humans are in fact, responsible for all of it.

The Divine Plan Of Human Imagination

This is no divine plan as one person suggested, sorry to let some of you down. I checked that out, very, very carefully for a long time, and nope, we are not fulfilling anything other then our own selfish and largely stupid desires with the corresponding consequences such childish behavior brings about.

We’re not getting rescued by Christ or a mother ship, we’re not going to greet any saviors or aliens (with the later being more likely if anything were to happen), an asteroid or near-earth flyby may suddenly disrupt things, but much more likely to happen is we are going to continue this ever-present downward spiral towards self-destruction by our own hubris.

But you say, “I’m too negative”. That I am. One person said I’m overly pessimistic at times, and then overly optimistic. I’m both. When it comes to government, the public trust and / or awareness, the plutoacracy or any other institutions, I’m overtly pessimistic because the evidence squarely proves that these things never change from within. They are too self-serving and protected and entrenched by their own expections and rules to change for the better.

I’m optimistic however on what can change, which is the individual, a tract of land, even an act of kindness or compassion, something we can individually directly control. These are things within our power, within your power and my power and we can actively work towards these positive things by sheer choice.

But it is not possible to apply these optimal choices to things much larger then ourselves, which I’ve pointed out “would have happened already” if they could. Many, many well meaning activists, politicians from years gone by, authors, writers, and self-prescribed “change agents” have worn their fingers to the bone trying like mad to change the unchangeable. After many years of effort, they will quietly admit that they have almost totally failed, that what can be changed is not what is self-protecting and self-serving, but what is individual and under your direct control and influence.

Of course, not everyone believes this, even I didn’t for many years, but now I do. And admittedly, I’m hoping that some of you do too, because we are more effective by engaging in activities that actually do work, then uselessly throwing ourselves upon the well-worn gears again and again.

This is a rather big point, and one I wish more people would come to understand. Do what works — not what doesn’t. This is simple common sense, but it’s not common, otherwise we’d have long ago gone ahead and abandoned efforts that never go anywhere and tried something else.

I think people think I suggest giving up. Not at all. That is the last thing I’m advocating. I have long suggested that you unlearn the lies and deceptions and the misleading information that controls your life. That’s not giving up, not at all. I have also suggested that people use common sense and see things for what they a really are. That’s not giving up either. And finally, I have encouraged people to think for themselves, to stop accepting the status quo as being either normal or healthy or that it will self-govern itself into a fair, equitable or just society.

You need to learn to be able to see through the lies and the deceptions before you can think clearly. And once you think clearly, take action in direct accordance with your new vision and beliefs. It is not sufficient to stand in silence or mutely and do nothing. You need to act decisively. Hanging in the balance is you and your life, and how it contributes or takes away from the developing problems and issues in the world. If you do nothing and remain a slug, then you are complicit, even contributing and making things worse. If you do something, a choice and a decision that is yours alone to make, then you have at least done something.

It is because there are too few of us doing something (anything) and too many of us that remain dependent slugs, having no original thoughts or actions that aren’t already pre-programmed into us, that convince us we remain powerless, caught in this web of deception and defeat. We think we’re doing something by participating in democracy, such as voting or writing to our Senators or some other such nonesense, actions that don’t work, but we’re actually not doing anything at all by such actions. These actions are already signs of total defeat and submission, they are neither empowering or enabling and they will not accomplish anything.

Is it so hard to see? Let me put this another way — if you are not challenging the Machine, then you’re really not doing anything. Your life here on this planet can only count for something if you are trying to make it a little bit better, and there are many, many issues in which you can get yourself involved in. Because the Earth is in such crisis now, and because there are so many, many human issues too in which to be concerned about, we must take our compassion and our concern and engage at least a portion of ourselves to make them better.

If we don’t do that, then we are selfish, caring nothing for the injustice or the suffering and the wrongs going on all around us. We must do something, an ethic that has long been taught throughout all of human history because it is truly essential for human survival. We may live only unto ourselves, and be entirely selfish, always “taking away” and never putting back, or we may make a contribution by engaging our compassion in effective ways.

Religious Deceptions

I remain disgusted by those that claim the faith of Christ, yet abandon all sense of personal responsibility and accountability for their own actions, or the injustices going on in the world today.

These concepts are diametrically opposed to one another, and I can only account for this dichotomy through long research which has revealed that Christianity as taught today opposes human responsibility and the results this brings.

The blame, these humans reason, rests upon God, or the “will of God”, or the devil or some other such absolute nonsense, or human weaknesses and our notions of “sin”, and therefore “justly deserved” forms of punishment are divinely enacted through human agents or “natural” events, including death, maiming, torture or any other forms of horrible suffering.

This is a damnable doctrine of excuses and irresponsibility and is behind much of the suffering in the world today. It teaches zero accountability for human actions and permits all kinds of terrible excesses and behaviors, excusing them all under the will of God.

For many years, I taught the scriptures as some know and I almost never speak of it now, because it is such a huge sword that divides asunder the fake and phony from the lies and their deceptions. Christianity had long been co-opted into an abomination of doctrine and deception, which is why genocicde remains one of Christianity’s most troublesome practices, but continues to this day.

Ecocide and omnicide is another false embellishment of the Christian life today. The propensity for self-deception and delusions of grandeur, preeminence and domination is legendary within the Christian walk. But to be fair, it is not limited to Christianity alone, but most of the world’s major religions, who make it a special point that theirs is the only one true religion.

Common sense dictates an obvious truth — humans are not the only sentient species on this planet, or even the most populous species, or the only species that “deserves” to live here, but it is human actions and activities alone and none other, that have threatened the extinguishment of all life on this planet.

Ecocide and omnicide notwithstanding, extinctions are now occurring at ten thousand times the natural rate — all of which is being caused by humans, with many of these same humans that are indifferent, uneducated and misled into believing that this is all some asinine “divine plan” (on a global scale no less) that we should go forth and literally subdue everything into total extinction.

This warped idea is ridiculous on its face, any God that would deem such activities as being “planned” by Him is deserving of neither worship or regard.

The sheer idiocy of this notion boggles the mind, but I have met many, face to face that honestly and truly believe such nonsense. They believe that human dominion over all things on this planet is the divine will of their notion of God, and that there is no price too high to pay to accomplish this fact, including genocide over non-believers, ecocide and omnicide. There are many, many more such outrageous fantasies and illusions held by this influential group that mirrors this level of staggering stupidity.

They always have an excuse too for their actions (and their indifference). People that suffer are either being “punished” for their own good, or because they’re not the right faith, right color, right sex, right country or the right government (take your pick). How utterly convenient this is for them. Their xenophobia and hidden hatred is legendary.

They connect all bad things that happen to mythical legends and creatures, utterly failing to recognize the obvious fact that it is human predatory practices that is making other humans and the environment a living hell. They excuse these actions as being part of some warped divine plan that somehow always manages to leave them alone in the exclusively privileged and pampered preeminent positions where they can look down from their ivory towers of judgement and scorn.

The recent Pat Robertson quote on the Haiti earthquake was so utterly vile and disgusting that this should make people of all faiths run like hell for the exits. But Roberson is not alone, there are now thousands of comments from “believers” who claim that the crushing of men, woman, children, homes, hospitals and schools is the will of God, who takes some kind of perverse pleasure in mangled bodies, pools of blood and shattered lives. If you believe this — then you are one seriously fucked up person. Depart now, because you are the true workers of iniquity and I want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you.


To these people, I shout “Wake the hell up”. It’s time you learned the truth of your bible, your faith, your church history and your actions and the contributions you and everyone else is making towards a veritable hell on Earth. Not one of you has any excuse for accepting dogma over fact, fiction over evidence, doctrine over common sense. Your prophets are profiteers and charlatans, fleecing you fools into total submission and stupidity while they greedily heap to themselves ill-gotten riches. You are not alone, but you are large and you are definitely having an effect on life of this planet, and it is not good.

I rarely (by choice) delve into these matters, believing that people have the right to choose for themselves what they believe in matters of faith. But it is simply dishonest to not take the time, from time to time, to make mention of how our beliefs such as this can lead us (all) to destruction by our own hand.

I’m done with this topic, for now.

Marine Mammal Force Protection – Enlisting sentient marine mammals for military use. We all know there is no end to the level that the military will go to “dominate”.

Amazon’s Chernobyl – Cancer, toxic waste pits, denials, destruction, entire region destroyed by Texaco. Typical corporate American behavior.

Global corporations need to be completely shut down. They should not be allowed to exist. Their constant environmental depredation and destruction must stop. They are rarely held accountable. Their sheer size, influence, power and money in a world that worships these false ideals makes them nearly untouchable. I’d like to see all their executives, lawyers, loggers, defenders, drillers and deniers strung up. No people, no country, no region and no humanity should put up with their lies and deceptions.

Pine Island Glacier is now past the tipping point – So are a lot of other glaciers, we’re just willing to come out and say it yet. Sea levels are going to rise dramatically.

Antarctica Losing 24 Cubic Miles of Ice Per Year – And this trend is accelerating.

Return To Small Farms Could Help Alleviate Environmental, Social Crisis – Seems like I heard something like that somewhere before. This is the future, whether we like it or not, as the world winds down and a return to local living is forced upon us.

Jan 112010

Someone sent me this Youtube video link of how to get even with an airline that screws you over.

I think it’s great that we can exact our revenge upon the indifferent corporations (sometimes), and always cheer when it works (as it did in this case, but the damage was done).

When it works I should say.  My own position against American Express and Discover has resulted in many lost sales to me (and to them I’m sure) over the years, but these two credit card companies grind on, screwing over customer and merchant alike to this day.

We don’t often win, but when we do, we get to celebrate the victory.  And here’s a tiny one.

But these victories are a hollow.  These things shouldn’t happen in the first place and when they do, we should not be forced to go to such lengths to get restitution.  After the fact “victories” can never be considered complete or sufficient.

And sadly, they are always too few, too little and too far in-between to actually accomplish much except those momentary feelings of satisfaction that are quickly replaced with growing despair.  If we the people were “winning”, we’d have ample evidence of this already, but we don’t. It’s been one losing battle after another against large and small, again and again.

This is an essay well worth reading.  It’s a bit long, but elequently states why civilization is our true enemy, and how the proponents of civilization (including some of you) are working against us all.  You don’t have to be in the educational system either, you just need to be one of those tiny little cogs in the machine that is grinding everything to powder in the insatiable voracious quest for “more”.

More money, more growth, more resources, more people, more power, more everything, leaving behind a planet-sized wasteland of discarded bits of dust — you, me, the air, water, soil, fish, animals, minerals, literally everything, swallowed up, ground down, spit out and fashioned into human-shaped temporal morsels of connedsumptive ‘feasts’, soon to be discarded away and left to rot.

I think this essay makes a great case for homesteaders by the way, where the abandonment of civilization is our only possible hope for a living future.  We could just abandon the planet to the cockroaches and rats, who remain quite adept at proliferating on our wastes and discards, but I’d rather not.  There is something deeply troubling about omnicide and the human apathy behind it that I just can’t shake.

