Apr 302009

Another gem from Lonewolf, and worthy of deep contemplation:

By the most conservative measure – based on the last century’s recorded extinctions – the current rate of extinction is 100 times the background rate. But the eminent Harvard biologist Edward O Wilson, and other scientists, estimate that the true rate is more like 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate. The actual annual sum is only an educated guess, because no scientist believes that the tally of life ends at the 1.5 million species already discovered; estimates range as high as 100 million species on earth, with 10 million as the median guess. Bracketed between best- and worst-case scenarios, then, somewhere between 2.7 and 270 species are erased from existence every day. Including today.

We now understand that the majority of life on Earth has never been – and will never be – known to us. In a staggering forecast, Wilson predicts that our present course will lead to the extinction of half of all plant and animal species by 2100.

You probably had no idea. Few do.  Animal Extinction – the greatest threat to mankind

Apr 302009

Sent in by Chris:

For most of us, the idea that civilization itself could disintegrate probably seems preposterous. Who would not find it hard to think seriously about such a complete departure from what we expect of ordinary life? What evidence could make us heed a warning so dire””and how would we go about responding to it? We are so inured to a long list of highly unlikely catastrophes that we are virtually programmed to dismiss them all with a wave of the hand: Sure, our civilization might devolve into chaos””and Earth might collide with an asteroid, too!

For many years I have studied global agricultural, population, environmental and economic trends and their interactions. The combined effects of those trends and the political tensions they generate point to the breakdown of governments and societies. Yet I, too, have resisted the idea that food shortages could bring down not only individual governments but also our global civilization.

I can no longer ignore that risk. Our continuing failure to deal with the environmental declines that are undermining the world food economy””most important, falling water tables, eroding soils and rising temperatures””forces me to conclude that such a collapse is possible. Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?

Throughout the 20th century the causes of extinction – habitat degradation, overexploitation, agricultural monocultures, human-borne invasive species, human-induced climate-change – increased exponentially, until now in the 21st century the rate is nothing short of explosive. The World Conservation Union’s Red List – a database measuring the global status of Earth’s 1.5 million scientifically named species – tells a haunting tale of unchecked, unaddressed, and accelerating biocide.

It’s not only possible, it’s already happening. I only post a fraction of the food doom news I read on this blog.

My reasons for this are many — there is no sense in creating (more) panic; most people will ignore it anyway to their own peril; I’m not seeking to grandstand or make more customers from my own food business (I’m very busy anyway); there is in fact, a limited food supply available no matter what we do; the global food shortage will never go away; we don’t have a million years to replace critical losses of topsoil; we cannot recharge the aquifers we’ve destroyed; the growing global energy crisis is not solvable and our modern food production is highly dependent upon it; climate change will place absolute havoc on our ability to grow food; many countries are already experiencing acute shortages which will only worsen; rising sea levels will destroy many fresh water supplies and thus our ability to grow food; desertification and salinization of regions and soils will be irreversible and I could go on and on.

But I won’t. Either you understand the peril, or you don’t. I liken the deniers to the ‘flat-earth’ society, or ‘flatliners’ (brain dead), despite all the scientific evidence, expert evaluation and visible fact, the earth (like their brains), remains flat.

Obviously, I’m losing patience with the people who are insistent on views that nothing is going to seriously affect their (and my) future. I strongly disagree, as the evidence continues to accumulate. I could build a Himalayan mountain chain of connected ‘dots’ and evidence of how much peril we are now all in.

We already all live in a much different world then just ten years ago, certainly a radical transformation from when I was a teenager. And in point of fact, none of it is ‘better’ and none of it offers a brighter and more hopeful future. It’s been a generation of declines and dimishments, from a personal standpoint to a global one. And it’s all accelerating at a break-neck speed.

Global food shortages is just one of many, many data points that taken collectively, don’t just imply doom, they mean certain doom for humanity. I am no longer even sure why I keep this up. It’s nearly pointless, it’s almost entirely thankless, and it’s not changing the probable path (outcomes) for the future. I therefore have long ‘predicted’ (based on accumulated evidence and facts) that certain collapse and “human devastation” will occur — but probably by some engineered event first (human caused).

