Aug 162009

Why You Should Not Receive Vaccinations.  Oh well, if you work in Capital Region hospital in New York you don’t have a choice – take the shot or get fired.

This will be a HUGE theme in the coming years:  “The move to hoard reserves is the clearest sign to date that the global struggle for diminishing resources is shifting into a new phase. Countries may find it hard to obtain key materials at any price.”

There is a lesson to be learned here. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

A single cell phone caused the collapse of an entire bee colony. I wonder if they’ll dare to try this experiment in the U.S.?

More stupidity by the federal and state “managers” of wildlife — grey wolf hunting resumes in the West. What was the point in reintroducing wolves if you’re just going to hunt them (again)?  Humans trying to “manage” wildlife ALWAYS results in dismal failures, we’d be far better off managing HUMANS.

Rise Of Mercenary Armies Menace World – I definitely saw this one coming on the blog.  Private “security” will be a HUGE industry in the decades ahead as desperate people, governements and business attempt to do the impossible. They may as well look for a small dwarf called Rumpelstiltskin.

There are more Department of Defense contractors in Afghanistan today than there are uniformed U.S. military personnel, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service.  Not only that, the ratio of contractors to troops in Afghanistan is higher than in any prior military engagement in U.S. history.

“As of March 2009, there were 68,197 DOD contractors in Afghanistan, compared to 52,300 uniformed personnel. Contractors made up 57% of DOD’s workforce in Afghanistan. This apparently represented the highest recorded percentage of contractors used by DOD in any conflict in the history of the United States,” the CRS report (pdf) said.  A copy of the report was obtained by Secrecy News.

Emergency control of the Internet just got closer.  This too was quite predictable. We’re going to see a LOT of very desperate measures in the days ahead.

Not so desperate in reality, a “gravity tractor” to use the force of gravity to deflect asteroids from impacting the Earth.  This isn’t a bad idea, but it will last exactly as long as the fast dwindling energy supplies will.

Long overdue, but completely unworkable, a new brainwashing tool is being announced for the general public, a browser software that will “tell you” with facts or claims are “in dispute”.  Will they red flag all religious claims? Politicians remarks? Government statistics?  I can see this going nowhere, fast.

Americans are HIGHLY confused (but opinionated) as Rasmussen Reports show.  55% disagree with closing Gitmo, 49% say Bush era CIA policies should not be investigated, 19% say house prices will go up next year, 27% say they’ll go down, only 34% say the US is “headed in the right direction”.

I say we’re all seriously screwed up, with our priorities dead wrong on nearly everything. Anybody that continues to support more death, torture, imperlialism, consumerism, materialism, consumption, rape fo this planet and the domination of all other species is seriously deluded.

Over 1,000 more banks are expected to fail, and a tsunami of home foreclosures is expected soon.

Should We Seek to Save Industrial Civilization?  Absolutely not, but don’t just take my opinion on this issue.  Read the entire link, it’s a debate on the collapse.

As you read this, recall that I’ve oft said that desperate measures will be taken, including attacking those that have already realized that nothing we can
do is going to actually stop our descent.

Sitting on the desk in front of me are a set of graphs. The horizontal axis of each graph is identical: it represents time, from the years 1750 to 2000. The

graphs show, variously, human population levels, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, exploitation of fisheries, destruction of tropical forests, paper
consumption, number of motor vehicles, water use, the rate of species extinction and the totality of the gross domestic product of the human economy.

What grips me about these graphs (and graphs don’t usually grip me) is that though they all show very different things, they have an almost identical shape.

A line begins on the left of the page, rising gradually as it moves to the right. Then, in the last inch or so – around the year 1950 – it suddenly veers
steeply upwards, like a pilot banking after a cliff has suddenly appeared from what he thought was an empty bank of cloud.

The root cause of all these trends is the same: a rapacious human economy which is bringing the world very swiftly to the brink of chaos. We know this; some of
us even attempt to stop it happening. Yet all of these trends continue to get rapidly worse, and there is no sign of that changing soon. What these graphs
make clear better than anything else is the cold reality: there is a serious crash on the way.

If you’re still plugged into the system, dependent upon everything it produces to simply keep you alive, you really, really need to get serious about your preparations and future survival.  Right now, you’ll last just as long as the system does, but when it breaks down and collapses, so will you.

This is the ecological destiny of a species possessed of outstanding intelligence, opposable thumbs and an ability to interpret and exploit almost every possible resource – in the absence of political restraint.

For an intelligent man, Monbiot is dead wrong here.  10,000 generations of humans lived on this planet just fine without “political restraint”.  Cultural acceptance and practices permitted this long span of existence and even they did not completely wipe out everything like we are.

