Jun 232009

Americans…. have chosen the path of “strong” denial. The United States is the leading cause behind many, many wrong-doings throughout the world. Quoting myself, I said: “This blog had focused on a wide variety of these issues, including war, terrorism, torture, pollution, environmental destruction, economic collapse, climate change, peak oil, tyranny, oppression, “big brother”, privacy, capitalism, imperialism, domination, genocide, materialism, consumerism, evaporating freedoms and lost liberties. My goal was to awaken the sleeping sheep of America to their common predicament, and to the root causes of many of these issues.”  Many different bloggers are also still focused on the same issues. And yet despite the billions of words now broadly played across the Internet extolling and exhorting our views, news and opinions of these facts and events, we have singularly failed to actually change what I have come to call the final outcome.

Stephen Lendman has done a masterful job of documenting many of these issues as a gifted writer.  I highly recommend you read his blog daily.  There are many other sites that could also be recommended.  A good review for denialist on global climate change can be found here.

Our downfall as a nation is no accident. We know how this happened and why.  Yet despite this knowledge and awareness, the downward trajectory of this country remains the same.  The growing grassroots movements and widespread discontent and unrest we are now witnessing is not going to stop it. All they want is what everyone seems to still want, which is a return to a “business as usual” model of preeminence, privilege and excess and material consumption.

This cannot happen, if for no other reason then resource limits have now been reached.  What you don’t see yet is a demand to change this country into a truly ethical and sustainable civilization. This is because the people still fail to understand that this is the only possible future worth fighting for, if there is even going to be any future.

Our backs are up against a immutable wall of growing tyranny and oppression. The changes we desperately seek are now outrageously being labeled as “terrorism” by a out-of-control government and unethical politicians and trigger happy thugs.  We’re fighting against bad press, bad media, bad science, bad faith and whole lot of bad people who are seemingly hell-bent on destroying all that is beautiful, true, worthy and just.

The sheep are confused, and tend to side with the strongest force, either out of fear or ignorance, but the result is the same.  A strong theme of rank denial is running absolutely rampant through the rank and file of our largely ignorant populace.

I’ve flat-out had enough of this. I am absolutely sick to death of the embellishment of ignorance.  Americans have learned to triumph the mundane, inane and absolutely ridiculous. The grotesque fawning over pop stars, dead or alive is always a current example. Ignored are the real issues of genocide, oppression, destruction, manipulation and distortion of truth and justice.

The Internet and all that it contains is a fantasy world, where you can be or do anything that you want. You can deceive yourself into believing that you’re “making a difference” by sending a form letter, writing a check or staying “informed” through a myriad of websites full of infotainment and information.  Missing from this equation is the entire real world of life and death, the suffering and struggling that goes on each and every single day to simply retain the most basic right of all, applied to all things on planet Earth — the right to exist. This is a basic right to all things, the right to exist without coercion or exploitation. But it is not a right that is recognized, honored or respected — or even acknowledged.

Americans simply do not care enough to stop any of the genocide going on all around them and throughout the world, which they are in fact largely responsible for through their standard of living and expectations of wealth.  Denial and disbelief is far, far easier living then truth, knowledge, facts, or the real science that shows the folly of our ways.

Americans, by and large are quite content to literally do nothing at all about any of these issues, foolishly afraid for their own privileged and pampered positions, jealously guarded by a global empire of military domination and exploitation. The oppressed and exploited are not even factored in, because they are considered irrelevant and unimportant. We do not even recognize them to be worthy of life unless they model themselves after us.

This American apathy to truth, knowledge and awareness has reached a critical crisis level in this country.  Throughout the world as ecosystems are rapidly destroyed and we have consumed our way completely down the food chain, rampant raging denial remains the true course of business within America politics, industry, religion and the people themselves.

The danger we are now in is very clear. The United States of America is a leading destroyer of the Earth and all of the beings of the Earth all over the world, and it is Americans themselves who remain arrogant and apathetic towards these results.