Not because ‘survival of the species’ will be deemed more important then survival of a given generation of humans, but just the opposite. Survival of certain humans will be deemed more important then anything else. This is exactly how we are operating as a civilization right now, and it’s not likely to change — but become more acute.

We’re simply not interested in the survival of certain humans, let alone the biosphere or species given to near-extinction. As I’ve shared many times, we’re quite willing to eat our way down the food chain until their is nothing left, rather then modify our behavior and expectations.

I fully expect a real big “crash” to take place as these engineered events start to take their toll on humanity. They will work in conjunction with ‘natural’ events (most which will be based upon former human folly) and these combined, will have devastating impacts upon our population levels (die-off).

A fair argument can be presented that these events are all preventable (food shortages, water shortages, even climate change) if we but change our behavior. We make these same kind of arguments when we talk of war or famine, or the energy crisis or any number of issues. But notice that we have never solved a single one of these issues, not ever. All we do at best is postpone the inevitable, which is really because we ourselves refuse to change. We’re very quick to go back to our former ways of being greedy, disagreeable or living in excess or demanding (by destroying) too much of the Earth and the living biosphere for our existence, all of which cause these same ‘ills’ of mankind to return to us, again and again.

So it is my view, based upon the study of many, many data points affecting our civilization and our very survival, that we will continue to repeat the mistakes of the past to the point where we have actually engineered our own collapse. At the same time, I’m fully expecting this to be implemented (collapse) by others, who will seek their own survival. Their view is that we are sacrificial and can and should be discarded as quickly as possible.

Apr 302009

Everyone should know by now that the Baltic Index of container shipments has been down around 97%, a sign of the collapsing global economy.

There is a good side to this, something that has been underreported.  Sent in to me by Lonewolf:

Confidential data from maritime industry insiders based on engine size and the quality of fuel typically used by ships and cars shows that just 15 of the world’s biggest ships may now emit as much pollution as all the world’s 760m cars. Low-grade ship bunker fuel (or fuel oil) has up to 2,000 times the sulphur content of diesel fuel used in US and European automobiles.  Health Risks of Shipping

There are 90,000 of these ships in the world.

The calculations of ship and car pollution are based on the world’s largest 85,790KW ships’ diesel engines which operate about 280 days a year generating roughly 5,200 tonnes of SOx a year [each], compared with diesel and petrol cars which drive 15,000km a year and emit approximately 101gm of SO2/SoX a year.

More evidence that we won’t choose sensible living until it’s forced upon us (by which time, it’s too late to actually fix the damage we’ve caused).

Apr 292009

I’m far too busy to even try to keep up with the onslaught of news, views, hype and hysteria.  Food sales have skyrocketed again and I’m barely keeping my head above water here.

So post your news, views, hype or hysteria here.  I’m sitting here watching and reading what I can, but withholding any further commentary on the present state of panic.

Apr 272009

Lonewolf sent me this blog link, which fits right in to my own theories on population reduction plans by “them”:

Flu Bug

If you sell crack, join a gang, or rob the mob you can expect to die a violent death, but if you listen to your mother, eat all the right foods, and study hard in college to become a microbiologist, you should expect to live to a ripe old age and die peacefully.

That being the case, a few eyebrows were raised when five microbiologists either disappeared or died mysteriously violent deaths in 2001. A short time later the number rose to 19, and then 29.

They were found stabbed to death in the trunks of cars, thrown off bridges, or they wrapped their cars around trees after their brake fluid disappeared. Once again, this is the stuff of Hollywood spy stories, and not the way you would expect a microbiologist to give up the ghost.

By 2005, we lost 40 micro-biologists in less than 4 years, all under suspicious circumstances, and during this time someone discovered that they were all working for the government, or government contractors, on projects related to bio-terrorism, flu pandemics, or anthrax. Obviously they weren’t trying to find a cure for anything, or there would be no need to silence them.

Then it was discovered that our government was involved in strange experiments that involve exhuming bodies of people that were killed by the 1918 Spanish flu, and genetically engineered flu viruses, all the while the media is preparing the public with stories of bird flu wiping out thousands of chickens (acid test?) and even a few people here and there.

People who are becoming accustomed to the practices and motives of our criminal government tried to warn you of an impending flu pandemic, but your TV training taught you to dismiss them all as “crazy conspiracy theorists,” and you naturally associated all their warnings with stories of Bigfoot and UFO abductions, just as you were trained to do.

