Feb 272009

A state of emergency is declared in California, with an “official” unemployment rate over 10%, and tens of thousands of growing, desperate people maxing out services.

I’ve often been accused (but almost never to my face) of exaggerating the reality of our collapse. Once again, I remind the entire reading world, I don’t write the news. I post the news links here for you to read for yourself.

Denial isn’t a gene in the human genome, but it still exists within a majority of our population. The news is absolutely chock full of facts, stories and reporting of the systematic collapse of our world, but disbelief of their significance and meaning is still a rather serious problem.

Climate change is often the issue in which our fellow humans disagree, despite the ever-increasing body of evidence. Which means we’re not dealing with facts anymore with these denialists, just their belief.

Belief is a strange thing, and has probably killed more people then anything else. Belief is absolutely useless when dealing with stark reality. The best that belief can do is to cushion you temporarily against what will happen or is happening anyway. And then you’re left with broken beliefs (or stubborn entrenched delusions) and not much else. It doesn’t change the outcome one iota.

CO₂ Rise Accelerates

Polar Regions Melting Fast

Droughts Lay Waste To Portions Of The US

Carbon Emissions Will Last For Millennia

CO₂ Will Now Kill Oceans In Mere Decades

I just read today that our largest coal field has been reduced by 50% on estimated reserves. Seems that better science and measurements have given a more accurate result. That’s actually good news by the way, but better news for us all is if we left the damned stuff in the ground as Hansen has argued.

We’re seeing an awful lot of this type of thing now. More data, better science, more accurate results. And as told here many times before, these world-class experts keep moving up their estimates on the severity, time scale, depletion rates and danger to humankind that these studies and analysis and findings report.

One of the reasons I’ve refused to continue to blog is because denial is quite literally, killing the planet. The global effort to educate, inform and reason with the people of the Earth is having only a marginal effect upon the activities that are directly responsible for killing the Earth. Therefore, it seems far better to me to move on and do something more productive.

This may seem counter-intuitive, as the commonly held belief is that more support (ground swell) will “change the outcome”. That is, to put it bluntly, totally unlikely. The outcome (scientific predictions) is a forgone conclusion now, even if we ever did achieve the magical groundswell.

We already know, if you’re paying attention, that runaway climate change is now unpreventable and in all probability, underway right now. I still read a lot of absolute nonsense that regards this statement as being untrue, that humans can somehow “willfully” stop their activities and fabricate an existence where prosperity and peace will reign, all the while we’re also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and even slow down the effects of a hundred years of toxic emissions and thus “save ourselves” from our own folly in the nick of time.

This, my friends, is absolute bullshit.

Examine the facts, the evidence, the action and the political and private “will power” to do this. Remember that persistent little bastard called denial. Contrast this against the newly received facts and figures and scientific reports and measurements. Now project this over a time scale in human terms, say 50 years. Or 100 years. What do you have?

Don’t forget that our entire civilization is 100% dependent upon always moving forward and never backwards, or that our petroleum dependency hasn’t even been remotely resolved (if it was, we’d have it already), or that the technological “solutions” proposed and promised (but never provided) have never even once materialized.

Over this breeding mix of stewing denial, toss in our collapsing economy, current depletion rates, environmental degradation and pollution, declining resources and devastated natural ecosystems. Examine this all and ask yourself in all honesty: Are we going to make it? Wherefore does all this optimism come from? Is it real, or is it really just total bullshit?

If you are honest (and few are), there is absolutely no proof at all that we will “make it”. We do not have the will, desire, capacity, support, technology, commitment or the money to pull this off on a global scale. Not in any country of the world today. Not without some kind of catastrophic disaster impacting us pretty damned hard first (or several, which is what I think is/will happen). Think “massive population reduction” and unbelievable levels of human suffering.

Therefore, using my back of the napkin approach here, beating our heads together online and arguing over irrelevant data has got to be the height of wasting our time as the world continues to slide towards self-destruction. If we’re going to somehow save ourselves, it won’t be here, it will be out there in the real world, coming up with local solutions to what is now a whole plethora of global problems.

Unfortunately, I’ll be the first to admit that even local solutions won’t really work like we think. Not when our water travels thousands of miles to reach most of our cities. Or should I say, used to travel thousands of miles, as this is definitely no longer guaranteed in the days of drought and water wars.

The same goes for our food supply. I’m not sure that many of us are ready to endure our own version of the Potato Famine. Eating the same things, day after day because that’s all we’re really going to have any abundance of, if even that.

Or living without electricity as our infrastructure crumbles and fails from neglect and a lack of energy resources.