The issue Monbiot brings up of “how many would survive” is factually irrelevant. The question is how many can the planet support without destroying everything? Modern civilization requires massive amounts of energy and imported products and goods from all over the world — this paradigm is fast falling apart and so will this civilization as we know it.  And there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change that fact.  So asking about the billions that will be lost is irrelevant, they’re going to perish anyway.

I’d suggest we get some perspective on the root cause of this crisis – not human beings but the cultures within which they operate.

Civilisations live and die by their founding myths. Our myths tell us that humanity is separate from something called ‘nature’, which is a ‘resource’ for our use. They tell us there are no limits to human abilities, and that technology, science and our ineffable wisdom can fix everything. Above all, they tell us that we are in control.

Apparently Monbiot feels that we can still preserve most of us, and that we won’t screw the pooch in the process.  I disagree.  Our every effort to “improve the world” for our exclusive benefit has resulted in widespread disaster and death, and ultimately a terrible diminishment of the very environment and ecosystems that support us.

Our total and complete failure to recognize this fact is a very serious ommission.  Ecocide is the result and in time, it catches up to us as we find our own selves unable to continue to live here, simply because we wiped out everything else instead of learning to adapt.

We do not have the “restraint” Monbiot advocates and never have and never, ever will.  Any culture that preys upon the destruction and “reallocation” of natural resources like ours at the expense of all other life can NEVER be restrained, because it’s very existence is entirely dependent upon exploitation of these resources to the fullest extent possible.  This will ALWAYS have one inevitable conclusion (collapse).

Why Monbiot fails to understand this simple truth is beyond me.

The Dark Mountain Project – this is “Paul” who was debating Monbiot.  I’m a bit confused on what they actually hope to accomplish other then public awareness of what lies ahead.  I do too, but strongly advocate a departure from the collapsing system of civilization and self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  Ultimately, this will happen to us all, whether we like it or not, but if you do this now, you’re at least informed and understand why it’s happening.

Finally, this is very important

Future crop yields pose gigantic losses as the climate heats up.  An 82% loss is being predicted for corn (one of our largest crops).  Currently, crops can cope with our 57 days of temperatures above 29 °C during the growing season.  But this expected to change to 413 days per year, resulting in a near-total collapse of essential crops.

Personal Preps

Hatchery Horror — This is a video of hatchery horrors — you REALLY SHOULD WATCH THIS.  It is very graphic and shocking if you have never seen this horrible abuse before.

If you’re not a vegetarian, raise your own chickens in your own yard and give them a life they’ll have never had.  No animal deserves to mistreated like those chickens in that video.

Chickens are actually a lot of fun to raise and watch, they’ll keep your bugs down, clean up your weeds and other then crapping all over, no real trouble at all.  Pen them up or use a prairie schooner (movable chicken cage) to allow them the opportunity to fertilize your yard.

My dog and chicken were actually good friends, often competing for the scraps of food that I tossed out.  My only problem was my neighbors dog, which killed two of my free range chickens.  Dog raised around chickens however, can be easily taught to leave them alone.

Chickens are a standard item on most every homestead.  STOP supporting this cruel industry and raise your own!

For information on backyard lifestock and “how to”, I highly recommend the book “Backyard Livestock”.


A lot of people write and ask me to write about this or that, or even tell them what to do.  To be honest, I don’t work that way.  I’d really much rather you figured this out yourselves, because it is the ONLY way you will become what I’ve long advocated.

There is a common theme to everything I post and publish, it’s been that way for years.  Sustainable living and common sense is something that is foreign to our way of thinking it seems.  Learning to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining and prepared for the coming changes in our civilization, society and culture isn’t as complex as it may seem.

But every personal situation is different.  The common themes and steps you should take have often been written about, if not by me, then by many other authors and found on many websites.  I don’t really want to rehash what has already been told, I see no real point to it.

My focus has been on awareness, understanding and self-realization.  We are in this “predicament” through our own folly and blindness.  Most of us woke up to this fact sometime in our adult lives, others may have even known at a younger age. But it is our dismal inheritance of truth, and now that we know, the question becomes, what are we going to do about it?

My main response to these things has never changed:

a) get out of the system and learn to do for yourself in as many fields as possible;

b) stop contributing to the ongoing efforts to prop everything up a moment longer;

c) stop putting up with the lies, falsehoods, misrepresentation and brainwashing being spewed forth by everyone else, especially the media and government;

d) refuse your allegience to mythical fabrications and flights of fancy;

e) become self-responsible and totally honest with yourself and with others;

f) get completely (and forever) out of debt;

g) learn to stand your ground; you will be opposed, confronted and even attacked for changing your world view and opinions.  One day, you may well have to defend them with your very life, so be prepared for that too.