It is here within this country that must be changed the most if any change anywhere is going to have any true and lasting effect for the planet and its people.  Efforts to embrace real change here however, have failed widely.  This blog had been focused on these issues for several years, and received scant attention.  It is very clear now that blogging cannot possibly change these outcomes.  Advocacy of a much stronger sort is required.  But this will not be found online or in the written word.  Expecting Americans to undergo the dramatic and drastic lifestyle changes that are now required cannot be confined to just mere words and the implied “hope for the best” that this usually entails.

I have written before that suffering must come.  Without this, we will not know the true depths of our own depravity and inaction that has caused the destruction of our planet.  The great tragedy is that we will have brought down all of the other nations and peoples of the Earth with us.  We alone are not totally responsible, but we do bear the lions share of responsibility. Therefore, we should have been the world’s leader in preservation and conservation and the adaption of a truly sustainable lifestyle, but instead we were met with denial, refusal, ignorance, bad science, religiousity and widespread  stupidity.

This seems to be a uniquely American trait.  This may be because we are actually a young nation, or because we are so easily manipulate and led by a lying government and deceitful media.  Whatever the case may be, as a so-called “civilization” goes, we are very poor replacements for the former inhabitants of America who were truly wiser then we; understanding that living in cooperation with the Earth and the environment was a truly ethical manner of living and the only possible sustainable lifestyle there ever was.

We may yet destroy ourselves and all life on Earth, but I am unable to stand in silence behind a keyboard and continue to watch this happen. We cannot replace mere words written on a computer screen as a substitute for true lifestyle changes. This is our own fault and folly, to believe that we can actually make a difference with just words. If that were true, it would have happened already all over the world, as billions upon billions of words were written, shared and consumed. To continue to believe that we need even “more words” and then change will happen (somehow) is absolute folly. I will not stand for this a moment longer.

It is quite odd that we wage this war online, when in the real world it is happening right outside our doors. For us to continue to believe that we can make a difference here, on the Internet, is truly absurd beyond belief. Many will argue that education and information (here) will make the change, but I beg to differ. There are reams and reams, entire mountain chains of facts, figures, evidence, pictures, videos and information regarding these issues from highly credible sources, and it has NOT made the change. And it never, ever will. We need to face the facts.

In less than seven months in office, failures have produced fiascos and disasters while economic conditions continue to decay. Sooner or later there are consequences. Pursuing imperial aggression “in a time of economic depression is self-destructive, self-isolating and doomed to failure.” Using vitally needed resources for conquests and occupations, slaughtering hundreds of thousands doing it, forcing millions into permanent displacement, and ignoring essential homeland needs removes any possible doubt about America’s moral credibility. It also begs the question of how much longer people will tolerate it and what next when they won’t. Global Depression and Regional Wars – Part II

Therefore to continue to blog about these issues is in fact a total waste of our time. The battle is outside of your door, it is most definitely NOT online. Your life and that of your family hangs precariously in the balance and the life of all future generations to come. And unless you get off your ass and do what it takes to put a stop to this growing insanity, it will continue and it will doom all future generations to an unbelievable hell on Earth.  This IS the path we as a nation are on, and it will happen unless YOU stop it.

Jun 212009

I spotted this over on Cryptogon, but the original article is AP: FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments

$500 free laptops? Gift cards? Holy shit, I’m missing the boat here. Nobody has ever offered me anything like that.

But my jaw really dropped when I read that Cryptogon requires $1,000 a month in donations, or will close shop.

I’m not begrudging anybody anything that they might make on their blogs, but something is desperately wrong here.

I’ve refused to commercialize the blog and all links, articles and original works found here are all free. There are no affiliate accounts, no advertisers, no revenue streams, nothing. And for whatever it’s “worth” (almost nothing apparently), there are no contributers, supporters, back room deals, kickbacks, zip, nada.

I’ve not been one to beat anybody up over donations, but this year, blog donations to date are exactly $185.

