Oct 302009

This is an important issue.  Signs of global collapse are occurring everywhere.  The American media continues to hide the evidence.  You won’t find hardly any of this on television. 

The top 2,000 meters of the world’s oceans have been acidified, shrinking the total amount of ocean habitat where organisms that incorporate calcium carbonate (CaCO3) into their shells and skeletons can thrive (Caldeira and Wickett 2003, Sabine et al. 2004, Orr et al. 2005, Denman et al. 2007, Feely et al. 2008, Ilyina et al. 2009, Silverman et al. 2009).

This is creating intolerable conditions for marine life, which will only significantly worsen as atmospheric CO₂ goes up.

In Hong Kong, the sea was once thriving with a huge abundance of marine life. It is now a ghost land of almost no life.

Having overfished and polluted its own waters to the point where they are home mainly to great ghosts of the past, Hong Kong now imports up to 90 percent of its seafood.

The problem with that, scientists say, is that Hong Kong is a microcosm of a marine disaster in which wild fish are being eaten out of existence worldwide.

“It is a sign of what is happening in most of the fisheries in the world,” says Guillermo Moreno, head of global environment group WWF’s marine programme in Hong Kong. “It’s a scary panorama.” …

“The average size of fish now caught in these bottom trawls is about 10 grammes” — about one third of an ounce or the weight of a small coin — Professor Yvonne Sadovy of Hong Kong University told AFP.

“To put this into some kind of context, Hong Kong was a famous fishing centre in the past and we had incredibly productive and species-rich ground fisheries.”

WWF says that “Hong Kong waters were incredibly rich just decades ago with manta rays, hammerhead sharks, giant grouper and croakers taller than a man. In less than a lifetime Hong Kong has lost them all.”

There are now more (imported) fish swimming in tiny holding tanks in Hong Kong’s resteraunts then there are in the seas that surround it.

That part of the world is under going huge environmental devastation and is also home to over 2 billion people.  The following pictures document the industrial waste and damage and extreme levels of pollution taking place in China.  It’s quite horrifying.

In the North Atlantic sea, the collapse of marine life is also occurring.  Once a “fabulous fishing ground”, jellyfish and crabs are now the main marine life.

“The effect of climate on the marine food web, the way small changes can be amplified through the web, that’s the moral of the story here,” said Kirby. “And food webs everywhere will be affected in a similar way.” …

Ten percent of the Arctic Ocean will be corrosive to shellfish within just 10 years as the water turns acidic.  If that happens, all the marine life that depends upon these food sources (and humans) will decline precipitously, and it is my guess that it’ll be worse then this, as most of these “discoveries” keep turning out.

These changes are happening everywhere on the planet.  Reindeer herds are collapsing, as unpredictable weather and the seasons warp beyond all recognition.

reindeer herds collapse


There will be stupendously HUGE impacts on all global food supplies as the world runs out of things to eat.  Eventually, billions may face severe food shortages and starvation as humans consume every digestable calorie they can find.  The Earth was perfectly capable of providing us with nourishment — but not after we treated the entire planet (to include the water, soil and air) like a garbage dump.


Lest Americans think that “we’ve cleaned up our act”, and all those horrifying images of pollution in China do not apply to us — it’s not true.

The above photograph is in Pennsylvania, a toxic dumping ground in one of the state’s waterways.  Pennsylvania is the 6th largest dumping ground for toxic discharges in the nation.

These events are actually happening everywhere, large and small.  This picture shows just how horrible the oceans have become for marine life:

The rest of these images are absolutely horrifying: Mass death of Albatross chicks from ingesting plastic debris.  These are only the ones we know about — millions more are dying out of sight.

American culture, and indeed, any modern culture in the world today, simply does not care enough about the damage that it is doing to this place we call home.  Expediency and cheap and greed are the acceptable standards for our lifestyles.  But this always generates mountains of this:

And this:

Believe it or not, these are images from “recycling” yards, where we take our human trash and repeat the process all over again.  We convince ourselves that “this is better” for us and the planet, never even questioning the cultural conditioning that convinces us that we’re doing no harm.

We seem to be incapable of learning from any amount of evidence.  Even in the face of huge, unmitigated disasters, we go right on repeating this processes that caused it all, again and again.

“Environmentalists” and collapse-watchers take a lot of heat (flack) from deniers who continue to disbelieve that we are in any peril.  The sad truth is they are experiencing cognative dissonance, a refusal to validate and verify the actual evidence, as this refutes their personal belief systems.

But we do not have any more time to tolerate their religious stupidity.  Their sheer “faith” in things remaining as they’ve always expected them to be borders on zealotry and religous fervor.  We are the ones who are reasonable, considerate, thoughtful and acting sensibly.  Evidence of these events is undeniable and so is their causes.

A lot of people think it “must take a lot of work” to put forth these newsletters and to document the evidence of our collapse.  Not really, as the evidence is absolutely everywhere and it’s relatively easy to find.  I don’t even have to bother collecting any of it myself.  It does take time to write these newsletters, but that’s all.

Many, many people have tried for years and years to wake us up to how we are treating the planet.  But we have been conditioned to believe that this is an abstract concept, a non-important “reality” of the fringe environmental movement that we can safely ignore.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anybody with eyes can see and verify the damage we are doing.  But how can it be that BILLIONS  of humans simply don’t give a shit?  What does this actually say about our species?  What does this reveal about our culture?  What chances does this mean for our future?  What exactly do you think is going happen?

I already know — and readers of the blog and this newsletter should know too.  It simply is not possible that our world is going to survive this intact.  Everything is going to change, dramatically.  It’s not just our pollution of the air, water and soil that is causing this, it’s our attitudes and belief systems.

We are in DENIAL.  Hard-core, “I don’t believe it” is running rampant on a world-wide scale.  While there are millions of people who have woken up, at least to a degree, it’s still not enough, not even close.  And this is the real tragedy of the commons.  We are all in this together, but individuals and groups and organizations that are fighting these things are failing, all over the world.

“Tens of thousands of polluted sites contaminate local populations — as many as 500 million people are poisoned each day in the developing world,” the report said.

“Only a few of these problems have been fixed. But it’s a start and worth recognizing.”

The group’s initial search for potential success stories yielded just 45 candidates. Making the final list were the only 12 cases that appeared to provide verifiable and credible evidence of success.

Here we are talking about successes but there’s only 12 of them,” Richard Fuller, president of Blacksmith Institute, told a teleconference of journalists.

We’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the West cleaning up our pollution problems here and at the same time we’ve shifted all our industry overseas and what we’ve done is ended up poisoning all these people in all these places overseas.” …

Global Pollution Fighters Find Scant Success

Get ready for a crush of humanity, as climate change, pollution, disease, drought and even flooding create refugees from all corners of the globe.

Gloom for Kenya Refugees As Rains Start

Climate Refugees Strain Bangladesh

”I give up,” said the father of five as he queued to register at the camp. After four years of drought and the death of his last 20 animals, Ibrahim, 28, said he had no plans to return.

Africa is already home to one-third of the 42 million people worldwide uprooted by ethnic slaughter, despots and war. But experts say climate change is quietly driving Africa’s displacement crisis to new heights.  Fleeing Drought in the Horn of Africa

That’s a destroyed rainforest picture above.  Two million hectacres a year — in just one rainforest (Indonesia).  Just how much longer does anyone think this can last?  And what happens when all these people stop (hypothetically speaking of course, because like in Haiti, it’s more likely that the forests will be completed destroyed).

Listen — it’s getting later and worse then you may think.  We’re now dealing with things like malaria and other diseases in places heretofore that never had malaria.

The world’s coral reefs are in severe peril:

“The entire ecosystem is on the point of collapse,” he says. “Unless negotiators in Copenhagen [in Denmark, at the UN climate talks in December] agree to limit atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million, they will sentence the world’s coral reefs to death.”

But don’t pin ANY hopes on Copenhagen — everyone already knows “it’s dead already”.  The United States won’t even bother showing up.  The world’s leading polluters absolutely refuse to change their ways, because it’s economically uncomfortable for them to do so — despite public outcry.  They simply don’t give a shit, and are beholden to their pocket books and a largely ignorant “constituents” who are too blind to realize how bad things already are.

The world leaders are basically unwilling to go against their corporate plantation masters — this has been very clear for a very long time.  What we need is a revolution.  I can now fully appreciate Jensen’s plea for people to stop pissing around and start doing something to stop this insanity.

In the “Oceans Are Coming“, authors Orlov and Farnish paint a gloomy scenario, and make quips like “is your head still above water?” in their depiction of the future.  Rising sea levels ARE happening and it will be very bad for our children, and even a great many of us under 60 years of age.  But WE are the responsible ones for this situation — not them.  They’re going to inherit all of our foolishness and denial and standing around, pretending we don’t know what to do.

And so there we have it. A few degrees warmer, a few metres higher, and a couple of decades later, and there we will be, floating about, holding on to other things that float, perching in tree limbs and on rooftops, and hoping to be rescued. We know where we are going to end up eventually: at least 20 metres (65 feet) higher. The one thing we still do not know is how long it will take for us to get there.

We could keep waiting for the scientific community to settle on a consensus forecast, but this may take so long that it will have to be delivered through a snorkel. However, we can already observe that the doubling period of scientific climate forecasts is uncomfortably short, and, to provide for a margin of safety, we should at least double the latest estimates. If the latest forecast is for 2 metres this century, let us assume that we will see at least 4, and plan accordingly.

But do the exact forecasts even matter? We already know enough to say that there is a high probability that ocean levels will rise, significantly, within the lifetimes of most of the people alive today, disrupting the patterns of daily life for much of the world’s population, which tends to be clustered along the coastlines and the navigable waterways. We also know that ocean levels will continue to rise far into the future, until they are 20 to 36 metres higher than they are today. We know that continuous coastal erosion and salt water inundation, coastal flooding and displacement of coastal populations, which number in the billions, toward higher ground, will be normal and expected. We also know that there is a high chance these changes will occur based on present carbon dioxide levels, regardless of what is being currently proposed by the governments of the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How CAN WE DO THIS TO THEM?  What in God’s name is wrong with us?  We are facing a hellish future by our own hand and we keep pretending that doing nothing is our best course of action.

Of course, we cannot stop the coming changes, this is a scientific fact now.  But we can certainly put a stop to our continued contribution to these changes.  And we can put a stop to the ongoing denial and disbelief and the horrifying practices of taking a giant shit on the planet.

But will we?

I DOUBT IT VERY MUCH.  I’ve seen almost no evidence at all that we have the capacity, willingness or sacrifice within us to really change despite all the rhetoric to the contrary.  It’s just talk — all of it, and nothing changes.

This is why this issue of these newsletters will be shelved on the blog for everyone to see — a damning indictment of humanity’s plight and peril, and the categorical refusal to get off of our collective asses and fundamentally change how we live on this planet.

I am not so naive as to believe that any of this will do any good at this time, already billions upon billions of dollars have been spent by many others trying to put a stop to this and it’s not worked at all.  It is clear that it is not more money that is needed — but decisive action, by any and all means necessary.