I’m really not interesting in telling people what to do. The truth is, you should already KNOW what to do, and if you don’t, then take the initiative to educate and inform yourself and then take action.

Telling you how to plant a garden isn’t my job.  Telling you where to live isn’t either.  The skills you need to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining and even how to escape this dreaded system are skills that you have to develop on your own through hard work, perseverance and investigation.  I’m more then willing to point the way so to speak, but I’m not going to engage in minute details and step-by-step programs on how to do this.

Learning to think is perhaps the most critical and overlooked skill of all.  To assess the information your being given or force fed, and being able to discerne truth from fiction.  Learning how to stop being a sheep like everyone else and to start being yourself.

Nobody can really tell you how to do that, you have to pick up the bits and pieces as you go through life.  You can start by killing your television (a twelve gauge should do the trick), which is just a mindwarping mouthpiece for propaganda and garbage for the masses.

Start reconnecting with the planet you live on, the Earth and all of the life that it supports.  Go for a walk in the woods, the park, anywhere where there aren’t a lot of people.  Unplug from society and all of its “support systems” which everyone claims you need.  Start looking with a critical eye at what civilization is actually doing to this place and why, who benefits and at what costs.  Think about your own life and how it affects everything else.

And then take action to secure your own future in a world that is hell-bent on destroying everything.  Start planning and preparing for what YOU want to see preserved (and I’m not just talking about your own life). Take steps NOW to see to this and make it happen if at all possible.  Just don’t sit around as another useless slug voraciously consuming whatever is offered to you, we’ve got plenty of those still around.

A (human) life worth living is a life that contemplates its own existence and action.  You’re all here for a reason, learn what it is and then pursue it.

Aug 162009

Welcome to the first issue of the Survival Acres Newsletter.  This will no doubt be a work in progress as I figure out how I want this thing to look and the kinds and types of information I hope to share.

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Agent Provacateurs

Hal Turner, known for his outspoken (racist) views has been uncovered as a real life agent provocateur” for the FBI.  I’ve long warned that there are informants and agents in every organization in America.  This was also true of all the so-called “terrorists” they recently caught, they were coerced into action by informants working for the FBI.  Entrapment doesn’t seem to be against the rules.

Carbon Crimes

There are already new criminals in the cap-and-trade carbon trading fiasco. This $100 billion dollar “market” is an opportunity just waiting to be plucked and some people have figured this out already.  The ethical here of course, need not apply.

Dirty Bombs

Over 1,000 radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTG) minature-power plants were produced by Russia. Many of these RTG’s have now been abandoned, and represent a serious threat as the future components for a “dirty bomb”.

Financial Collapse

America’s Notice Of Default is bad news for everybody.  72 banks have collapsed in 2009.  Expect 200 more bank failures in the days ahead.  Traders are expecting a collapse in September.

The US government continues to spend money it doesn’t have, with the budget deficit now at an “official” 9 trillion dollars (it’s much higher then that in reality).  It is IMPOSSIBLE to borrow your your way of debt.

America is running out of rope, but ranting on about it doesn’t do any good. We are on our own, always have been, always will be.  What you do now to protect yourself is all you can do.

Homelessness is rising all over the country, but how bad things really are remains a distortion of facts.  It is considerably worse (already) then many realize.  I’m betting that things are going to get significantly worse.

The media continues to blatantly lie about how things really are, distorting facts and figures and oftentimes, just simply making stuff up.  The Baltic Dry Index has plummeted, but the MSM continues to flat-out lie about it.  Unemployment is running considerably higher in real life then is being reported.

Swine Flu

There is a ever-increasing body of evidence that an engineered pandemic is headed our way, as media sources continue to promote this. Tamiflu was never a good choice, but has been widely prescribed, and now guess what? The H1N1 strain has developed a resistance.  Reports of massive casualties to come are growing. The flu vaccine is supposedly “voluntary“, but we’ll see about that.

Bookmark this site for the latest tracking of the flu spread.  Over 56,000 cases in the United States with 482 deaths.

Codex Alimentarius Threatens Human Health

with the backing of food and drug conglomerates. You will be controlled through what you are permitted to eat, at prices you will be forced to pay.

Food Doom

China, Asia, India, Argentina battle food and water doom.  Is the United States next? As fuel, fertilizer and energy costs continue to climb, no nation on Earth is immune.  Related, hotter oceans, more hurricanes then ever and no end to any of this for thousands of years.


A case for more war, more bodies and more bloodshed is being made, especially in Afghanistan.  Even in the midst of Depression, the US remains hell-bent on bombing and spending it’s way to freedom — in another country.  The reason is clear (see Pic of the Day).