This essay did give me a moments inspiration — only a single generation is necessary to shut it all down for good, if they could all just “quit” their slavery and walk away.

A fine fantasy, but one that would never be permitted as insect-sized drones with lethal loads would pour forth from militarized cookie factories to kill the global walkout — and act which would be justified as being for “our own good”.  There is no doubt that we are considered better off dead then departed, it would do well for everyone to keep this in mind.

However, a boycott of all that is wrong, evil, and self-perpetuating of civilization is necessary and long overdue.  But why do I get the sense that it is also futile?

Is it because we worship at the gnashing altar of technology and progress? Or because the gods of war who decide the “right to life” are utterly indifferent to common sense, compassion and sensibilities?  Or because my fellow Americans remain with rootly transfixed into meek submission with infotainment and sports scores?

Still bored?  Then try the sex robot, a little makeup and bad lighting would probably do wonders for most of these beer-swilling gut busters.

Walk Out

We need to honestly ask ourselves — are we EVER going to willingly walk away from it all? Or are we not in fact, going to keep pursuing it all, even if it kills us?

Introspectively, I suspect that we can’t walkout.  We’d have a revolt on our hands in short order.  But then again, we’d have a revolt on our hands by any other means too, such as “designed collapse”, which is a sure sign of our addiction and dependency.  But we don’t need any “sign” or evidence now do we? This isn’t the issue.

The issue is us, it’s always us and how we live, how we act, how we respond and how we go about our lives on this world.  Too many of us are completely immune from the earthly connections that supports us and how and why this is even possible today.

Our approach to land stewardship and use is a science of measurements, we know if we provide these kinds of inputs x, y and z, we can properly expect these kinds of outputs, 1, 2 and 3.  We’ve become pretty good at this too, but it is this very act of scientific analysis that has helped disconnect us from the larger reality.

Our connection to the life itself in the land and throughout the earth has received a divorce decree by domination and control. Since then, we have been whoremongering with technology and technowizardy, making a witches brew with DNA and genetic manipulation, ever-coaxing just a little bit more from the already strained earth life support systems.

Enveloping it all, right down to our petroleum produced plastic buttons and rubber plantation clad feet, is our throbbing civilization powered by ten trillion sacrifices. When we say omnicide, we mean to kill it all, microbes, bacteria, mold, slime, jellyfish, vertabrates, invertebrates, birds, fish, reptiles, human, fauna, even the very atmosphere we breathe and the soil beneath our feet.

This is no joke.  This is happening all over the planet. It is deadly serious and growing worse each day.

I still contend that it is nearly pointless to read more words, any words including mine, about these things.  Mere words, essays and informative articles will never be enough.  We need something else entirely.

Total Liberation

Thomas Paine’s corner has another good essay on Total Liberation which I recommend you read.  Of course the environmental movement is intimately connected with the animal rights movement, neither can exist in a vertical vacuum one from the other, as both are entirely dependent upon the same fundamental principles and values.

Total liberation to me means many things, and there have been some excellent authors who have penned their thoughts on this that are similar to mine.  But I am most interested in what happens beyond the words.  What is actually being done, now — here — there — everywhere.

In the end, I came to realize it was entirely up to me to do what needed to be done.  I have no control over anyone else, and cannot even directly or efficiently influence anyone else.  There are billions of words now available for anyone who would self-educate themselves to the truth, no matter what the subject, and billions more words available to motive you / them to do so.  But the choice and the decision remains yours and theirs and nothing and nobody is really able to make this happen any faster or even better then what each of us decides.

Life is after all, a series of choices, provided to us by opportunities and circumstances. If some outside agency were to force change upon us all, then we would still explore all the available opportunites given the circumstances.  And this is fundamental to my original question — are we ever going to willingly walk away from it all?

The answer is no.  Not unless we have been offered some functioning alternatives.  Even the primitivist today knows this — if the land won’t directly support them, they won’t try to live off the land, they’ll do something else.  The Amish know this, the farmer knows this, everyone fundamentally knows this.  Those emeshed within confines of civilizations lulling embrace are comfortable (for now) where they are, and they won’t willingly leave unless they are offered some functioning alternatives.

It may be forced upon them through collapse — but that isn’t the point of this discussion for now. The question was, could we do it as a matter of choice?

Even though we can now understand the terrible effects of our lifestyles and how our militarized and industrialized civilization is creating self-destruction, I suspect that this answer is still a resounding “No”.

More education and more awareness is not making us change in sufficient numbers or more practically speaking, in sufficient ways, even on an individual basis, for us to embrace the new ethics and modes of living that are absolutely necessary.  I think this is a critical point by the way, because it reveals our propensity to be self-deluding and self-destructive.

The truth be known — we know enough now, already to create change in dramatic and essential ways.  But we’re simply not willing to do it, not while civilization continues to seductively charm us into apathy and indifference.  We’re addicted to our lifestyles in truth, especially here in the West, unable to willingly wean ourselves off this sugar-coated tit of stylized living.

The alternatives needed (and long overdue) are almost entirely absent, and they offer most of us nothing but fantasy and illusion right now, a certain romanticized notion of “how it could / should be” if we truly had lives worth living, and lives that were consciencious, truly sustainable, autonomous, democratic and meaningful.

This then poses both a particular problem and a much-needed solution.  It is not a connundrum however, but an opportunity.  But one that is neither forced upon us (just yet), but one that can be willingly, if but by by sheer force of will (effort) made a reality.

Can it be done?  Of this, I have no doubt at all, as there are functioning societies today that are already doing it.  They are almost entirely alien to us, but that isn’t even relevant — they’re doing it and they’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  I am of course talking about indigenous tribes and bands that are presently living and alive today.

I admit that nobody in the western world would hardly consider “joining in” with them to live as they do — even if they are entirely self-sufficient and sustainable.  Nor would we even be much interested in modeling ourselves close to them.  We are always exploring our other alternatives and opportunities as I’ve already said.  We expect and even demand much, much more then they do.  At issue here is our unqualified demands and what we think we need to exist.  They are neither reasonable or sustainable, but nevertheless, they exist and are very real to us, multiplied by billions of humans, and thus the “problem” and predicament we have today.

It is clear that we must by sheer force of will, choose what we will actually do.  More words will never be sufficient, we must now act, individually and in unison.  We must choose to leave the coal in the ground, to stop commerical fishing, to stop logging, to stop deforestation, to stop industrialized agriculture, to stop driving, to stop flying, to stop eating fast foods, to stop eating factory farmed meat, to stop burning petroleum, to stop voting, to stop giving our consent, and to stop our addiction of the corporate culture of “connedsumerism” in all its forms and practices.

And that’s just for starters.  But there is no doubt that none of this can happen unless we categorically stop examining our “preferred alternatives” as being even remotely beneficial to humanity or the life on this planet.  Stopping the above activities is only barest minimums necessary to ensure that we will even have life on this planet in a hundred years.

But perhaps most important, a point that I would like to drive home is that we must in fact, learn to stop.  Stop by choice.  Stop by necessity.  But the message from industry, the media and the government is just the opposite.  We’re not supposed to stop.  They will use anything, coercion or force or illusion or misrepresentation or any such thing that tells us that we cannot just “stop”.  Of course we can, by sheer force of will.  It is a choice.

Stopping is an action that you can do.  It is a choice that you can make.  And it is a necessary action to free your mind from corpocracy and the life support dependency that they have forced upon you.

This is the path of total liberation (to me) and it means all of this and so much more then this.  I can easily envision a world where there are no laws, no businesses, no corporations, no jails, no prisons, no police, no airlines, no cars, no buildings, no roads, no … well, now I’m off in fantasy land and I’ve completely missed the boat here.  Where are the alternatives that I spoke of?  If I stop, what then do I do that I might live?

The alternative action is for us to learn to live in cooperation with the land, from the natural abundance of the land and what it can locally support, instead of from the constant depradation of the land and its continual decrease. 

We CAN do this — if we so choose.  And we can do this right now, without asking for anybody’s permission or waiting for corporate “leadership” (deception) or government alliances or any such thing.

Land that is damaged like where I live can be restored bit by bit.  I don’t / didn’t have the luxury of living where the land is pristine, but then again, there isn’t much pristine land available anywhere.  I’m homesteading here, learning to let the land be and only take what I need to exist.  I will do some intensive gardening as there is nothing much in the surrounding forests for me to eat.  This is both a compromise and an “alternative”.

In turn, I will (have) stopped driving, stopped flying, stopped supporting corporate culture (employment and box stores), stopped hunting, stopped fishing, stopped eating fast food, stopped eating fish, stopped voting and a bunch of other little steps to “stop” my willing and even unwilling participation into what is killing us all.

Also in turn, I will coax the land into providing me my actual and real living, in terms of food, heat, water, and shelter.  My own “generational plan” encompasses 100 years here, about the limit of what I think I can reasonably do and plan ahead for.

Long term, I hope that this entire area will revert back to the wild, several thousand people lived here in perfect health long before my civilization came and destroyed them.  Ironically, several thousand people live here now, about the double the same number, but every single one of them requires massive inputs of food, water, energy, oil, materials and of course, money.  Obviously, this cannot last, not here, not anywhere on the planet, and planning ahead now for how to live here in the future makes good sense.

So, returning briefly to opportunities and circumstances and choices.  Make it happen in your life.  Create the opportunity.  Choose wisely as I am fond of saying.  Choose with consideration what your future could be and even should be.  It is up to you to create functioning alternatives to your present lifestyle.  They do not have to be the same (and shouldn’t be).

Start Your Tribe

The future requires humans to develop cooperative communities within their land base / resource area.  This is the past repeating itself again, as long trial and error of human existence has shown that tribes are the only sustainable societal structures humans have ever developed.

I hope to create a tribe here — once my neighbors get a clue, hopefully before collapse in their life sweeps them away.  Deek recently wrote to me about a global proposal for ‘landocracy’ and the right to return to living on the local land base without all of the damaging restrictions being demanded of us now.

I think this is a great idea, one which I would fully support.  I will in fact support almost anything that will destroy the world powers that be and reduce them to rubble and ashes, because these agencies and institutions and vested interests are not even remotely helping me and mine or any of you, but they are definitely behind our common destruction.

I hope to write more on the landocracy ideas as I learn more, but the restoration of the people back to the land is the essence of the human future on this planet.  It MUST happen, otherwise we will remain their slaves and connedsumers enlisted in our own destruction.

Jan 072010

There is a lot of ‘happenings’ taking place in the world right now, as the jockeying continues for attention, resources and power.

I think a lot of these things are meant to be distractions from the serious issues facing us all. If you notice, I’m not putting much of this ‘news’ up on the newsletter lately for this reason. What news is there that we don’t know already?  The Administration is lying, spending us into bankruptcy, and heading us all over the cliff towards collapse.

There are definitely some sites I think you should check everyday, even though the news they contain is of the same topic and the same direction.  Steve Lendeman has several new articles on Gaza and what’s happening there right now, this situation may yet explode.

Desdemona Despair too is worthy of a daily check, there are always several new important articles linked in, all showing the same global decline in environment, climate and future.