The good folks of FEMA predicted a need for a few million plastic coffins, which are now spread out across the country, but despite this revelation, most of America still thinks their biggest concern is a toss up between the Super Bowl and American Idol.

Well it seems as if the crazy conspiracy theorists were right again, because the world-wide flu pandemic they were warning you about has been unleashed, and it will dominate the headlines until millions, if not billions of people are dead. It won’t be stopped because no one with the means to stop it wants to stop it.

Wash your hands often, pull your kids out of school, avoid crowds, if not people altogether, avoid alcohol or drugs that will weaken your resistance, and stay well-nourished.

Two of the goals here are to cull the population, and to encourage general mayhem and misery that only a World Government can save you from. You’ll be so worn out and tired of death and depression that you’ll offer little resistance to the new order. The economic collapse and World War three are part of the same plan, and it’s all been tried before. It’s the same crew behind this latest attempt, and it’s not difficult to see who’s behind it all, once again.

This flu pandemic that will soon cause people to drop like flies is no mutated bird flu. It’s a genetically engineered virus designed to kill as many people as possible. And after people do start dropping like flies, political dissidents will be accused of being flu carriers and no one will object to them being hauled away. Good luck. — Jolly Roger

Here’s an interesting link:
if you start at the bottom of the page and work your way up you’ll see a nice collection of news articles that document the entire process of creating and testing a flu bug that will wipe out millions of people.
(or at least that part of the process that’s revealed to the public)

Ok then. I’m not saying this will happen, but it might. And it’s the perfect weapon if and when it really gets going (as in die-off numbers in the millions). The high strangeness of the strain, plus the long history of dead microbiologists (covered here before) is very weird.

And there is the overreaction (by all appearances) of various nations with medical examinations, thermal scans, quarantines and on and on. The death rate simply isn’t there, but the alarm certainly is.

And then there is the now old-news of missing viruses, the manufactured strains of highly lethal types of flu into bioweapons and other such news and you scratch your head and you wonder – is this it?

Finally, eliminating a few billion people has LONG been the agenda in case you didn’t know. It’s in all the NWO documents, the Georgia Guidestones (or whatever they’re called) and part of the globalist plans for decades.

So what we’ve got here is a perfect storm. I’m calling this a trial run myself, but as this thing spreads, we’ll see if the death rate goes up. Last count was over 100 dead, 1600+ infected. Not very efficacious, but hey, things can change as we’ve already seen before.

More from Lonewolf:

France – 5+ regions
Australia – 2 or more areas
Spain 8+ areas
New Zealand- 6 areas (both islands)
Canada – Nova Scotia and BC
NYC – Manhattan and Queens

4/27/09 reported cases
US – CA, KS, NY, OH, TX,
New Zealand (ha ha – all their BS “biosecurity” laws (paranoia) sure  helped them. not)

Countries not yet infected but from reports ‘freaking-out’ the most

I also find this odd that this comes on the midst of the perfect financial storm too.  I suspect we’ll all be hit with double and triple whammy events.  I’ve no doubt at all that they WANT to panic the sheep and are trying very hard to do just that (so they’ll come running to their ‘protectors’ and give up anything and everything).

Welcome to the new wave of the Third World design.  You’re going to lose everything very soon.

Apr 252009

Remember the dude that got harassed by the Border Patrol thugs for (legally) refusing to obey their orders, posted just a few days ago?

If you watch the whole video in the above link, it shows some pretty revealing tactics (and lies) being practiced by these thugs who are illegally harassing Americans at checkpoints. It goes without saying (and nowadays, hardly bears mentioning anymore) that the unconstitutionality of these checks is a moot point — effectively, the law says whatever the hell they want it to say.

Well, for whatever it’s worth, the saga continues. The same dude (Steve) got stopped at yet another illegal checkpoint and this time, it didn’t go so well. He’s produced another video:

It’s pretty clear (if you didn’t know this already) that taking a stand where it actually counts (by simply saying “No”) is going to cost you.

But it is also pretty clear, that if you’re not willing to stand up and pay a price, then you’re probably not making any progress (fighting the Machine).