January 2009
Melissa – $10
Halley – $25
Jeff – $50
Mary – $100

February $0

March $0

April $0

May $0

June $0

2008 was only slightly better:

December 2008
$29 – Ryan
$20 – John

Halley $25

October $0

Kevin $100

Paul $25

Gerald $10
Gregory $25

Dennis $50

Marlies $50

Jeff $100
April $10

Patrick $250
Sean $20
Steven $100
Michelle $100

February $0

January $0

I have no idea what the FTC is worried about. My donations wouldn’t feed a hungry flea for a year (assuming it requires a dog to feed on). I’ve spent thousands of hours here and that works out to about .40 cents an hour. This does not count the other website I also run (which I will not link to) or the three forums I ran with the help of Lonewolf.

I won’t go into my expenses of maintaining the blog or the website, or the advertisers I pay, but my Google account alone was thousands more then what was received in donations. My own donations to others is over five times what my two year blog donations received were.

Good grief. I am too embarrassed to even allow comments on this post, and have removed my own donation link (permanently). I am NOT asking anybody for money, but it’s dead obvious that the “value” of this blog is near worthless.

Here are some stats from this year — Unique Visitors for 2009:

Jan — 46,421
Feb — 32,671
Mar — 46,622
Apr — 32,354
May — 28,849
Jun — 21,203

May 2009 had 118,204 blog page views. April had 129,019 blog page views. Last year, the stats were even higher. So some of you are reading the blog repeatedly and often. The blog is by far, receiving the lions share of site activity, exceeding my other site by nearly 50% on all stats.

I’ll be honest, this definitely makes me want to quit writing, not because of the money, but in spite of it. Let me explain.

I am not a capitalist, and don’t like this model of living at all. But I’m surrounded by capitalists, everywhere. Money is the metric everyone else uses to measure “value”. This is the metric you use. Do you get it? When you fail to support what you use a lot, the metric that you use reveals this fact. So I use the same metric as a measuring stick. And what it shows is that this blog is nearly worthless in your eyes.

I expect this is going to cause an uproar, but I’ve always been here to tell the truth. Do not send me your money. The blog stats alone tell me how large or how small my readership is. That is the other metric — I can view the blog stats and see who’s reading what, and how many countries are affected and how many total readers I have.

So you want a free ride. Well, it’s pretty much what you’ve been given. If your name is not on the list above, well, there you go.

Now to my point (after I made plenty of you angry, but sometimes, that’s what you’ve got to do).

This is why we cannot save ourselves. Because we fail to value the things right in front of us.

Those of you that still think we are going to save civilization are mistaken. Those of you that think we are going to save the environment are mistaken. Those of you that think we are going to save anything are mistaken.

Because we fail to value what we already have. We don’t appreciate it, we don’t value it, and we don’t want to be troubled or reminded that we need to support it.

We’d much rather just take it. Which is exactly what we are doing. All over the world.

And that is why we cannot save ourselves.

Jun 192009

Sent in by Lonewolf — Global Research has a detailed article on the 2009 drought and crop harvests, which is already causing a precipitous decline in food production, as much as 20% – 40%.

This is catastrophic, and will result in millions of deaths around the world. Drought has now become so severe in so many places around the world that water supplies are now critical.

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Market Skeptics has a entire page full of videos showing the severity of the drought conditions is parts of the world.

Jun 192009

Here is the Depression in pictures (graphs), proof positive that this isn’t a recession and that “green shoots” are more bullshit being spoonfed to gullible minds.

It’s a Depression alright

To sum up, globally we are tracking or doing even worse than the Great Depression, whether the metric is industrial production, exports or equity valuations. Focusing on the US causes one to minimise this alarming fact. The “Great Recession” label may turn out to be too optimistic. This is a Depression-sized event.

Review (all) of the graphs on the link above. Then please reread “After Christmas Horrors” from 2008 for a reminder of what needs to be done on a personal level.