The media news shows that we are headed for yet another war, but I prefer Lendeman’s article on this as it is far closer to the truth that the media lies.

While this is a very big deal, don’t let this distract you from what you can do. They’re going to go to war whether we like it or not, whether we protest or object or not.  If not this time, then next time, or the next one after that.  Unless you are willing to take up arms and physically stop them from doing this, then I suggest you concentrate on something else more practical.

Readers Write

Hi, as much as I sympathize with the notion of disconnecting from the train of destruction and to go homesteading I don’t think it is going to be a solution. Not for the world and not for you either. Why? First of all: disconnecting from the economy and industrial civilization will not shield you from the effects of climate change and the coming post peak energy resource wars. Fall out from nucleair explosions will not limit itself to cities. Neither do heatwaves and droughts. Nor are you save in your homestead from hungry hordes and oficials confiscating your harvest.

I sympathize because here in Europe I have tried to do something similar: living in one of the most industrialized and most densely populated countries in Europe I decided after realizing what kind of predicament the world is in to buy a house in one of the least populated countries in the north of Europe, just to have a way of escape. But I realize that the whole operation may have been futile for the reasons already stated. (Still I will keep the house, learn the language (yes that is an additional difficulty in Europe), grow/ store food and try to socialize with the natives, just in case).

But there is a more compelling reason I think that disconnecting from industrial society is not good: because it will disconnect you (and other people like you) from power. You will be even more powerless than you already are while fully suffering the consequences of the actions of greedy powerfull people. You will be happily discarded by the power elites. One person less..

You see that is the problem: to counteract the enormous forces of mass destruction (in terms of nature and resources) called ‘corporations’, at the very least you need something equally powerful. Only governments might be – just – powerful enough to tame them IF they would be serving the general interest of the people rather than the special interests of the rich as is usual.

I see roughly two possible scenario’s for the onset of the coming collapse:

1) The one I think will happen: as most humans, incapable of understanding what is happening and why it is happening, will easily fall prey to a number of dark characters that will show up leading them into more acts of religious or other induced terrorism, fascism, escapism, resulting in riots, wars (including nucleair wars), a world where the survivors wish they were dead.

2) The one that I wish would happen: that the people somehow keep their heads cool, and for one time don’t let themselves be tricked into war “because we need the jobs NOW and the economy comes before ecology”, expose the real criminals, take the government back democratically in order to have the power to bring corporations under control. Remove all special interests from government and make lobbying unlawful. Base economic decisions on science rather than the pseudo-science with is taught at Economic faculties of Universities.

I only mentioned option 2 because I know of one occasion were the people of a country were able to resist a totalitarian government that seemed to be impossible to overcome but they succeeded just by protesting in the main square. First there were a 1000 then there were 10000, then it grew to more than 100000 and they stayed there day and night week in week out until finally the regime gave itself up. This was the Romanian revolution of 1989. This regime under dictator CeauÅŸescu was so violent and so determined not to relinguish power that nobody thought it possible that the crowd would succeed but it did.

You don’t have to agree with me but do you see my point? Although I understand you, to vanish into the countryside or the woods will not help, not even yourself as you will get your share of pollution, violence and global warming effects anyway. (Even the North pole is not safe any longer..) Instead people would need to go to the financial centers of the world: London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing to protest en masse. They would have to show up with hundred thousands (millions?) in Wallstreet and demand real change and refuse to go away. For days on end, weeks if need be. Until they give in. Now that would be the nice option.

This of course can only happen if the effects of post oil peak and/ or global warming have become so obvious and so devastatingly damaging that everybody feels them, nobody can deny them AND somehow it would still be not too late to mitigate them. (That is the weak part, I admit..).

I guess I should not be surprised that there are still people, even among my own readership, that do not get it yet. They don’t understand the overall picture and where this is all headed.  I’m going to take this letter and the opportunity it provides to address each of the issues this brings up.

1) The economy and industrial civilization is shutting down. We are doing this right now in stages, what I long ago wrote as ‘plateaus’.  This is the slipperly slope of energy decline, mixed in with economic collapse and climate collapse.  Nobody, any place on the planet will remain immune from these effects.

2) Disconnecting from the dependency and fracturing of civilization remains the only true answer for what you can actually do, and what will be left after civilization’s collapse.  Otherwise, by remaining plugged in, you remain totally dependent upon civilization and industry and all the multinational and mega-corporations, large and small, for your sustenance and livelihood.  If you stay “plugged in”, you are in fact, continuing to feed the beast, the voracious destructive monsters and institutions of society that are factually destroying us all (and all future hope for the planet and human generations to come).

The future outcome of civilization as we know it today is already well known. Civilization is the driving engine of climate collapse, resource collapse, fisheries collapse, deforestation, acidification, soil degradation, air and water pollution and all of the rest of the many ills affecting man and beast alike.

It is civilization itself, that engine we depend on to keep us alive (daily), that is destroying this planet, bite by bite, by enabling and harnessing the destructive power of 7 billion humans to voraciously consume everything (plant, fish, animals, minerals, resources) through their industry and exploitation for money.

Remaining plugged in to civilization as you suggest is the same thing as giving your permission for this engine to continue to engulf you and everyone else, including ALL future human generations, ALL living species and the entire biosphere.  You are not only giving your permission, you are giving your support in terms of time, labor and finances to help make this destructive force viable.

There is absolutely no question nor debate on this issue in reality.  It is civilization that is destroying everything while pretending that it is ‘providing for our future’ when in reality, it is destroying all hopes of a livable future because of its present form and practices, leading us all over the cliff edge of overconsumption, exploitation, overproduction, pollution and environmental degradation (and many other issues, such as declining health and debilitating diseases).

3) A homestead creates an independent livelihood and sustanance for your survival. While this is not completely disconnected from civilization or society (nothing is), it is far better then remaining plugged in and doing nothing.  This also empowers you to become self-educated in personal survival skills and techniques, such as growing some of your own food, working for yourself, and developing the necessary skills and experience to take care of yourself, and helps you disengage you from the failing support systems of a failing society.

4) Nobody will be ‘shielded’ from the effects of climate collapse, nuclear war or any other disaster, not even the homesteader, but especially those that are still depending upon civilization and industry to take care of them and keep them alive.

The many points of failure that civilization has today, such as “just in time delivery systems” of everything from food, water, energy, oil, gasoline and a highly integrated delivery / transportation system has a million failure points built in, all of which are going critical now.

Examine how ice storms or hurricanes (disaster examples) today strip the stores bare in a matter of hours, and then people go hungry, cold or even freeze to death because ‘civilization / society fails them’.  The real failure is you and how you have chosen dependency over personal responsibility for your life, and the autonomy that this actually gives you.

You don’t have to live like that and be the victim of collapse when it happens to you.  To suggest that this is “better” ignores all the evidence.

5) The comment on ‘people in power’ assumes several points: That you have a voice, that it is respected, appreciated and listened to, that your vote actually counts, that individuals and groups of individuals can actually effect that halls of power by protest, by voting and by demanding change.

Almost every one of these points is patently false and no longer true.  Here in America, voting is irrelevant. The candidates are pre-picked (pre-selected, what I have coined years ago as (s)elected), voting discrepencies and abuse of power / candidacy are absolutely legendary, and even after a candidate is put into office, these slugs wind up doing whatever the hell they want (witness what Bush did and what Obama is now doing, despite the demands of the people and all the protests taking place).

I contend without reservation that voting is a total waste of time in today’s world.  We do not live in a democratic society where the people have any direct influence over the halls of power.  The Romanian revolution was far, far different then the ballot box “demands” people are accostomed to using and practicing.  But whatever we do, we ALWAYS wind up settling for less then what we are promised in any case, and far, far less then what is actually needed.

The fact is, the people are entirely disconnected from the powerful people. There is ample evidence of this fact throughout the world.  The illusion however, remains: That ‘voting’ empowers you and gives you voice, and that participating in the democratic process ‘makes a difference’ and that this is your only real means of voicing your opinions, dissent or wishes.

None of these are true.  They all belong to that illusion and make-believe reality promoted by media and of course, government and politicians.  They WANT you to remain powerless and totally dependent upon their direction and influence and to keep you ignorantly believing that you are actually empowered.

By playing into this game (voting for example, but there are many other examples), you are in fact, giving credibility to this sham and giving your consent to be governed by these tricksters.

Finally, if voting or ‘participating’ in the democratic process could save us or change our world for the better, then we would have already done so by now and we would in fact, be living in a very different world.

What the people want, and what the politicians / governments / corporations give us are two entirely different things now.  If we could have had it “democratically” — we would have already long since had it, but we don’t, ample evidence that the democratic approach simply does not work.  It is an illusion, pure and simple, promoted by media, all of our institutions and by government themselves.  The last thing that they want you to figure out is that you are living in the Matrix.

We remain on the inexorable decline of collapse no matter what we do.  Government, politicians and industry aren’t listening to our protests — this should be dead obvious.  If they were, they’d stop their destruction, but what are they actually doing instead?  They are continuing on the same paths of self-destruction and exploitation for all of humanity and all life on earth.

They are pursuing profits, period, pure and simple, and always will, and until that changes or we collapse, there is nothing we can do in the voting box that is going to make a lick of difference.  It does not even matter if we get a new (s)election of pre-approved ‘candidates’ — nothing is going to change now.  Again, if we could have changed it by this method — we’d have done so already.

5) The reality is, to ‘counteract the forces of industry’ you have to stop supporting industry altogether.  As long as you continue to remain dependent upon their production and output (which is really environmental depletion and destruction), you will be forever empowering industry to retain control over you and the planet.

YOU must become personally powerful by taking charge of your own life and divorcing yourself from dependency.  You cannot do this ‘democractically’ within the confines of society, not how it is setup today, because it is designed from the bottom up to protect itself, insulate itself and destroy any opposition that may come against it. This is why Senators and Congressmen and city councilmen and anyone who attempts to work against the status quo consistently fails.

It is also why there is such widespread failure with indigenous tribes who have tried to stay independent and free.  They represent the last truly free societies on earth and they are a direct threat to the status quo despite their small size and stature.  They have no power, but what they represent is deadly to the status quo.

Their small successes are noteworthy, and I am NOT discounting them, but they are still losing ground despite these milestones.  Until they are left the hell alone and these evil corporations pack up their pollutive crap and depart from their lands with profuse apologies and sincere offers of help to restore the damage that they have already done, the indigenous peoples of the earth will remain a persecuted people and will forever, vote or no vote, be at risk for these rapacious bastards.

6) I have not advocated ‘vanish into the countryside or the woods’.  A homestead is not this at all, but a part of a growing community of self-sufficient and independent peoples who are providing for themselves. If there is more then one in a local area, they can barter, exchange skills, labor, supplies, materials, produce, livestock and / or cooperate with gardening, projects, fire suppression, safety, protection or any number of things, if they so choose.  Even larger groups can setup their own bartering systems, including a country store or warehouse with an exchange of goods or labor, whatever is needed for the community.