If your not hurtin’, then it’s not workin’. Or something like that. A busted cog in the machine (or a wrench tossed in) can jam up a lot of gears, but not without inflicting some self-pain in the process.

We all know that freedom isn’t free.  But neither is defending it, something too many people have forgotten.

The process or effort is going to cost you something, otherwise you’re probably not paying the real price.

Apr 252009

This is possibly one of those “Oh shit” moments. Mexico City has cancelled all public events.

And this very interesting tidbit:

The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not. Mexico Declares Emergency

Here is the (current) map of the Mexican swineflu outbreak in the United States and Mexico. You can scroll around to Texas, California, New York or Mexico.

Here are two cases now in Kansas and 8 cases in New York City.

Apr 242009

Everyone has probably already heard about this, but a new strain of flu virus has struck in Mexico and the United States.

I’ll let the article(s) speak for themselves for now, but my very first thought was “this is engineered”. I’ve got no proof of this right now, so just sit on that.

The high strangeness is why I feel this way. The human, bird and pig virus (protein) components is very strange and unusual. This “mongrelised mix” is already “too late to contain” and is now human-to-human transmission (already). A possible pandemic is now being screamed from the Internet headlines.

60 Dead in Mexico

Over 1,000 Ill

Interesting too is the Mexico connection, which has been having a LOT of border problems. The number of casualties just across the border in the ongoing drug war has reached thousands in case you didn’t know.

CDC reports 68 people now and it’s definitely human-to-human.

I’d not go to Mexico, Texas or California right now (or anywhere south towards the border). Just in case.

A few other points: interesting ‘timing’ of this virus outbreak, right on the event curve of the ‘national service act’ signed by Obama. I think I warned everyone about this (actually, I know I did, here’s a past linked quote) that is pertinent here:

In an interview with Ben Smith of the New York Daily News, Emanuel outlined the agenda for military-style training, essentially a domestic draft, aimed at preparing Americans for a chemical or biological terrorist attack.

Asked by Smith about the universal service plan and whether people would have to live in military barracks, Emanuel laughed before responding, “We’re going to have universal civil defense training, somewhere between the ages of 18 to 25 you will do three months of training”¦.but there can be nothing wrong with all Americans having a joint similar experience of what we call civil defense training or civil service in service of the country, in preparation, which will give people a sense of what it means to be an American.”

And another warning:

more worrisome to me is global population reduction by humans (biochemical and biological attacks),

And another:

This should comfort you (wink, wink) “” Huge New Biodefense Lab Is Dedicated at Ft. Detrick

Isn’t this the same place the 9/11 anthrax attacks came from? Good to know that we’re still being protected! The government still wants you to believe the lies that Ivans was behind this. Stories like this one are spiked with as much disinformation as the bits and pieces of truth they include.

Biowarfare would be a great way to reduce the population, by oh, say half or 2/3 very quickly. Apparently a few others also feel the same way:

Barry Kissin, a Frederick lawyer who has strongly opposed the lab’s construction, said he fears the facility would be used to create biological weapons even though the government said its mission is defensive.

Basically, the perfect ‘solution’ for the population problem, resource consumption, energy crisis, food collapse, economic crisis, hell even global climate change, is to reduce the human population drastically. And the perfect solution to do that is use a biological weapon, as it leaves everything else intact.

But I’m not saying that its happened. Not yet. I suspect it’s too soon, my gut tells me that if this is anything, it’s just a test run. Or it’s nothing at all, just a natural occurrence, but the high oddities are whispering to me that this is something else.

Here’s a few links from Recombinomics:

Sixty Swine Flu Fatalities In Mexico Confirm Pandemic Start (04/24/09 13:30)

California and Texas Swine Flu Clusters Raise Concerns (04/24/09 07:04)

Human Swine Flu Spread to Texas and Likely Import from Mexico (04/24/09 00:50)

Sustained Human Transmission of Swine H1N1 in California (04/23/09 21:30)

Canada Issues Alert on Severe Respiratory Disease in Mexico (04/23/09 02:22)

Silent Human Spread of Swine H1N1 in Southern California (04/22/09 21:05)

Human Transmission of Swine H1N1 in Southern California (04/22/09 04:05)

Swine H1N1 in Southern Califonia Children Raises Concerns (04/22/09 01:31)

Apr 232009

Do you ever have one of those sad moments when you ponder the fate of the human race?