The ridiculous argument that we all hear today is that we’re still going to be able to somehow “move forward”, even if we have to suffer a little bit first. This is beyond stupid, it’s an absolute lie meant to appease you and comfort you from the stark, painful reality that awaits us all. How can we move forward when we’re running out of ALL the very things we will need to survive as we do now? Remember those things? Water, soil, food, land, energy, climate?

These things cannot be magically conjured up, or wrested from the Rocky Mountains by blasting out fields to grow corn. And even if they could, how in the world are they going to be properly shared in a world that has stopped much of it’s transportation?

Where will be the promises of prosperity and peace, when nations go to war with other nations over scarcer and scarcer resources found in fewer and fewer places? Envision simple things like land, water and arable land as being highly prized assets worth fighting for if nations are going to survive.  Envisions billions of climate refugees looking for simply things like land, food, water.

There can be no plainer way to say it — we are absolutely going to have to pay the price for the unsustainable civilization that we have created. Living at the apex of history (development) is going to be a real bitch. This is the way of history and human folly and has been recorded in history time and time again.

So don’t count me among the optimistic “believers” that have nothing more then wishful thinking to back up their claims. Nobody is living in the future utopias they’ve envisioned and promote. They’re all just drawing board fantasies, unrealized and undeveloped dreams and they never manage to include everybody anyway.

The harsh truth is, as the world winds down there isn’t going to be enough room, energy, resources or food for us all, even with their never-seen but still promised technological marvels, so you’d better be making your own plans and preparations as best you can.

Feb 242009

[I refuse to let this blog completely die, so here is a tiny update – Admin]

A few news clips:

What do you think of being paid to pay off your credit card debt (so you can create more debt by buying an overpriced house)? The goal is to fatten up the tax rolls and keep the noses to the grindstone.

American Express will pay select customer $300 to close their accounts

Target Stores – profits fall 41%

Macy’s Drops 59%

Office Depot 1.54 Billion loss

Bernake – The stupid idiot is still calling this a ‘recession‘ and to add insult to injury, claims we’ll be out of this by the end of the year.

General Motors, AIG, Bank of America, CITI, Microsoft, you name it, a “who’s who” of industry, finance and global development are cashing it in.

Now, a recent email exchange. This is a letter I received:

I am in the process of trying to prep. I have one and only one friend who is also trying to prepare for something major in terms of systemic collapse. We both have trouble convincing our wives that it’s a serious issue. We both have children.

I’m wondering if you had trouble convincing your wife of the gravity of the situation? What strategies can be used? It seems that being alarmist, even if warranted, does not help.

I’m short on time these days (especially today), so I wrote a quick note:


Let me try the direct route:

Stop buying food. Let the cupboards go bare. Withhold the checkbook and cash. Let the car run out of gas. Don’t buy anything.

Or better yet — stop earning money. Don’t pay the mortgage. Don’t pay the bills. Let the lights go out.

Nothing short of in-your-face-stark-reality is going to work on some people.

We are facing a unbelievable catastrophe. Anybody that does not “get it” yet is walking dead meat. They’re only going to last a short while now.

As for you, stop playing games. Don’t mess around. There isn’t time for this anymore. Systematic collapse is already here.

You cannot save someone that won’t save themselves. They’re drowning, they even know it, but prefer to drown. Let them.

Okay then, that’s the direct route. I emphasize with your situation, but there’s no other way I can tell you what to do. You yourself have to move on. Who do you value more? Wife or kids? Your responsibility is to the young, your wife is old enough to pull her head out and realize what is going on. But your kids need you, so your job is to make sure you’ve done what you can for them.

All you can do is “what you can”. Absolutely nobody is going to stop this. The rhetoric is going to convince the idiots, but you’re already smarter then that. So move on, focus (intently) on what you can do. Don’t even bother trying to “drag the wife along” now. She’ll either get on board or not.But your kids are the ones
that you need to help, they are the future, the next generation. Help them to survive. Show them everything you possibly can about getting along in a collapsing world.

I have to run, so that’s why this was short, direct and focused. You are free to write back, not trying to piss you or anyone off, but it’s past time to be agonizing over what to do.

~Survival Acres~

I received a response:


I appreciate the directness of your message, and the fact you bothered to write. You’re a good guy who really thinks it’s going to get bad. I usually agree with you. Sometimes, though.. sometimes, I think that it might be possible for certain areas, maybe even whole states (future republics?) to survive to do OK.

Isn’t it possible for communities or states to redeploy scarce resources in intelligent ways to allow for survival? And to encourage or mandate the conversion to sustainable agriculture, and the support of community farms and gardens? Don’t bother to respond to this paragraph if you don’t have time, because I know you’ve addressed this in your blog.

However, since I believe there is a significant possibility of the worst case scenario you paint in many of your blog entries, I am ethically obligated to prepare for the worst. I am doing so, with my limited resources.