I predicted this depression years ago, from a blog entry in 2007 on “Collapse Science“:

The American economy is in shambles, despite the false forecasting and numbers being portrayed by the U.S. government. The growing deficit and excessive spending of fiat money has left millions of Americans very poor. More money is now spent on “defense” then all other countries in the world, while several million Americans are homeless each night and over two million are locked up. An accounting for this malfeasance is grossly overdue and will result in a severe depression as the money supply dries up and/or revolution when Americans finally declare “enough is enough” of reckless spending and irresponsible government. The American political landscape is a disgusting mess and is taking no action to address these problems, and proposes to worsen in the next (s)election.

More from 2007:

Our priorities must change, experts are predicting a major economic depression that will rival the 1930’s. Personally, I think it will be worse then this because there are many issues of convergence that are coming to a head all at the same time.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and the graphs charting the global collapse are factual evidence that we are still a long ways away from rock bottom, but importantly, that is exactly where we are headed.

The writing was on the wall (on this blog) in 2006 in fact, and now here we are, headed down the steep side of the cliff.

A caller the other day asked me where she should “put her money”. I am NOT a financial advisor and do not accept any responsibility for where or how you spend your money. But if you do have money to ‘invest’ or need to spend, then it is very important that you don’t hesitate on getting this done. I can just imagine how worthless “dollars” are going to be in the future.

Jun 192009

Sent in by Vaughn, this is an unbelievably ridiculous idea — Our idiotic government wants to “stimulate” the car companies by rewarding the stupid among us with vouchers towards a new car.

Congress passed the “cash for clunkers” measure late Thursday night as part of the $106 billion war spending bill. It’s not clear exactly when the program will be available to consumers, but President Barack Obama plans to sign the bill into law.

Here’s how the plan works: Car owners could get a voucher worth $3,500 if they traded in a vehicle getting 18 miles per gallon or less for one getting at least 22 mpg (What a joke. A whopping FOUR MPG better saves you $3500 on a new car?!). The voucher would grow to $4,500 if the new car’s mileage was 10 mpg higher than the old vehicle.

Connedsumers to get $4500 towards a new car (and more debt)

The reasons why this idea is so blatantly ridiculous is many: The energy requirements to build new cars requires more consumption of oil, not less. The actual “savings” in terms of oil consumption are non-existent.

Asking and expecting U.S. “connedsumers” to go into debt so that they can achieve as little as 4 mpg but owe thousands of dollars is stupid beyond belief. Who’s really being “served” here? If you said the auto companies that just ripped of the US citizen for billions upon billions of dollars, you’d be right.

Who exactly is going to pay for this giveaway? Not your government — it will all come from you. I realize our asinine government just keeps writing checks willy nilly to anything that moves, but it’s really your bank account being debited.

How about we just start offering money to people like me who refuse all debt? Or choose to stay home instead of consuming more energy resources and polluting the atmosphere? Or raise their own food?

Perhaps there should be an alternate program to offer money to get those who haven’t yet maxed out their credit cards and used their home as an ATM to do just that in order to buy a new vehicle. That program would be as absurd as this one.

Alas, Americans will now be paying for their neighbours’ new car. This isn’t socialism. Then what the hell is it? There seems to be no end to the way the US government will spend taxpayer’s money. This is a bailout in disguise.

Canada’s cash-for-clunkers plan: Do nothing at all (June 19, 2009). I like this one better, Rewarding the Stupid.

Nobody should be “bailing out” what is destined to soon fail anyway. If the world cannot afford more cars, start looking at the reasons why you idiots. And stop throwing (my) money at problems that can NEVER be fixed by money.

Hey, here’s an idea!! Go out and buy a SUV gas hog for a thousand bucks or less and trade this sucker in for a shiny NEW  gas hog and “save” $3500!! Then, wait long enough for another connedsumer bailout from Uncle Sam that’ll be sure to show up on the horizon before the repo man shows up first!!