This is in direct opposition to our present society, which requires you and fully expects you to drive to various stores over vast distances to exchange your money (read: job), time and labor to purchase goods from large stores (box corporations) and small suppliers, and drive home.  In this equation, almost zero locally produced products are offered or created for you to choose from.  This has gigantic impacts upon resource consumption, oil depletion, pollution and of course, your total dependency.

Your every effort in this reality they’ve created is based upon competition, not cooperation, and your job, consumption and even personal production that you are engaged in is entirely oriented towards the further exploitation of resources and the capitalistic enterprise.  This is insane, yet it is the world we are being forced to live in.  There is a better way.

It is these things and our mythical belief that we are ‘bettering ourselves’ by continuing our participation in, that is significantly contributing to our destruction and collapse. The root problem here is we have been literally conscripted into this ‘army’ of connedsumeristic capitalism, literally forced to participate against our own best interests.

We’re dumbed down by our schools, media and government into accepting this form of ‘lifestyle’ as being better or more healthy or somehow beneficial to all, sold this lie throughout our entire lives, when the ugly truth is exactly the opposite.  We are destroying this planet, our only home and everything that it is (or was) by continuing to support this predatory lifestyle.

7) There are other people who have fallen for the notion that they can disappear in the woods and live on the land, but I have long pointed out that this will result in their total failure (death) in short order.

Except for highly skilled primitivists, who are fully experienced and prepared to live off the land like this in extremely remote regions, this is a terrible idea.  Many will try it, I get calls and email all the time from people who think they’re going to go live off the land by their wits and 72 hour kits.  They will die, very quickly when they try this, or flee back to civilization if they can.  Refugees are among the most impoverished, desperate people on the planet, don’t let this happen to you.

8) Mass protests do not work.  Witness the World Trade Organization protest, the G8 protest, the Hopenhagen protests, ad infinitum.  It would not matter if 100,000,000 million people managed to show up, protest do not work, they do not change outcomes, they do not succeed in redirecting society or civilization towards a sustainable (and the only ‘hope’ there is) future, they only succeed in creating a totalitarian police state and knee-jerk response to public dissent as government and political leaders and industry react in mock ‘horror’.

It’s a rigged game, from start to finish, anybody playing into this is only playing by the well-established rules and responses already laid down.

Witness the crackdowns, the batons, the water cannons, the tear gas and the crowd control machines deployed against peaceful protesters.  Talk to the jailed protestors and survivors of police beatings, shootings and bogus arrests. What did they actually accomplish other then venting some anger?  Fifteen minutes of fame?  A five-second sound byte on the national news?  They accomplished nothing, and are quickly forgotten by a world that simply doesn’t care.

Stay home and protest by abandoning the elements of civilization that are destroying you and everything else.  This is the most effective action plan you can take, because it is real, it’s peaceful and it is personally empowering in ways that I have only begun to describe.  Your homestead gives you the opportunity to do that like nothing else will.

If that isn’t good enough for you, then take up arms and physically stop what you can no longer tolerate.  Nothing less then this will work.

9) The entire premesis of the letter above is to work within the system to effect change; that such efforts will actually work; and that we can somehow prevent our collapse of environment, resources and climate by doing so.  None of this is true.

Furthermore, nothing can stop collapse now, this is something that I’ve also long pointed out.  It is much too late now for that.  We have huge truly insurmountable problems now, such as overpopulation and environmental destruction and resource depletion.  No city, state, region or homestead will be immune to this, and there is nothing we can do but prepare for it.  Again, nothing is going to stop our collapse now.

If you don’t plan / prepare for this, then you are simply tossing your lot and your life in with everyone else and their fated outcome, and you don’t care enough about your own future to do anything about it.  You are also exercising your belief, demonstrated by your lack of action, that you do not care about your children and their future either, because you are still giving your support to the destruction by participating in it, daily.  You do have a choice.  Make it and choose wisely.

No doubt some who do not prepare will survive by sheer luck or by opportunity, but witness the ongoing collapse happening right now in Australia and Kenya for example.  There are already millions of climate refugees that are losing land, homes, jobs, possessions, livestock, employment and are now homeless, destitute and starving.

They were totally unprepared for their personal collapse and when it happened to them, they had made no options for their survival, they expected civilization to save them, and all of them were thrown back upon civilization to keep them alive (and many of them didn’t make it). And civilization cannot handle them.  The influx of refugees is a gigantic problem and they are barely able now to keep them alive. What will happen when there are even more refugees as there will surely be?  A hundred-fold, a thousand-fold? More environmental collapse?  More resource depletion?  There is no doubt that a gigantic die-off will occur.

10) The two scenarios in the letter above are worth a final mention here. Scenario 1 will come true and is already happening.

Scenario 2 is not going to come true, because it forgets that:

a) people will do absolutely anything for food, money, security and the notions of “safety” (including sacrifice their own children to senseless wars), or relenquish their freedoms for the illusions of safety and protection, or destroy entire nations or even an entire world in their pursuit for material possessions, food, power, wealth or fame;

b) the notion that we can “take back control of the government” and do anything better / different is baseless even if we actually could take government back (that will never be permitted to happen), we would in point of fact probably wind up doing the same exact things that are being done now, because our society, institutions and even civilization itself is not adaptable to these kind of changes like we think;

c) corporations are now nation  / states unto themselves, truly accountable to no one, and are the true powers in the world today, superseding even that of governments and (s)elected politicians.  Nothing is going to change this in this present world which deems money and power more important then life itself, and they will viciously defend themselves to the death (taking your life) if necessary;

d) special interests and lobbyists and all the backroom jerrymandering going on will undoubtedly continue as long as people continue to serve money as their primary self-interest no matter who or what is in charge;

e) real science is taking a back seat right now in our superstitious, fear-mongering, knee-jerk Fox news “reality show” catatonic society and will stay that way for some time to come.

I too would like to see a democratic, wise-response to our ongoing self-induced collapse, but it is not happening.  I do not count the greenwash promotions of industry as the answer, nor do I count the growing public awareness of this multifaceted crisis as the answer either.  Effectively, unless we actually STOP doing what we are doing, we have done NOTHING AT ALL that will slow down or prevent our civilizations collapse.

It is the height of hubris to assume that humans can control the earth, but that is exactly what we’re being told we can do.  If that were actually true — then it is also true that we can inflict terrible damage upon the biosphere and the atmosphere — something that is being vehemently denied by the deniers that “can’t be done”.

We can’t control the earth, but a thousand years of exploitation and a hundred plus years of petroleum extraction, burning and pollution have in fact done some pretty terrible things now. It will take a very long time to undue the damage — and there is absolutely no clear assurances that we can.

The only way we can “fix” what is wrong is to abandon what we are actually doing.  Now.  Not next year, not ten years from today, not next century.  NOW.  And even then we will have to figure out how to live with one thousand years of climate change and perhaps more.

But of course, this will never happen, which is why it is now up to you, each and every one of you to personally make the adaption strategy necessary.  The homestead is the answer.  Given enough people / participation, these will become local communities, even villages, cooperating and working together to provide for a pathway, a return to local living.

Local living IS the answer and it is exactly what is being promoted, albeit in a high mindness kind of way today, by government. Most of this is whitewash / greenwash, but the message is there.

Another Reader Writes

Hi ya,

I don’t e-mail much as im still working in the Arctic, and only get back to Ontario once every couple of months.  I’ve been up in the Arctic for 18 months now, and even in that short period of time I have seen climate changes.  We fly over Churchill on a regular basis, and the ice pack last spring broke up way early and this year the ice still hasn’t formed as much as it should. I teach Survival skills, and last fall I had the chance to talk one on one to the locals, some the typical young teenagers others in their mid to late 80’s.

The elders, regaled me of hunting stories and how they used to travel, great stories, but that’s not why I’m writing this e-mail.  What has come about, is that in the last ten years there hunting patterns have had to change by almost 90%, ice, snow and extreme weather systems are all taking a toll on the wildlife.

In fall I took 18 rangers on to the tundra to exchange survival skill techniques, I think I learnt more from them than they learnt from me, but we all had a great time, Arctic char is the local fish and I have to say that after we caught a few and cooked them fresh, I have never tasted fish that great, BUT they told me that the taste of fish and game has changed so much in the last ten years that some of the elders can’t eat the meat anymore, as they find it tastes acidic!!

What this e-mail is all about is that in the last six months, the reality of our dire situation has hit home, I can no longer waste the time educating those who are too stupid or blinkered to see what is happening, here is a great example:

Last month  I had a class of 10 people age range mid 20s to late 40’s, I was covering the usual items when I suddenly asked “Who here has stores and  provisons to carry them through for a year? No reply… I kept asking until I got down to a week!!! Then one person said they had some pasta and
tinned stew!!!

I asked “What would you do if the stores ran out of food this afternoon? One woman who was serious said “Well, if the stores run out of food, I will just order in Pizza or KFC” !!!!!!

SO what can one say apart from a few swear words. Anyhow just thought I’d drop you a line, I will send pics of the Arctic when I can get access to a better internet connection, maybe when I get home at the end of the month etc.  keep well

This is of course, nearly laughable, but not.  It’s sad. It reminds me of another story I heard: A woman was asked “What will you do when the farmers run out of food?” and her answer was, “I’ll just go to the store and buy some”.

Food Production

It’s hard to believe that there are actually people who don’t know where food actually comes from, or how it arrives in the stores.  Just to be clear, food is grown from the ground (soil), most often because a human (farmer) planted it, harvested in season (when ripe), processed (cleaned, packaged) and shipped to stores, which is then bought by consumers.  No place in this process does the store, resteraunt or factory actually produce food.  All this requries tremendous amounts of energy (oil), fertilizer, sunshine, water and handling.

Food production requires soil, oxygen, sunlight and water (and most often, fertilizer as our soils are severely depleted) and seeds. If any of these are degraded by climate, shortage, overabundance (flooding for example), pests, vermin or disease, then production declines or is wipe out.

The United States has a 3 day food supply on hand in the “just in time” delivery network.  We no longer have a strategic reserve, you can thank your politicians for that fact.  Most food is already pre-sold long before it’s actually grown and China is buying up vast contracts for US food production.

Finally, Pizza Hut and KFC both get their food from distributers, which buy them from wholesalers who in turn get the food from farmers who are struggling like mad to have sufficient production (crops) and stay in business. Without farmers and productive farms, we would all be long dead.  The same can be said for climate, water and even energy.

There are many weak points in this chain from field to plate, which is why I have long advocated self-sufficiency.  Almost nobody is totally self-sufficient, but you can make a huge impact in your own life by learning how to grow some of your own food.

I am in the process of ordering and assembling some rather large raised earth boxes (nearly 1800 sq. ft) to grow some of my own food — and I have a ten year food supply now on hand.  It is not enough, not for what is coming.  I will supplement my food stores with my own food production.  I will build these boxes myself, from raw materials.  I wish my neighbors would do the same, but I already know that I will be feeding more then a few of them. And when that gets out of hand, I will be defending my food stores / production and am making plans / preparations for that too.  Make no mistake — this will not be a free-for-all kitchen, I do not suggest anybody do this either as you will be overwhelmed rather quickly, and then you will lose everything.