Collapse is coming, it’s been foreordained by our own hand — what exactly are you going to do about it?

Oct 282009

I’m going to try and write some fiction.  Based upon real events, and using a format that intermixes weblinks with the story, this work will be added to as time permits.  I’ve titled this effort Fade to Black.

This work is not to be copied, printed, transmitted, or published unless explicit permission is first obtained from the author (me).  Forwarded copies to friends and family are however, permitted.

Fade To Black — © Survival Acres


The decline of the American Empire had actually begun many years before, when America had overreached its ability to pay for the expansion and maintenance of Empire.  Easy credit and financial leverage by controlling the world’s reserve currency had enabled the United States to engage in a series of global conquests, economically and militarily.  In addition, the exploitation of resources and people in foreign countries was also heavily used to expand the Empire, which of course generated generations of resentment and anger all over the world.

The goal for the American Empire was the same as every empire before it, domination of every living thing and the total control of the world’s resources  Few understood what the long term impacts of this might mean for humanity, or that such exercises had been tried before – and failed.

The United States thought it was immune from failure for several reason. Technological innovation and global military domination, plus control of the world’s financial institutions created the illusion that anything was possible.  And for a fairly long time, it was, as trillions upon trillions of dollars were spent in this conquest of the world.  But cracks began to appear in the Empire soon enough.  Nobody could really foresee what would happen — except the few who painstakingly put it all together years in advance.

Most American remained blissfully unaware of these events and circumstance that were all leading to the downfall of Empire, contented and happy to simply be “Americans” and living at the top of the heap of humanity.  Blissful ignorance and willful blindness hid most from the real costs and the tragedy of Empire and the massive levels of human suffering being inflicted to ensure that the American way of life remained “non-negotiable” as one disgraced President claimed it to be.  Most of the suffering wasn’t happening here however, which is all that really seemed to matter to the majority of Americans.

However, when their jobs were exported overseas and then the manufacturing industries followed, Americans began to worry, but they were still beholden to the same empty promises given to them as before.  Politicians in an endless series of speeches and campaign promises told them the same things over and over again each election cycle, that the country would be better served if only they were elected, and that their jobs would return to them once again and America would remain strong forever.

And most of the people bought it, never realize that it was always the same lie told from different lips.

The two-party system was a sham.  Duplicity and coercion always ensured that government was forever hamstrung by multinationals and big business.  It didn’t matter who got elected, or what later came to be known as the (s)elected, after they were installed into office, it was always the same.

Foreign country likes Israel in particular, managed to invade most of the government and big businesses, persuading the Empire to engage in a series of unprovoked attacks and agressions on foreign countries.

The problem here became obvious, allegiance to the welfare and future of the this country was being swiftly replaced with allegiance to their country.  It wasn’t obvious at first, but over time, a clear case could easily be made that this was happening.  As a result, many other countries began to suffer from the imbalances being created and this led to more then one regional conflict with massive human suffering.  Millions died in the series of wars that followed, but nothing changed as the Empire forged ahead, gobbling up countries and economies alike.

It was on this backdrop of global greed, corruption, consumption, overexploitation and blind ignorance, that a new breed of humans very slowly rose forth, living in the belly of the beast and abroad.  Their lives were forged by the iron furnace of the melting pots of where they lived and the experiences that happened to them.  This book is dedicated to their stories and to their lives and their struggle for existence.

Oct 272009

There are about 100 “unconfirmed” subscribers still on this mailing list.  I’ve just deleted them all, so if someone you know is still not getting copies of this newletter, registration requires them to double opt-in (confirm) their subscription.

There are now nearly 600 subscribers.

This issue will deal with a synopsis of world-wide events and circumstances now taking place and some pointers on how to best be prepared for them.

Things To Know

Climate Change:  It’s real, it’s happening everywhere on the planet and it will affect you and your future. Pay attention to the daily developments, or at least weekly or even monthly, as new results keep coming in all the time.

Also read Mobilizing To Save Civilization by Lester Brown.  There is a LOT of information and this is something you can share with someone else.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Science is (now) well aware that they are behind the curve on reporting the rapid changes occurring. The planet is still catching up to our impacts (climate feedback inertia) and it will be some time before all of the effects will be known (long past our lifetimes). However, we are now measuring impacts of such severity and speed that they will very much make themselves known in our lifetimes.

Our kids will face it even worse then we will.  We already know that there will be 1000 years of feedback (at least).  Therefore, it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments.  This WILL affect you and every future generation of humans on Earth.

Environmental Collapse:  Now occurring in stages all over the world, the collapse of the environment is very, very sad to see.  Humans (and nothing else) are the root causes to these events, due to overexploitation and pollution.  There is not a single region on the planet that remains unaffected by this.  Sadly, most people seem to still be in deep denial, having never seen a pristine forest, or unpolluted stream or a healthy ocean. To them, this is “how things are”, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The future promises much more, all bad, all with long-term and devastating impacts for all life on Earth.  Reversing this trend has been the goal of many organizations and efforts around the world, but carefuly documentation has shown that this is still a losing battle on a global scale.

I think it is of paramount importance to pay attention to these issues affecting the environment because if plants and animals cannot live here — neither can we.  We are undeniably connected to the Earth and all things that live upon this planet.  Our privileged position does not give us the right to destroy if for everything else, and eventually, even us.

Renewable Energy:  This will be an area of unprecedented growth, however, renewable energy still only meets 10% of the nations energy consumption — and this is ALL forms of renewable energy combined.  While driving to Seattle last week, the giant wind farm in the middle of Washington state sat completely idle, not one turbine in hundreds was turning.  On the way back, it was the same.

All alternative energy sources require energy storage (batteries) or immediate consumption and usage,  and all of them suffer from conversion losses. Many are only available at certains times of the day and must be supplemented by other energy sources. As such, they can never completely replace conventional energy production.

Peak Oil:  Now here for all practical purpose, the world has reached peak production (output).  Peak oil actually occurred in the 70’s, but due to the abundance of oil reserves, we’ve been gliding by ever since.  No more, we are now on the downward side of oil discovery and reserves, having already consumed over half of the initial bestowment.

The United States will be particularly affected by this supply shortage, in part because we are so highly dependent on a global society (imports of everything from food to zebras) and because we import over 80% of our oil now.  This will make peak price shock an ongoing event as oil prices climb higher and higher once again.  We saw a temporary decline in fuel costs, but this was only because of the global economic downturn.  As oil supplies continue to run out, prices will climb much higher then before.

Mexico’s Cantrell field will probably be the first major field to shut down, and also one of our major importers.  This will happen in just a couple of years (2 – 4 years) from today.

Food Production: Global food production is undergoing serious changes. At times, we may see a bumper crop in some parts of the world, while other experience serious losses due to drought or salinization of the soil. Overall, we have just barely managed to increase our productive capacity.

We are at serious risk however on several fronts — increasing populations and food demand, climate change and global warming, drought, increased storms, hurricanes, typhoons, earlier springs, longer hotter summers and acquifer depletion.  We are also dealing with a world wide problem of soil loss, deforestation, conversion of food products into fuel (biofuels), increasing demand for this ‘alternative energy’ and famine now affecting many countries who have almost completely lost their own ability to provide foodstuffs for their citizens.

Within 50 years, we are already being told that we must produce more food then the entire world’s history of mankind.  This is an impossible ‘demand’, based upon statistical modeling, which does not take into account the sheer magnitude of resource depletion that this would require.  In essence, this can never happen, despite the claims that it “must” happen, but it does exemplify the problems with future food production.

This means that starvation for many countries is now guaranteed. Famine will become commonplace more so in the future then in the past.  Food security (see Food Security section below) will become absolutely critical for every nation on Earth as they attempt to deal with these devastating impacts.

Even worse, will be high prices. The United States is probably going to go through a period (which may last a very long time) of hyperinflation, driving the prices of essential goods like food sky high.  In addition to this issue, energy shortages and fertilizer shortages (peak phosphorus is another hit we are now seeing) will excaberate this issue.

Water Supplies: The drying up of acquifiers all over the world is happening at breathtaking speed. Overdrilling and overdrawing these ancient water supplies has severely depleted fresh water supplies.  The American Southwest is particularly vulnerable to these effects.  The arid West was made possible for millions of people because of the exploitation of these acquifers, and the daming and rediverting of major rivers and streams.  Now, due to climate change and overuse, water supplies are facing critical shortages.  This is unlikely to change for the better and will result in rationing, food shortages, crop failures and water wars.

Fascism:  Also real, happening in America at a breathtaking speed. Obama is at least as bad as Bush, if not worse.  He’s continued the abominable Bush programs and enforced some of his own.  Now looting the Treasury and the entire financial future for untold generations of Americans, Obama has personified the “wolf in sheeps clothing” and needs to be carefully watched.

The American police state continues to ramp up faster and faster with surveillance, data mining, identification requirements and other forms of intrusion.  Protesters, reporters, journalists and activists of all stripes and flavors are still at risk of sudden arrest and prosecution.  Obama has done nothing to protect our freedoms (lip service does not count) and has done much to ensure that we remain and occupied country with a non-accountable government.

New efforts to track and monitor everything you do are underway.  This in increasing now on a daily basis and nothing is being done to stop it. The State is now seeking ways to turn citizen against citizen in a true Big Brother surveillance society.

Resource Wars:  Wars over resources, particularily in the far North and in climate impacted countries will be on a dramatic increase.  It is extremely unlikely that we will have finally learned to cooperate with our neighbors and other countries of the world as we watch our own resource supplies dry up and dwindle away.  Resource wars will be the inevitable result.

Also affected will be war over things we have long taken for granted: water, land, topsoil, agricultural regions and climate refugees.  Already millions are being affected by rising sea levels and up to 2 billion more are expected to be severely impacted by climate changes.  Relocation of many people will require resettlement of ‘foreigners’ in new locations (which are all presently inhabited by someone else) and this will create a strong whiplash of anger and resentment.

Things To Do

You need to prepare for this future, immediately.  All of the above points are factual and are happening right now, and will only worsen with time.  Being personally prepared for these events is not some pie-in-the-sky doomsday prediction.  You will be far better off to prepare as best you can now, while many opportunities, supplies and resources (including the critical resource of time) are still available to you.

I’ve already written an entire series on the things to do under “Future Prep” and “Collapse Survival On A Budget” on the blog (see the right hand margin for these entries), and once again, I’m going to suggest to all to read it.  I know it’s not complete, but hey, this is a volunteer effort and I’m just as busy as everyone else.

I’m constantly dealing with people who are “just waking up” and have literally years of learning to try and cram into just a few months or a few years at most.  The problem here is it is simply not possible to “hand educate” each and every person.  Plus it isn’t even advisable.

Your situation is unique to you, and your willingness to adapt yourself and your lifestyle and everything else about you including your belief system, your attitudes, your willingness to change, your finances and your ability to become self-reliant is a very personal choice.