I do — all too often. I’m not sure why that is to be honest. But when I contemplate the pain and the suffering that we inflict upon each other, I am deeply saddened.

There is a lot of pain in the world, unbelievable incomprehensible levels of it, which we have all carefully insulated ourselves from. We’d rather not hear about it or even read about it because it reveals too much about ourselves, including our apathy, our indifference and our inability to stop.

Most of this suffering and injustice is preventable, but the tragedy is, we simply cannot bring ourselves to do it. There seems to be a perverse pleasure in too many of our population who are very busy inflicting suffering and hardship on other people, even making this into a highly profitable business. Entire careers are spent dreaming up new methodologies and technologies, generation upon generation of crazed humans dedicated solely towards inflicting immense levels of suffering on other humans.

Billions, even trillions of dollars are spent on these pursuits, employing millions of people, a majority of who are Americans. And yet the insidious nature of these ‘enterprises’ is never questioned. It is “our business”. In effect, our bread is buttered with the blood splattered corpses of our victims and we console ourselves that this is the so-called “price” for freedom, justice, or defense. We’ll falsely allege that we will pay any price as long as we are not called to stop doing what it is we are doing, which is engaging in the business of death and wholesale slaughter.

Our entire society is complicit in this regard, engaged from birth through death with generation upon generation of blood-sucking zombies programmed to believe and even embrace these deceptions. Our schools, institutions, work places, media sources and government are fully engaged in grinding out more deceived minds, that war is good, just, and necessary. And so is our ‘democracy’ (Western style), which is deemed essential by any means necessary, even if it means deposing the lawfully elected, or the assassination or funding rebels with guns (so they can go kill someone else), the development of weapons and high technology solely for the destruction of other human beings, or engaging in the decades long economic strangulation of ‘enemy’ countries (or even those simply who for silly reasons are just disfavorable to us).

We’re taught to look the other way and never question the morality or justification of these policies and practices. If you were to look too hard and question any of these actions, you are immediately deemed unpatriotic or even a traitor to “your country”, a term which can be taken to mean anything these days, but can always be taken to mean whatever the stronger and forceful make it mean.

We’re in the business of death, our betrothal to this blood-soaked bride is absolutely unquestionable. But would it surprise you that this is (almost) entirely a uniquely American truth?

There are in fact, very few countries that even come close to matching our death merchants. Israel, Russia, China, Germany and a few others of lesser significance all come close, but none rises to the top of the heap as the United States of America as the world’s leading death merchants. We have been widely called the largest terrorist organization on Earth by those we terrorize and oppress and with good reason.

This is our democracy, the “free market” (for very lucrative profits) and global enterprise that America champions throughout the world. We’ve all been taught that we are “beset with enemies” all around the world and that the better way for us to ensure our “very survival” and existence as a nation in this world is to simply be the biggest, baddest bully on the block (despite that we are physically secure to the North, South, East and West from all but the most technologically advanced nations, none of whom we have any real reasons to fear anymore).

We’re indoctrinated by scumbag politicians to “be afraid”, be “very afraid” lest the bogey men catch us napping, enemies which we are constantly told lie in wait all around us despite the sheer distance and difficulty of what these claims of theirs actually mean, and the absolute total lack of real proof.

Which means this claim of theirs is total bullshit and always was.

Our enemies, where they exist (and they do exist), all have legitimate complaints with the United States, which usually includes (our) illegal bombing and invasion (covert and overt) of their country, the killing, assassination and kidnapping of their citizens and political leaders, the rape and pillage of their land and resources and people, decades long crushing economic sanctions and embargoes, the withholding of medicine, food, agricultural machinery and aid necessary for their basic survival, the illegal funding and support of terrorists groups within their borders, the toppling of their political leadership by foreign agents, the manipulation and control of their entire economies and methods of living, the suppression of their technological and agricultural development, the forced servitude and slave labor by foreign companies, and of course, the duplicious double-standards employed by American corporations and political leaders designed to enforce policy and business favorable exclusively to the United States of America, despite the crushing effects it may have upon their citizens and long term economic and resource health.

