Nov 272009


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Global Collapse Well Underway Now

Thousands of wild camels have an invaded Australia’s town in a desperate search for water.  Over 6,000 camels have destroyed fences, water mains and even invaded an airstrip.  Trying to force their way into people’s homes has left many residents cowering in fear.

The “answer” chosen to solve this crisis is to shoot all 6,000 camels.  Somebody should send them a memo “climate change is a scam!!

Local shire chief Graham Taylor said: “I think the words ‘under siege’ are good words because it talks about people being stuck in their homes and looking out and seeing just numbers of camels at your front door.€

Fears have also been raised that the carcases of camels killed in stampedes at water storage areas are also contaminating the water supply.

In August, the federal government set aside 19 million Australian dollars for a scheme to reduce the wild camel population, including a possible mass slaughter.

Earth Attacked By Alien Death Ray

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has revealed a startling report that the planet is being bombarded by an “alien death ray” from outside of the solar system.  This news has left many of the world’s top scientists deeply disturbed, as its origin is unknown and the effects are already starting to show up on Earth.

Dr. Alan Kingston, head of NASA Goddard Alien Affairs Department reports that this unknown energy source is apparently having a deep impact upon human life.

“Our instruments are not presently sophisticated enough to measure the full impacts, but we do know that humans are being detrimentally effected.  Right now, we have been able to determine that especially among the more advanced nations, a form of human blindness is being measured”.

Apparently, the death ray is detectable among scientists who have been using one of humanities oldest technologies. Those who are not using this are apparently among the most effected.

“Intelligence is quantifiable by using a number of tests.  We’ve been able to determine that within the advanced nations, intelligence and awareness do not go hand-in-hand like we once thought. The only explanation for this is the “death ray” we believe is being felt on the Earth.  Those that deny intelligence or bluntly put, fake awareness are those who are being most affected.  We believe that there are hundreds of millions of people, especially in the advanced nations that are affected, but we do not know the exact number”.

Scientists are convinced that unless this “attack” is somehow stopped, that the Earth’s inhabitants will undergo devastating transformation.  Dr. Kingston says:

“We will experience humanities worst fears, with “zombie like” humans roaming the Earth by the millions, unaware and uncaring. They will take over all manner of government and institutions and ultimately will cause humanity to engage in a series of disastrous decisions and policy that will lead to our destruction”.

Dr. Kingston is apparently not alone in his assessment, as the world’s top scientists are now deeply alarmed at the sheer magnitude of this crisis.  Already they say, this condition is being exhibited by the world’s top political and business leaders, evidence that they are also among the most affected.

Unless this threat is somehow stopped, humans will continue to embark upon disastrous decisions that will destroy humanity.

Cattle Mutiliations

Perhaps not unrelated, cow mutilations have been reported in Colorado.

This though, is probably unrelated to the sherriff losing public support and is just coincidental.

If I was going to mutilate a cow (as a prank of course), here’s how I’d do it: After abducting a cow, removing its organs and draining its blood, I’d relocate the animal to a new spot, being careful to not leave any tracks or evidence.

I’d even consider using the following: helicopter, hot air balloon or catapult from the back of my truck. That way, there would be no “sign” left behind.

That makes a lot more sense then the “alien abduction” of ungulates for “study”.  I cannot image entities with the ability to have interstellar travel being interested in repeated late-night abductions and “cattle mutilation”.  Even humans aren’t that stupid, but obviously, some are.

From So Very Doomed we have giant jellyfish swarms destroying Japanese fishing.

Finally, something real everyone can believe in.

Hey, does anybody know why that site has turned to crap for the last several months?  It’s like those doomer have just given up or something.

Kenya Collapses

Kenyans Draw Weapons Over Shrinking Resources

Another prediction coming true, Kenya is now at the forefront of climate wars and shrinking resources.  Desmonda Despair has been documenting the Kenya collapse and in Africa.

Africa and Australia are the most headlined collapse countries in terms of drought, but just the opposite occurred in England with torrential rains.  Humans are already looking at trillions of dollars in damage.

I think it is a mistake to place economic emphasis on the environment, because that will always lead to its exploitation.  Humans mistakingly believe the environment is a “resource” with a price tag attached.  We either “expend” the resource now or later, molding everything into the human economic model.

We convienently forget that it’s not ours to spend (exploit) and never was, for our exclusive benefit.

Collapse In Dubai

Debt in Dubai – This is nearly hilarious.  Debt-ridden Dubai cannot even pay its interest payments anymore.

The reason I find this funny is “have you seen Dubai?

This where the rich can go skiing in 120 degree heat (inside of course).  Where there are hundreds of manmade islands built right out into the sea.  Where they have to build giant desalinization plants to water palm trees and golf courses.

This entire area is going to be reclaimed by sand.  After the bankers of course, get their “fair share” first.

Go check out these pictures here.  This is one of the most wasteful, stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

Ghost Town Dubai – Soon to be inhabited by well, nothing at all.  Sand fleas I guess.

And the world wonders when hunger, poverty and inequality will be solved.  Don’t wonder anymore, it will never be solved.  Not as long as capitalism and greed exists, and not as long as we keep emphasising material wealth over human condition.

Saudi Arabia Flooding

Not to be outdone by England, Saudia Arabia has lost 88 persons to flooding.

This is quite tragic (and real, just so you know).

Usually this is what happens in the arid deserts of Saudi Arabia:

Future climate impacts promises to be just as violent.  As ridiculous sounding as the world’s climate scientists sometimes sound, their predictions of wild weather variations continues to prove to be true and correct.

Newsletter News

I do wish this newsletter was read by more people.  I’d like to send copies to the people in Africa, Australia, South America, Afghanistan and Iraq.  What they are experiencing is what the world will be experiencing one day.  That’s us for the neuron impaired.

Their real-life experiences would do more to convince the rest of us of the forthcoming tragedy headed our way more then anything else.  But their stories are remaining almost entirely unheard and unreported, especially within the main stream news “sources” in America.  We are only able to glean just the barest hints of what it must already be like for them.

I know it’s quite awkward at time to read about these events, but like the sandstorm picture above, it does us no good at all to continue to bury our heads in the sand and just “hope it all goes away”.  Apparently, nature is pissed off, rightly so too, and is working overtime to eradicate the virus that has taken over the surface of the earth.

The future promises to hold more of these “natural variations and events” despite the denialsphere chants of “it’s not happening, there is no evidence”.  I suspect that what wrong here is they are not holding hands in unision as they scream their mantra from the rooftops.

Somebody should send them a copy of these newsletters, I could suggest a few hints on how to better get their message across, but I’ll be honest here, I don’t think nature can read.

Relocation Update

One of the things I’ve forgotten on “where to relocate” is — don’t move to an area where there are abundant oil resources (like Venezuela for example), as you’ll soon be bombed into oblivion if you refuse “cooperation” with the benevolent Empire.

Despite the objections, I’ll bet that Australia’s uranium deposits will be “lifted” ungently from the Earth too, probably in a similar fashion like Alberta’s tar sands. The havoc there is horrendous.  Don’t live in either place either, you’d not want to drink the water or live amongst the stinking tailings.

Don’t live near oil or gas wells either, they’ll make you sick, cancerous and deathly ill and industry will keep pretending “it’s not their fault” that the water is brown and stinks.

Dimtry Orlov pointed out that living near a deep water port may eventually be a good idea.  Probably so, as sailing comes back to global commerce.  I’d guess that these locations will be a might crowded though, even more then they already are.

On your “no go” list, should be places that have oil, natural gas, tar sands, uranium, rare earth metals, precious metals and minerals like gold, diamonds, platinum and even silver.  That’s where you’ll find the mercenaries and land grabbers, global polluters and greedy land speculators, none of which make good neighbors or will be helpful when the chips are down.

None of these elements are essential anyway for your survival, but will be “danger lurking beneath your feet” and in your bloodstream if you live too close.  This isn’t the same thing as “gold fever” but might as well be.

You’ll also want to avoid things like oil and gas pipe lines, which are replete with sensors and motion detectors awaiting intrusion, and high-flying Predator drones (which I hear are now flying over Montana) carrying live missles.

Other things to avoid: drug “corridors” where drug runners operate frequently.  Border towns near Mexico’s (and the US) crime areas, belligerent states who publicly oppose the Empire (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba) and even those that are “quasi-compliant” over just lip service like Libya.

You’ll want to blend in and appear to be harmless along with everyone else.  Make sure your camo clothing stays in the closet and you’ve got your Nike’s on most times instead your combat boots.  Only wear the “good stuff” when things get really bad.  You’ll be able to tell when that is when your neighbors start disappearing.

Black Friday

I haven’t heard of any human tramplings this year, but I did hear about people camping out at Best Buy and Walmart for nearly 20 hours in advance.  I guess I missed the memo this year.  I stayed home, I even fixed my truck (mounted the plow and installed new shocks).  Dang!

Next time, there I’ll be, right there among the herd, milling around, waiting for that early morning “deal” that I just can’t live without.  I definitely don’t want to keep missing out on all these great deals.

My only dilemma is going to be do I setup camp at WalMart or should it be Sears?  I haven’t figured out yet how to be in two places at once, but I’m working on it.

I could always ask my wife to take on one store and I’ll do the other, but what in the world am I going to do if there is more then two great sales?  Dang it again!!  And what happens if she can’t carry it all?  Double Dang!!

Usually, we go together.  I run body blocks and sometimes I even have to use my stun gun a few times so that she can grab the last item on the shelf, but hey, its worked so far and nobody has complained.  I mean, it’s risky right?  You take what you can get, and sometimes you get a little shocked.

But I’ve got an idea.  Let’s all start a letter writing campaign and let these companies know that we consumers aren’t going to take this anymore!  I’m tired of this, aren’t you?  I mean, if we’re going to keep consuming all this stuff they keep producing, the least that they could do is make it available to us without expecting us to be in two, three or even four places all at once!