It is impossible for me or for anyone, or any book to teach you everything that you need to know.  This is a process of self-discovery in reality, one which requires you to jump start your own self into high gear and get going on all the things you need to do.  The blog articles are there to help you do that, but they are not there to tell you every little step that you will need to do, I won’t ever even bother trying to do that.

So — do those things in those blog articles (for starters).  That should keep you busy for the rest of your life in reality.  Once you have accomplished most of these, you’ll already be well on your way towards personal survival (and you won’t need much more coaching).

Here are a few other things to do, that I consider essential and crucial:

a) Don’t share you plans or your preparations with outsiders.  Know who you’re talking to and keep your preps to yourself.

b) Be particularily careful with firearms and ammunition purchases.  Databases are being utilized all over the country to track who is doing what (despite laws prohibiting this).  Pay cash and buy privately.

c) Learn the art of deflection.  Curious people ask questions and oftentimes it means no harm, but it could and can come back to harm you one day because you revealed something that you shouldn’t have.  So deflect the inquiry by doing what politicians do all the time — don’t directly answer the question.  You can give the impression you’ve given the required answer while really saying nothing at all.

d) Keep stockpiling essentials, and learn to rotate effectively. This includes everything from food, batteries, medicine, water, seeds, all of it.  You should be doing this already.

e) Don’t bring any attention to yourself.  Blend in.  Standing out nowadays just singles you out later (or even now, depending on the situation). We like to believe we can change things if we just speak up.  But careful observation will reveal that we are really not changing anything, nobody is. The overall direction for the world is downhill.

f) Avoid joining a group.  I’ve written quite a bit on this on the blog.  Groups are inflexible, inefficient, infitrated and too easily controlled (neutered).  They’ll also get you into a lot of trouble if you are not careful, even if you’ve done nothing or are not involved.

g) This should go without saying, but needs a constant reminder: start thinking for yourself.  The majority is often wrong.  They are also easily persuaded to believe falsehoods and lies.  Don’t be like that.  Stand your ground and think things through. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  If it is based on no evidence, scanty evidence or straw arguments, or sheer “belief” then it’s probably not true either.  Appeals to emotion instead of logic, known facts, verifiable evidence or science are appeals to simple belief (also known as faith).  More people get in more trouble based upon emotion then anything else. Don’t let this be you.

h) Keep it safe.  Your health is of paramount importance.  If your sick, get better.  If your fat, lose weight.  If you’re unhealthy, start living a healthy lifestyle.  Your health is actually ALL you’ve got going for you. If you lose that, you’ve lost everything.  Don’t engage in risky behavior.  Evaluate any potential risk and clearly decide if this is something you can really afford to do.  Getting injured now or suffering any sort of serious setback is the last thing you will want to endure.

i) This is not a race, it’s an endurance contest in reality.  Only the strong will survive.  Craft, cunning, discipline and forethought are critical skills to develop.  Sound harsh?  That’s nothing compared to what the future holds for all of us. We’re going to have to toughen up, wise up and get our priorities straight big time.  We cannot go on living like we have and expect nothing to happen.  Our “riotous living” is catching up with us now.

Things To Plan Ahead

All of the points under “Things To Know” of course, need to be taken into account.  In addtion to this, plan ahead for your personal collapse. This is when it all falls apart for you.

Many expect collapse to be a global or national event.  Not so.  It will (and is) happening right now on a family by family level, all of which then trickles up, leading to regional or national collapse.  Some will see collapse sooner then others.  Rice farmers in Viet Nam for example will face impovershment, starvation and relocation sooner then wheat farmers in Kansas (maybe). But collapse happens on a individual basis in reality and that is the part that really matters to you.

I’m not looking for a global event to “wake people up” or make them all finally realize that they’re in serious trouble.  So plan ahead for your situation.  What do you need to do to shore up your foundation? Your finances?  Your health?  Your ability to weather out foreclosure or job loss?  What have you done to become self sufficient?  What still needs to be done?

We all need the same basic things, water, food, clothing, shelter.  Having your own home or a place to call home is critical.  Everybody needs to be someplace.  Winding up homeless with no secure roof over your head is not a future anybody would want. But it is in fact happening to millions of Americans right now who are overextended on their credit or have lost their jobs.  Being debt free and owning your own home (or just some land) would prevent that from happening.  As simple as this sounds, it’s true.

For many Americans, it’s probably too late for them to do this without some serious help, or a series of fortunate circumstances.  But this is a worthy goal, as having your own place is paramount.

You should also plan ahead for tough times economically, if you haven’t already been affected.  More adjustable rate mortgage resets are just ahead, right now we are in the bottom of a temporary trough.  I suspect millions more Americans will lose their homes and their jobs in the coming year.  Being debt free right now is going to be very important.

Land also allows you to do something to improve your personal situation.  You can garden, raise chickens or cut your own firewood for heating and cooking.  Living in a tent on your own land is still better then living in the city paying rent.  It’s important that you have some dirt between your toes, because in time, that’s going to be very important for life, if it’s not important already.

Water will be just as important as (no) debt and land, and so will food.  You can get through nearly anything if you have these essentials (and your health).

Food Security

Several months ago I was reading an article in Newsweek on climate and energy when a line jumped off the page: “Business as usual has started to read like the end of the world.”

Although this conclusion may surprise many, it will not surprise the scientists who track global environmental trends such as deforestation, soil erosion, falling water tables, and rising

temperature. For some time they have been saying that if these trends continue we will be in trouble. What was not clear was what form the trouble would take.  It looks now as though food is the weak link, just as it was for many earlier civilizations. We are entering a new food era,

one marked by higher food prices, rapidly growing numbers of hungry people, and an intensifying competition for land and water resources that has now crossed national boundaries as

food-importing countries try to buy or lease vast tracts of land in other countries. Unlike earlier grain price hikes that were caused by singular events—a drought in the Soviet Union or a monsoon failure in India—and were typically remedied by the next harvest, this recent rise is trend-driven. Among the trends responsible are population growth, falling water tables, rising temperature, ice melting, and the use of grain to produce fuel for cars. In decades past, when grain prices climbed, the U.S. Department of Agriculture simply returned some cropland idled under farm programs to production, but now that land is all in use. Suddenly, food security has become a highly complex issue.  Mobilizing To Save Civilization

Water Security

Relocate to where natural sources of water can be found.  If you live in the desert — move.  If you live in the city, move.  Having access to natural sources of water is going to become increasingly critical.  Right now, it all flows as long as the lights stay on, and the acquifers or rivers don’t run dry.  But that’s all changing.

Personal Security

Carry a gun.  Always.  America has some really stupid gun “laws” which don’t protect anybody  They’d rather chalk an outline around your body then “permit” you to carry a weapon.  That’s their idea of “protection”.  The police in this country have fought this time and time again — and won, against you.  They have no obligation at all, by the rule of the Supreme Court, to protect you.  You must do this yourself.

Personally, I do not care if someone “violates the law” and carries a gun.  Do as you wish, it’s your life.  Getting a permission slip to do this is up to you, but the rule still stands, carry.

Situational awareness is a skill practiced and developed over years of time.  While in Seattle, I was hit up by panhandlers several times, including one time when I chose to approach one who wasn’t even panhandling.  But once, while eating breakfast alone in a restaraunt with no other customers, I was approached by someone.  I had immediately tagged this one as trouble when I walked in.  He was.

Know who is around you at all times.  Be alert, be prepared and be wise about people.  I don’t fear the future — I fear what people are going to do in the future — there is a huge difference, because I know that all the problems of the future are going to be people related.  Most people are woefully unprepared, ignorant and simply put, very stupid about what is happening to their world.  They don’t even care.  They’re sheep and they’re being shorn every day by unscrupulous wolves.  They will not last long when their situation collapses.

Financial Security

Simple living and simple tastes will take you a long ways into the future.  Americans are addicted to their toys, but that’s changing as the financial collapse deepens.  If you’ve got toys, get rid of them.  Pare down to the essentials you need.

Don’t flash cash, don’t appear to be too afluent (in case you still are), don’t always buy tons of stuff at once, spread out your purchases and pay cash whenever possible.  Buy used too if you can, you’ll save a ton of money.

Land Security

Choosing where to live is not always an option, but if it is an option for you, use some common sense.  Your neighbors will be the ones you go through the crash with.  Do you know who they are?  Can you trust them?  Or are you just an ATM machine in their eyes?

One of the reasons why living in a foreign country during the collapse could be so risky is because  Americans can be seen as cash machines.  They have no allegience to helping you out if you’ve dried up, and when things get really tough, they may get really tough on you.

But that can and will happen here too, so bear this in mind.  Locating yourself (if you can) to where there is security with your neighbors instead of against your neighbors is going to be very important.

My neighbors remain basically clueless, but they’re far from helpless, which makes them an asset (even if they don’t know it yet).  Even better, the land (topography) is also defensible in many respects and can be easily controlled by just a few of us.  I hope I never need to worry about this — but someday, somebody here will, of that I have no doubt at all.

See Where to Live and Collapse Survival on the blog for more on these topics.

Things To Ignore

There are several things I think you can safely ignore.  While they are all championing their causes for your attention and participation (and your pocket book), they are not going anywhere and will not have any real effect upon you or your future.  My advice is simple — don’t waste your time on them, it’s time you really don’t have to spare anyway.

Constitutionalist Movements.  Efforts to restore “constitutional law” in this country are widespread and many.  Most of these are well meaning, however the United States has not been under Constitutional law for over 200 years.  The original Constitution was almost immediately ursurped after only seven years.  Since that time, we have continually and quite consistently I should add, lost constitutional protections and freedoms.

The problem with the constitutional movements is they are all woefully out of date and lacking of factual history.   The assumption is a ‘return to constitutional law’ would ‘restore the Republic’.  I assure you, it won’t do any such thing.  The United States Constitution is ambigious where it needs to be very precise, and this is the very reason it was almost immediately disregarded.

Over 200 years have now passed and the laws and regulations and restrictions since that time are absolutely gargantuan and would take a millenia to undue.  The Federalists in our midst (the vast majority of people and all the ruling elite) would ensure that litigation would take generations as they fought to retain their power base.  This is a no-win situation for all.

Restoring the Constitution (whatever that actually means, because this is a term that really has no meaning any more) would not undue these laws and regulations like many seem to think.

Kenneth Royce, a.k.a as “Boston Tea Party” has written at length about this issue in Hologram of Liberty. I have recommended this book for years. The Supreme Court widely interprets the (ambigious) Constitution, depending on the political winds blowing. This is exactly what will continue to happen in any “restoration movement”.  Therefore, I do not bother to involve myself in such things as we would only get what we’ve already got.  Even worse, the Constitutional movements seeks to erect their own demi-god puppet in office (oftentimes), which will wind up being just another controlled pawn by corporate business.

Any movement that fails to break the back of the Federal Reserve, global corporations, global elitists, lobbyists and corrupt halls of government — will fail.  Nothing more needs to be said.