Is all of this necessary?  You betcha.  We are facing a global food crisis, the likes which the world has never seen before.  It is being worsened by climate collapse with farmers losing entire crops, and energy decline as petroleum once again spikes up in price and availability issues with entire countries going “dark” to save on energy. We will see other factors very soon too, as new diseases and pests migrate farther north affecting food production.

On the petroleum front, all the world’s major oil fields are now in severe decline. Since food production (planting, harvesting, transportation, processing and distribution) all require gigantic quanties of petroleum, the world looks to a future of declining food harvests no matter what we do.

The same is true for fertilizer, a critical component in food production (made from natural gas).  There are also critical element shortages such as phosphates looming ahead.  And do not forget fresh water supplies either, available fresh water is in critical stages throughout most of the developed and “undeveloped” world, a problem that is getting worse as we continue to warm up.

Aquifers are in severe depletion and river, stream and glacial runoff is in decline world wide.  It all adds up to a future of severely diminished food production.

A return to local growing and breaking the chain of dependency and “1500 mile salads” is going to be absolutely necessary.  In a world of declining resources, collapsing economies and catastrophic climate change, local living is the only answer there is.

Jan 062010

Must watch – developed by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientific Visualization Studio, this is a visualization of carbon dioxide distribution over the entire planet (taken from NASA’s Aqua Spacecraft).

Holy cow! Talk about getting hammered!

Hollow Happenings – I found this link by accident, and know nothing about this site, but the pictures there are amazing and say all that needs to be said.

Three Gorges Dam Review – and why it’s such an environmental disaster. 18 million people have already been displaced with more to come. China Environmental Review has some pretty good stuff on what’s happening there in China.

Dated, but then again, it’s not.  Youtube video on how we are (still) cooking the planet.

This is scary (VERY) –

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels may have been lower in warm eras of the Earth’s distant past than once believed, scientists reported this week.

The finding raises concern that carbon dioxide levels from fossil fuel burning may, in the near future, be closer to those associated with ancient hothouse climates.

More immediately, the work brings one line of palaeoclimate evidence “” that deduced from ancient soils “” into agreement with other techniques for studying past climate.

“It makes a major revision to one of the most popular methods for reconstructing palaeo-CO2,” says Dana Royer, a palaeobotanist at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, who was not involved in the work. “This increases our confidence that we have a decent understanding of palaeo-CO2 patterns.”  Soils Give Clean Look At Past Carbon Dioxide

Arctic Ocean’s Ice-Free Past May Shed Light on 2100, Study Says:

Evidence that the Arctic Ocean was ice-free 3 million years ago, when average global temperatures were similar to projections for 2100, may shed light on how the far north will change as the Earth warms, a U.S. scientist said.

Fossilized shells recovered from the seabed show the Arctic Ocean was ice-free for at least part of the year during the mid- Pliocene era about 3 million to 3.3 million years ago, U.S. Geological Survey researcher Marci Robinson said in the journal Stratigraphy. The average temperature globally was about 3 degrees Celsius (5.5 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than today, in line with United Nations forecasts for 2100, she said.

Robinson also found that during the mid-Pliocene, the Arctic warmed more than the global average. The summer sea surface temperature in parts of the Arctic Ocean ranged from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius compared with about 0 degrees now. Warmer parts were further north, a “counterintuitive” effect that may be due to altered surface currents, the researcher wrote.

The findings provide a possible comparison “to future climate conditions if the current rate of Arctic sea-ice reduction continues,” Robinson said.

So”¦ the evidence suggests that [1] we get more warming from a given amount of atmospheric CO2 than previously thought, and [2] we get a huge shift in Arctic ice (with all the implied ramifications) for not unreasonable projections of warming. Of course, that level of ice loss contributes significantly to the warming; the albedo flip feedback isn’t as attention-getting as the potential destabilizing many gigatons of carbon in permafrost and methane hydrate deposits, but it’s already happening, and it’s virtually certain to keep making its contribution to warming well beyond the year 2100.

Combine these effects and you get an uncomfortably large multiplier on an already very uncomfortable situation.

Worth reading – An Apology.  He’s saying the same things I’m saying about the forthcoming collapse with a nicer way of saying it. But I think everyone should read this apology and pass it on to their kids, friends and family members.

Video of James Hansen – Storms Of My GrandchildrenIn Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. James Hansen””the nation’s leading scientist on climate issues””speaks out for the first time with the full truth about global warming: The planet is hurtling even more rapidly than previously acknowledged to a climatic point of no return.”  There is a website dedicated to this new book here.

Quote from Peter Goodchild:

The greatest danger of fossil-fuel depletion, on the other hand, is that human life itself will come to an end. This is not a topic to stir the patriotism of the sheltered souls of Middle America. It is a nightmare. The simplest arithmetic shows that 7 billion humans cannot be fed with the products of pre-industrial agriculture. We can try to hide from that reality by planting a few rows of tomatoes and lettuce up at the cottage on a summer weekend, but deep in our hearts we know that human life requires far more than tomatoes and lettuce.

Even more frightening is the thought that those doomed human beings will not float up into the sky and enter some other dimension. Their deaths will not be anesthetized. Death by famine is slow and painful. It is not just hunger, and it is not just fasting. After a few weeks without food, the entire body starts to fall apart. Not a very nice topic for a high-school essay. It is far better that we allow our teenagers to continue their air-conditioned lives, to dwell in what Ibsen called a doll’s house. Oil & The Environment

Peter Goodchild got the above right, but he errs greatly when he claims that our oil addiction / collapse will “make our environmental problems go away”. That is absolute bullshit. We will rape and pillage and plunder with an intensity the world has NEVER seen before when this happens, and that destructive force by nearly 7 BILLION humans (a number which will probably be even higher then this) will cause such environmental havoc that even I fail to comprehend.

In other words, we’re going to burn it all, anyway we can.  We’re definitely not just going to lay down and go quietly into the night.  Eventually, as our human numbers are reduced, the environment stands a slim chance to restore itself, but we’re still a long ways away from that time frame.  By then, I honestly do not expect there to be much left.

Time Warp

I think it is actually possible to leap-frog ahead in thought (and action) on what it means to have a destabilized climate.  The climate we have been accustomed to, and the one in which we built and adapted our entire civilization around, is changing in unpredictable ways.

But we do know enough about these changes and variations to understand that we can no longer count on what we’ve experienced in our past.  This would included all of our assumptions about fresh water, agriculture and crop production, population stability, industrial and economic activity, even things like the nature of warfare.

The point is, we know that we are facing some very terrifying scenarios, which is why we must be doing everything we can right now to attempt to mitigate these effects.  How we do this, and what we do have long been a point of bitter contention.

I’m going to leap ahead and give you the answer to all of this.  Local sustainable living is the only possible solution. It is simply too bad that this is a message and a lifestyle that is being resoundly rejected, since it represents the near-death of industry, the economy, governmental control and global domination.

The oil industry and indeed, all of capitalistic society demands that we continue with our business as usual approach and will do absolutely everything that they possibly can to ensure that you are bamboozled into believing that this is “for the best”.

I should also add, that they want you to believe that this is “the best for everyone”, but that’s not true of course either, because there are only a relative few that are being benefitted, while everyone else on a planetary scale, including all future human generations and all living species is going to be paying for this exclusiveness.

These industries and pillars of our society care absolutely nothing about your children or grandchildren (or you), all they care about is the money in your pocket, today.  We cannot look to these agencies for any solutions or answers at all, and in point of fact, all that they have offered us so far is more greenwash, whitewash and hogwash.  Hybrid cars and solar panels and wind turbine and algae biofuel production — so we can keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is consume more energy, use up more resources, continue to overpopulate the planet and make these bastards even richer. They’re trying to profit at huge increases from our growing peril.

I say fuck ’em all.  I reject the notion that we are going to be able to continue life as we know it by greenwashing our lifestyles. A switch to a new form of energy production / consumption will most definitely not save the planet or stabilize the climate.  How could it? This is a pipe dream and a lie. The lie is much deeper then this however, because it continues to embrace everything that has led to our declining planet.  Even if we could make this switch — should we?  Or are we just doing the same kinds of damage and destructive behavior as ever?  None of these technologies address our lifestyles sufficiently enough to change the outcome of anything.

I’ve long written about future generations in past articles, it is irresponsible for us to be so damnably self-centered about our lifestyles that we’re willing to sacrifice future generations like we are.  There is plenty of evidence that we’re not even mildly concerned for our own kids!!

This is a terrible indictement of our the real nature of our “humanity” and why I’m am truly appalled at how apathetic and indifferent we have become.  It is no wonder was can stand in silence and watch Gaza turned into the largest open air prison ghetto in the world, we simply do not care what happens to someone else.

The worst case scenarios projections have humanity going nearly extinct in a very short span of time (less then 100 years) as climate feedbacks and the collapsing dominoes of resource destruction fall.  That’s pretty serious issue.  So why are most of us still naively pretending that we don’t have a rather major problem on our hands?  Even if this were only mildly true or had a small percentage of happening, risk assessment teaches us that we simply cannot afford the risk — at all.

I know I rant on this a lot, but we cannot fix what we cannot honestly admit to.  When we lie to ourselves, we lie about any possible response we might be able to come up with.  We engage in a self-deluding path of egregarious behaviors that can only result in furthering our risk and dangers.  The truth must be acknowledged, no matter how painful or discomforting it is.

We cannot adapt to what we pretend isn’t happening.  We can’t pretend either that it will only take some of us to get involved to take corrective actions either. If a few thousand or even a few million people all by themselves were left to try to fix or adapt to these things, what good could it possibly do?  It would do absolutely no good at all, it would be as if they had done nothing at all despite all of their efforts.

I honestly hold zero hope (ZERO) that our best intentions and efforts will effectively forestall our collapse. We will collapse inevitably because we cannot stop what we are doing and because there are always going to be too few who will do enough and finally, because we have already done too much damage. We’re simply too vested in the status quo and all that this means — and we’ve done such incredible levels of damage already that we have already “built in” our forthcoming collapse.

I know that not a lot of people see that, but they’re also working within verticle disciplines and viewpoints. That prevents them from connecting the growing dots from all over the world and seeing the bigger picture.  That, and an unwillingness to accept the facts as they really are.  The decades leading up to this one have taken a terrible toll upon the natural environment and earth systems, we are being unbelievably obtuse to think that we are simply going to rectify this damage overnight.  There are still too many industries and human activities (read: people) still robbing the earth for sustanance and energy.  Until that problem goes away, all else will utterly fail.

If the image below doesn’t show up, here is the direct video link, Stealing Our Reality.

You really MUST watch this video.  What I’m seeing is a “consensus” of doom is forming that is in alignment with my own expectations.

I really liked this video, but if you have watched the whole thing, and I suggest that you do, here is a point I would like to make:Do you want to base your hopes and your future and that of your survival and that of your family on the idea that we are going to (finally) receive effective leadership and action and world-wide cooperation, which will factually result in your survival, or do you feel as uncomfortable with that notion as I do?