All you Obamaphiles wake the hell up, this idiot is going to sign this into law. If you’re still unwilling admit where his bread is buttered, then this should do the trick.

Jun 192009

The other day, I saw a car speeding down the road ahead of me. It was going faster and faster and it was all I could do to catch up to the car to give warning of the road ahead. I’d seen the signs and paid heed to what they said, but the other driver seemed entirely oblivious.

My attempts to warn the driver were being ignored. In desperation, I tried honking the horn, waving my arms and shouting into the wind, but the driver just kept on accelerating.

I reached my car’s ability to give chase and fell back for my own safety as the car sped off into the distance. He too couldn’t go any faster it seemed, but his momentum was so great, that it was easy to see that he’d never make the road ahead, even if he’d fully slammed on the brakes and went into an emergency skid.

To my shock and horror, this is exactly what happened. I came across a pile of twisted metal, bone and broken glass. It looked like he’d hit the brakes far, far too late, but it didn’t do any good at all. There wasn’t even a recognizable car, let alone a driver in the tangled mess. It was horrible fate, but what else could I have done?

I sat there and pondered the meaning of it all. I didn’t even call anyone. Who was there left to call?

This is exactly what is now happening with the climate change denialist movement. They’re speeding ahead, oblivious and uninterested in knowing the real facts, which they simply don’t much care about. The road ahead that they have come to rely on as being ‘there’ simply isn’t. It’s changed now and at the pace that they are going, they’ll never make hit the brakes in time. The inertia is too great now. Asking them to stop or slow down or just get out of the car isn’t going to make any difference now.

We’re already at the point where teaching others about climate change, if done with the idea and impression that it’s going to change the outcome, is a waste of our time. While human lifestyle changes are critically important and necessary, this still won’t change the overall outcome in regards to climate. Any changes we might make will have only a negligible impact, as the rest of the world, including industry and government, remains too busy to bother.

And this is why the Green Movement is so misled. An underlying tenet of their doctrine assumes that we can actually effect global change at an individual level, when in reality, we cannot. This misconception is also being embraced by other sectors of society, which are just as guilty of this type of deception.

As much as I despise the business as usual approach, the fact remains that business as usual will only hasten the inevitable now, while stopping the business as usual model will not actually accomplish very much at all (in regards to climate).

I read only yesterday where Americans only have 37 tons of “personal carbon” left available to them to “avoid dangerous climate change”. Calculated out, that’s only 7 years from today. Does anybody REALLY believe that we’re going to radically change our ways in just 7 years and stop emitting carbon? This would require what I’ve advocated, the complete shutdown of all industry and activity world wide, which is not going to happen.

Stopping the BAU model can only help in other areas, such as our dependency on things like monoculture, overproduction, resource consumption, species extinction and habitat loss caused by humans. Stopping could prevent the accelerating loss of life and resources, but it won’t have much impact at all on our climate future. Existing climate inertia and feedback loops already have too much momentum for us to believe we can “stop climate change”. This is baloney, and has been taken up by everyone in the movement. I’m going to call a spade a spade here — it can’t be done and it is misleading us from something we do need to be doing.

Lonewolf has sent me a bunch of links and videos on the climate change denialist movement. I’m not going to bother posting them here, as this stupidity doesn’t even deserve the space, you can find them yourself if you want. They all start out the same way, supposed “scientists” often of dubious backgrounds and credentials, deny facts and eye-witness and recorded accounts. Basically they lie, and lie often and even go so far as to claim that we’re improving our climate with our industrial and human activity.

Needless to say, these IDIOTS are driving full speed ahead, absolutely and utterly oblivious to the clearly posted road signs. They simply do not care that they are helping to drive the planet into extinction. I have no sympathy for willful fools, they are actually engaged in very dangerous denials and they should not be tolerated, period.

Therefore, instead of dealing with the idiotic denialists and the false promises of the Green movement, it would seem to me that our time would be better spent on the following areas:

a) Preservation of the existing and still remaining life and biodiversity;

b) Survival strategies for human adaption to climate change.