Enemies, where they legitimately exist, are not without legitimate complaint. Yet our policy has been to continue on this destructive path of suppression and oppression and intervention wherever we can. It is blatantly obvious that this is very deliberate, planned and orchestrated, to include hundreds if not thousands of ‘false flag operations’ where the United States has deliberate engaged in espionage, sabotage, assassination and interference — while declaring our ‘innocence’ and non-involvement and dupliciously, our so-called “right” to interfere in the sovereign affairs of other nations. We would imprison, torture and SHOOT the agents that tried this here, yet we do this ourselves all over the world.

It remains factually true to this day, that the superiority of the United States of America rests solely upon our ability to suppress the development of other nations in economic ability, military strength and technology (which is also how we stoled this land from its original inhabitants in the first place), and the permitting the development of their natural resources primarily for our own use. This is why America is the ‘land of plenty’, with cheap imported goods and unbelievably low prices, this is the real price of our military interventionism and corporate monopoly throughout the entire globe. We are what we are today, economically, militarily and domestically, because we literally stoled this through force, bloodshed, oppression, and terrorizing the other nations of the world to give this to us. Just to be clear here, economic strangulation is no different then a military bombing campaign, and we’re very quick to use either one or the other, or both.

And many of us wonder “why that hate us for our freedoms”, which are illusions that exist only in the minds of the deceived millions in our midst. Do you realize that this deception stops at our borders? That the rest of the world fully understands what America actually is and what it has become? That these illusions of ours are unique entirely to our brain-dead masses of slaves and ‘servants’ to Empire? We’re the laughing stock of the Earth, derided as the real oppressors of life, liberty and freedom that we claim to embrace. Our ‘freedom’ is in truth an illusion.

We are free to engage in war and the oppression of our fellow man. Even if we are not engaged in the business of war, we are taught to ‘climb to the top’ by besting our fellow employees and to take advantage of every opportunity. This is how you “get ahead”, by exploitation and advantage. Only by excelling and competition can we advance ourselves in this fucked up society, which we then jealously guard against all would-be ‘usurpers’ of our privileged positions.

This is the normal behavior for our civilization, that we are effectively nobody unless we are “somebody” which requires our sacrifice of morals, courage, critical thinking and the conviction to do the right thing. Our society blesses the corrupt, the depraved, the defiled and deranged, advancing these sadistic bastards and psychopaths to positions of power, prestige and ‘importance’. We’re even so stupid as to make these same men and women our ‘leaders’, to advance our cause and position in the world.

We select them from other depraved individuals who have ‘succeeded’ in life and wealth, having established themselves upon the heap of humanity as the most ambitious and successful. But if we were brutally honest about it, we would designate them as the most deranged and dehumanized humans around and have nothing at all to do with them.

I have always believed that the average man or woman simply wants to live in peace, all over the world. Essentially, to be left alone to live their lives without fear or favor from any quarter. We have no real quarrel with each other, even across national boundaries, but quarrel we do, incessantly — which invariably leads to conflicts of terrible suffering and pain.

These quarrels are always fanned into flames by our politicians (on both sides of every fence) and the complicit media, which inevitably leads to war, conflict, sanctions and untold human suffering. This has been the story of the ages, where kings and queens lashed out against each other, drenching their citizens in blood baths of gory rivers with floating limbs, hacking and slashing each other to pieces before the ‘victor’ was declared, lands were seized and the citizens subjugated under new tyrants.

This too is all total bullshit.

Some would say that the role we play in conquest and conquered is the human condition. Perhaps it truly is, because it surely does appear to me that we cannot behave in any other way. And I would be the first to admit that conquest is sometimes necessary. There is no other way to deal with bullies, murderers and thieves, they must be bested by whatever means necessary, and by so doing, we sometimes become what we have learned to hate (some of us, anyway). This self-loathsome behavior is regrettable, but I do not see any other way at times.

The modern world preens and pretends that ‘diplomacy’ is the pathway to human rights and the betterment of the human condition, replacing our swords and our guns for diplomats and politicians, international agencies and non-government organizations, while always holding these weapons in ready reserve. And sometimes, it works. Oftentimes, it does not and the real fangs come out in this lethal battle of will and demand, force and power.