While I agree that this would be great, it not even remotely realistic.  From a practical standpoint, this is sheer suicide.

Ross is very persuasive, but he’s making the issue at the end of the video that we WILL all wind up working together to find avenues of “unprecedented cooperation”.  Really?  Will we?  What evidence is there that we will do this?  Is it working yet?  Why not?  When might it finally work?  Do we have time to wait for this magical event of global cooperation which is really against basic human nature and all the divisions and lines we’ve drawn around ourselves? Can we honestly base our hopes on this?  What did Hopenhagen actually demonstrate to us about global cooperation and effective leadership in this day and age?  What did it tell us about timeliness and commitment and firm action?  Is the human tribe consciencious enough, small enough and manageable enough to actually and finally get it right this time?

The planet is firmly in control (emissions wise) of the global elite and mega-corporations, and we have ample evidence that they will NOT change our industries and supporting infrastructure fast enough, completely enough or even adequately enough, in time, to prevent our collapse.

Therefore, it is patently absurd for us to pin our hopes on sheer hope for the sake of being “optimistic” and clinging to straws and even good ideas.  Hope without action is dead already, hope requires you to do something to change your reality. On a global scale, hope requires humanity to get off its collective ass and stop listening to these proponents of industry and expansion and literally go out and save themselves.

Ross himself admits we are already looking at 4 – 10 degrees anyway. This has already been shown to be catastrophic for plant, animal, fish and human life throughout the entire world, and with it we will have the totalitarian fascist response of dangerous and ill-guided desperation by nations all over the world.

You Are On Your Own

I don’t suppose that I really need to explain why I’m persuaded that you are on your own, but a few comments on this are in order here.

First off, it is not going to be possible to save everyone. Or even save “civilization” as we know it. Civilization as we know it today is the interconnected business and commerce (exchange of goods) on a planetary scales in support of nearly 7 billion humans.  That’s not going to remain even remotely possible anymore.

Our energy and nutrient requirements have (long) exceeded the capacity for the earth to sustain us. We’ve been living off the actual and real decrease of the planet for decades now (thus the reason for collapsing fisheries, deforestation, aquifer depletion and resource depletion).

The only reason we have expanded and grown so much is that there was once an abundance of resources easily “harvested”.  Many of these are non-renewables, but even the renewables were raped from the earth so quickly and so completely that they can never recover again within the span of human existence.  These were the essentials for our lives and our growth: suitable soils, fresh water, natural resources, fish, timber, minerals and of course, oil.

But now all this easily plucked low-hanging fruit is all gone, and we are left with teeming populations that still demand them all. The only possible answer to this is increased competition, strife, diminishment, depletion, warfare, contraction, population reduction and collapse.

Eventually the majority of the people will awaken to this decline, but even if and when they do, it will be too late for them.  Essentially, their window of opportunity to compete will have come and gone in direct relationship to their economic health, military superiority and resource availability. If you pay particular attention to these points, you can easily identify the countries that are already in collapse today.  Those that aren’t in serious collapse now have either one, two or all three points working in their favor (for now).

Obviously, this is why the United States is doing what it is. We’re fighting for survival right now, even though the average American remains absolutely clueless why and is being misled for the real reasons. But this conquest of empire cannot last forever, and it is a very poor “strategy” overall anyway, because it absolutely fails to address and deal with the root causes of decline.

There is not one country on the planet that is making the switch over to truly local sustainable living. Some efforts are being made, especially in Europe, but they are incomplete and inadequate, depending far too much on outside “downstream” energy and resource sources to create their version of “sustainable”, when it really isn’t.

This appears to be the great unanswerable question — how to create a truly sustainable society — but I contend we are asking the wrong question here and expecting far too much with the answer.  The implication is we can still have it all when it is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot. Our every attempt to continue to have it all continues to exacerbate the root problem.

There is also the assumption that we can maintain society at the same or near the same levels and standards of living that we have today.  This is only true if we totally discard all notions of what sustainable actually means.  Anything ripped out of the ground for our use is never going to be sustainable.

We also assume we can: maintain world population levels; eat non-locally; travel wherever we want; continue to take resources from any place deemed necessary, even if this means conflict, war, oppression and even overthrow of other countries and peoples; always claim a certain level of preeminence and privilege over other nations so that we can have “ours”; maintain this ethnocentrism with the constant sacrifice of our sons and daughters to the devils of war; not destroy ourselves with our own hubris and folly and indifference; and indefinitely maintain our “global dominance” through military superiority and manpower.

In summary, we wrong-headedly believe that we are in fact going to be able to continue the business-as-usual paradigm of global conquest and domination and all that goes with it through technological superiority and economic control of entire economies and military domination.  Of course, underlying this all is the earth’s natural support systems and resources, and when they fail, then our plans of course fail too.

There is only one possible outcome to this arrogance and why collapse is inevitable. It is exactly why dozens of former civilizations collapsed too, we just get to do it now on a planetary scale.  When you exceed the resource base by a thousand-fold, and then support and expand this problem globally, there comes a time when it simply cannot continue any further.

Building a civilization on principles of constant expansion and growth was simply stupid beyond belief. This petri-dish experiment is actually well understood, but in our arrogance, we ignore facts, and because we will continue to ignore facts, we will collapse.

What You Can Do Right Now

So get ready for what is inevitable. Collapse happens to you, one by one, each and every single one of us. It will not (in all likelihood) happen everywhere at once, it is a personal thing when your entire world caves in.  You can make preparations to avoid this now if you want, and by so doing, sustain yourself far longer then if you had done nothing — or relied upon government “intelligence” or handouts (or folly).  Moreover, you can make a huge contribution for your kids and what they’re going to need to survive the decline of civilization.

This last fact is especially important. We are doing next to nothing for the benefit of our progeny. We are in fact, wildly spending their inheritance with an reckless abandon.  This needs to stop — immediately.

Here is what I think should be done (on an individual level): build a sustainable homestead as quickly as possible. You will need land, water, soil, sunlight and hopefully, natural and local resources to help.

Cooperate with others in your community if you can, otherwise, do it anyway.  Plant trees, bushes, shrubs for cover, food, wildlife, firewood, grow crops, herbs, mushrooms, work from home (stop driving), limit all forms of petroleum travel, ride a bicycle, recycle your garbage and “used” goods, develop sustainable water systems (well, cistern, rainwater collection, etc.), store food, tools and equipment and supplies, learn to live in cooperation with the land and the area / climate instead of in opposition to it, support community actions and incentives to return to local living, local production, local food, recycling, low-impact and community support, get practical about your life and living.  Get off your butt and do something.

Your goal is to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. This is the path to sustainable living in case nobody ever told you.

Start thinking for yourself and accept that responsibility that this requires. Start realizing that you alone can make a difference and that you do not need or require any privilege, permission or even the support from anybody else.  Start living your life, conscienciously with full awareness of what it means to be alive, responsbile and a self-authority.  Learn from others who can mentor you and provide you with guidance and instruction in all the things that it means to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.  Pick them carefully.

Just as important, there are a ton of things to stop doing, most of them legal, many of them not. First all, stop accepting the myriad of excuses of what “can’t be done” and just do it.

Stop supporting “development” and destruction of natural habitats, waterways, streams, rivers, lakes, forests and fields, stop working for companies that are actively engaged in military production (anything from clothing to equipment) or “monkeywrench” them into oblivion.

Stop buying from big box stores, corporate enterprises and multi-national companies, stop driving, stop consuming (buying) useless trinkets and toys (snowmobiles, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc.), stop flying altogether, stop eating out, stop eating foods from depleted fisheries, stop eating meat (or raise your own), stop the constant trips to the “grocery store” and buy in bulk (or raise your own).

Stop expecting a “handout” or “help up” from government (or anybody), stop supporting illegal and immoral government (use your imagination here), recycle your television (get rid of it), cancel your magazine subscriptions (buy a few good books instead), stop following conspiracies and all the news hype out there anyway (there is nothing you can about any of it anyway), stop trusting government, stop believing in fairytales and superstitions and get your life and your mind on track to reality, stop taking drugs and medicating yourself with alcohol to make your “problems go away”. Stop thinking the world is going to get better unless you personally do something about it.

Stop putting up with all the bullshit that crowds our lives, walk away, shut it down or leave it behind, just don’t tolerate it anymore. Life is NOT about “toleration”, this is a fabricated social construct that is supposed to be aligned with democracy (it’s not) and “fairness”.  There is nothing democratic or fair about allowing tolerance to permit death, destruction and disfigurement of land, people, animals and even life itself. Tolerate only what is moral, reasonable, fair and just — reject the rest.

You won’t save the planet by doing these things — but you may save yourself, and help your kids to survive what lies ahead.  You will be doing a lot to unprogram yourself and unlearn all the dependencies that have been force-fed into your life since birth.

If you have ANY DOUBT about what lies ahead, read Steve Lendeman’s latest on WarBama.

Jan 042010

Short Story

I’ve got to get these words down before it’s too late.  I don’t know how much time I have, they may have seen me come in here and I know if the find me, it’s all over.  For good this time. 

I wish I had more time, but I don’t, so bear with me, I’ll try to get it all down as best I remember it.

The Thirty-Years war was finally over.  Actually, it didn’t last that long and some say it wasn’t just a single war.  Well, it wasn’t, not really, but one war led to another with no break in between and it wasn’t long before everyone was involved.  It only stopped long enough for the nations to rearm themselves, so we never really did catch a break.

It doesn’t matter anyway how long it lasted or what it’s called, it happened, and it destroyed everything.  By that, I mean EVERYTHING.  There is nothing left.  There’s no water, no soil, no food, no cities, nothing.  Not here.  Maybe not anywhere, I don’t know.  It’s all gone, dismantled and taken apart or blown to bits.  Many areas are radioactive now, but you should know that, everybody knows that.

As far as the planet goes, well, we’re fucked.  Royally.  I’m alive only because I got very, very lucky and because somebody else saw all this coming and he made it possible for me to be here today.  But my time is running out.  I’m sick now and the strompers are after me, I’m pretty sure they saw me head in this direction.

Sorry, I’ll stick to the story.  The year was 2100.  This was the year we, I mean the planet broke all temperature records, at least it was hotter then it was before.  It got worse later, like last year, it was really bad.  The crop losses were huge then and the world plunged towards hunger and starvation.  It was the poor countries that suffered the most.  The rich countries continued to hoard food and energy resources (oil in those days) for themselves. Those that didn’t have enough didn’t get enough from anyone, anywhere.

The United Nations was still in existence back then, before they were taken over by the Global Legion.  But they weren’t able to do anything anyway.  2010 was bad, but this was only the beginning of the troubles we endured.

I wasn’t even here then, not yet.  My dad didn’t buy into the promises the government was making and back then, you could still have as many kids as you wanted.  Even though by now a lot of people knew that overpopulation would only make things worse then they already were.

I had two sisters and one brother.  They’re all dead now, both my sisters died from the Red Plague that killed those millions in the 20’s.  My brother was killed fighting in Angola.  God only knows why he was stupid enough to go, although I don’t suppose he had any real choice.  Everyone was drafted back then, didn’t matter who you were or where you lived, you fought.  The Global Legion saw to that, everybody was “enlisted”.

