Dec 212009

Co-Opting Nature

A reader recently pointed out that the Nature Conservancy is not what it’s all cracked up to be.  A quick Google search shows some complaints, such as this one: Land grabbing secrets of the Nature Conservancy.

Unfortunately, this particular article did not provide a single reference to the claims made (even though the story alleges hundreds of complaints have been filed).  Nor did this one: Are People Still Contributing to the Nature Conservancy?.

Co-opting any organization is extremely common. So common, that you should probably assume that it has already been comprimised (any organization) to one degree or another.

This is being done throughout the world and it is very effective. I have an issue of Green Anarchy magazine from several years back that has a writeup about how any group, effort or organization is infiltrated from within and eventually taken over to prevent the original agenda from ever being accomplished.  The FBI has also long bragged that there isn’t any group in America that they do not have their people involved in.

This would underscore “why” these groups singularily fail to achieve their original stated objectives — but it is not the only reason.

The real reason is much more obvious. The business as usual model is always going to take precedence over real change.  Preservation of the status quo is “how we do business” throughout the world.

We’re all heavily vested in the status-quo and the business as usual scenario still suits us all best (even if this is temporary) and in accordance with how we live our lives, it’s how we make our living and even plan for our future. For the present time, it’s irrelevant to us it is this very methodology that is actually destroying us.  Humans aren’t wired to think about long term trends very well.

Anytime you read an article “blaming bad guys”, I suggest you try this little exercise:  Change the names of the evildoers to one of your own favorite groups.  Leave the rest of the adjectives in place and then re-read the article.  Here is an example taken from the link above:

“One gets to wonder if those who donate to the numerous special interest, ultra-green, liberal, extremely well-heeled environmental groups have any idea how and where their money is actually being spent.”

Now change the names like this:

“One gets to wonder if those who donate to the numerous special interest, ultra-conservative, republican, extremely well-heeled political and conservative groups have any idea how and where their money is actually being spent.”

See what I mean?  It doesn’t even matter “who” the evildoers actually are anymore, the shoe still fits far too well for comfort.

You should recognize the deeper significance and just how pervasive true evil has become within ALL of the world’s organizations that lay claim to “lead” these days. Where exactly are they leading us?

The divide and conquer strategy is always at work within anything of significance.  If you dig deep enough, you will often find that both sides are often funded by the same core organizations and people.  They’re not only hedging their bets, they making huge profits by playing both sides of the fence. This is no accident and it is in fact, how the game is played.

All groups seem to have hidden motives, on both sides of the fence, and all of them have been co-opted from within to one degree or another.  This is why I will never join anything.   Any support I give is given directly to an individual and nothing more.  I can see directly whether or not they need my help that way.

Finally, I’m convinced nobody is really working for our best interests, not among the so-called “leaders” in any movement, irrespective of their promises. They all have their hidden agendas and you’re not being told what they are.

This leads us to Copenhagen.

Look how divided we are:  Climate Talks Deadlocked.  Many have been hoping for a target limit of “just” 2C of warming in the negotiations.  But this will still wipe out 20% of the world’s life forms.  And it is VERY unlikely (impossible now) that we could have limited warming to 2C (dream on).  Updated projections are 4C and higher.

Copenhagen Fails

This was expected.  The idea that disagreeable nations (including ours) were going to accomplish anything of significance in Copenhagen was laughable if it wasn’t such a serious issue.

Much ado was made over the protests and clashes taking place (and the relatively tiny snowstorm — but to the boneheads — it’s December in the northern lattitudes).  Check out Alaska’s snowstorm for a real flurry.

These things were just side-shows to what was really going on.  Divisions over what to do, who will do it and when and how much have angered and dissapointed all sides.

“We have made no progress” said a source close to the talks. “What people don’t realise is that we are now not really ready for the leaders. These talks are now 18 hours late.”
John Vidal: ‘Countries are making tiny concessions’ Link to this audio

More than 115 world leaders arrive tomorrow and on Friday and had expected only to bargain over the final details in a prepared draft agreement but the earlier impasse could condemn the talks to failure.

For the first time frustrated negotiators spoke openly of ““ at best ““ reaching a weak political agreement that would leave no clear way forward to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions.