All too often, these entities can make the situation worse, or allowing by their inaction, incompetence or simply indifference, the suffering and misery to continue. This can last for decades, while entire generations of humans are wiped out, and the world watches (but only sometimes, if it catches their interest) and waits. The Palestinian condition is one such example in current memory. But the world awaits and does nothing. Our institutions fail exactly where they have been charged and tasked to excel, and the suffering continues endlessly.

We are seemingly unable to solve this problem with ourselves. For every complexity and organization that we add to this volatile mixture of incompetence, greed, corruption, apathy and indifference, we almost always fail. Where we do succeed, we often “succeed” too late to prevent the countless deaths of millions upon millions of lives, but nobody is counting. The numbers of victims are in fact now so huge, they boggle the intelligent mind and trouble the soul.

Death becomes us, as we plunder each other and slaughter our way around the world, exporting our brand deathocracy at the point of a gun. Words all too quickly fail our politicians and sanctions and economic embargoes follow, soon to be followed with a long train of covert or overt weapons, guns, funding, ‘advisors’, secret training camps and puppet presidents handpicked to favor Western instructions.

Insurrection is our business, profits are the goal and we’ll even play both sides of the fence if it suits our ends.

It’s all bullshit, as we endlessly send our sons and now our daughters off to die on behalf of our international corporations and death merchants. We’re surrounded by clueless, arrogant politicians, uselessly (and insensitively) carrying the torch of past or present ‘offenses’ of “American rights” against foreign nations, ordering more blood and more sacrifice to Molech. And we blindly, even cheerily comply with this absolute insanity, birthing entire generations in a frenzy of lust and patriotic breeding, distributing new mincemeat for the gristmill they’ve designed.

Over 12,000 robots are now engaged in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, a disturbing trend indeed. Removing the human quotient includes more then just removing the suffering and fatigue inflicted upon the soldier, it also removes the moral gauge and depravity of war and death to afar, which is what I’m really talking about as death becomes us all.

We have lost our moral compass as a people, a very long time ago. Our measurements of wealth, power, position, status, income and possessions is entirely lost upon the victims we are burning alive with our bombs, our guns and our callous indifference. All they know is that they are suffering and are in great peril daily for lack of food, water, medicine or even a decent place to lay their heads down at night. And we, we did this to them. This is our fault and our doing. Their security in their persons, a right which we take for granted here in this country, is an entire lifetime in doubt for them, they never know when they may perish from afar by the weapons developed in this country.

American arrogance and indifference to the suffering we inflict throughout the world is truly legendary, but this is nothing to be proud of. This is a cloak of shame which we can never remove. We are noted at times for our benevolence and charitable giving, but this truly pales in comparison to the amount of funding and the sheer effort we give to our merchants of death and destruction. The two figures are not even remotely comparable.

The truth is, we are what we do. Irrespective of what we say, or what we claim, we are what we “are” in deed and in action. We are measured by what we actually do. And what is it we do? We kill. We pillage. We attack. We undermine. We destroy. We enact economic sanctions and policies in our favor. We build vast arrays of bombs, weapons, planes which in turn employ millions upon millions of death merchants in America, and we give them to terrorists countries so that they in turn can do the same as we do. They kill, bomb, attack and oppress their ‘enemies’ and then come back to us, begging for more (which we repeatedly give them).

Our entire economy and social structure is built around this concept, even if it bankrupts us all. It is the very fabric of our civilization and in fact, dates back thousands of years. But unlike the past, America has made this into a global enterprises, it is the foundation of American society. We’ve highly refined the business of death and destruction and understand fully what it is that we do, but we definitely do not like being reminded of these facts. Because we’re supposed to know better. We’d rather put on a happy face and pretend that none of this is so, that even if it is, that it is all so very, very necessary. Anything but the truth. The pictures of blown up babies and little girls with American bombs deployed by Americans just doesn’t seem to bother us enough.

All I know is it is all bullshit, every single bit of it. It’s crap shoved through a patriotic straw injected under high-pressure into your brain, making you stupid, brainwashed and blind, through and through, right down the marrow in your bones.

I do not buy into the lying media and forked-tongue politicians on either side of the fence who ‘declare’ my enemies for me. I refute the idea that there even IS a fence. If there is, I didn’t create it and I want nothing at all to do with it. I sure the hell won’t get involved in throwing rocks over this mythical fence that these bastards created. If I’m going to throw rocks, I’m going to throw them at the people that are causing all of this hatred. They’re the ones that deserve it and nobody else.