We cannot adapt species to climate change effects, this is something that they have to do themselves. The only thing we can do here is protect them from further depredations and habitat impacts by humans. This is an area that isn’t being dealt with adequately (still), as it requires a much more forceful tactical response by humans against other humans who are still hell-bent in strip mining the planet into oblivion. They’ll succeed too, unless they are stopped.

Our survival strategies would be on where future humans (and those alive today) can actually live, and how they should live. A lot of what civilization has done is to either create cities and human areas of habitation in non-inhabitable spots, or worse, decimate the local and regional resources so much that humans can no longer survive there without the massive importation of resources (including water and food). Dubai is a perfect example of this, but so is Phoenix, and most of the cities around the world.

These areas can only naturally support and sustain far smaller human habitations then they are currently being required to. As climate change makes this increasingly difficult, massive migrations will take place (which is already happening) on a larger scale.

Survival strategies would also deal with many other issues, such as overpopulation, resource consumption and demands, biodiversity instead of monoculture wastelands and the related food insecurity issues, and the very notion of “cities” and large paved over areas where quite literally nothing else is allowed to live (except humans in boxes). A complete revamping of the so-called human “requirements” versus human needs would be necessary, and once redefined, culturally embraced through education and business.

The very definition and activity of business would also need to be redefined and reshaped for this type of adaption of society, as our current attitudes and beliefs towards business supports resource destruction instead of resource preservation or enhancement.

There are many different groups around the world that have been engaged in various components of these strategies, but unfortunately the amount of progress and momentum that they have achieved is very limited. There is a strong resistance to change within the global community, and their efforts, even when combined altogether, have not proven to be sufficient.

Our constant failure has been grossly underestimate the magnitude and the scope of the task we’re facing. We fail to realize that ten thousand supporters, or even several million, cannot really change anything. At best, only tiny “course corrections” are made. The movement to get fast food companies to stop packaging their food products in Styrofoam boxes, and return to waxed paper finally succeeded after many years of effort. But it didn’t stop pollution, or the overfilling of our nations landfills or reduce the consumption of resources. It actually had a fairly negligible impact on human pollution and resource use. That’s not to say it should not have been done, but it is an example of a “shallow success”.

We see this type of failure everywhere, because we are constantly failing to address the underlying issues themselves. This is why teaching others about climate change is really a waste of time, our BAU model isn’t capable of being changed sufficiently enough to change the outcome of the past “climate contributions” made by humans. We’re being distracted into believing that it could be changed if we just try a little harder. This is not true.

So when I pose the points above of preserving biodiversity and remaining life on Earth, and strategies for human adaption, I’m actually stating that —

1) We have to be certain we are dealing with reality, which in this case mean dangerous climate change is going to happen no matter what we do;

2) We need to start acting (behaving) like we understand this instead of embracing the delusion that we’re “going to change in time”.

We will change, but not in time. Many studies have been done that demonstrate that humans can and will change, but only when they are forced to do so. The assumption that voluntary change and the big one — business change, will happen before disaster occurs is not supported by actual evidence.. Just look around for this evidence, we’re rebuilding New Orleans (below sea level), we’re still building and testing dangerous weapons and pathogens, we’re still practicing gene-splicing, we’re still creating frankenfoods, we’re still practicing monoculture on a global scale, we’re still depleting the world’s oceans. The business of the world hasn’t changed because it refuses to do so. The list of “refusal” is literally endless.

It is very difficult to change or abandon them because civilization has been designed for them. One of the reasons why I advocate collapse is that it is the change agent (force) that makes the dramatic changes finally become possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s likely, as we are just as likely to go back to the BAU model and our past practices (in everything) if it’s allowed. And that depends on many factors, such as how deep global collapse becomes, the resource availability, current political leadership, and what actually happens within industry, finance and much more.