Hey, I’ve got it!  Let’s just do it online!!  That way, we can shop at everywhere at once!!  My browser can open up a dozen, two dozen or more windows all at the same time!!

Oh, wait, shiiiiiiitttttSomebody already thought of this!!! 

Damn it all to hell, I missed out.  Why didn’t I get the fricking memo??

Well crap, there’s always next year.  I’ll get me a bigger computer, with multiple screens and I’ll show them!!  I can consume with the best of them!!!

We should hold a contest!  Who can buy the most useless shit the fastest!!  I’ll even donate a year’s supply of food to the winner!  That’s a great idea!  At least, there will be something useful to come out of this!

Nov 252009

Climate news is coming in very fast now.  Too much to delay publication!  Be sure to read the final entry from Market Skeptics.

CRU Hack — Already mentioned in issue No. 30, this is still white noise and utterly meaningless.  Real Climate has done a pretty good writeup you can find at the link.

Read the comments too — much information to be gleaned there.  If you really want to know the type of discussions going on between scientists, here’s a good place to start.

I like the Island’s of Doubt writeup, and one of the quips from a commentators:

If you think that global warming rests on a few temperature data sets and models, you are very wrong. If you don’t understand this then you don’t know enough to have an opinion on the subject, and you most likely will be treated just like any other ineducable troll.

Grab a climate textbook and do some reading…it will help if you have some physics background too. Yeah, science takes effort…

Carbon Fixated has a fun writeup – Newtongate.  Just throw it all out….

It’s VERY clear the denialist crowd has an agenda and damn the science or the evidence.  Oddly, they’re the ones claiming that it is the scientist who have an agenda in some sort of evil cabal of global domination (shades of Alex Jones and others).

The only “agenda” really at work here is panic. Denialists are scared to death the scientists are correct, because it means that the party is over and they wrongly think that they are “fighting” for their way of life (they’re not, it’s already over, but they are way to dense to realize this).

Scientists are growing increasingly angry at the denial meme and what it means for humanity.  Both groups are being driven further apart, but both are showing signs of increasing panic.  Right now, this is the only common bond that exists between them.

Frankly, I predict that in the end, this flap will help the scientific community and humanity.  Greater transparency will be the result, plus it will force many in the scientific community to be more forthcoming on their analysis and results and even bring some of the “scientific reticence” I’ve harped upon to an end.

Anytime there is this type of “expose” based upon fraudelent claims, misunderstanding and taking information way, way out of context, the final end result can actually be an improvement on the swirls of bullshit being slung around.  At least, that’s what I think will happen, and I think this will happen because this really is a very very critical and important issue that affects all of humanity.  No way will this wind up taking a “victory” over the actual science and actual evidence now taking place all over the world.

Maybe we’ll see science get off it’s academic butt and start becoming more vocal.  I sure the hell hope so.

Meanwhile, Global Warming Speeding Up.  Yep, the Earth is still turning, irrespective of the science.   Nothing is going to stop this apparently, as humanity remains stupidly divided over what is dead obvious now. This doesn’t say much for our species, or at least a large segment of the population.

Greenhouse Gases Reach Highest Recorded Level — Maybe this has something to do with the 84,000,000 barrels of oil we’re burning per day?

Let’s see 317 kg of carbon per barrel (minimum estimate)  x 85,534,000  = 12,298,829,629 lbs per day, spewing into the atmosphere And that’s just the human oil consumption, there is much more then this going on with natural emission (much of it caused by global warming now).  Much of it has sunk into the oceans, except whaddayaknow!!  They’re now acidic and can’t aborb much more….

And whaddayaknow!  Humans are not causing any of this….  (insert head into sand, and chant “natural variations” 10,000,000 times, if you believe it hard enough, you can make it ALL just go away).

The Copenhagen Diagnosis Report can be downloaded here.

Here is the Executive Summary:

Surging greenhouse gas emissions: Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in 2008 were nearly 40% higher than those in 1990. Even if global emission rates are stabilized at present-day levels, just 20 more years of emissions would give a 25% probability that warming exceeds 2°C, even with zero emissions after 2030. Every year of delayed action increases the chances of exceeding 2°C warming.

Recent global temperatures demonstrate human-induced warming: Over the past 25 years temperatures have increased at a rate of 0.19°C per decade, in very good agreement with predictions based on greenhouse gas increases. Even over the past ten years, despite a decrease in solar forcing, the trend continues to be one of warming. Natural, short-term fluctuations are occurring as usual, but there have been no significant changes in the underlying warming trend.

Acceleration of melting of ice-sheets, glaciers and ice-caps: A wide array of satellite and ice measurements now demonstrate beyond doubt that both the Greenland and Antarctic ice-sheets are losing mass at an increasing rate. Melting of glaciers and ice-caps in other parts of the world has also accelerated since 1990.

Rapid Arctic sea-ice decline: Summer-time melting of Arctic sea-ice has accelerated far beyond the expectations of climate models. The area of sea-ice melt during 2007-2009 was about 40% greater than the average prediction from IPCC AR4 climate models.

Current sea-level rise underestimated: Satellites show recent global average sea-level rise (3.4 mm/yr over the past 15 years) to be ~80% above past IPCC predictions. This acceleration in sea-level rise is consistent with a doubling in contribution from melting of glaciers, ice caps, and the Greenland and West-Antarctic ice-sheets.

Sea-level predictions revised: By 2100, global sea-level is likely to rise at least twice as much as projected by Working Group 1 of the IPCC AR4; for unmitigated emissions it may well exceed 1 meter. The upper limit has been estimated as ~ 2 meters sea level rise by 2100. Sea level will continue to rise for centuries after global temperatures have been stabilized, and several meters of sea level rise must be expected over the next few centuries.

Delay in action risks irreversible damage: Several vulnerable elements in the climate system (e.g. continental ice-sheets, Amazon rainforest, West African monsoon and others) could be pushed towards abrupt or irreversible change if warming continues in a business-as-usual way throughout this century. The risk of transgressing critical thresholds (“tipping points”) increases strongly with ongoing climate change. Thus waiting for higher levels of scientific certainty could mean that some tipping points will be crossed before they are recognized.

The turning point must come soon: If global warming is to be limited to a maximum of 2 °C above pre-industrial values, global emissions need to peak between 2015 and 2020 and then decline rapidly. To stabilize climate, a decarbonized global society ““ with near-zero emissions of CO2 and other long-lived greenhouse gases ““ needs to be reached well within this century. More
specifically, the average annual per-capita emissions will have to shrink to well under 1 metric ton CO2 by 2050. This is 80-95% below the per-capita emissions in developed nations in 2000.

Once again, I’ve been proven right.  The scientists are still scrambling to update their predictions.  The IPCC has been way behind the curve in reality, and I believe that even this update is still behind the curve.

A few more articles:

Australia Breaking Records on High Temperatures

World’s Largest Ice Sheet Breaking Up Faster Then Expected

Insurance Giant Warns Climate Tipping Points In Sight (these estimates are badly out of date)

The “polar communities” some are promoting for the future are going to have a hard time fishing in the the Arctic Ocean it seems.

Market Skeptics reports:  Food / Gold Shortages Reach Breaking Point.  Many links and a long write-up with news sources of 2009 catastrophic crop losses.  I won’t mention the gold issues again, as I still disagree with the gold bugs.

If the crop losses are as bad as this report indicates, we will see price spikes for sure.  So far, I have not heard anything, but the tons of links and sources in this article are very sobering.

Nov 242009

Global Warming Is a Timebomb — Statement by James Hansen (must read).

I just learned that he survived prostrate cancer, and has come out with a few comments and a new book in December 2009.

I hope it makes clear that the €œsolutions€ favored by Congress (Waxman-Markey in the House and related cap-and-trade bills in the Senate) would lock-in disastrous outcomes for young people. Among other things.

[A solution must attack the fundamental problem by placing a rising fee on carbon, collected at the mine or port of entry. 100 percent of the fee should be distributed monthly to the public. I have argued for 100 percent as a uniform dividend, but 50 percent dividend and 50 payroll tax deduction would make sense. The dividend is needed because not everyone is on a payroll. Fee-and-dividend is a progressive tax, most low-income people will gain more than they lose, and it stimulates the economy €“ it gives the public the means to replace carbon-clunker technology with low- and no-carbon technologies, allowing the market place to choose winning technologies. Cap-and-trade is a hidden regressive tax, benefitting the select few who have managed to get themselves written into the 2000-page bill. How could Washington possibly choose lock-in failure over what is obviously the essential approach (they ignore the Larson bill, for example)? As I discuss in the book, think revolving door between the government and Wall Street. Think revolving door between Congress and lobbyists. Goldman-Sachs makes a mint with cap-and-trade (off the public). Goldman-Sachs does not make one thin dime with fee-anddividend.]

I made the same type argument regarding the bailouts.  Give the money directly to the people and provide a real stimulus.  I took some heat over that one, but have been proven right — the stimulus didn’t work at all, and only benefited the same hucksters that had stolen billions already.

I feel the same way about carbon credits, it won’t work.  It’s a screwball plan altogether, which of course, our clueless and cowardly Congress is quite willing to embrace.

Hansen warns of several critical tipping points that lie directly in our path ahead.   The very rapid rise in ice melt in Greenland, Arctic and Antarctic bear special consideration.  A very rapid sea level rise could result from the West Antarctic shelf disinterrating (most of this ice lies below sea level).

It’s a great presentation, one that will make the denialsphere foam at the mouth (again).  To say that these people are rabid is an understatement.  No amount of innoculation or treatment (education) seems to penetrate the fog of confusion they express.

What is clear is that we cannot burn all the fossil fuels. There is a limit on how much
carbon we can put into the atmosphere.  These graphs tell us unambiguously that we must phase out all coal emissions rapidly, not develop the unconventional fossil fuels, and not even go after every last drop of oil on the planet. In that case, our children and grandchildren have a chance of inheriting a planet that is not spiraling out of their control.