Death becomes us, because that is in truth, what we are. It is the human condition that lies underneath all of our civility and civilization. It lurks beneath all of our development, advancement, science, intelligence and education. We are brutish animals, except we’re actually worse then animals, we are the only species that engages in wanton wholesale slaughter, building entire civilizations around it, reveling in it, only temporarily satiating our endless bloodlust again and again and again. Our victims remain faceless to us, we don’t care about them and never have.

We’ve designed ourselves and our society around this nature of ours, hiding it all behind thinly robed veils of benevolence and compassion, which we are quick to rip away and tear down, reverting back to what we really are when we’re angry or attacked or stirred up to hatred by our masters. Death becomes us all, it is our destiny and our nature.

And as I keep reminding you, it’s all bullshit. It is the endless and rather stupid cycle of humanity that builds walls around everything, including their own minds. The blinders are on, and we cannot see rightly. Death becomes us all because we refuse to understand that we don’t need these rotten depraved bastards that did this to us and never did.

Apr 222009

I found a article over on the Island of Doubt that was interesting — but only in the amount of bullshit it was trying to shovel.

Use Energy, Get Rich and Save the Plane suggests that developing economies (which lag behind ours) throughout the world will actually create the conditions necessary to ‘save the planet’ — by using energy, and getting rich. But this position totally ignores several glaring obstacles that will have the exact opposite effect of what the author proposes.

Read the article first, including the sources linked.

I have a real problem with this type of b.s. being spewed forth by papers like the New York Times (no wonder they are facing bankruptcy). Tierney’s position is false on several fronts:

Tierney assumes that abundant energy sources will last forever, which they won’t. We’ll see the end of energy within 100 years or so (or less), including coal, oil and nuclear. And anybody that thinks we’re going to make ‘alternative energy’ machines using alternative energy is absolutely nuts. The EROEI isn’t there.

Any nation that runs out of these energy sources is going to face contraction and eventually, collapse. There is no escape from this fact.

Tierney also assumes we won’t destroy the rest of the remaining environment while the world catches up to the U.S. in levels of energy and resource consumption (which is the only pathway there is to the wealth and riches he alleges), which we will. And when we do (anywhere in the world), it will take massive amounts of no-longer-cheap-and-abundant energy to ‘clean up’ anything.

Essentially the “Use energy, get rich and save the planet” is basically bullshit shoveled on a stick. You should be gagging right about now that anybody would be trying to force this down your throat. It will not lead to anything but more destruction as we consume up the rest of the low-hanging fruit on the energy and resource tree throughout the world.

Humans will grow their cities and their consumption as fast as they can in direct accordance to their technological development and their ability to utilize those resources. Even suggesting that we go ahead and do this to ‘save the planet’ is stupid beyond belief.

The only way we can save the planet is to reverse most of what we’ve done, including high-levels of energy demand and consumption, resource consumption and the big elephant in the room, population.

There is a LOT wrong with Tierney’s postion, which includes the increases he hopes for in carbon (which is where nations finally hit the Kuznets curve), “the happy downward slope” he lies about (which is more bullshit, nobody is “happy” otherwise we’d be doing it already when clearly, we’re not), and the unstated, but implied “technofix solution” that he is sure to come that will make us all live in lala land in comfort and ease in a pristine enviroment. In Tierney’s view, wealth equates to environmental health, which conveniently ignores how wealthy nations are the most polluting and energy intensive of all.

Tierney point that “some economists fear that a global treaty could ultimately hurt the atmosphere by slowing economic growth,” is also absolutely baseless, as economist have shown themselves to be completely clueless and indifferent about climate and environmental issues, all they care about it profits and growth. They are the last place I’d go for advice (on anything, including the economy as recent history shows).

This report is basically crap designed to shovel bullshit down the throats of the uninformed and unsuspecting. Tierney’s position is basically this:

there are no tipping points, there are plenty of resources to last plenty long enough for us to reach the magical technofix solutions for ‘clean living’ and then (and only then) will we need to concern ourselves with cleaning up the mess we made getting ourselves to this position (globally).

As I said, bullshit, through and through. Coming to you from another lying MSN newspaper, the New York Times.