Collapse does not mean we will change, it just means that some things may stop or slow down, collapse presents an opportunity for change that we don’t actually have available to us today. Whether we take that opportunity is yet unknown. The odds are we won’t and will attempt to restore the BAU if possible.

Eventually however, change will be forced upon us. This is as unacceptable as it is ultimately inevitable, because it will mean we will have literally consumed everything available upon the surface of the Earth in a desperate attempt to avoid our own extinction.

Jun 182009

Steve Lendman has a couple of articles worth reading (his last two entries, I don’t have a direct link). The real world where assassins and murderers operate, and the American human rights abuse.

There is no doubt that most of us live on entirely different realities. What we perceive, see, hear and even feel is very much different then what others see, hear and feel. There is a shadowy world inhabited by hordes of goons and their victims that lies beneath ‘our’ daily reality.

This layering of worlds, one laid on top of the other, is actually very deep, with multiple levels. What we “normal” people perceive and react to, is very much different to what other people at other levels are perceiving and reacting to.

I don’t suppose this is really news if you’ve read much. But we often don’t think about it, because we’re stuck in our own bubbles of reality. This isn’t really news either, but now that I’ve reminded you of these two points, here’s what I’m driving at: What do you suppose is going to happen as our collapse deepens with these other layers? Where do those people go? What do they do? Essentially, what becomes of them and how does it relate to the rest of us?

Does their reality go away? Does their very different worldview and lifestyle actually disappear? Or does it continue? Who are their next victims, their next targets?

If this doesn’t terrify you, it should, because these are the kinds of people (who don’t really qualify for that distinction) you are up against. And if you didn’t catch it, these are the kinds of people who are operating in government right now, including Obama himself.

A lot of us would really, really like to see an entirely different world come forth as a result of the collapse, but let’s be honest here, would it? How? They’re not concerned about resource shortages, or climate change, or environmental collapse. Their world view doesn’t even include these concepts.

What do you actually do with pathological killers who are promoted to high positions of office and power? What “makes them go away” like they should?

Another point I’m trying to make is there really are a lot of absolutely crazy people in the world. Pathological killers, sociopaths, homicidal maniacs. What do you suppose happens when they’re no longer restrained by a society that collapses?

It’s quite possible that, like now, these individuals and groups will actually be employed as much as they are destroyed, with the former being more true then the latter. I’m betting that more mercenaries and killers will exist in the future then less, and that this will be very widespread, even if disorganized.

We’re not looking ahead to a future that is going to be free of violence, where the Earth is respected and nourished as it nourishes us, but to a future that promises only more of the same as today, only far, far worse. We’re actually a long, long ways away from what many of us dream of, we’re actually generations away.

Now here is something not entirely unrelated, Herr Bush criticizes Obama policies and actions.  You’re supposed to absolutely forget that these policies and actions were initiated under Bush in the first place, but now that I’ve reminded you of this fact, remember what Lendman said regarding torture in his articles linked above.

What’s going on here is the same BAU model, smokescreens and bullshit and obfuscation of the facts and evidence, anything and everything to keep the people uninformed, or ill-informed, off-balance and divided.  I well realize nothing is going to change this for a very long time.  This is “their” reality too — very much different then mine.

Jun 172009

Boy, it’s late here, but the only time I’ve had to do this. But you really should read this article too within the next few days: The American Empire Is Bankrupt (sent in by Phil).

I suspect this is going to happen very very soon now. Once the dollar is debased like this, it’s all over. And there has been plenty of talk that this is going to happen. Fits right in with my own expectation of the future to a “T”.

This is why it had Bush and Obama give it $10 trillion in a huge rip-off so it can have enough money to survive.”

Makes me really “wonder” at what it’s going to take to get the enamored crowd of Obamaphiles to realize what’s going on. Probably something just like this.