In reality our governments are continuing to build new coal-fired power plants, develop
unconventional fossil fuels, and encourage the search for more oil. Instead of taking a strategic approach, governments pretend that they will solve the problem by setting €œgoals€ for large emission reductions for some future date €“ say 80 percent by 2050 or some other target. They say that they will set €œcaps€ on emissions to achieve the emission reductions. Our governments are lying to us, or, if you want to be generous, they are kidding us. That is easy to prove.

I’ll be more blunt — they are killing us, and any hope for a future generation.   This is already a life or death issue (for them), but it’s in our hands now.

The BBC has a report on climate skeptics, The Top 10.

Copenhagen Climate Change Negotiations – Secrecy News sent this along.

Stolen Emails

I saw the flap over the stolen emails.  Frankly, the hoopla is just noise.   Real Climate has done a writeup on the foaming at the mouth by the denialist crowd, and like me, they don’t think it adds up to much of anything at all.

I certainly don’t, the science is still in place, there are thousands of peer reviewed research papers and data records, the global consensus remains the same as ever.   We’ve even got the historical record in photographs, so whoopdeedooda, I don’t think the flap over this is anything to be concerned about.

Food Production

George Monbiot says we need to save the food production.  He’s right of course, oil is food and as it disappears, so does global food production.


It has more then once occurred to me that all this yapping about peak oil, peak energy, food production, climate change and environmental collapse and even war is, well, sort of misleading.   Despite all the evidence that we can share that these things are happening, here and now, we’re still not really aware in a conscience sense of their yearly decline or the ongoing destruction.

The misleading part I refered to is how we are still failing to understand the gravity of the situation.  Statement like “billions will go hungry” or “100,000 now dead” just doesn’t convey much meaning to us.

The reason is because it is entirely outside of our experience, and we’re still badly distracted from the whole issue of what this means, and what it will mean in the future for everyone else.

For now, these disasters are far off for most of us. We’re not hungry, not yet, so we don’t understand what this means.  Nobody is shooting at us, a least not here, so we can still expect to wake up in the morning safe and sound.  We’re not having to walk twelve miles to find water, so we don’t understand what that means either.  We’re still living high on the hog for the most part, and we just can’t comprehend the future that claims to be dramatically diminished from what we are experiencing today.

We’re not witness to the sea level rise forcing people from their homes, or the massive inflow of ice into the Arctic ocean, or the huge Greenland melt, or the disappearing glaciers in the Andes and a whole lot of other things going on all over the world.

The rainforest is still “there” for us, because it’s simply an image we keep in our head and it never changes.  The furniture we buy made from Brazilian hardwoods just doesn’t connect to a towering tree crowning the rainforest, now cut down and reduced to sticks and furniture.

We’re still pumping gas whenver we want, still buying food trucked in from thousands of miles away, still eating fine fish and well marbled meats from far flung oceans and feedlots scattered around the nation.

Yeah, all these things are more expensive now, but we’re not really noticing much, other then our economy and maybe our jobs are (still) in the tank.

But suffering?  Shortages? Loss? Or the complete absence of a whole bunch of products and goods which we’ve always had?

No, not yet….

So we’re still plodding along, watching the sky, our wallets, the news, listening to what people are saying and staying on our steady course.  Waiting….

It’s still not real enough for us.  Not yet.  Still hasn’t crashed here yet, although if you lived in a number of places elsewhere, they are definitely in the throes of major collapse.  See here, here and here for just a few examples.  There are many more.

But we’re still here, still living pretty much the same as before.  We still have the same abundance as ever, it just cost more is all….

Monbiot and others are saying that the world economy is probably knackered, no matter what we do.  And I think that is the point here.  No matter what we do, the reality of our situation is going to come home to roost.    We are going to have to live with it (somehow).  It will happen by all indications (which are widely reported to flashing bright red now).

There really doesn’t seem to be much anybody can actually do about either, not when we have built an entire civilization and infrastructure on cheap oil and all the former abundant resources.  When those run out or peak, well — it’s knackered.

But the point here is, well, we don’t really believe all of this. If we did, doesn’t it stand to reason that we’d actually be trying to do something about it?

I’d like to think that if we did believe this, we’d be pulling out all the stops right now to do something about it.  Like Monbiot says, we’d better save the farming and food production!!  But of course, we’re not going to do any such thing it seems, even though now is the time to do it…

The challenge of feeding 7 or 8 billion people while oil supplies are falling is stupefying. It’ll be even greater if governments keep pretending that it isn’t going to happen.

Really?  Ok then.  So why are we being staggeringly stupid about all of this?   Is that too harsh to say?  I think not, not really.

Consider what our inactions are going to mean.  What the gravity of the situation actually conveys.  We built an entire world based upon cheap oil and easily plentiful food was the result.  Populations shot through the roof, so we had to go forth and conquer everything and everybody and compete for scarcer and scarcer resources, and now we’ve got a big problems, all self-induced too….

I always equate “false belief” to those things that we do not act upon.  When we say we “believe” something, it requires more then just our acknowledgement between our ears. That’s actually meaningless.  That doesn’t add up to diddly squat.  Anybody can say that, “I believe yadayadayada“, but what are they actually doing with those beliefs?

Belief that is real, verifiable and demonstratable is belief that is acted upon.  In other words, you “live your beliefs“.  If you do not live your beliefs, and nothing is preventing you, then you are a hypocrite.   Or more politely put, you don’t really believe what you claim to believe.  You’re more comfortable with just the head knowledge to carry around, convincing yourself that this is sufficient. You’re a believer after all….

I call these things false beliefs.  It’s pretty clear that we don’t really believe what the scientist and researchers our telling us, or the reports of all the deaths and tragedies going on.  I know that we are suspended in the cognative dissonance mire of our “reality”, but we’ve had plenty of warnings now to get with the program as a nation and as a people, but haven’t.  We are already in a state of global emergency and the sirens aren’t going off in our minds.

What we have, and all that we have, is a whole bunch of false beliefs. That’s is now very clear. We hear, and we even acknowledge these beliefs, but we do not act.  We do not even take the responsibility to act either.

And this is why I find most misleading about the collapse and all that this means.   If we really, truly believed in the things we embrace in our heads, then we would have acted upon those beliefs decisively.  Self-preservation, or conservation or any number of activities to mitigate what is headed our way and of course, what is already happening.  But for a relatively few people, we’re not doing what needs to be done, which simply proves we don’t really believe it.

This is going to have catastrophic consequences.

We are running out of time and options.  Every single day I read doom news of such magnitude and severity that it makes my head spin.  Only a tiny fraction is shared here.  How can we not act upon this information?  Why do we still go on pretending that this data is meaningless?

I don’t know how much time we have, but I do know that experts all over the world are predicting our collapse.  Their nation, our nation, everybody, everywhere.

Should we listen to them?  Or just go on half-listening, half-believing and doing nothing?

I think we should act upon our beliefs — with extreme urgency.  I say this because it takes a great deal of effort and time to even take the smaller steps of trying to help your own self, let alone change the course of history.

Deploying the Undeployables by Dahr Jamail – Desertion rates and deals being made by the military to force up troop levels using the mentally ill.  Head case?  Got PTSD?   Doesn’t matter, you’re going to Iraq or Afghanistan.  Refuse?  You’re going to jail.

Pretty damned pathetic what the military is doing to their own people.

Resistance within the military is on the rise, but it’s being swiftly punished:

Since 2002, the Army has court-martialed twice as many soldiers for desertion and other unauthorized absences per year than for each year between 1997 and 2001. AWOL rates in the Army are at their highest since 1980, with the desertion rate having jumped 80 percent since the start of the Iraq War, according to The Associated Press.

Courage To Resist has a number of stories about resistors and the actions being taken against them.

In case you’re wondering, this is the kind of things (pdf file) that they are resisting (warning, graphic). They simply do not want to be a part of the killing.

Conspiracy of Ignorance – Something that Scott Ritter said, but it fits so well (for so many).  Here is the original YouTube video where I found it.

Ecuador is kicking out the United States.  So the US has started to build 7 new bases in ColumbiaColumbia and Venezuela are have a spat over some blown bridges that were allowing in drug traffickers to Venezuela.  This oil rich country is the next target for the United States.  Not hard to see where this is going.  Somewhere on the blog I’d predicted this too.

Graph of declining oil production

This and many other data points indicate that there will be more war ahead and conflict over resources.  The US remains committed to domination. What we should be doing is rolling back our military expenditures and focusing internally on what we need to do survive in a collapsing world.

Unemployment Rates By County — Be sure to see this (click the image), because it’s like a plague of black death sweeping over the nation.  Just remember, these are the reported statistics — the real stats are twice as high as those being reported.

Contrast this to the report on Human Trafficking in the American heartland.  I don’t know if this is related to the unemployment stats, but it is a “dot” to keep in mind.

Medical Condition

I’m supposedly healed up, although I did not keep my last doctors appointment to get his seal of “approval”. At the rates he’s charging, I simply skipped it.

There is some nerve damage of course, but these are growing back, I’ve got some feeling again.  I was told it would take six months to recover completely, but I’m not real sure what that means.  There is scarring unfortunately, but that’s life I guess.

I tell people that zombies did this to me — which is actually true by the way.  If it weren’t for the zombies, this would have never happened.  Next time, I’ll make sure my gun doesn’t jam….


Winter appears to have arrived here.  The snow is sliding off the roof (nice!) into the french drains, which will redirect the melt to the pond.  So far, so good.

Now is the time to plan for your next round of projects.  Look far, far down the road and figure out what you will need that will last and make your chances of survival better.

I’m working on some major “water works” in my head right now, cisterns, another pond, piping and water backup systems.  Water is going to be a huge issue.  Get a good water filter, I like the drip filters best.  They’re hands free for the most part, and last a long time.  Get a few spare elements too.

Hope everyone saw the deluge news in England, 12″ of water all at once.  Even in a flood, a water filter is critical, it will filter out all the bacteria and sediments and give you something to drink while surrounded by all that (polluted) water.