Militia Movements, Patriot Movements

These groups suffer from the same problems as those named above.  Many Americans believe that they can return to the priviliged existence that they once had.  This is no longer true — and it is very unlikely it will ever happen again.  What they all seem to fail to realize is that it was the abundance of plentiful and cheap resources and cheaper energy that made it all possible.

Democracy is one of the first things to disappear when resources dwindle.  To everyone that still believes that democracy can be restored or improved, or that the march to socialism can somehow be stopped, I remind you that this is very unlikely now.  Our nation is undergoing a very predictable change as resources dwindle, populations increase and government ineptness and inability to effectively govern transform the social fabric.

We will NEVER be a Republic again, this is an absolute pipedream based upon wishful thinking.  The Republic was dead by 1779 in reality and it’s been downhill ever since.  Since that time, we managed to exterminate most of the Native Americans and all vestiges of true freedom this country once had.

Militia movements and the so-called Patriot Movements are based upon the same ideas as the Constitutional movements.  Their so-called “line in the sand” position on when they will “fight” has been slowly pushed back countless times, again and again, and nothing (ever) happens.  Don’t look to these groups to restore anything, they’re still to busy fighting amongst themselves and redrawing those lines and fantasizing about who’ll be “in charge”.

Climate Change Deniers

This is another group to ignore.  The science is sound, proven and factual regarding climate change, a.k.a global warming.  Deniers want to continue to obsfucate the truth and make outlandish claims that this is a “global hoax” perpetrated by most of the world’s scientists (including activitist, portions of some industry, government and your neighbor).  Somehow, they miss the fact what a global conspiracy of this magnitude would require .

While this does engender paranoia and fear, it does nothing towards revealing the facts and evidence and the “in your face” events that are now happening all over the world, including within the United States.  Old photgraphs are not subject to conspiracy, nor is historical data.  Deniers use straw arguements and logical fallacies to connect their non-existent “evidence” in a desperate attempt to disprove the facts.  These arguments have been shot down, time and time again, yet they persist among the denier crowd.

The reason for this are many. Most people are simply unwilling to accept that humans can have screwed up the planet so much, so rapidly.  The facts however, prove quite the opposite and this makes many people very uncomfortable.  Not only that, but civilizations before us did exactly the same things, and they too collapsed, again and again (read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse of Complex Society”, there are a number of articles on the blog about this book).

Digging only a bit deeper, this is because they realize that these events will have real impacts on their daily lives and their future and it scares the hell out of them.  The knowledge that haunts them is that they themselves, and their own children, will never have it “this good again”.  And no, they probably won’t, as climate change is no respector of persons.

There IS evidence that the global elite are using climate change to their own advantage — and theme being jumped on by the conspiracy theorists — but this type of leverage is nothing new and does NOT disprove climate change at all.  World leaders have often used crisis situations (in every war for example, or every embargo or every disaster) to their advantage, manipulating people, markets, economies and resources.  The swine flu pandemic / manipulation is one very current example of this by the powerful pharmacutical companies.


End timers come in all flavors and I am intimately familiar with the rapture crowd.  Needless to say, there will be no rapture, no catching away, no return of Christ, no Armageddon (except the one we designed), no “end times prophecy” or fulfillment, no biblical seven years “tribulation” or nothing of that sort.

20 years in the ministry and deep research into the origins of the bible, Christianity and the entire history of the Church left me shaken, shocked and disillusioned (to put it lightly).  As a result, I disproved all the claims made in the bible one by one.  For anyone seeking the real truth, you’d have to do this research yourself.  Do not ask me to do this for you, years of effort showed just how futile this is.  Ingrained belief can only be changed by those who hold it.

The church today loves to manipulate people by fear and scare mongering, ‘dividing the sheep from the goats’ and browbeating the so-called ‘believers’ into believing and accepting what they are being told.  Heretics are people who question everything — and learn the truth.

The end times in a biblical sense, will not be happening, and claims to the contrary can be safely ignored.  There will be however, a great many efforts to bring about biblical fulfillment by man.  The entire Bush Administration actually tried this, with 9/11 and the attack upon Iraq.  They were deeply disappointed when they were not allowed to turn the Middle East into a sea of glass.

Zionists (and zionist supporters) are a dime a dozen these days, and are also actively trying to persuade millions into fulfilling bible ‘prophecy’.  They are fully aware of what they are doing too, and how they are manipulating people into doing their bidding, but this has absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘biblical fulfillment’ and never has.

The problem with all of this is it’s pretty easy to disprove it as being factual or accurate. But we’re not dealing with logic or reason here.  Blind faith is dangerous for the entire world, it’s one of the things that creates suicide bombers (martyrs) in some groups and fanatics in others (kool-aid drinkers).

I’ve no problem with faith, or even Christianity, but I have a real problem with lies, liars, charlatans, fear mongers and make-up artists.  Making merchants of men is their specialty and I have absolutely no tolerance for fools or their followers.

I’m often asked if I support so-and-so.  No, I do not support any of them and never, ever will again.  Save your money, and your sanity and come away from their deceptions.  The future is bad enough without their delusions making it even worse.

But watch out for them — for they ARE all among you (and most of you already know this). However, this warning is being clearly written here for a reason. I fully expect them to turn upon you (and me) and rend you to pieces in time.  Their disappointment will be so great that they will vent their anger upon a great many of thus, as they number in the millions in this country alone.  And that makes them a very dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Right now, they are being stirred up by their lying preachers and televangelists into believing absolute nonesense and supporting genocide.  Don’t think for a moment that they won’t do the same things here in America when the time comes, they will.

Emotions runs very high when dealing with this crowd, so keep your distance.  They are going to self-destruct, soon, but their collateral damage will take more then a few lives.


There is plenty more I could write, but I’m hoping you’ll actually read this and if this becomes too long, it won’t be read.  Anyone or any group or any organization that does not seek balance in life, should be avoided at all costs.  In reality, that would identify all the world’s mutli-national corporations, as they practice of method of imbalance against the planet, encouraging their subsidiaries to rape the planet into submission for human consumption.

Balance implies that we live conscientiously and wisely among fools.  The only reason we’ve all made it this far is that there was so much abundance at one time on this planet.  This permitted all of our excesses and wastefulness.  It spawned democracy and other things like material wealth.  The Earth has been a very tolerant place for humankind.  But now we are finding out that we’ve knocked things out of balance and everything we’ve ever come to know is now in jeapordy.

There are consequences for these actions, and they are the very reason I write entries like this. We are going to have to deal with all of these imbalances.  Given time, they would rectify themselves if we could somehow find it within ourselves to simply “leave it alone”, but humans will try very hard to prevent that.  We’ve effectively learned absolutely nothing at all from the past.  This is obviously going to become a very very serious problem.

Our personal lives need to be balanced.  Methodical, conscientious and considerate of our place in this world, our lives and the impacts we are having on everything else around us.  Are you improving anything, or are you helping to make it worse?  Unfortunately, the latter is almost always the case, because we still demand more then we give back.

Clear thinking is what is needed by humans now, all over the world.  Many are trying, but many more are not.  Sustainable living and common sense are still desirable goals, and worthy ones to model your life after.  Even if the rest of the world still goes to hell in a handbasket.

Oct 262009


I have sustained some injuries that has required some surgery over the weekend.  I’m not really able to take any calls right now as the swelling is pretty serious and it’s difficult for me to talk. I’m asking everyone to email me if they have questions about food supplies. Please don’t ask about my injuries and don’t be upset if I can’t take your calls right now, it can’t be helped.  Email works fine for me.


The Daily Reckoning has a good article on Peak Oil, titled The Truth About Energy.  I hold to the same opinion as they do, we do not have any alternative sources of energy to go to.

Unfortunately, positive thoughts and wishful thinking will not change the equation. Precious time has been wasted and we have no margin of safety. We must prepare ourselves for sky-high commodity prices and periods of acute shortages, which will make wartime conditions seem rosy. In fact, we believe we are already a decade into this painful transition but let us warn you that we have seen nothing yet.

Hopefully, that will get your attention.  It’s not news to doom watchers, but if you are not familiar with the issues surrounding global energy, know this: the hammer is falling right now.  This is an event that is taking place right before our eyes and it will impact everyone on the planet.

There is another story worth reading by the Daily, The Eye Of The Housing Storm. We are right in the middle of another event as this graph shows:

mortgage loan resets ahead

There is a LOT going on in the financial sector, namely the bankrupting of this country.  Jones has a new video out that cover some of these points.  He remains dead wrong about climate change, but that’s nothing new.  Most of the right wing remains in severe denial of the facts, melting ice “doesn’t mean what we think” apparently.

In any case, the looting of the Treasury is probably complete, or nearly so.  Hyperinflation is just ahead.

$500 Houses

Apparently, even a $500 house was not enough to entice buyers.  Would you believe me if I told you that there were hundreds, even thousands of these $500 houses, and nobody bought them?

On the auction block in Detroit: almost 9,000 homes and lots in various states of abandonment and decay from the tidy owner-occupied to the burned-out shell claimed by squatters. Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland

The article shows just how unbelievably screwed up the system really is. Any hope of ‘recovery’ would have come from the people who actually wanted to buy these properties and live there.  Instead, many of them were not even allowed to bid.


This is one battle I’d be willing to join: Amazon natives say they will defend tribal lands from Hunt Oil with ‘their lives’.  I’ve never doubted for a moment that this is exactly what it is going to take (bloodshed).  Blood is certainly cheaper then money.

How are you going to stop this?  36 Football Fields Deforested Each Minute

I know that Americans think that they are immune to all of this, but they’re not.  We are one of the major driving forces behind all the destruction and deforestation.

Check this video out: Factory Farms Feeding Europe

This is unbelievably tragic, and has tremendous global consequences. Recaill that scientists are now predicting the collapse of ALL the world’s reefs?  It’s so bad now (already), that they are planning on coming up with a way to preserve “samples” of reefs in freezers…

So let me get this straight — we’re losing our reefs due to global warming and acidification of the oceans, pollution and trawlers strip mining them clean… so now, using a known greenhouse gas production (freezing), we’re going to try and preserve some samples for the future.

A desperate move for sure, but a sign of how bad things are getting.  But here at home, we’re still being infotained with the latest absolute nonsense and noise.  Nothing to see here, move along….

This is the future for a significant portion of the planet:

The rest of the planet will become crowded with climate refugees and food shortages. Resource wars for water, energy, food, soil will be fought in every inhabited nation on Earth. Competition for the essentials of life will supersede the trinkets produced and sold today.

Still wondering what’s going on and what to do?  Read the Future Prep and the Collapse Survival series on the blog.  Read the rest of the blog post there too.  Time is definitely running out.

Oct 232009

Trip Report

I’m back from my “vacation”.  This time, I actually got away from here for more then 24 hours.  I took a trip to Seattle, which was interesting.

Cities are or can be, interesting places, full of interesting sites and people.  Seattle wasn’t my first choice of destination, but it wasn’t too far away and I could scoot home quickly if needed be, which it turns out I had to do.  Sigh… the downside of running a company like mine is you can really never just stop, not even for a few days.