My dad called this conscription and slavery.  I didn’t go, because as far as the government was concerned, I never existed.  That was hard, living and hiding and pretending I was one of “them”, but I wasn’t anybody.  I worked at home with my dad, and when he died, well I just kept myself going, but I had my dad’s library and research.

Our neighbors thought I was unable to fight, but they never asked either.  My dad told me once that he’d fixed it for me somehow, and that they’d leave me alone.  For that, I am eternally grateful, as I’m sure I’d be among the millions of dead that have been lost.

But I wasn’t prepared for what came after my dad’s death. It was his books, the ones he wrote himself and the other ones I found.  And his journal.  That was the most amazing piece of writing I have ever seen anywhere.  It changed my life and my thinking and I became what my dad said I would.  This was before I even knew what he was talking about.  I became a “gojun”, the word has several definitions. I like that one that means “fight from the spirit”.  I think my dad might even be the one who invented this word, but I’m not sure.

He died hard, but I think he knew that he would.  The blood was everywhere, but he’d killed the three who killed him.  I found him too late to do anything about it, and buried him up on our hill, at night when it was really dark and nobody could see. There wasn’t anybody else there and I didn’t know who I could trust back then, so it was just me and him in the cold ground.  I cried a lot, I couldn’t help myself, but I was glad I was able to do this for him.  A lot of people had died, and nobody buried them.  Entire cities had been destroyed in an instant and entire generations of families were instantly wiped out.  By then, I was fourteen and it was 2028.

I didn’t know what to say to the neighbors when they eventually asked, so I simply told them the truth. That’s something else I learned from my dad, the truth was always better then a lie.  They were sympathetic, and a couple had even come by to check up on me since, but I haven’t seen anybody now for a long time.  George told me that my father was a good man and had made a hell of a difference in the world.  It wasn’t until I had read my dad’s books and his journal did I finally figure out what George meant by that.  To me, he was just my dad, and then he was gone.

I didn’t know what to do with myself for a long time, but I managed to stay alive.  One reason that happened is my dad had made sure I’d have what I needed to do that.  I won’t tell you everything, ’cause he also said it’s not a good idea to blab about everything, but he made sure that there would be the basic things I needed to stay alive and that’s what I did.

By 2030, things were getting really bad.  A lot of people that were still left had disappeared or died from one thing or another.  The Red Plague took a lot of them, but others were killed by the strompers. They were forcing people to talk about all their neighbors then, back when they still thought some of us might have something still worth taking.  It didn’t matter what you might have, they’d take it.  They’d even take the young boys and girls when they found them.

That’s why they’re after me, somebody talked, but I don’t blame them, whoever it might have been.  The strompers were brutal, I saw what they’d done to Kevin’s family, back when he still had one.

This is where I got lucky.  Something, I not sure what it was, told me it was time to clear out.  I’d been pretty much planning on doing this anyway, knowing that if others were disappearing near here, it would be my turn soon too.  So I’d been moving my stuff, just the essentials to my hidden spot, at night when I could get it done and nobody could see.  It wasn’t too far, but it was still hard work.

That’s when they’d come looking for me, I could tell by the signs they left that they’d been there.  But I’d been gone then and like usual, they came at night.  They didn’t find me, but they’d found some of my dad’s guns and some of the food stash that I’d still had left behind.  All these things were gone now and I knew they’d be back.  But they didn’t find the cellar and the hidden door, where my dad and I had hid all the really important things we needed to survive.

But I was out of time, there was no way I could move this stuff fast enough by myself. And there wasn’t anybody I could ask to help either, almost everyone around here was gone now.  So I decided to just move everything I could and hide it close by, and then try and get that all moved to my hidden spot where I was planning to live.

It took me all night to do it, but I got it done.  There was a dense stand of trees still alive back then nearby, where my dad had planted them years before.  He told me that this was our future firewood supply and it wasn’t far away at all.  So I made dozens of trips with a wheelbarrow and taking eveything out of the cellar, I got it all stashed in the trees.  By dawn, I was exhausted and I managed to drag myself away someplace where I could see if the strompers would come back.

They did too, but they didn’t bother to look around much. They just checked the old house and crashed around breaking things, looking for more food and weapons.  There wasn’t much there, part of my dad’s strategy had been to never appear to have too much.  They left empty handed this time, having already taken eveyrthing that they wanted.

That night, I started making the trips to the hidden spot and getting everything moved.  The weather turned cold by the time I was done, I could only do one trip a night loaded down.  But nobody found that stash, which was a damned good thing, or I’d have long since been dead.

And this is where I stayed for the next seven years, hiding here, coming out only at night and never in the day.  But now everything is dead, it happened so fast, you can see the gray ashes everywhere.  And I’m sick, so I broke my own rule and tried to find some help. There’s blood when I cough now and I don’t know how to treat whatever it is that I’ve got.  And that’s how the strompers found me again.  I’d left to see if I could find help, I didn’t want to to die up here all alone.

I’d gone in the direction of town, but I hadn’t been there now in many years.  It took me two days of walking to get near, and I didn’t see anybody.  But when I got there, I realized I had made a mistake.  There was nothing there, just some burned out hulks of buildings, but no sign of any people.  The town had burned to the ground apparently, and was abandoned.

I decided to take another route back, but it was slow going.  What had used to be a verdant forest way back now was now just a wasteland, but there was a great many downed dead trees I had to cross, and this is where they spotted me.  I had just cleared the top of a ridge, the only living thing moving for miles around, or so I thought.  But I’d skylined myself and the movement caught their eye. 

They were down below me in a clearing, there was a camp of some sort with huge piles of junk piled up all around.  They saw me about the same time I saw them.  I disappeared back over the ridge before they could shoot.  If they could shoot, I didn’t know if they had any weapons still or any ammunition for them, but I recognized their uniforms or what passed for them. They were strompers alright, and I was certain that they’d kill me if they could find me.

I ran, jumped, leaped and crawled until my lungs tore through my chest, and then I ran some more.  Once I thought I might have a little distance away from them, I started back tracking very carefuly to hide my path.  This was hard to do now, as the land was so badly damaged that going any direction, even backwards was slow going.  And I was still coughing up blood, more now that I was exerting myself so hard.

I decided to not go directly back to my hidden spot.  If they were able to track me, I’d lead them right to me.  But I made another mistake, I didn’t count on them not giving up.  I was probably the only living thing they’d seen in a long time, I certainly hadn’t seen anything alive.

It took me three days of hiding and evading to make it back here, but I’m pretty sure they’re not far away now.  I still need to tell you about what happened to the rest of the planet, as far as I know it to be.  I’m not sure if anybody will ever find this, but I’ve got to try.

Well, I said we’re fucked, and we are.  I don’t know how many people are still alive, but if they’re like me, they didn’t move far enough north to survive.  Everything is dying around here and that means I can’t grow any food or hunt any animals or even drink the water like before.  I have to triple filter the water now and it might even be why I’m sick, but I don’t know.

The war took everything and whatever was left, was destined to die from hordes of desperate people eating everything.  Nothing was preserved. The forest and trees were cut down and what survived eventually died from the gray ash falling from the sky. The streams were choked with this stuff.  The plants died, the animals died or migrated someplace else, but here, now — there’s nothing.

I heard the seas rose and flooded entire countries and all the low lying islands. My dad wrote about this in his journal, but I’ve never seen the ocean.  He’d written that there were nearly two billion refugees before I was born, I can’t even imagine that number.  Where did those people go?  My dad wrote about them only a little more, most of them disappeared into other lands and refugee camps, but almost all of them died in the wars that followed.

I didn’t know where to go.  I stayed hidden all those years, but leaving really didn’t seem like an option.  If I left, I’d probably have been caught, because by then you couldn’t survive off in the woods by living on the land.  They’d already wiped out almost every living thing that could be eaten and even though the gray ash hadn’t come yet, there wasn’t anything left to keep you alive.  I survived this long only because I had food.  I was one of the few, maybe even the only one who did. The strompers simply took their food from whoever they could, I heard that they had even eaten people after the animals disappeared.

But what I don’t know, and I still don’t know is if everybody is dead and dying everywhere else.  My dad told me that there would be groups up north, far, far away up near the pole.  He said they might live, if they were smart, and if they didn’t kill everything off.  He said it was possible and that’s why I’m writing this all down.  Maybe they’d like to know what happened down here as much as I’d like to have known what happened up there.

The radio quit working almost four years ago, so I have no idea what’s happened elsewhere since then.  But even then it was all propaganda like my dad said.  They were still trying to force their rules and regulations on everyone, even though there were far fewer of us still around and everything was either dead or dying.  But the radio fell and broke and I haven’t heard another voice until a few days ago when the strompers tried to catch me. I’ve been very lonely, but I’ve been alone so long that I guess I’m pretty used to it by now.

But my story — I watched everything die, all around me.  It was gradual at first, but then it was faster and faster.  It was almost as if someone had taken an eraser and was rubbing everything out.  It was very sad to see.  I loved the forest and the wilds but it became a harsh, bitter place with things dying everywhere.  There wasn’t enough rain and the forest fires were terrific.  This accounted for the grey ash at first, but later there was more as the bombs fell.

The dying continued and it was a dark period for me.  I couldn’t help it, so I began to read more and more.  I’d managed to save my dads book and his journal.  It was his journal that saved me.  I memorized every word.  He had written about this time, predicting it all as he saw it in his own words and in his own time.  He had felt that mankind would not learn from his mistakes and would push the entire planet past the breaking point.  They called these “tipping points” and he was right.

All I ever saw was death and destruction.  It didn’t seem to even matter anymore, death was everywhere and humans were behind it.  I’d learned to kill, from my father, but only when it was necessary and I’d never killed another human.  But I didn’t think humans were sacred, there was much too much death in them for me to believe that.  I just never had cause to kill another human, but I was always armed for the occasion if it occurred.

My dad had lots of guns and he’d made sure I knew how to use them, clean them and make each shot count.  Ammunition was absolutely priceless, even when I was young.  Now, ammunition is probably worth a month’s supply of food, but I bet you nobody would trade that kind of food for a bullet or even for a whole box of shells.  Food is gone now, nobody has any food and what good is ammunition really going to do you if there is no food?

My dad said the same thing about gold and silver.  People were hoarding this stuff, believing it was going to help them when things got bad.  They found out that this wasn’t true, people that had the stuff they needed weren’t willing to trade it for useless metal.  They’d only trade their stuff for important stuff, like medicine, sometimes liquor (which nobody really needs either, but it was something people in those days stlll seemed to want) and stuff like boots and warm clothing.  Some people got stupid and got drunk and it got them dead pretty fast.  My dad had a little of this, but I didn’t bother to take it, it’s probably still in the cellar.

I did take the guns though, but I don’t see how they’re going to help me much now.  I need help, I’m weak and sick now and there’s nobody around now that could help.  If the strompers catch me, it won’t matter anyway and then I’ll use my guns on them.  This place is pretty good, if I’m awake when they come, I’ll see them first and these guns are pretty good, I can probably kill a dozen before they make it up here.