Other areas will experience severe drought, everything is changing, very rapidly.

Take the time this winter to make a list of your essential needs, if you haven’t done so already.

Nov 182009

Ukraine Flu Reports – Zero Hedge has a detailed report on the developments in the Ukraine (thanks to YoJen10).

Here are a few Youtube video clips (thanks Randall) on what some are reporting.

There is also a big bump of deaths in Canada, 24 people have died in Ontario in a 72 hour period.

Anger is definitely increasing — the authorities have led a worldwide fear-storm, benefitting who?  Not hard to figure out.  Frankly, I think the anger is good.  It’s about time people wake up.

Sea Levels Rise

If you’ve wondered what sea level rise may mean to your coastal location, check here for a simulation. If you own low-lying land near the oceans, sell it now, move and buy something else, your children will thank you.


In the 7th grade, assigned seating was the norm.  The girl next to me got it into her head that she and I were an “item” since everyone else was (allegedly) talking about it.   She being good looking, I went along with it.  It was then I discovered that she was a member of the People’s Temple Church and it was quite taboo for her to have any friends outside of the chosen circle.  We lasted about five days I think.

A few years later she was dead, part of the Guyana kool-aid massacre.  I didn’t even learn about her death until 2008, and to be quite honest, it brought tears.  She was a nice kid back then and undoubtedly deserved better.

That was my first brush with indoctrination wrapped in religion all those years ago.   Last year, looking at the death and survivor list, more then a few school acquaintences didn’t live past their teens.  There were a few surprises on who managed to escape however, which I was quite glad to see.

Years later (also discovered in 2008), I found out that my former pastor and district presbyter was locked up for 15 years to life for repeated sexual assault (on his own kids no less). I’d long since left the ministry myself, but was once again reminded how dangerous and deluded these people really are.

Like Jones, this man used religion like a club over the head, browbeating his “followers” into submission. I’m told that I scared the hell out of him, because I didn’t conform nor follow his dictates.  I even had the gall before I left to tell him that he was going to lose everything — church, wife, kids, home — all of it, years before, and that it would all be given to someone else. Of course, that didn’t make me popular, but it did mark me.  A lot of those people are still very much afraid of me.

Since then, we’ve all heard of Heavens Gate and other mass suicides by religious cults. It’s more common then we probably have come to expect. I know that this happens fairly often among families, between mothers and fathers, who often “help” their own sons and daughters ‘decide’.  Usually the evidence is clear who did what — a bullet hole in the back of the head or a slashed throat tells the tale.

The danger is obvious. What people have come to expect (based on false evidence), but never receive, sets them up for a total personal ideaological collapse.  Why they never receive is never seriously questioned.  This subject is considered taboo, and because of this, many, many people have died.  This is far from over — and why I’m bothering to write this.

Religion is out of control in many parts of the world, especially within the United States and in fundamentalist groups overseas.  Many dangerous cults have developed that are leading people to their deaths, and some of them are engaged in some pretty heineous practices.

Many, many  people (billions)are being “set up” for a catastrophic failure.  Most believe that the events that are now being widely documented are signs of the end times.  Few of these believers understand that these are all self-inflicted prophecies, and have nothing whatsoever to do with any religious doctrine.  The restitution and restoration that they are all expecting is never going to happen.  And this is going to cause unbelievable levels of personal distress.

Moreover, they are also going to remain easily manipulated, believing and do almost anything . There is already ample of evidence of this now.  Having been brought to the edge of their own despair, they will become willing followers to anyone that claims to know the way.

None of this is any accident by the way — it is a technique that has been followed for centuries.

Causing this is a highly organized mixture of businessmen, global leaders and religious organizations.  They are manipulating each other, each seeking the advantage, and also gain.  All have their profits (pun intended) to champion their causes and agendas.

Caught in this malestorm of lies and deceptions and deceit is the individual, who is left almost entirely clueless to what is fact and what is fiction.   They are the willing victims, having given up personal responsibility and their own sovereign authority, abdicating these to God and everyone else.  Whatever happens is not their fault, the fault if there is one, belongs to God or to someone else, anybody but themselves.  They never question the illogic and nonsense of this response.

This is a warning — because we are heading into a time at breakneck speed where people are going to rend each other to pieces.  Driving much of this will be ideology, which is almost always based upon a gross misunderstanding of history and facts.

It is safe to say that ideology is manipulated history and belief, and if you keep that in mind, you will do well.

My suggestion is to keep your distance so that you do not become polluted.  This is your best defense.  They will hate your for it, because they really do see you as being an “outsider”.  If you are not one of them, then you are considered an enemy.  Ironically, that alone should be ample evidence of the levels of indoctrination they’ve accepted.  I am nobody’s enemy, except to those that have done grevious harm to me or mine.

Grisly Slayings

This is as vile as it gets, slaying people and rendering their fat into perfume.  Video here.

Landless Peasant Party

Deek Jackson of FKNews fame, has launched the Landless Peasant Party in the United Kingdom to challenge the status-quo.  I’ve no doubt at all that Deek would make a far better candidate for political leadership then those “fucks in charge” (here, there or anywhere).  He’s got an open invitation to live here.

Here is his announcement:  Youtube video.

Donations to help are requested and knowing Deek, sincerely appreciated.  Make it happen.

Cop Tases 10 Year Old Girl

This little girl has more guts them most Americans.  Needless to say, the cop has no business tasering her, or threatening to jail her.  Somebody should plant a fist in that cops face and bitch slap the mother too.  I hope when that girl grows up she joins the resistance.


It’s nearly past the time to prep.  To make ready, to get your house and your affairs in order.  To plan ahead now, with what is possible for you to do, and then to follow through and actually do it.

The economic collapse we’re now wallowing in was expected.  Even so, this is definitely not the time to slack off on preparations.  If anything, we must go faster now, while we still can.

To fully appreciate what needs to be done, you must first recognize what is going to happen.  If you understand that, or at least appreciate the possibilties, then no amount of preparation time, effort or money is “too much”.

There will be no financial bail-out, recovery or rescue.  At best, we will see fuel prices fall again as the financial decline impacts everyone (consumption).  But this will not help that much, with a counter prevailing force of rising prices and more and more businesses closing.  Job losses are expected to rise dramatically too, and we already know that the ARM resets will hit again, even harder this time.

That’s the financial side, but we are still dealing with the resource equation and the climate equation and the interconnected collapse of falling dominoes.   Since none of these issues are improving (and simply can’t), then we can know in advance that there is no possibility for their recovery.  We already know that we have plucked ALL of the low-hanging fruit from the resource tree. The entire world is literally living on the dregs of what is left, and this is why environmental collapse is now becoming so severe, we’ve literally eaten it all away.

Therefore, understand that shortages of critical resources will be a daily part of the future.  Some of these we can do without (like plasma TV’s) as rare-earth metals disappear entirely or remain locked away in China, but there are other resources that will remain be essential for life.  You need to secure these now, if at all possible.

Relocate – If you live in the city, move to the country. If you are in a highly densely populated area (burbs), move to a lower densely populated area.  Not just any land is desirable.

Remember these points: water, land, climate, population density, access and natural resources.  Land without any usable resources requires you to import everything in.  Land without water isn’t useful, neither is unaccessible land.

Natural water sources are best, aquifers are depleting all over the world. River basins and natural collecting points will still be better then any other locations where water must be electrically pumped.

Buy land.  Get out of a rental situation as fast as you can and onto some real dirt that you own.  Nothing can prevent the State, county or city from taking this away from you if they so desire, but at least in the meanwhile you can do what you want if your feet are planted on some dirt, and you do have rights that tenants don’t have.  You need this to begin building a safe refuge from the craziness and insanity of this world.

Privacy – Privacy is under severe attack. Be wise about what you are revealing about yourself. Your plans and preparations should be kept quiet.  Posting information on boards, blog, forums or discussions via email is unwise.  This includes your ideology, opinions, preparations, plans and discussions.

Databases operate on information you have freely given out .  Data mining is a fact of life.  Some information is alleged to be “mandatory”, but that does not mean you cannot deliberately mislead (lie).  When filling out forms, only provide the absolutely essential information, the rest can be filled with ‘fluff’. It’s nobody’s business anyway.  Most of what is demanded of you is not needed or necessary and can only be used against you.  Don’t fall for this, refuse.

Finances – Get out of debt and stay that way. Destroy your credit cards, store cards and gas cards. Liquidate whatever assets you must to get debt free.   Debt is like an anchor, weighing you down.  You are easily controlled when you have debt, it’s one reason why “easy credit” was so available.

Living within your means also means “pay cash”.  Debt obligations mean you are living beyond your means and are just digging a hole for yourself.

Supplies – Seeds, hand tools, canning supplies, storable food, guns, ammo, essential gear like water filters, medical supplies. Stock pile the items that will be increasingly expensive and hard to find in the future.  Start riding a bike if you’re not doing this already.

Skills – Always an overlooked area, practical skills are going to be essential.  Attach yourself to whoever, wherever you can and learn.   Books are a great resource, but no substitute for real experience.  A lot of people are glad the help and will show you the ropes.

Resources – Start a garden, learn to can your own food, how to prepare the land.  Dig a root cellar and a  outhouse.  Compost your wastes.  Plant a woodlot.  Plant edible bushes and trees.  Stockpile building materials and hard to get items.

Don’t forget people resources.  Cultivate relationships with knowledgable and skilled people.

Community – Localized communities will play a very important role in the future.  These will revolve around the local economy, skills, resources and people.  There are definitely some communities I would NOT want to be a part of.  Examine yours and determine if it stands a chance of survival, or will implode in infighting, indoctrination and control.

Communities are built.  They’re also cultivated.  Encouraging the right people to become members of a community will go a long ways towards stability and even safety.  I have not yet found any communities that are fully informed on the collapse, with most having a blase attitutude or biased opinions on what they expect.  They need to be educated, but open minds aren’t easily found.  Even so, you’ve got to start somewhere.  Just know that like a brick wall, it can be built one brick at a time, or demolished by a haphazard swing.