I saw several of the tourists sites and destinations while there, but of most interest to me was the culture.  Seattle is very different from here in terms of people, attitudes and culture.  The so-called “greening” I saw was really a thin veneer of the justification of abundance.  A visit to Whole Foods Market exemplified that in spades (actually, any market).

Cities don’t actually produce much of anything.  They take raw materials and turn them into something else, but they don’t grow much, nor do they actually provide the raw materials, these all come from someplace else, all which have to be imported in from someplace.

Cities remain highly dependent upon a huge and steady stream of inputs, power, water, fuel, food, materials and products from all over the world.  That pretty much kills any concept of “green” right then and there.  But to be fair, this is true in nearly every single town, village and hamlet in America, none of us produce all that we need.   Sustainability (in the truer meaning of the word) simply doesn’t exist.  Greenwash is a term that is used to hide the real costs of any type of activity, be it business or industry or agriculture or anything that humans do.  It’s just a veneer that we’re allegedly “living right” when we’re really not.

I also visited anarchist book stores like Left Bank Books, which had thousands of title of revolutionaries and anarchists authors, but I didn’t buy anything. Most of this stuff is available online, but it is nice to have a copy to read while your not connected.  Mostly though, I didn’t find anything there I didn’t already know, or couldn’t have written myself, I’ve been reading this type of work for many years now.

Staying connected however, was a real pain for me.  Wireless hotspots would restrict email SMTP (sending mail) on their servers, which really interfered with me sending out any emails.  It’s one reason I came home early.  There is a huge fear of computer servers being used illegally in some fashion or another and most locations restricted your ability to send anything out that I tried (despite the promises made).

Since I almost never travel, I brushed this off, I probably won’t try this again.  But this trip really got me to think about our entire culture.  I live deep in the forest and the culture here is very different then the city.  But I saw striking similiarities of issues like consumption, privilege, preeminence and prestige.  Basically, city people despite the greenwash, consume as much as anyone.  Country people remain somewhat clueless on issues like climate change and resource collapse, but I didn’t see this actually slowing anybody down in the city either.  Basically, I see no real difference at all between the two groups.

Pikes Place Market is full of vendors who must abide by various rules to sell there. One rule is the products must be made in Seattle (for the outdoor vendors at least), but I saw several that were selling products manufactured overseas.  Apparently, leather from India, or T-shirts from Taiwan “qualifies” if they had something done to it in Seattle, such as silk-screening.

But green?  No way, nothing was, it was all just the same smoke and mirrors you find everywhere else, like “renewable power” and “sustainable living”.  But my main point here isn’t to knock the city life, but to point out that we are all still widely missing the boat here.  Our cultural concepts of living lightly and living right are so far skewed towards personal privilege and species preeminence that we can’t even discuss the real issues without immediately offending someone (including ourselves if the truth be told).

Checking the Net for stories upon my return (and a few times while traveling), I realized that we really don’t stand a chance to preventing our collapse.  This is a position that I’ve long held and this trip only reinforced this belief.  The museums I visited nailed this down solidly.   Humans have long exploited the natural world for their own exclusive gain, this is a oft-repeated process of rape and destruction, again and again and again.  The great fire in Seattle showed that even in destruction of our dreams, we’ll just go right back to doing it all over again.

The treatment of the Natives was also a oft-repeated theme of occupation, slavery and genocide.  It was actually very sad to see those old photographs of “industrialists” and business tycoons strutting around in their stuff shirts and somber looks and to think of what it actually took to make them “successful”.

It more then occurred to me that this is exactly what is happening now, as big business and the corporations trounce all over the rights and lands of indigenous people with a total disregard to the damage and destruction that they are doing.  They simply do not care.  If they did — they’d pack up all of their shit and leave, forever.  But we’re told that we demand this, the products that they produce and the resources that this all requires.  Hahaha, bullshit.  We’re not really in a position to “demand” anything, we just keep shoveling it all down as fast as they produce it (steal).

I was glad to get back to my piece of the forest. I can drink the water here without feeling sick (for now) and I can gaze across the land and wonder how long it might last.  Old haunts of mine are now paved over and turned into strip malls and parking lots, others are subdivisions and urban sprawl (from way back). The so-called “progress” of humans isn’t really progress at all, but a long path of constant destruction and consumption of everything that stood in the way — soil, people, animals, plants, forest, streams, rivers, rocks, it was all consumed, even the soil was literally washed away to make room, it was all used, abused, blasted and killed off to make room for just us. One rather lousy callous species.

Death definitely becomes us, we exemplify what this means in everything we do.  I’ve blogged about this before, and have often hit on the themes of how humans have treated each other. But our treatment of the places we live is even worse.


I also got to watch the Earthlings dvd when I got back.  Everybody on the planet should have their eyes glued open with toothpicks and be made to watch this at least three times.  Our treatment of the animals of this planet and how we have enslaved them all is absolutely appalling.  If your not a vegetarian or a vegan yet — you just might want to consider this as being the best solution for a great many of our human problems (not just the treatment of animals, but also other issues like the environment, global warming, pollution, hunger and water shortages).

It is these observations and so much more (like decades of science and research) that have me to believe that we are culturally handicapped and unsuited for living here in our present form.  Unless we change, dramatically and learn to live ethically and responsibly, we really are doomed.  By our own hand.

It won’t be an act of God, or a divine intervention or alien invasion or reptilian overthrow that kills us all, it will be our own stupidity and inability to face up to what we are doing, each and every day.  We definitely need to broaden our understanding of what we are doing and how it is all connected.  But I see little hope of that right now to be honest.

Humans are the only creatures on the planet that apply “morals” to their habits of living.  We’ve proven ourselves quite willing to be very flexible when it comes to these self-imposed limits.  This is where we have miserably failed as a species.  We simply do not care enough.  About anything.  The proof is all around us in absolutely everything we have done.  I don’t care if it’s a road we built or a house we constructed or the farms we plant.  The proof is right there.  It is the very existence of these exclusive objects that demonstrates our complete lack of understanding, empathy and compassion.

But we do not want to look at it, or consider the real meaning.  Why should we?  We live, we die.  Meanwhile, we accept things how they are, never considering that this could really be a very different world.  This is why our hopes of any reforms or ‘restoration’ are really just pipe dreams we entertain ourselves with.

They say history repeats itself, a pattern which is true, but not the actual history.  Our patterns are very predictable as a result.  If you want to know what the future holds, just look at history.  It will be more of the same, only worse (I should trademark that saying).

For some reasons, we cannot stop.  I can talk all day about this issue, but I cannot actually explain why.  It seems to be a genetic defect in our race.  We’re broken in many ways, presently at the top of the so-called heap, but woefully deficient in compassion, understanding and reasoning.  Our pyramidal position cannot possibly last forever, not like this.  We’ve consumed far too much of everything that has elevated us to these lofty heights.

We’ve become preoccupied with denial. In America, it seems to be a national birthright, and it’s quite pathetic to endure.  I’m no longer sure how or if anything can really be done about this, as mountains and mountains of facts, evidence and science can refute all the obsfucation and disbelief, but it is clearly not working.  Collapse will help — some, but even this won’t stop us from repeating the process again.

A cultural shift is desperately needed, but I don’t see this as being the final answer either.  That may be the goal, but it’s not the path on how we’ll get there (and the big “if” we’ll ever get there).  The destruction of money would force a big change upon us all, but powerful vested interest (as in nearly every living human on Earth) would try to prevent that.

It seems that all we really have left is our imaginations.  Scant good this will do as we slurp down our jellyfish burgers from acidic oceans.  I don’t have the answers, just the observations.  I well realize that this is not enough and never was.  I’ve long pointed out that documenting our collapse was an exercise in futility, because we’re still not changing.  We’re simply not willing to change. In all factual honesty — we would rather collapse.

And so we shall.  The proof is growing every single day that this is exactly what will happen.  So even though this isn’t the best answer, it remains the defining event that will redefine how humans live on this planet.

Oct 142009


This is unbelievably pathetic — A woman claims she wins the lottery, rents a stretch Hummer, drives to a Burlington coat store and announces that she will pay for everyone’s purchase.  Over 1,000 people then crowd the aisles and try to get in.  But she doesn’t (and can’t) pay for anything.

Read this about the Michael Jackson ‘movie‘ and then listen to Chris Hedges on Empire of Illusion.  He’s got it right, we’re being distracted by fantasy.

More Hedges audio on American Fascism — my own ministry experience tells me the same things.  Dangerous, deluded and easily persuaded to support unlimited evil.

Carolyn Murphy was convicted of “animal cruelty” in 2004 and when later served with a warrant, uses a stun gun on the trooper (she’s got more balls them most men).  Read that link first, as it sets the “tone” for what follows next.

A websearch on Murphy reveals that she has a blog of her own, and is no stranger to police and political corruption.  But the court alleges she’s a head case (ignoring the claims of animal cruelty for a moment) because she disagrees with government.  READ her blog entries for an idea of what she is about.

On January 28, 2008, (four years after the initial violations and thefts of my property conducted by State of Maine) I was ordered into the Franklin County Superior Court on an issue of fines. With the Void Ab Initio in place, there never was a case and therefore there can be no fines. Yet Judge Michaela Murphy (recently appointed to the bench by Governor Baldacci who is allegedly the head of the Maine Organized Criminal

Racketeering Enterprise) dismissed my demand for the court´s protection via an Injunction/Restraining Order against the racketeers and Judge Murphy stated in open court that she was ignoring the Void!! Judge Murphy then informed me that I would be back in court the end of February to answer to the fines (that under the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court do not exist once the Void with its irrefutable proof of due process violations was filed). By making that ruling, Judge Murphy has violated her Oath of Office, violated my due process rights and has lost her judicial immunity to prosecution.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that there had been 5 break ins inside my locked house and barn without warrants (clear U.S. Constitutional violations). She said, “Yes”.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that there had been 3 thefts of my property without benefit of warrants. She said, “Yes”.

I asked Judge Murphy if she understood that I could file a Void Ab Initio at any time as there is no time limit to file. She said, “Yes”.

So, there is absolutely no way that a judge who has acknowledged 8 U.S. Constitutional due process violations can be ignorant of her duty. She MUST under her Oath of Office acknowledge the Void Ab Initio and dismiss all charges and fines brought against me by State of Maine. Instead she made a ruling in a case that does not exist where she has no jurisdiction by ruling that I return to court on the issue of the fines. The U.S. Supreme Court has been specific in its rulings that when a judge rules on a case where he/she has no jurisdiction, they have committed treason against their Oath of Office and treason against the U.S. Government.  When Vultures Rule — Eighteen

There is an entire different side to Murphy then what the Sun Journal claims. Whether she is guilty or not of animal cruelty is beside the point here.  In defense of her own life, she shocks the trooper, who having violated the law, attempts to illegally arrest her.

Of course, this did not work and never will. I’ve long argued that you do not show up to a gun fight with a knife. If you’re going to take on the State, you will need to do this with lethal force and then you would forever be a fugitive.  But here is the choice for all of us: fugitive or victim.  We’re all slaves, pawns in the game they control, subject to their abitrary rules and interpretations and self-interest.  It doesn’t matter if you are lawfully or even legally “right” — if they say you’re wrong and that you will be punished, then that is exactly what will happen.