But I’ll be honest, I don’t see the point. Why are we still tearing each other apart?  Why are we still fighting over the last scraps like this?  Haven’t we done enough damage?  My dad said it would come to this.  He saw this coming.  He said that the last human would be surrounded by empty shell casing as he killed off the last surviving animals on earth — which would be another human. I don’t know if he thought that that man would be me, but if he did, he never said it.

I don’t want this to be me.  What a terrible legacy this is!  I can’t believe it’s come to this now, this is too horrible to bear.  I think I’m glad that I’m sick, I don’t want this to be me.  If I die here and nobody comes, at least I will die without that.

But I hope that somebody finds this letter. I really do.  I want them to see if they can, that some of us finally understood that there has to be a better way.  There was no need for all this fighting, even though I didn’t fight, I still feel like I was a part of it.  I hid, and I ran, and I stayed away as much as I could, but I didn’t have any choice.  That’s fighting, isn’t it?  Isn’t it really the same thing?  We’re not working together, we’re not trying to make things better, we’re still working against each other, tearing it all apart.

This is terrible, but I don’t see how it could have turned out any other way.  My dad said so too — he said that we’d keep doing this to each other until we finally destroyed it all because we were stubborn and foolish and stupid and we’d not even believe the evidence before our own eyes.  He wrote about that — a lot.  Back then, when he started his journal, they’d not believe anything it seemed, even if they were standing right over it looking at it.  I found that hard to believe, but not anymore.  I seen it, in the eyes of others and in what my dad had wrote.  Nobody would believe it could happen to them.

I wish my dad was here, but it’s probably better that he’s not.  I don’t think he’d have known what do now anymore then I do, but I don’t know.  I sure do miss him though.

I think I hear them coming now, there’s a sound down there that that shouldn’t be there.  I need to stop writing now and get ready.  I hope someone finds this — tell whoever is left that I didn’t want it to end this way.  Tell them that even in all this death and agony and gray and ash that I believe we could have done it better — a lot better.  Tell that that if we had embraced life and all things living, this place would still be here for us.  This was our home.  Our only home. 

Tell them, if there are anyone else out there alive to still tell — to never, EVER forget what we did. 

Tell them that if they get to live — to live it right.

And tell them to take my dad’s books and his journal.  You’ll understand why when you read them.


Fade To Black

I’ve written a few chapters of a fictional book, “Fade To Black”, that subscribers can sign up for. It’s a free e-book of course, you will need to sign up to receive this.

New chapters will be sent out periodically when they’re ready.  The above story is NOT one of them, it’s just a short story of a possible future facing humanity.


Palm Oil Destruction of Tribal Lands

Radioactive Waste Dumping on Aboriginal Lands

Oil Company Admits Steal Tribal and Federal Lands – Chevron Corporation, Texaco, Unocal Incorporated and their affiliates (the Chevron companies)

Last Indonesian Tiger Killed and Eaten

Climate Con: Analysis of the Copenhagen Accord

“So that’s it. The world’s worst polluters €“ the people who are drastically altering the climate €“ gathered here in Copenhagen to announce they were going to carry on cooking, in defiance of all the scientific warnings. They didn’t seal the deal; they sealed the coffin for the world’s low-lying islands, its glaciers, its North Pole, and millions of lives. Those of us who watched this conference with open eyes aren’t surprised. Every day, practical, intelligent solutions that would cut our emissions of warming gases have been offered by scientists, developing countries and protesters €“ and they have been systematically vetoed by the governments of North America and Europe.” Johann Hari, The Independent, 19 December 2009

”In biblical terms it looks like we are being offered 30 pieces of silver to betray our future and our people €¦ our future is not for sale.” Ian Fry, Tuvalu negotiator

“This is a declaration that small and poor countries don’t matter, that international civil society doesn’t matter, and that serious limits on carbon don’t matter. The president has wrecked the UN and he’s wrecked the possibility of a tough plan to control global warming. It may get Obama a reputation as a tough American leader, but it’s at the expense of everything progressives have held dear. 189 countries have been left powerless, and the foxes now guard the carbon henhouse without any oversight.” Bill McKibben, 350.org

I’ve heard the Copenhagen fiasco (“meeting”) called Hopenhagen, Nopenhagen and now a new one invented by me, Nuttinhagen.  The results are dismal, but expected. None of the world’s worst polluters intend to do anything meaningful, the business as usual of rape, pillage and destroy with abandon and ill-concern for future generations is fixed firmly in place.

There will be a lot more smoke-and-mirrors flag / arm waving going on throughout the world, but we’re commited now to 25%+ species loss and a cascading set of dominoes that will lead to humanities collapse.

And we know that 2 degrees is not a safe target, but a catastrophe. The research tells us that a 2-degree warming will initiate large climate feedbacks on land and in the oceans, on sea-ice and mountain glaciers and on the tundra, taking the Earth well past significant tipping points. Likely impacts include large-scale disintegration of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice-sheets; sea-level rises; the extinction of an estimated 15 to 40 per cent of plant and animal species; dangerous ocean acidification and widespread drought, desertification and malnutrition in Africa, Australia, Mediterranean Europe, and the western USA.

The suicidal assumption of the rich nations is that those with money can adapt to 3 degrees or more. This delusion is strongly built into the current debate at every level, from government and business to many of the NGOs in their advocacy and support for actions that are a long way short of what is required for 2 degrees, let alone a safe climate.

What has happened exposes the smouldering contradiction at heart of the international process: while the science leads to 0-to-1-degree targets, the large emitters refuse to commit to actions that will leads to less than 3-to-4 degrees because it challenges their “business-as-usual”, corporate-dominated approach. The best commitments on the table at COP15 would produce a 3.9-degree rise by 2100.

It was the United States that was the primary sabateur of the accord, who fully intended to do absolutely nothing whatsoever except blow more smoke up our asses:

In early October, US climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing announced: €œWe are not going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. That is out€. The USA set out to destroy it at COP15, actively supported by the Annex 1 bloc, with Australia in the lead behind close doors. Obama’s climate position was described by Bill McKibben of 350.org as a “A lie inside a fib coated with spin”.

Developing nations accused Australia of “trying to kill Kyoto“. Australia appeared to be saying one thing in public and another privately, with the chief negotiator for China and the small African nations accusing Rudd of lying to the Australian people about his position on climate change.

Months ago the G-77, a loose coalition of 130 developing nations, accused the US and other developed countries of trying to “fundamentally sabotage” the Kyoto Protocol (KP). They were right in their fears. Instead of enforceable targets in an updated KP, the Copenhagen Accord (CA) contains only voluntary, non-binding, self-assessing targets which amount to “pick a figure, any figure, and do what you like with it” because you will face no penalty for blowing it.

COP15 failed because the US and the major economic powers did not want the KP renewed and the climate action movements within those nations did not have the power to stop them behaving this way. China appeared not to care too much what happened one way or the other. With central planning of their booming green/climate sector, they have no need of global agreements or carbon prices to drive their industry policy; they may even have a competitive advantage in seeing the process fail.

Climate multilateralism may already be dead. It is reported that US officials were boasting privately that they are “controlling the lane”. Most developing nations are deeply unhappy that the CA is outside the climate convention framework, but they were bribed to sign on by the USA with threats that poor nations who refused would loose their share of the $100 billion that rich countries have (theoretically) pledged to compensate for climate impacts the rich countries themselves have caused. Unless every country agrees to the US terms, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton explained, “there will not be that kind of a [financial] commitment, at least from the United States.”

Everybody should think on this: humans cannot “negotiate” with the planet.  We cannot dictate our terms to the environment, or nature or the myriad of natural systems that support life on this planet. Nor can we fully influence them either good or bad and certainly not in the timescales that we are now pretending we can.

Reality will triumph over political foolishness every time.

The reason why I have kept my own personal stance on climate change is because that is exactly what reality reports.  Many people have “switched size” depending on the literal season (time of year) finding their “proof” in snowstorms or droughts.  This is ridiculous and show a lack of critical thought. We are fully able to measure what counts the most — long term trends through direct measurements.  Seasonal variations have almost zero impact upon these trends.

This newsletter and the old blog had documented hundreds if not thousands of reported examples as “proof” of these trends.  From collapsing fisheries and oceans to widespread drought and depleted acquifers to glacial melt and disappearance — the trends are dead-obvious for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.  But like our politics, many have “switched” the opinions depending on how the wind blows.

The Earth’s natural systems are immune to politics and opinions. Recently I wrote that it is irrelevant “what we believe” and this is also the case here.  We need to remain focused on what is actually happening, in ALL things including measurements, science, politics and practices.

This is the “do” or “doing” that I’ve also emphasised in the past.  What we are actually doing, not what we are actually saying.

I’m sticking to my guns, climate change is real, it’s happening now, humans are largely responsible, we are doing next-to-nothing to effectively stop it and it will lead to humanities utter collapse. 

It is dead simple — if animals, fish, plants and trees cannot live here — neither can we.  And at the rate we are going with our pollution, destruction, consumption, depletion, acidification and poisoning, we are ensuring that there will be nothing left in existence.

Does it matter? OF COURSE IT DOES.  Or the scenario written above will come true.

Northwest Bomb Plot ‘Oddities’ – It is no longer surprising in the least that whenver a unjust law is about to expire, something “just happens” to show how much we need government to protect us from boogeymen.

Depression / Hyperinflation Ahead – We’re Screwed

Magnetic Pole Moving East at 40 Miles Per Year!

Steve Lendeman knocks out another couple of home runs – Gaza One Year Later and The Occupied West Bank.  What a terrible indictement upon the entire world that we are still doing nothing to stop this.

Also read Hacking Drones, Crumbling Empire.  There is no doubt whatsoever that this technology will be / is being used to subvert people all over the planet, including here in America.

The first involves programmes designed to saturate such cities with myriads of networked surveillance systems. …

This leads neatly to the second main area of defence research and development to help assert the dominance of US forces over global south cities: a shift towards robotic air and ground weapons. When linked to the persistent surveillance and target identification systems … these weapons will be deployed to continually and automatically destroy purported targets in potentially endless streams of state killing. Here, crucially, fantasies of military omniscience and omnipotence, which blur seamlessly into wider sci-fi and cyberpunk imaginations of future military technoscience, become indistinguishable from major US military research and development programmes. The fantasies of linking sentient, automated and omnipotent surveillance–which bring God-like levels of ‘situational awareness’ to US forces attempting to control intrinsically devious global south megacities–to automated machines of killing, pervades the discourses of the urban turn in the RMA. (Stephen Graham, “Surveillance, urbanization, and the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’,” in David Lyon (ed) Theorizing Surveillance: The Panopticon and Beyond, London: Willan, 2006, pp. 251, 254-255)

I am definitely suggesting you look ahead to here, the “land of the free” as you read this article on military dominance and indifference.

Wired Magazine has another article, Danger Room’s Top 10 Stories From A World Gone Nuts. The common theme here is the industry of death, most of it originating in the land of the free.