Pic of The Day

This picture says a lot.  A US Navy Seal, parachuting into Chicago, with a Shell Corporation endorsement leading the way.




Former blog readers will already know that my views on the ongoing collapse of society and civilization is no accident. The rape and pillage of life itself (including your pocket) is the result of greed, gluttony and excess being widely practiced and embraced throughout all levels of society.

Civilization has “advanced” to the point where criminals and the corrupt occupy all of the halls of power and major corporations around the world.  Ownership of the essentials of life (food, water, land, air, even travel) has permitted these vile creatures to flourish and even become “our leaders” under the guise that they are “serving us”, when in reality, they are preying upon us all.

We are nearly powerless now to do anything about it. Even revolution will not bring about the necessary changes required.  Reform of a hopelessly corrupt and broken system is factually impossible.  Many have tried, all have failed.  This is no accident either. It is not possible to reform what is inherently corrupt and wrong.

Life on this planet could be very different, and considerably better if we would stop abusing each other and to live with full conscience of the planet we live on and the life it provides us all.  It would not be like it is today.  But we are so warped in our mindsets and worldviews that we cannot even envision a different place.

Many of us are actually trying to do this on our own, by building our own place of refuge from the madness and insanity of this present world. I’ve personally invested thousands of hours of hard physical labor to carve out a tiny niche of peace and tranquility of my own. But I would be the first to admit that I’m never going to be entirely succesful in this, because what happens in the world and in our nation, cities and towns affects us all

So what does this mean?  If reform is impossible (and I truly believe it is), then the only other solution is collapse.

Most don’t think of collapse as a “solution” but it in fact is.  Throughout history, mankind has either overextended himself or engaged upon foolish ways, resulting in the collapse of entire civilizations.  The modern world is no different then the ancient.  Our interconnectedness has become both a lifeline and a anchor around our necks.  If “we” collapse, so does everything else.

China knows this, so does Japan and every other developed country in the world. This is why desperate measures are now being deployed to prevent our collapse.  But that does not mean that any of it will work, I don’t think it will. The root causes and problems leading to this desperation all remain unaddressed, and even unacknowledged.  Eventually, our top-heavy abusive world based upon overconsumption, greed, exploitation and even death (war) will topple over.  This is factually unavoidable with many historical precedents.

This is ultimately the solution that is needed since internal reform is impossible. We’re just not willing to really change in the measures that are needed to avoid this.  The truth is, we’re quite willing to court with disaster as long as we possibly can.  One day, it’ll definitely catch up to us and this house of cards we built will implode.  It is “that day” that I have spent most of my entire life preparing for.

I do not think this if foolish behavior or even misguided. The facts and the evidence of our downward spiral are everywhere now and growing louder every day.  Being prepared to deal with your own needs and requirements is simply good advice no matter what is going on in the rest of the world. Being self-sufficient and reasonably prepared for collapse or any contigency is just good advice.

There is still time to “make ready”.  Nobody can stop what is coming, immutable laws of resource limits, environmental destruction and changes won’t recognize human things like wishful thinking or desire.

Humanity has reached finite limits on resources, energy, food, water, arable land, topsoil, metals and critical trace elements essential for life.  We can continue to exploit these things even more (and we will), but we cannot magically make them more available, the exact opposite is actually happening.  They are fast disappearing as we consume them all up.  We are all going to have to adjust to a radically different life in the years ahead as a result.

I suggest you do this now. Make ready now by being prepared for what is immutable, unavoidable and utterly indifferent to our “demands”, wants or needs.  It is humans that have to adapt to these changing conditions, and not anything else.  Arguing or fighting against this adaption only means your going to have a short and miserable life and your lineage will soon be extinguished.

Adapt now by learning to raise your own food, be prepared to be as self-sufficient as you can, and plan for dramatic shifts in weather and climate.  You’re going to need to stockpile certain things too, as you learn to adapt to a world that offers less and less each day.

Thought For The Day

I lost my absolute best friend early yesterday morning, and I am absolutely devastated. I’ve not been able to take any calls or do much else.  He died in my arms, which I am very grateful for, if only for those last few minutes that I could have spent with him.

I’m having a hard time believing he is really gone. He brought so much love and unconditional support to my life, even when I was wrong.

I buried him in my backyard and placed a large stone marker over his grave.  In the evening, our cat came out as I sat there on the stone and mourned with me.  Lonewolf had reminded me not so long ago that the unconditional love that we receive from our pets is absolutely priceless.  If only we humans could treat each other the same as the animals we are privileged to know.

Enjoy the living, while you still have them.  Make every moment of your life and the life you share with others a memory that you can cherish forever.