The cost of daily living, from buying food to getting medical care, will become difficult for all but a few as the dollar plunges. States and cities will see their pension funds drained and finally shut down. The government will be forced to sell off infrastructure, including roads and transport, to private corporations. We will be increasingly charged by privatized utilities””think Enron””for what was once regulated and subsidized. Commercial and private real estate will be worth less than half its current value. The negative equity that already plagues 25 percent of American homes will expand to include nearly all property owners. It will be difficult to borrow and impossible to sell real estate unless we accept massive losses. There will be block after block of empty stores and boarded-up houses. Foreclosures will be epidemic. There will be long lines at soup kitchens and many, many homeless. Our corporate-controlled media, already banal and trivial, will work overtime to anesthetize us with useless gossip, spectacles, sex, gratuitous violence, fear and tawdry junk politics. America will be composed of a large dispossessed underclass and a tiny empowered oligarchy that will run a ruthless and brutal system of neo-feudalism from secure compounds. Those who resist will be silenced, many by force. We will pay a terrible price, and we will pay this price soon, for the gross malfeasance of our power elite.

Jun 162009

A very nice writeup on what peak energy (not just oil) really is, what it means for every living thing on Earth and how soon the disasters are going to start taking place — An Inconvenient Talk

It’s a long, but worthy read. Here are a few data points to consider that I’ve summarized for you:

Nobody has actually done a wellhead by wellhead oil assessment until 2008! But now that this has been done, they’ve set a date: 2020 is when we hit global peak production limits. Not to be confused with peak oil mind you, production deals with our ability to ramp up our exploration and extraction of all the world’s remaining oil. According to the article, we will forever be downhill on production capability after 2020.

Ninety percent of all the oil humanity has ever burned has turned to ash and greenhouse gases since 1959 “” half since 1986. Ninety percent of all the natural gas ever burned set aflame since 1964. Half of humanity’s cumulative coal tally up in smoke since 1972. Only 40 percent of ultimate recoverable hydrocarbons now remain. 80 percent will be gone by 2050.

(So if we don’t reach the stars by then, we never will).

All that talk of giant ‘energy reserves’ we’ve heard? Here’s some figures:

EROEI on the world’s best oil find (Ghawar) was 100:1 (1 barrel of oil expended energy wise, returned 100 barrels of oil).

Deepwater oil, horizontal wells and 3-D seismic is 25:1. Alberta tar sands is 6:1. Most of Canada’s bitumen is even lower, 3:1. Corn ethanol, is somewhere between 1.3:1 and 0.75:1. So much for burning food for fuel, but the fact that we still are shows how desperate we’ve become.

400 oil wells per day are becoming “extinct”. This means this many more oil wells, per day must be brought fully online (located, explored, developed, piped) to meet this loss. Which of course, isn’t happening. “We can barely keep ourselves flat,” he says, “let alone grow it.”

$150 barrel of oil price (last year) is “just a prelude” of what is to come.

So again: an exploration manager for a major oil and gas company is telling you, anonymously, as one concerned citizen to another, that he doesn’t think there’s enough of any of it left.

“We have a gigantic, heavy-oil tar sands deposit that will never be developed to the extent [the Alberta government is] talking about “” never.”

It takes 8.6 years of human labor to equal the energy found in a single barrel of oil, at a cost of $138,363 at the current Canadian minimum wage rate. That’s what a single barrel of oil (today) is actually worth. The future? Nobody knows. Priceless.

So “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet” (obviously). Things on the energy front are going to get much, much worse then you can even imagine.

Jun 162009

The Obama Administration has released an outdated report today (trust me on this) regarding global climate change impacts in 75 years. The short version (easily loaded) is here. The government version, like all things produced and run by government, never did load for me, but you can find it here.

By the way, they’re dead wrong about the time line. If they’re really projecting this in 75 years, then they’re off by at least 40 years. These things will happen before 2050, easy.

Oops, sometimes I should just wait a few more minutes before submitting a new post.  Here’s “point made” on the above: U.S. Feeling Climate Impacts Now.  This is actually a report on the same government report.

They’re definitely downplaying the real temperature increases expected.