I would be the first to caution against claiming or stating too much.  Everyone know what a flash in the pan is? This is where you get a flash of heat (interest) and excitement and enthusiasm.   But it doesn’t last.  We are ALL in this crisis for the long haul — but few seem to realize this.  Therefore, you are looking for sound minds and stable people who can be brought on board for the duration, which literally means “for life”.  Our children are going to inherit this mess, there is absolutely no doubt about that fact.

Pick your community with care.  Reality will hit you very hard upside the head here — your community will either pick you or reject you.  If you are rejected, long term memory seems to suddenly be a strong trait and you will be ostracized and unaccepted for a long time.  It won’t even matter if you turn out to be right, they’ll be too embarassed to admit they were wrong.

Remember, communities and community leaders have a vested interest in the status quo, which is the continued rape and pillage of the earth.  They want global trade, and do not care if it means slavery in other lands, or if fiat money is fake — all they care about is “business”.

These are not the people I would be inviting to my retreat or my homestead.  Community needs to be built with conscientious people who have finally realized that the status quo needs to stop.  That life on this planet is changing if we are going to survive.  And community needs to be built with people who are willing to do what it takes to make sure that happens.  They need to put their money where their mouth is, otherwise, they are full of shit and hot air.  Avoid these people like the plague, because that is what they will be when their world falls apart, and they will drag you down.

The reality is, if they are not already living the life, then they are so far behind the curve that it is pretty unlikely that they can or will catch up.  They’ve already made their choice in other words, and they have chosen the status quo.  Run, do not walk, in the other direction, they will be no help to you at all.

It simply is not possible to educate everyone, and bring everyone on board.  There is already an ample amount of evidence for everyone to be up to speed and learned (educated) on the facts and evidence.  However, most continue to resist, sticking to outdated and false ideologies.  Their vested interest is in the status quo, or more pie for themselves.  They are not willing to change and will resist any efforts of change by anyone else.  We see this everywhere.

In recent Internet debate, is the denialsphere that ignores the solid evidence of climate change.  These people are desperately scared of what this signifies and have gone to great lengths to deny the evidence.  It hardly goes without saying that none of these people will be getting on board, their minds are made up, their confident that you are dead wrong and they will resist anything you try to do.

However, life has an interesting way of leveling the playing field.  By the time they are afflicted with drought, depleted acquifers, food shortages or personal collapse, it will be too late for them to “join up” and repent of their stupidity.

I have no sympathy for these people – nor time.  There is too much work to be done to engage in their foolish debates.  The world is already in triage — we must save what can still be saved.  I’m working non-stop to save my little corner of the world to be uselessly engaging them.

Resist – Start resisting, if you’re not already.  No reason needed — just refuse to go along with all the garbarge being shoved down our throats.   If you need a reason, read this newletter, or the old blog, or just critically examine the “news” being spouted by the main stream media. Plenty of reasons to resist.

Resistance is necessary for two primary reasons — to slow down the onslaught of legislation and garbage they’re promoting; and to educate you in how it’s done and to prepare you for the future.  You will need to be mentally prepared for some pretty horrific stuff and “steeling your mind” to what’s coming will be part of the resistance.

Remember, control is all about controlling your mind.  Your body readily follows what your mind is convinced it has to do.  Start by unconvincing yourself of the lies and garbage.  Read everything you can get your hands on.  Get engaged in what is happening.  Turn off the television set and read alternative news sources (with a critical eye).  Don’t accept just anything, much of it is hogwash.   But there are plenty of sources still available to get you up to speed, if you’re not already.

Also remember — they’re getting away with everything they’re doing because we still refuse to stop it.  How else do you think it keeps happening?  Resistance begins between your two ears first.


My “rich benefactor” admitted to me that he was in fact, playing with me.  Figures.  He joins the ranks of all the others that have failed to keep their word.

One of the reasons I’ve supported Deek for several years now is because he’s trying.  He’s using satire, video and fact to spread the message.

It’s not really his message either that he’s spreading, and it’s not my message that I’m spreading.  What we are doing is spreading their message, without all the lies, pollution and obscurity they wrap around it (the bullshit).

Our world is the way it is because frankly, too many of us have simply stopped trying.  It’s like we don’t think that this is our problem!  But if that is true, then what is?  Do we live here or not?

Support those who are trying.  That’s all I’m asking.  If you can’t get in the trench, then support those who are.


Nov 152009


MILLION HIT BY ‘PLAGUE WORSE THAN SWINE FLU’ — Just when we thought it was safe….  Go figure.  Dr. Niman told me personally (via email) that there is no pneumonic plague in the Ukraine, about ten days ago.  Now this.

Recombinomics has more updates though —  November 16th

1,400,999 Influenza/ARI

78,326 Hospitalized

315 Dead

The steady increase in the number of fatalities continues to cause concerns of small genetic changes.

November 17th  – Ukraine H1N1 Sequence Changes Raise Concerns

Oops — now 328 dead, wait it’s 344 now.

A careful read on this last link hints that WHO (World Health Organization) is not forthcoming on the results of the samples taken two weeks ago. Dr. Niman states on November 16th “Release of the Ukraine sequences is long overdue.”  This has apparently been an ongoing concern.

Concerned?  Yeah, I think we have reason to be concerned, as this fits in too nicely with many reports and plans for world depopulation.  Deaths in the Ukraine have jumped up over 100 in just five days.

Greed is growingPlans like this, and the local story I heard, where police officers are now walking (private) parking lots in the city and issuing tickets for tires that don’t have proper tread on them. Doesn’t matter that the car isn’t even on the road or sitting on private property, $125 tickets are being handed out like flapjacks.

One reason this is happening is every state and city in the nation is struggling with budgets. California, always in the red, is in big trouble. Basically, these stupid bureacrats are demanding you pay for their waste and mistakes and bloated bureacracies.  Soon — critical services ARE going to fail.

Global Warming Is Totally Faked

Americans remain woefully uniformed on global warming trends, with an ever-increasing number of Americans denying it even exists.

The US media has done a terrible job on accurate information, but that’s no real surprise, these scum suckers are in the pockets of the corporations and report only what they’re allowed.  They’re more interested in selling ad space then reporting facts.

Few seem to respect the science or the scientists — you know, the actual on the ground measurements being taken all over the world, or the photographic evidence, enough to fill the Library of Congress now

The below graph shows rising temperature anomalies everywhere — except the United States and northern Europe.

That should be enough to convince anyone, but it’s not.  Remember, global warming isn’t real.  It’s all made up by the one-worlders to take over the world.  We should just ignore these people, or better yet, lock ’em all up.  All they’re doing is scaring good Americans into beleiving their propaganda.

Record High and Low Trends

Data like this of course, is of course, simply fabricated.  No reason to be alarmed, just stay ignorant and ignore those ratios listed there too.  Of course, the world is obviously not warming up, no reason to say that it is.

The map above shows the global temperature anomalies for most of the earth, with the exception of the Antarctic and a portion of the Arctic. Reds are above-normal temperatures while blues are cold anomalies.

Colorblindness is apparently an American characteristic too.  Obviously, the above graphs were created by overpaid wanna-be scientist who are in league with the one-worlders to create global government.  Somehow, although it’s not really important, they’ve all managed to come up with the same data, probably because they all get their marching orders from the same source.

It’s a conspiracy, pure and simple, and when someone tells you that the Arctic is going to disappear, or the oceans are dying or that there will be climate refugees by the billions and that food production is going to collapse, well, they’re just misinformed and obviously they don’t listen to the news.

There’s no problem, really.

The Critical Unraveling of US Society – Nice summary here of what’s gone wrong.

Worst-case scenario: World on course for catastrophic 6° rise, reveal scientists

The world is now firmly on course for the worst-case scenario in terms of climate change, with average global temperatures rising by up to 6C by the end of the century, leading scientists said yesterday. Such a rise – which would be much higher nearer the poles – would have cataclysmic and irreversible consequences for the Earth, making large parts of the planet uninhabitable and threatening the basis of human civilisation.

We are headed for it, the scientists said, because the carbon dioxide emissions from industry, transport and deforestation which are responsible for warming the atmosphere have increased dramatically since 2002, in a way which no one anticipated, and are now running at treble the annual rate of the 1990s.

This means that the most extreme scenario envisaged in the last report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, published in 2007, is now the one for which society is set, according to the 31 researchers from seven countries involved in the Global Carbon Project.

I predicted this nearly four years ago, as did a number of other people.   6C temperature rise is catastrophic.  Scientists are reluctant to make predictions and are more likely to base their expected outcomes on known measurements.  But this also create type of “tunnel vision” in their work, they’re not as willing to consider other factors that may lie far outside of their own research.

New data has now made some scientist less “reticent” on what they expect to happen – and their message is becoming more and more urgent.  I’ve recently been told that Survival Acres has now gone “mainstream”, as the world finally catches up to the reality of the crisis.

If two degrees is generally accepted as the threshold of dangerous climate change, it is clear that a rise of six degrees in global average temperatures must be very dangerous indeed, writes Michael McCarthy. Just how dangerous was signalled in 2007 by the science writer Mark Lynas, who combed all the available scientific research to construct a picture of a world with temperatures three times higher than the danger limit.

His verdict was that a rise in temperatures of this magnitude “would catapult the planet into an extreme greenhouse state not seen for nearly 100 million years, when dinosaurs grazed on polar rainforests and deserts reached into the heart of Europe”.

He said: “It would cause a mass extinction of almost all life and probably reduce humanity to a few struggling groups of embattled survivors clinging to life near the poles.”

Very few species could adapt in time to the abruptness of the transition, he suggested. “With the tropics too hot to grow crops, and the sub-tropics too dry, billions of people would find themselves in areas of the planet which are essentially uninhabitable. This would probably even include southern Europe, as the Sahara desert crosses the Mediterranean.