That would mean the negotiations staying in limbo well into next year, increasing the damage caused by global warming.

The day saw thousands of protesters take to the streets to demand a strong deal by Friday but, while they clashed with police, they failed in their objective to enter the conference centre.

Copenhagen Summit Veering Towards Farce

The difficulty of coming to any agreement is truly a monumental task. The carbon trade scheme is nothing more then another globalist greed agenda, but that doesn’t make the problem of warming any less real.

It’s very odd – the worse environmental collapse gets and the more factual, provable evidence there is — the louder are the screaming and hollering of denial.

I recently read this: “Nothing is real in Copenhagen – not the temperature record, not the predictions, not the agenda, not the “solution“.  Really?

Reality has a way of triumphing over everything else, but in our media dominated disinformation world, it’s hard to pick out the good stuff anymore, but here’s a few:

Sea level rise may exceed worst expectations

Acidification Irreversible on timescale of ‘tens of thousands of years’

Nope — none of this is actually happening, so don’t worry about any of this, it’s just all baloney, nothing to see here, move along, move along, buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume, pollute, pollute, pollute, spend, spend, spend.  That’s right, be a good little slave.  That ocean got acidic you know, from space aliens taking a dump or something.

You’re a zero-impact man and nothing you do has any effects whatsoever.  Your future is quite secure, set in stone even, it’ll always be there, rest assured, ‘cause we said so and we’re the ones that are RIGHT.  And if that’s not good enough, Jesus is going to come back and fix everything anyway, so there is nothing you need do.

Revelation does promise us all a hell on Earth.  I suspect that the double-meaning of this prophetic prediction should be obvious.  I hope the denialists like their hell nice and hot and with large portions of the Earth lacking in fresh water and food for their progeny, because that is exactly the future they’re going to get.

Copenhagen is now over, and it appears that almost nothing was accomplished, unless you count “deferement” for seven more years an “accomplishment” somehow (let someone else deal with the problem, a typical response of the world’s governments).

Monbiot has a article on the meeting here.  What a terrifying disaster this was. I doubt very much if the majority of the world’s people have a clue what this means for their future.

This has not happened by accident: it is the result of a systematic campaign of sabotage by certain states, which has been driven and promoted by the energy industries. This idiocy has been aided and abetted by the nations characterised, until now, as the good guys: those which have made firm commitments, only to invalidate them with loopholes, false accounting and outsourcing. In all cases immediate self-interest has trumped the long-term welfare of humankind. Corporate profits and political expediency have proved to be more urgent concerns than either the natural world or human civilisation. Our political systems are incapable of discharging the main function of government: to protect us from each other.

Goodbye Africa, goodbye south Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest; it was nice knowing you, not that we really cared. The governments which moved so swiftly to save the banks have bickered and filibustered while the biosphere burns.

Is it as bad as that?  Yes and worse. Given the rising temperature record and projections, heat increases will cause increasingly negative effects throughout the planet.

Ok then.  This was expected and we have not heard the last of it.  There is still time for more photo-ops and grandstanding gladhandling emblazoned in the world headlines by the complicit media, and this will dominate the bogus “news” for some time to come.

Pick Your Poison

Some poisons act quickly, others very slowly and many are plenty painful.  This concoction is of course our own brew, and if this is unpalatable, then it’s time to do something about it.  Take a hard look at the temperature maps and start packing your bags if you live in one of those huge regions that are going to fry.  I suggest you do this before the mad rush from all corners of the globe begins.  Don’t forget to factor in sea level rise and salinization of the local acquifer too for all those coastal regions that look so nice and breezy.

Related, something sent in by Don: Toxic Sewage Sludge In Your Food.  Unbelievable, you’d think they were trying to kill us. Well, perhaps they are, there is scant evidence anymore that they are in fact, working for our best and healthy interests.

Relocation & Food Production

Wherever you decide to weather out the dust / hurricane / tornado / monsoon / drought / economic storms ahead, consider how your local food is being grown as one of primary importance (and what’s being put on it to help it grow).