Murphy’s case is somewhat unique, because she joins that rather small handful of others that have resisted unlawful arrests, and she’s a woman. She’s pretty well informed on what’s really going on.

The recent life sentencing in the Ed Brown case is another unlawful “order” and eventually after many months, he and his wife were arrested on bogus charges, they received 35 years in prison.

America IS a police state, through and through.  The arrest of anyone who resist the “rule” of an unlawful and unrestrained government is very very “normal” and happens every day.  The complicit media always paints these people in a negative light (“bad slaves”, very bad slaves who won’t do what they’re told) and quickly points to their ideology or political beliefs as the root reason for their discontent and basis for “resistance”.

The sad truth is, if you go along with the so-called “rule of law” in this country, which is a cloak for misdead and malpractice, you have sided with the evils taking place here.  It takes a lot of courage to resist.  Think about it.  Those that actually resist do so because it is almost always based upon facts, events and actual real life circumstances that have already actually happened to them, which finally pits them against the system, because they’ve had “enough”.  And they’re almost always deeply backed into a corner before they finally fight back.

Notably, their so-called “crimes” are manufactured “offenses” to the State, which is a fictional entity and has no “rights”.  The unspoken truth here is “don’t resist us” or we’ll come after you.

We’re hardly ever told about those facts and events, as ALL resistors are “bad people” and we’re being brainwashed into believing they “should be locked up”.

Murphy’s case is one of millions now in this country, where under the “color of law”, the people are trampled down and consumed by the system.


Nah, the planet isn’t warming!!   Ignore the science!

If you’re wondering what all those red dots mean for the world’s oceans, thats why there are now over 400 dead zones (including runoff pollution) with more then 1,000 expected.  This also reveals why Kenya is in such severe drought and starvation right now, cold patterns in the U.S., Argentina’s drought and many other so-called “anomalies ” happening all over the world.

I’m always amazed at how people can point to a single storm or weather front and claim that this is “proof” that warming has ending.  Charts like the ones above reveal exactly the opposite.

Another prediction comes true — Arctic Sea Ice Will Disappear Within A Decade

Expect conflict in the North as nations around the world vie for the hidden resources under the waves. I am still 100% convinced that humans will manage to destroy everything in a desperate bid to “stay the course” and appease our gluttony and greed.  We’ve already severely depleted the worlds oceans of food and fish, and maxed out our industrial agricultural capacity, no reason at all to think that any of this is going to stop.

Oct 132009


This won’t work (at all) – Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

Here’s why: Ammunition is available literally everywhere, garage sales, private sellers, across state lines, etc., demanding ID won’t change the availability of ammunition one iota. Criminal elements aren’t going to be bothered by “laws” anyway.  Even an empty gun with no ammunition in it is still going to help criminals commit multiple crimes.

You can also make your own ammunition, it’s pretty easy too.  Just another example of government failing to address the root problem — crimes are rooted in inequality, poverty, despair, desperation.

Oops, did I say that?  Well, here’s this:  People Afraid To Come Out Of Their Homes

“Gang violence and the economy are connected,” he said during an interview at his church, which is located on the city’s southeast side. “… There is a lot of unrest because there are no jobs.”

Guns don’t commit crimes either, people do. These people didn’t need guns.  Nobody does to commit crime, crimes are caused by people, period.  And if you do not address the people issues that spark crimes, you will never, ever stop or slow down crime.

FBI delves into DMV photos in search for fugitives

Global Police Force Taking Shape  — This was a “given”, as governments around the world continue to harass and demonize the citizenry (peons), labeling them all terrorists in their never ending fight to create terror.  However, this time they’ve appointed on of the guys behind the Waco massacre, “The Enforcer”.

Palestinian hopes in Obama have “faded” — This was predictable, and sad. Who still believe the Nobel Peace Prize recipient is going to accomplish diddly squat? The guy hasn’t done ANYTHING that he promised. Steve Lendeman has a great writeup on his failures, October Surprise — Peace Prize To A War Criminal.  Blacklisted News also has an article with many links.

More scary mark of the beast stuff in the works — chips in your body now text your cell phone to remind you to “take your pill“.

Just think, if everyone got chipped, then they’d not have 275,000 Britons “disappearing”.  More slaves, err tax payers for the government coffers, easily found, and dragged back to their ball and chain.


The real tragedy here is how technology continues to enslave us all, but fails to solve our very real problems. We’re tracked, monitored, photgraphed, video taped, ID’d, fingerprinted, licensed, stamped, databased and cross-checked, referenced and vetted — but none of it actually works to solve our culture and social crisises.  But it gives great power and control to our “protectors”, who ever-claim that they need more and more technology, an unending stream of technology, to “help us”.

Let me make this perfectly clear — none of this tracking and monitoring helps me and never, ever has.  The reality is it is all designed to help our managers track us and what we are doing and it’s become a terrible burden on our lives.  The sheer cost of it all is astronomical, nobody even knows what kind of $$ have been spent.  But that’s nothing compared to the sheer headache of it all trying to “comply” with some fat-assed bureaucrats new rules or revisions.

There is now a gargantuan amount of monitoring going on and it’s getting worse all the time.

There seems to be a general consensus that people are “dangerous” which is an aburd notion. People want peace, and they’ll go to great lengths to get it.  But this opposes the status quo almost always, which thrives on war and war profiteering (including “peace time profiteering”).  Over 100 Guniean’s were killed opposing a “candicacy” in Guinea for example.  The killers were government “security forces”.

This happens all over the world thousands upon thousands of times each year. Government does NOT listen to the people, government demands from the people and does pretty much whatever the hell it wants.  Anytime the people make demands or protests, the government steps in, shuts them down, kills a number of them and arrest the rest.

But it is the players behind government (big business) that are the real enemies to the people. Government is a pawn, a front between the people and business.  Catering to the needs of business but not to the people is what government does (everywhere). This is why there is so much deep corruption in politics.  Money, greed and power are the driving forces, fueled by big business.

Our every attempt to slow government down, stop terrorizing citizens, stop destroying the Earth, stop polluting the land, to stop anything is met with violence and death. Ever notice that we constantly hoping and asking them to stop?

Any threat is violent in nature, there is no difference between a threat to jail you for actually protesting, then to smash your door down and arrest you for organizing a protest, or to hold a gun to your head and extort taxes from you, it’s all violent.

The real terrorist in the world (besides the badge carrying kind) have legitimate beefs with their government and policies, and those of foreign nations, such as the United States.  These issues are never addressed or even acknowledged as being valid.

Instead, the chosen course of action is repression.  The issues of exploitation, impoverishment, resource destruction, occupation, theft, murder and assassination and corruption are very real issues with real life consequences, always to the people, always leading to despair, misery, injury and death by the millions and millions of citizens.

Both government and big business are in league with these crimes, legitimizing them all as essential, necessary and even “lawful” by passing legislation that “authorizes” these crimes despite the protests of the citizenry and the theft of their homes, lands, resources and even their lives.  We’ve all come to view these crimes are necessary for “progress” and modern living — but that does not take away the reality of their evils and how by our complacency, we too are complicit in the crimes of government and business.

Simply living in the modern world is a crime against nature in reality, but lets just stick to the people quotient here for clarity.  America is what it is today because of a long unending series of crimes against other people, including Americans, and since its inception, Native Americans, and every other nationality on the entire planet.

Because we exported our demands for labor, resources, materials and raw goods to other countries, authorizing these thefts with invasion, military occupation, murder, assassination, economic sanctions, and an unending series of economic exploitations and practices, we imported into this country the wealth of other nations in an endless stream of goods.  The argument that this was a “fair exchange” is baseless, as every nation we have occupied with our presence, business and corporate activity is actually impoverished now, reduced in resources, damanged and even destroyed environmentally, and ultimately, beholden to our policies and practices, even “married” to our own successes and failures.

The world has become a single village in many ways, exchanging goods, labor, materials and money in an endless swap meet, non-stop all over the world.  But the victims here remain, Islanders who no longer own their lands or resources, Native Indians who have been displaced and killed, Africaners who remain as enslaved as ever to the economic exploitation of foreign companies, Americans who are imprisoned in their cities and shopping malls, forever destined to be landless peasants and “connedsummers”, Iraqi’s and Afghans bombed and irradiated to death, destined to have malformed babies and amputated limbs because of the black gold under their feet.

These are examples repeatedly absolutely endlessly all over the entire world as the people of the Earth are divided, segregated, numbered and marked to be exploited, killed, enslaved and controlled, right down to the nth degree no matter where you might live on the planet or what you do.

In all these things, it is the people who have suffered everywhere, forever exploited, all over the world, because government and business have created an unholy alliance of theft, death and destruction, a unlimited evil of constant exploitation and excess greed for the personal gain and profit of their corrupt members.

Think about it — it is profits that motivate this all.  They mine, manufacture and produce trinkets for our consumption, using cheap labor and cheaper resources throughout the entire world, which we “gladly exchange” for our own unending slavery (“jobs”) at dead-end and near useless occupations, finding ourselves joined at the hip in the ongoing occupation and destruction of everythig, enslaving ourselves to an unending debt cycle from banks they control, designed to keep us economically enslaved our entire lives to what they have created and call “life”.

To many, this is “normal”, the “way things are”, but this is not normal, it is an ABOMINATION to life and living and negates any and all possibilities of peace, happiness, justice, equity and fairness to every living thing on Earth, because it ALL relies upon the exploitation of something (resulting in impoverishment, destruction and eventually death) for the benefit of another (also resulting in slavery, debt and unending consumerism).  The only “winners” here are those evil malefactors who are controlling it all, but they too are just as dead as everyone else, enslaved to their greed and power trips of profiteering and control.

Stop and think!!  There is nothing “normal” about any of this.  This is an artificial caricature of life, a manufactured, shrink-wrapped and bar coded “product” that they have enslaved us all to live.

Ask yourself a few questions:

a) Why is there ANY debt?

b) Why isn’t living free?

c) Why are not the things you need to live available to you?

d) Why don’t you live on land that you control?

e) Why does government exist?

f) Why don’t you receive any real benefit from the fruit of your own labors?

g) Why don’t you get to keep ALL that you earn?

h) Why are so many still impoverished?

i) Why are so many still hungry?

j) Why are so many still sick, diseased and ill?

k) Why isn’t there any justice?

l) Who is making up all these rules anyway?

m) Who is actually benefiting from all of this?

n) What makes ANY of this “normal”?

o) Why can’t you do what you want?

p) Why does everyone and everything want to control you?

q) Why aren’t you free?

r) Why isn’t ANYONE allowed to be free?

s) Why must EVERYTHING be controlled?

t) Why must EVERYTHING be owned?

u) Why don’t YOU own it all?

v) Why can’t we ALL use it all?

w) Why is everything getting destroyed?

x) Why does life have to be like this?

y) Why is their always another war?

z) Exactly WHO is behind all this death and misery?