“As the ice-caps melt, hundreds of millions will also be forced to move inland due to rapidly-rising seas. As world food supplies crash, the higher mid-latitude and sub-polar regions would become fiercely-contested refuges.

“The British Isles, indeed, might become one of the most desirable pieces of real estate on the planet. But, with a couple of billion people knocking on our door, things might quickly turn rather ugly.”

We are all running out of time faster then we expect.  Since it is already clear we are going to miserably fail to meet any meaningful CO₂ targets, and that the world leaders are still going to bicker away (our) precious time left — I think we should expect scientific predictions within a year of higher temperatures then 6C, probably in the range of 8C or higher.  Positive feedback loops to accelerate warming are alread in progress.


A sincere thank you to Kenneth.

Nov 142009

News Bits

Here’s one reason why I do not like the carbon credits scheme – Everyone in Britain could be given a personal ‘carbon allowance’.  It’s not only Orwellian, it won’t work.

It’s absurd to think we can “buy our way” to a habitable climate!  As long as we continue to treat money like a motivating carrot, we’re doomed.

Money is just a measurement of human labor, which in turn generally represents the production of products.  We even measure brain power expenditures in money and products.

The global plantation owners would love to continue to put a monetary value on all things natural, which are intrinsically priceless and should not have any monetary values assigned to them at all.

How can we determine with human “values” the life of a whale?  Or the “value” of climate?  Such notions are absolutely absurd.  What even gives us the right?

As long as human monetize everything on this planet, we are doomed to fail, because we will continue to remain the willing victims of the “owners” who will continue to merchandise it all for our consumption and use.

Where that is headed is a no-brainer too.

Taking Jesus To the Bank — The Atlantic wrote a story (recommended reading) that reminds me so much of stuff I used to hear (but never preached, let’s just be clear here, ok?).  Wrapping the gospel around greed is very common.

No, Christianity did not cause the crash, as the title says, but warped messages like this one in the story does mislead people into making some really crazy lifestyle choices (and debt).

Absent from the pews and the pulpit is what I call common sense.  God becomes the blame or the blessing, depending on how the loan officer felt that week.

Demographically, the growth of the prosperity gospel tracks fairly closely to the pattern of foreclosure hot spots.

It’s a convienent theology, packing pews and preachers wallets.  I think it’s disgusting.

Just as food for thought, contrast this story of blessing and abundance with the personal carbon expenditures above.   Affluent people are the highest emitters of carbon in the world, but very often do not recognize global warming or their role in it. We’re constantly being told that this is a “conspiracy” all while we keep spewing carbon from our tailpipes.  It just doesn’t add up, or make any sense.

More food for thought — Cannibalism seems to be on the rise.  I’ve seen some pretty horrific pictures which I won’t post here.  It’s a bit more widespread then I even thought.  If you travel, be careful of what you’re eating.

2012 Hysteria – I’m not going to be buying into this, but will go see the movie.  I could do like some others are already doing however, and start fear and panic mongering the sheep to convince you to buy near-useless crap at ridiculous prices.  Get smart (and get real).  The hype surrounding 2012 is exactly that – don’t fall for it.

Newsletter Comments

Over the years, many people have written to me regarding my commentary on the blog, newsletter and old forums. I’m a bit surprised at times to learn that so many have been so moved to do so much.  Entire lives and family situations have been restructured in many parts of the world.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me — I have always found these moving and very interesting.

Some people, perhaps new to this effort, still think I need to tell them what to do, who may be unfamiliar with the past articles. There are a few thousand blog articles still availabe on the blog that exhaustively cover these concerns.  I will write more on these topics in these newsletters, but the newsletter will continue to follow the same themes found on the blog.

A few people have commented on “why I am so angry” and left in disgust (unsubscribed).   I mean no disrespect to anyone, but if you’re not angry, then you’re simply not paying attention (or you are already deadened within).  And if you’re dead, there is nothing I can say or write that is going to help you anyway.

My focus is on the present, past and future and how it relates to the human condition and our survival.  The ethics and morality that surround our behaviour are directly related, and it is these issues that will continue to govern how we respond (or fail).

We need to remain alive in both body and mind to what is actually going on.  And if we are not stirred to emotion — then what the hell are we?

I was going to write about an entirely different subject matter (practical preparations) in this issue (next issue now), but find that I cannot, not this time, because I have been starkly reminded of this:

I wish with all of my heart, body and soul, that we could just learn to finally get along and realize that we are all different, but we are not enemies.  The grief and suffering that we inflict upon each other is truly terrible.

As terrible as this is, I hold no hope that this is going to change anytime soon.  Our world in inhabited by the walking dead, zombies who are indifferent to the terrifying suffering they are inflicting upon those who are weaker then they.

What do we do about this?  Nothing?  Do we continue to endlessly document the suffering with just more video, more pictures, more blog articles and an endless stream of words that accomplish absolutely nothing at all?

Can we honestly keep telling ourselves that any of this is making a difference?  I think not.

The United States remains one of the leading terrorist nations in the world, contending with Israel and England for the #1 spot.  It is a terrifying tragedy happening right now — and we are continuing to support this in a million ways.

One person even wrote that I was “anti-Semetic”.  Somebody should inform my wife.  Any mention of Israel is taboo in the minds of these indoctrinated fools (I have no sympathy for these people at all) who categorically refuse to accept the facts.

View this site the images are truly terrifying and extremely graphic.  If you want to know the truth wake the hell up and open your damned eyes.  And detractors stay the hell away from me, because I am not going to shut up or stop telling the truth.

Nothing excuses these nations from the suffering they are causing.  NOTHING!

If you are not already truly terrified on what this means, then you should be.  The images above and especially on the link above are just a few of those injuries, death and suffering caused by US soldiers, US weapons and “friends of the United States”.  These are injuries and deaths being caused by your neighbors, your sons and your daughters and your friends.

There is enough photographic and documented evidence in the following links to make anyone throw up in absolute horror.

Afghanistan Massacres

Torture By the US Army

More Torture

Invade, kill, destroy, occupy and dominate

If you want to know why I’m angry, it is because of this and so many, many other issues where we are dominating and destroying all hope, all life, all things and all opportunity.  The future is bleak because these bastards are making it that way.  I am not a part of this, very bluntly put, no fucking way.

It is pointless to ask “Why?” this continues to happen.  We already know why.  “Orders”, greed, indifference, indoctrination, desperation, religion and sheer, unbelievable apathy and indifference.

If human life is really this worthless — what does this say about your life?

What does this say about the lives of those who are inflicting this suffering and death?

What does this say about those who are supporting this massacre with their government jobs, contracts and “defense” development?

Is your life actually worth more then those are who are suffering the terrible wages of your participation?

Or is this just an illusion you have in your head, because nobody has bombed the shit out of your home yet?

Good grief people, wake up!  If you are even remotely a part of this — quit your goddamned job and walk away!  Stop being complicit!  Stop supporting this death machine!

It is (past) time to get involved by any and all means necessary to stop this.  The violence these people are supporting, inflicting and funding needs to be destroyed by any and all means necessary.  It is not going to be “peacefully opposed”.  This is a myth.


How many people are aware that the underyling themes I’ve hit on so often are directly related to this?  To become self-sufficient, independent and a refusal to be a part of the System that is destroying us all?

Our incremental contributions are helping make this all possible.  Inversely, our incremental withdrawal inexorably reduces their abilities to use us to further their attrocities.

I’ve no doubt that they will use someone else, by “orders”, by financial destruction, by offers of citizenship and by any other means necessary, but we do indeed need to start someplace.  We benefit ourselves by refusing to go along with this and we also learn how to live without them — an absolutely critical step that will need to happen anyway.

Donations & More

Special thanks to Halley for her donation.

To everyone that has reached out to me — thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart to yours.  You have made a difference.

Over the past three years, I’ve had three different individuals who had “promised” to help with this effort, what they alleged would be serious help (big money) which would finally make some impossible things possible.  One wrote recently that it would be “more then I could imagine” (hah, I doubt it, I can imagine a lot).

All three failed to send a single dime, and I’ve come to realize through this and many other past experiences, that the skeptical approach is best, as in “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  People love to boast, but when the rubber meets the road, their treadless and tractionless and out of gas.

I have given a lot of thought to what I’d do if I had the means.  The “sustainable living and common sense” themes I’ve shared would receive a serious kick in the pants.  I need help and have for years (but so do many, many of you).

Although “survivalism” is vogue again, it’s philisophy and approach remains misguided and shortsighted, it is one of the reasons I do not write about “survivalism” which some have asked for.  This is not the place to find this information.

Community and cooperation on sustainable living practices makes much more sense — and compassion.   Many of us are truly seeking to leave the System and all that it stands for (including stopping it) — but we cannot do this alone, at least for very long, we are all finding this pretty hard.  We need help, and many, many other things.  What we need is to connect.  This is what I would change if I could.

The truth is, our isolation is both a weakness and a strength.  The duality is undivisible at the present time, because we do not have the means and cooperation to change this.  However, in time, this weakness will become our downfall.  Therefore it makes more sense to try and solve this now, if at all possible.  This is what I would change if I could.

Lifeboat habitat communities need to be setup for those interested in changing the future.  I will be the first to admit that long experience has shown the incredible and nearly insurmountable difficulties of doing this.

The underlying reasons were caused by having to straddle both world-views (and expectations, including finances) while the new one was trying to be created and the old one which kept a stranglehold on the participants.  This is a simplistic explanation of a number of complex issue that came up, but will suffice for now.

Irrespective of these admitted difficulties, these communities are still necessary and needed.  They need to be created right now and right where you live.  It would be best if you will have already relocated to a sustainable area (out of the city), but any efforts are still going to be steps in the right direction.

In the next issue, I’ll try to hit on these themes again with practical preparations.

Nov 112009

I found this story interesting for the actual events taking place, and what this will mean for climate refugees and other homeless people in the future.  Eviction – Security Forces Move Into Mau.  Desmonda Despair has been chronicling many of these articles.