I do suggest a goodly supply of non-hybrid seeds of course, but shop around, you can spend a lot more and get less if you like.  Now is the time to prepare in earnest, there is going to be a mad, mad rush coming soon for all things needed and necessary.

I still say forget gold, in fact, I think gold is going to become nearly worthless in time (really).  I’ve been working on my decadal predictions and this is one of the things I will be including.  Land, water, food, fuel, energy and sheer space from the craziness of a collapsing world will be of prime importance.

Regions that are not food secure will pay increasingly higher prices for food stuffs, which are expected to be in shorter and shorter supply too.  It’s no accident that China is buying up large tracts of agricultural land all over the world, they’re more likely to prepare for the foreseable future then even we are (it’s a cultural thing).

Space, Safety & Self Defense

You’re going to need to start thinking about personal space, safety and self defense.  I’m referring to how to keep the craziness and desperation building in the world at bay (as long as possible).

Having sufficient “space” around you will be immensely valuable, but you will have to find ways to ensure that you can maintain it, at least for a while.

You will need some distance from it all.  Nothing can replace that.  It’s not enough to just have walls or doors or bars on your windows, the population density and craziness factor isn’t something you can stop with mere walls.  Getting away from all the noise, pollution, traffic, people, electricity even can be very healthy and will do wonders for your peace of mind.  Above all, you will need to preserve your sanity and I do not know of a better way to do this then “unplug”.

Get on some dirt and convert it into a crashstead / homestead as fast as you can.  It’s going to be musical chairs time soon enough and when the music stops playing, don’t be left with no place to go.

Get your spring garden planted this coming year and learn to grow food.  Dig a well, build a root cellar, ride a bike, put these things and all those “self-help” projects and ideas into real motion.

Bottom Up Die Off Ahead

Few seem to yet realize that a bottom up die-off is what is now happening around the world. This is only going to get worse and worse as time and collapse progresses.  Depending on how close you are to the lower rungs is when your collapse scenario is going to happen to you.  I will have much more to say on this in the decadal prediction issue coming up.


I have a ‘preferred list’ of websites that I read, none of them survival blogs. Nor do I read any conspiracy website anymore, I stopped doing that some years ago.  The problem that I have with both of these kinds of websites is their failure to address real issues.  Conspiracy too often takes preeminence over fact, and fabricated fiction or simply useless pablum seems to be the usual fare.  I’ve no personal interest in these things anymore and do not find them of much use.

Recently, several people have asked me about these kinds of websites and whether or not their information was true or helpful.  I think you should make up your own mind for starters.  Years ago I did shortwave broadcasting and rubbed elbows with a number of ‘conspiracy theorists’.  I eventually walked away from it all, realizing that it was utterly pointless and even aimless to even bother engaging in these things, nothing ever came out of any of it, and apparently, still hasn’t.  From what I’ve heard, it’s still the same as it was back then.

I have often thought that if these people really believed what they were shoveling, then why don’t they do something about it other then scream and holler?  Nobody wants to be “first”, but then again, nobody IS first when it comes to these complaints.  All we have is a lot of smoke and noise — but no fire.  Fire is what you do — not what you say.

It’s not as if some of these claims are valid, it’s more an issue that the more valid the claims may be, the less is being done.  I never did find that spending all my time reading about these things and writing about them changed anything.

I think it is more important to deal with known facts and actual events then with conspiracies or predictions based upon myths anyway. This is why having measurable data is very important. Trends can be reasonably plotted out to give a very good indication of where we are headed.

Personal viewpoints and opinions do not really matter anymore (other then to you). Collectively, large groups of people holding particular viewpoints and opinions can in fact, have some small influence. But they are still not effectively influencing the major levers of control.  These are things that are entirely out of our control unless revolutionary actions is taken. But Americans remain much too lethargic and indifferent to seriously contemplate this type of thing. They’re still too vested in the status quo, even if this means self-destruction.

This is why I also advocate self-sufficiency and personal independence.  You are only as effective as your life actually represents.  You’re not effective when you spend all your time blabbing into a microphone or sitting behind a keyboard, you’re not even helping yourself, you’re only playing into the same system that runs it all.  Realize that this type of activism is nearly useless and there are much better ways to spend your life.


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