Why are we ALWAYS being exploited?

Humans are not a product, anymore then raw resources are. But we’re sure treated like one, and that is all billions have come to expect.

Oct 092009

Climate Collapse

The great tragedy here, is a climate treaty now or in the future, is already too late.

But Vorapol Dounglomchan’s battle against environmental catastrophe began nearly 30 years ago, when he helplessly watched the house he grew up in, at the mouth of the Tha Chin River, crumble as the ocean inched its way inland.

It takes a very long time for ice to build up, locking up the world’s fresh water supply in the form of glaciers, icecaps and snowpack.  A treaty acheived now (if ever) would not restore all the melt that has already occurred – for at least 10,000 years.

This means that we’re still going to see huge displacements of millions and millions of people as sea levels continue to rise, glaciers melt, acquifers become salinated and low lying lands all over the world are indunuated with brine.

I wish more people understood climate collapse and how it simply cannot be avoided.  That opportunity actually passed us by over 40 years ago and nobody scarcely noticed then.  It may be in the news now but the horse is already out of the barn.

Rising Sea Levels Increase Risk of Flooding  — Nobody seems to much care about a few millemeters a year, but people all around the world’s coastlines are experiencing an increasing amount of flooding, storm surge and lost lands.

Ocean Dead Zone Now Number 400 — Doubling Every Decade  Catastrophic events are accelerating now, continued runoff and pollution contributing to dead zones in the world’s oceans.

Last Time Carbon Dioxide Levels Were This High Was 15 Million Years Ago

“The last time carbon dioxide levels were apparently as high as they are today — and were sustained at those levels — global temperatures were 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than they are today, the sea level was approximately 75 to 120 feet higher than today, there was no permanent sea ice cap in the Arctic and very little ice on Antarctica and Greenland,”

Giant Sea “Mucus” Blobs on the Rise

Enormous sheets of such “mucus” occur naturally throughout the Mediterranean, especially in the Adriatic. But in recent years, as sea temperatures have risen, these sea congregations are exploding in number and size–sometimes stretching over hundreds of kilometers.

I thought it was just going to be jellyfish burgers in the future, but I was wrong. Blob burgers will be featured as a fine dining option.  Video link here I think, never could get this to load for me.

Corporate Corruption

Greed and Gluttony and Corruption on both sides of the fence, with an American company behind all the cancers and malignant tumors.  Pretty damned sad actually, nearly two decades of denials while real people lay dying.  How come I know that this is typical of corporate malfeasance?  Why do we tolerate this shit?  Why does ANYBODY tolerate it?

H1N1 Created in the USA by Scientists — Youtube video, Wayne Madsen claims that H1N1 is manufactured virus in the United States.

But you could always get one of these — Anti-H1N1 suit.  Good grief, people will market anything these days, including this horseshit: Senators Betray The American People – Again — I don’t even know why the United States pretends it has a representative government, it’s obvious that we don’t and haven’t for a very long time.

This isn’t news, Verichip is still hoping to stick it to you too with an implanted chip to track, well, everything.  Public resistance to this remains however.

Christians will delight in knowing that this was called “Digital Angel” in its early days, but since this reminds too many of the Mark of the Beast, they call it something else now.

I don’t engage in this particular issue much because Ameircants are too soft to put a stop to any of it. Better to holler from a bully pulpit until your blue in the face while collecting your “dues”, you’d get more done.  But this isn’t going to go away (ever), because we’re just too scared to stand up for ourselves.

Hey, I get it.  How about I sell you protection against all of the above?  I can guarantee that H1N1 won’t be a problem!  You won’t have to worry about biochip implants, terrorizing errorists or corrupt Senators getting into your business.  Global warming would be a non-issue, food shortages a thing of the past.  No more peak oil, energy crisis or giant blobs swimming in the oceans either.

Wait!  There’s more!!  You’d be free from worry and anxiety on desertification and depleted acquifers, fresh water would be yours in abundance, plentiful food and wildlife to watch, there would be fish leaping in the sea, pristine forests and clean streams, even the air would be clean enough to breathe!

No more greenhouse gas, no more melting ice caps, glaciers would return to the mountains, and peace on Earth will reign for all mankind!

This plan will be a new worldwide religion, absolutely guaranteed to create peace and harmony on Earth for everyone.  Guaranteed or your money back!!

All this for only $19.95 per month, all major forms of credit cards accepted!

And finally for your amusement, you will also receive a lifetime membership in the world’s largest mall. Don’t let the apparent emptiness concern you, an unending supply of mall walkers, shoppers and consumers will be visiting shortly.  Remember, we’re too big to fail!!

Oct 072009


Mr. Yes We Can was awarded the Nobel Peace price, for doing exactly nothing I guess.  At least he isn’t Bush, which is what the Norwegians seemed to be thinking. “Perhaps for the Nobel committee, merely altering the tone out of Washington toward the rest of the world is enough”  Hmmph, Howdy Doody could’ve have done that.

It must not take much these days to impress those guys.

I think I’m going to install one of those CCTV cameras in my office so the snoopers can watch me hatch my diabolical plans to take over the world.

Doesn’t this crap just make you sick?  I am SOOOO sick of this shit, now we’ve got volunteers from the rank and file monitoring our every “movement”.  Maybe I’ll put a camera in the bathroom too.  Their reward for catching me in the “act”?  A roll of (used) toilet paper.

Think that’s crude?  What about Homeland Insecurity monitoring body functions?  I wish I were kidding.

Another stupid citizen “enlistement program” to catch the non-existent terrorists roaming in our midst.  That’s easy — just look for a badge.  NYPD now tracking cell phone users.

But wait!  There’s more!  The 8 signs of terrorism is another stillborn idea dreamed up by bored bureaucrats bent on destroying all freedoms.

The easiest way to gum up the works of CIAC (Clumsy Informants Are Clueless) is to make anonymous phone call “tips” reporting unattended grandmothers, missing pennies and dogs carrying saddlebags in the county park.

Listen people – you’d have better start STRENOUSLY OBJECTING to these crap-filled wet dreams these insecure assholes are making up and shoving down our throats, or you’re going to wake up to your worst nightmare.

Doesn’t it strike anyone odd that the real criminals and terrorists in our midst are still running around scot free and still terrorizing everyone with boogeyman stories?  That this entire effort to criminalize and demonize the entire general population as being “terrorists” is horribly wrong and misguided to the extreme?

Israeli war crimes in Gaza — the American silence on this entire tragedy is appalling, but the stories keep coming out. The sheer amount of objections by Israel here should tell everyone that horrible crimes are being covered up.  But the smell of white phosphorus and burning flesh is pretty hard to hide.

Watch this video (if you dare).  Graphic and violent, the factory (h)arming of animals is horrible and cruel to the extreme.  I ordered a copy of the DVD and will report back after watching it (and losing my lunch).

Ecoterrorism: Environmental and Animal-Rights Militants in the United States

One of the reasons the environmental movement is hated so much is because it threatens the very foundations of our civilization.  This is also true of the animal rights movement.  At the very core of these movements, is the belief that humans have absolutely failed to live ethically or responsibly on the planet.

Nobody questions whether or not they may be right, which of course they are. All that matters is preservation of the status quo — at any cost.

Their position directly contradicts the entire assumption of civilization, that we have made “best choices” and that we reserve these rights of choice exlusively for ourselves — at the expense of every living and non-living thing on this planet.

At the very core of what civilization exploits, is exactly what these movements are against and seek to bring to our attention and even put a stop to.  This is why they are wrongly labeled “eco-terrorists”, a term meant to disparage the truth of their message and to marginalize anyone that believes that our civilization is anything other then 100% right.  Whatever ills our civilization may have, they can be solved by even more bureaucratic bullshit and meddling (or something like that).


The truth is, every single human on the face of the planet (over the arbitrary age of twelve) should be struggling for survival — but not only for themselves, but for those things on this planet that are worth preserving and those things that are important to us all.  These are all things we take for granted, but a quickly losing, such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, healthy forests, diverse wildlife, wild natural habitat.  We need to fight for equality and justice, fairness and ethical living standards.  In essence, a natural and healthy place for ALL to live.

As long as we sit quietly on the sidelines, all these things will continue to exploited and eventually, completely destroyed.  And then what will we have that will be worth fighting for?  The struggle to preserve all of these things must begin right now, to fight later is far too late.  What would be left?  How would we then survive?

There is such a huge and gigantic demand for raw resources, that preservation of what we have left  must become a top priority. But this is in direct contrast to our economic model and way of life.  Thus, marginalization and the demonization of environmentally conscious people must be viciously practiced.

Those that refute this view still believe that an unending supply of raw resources and technological wizardy will continue to provide everything that mankind could ever want or need.  But this is patently false ideology, a modern religion of wishful thinking and open interpretation.  Who honestly believes that we can produce all the food the world has ever produced in 50 years? Yet that is exactly what we are being told will be necessary.  It’s impossible!

All around us, right now, are the dead and dying, animals and plants that we are now exterminating by the hundreds of millions each year, and they’re NOT being replaced with new generations.  The gene pools are literally being wiped out and many have now gone extinct.

Extinction is forever.  How can we live with that?

How is it then possible that we can still believe that we ourselves, who directly depend upon their existence and sustaining generations, can survive here without them?  Do we really believe that test tube meat and synthesized powdered enzymes from chemical farms and algae farms will keep us all alive?  Are we really that fucking stupid?

Where is the outrage?  Where are the riots?  Where is the guerilla war? Why do we continue to sit in quiet apathy, content to munch down our tasteless fishsticks of mystery meat, never giving a moments thought to what it all means and where it is all going?

It’s become very clear that appeals to emotions do not work very well.  Nor does an appeal to the intellect, or to even our humanity.  A friend recently told me that most people really aren’t very humane. I can believe it because I can readily witness how we treat each other.  How we treat everything else can certainly be no better.

But lest I seem hopelessly doomerish, I’m really not.  I occasionally hear from someone who shares their method of hope and love in the face of great evil.  Here’s one to share, from Don:

I’m probably the most unusual person you will ever encounter.