Over 2 billion people are going to be facing refugee status at some point in the future.  Presently, over 150 million have been affected, but it is expected to get considerably worse.  Where exactly will everyone go?

Squatters / refugees can do terrible damage to a region as they struggle to survive.  This story (see the additional links in the first article) really emphesis my point that you must have someplace to go when your collapse happens to you.  Refugees almost never fare very well.

Australia is Toast on the CoastSea level rises in Australia are much higher then anticipated.  This country has been widely reported now as having some pretty huge problems, fire ban due to extreme warming, and species extinction (actually happening world-wide).

Book Review

I’ve been reading Matthew Bracken’s latest book, “Foreign Enemies and traitors “, which is certainly better then his second book “The Reqonquista” (don’t even bother wasting your money on that one).  I’ve not finished it yet, so this review is after reading about half of this volume.

I had initially refused to buy another Bracken book because I thought his second work was worse then crap, it was full of right-wing propaganda.  But I was told this third work was much better, so went ahead and got a copy.

Like Bracken’s first book, “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” (which was a good read), Bracken manages to capture the terrifying reality of what how things could go when it all goes wrong.

“Foreign Enemies and traitors”  depicts the collapse of the United States due to several factors (I won’t spoil the plot here).  It does a credible job of how collapse could really be on a day-to-day basis and the difficulties we’ll face for survival.

However like most apocalyptic books, Bracken fails to account for several points, such as peak oil / energy collapse, environmental collapse and resource collapse. He’s still pitting “left .vs. right” and Democrat .vs. Republican as meaningful theme to write a story around (it’s not).


I have always wondered why writers in this genre could miss such important real-life facts in their stories.  It’s always “liberals .vs. conservatives” or some other such nonesense.  That kind of garbage is only meaningful when we have a system that supports dissenting views.  This requires a functioning government, an working economy and democracy.  In a real-life collapse scenario, not much of this will be around, and it would be a dog-eat-dog world of strong .vs. weak.

Democracy will go right out the window, as will fairness, justice, liberals and even “conservatives”.  It would be a world of domination and control, the likes of which this country has not seen in several hundred years (and you’d have to have been a Native American to understand even this).

Republicans believe that they are somehow different then Democrats, and Democrats allege that they are different from Republicans, but I find little evidence of these claims.

Both groups are federalists, both seek to control everyone else through government, both groups are in fact socialists, and both have essentially the same views when it comes to their images of entitlement.  They only different in details and nuances, but not on any major issues.

I have always found the left .vs. right arguments just as meaningless.  I see these division lines as entirely artificial, creations by the media and political parties, which serve only them and essentially nobody else.  Keeping us “divided” keeps us powerless and stupidly bickering among ourselves.

Look at how our halls of Congress and the Senate “operate” (their actors, let’s just be honest here).  They play act their way through this artificial division, but in the end, both always accomplish the same thing — bigger government, more intrusion, less privacy, fewer rights, more taxation, more intervention.  In the end, it is ALWAYS the people that lose out.

Why is that?  Why do we keep losing to this incrementalism, no matter who is in “charge”?  We should always ask ourselves this question, everytime some new decree is passed.  Why must government regulate and legislate and taxate every single nuance of life?  Why do we keep losing our freedoms and liberties and what it really means to be humans?  Why are we always being diminished by these halls of power instead of being increasingly free?

We are a far cry from the decades gone by when we were not all considered potential criminals and terrorists.  Something like 30 million cameras catch our every move, and Predator drones and spy planes and satellites watch our movements. Nobody in government is doing anything about this.

Even worse however, is how they are all still standing around, sucking at the tit of government perks, priviliges and retirement benefits, while the world falls apart all around us. Please see the “Dynamics of Collapse” again in Issue No. 23.  Every single one of these points are now happening, globally.

There is ample evidence that this nation is in severe peril.  And there is ample evidence that we are facing catastrophic environmental collapse.  We have an overwhelming amount of evidence to easily prove these two points.  But government of all stripes remains clueless, inefficient, unconcerned and incapable of addressing these issues sufficiently.

This alone should be sufficient proof for everyone to realize that the United States government is no longer of any use to us.  They’re too damned busy giving away trillions of dollars to their banker friends and corporate owners and lining their own pockets to care about our collective futures and what their actions and inactions are causing.  The damage they are doing right now will last HUNDREDS of years (at a bare minimum).

It is clear that we need a new government.  Not reform of this one, not more false promises of change from within or even without, but a entirely new government that is not beholden to greed, power, corruption and big business.  But we will never realize this as long as the corporations remain the real power in the world today.  We are far, far removed from the time when they were limited in what they were allowed to do.  Now, they own it all, control it all and dispose it all.

That is the back that must be broke, forever, as all things “as we know them to be” have emanated now from their control and ownership. Even we are their pawns and slaves, and our (s)elected leaders are their lackeys.

This is another issue that you never seem to find in these books by the way.  Government is just the front man for the real players in this world.  But these private individuals are not as strong as we have been led to believe.  Most of the rage and anger today is misplaced and fails to address the real who’s who behind our dissent.

The rise of private armies and mercenary groups, particularily within the United States is no accident.  Willing to accept blood money from any source, they are being used to protect these corporations and their assets, often times obscurred as being the “bidding of government”.  But the truth is, it simply is not possible to protect everyone or everything all of the time.

The only reason rebellion like this hasn’t happened (here) yet, is because Americans are still afraid.  They’re afraid of losing their own entitlement, and they’re (rightly) afraid of what it means if they go over the edge.

It IS happening elsewhere by various groups who are in fact taking on the corporations that are ruining their lands, livelihoods and future.  And sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t, but they’re not very well organized or well-armed yet.

This not a future that anybody wants, but it is a future that is inevitable.

Gold .vs. Food

A few people did not like that video that guy made showing how worthless gold was to the average citizen in the last issue. Don’t blame me — I did not produce the video, just shared it to show how the real world is different then the fairly small speculative world of investments.

I read today where gold has increase 27% last year.  I don’t think this is a big deal.  A lot of this has to do with countries buying up the supply.  There are other (useable) commodities that did better.

By the way, Bracken’s new book shows just how useless gold would actually be in a collapse situation, but I don’t think even he realized that.  As the food disappeared, people tried to by the remaining food with gold they’d hoarded.  But having the gold simply wasn’t good enough — there had to be food too.  Nobody could spend gold on what wasn’t available, and when they did, the prices were extremely high ($100 in gold for a can of peas for example). What was REALLY valuable of course, was the items themselves, which was food, coffee and even solar panels.

This is all hypothetical however and should not be taken entirely seriously.  Gold remains a store of value and always will, but whether or not it will be of much use in collapse is speculative.  It does require exchange to be “useful” and right now, very few people or firms can or will exchange it for you.  You cannot pay for anything in gold (or silver), a few business that tried to pay their own employees like this got busted.

Several people asked me about what is a better investment.  An investment is not necessarily the same thing as a store of value — so I’ll cover them both with this answer:  agricultural lands, water resources, food, energy supplies, and ammunition.  Ammunition and reloading supplies are nearly non-perishable (properly stored) and have gone up about 400% – 500% in the last couple of years.  Storable food still remains a fantastic investment that does not require “exchange” to be immediately useful and essential.

Anything that will be a) hard to produce; b) in demand (short supply); c) useful in a practical sense in a depleted world; d) readily stored (or simply left in place) could be considered a store of value or an investment.  In reality, this would be a pretty big list, but I like to stick to the practical stuff people actually need.


Thanks to all who checked out the website.  It’s working, but it’s as if it has just disappeared, and it’s still that way, but at least I know it works fine for you.  The oddity is how sudden this happened, which led me to ask you to make sure it works for you and wasn’t being banned or blocked somehow.

The silence is eerie — the sound of economic collapse I suspect.  You can help by simply sharing my website link ( with someone else on a forum, blog or wherever you think is appropriate.

I’ve now made several significant changes that I hope will help everyone:

There are now no order minimums of any product lines or products.  Free shipping is still available on Mountain House, Richmoor, Alpine Aire and Super Spectrim product lines with $100 minimum orders.  Any orders under $100 are charged a flat $4.95 shipping per product line.  The Rainy Day line has no order minimums either and is charged actual UPS costs for shipping.  Order over 1,000 lbs can qualify for freight shipments at better rates.


Special thanks to Kevin and John for their support.

Nov 072009

This Youtube video on trying to sell a pure 1 oz. gold coin for was hilarious (thanks Vaughn).

NOBODY would buy it.

A perfect example of why buying gold is a waste of time (as an investment).

Everyone thinks they’ll be able to sell their gold at huge profits when it’s crunch time — to who????

Only a (relatively) few places will be able to deal in coins, the rest will be inhabited by walking zombies that won’t understand (anything).

“$50 bucks?”.


“Why not?”

“Cause I don’t need it”.


“I don’t want it”.

Classic.  Couldn’t even sell an ounce of gold for a lousy $20 dollars.

Do you understand what this means?  Not only is gold artificially manipulated on it’s price, it’s basically worthless in a very real sense to the minds of the average citizen.

Safety is NOT in gold — a position I’ve explained time and time again.  We are far and away from the time when it actually was, and it’s going to be position held in the minds of millions of people even in the collapse.

Value is only going to be in the things you need.  Not in glittery things that won’t actually get you anything.  Those that will be selling their gold are going to be working within a small community of informed and awake people — who will STILL have to exchange the gold for (increasingly worthless) dollars to actually buy anything.

I still won’t accept gold or silver for food — and probably never will, as this creates too much difficulty to exchange.  Food may be exchanged in the future for things like slaves, firewood, more slaves and medical supplies, things like that, stuff I actually need.

Right now, if I was sitting on a pile or stash of gold — I would not really have anything.  I’d rather have those things I need to actually live.  I doubt my doctor would even take a coin, maybe I should try this and see what happens and report back.

Pneunomic Plague Update

Dr. Niman states that the Ukrainian “plague outbreak” is bogus — internet rumors.   Despite this, the allegations continue to spread, so take it for whatever it’s worth.  Worthless is what some claim.