I have never intentionally killed any animal except a few fish more than 20 years ago.
I swerve to miss squirrels and chipmunks on the road and frequently stop to scold them.
And I save turtles, all the time, even at risk to myself.  Saved over 100 of them, estimated, in the past 20 years or so.  If I see one on the road I almost always stop and deal with them. If I am on my way home, they go home with me and I release them by the stream in the woods behind our house.  If I am going somewhere I put them into the woods where they are located.
My wife and I spend more than $100 per month to feed the wild animals on our land and each June 20th I donate $100 worth of dog and cat food to the local animal shelter on behalf of my dog Dusty who died in 1999. 20 June was his birthday.
If you want to harm me, harm an animal in front of me.
I already know how despicable people can be and this film would just disgust me even further if thats even possible.  Likely though it would just deepen my hurt for the harmed animals, again, if even thats possible.  I viewed the trailer on that site and it took all I had to just do that.
Remember what I wrote to you after your dog died? My reason for saying that like I did is because the great hurt I bore when Dusty died came back to hurt me in the long run. (I got Dusty as a pup in 1984 and he grew up with our son and he was always around me.) By wallowing in my pain of losing him I was actually prolonging that hurt unneccesarily.  When he was gone I didn’t want to have another dog because I didn’t want to bear that pain.
But on what would have been his 16th birthday, 20 June 2000, I went to the local shelter, in Florida where I lived at the time, and donated $100 worth of food. Then I set about talking to and touching every dog, cat, rabbit and any other animal they had there. My thinking was that I wanted them to know some human kindness before those bastards put them to sleep – killed them, as they are known to do. At that shelter they kill 40,000 animals a year.
Close to the end of my visit I came upon a little girl that reminded me of Dusty, the same size, color, looks and personality. I petted her and talked to her and her eyes begged, “Save me, and I will be yours forever.” And I did – I was smitten.
She was a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel and I named her Lady and she’s been nothing but a joy in my life for the past 9 years. She is here by my desk right now like she is everyday. Her adopted sister Brandy lies next to her. 10 months after I brought Lady home I had returned home from a trip to Lowes and I heard a whimpering coming from our neighbors backyard.
I walked back there and saw a young female Brittany Spaniel hanging on a chain by her neck and I have no idea how long she had been hanging there. My neighbor, an asshole, put her in a fenced in area and also put her on a chain leash. She jumped over the fence and was hanging by that chain. I cut her loose and put her back over the fence. Then I went to the neighbors door and knocked.
I told him his dog was hanging on the fence and he just said, “Is it dead?”I looked at the floor in disgust and knew what I had to do. I said, “Look, if you don’t want her I’ll take her off your hands, hell I’ll even give you $50 for her right now.”  He said, “You can have it for free.”
So I took her home, intending to find a good home for her. I put flyers in the vets offices, ran an ad in the paper and finally someone called about 10 days later. But it was too late.
I had already decided to keep Brandy, and here she’ll stay.
You see, Lady helped me to get over Dusty, in a way. But more importantly, I gave life to a little girl that hardly even begun her life when someone had decided she was not worth the effort and threw her away. One of my greatest regrets, in hindsight, is not getting over myself sooner and going and saving a dog. I think of all the dogs that died during that 10 months I mourned over Dusty, when I could have saved at least one of them. I will never make that mistake again.
Though I dread thinking about it, one day one of these two wonderful girls laying here at my feet will die. I will mourn, and I will grieve, and as soon as I can I will save another dog, and it will save me.They make me more complete.
We save cats too. From a high of 7 just 4 years ago we are now down to just 3 cats.
In the 3 years we have been here in the woods each of our 3 oldest cats have died 1 year apart at the age of 19.My wife keeps wanting to go to the shelter to get another cat…….

Is this a bleeding heart liberal?  Does labelmaking the author of this true story help anyone feel better about themselves?

How about listening to a compassionate heart that literally bleeds with love for the plight of animals, especially ones that we have neglected?  What could possibly be wrong with that?

According to the Deparment of Homeland Security — this man is a terrorist.

You can throw up now, go ahead, it might actually do some good.

We need to expel the bullshit that is being shoved down our throats like the poisoned pill that it is.  These people thrive on death, oppression, occupation, war, destruction and misery.  We need to spew this crap from our gorged craw and expel it all from our lives.  This is not how the world is — it’s how these bastards made it to be.

And we are all living in their manufactured nightmares day in and day out.

But we have a choice.  We have ALWAYS had a choice.  We can continue down their path of destruction and death and killing every living thing on this planet, or we can REFUSE to be a part of this anymore.

I did get another dog.  It was too soon, or so I thought, but the perfect pup came up by chance and circumstance from another family, and he’s now living here with me and mine.  He’s different then my friend, but he’s his own soul, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oct 052009


Worldwide soil degradation map:

ALL of the most fertile land on Earth has been severely degraded with seriouslong term impacts on food production, water quality and future human habitation. The only regions not affected are the soils in areas where growing sufficient food is already impossible.

Vanishing Arctic ice shows no sign of returning  — “That’s the big question: Who cares about the Arctic? Well, it’s going to change the whole heat engine of the planet,”

Total Information Awareness — I’m baaaaack!!  Of course, this shit never really goes away, they rebrand it or hide it or do it anyway as we’ve long seen.

I remember this “scandal“.  But five years for speaking openely about events that already transpired (and 1,000 lashes!) is ridiculous. Free speech isn’t really free anywhere, every country has self-imposed limits.

From the wholesale use of informants and provocateurs to stifle political dissent, to Wi-Fi hacking and viral computer spyware to follow our every move, the FBI has turned massive data-mining of personal information into a growth industry. In the process they are building the surveillance state long been dreamed of by American securocrats.

Despite the huge disappearance of large predators disappearing from the ocean, these guys thought it’d be cool to kill a 748 lbs shark they stumbled upon.  If you watch the video, you’ll hear that the shark was “hungry”, literally chewing on the boat exhaust..  Obviously, these guys weren’t (watch the video), and neither were their families, they gave the meat away to their friends.

The real tragedy here is how stupid these guys really were, never understanding the plight of the ocean predators or their own bloodlust and need to kill something so massive.

Thousands line up for free money – Another well-intentioned, but misguided effort. “To qualify, a person must have been a resident of Detroit for more than six months, must be homeless or facing eviction and must be able to maintain housing after receiving assistance.”

How can a homeless person or one facing eviction “maintain housing” after receiving a one-time assistance?  This implies a job or income stream, something Detroit doesn’t offer much.

What would you do with say, a one-time $3000 check?  It’s a paltry sum of money in reality and wouldn’t last six months on rent or housing.  Maybe three months?  But would it bail you out of your situation?

Aren’t the homeless and those facing eviction (the qualifers here) in need of jobs? Wouldn’t creating more jobs make much more sense then just giving out money?  There is an old saying, you can give someone a fish, or you can teach them to fish.  It’s pretty obvious which one is better.

Contrast this story with “stop printing money” shouts, and Illinois (and Chicago’s) pile of unpaid bills.

What is it with people? They want free money, free health care and government to take care of them, but then they get all upset when the red ink shows up.

During dickwads reign, I mean Bush, this shows how war is such an integral part of our economy, until the money runs out that is. We financed all that killing on credit and now the bill is due.

This underscores what is really wrong with our society — we want everything and don’t want to pay for anything or be held accountable.  We expect the very planet itself to be a cash machine with an unending supply of resources for our exploitation. We infere that government must also do this for us too (and our corporations), and have come to believe that this is the “job” of government and “business”, while at the same time protecting our illusions of “freedoms”.

But our freedoms are maleable, subject to redefinition and popular opinion. True freedom doesn’t exist anywhere anymore, not only because we destroyed it, but because we don’t even understand what it is.

Every “job” has an impact on the health of our planet.  Economically speaking, everything we do is for our own exclusive benefit, it’s a very ethnocentric view. The real cost of a job is never factored in, just like we don’t consider the real costs of say driving for instance.  Or flying, or McDonalds, or buying products made in China or any number of things.

There are huge and permanent impacts on all of these things, because everything is intricately connected.  And then when the jobs disappear, or the environment collapses, or the oceans decline or the energy runs out — we scream bloody murder as if it was somebody else’s fault.

These guys found 1,300 abandoned gill nuts in just 280 acres of ocean – and we stupidly wonder what’s wrong with the marine life declines we’re experiencing.

How stupid are we?  It’s all our fault. We’re born into this prison of our own making, gladly employing our own prison guards to literally take away our real freedoms.  Life on Earth was not designed for our notions of “civilization” and society or the killing sprees we constantly engage in, which is really just another way of describing human domination and exploitation of every living thing.  There are real and obvious costs to these things, which are showing up all over the world.

But we’re very desperate to keep it all going as long as we can — no matter what the cost.  Just let that cost be somewhere else, not here.  So we export our pollution and manufacturing somewhere else, where subhumans of a different color can roam through the piles of our junk and castoffs eking out a starvation existence.  This doesn’t seem to really bother us, because life as we know it is competition, and hey, we’re at the top of the heap, aren’t we?

But when it happens here, we strenously object.  But what we should really be objecting to is the entire economic model, it’s broken and always will be, no matter how much we tweak it or inject more fictional reserve dollars into it or hand out truckloads of cash.  It’s broken, forever and it can never be fixed because it is based upon a distortion of reality.

This is what collapse looks like – the daily and periodic news that I’m trying so hard to share for over five years now.  It’s why I’m such a strong advocate of back to the land and self-sufficiency. Our entire worldview must change if we are going to survive as a species — and if we are going to allow anything else to survive too.  If we do not change our attitudes, belief systems and way of life, we WILL destroy all life on Earth.

I think there is an extreme likelihood that this will happen too.  The opportunity to NOT do this is fast expiring.  But I honestly hold little hope that we can change our ways before it’s too late.  On many fronts, it’s already too late, we’ve already guaranteed now that complete collapse of coral reefs, at least 6 degrees of global warming, huge swaths of desertification (more to come), species extinction now on the order of 800 per day and much more.

But this type of talk doesn’t really concern people much.  They’re much more concerned about how they are going to live and refuse to think much outside of their prison box.  That’s all that really matters to them and why you see them still engaged so earnestly on destroying everything natural and sustaining around them.  They simply don’t care, and probably never will.

Humans do not have any more right to exist then anything else on this planet.  Rights are entirely human concepts and notions, fabricated out of the darkness of our own imaginations.  If a tree could express rights, it probably would.  Animals express rights by their very act of survival and attempts to evade murder or capture by humans.  The right to exist should go without saying.  But that is not the same thing as the so-called right to exploit every living and non-living thing.

The need for humans to exploit the natural environment also goes without saying.  But the demand to overexploit the natural environment needs to be stopped.  We need sustenence, but we don’t need to destroy it all in obtaining it.  But most humans do not believe that there should really be any limits on this, they’re much more interested in limiting true human freedoms by controlling you through a myriad of laws, regulations, agencies and rules.  Governing YOU has become paramount, making you in an economic unit (“consumer”), rather then a human being.  They do not understand that the gilded cage they’ve constructed for us is not freedom and never can be.

Our existence does not depend upon their exploitation to “take care of us”. It depends upon the sustaining natural environment being left intact. This should be basic knowledge 101, everybody should know this fact.  But they don’t because it has been entirely replaced with “economics” and industrialization and even our misguided notions of civilization.

I well realize I’m beating my head against the wall here. I already know that there is extremely little likelihood that we will change sufficiently and in time to preserve whats still left.  Even so, I’ve got to try.

Coming up — Can We Grow More Food in 50 Years Than in All of History?

No, we can’t.  As the article says, photosynthetic efficiency will be reached, and there is the rather large issue of drought and depleted acquifers to deal with, plus soil degradation, fertilizer shortages, energy shortages to keep all the machinery running AND the huge impacts of climate change to consider.  We’re facing a gigantic unsolvable problem that will have but one answer.