Health Care Bill

They passed it, but now it will die in the Senate.

Watch Out For Net Censorship

They’re going after this again (and again and again).  My guess — it’s NEVER work, as the info will still be “there” and someone will find a way to post it on blogs and forums and whatnot, even if it’s illegal.

We’re “stealing their stories”.  They’re hoping to keep you hostage (“loyal readers”) as in the past, all the better to control your minds and what you are allowed to see.

Censorship is HUGE now, Google is widely reported as censoring websites and news stories for example.  4,370,000 “links” to stories on Google censorship alone.  See “how it works“.

Contrary to earlier utopian theories of the Internet, it takes very little effort for governments to cause certain information simply to vanish for a huge number of people.

The American media however, has long practiced some very serious censorship and biased reporting.  Falsely labeling themselves as the last bastion of free speech, the media within the United States is anything but, so pay attention to how this plays out in the future.

Independent websites, newspapers, radio and magazines will play an increasingly important role in REAL news — something which Murdoch is totally clueless about.

The same motives are always present — greed, power and control.

Nov 072009

Alert Warning

This is a possible alert to what is being reported as fast-spreading plague in the Ukraine (thanks Jay!).  People are calling this the pneunomic plague, which is very deadly.

I have NOT been able to confirm these details, but have notified Recombinomics to see if they can learn more, as this would be exceedingly serious.

This site claims that nearly 900,000 people are infected, with the number having doubled overnight.

This is an official report site here, which does show 871,037 infected.

Another site is here.

This is a blogger site tracking this information here.

37,000 are being reported here.

More reports here (read comments too).

And here and here.  A 9 region area has been quarantined, apparently.

A google search turns up even more — but realize that Google censors their results, especially on certain subjects.

Whatever this all really means (I do not know), my alert sensors are going off.  Joseph Moshe was swiftly arrested and whisked away after previously reporting that the Ukraine would be the site of a bio-weaons release (allegedly).  Whether this is true is still unkown, but these reports now coming from the Ukraine indicate that something is seriously amiss.

Do not panic.  Hopefully you would have already made some proper preparations.  I’d advise everyone to stay home as much as possible.  In these days of international travel, fast moving infectious diseases are not something to be careless about.

I’m going outside and stack some brush.  There is nothing I can do.


This is just an oddity — my food website has almost completely “stopped” with near-zero sale since October 31st.  The decline has been very dramatic — so I’d like to know if people are having any trouble with the site.

It works for me just fine.  If all’s well, then it’s just the economic decline.  If not — somebody let me know.

Nov 062009


Apparently, there are parties within the United States Federal Government who believe it is their Constitutional duty to hold millions of Americans hostage to their stupid demands.

Dire threats of severe fines and criminal incarceration for the “failure to maintain health care” at gunpoint are now being rammed down our throats by criminal government servants, who acting against the best interest of the American people and in direct contradiction to the supreme law of this land, have sought to criminalize and punish non-compliant behavior.

Under NO circumstances, will such coercion be government officials, agents, politicians or any other entity be tolerated by any means.  Any efforts to enforce such draconion and dictatoral demands by any agent will be forcefully and if necessary violently repelled to the fullest extent of my personal ability.

Non-participation in any government mandated program is a right reserved to the People of this country, and it is their right and privilege to choose whether to participate or not.  Threats of coercion will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Millionaire Congress

If you’ve ever wondered why our government is so corrupt, then the millionaire Congress news might tell part of the story.  Current head count — 237 millionaire’s occupy Congress.

Extreme Ice Loss

Doug sent me this one (thanks!) — Extreme Ice Loss In Arctic.  Pretty graphic display of how severe the ice loss really is in the North.  The scale of loss (in just mere minutes) is unbelievable.

We’re in trouble foks — and it’s later then 99.99% of the people think.

Ft. Hood Massacre – here’s a perspective on what the future might hold:

No matter what the truth of the Ft. Hood shooting is, it will immediately have the effect of silencing the growing anti-war movement within the military…at least for awhile.

There have been many reports of soldiers of conscience openly speaking out against the lies of the current wars and refusing deployment. The shooting may force them to go underground or to just shut up.  Shutting Down the Anti-War Movement In the Military

I forgot (sorry) that this was also Guy Fawkes Day — of which the V for Vendetta movie was partly about.  Cool flick imo — but then again, I always champion for the underdog.  Unfortunately, this happens to be all of us.


A bit more details on the Joseph Moshe case:

Youtube video here and another here.  I think we can safely ignore the obvious bullshit and lies by the main stream media in these clips.  But — it’s impossible to really say what this was all about.  Another red herring perhaps?  Or something else?

From Fire Earth:

Action: Business as usual!


Human induced catastrophes including ozone holes, global heating, large loss of carbon sinks, extreme climatic events ( severe droughts, heavy rain, flooding, hurricanes, sudden temperature changes, wildfires…), toxic pollution, waste accumulation, resources depletion ( freshwater, food, fossil fuels), heavy loss of topsoil and arable land, militarism and war, unethical behavior and virulent disease pandemics are rapidly reaching the point of no return. These factors are overwhelming and destroying our life support systems (ecosystems). As of 2005, 15 of the 24 ecosystems vital for supporting life are collapsing including fresh water, fisheries, air and water purification systems, and the systems that regulate climate, natural hazards, and pests.

MSRB Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN)

As of March 2007, MSRB’s Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN), an index for calculating the full impact of human consumption and activities on the Earth’s life support systems, stands at a terminally high level of 171.40. That is, the full human impact including his ecological footprint and the damage inflicted on the living environment by his activities in the 12-month period ending March 2007 was 71.4 percent higher than the planet in its current state can cope with.

Based on HIoN projections, by as early as 2015, our cities and population centers would become mostly uninhabitable.

Soon after, the collapse of the remaining ecosystems will end in omnicide!


Do you really wish to continue devouring your children, consuming the next generations and ending the future?

Is that a question that we can honestly answer?  What I mean is, can we be honest with ourselves?

I actually had to look up “omnicide”.  I thought it might be a reference to human cannabilism, as we devour everything in sight, including each other (really).

But this is apparently what it means:

Omnicide is human extinction as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to extinction through nuclear warfare,[3][4][5] but it can also apply to extinction through means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe.[6]

I wasn’t even close, unless our propensity to act in a business-as-usual manner is properly seen as an extinction exercise in the making.

Anthropogenic Collapse

It is extremely clear that we must chart a path forward through anthropogenic collapse — if at all possible. I have given a great deal of thought to this problem, and most of my crashstead preparations have been specifically designed to cope as best as possible.

Apparently, I am not alone by any means on this thought process.  The following is a chart based on nations and their collapse, predicted to occur by 2012:

By the way — this is just Phase 1 too, which means it gets worse.  How much worse?  Quite a bit I’m afraid.

The above is by the CASF Committee (Creating A Sustainable Future) — who “do NOT endorse Mayan Calendar, any New Age, ancient, or bible prophecies whatever.”

And neither do I, but I suspect that they’re a bit premature on their projections (dates).

It just happens to be 2012 when excessive energy consumption and their downstream effects finally tip the scales in a major negative way, according to their assessment.

They do have a thoughtful list of reasons as to why this is going to happen, which directly reflect my own published reasons:

The Dynamics of Collapse

The following exhibit lists the most probable [leading] causes that would drive the first wave of world’s cities to collapse. [Note: Data is listed alphabetically]

  • Accumulation of toxic pollution in the environment
  • Civil conflict
  • Collapse of fisheries/fish species
  • Collapse of natural pest regulation systems
  • Corporate mass homicide
  • Deforestation
  • Desertification
  • Droughts
  • Economic collapse
  • Epidemics of plant and animal diseases
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Extreme climatic events (including extreme rain events, floods)
  • Failing ecosystems
  • Famine
  • Foodborne, waterborne, airborne and insectborne infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, prion)
  • Fuel shortage
  • Global collapse of pollinators
  • Habitat destruction
  • Human-enhanced natural catastrophes including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, extreme rainfall events, landslides, volcanic eruptions, droughts and wildfires …
  • Human-induced climate change
  • Increased UV radiation
  • Industrial accidents (including radionuclide, chemical and oil spills)
  • Inordinate prevalence of psychopathology caused by exponential growth economy: money fetishism, industrialism, militarism, atomistic lifestyles, consumerism, throwaway culture, dysfunctional societies …
  • Land use change
  • Loss of Topsoil
  • Loss of Will to Live
  • Mass migrations
  • Mass murder/suicide as a result of neurological disorder caused by mercury [other heavy metals,] poisoning, biochemical poisoning, contaminated food and water supplies, tainted drugs especially vaccines
  • Moral decline (unethical behavior, unsustainable lifestyles, overconsumption)
  • New Strains of Superbugs, super bacteria, killer fungi
  • Overshoot of Carrying Capacity; Increased ecological footprint; Overpopulation (esp. DCs*)
  • Overwhelmed by mounting waste: agricultural, municipal (garbage and sewage) and industrial
  • Poor global harvest/Food scarcity [Humans are one harvest away from starvation!]
  • Poverty
  • Running Dry (Running out of freshwater)
  • Sinking into the ground (large-scale subsidence caused by overuse of groundwater supplies)
  • Societal collapse
  • Soil degradation (salination, erosion … )
  • Spread of pandemic diseases
  • The American Dream (and its global equivalents)
  • The death of truth, surrender of concreteness to abstractions, defeat of ‘right’ by ‘sight,’ loss of  reason [and the essential faculties needed] to advance to the future
  • Tourism [euphemistically, Eco-tourism]
  • War (conventional and nuclear)
  • Unnamed mechanisms
  • Unknown causes or new mechanisms of collapse

*DCs: Developed Countries


Special thanks to a self-admitted terrorist (Joseph, a doctor), and Cathy, Jay and Mary.

I can’t believe this issue already has so much information within it, so I’ll “save the rest for later”.