Again, thanks for your brutally honest response. I’ve tried what I consider brutal honesty on myfamily, and it got a somewhat positive response: we are going to have a series of 3 one hour meetings to discuss the economy and how to respond. My mother-in-law didn’t respond for a few days – I called them “deer in the headlights,” but in the end, I got a response.

I’m attaching a photo of my son, to give you an idea of one of the reasons I’m trying to get my
act together.

Nice looking kid he’s got there. But the only help he’s going to receive is his own.


You suggest that there is intelligent life in the Universe. I always say, “show me” when I hear such things. The deplorable condition of humankind demonstrates adequately enough for me that there isn’t any real hope. If there was, we’ve have seen it already.

We are at the apex. We’ve been able to build ourselves up, but refuse to take ourselves down. Again, if we would (versus just talking about it), we’d have done so already.

The proof is ALWAYS in the pudding as they say. The saying, “show me the money” only means that let’s see the proof. There is absolutely no proof at all that humans are going to slide through this collapse gracefully, anywhere. Everyone conveniently forgets that we’re still getting by today on yesterday’s energy endowment. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, melting fast, literally and figuratively.

Humans take the easy road and it’s easier right now to find excuse, reason, denial, delay, delusions. It all means death.

There are some reasonable humans, but don’t you notice that they are neither in charge or able to actually do much of anything? We’re all going to suffer from the stupidity of our peers, we already are. And this is going to get unbelievably worse.

Keep that little tyke off the rolls (tax rolls, school rolls, military recruitment and on and on and on) and you’ll do more for him then you can possibly imagine. Trust me on this — make it so he can “disappear” when he needs to (he will). There is nothing to be gained by supporting Empire in any way shape or form. Create several i.d.’s for him NOW.

We’ve all got to die, just don’t make it wasted. It’s how we live that matters, and what we live for. Teach the young to be self-sufficient and intelligent. Educate them to think for themselves and to see beyond the veil that is being drawn over everyone’s eyes. It isn’t more education that we need right now, it’s people who are independent thinkers.

The entire inheritance is theirs, not ours. We’ve had our shot and it’s soon over.

You mention possibilities. Anything is possible, but trajectory must be taken into account. We are repeating history, we are no more special, intelligent, capable or willing then our ancestors to do the right thing. We have a lot more going wrong for us then they ever had.

Anyway, not trying to convince you. If you notice, I’m not trying to convince anyone these days, it’s not longer worthwhile.

My mom sounds like yours by the way. But utterly incapable of change. There are several billion humans that are going to ensure we don’t before it’s too late. Never forget that.

~Survival Acres~

I can appreciate and understand why people reach out. They’re looking for answers (where there are none, unfortunately). There is a lot of fear out there right now and it’s going to get a lot worse. There is nothing that can be done to help that.

Essentially, we’re all going to have to deal with it. All of it, all the ugly, all the pain, all the suffering, all the betrayals, the lies, the deceptions, the debt and even all the death. It does none of us any good (if we are adults) to go on pretending it isn’t happening, it isn’t real or that Bernake is right.

I’ve tried pretty hard to make it crystal clear that governments and entire nations were going to engage in a series of very desperate acts to try and save themselves. This is a playbook, anybody could actually write it if they thought about the reasons why things are going to shake out like they are.

We are only into the opening acts right now. We’re going to see plenty more and some really scary scenarios play out. Already governments around the world are deploying their forces to deal with public unrest. A summer of ‘rage and riot‘ is already being planned. This is happening here too in the United States. The nationalization of assets will continue and the serfs are going to keep watching their lives, their futures and their hopes go up in smoke.

I’ve also warned that we’re going to have to get tough and hardened, and we’re going to have to make some hard decisions. Easy street is over for all of us. Nice things to have like democracy and fairness, justice and equity can only flourish when there is an abundance of everything. Take away those things (food, water, energy, tolerable climate to name just a few) and we WILL revert, rapidly and forever into something most of us can barely envision.

But I do caution my faithful readers — don’t take your anger out on the wrong people. Ignorance does not make someone guilty. The planned destruction of the United States and the world’s economy is no accident. There are entire organizations of people deliberately focused on making sure this happens. Their goal is massive population reduction and control over the remaining resources.

I never talk about the New World Order on this blog because quite frankly, I won’t waste the space. It’s not that it’s not “there”, of course it is, but it’s like complaining that the ocean is blue. Move on already and deal with your reality. Your world is being taken apart, brick by brick, right in front of your eyes and bitching about it isn’t going to help. Stop waiting for a groundswell of grassroots organizations and people, it’s not going to change anything even if it ever did happen.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to realize that you alone are responsible for your life, your future and your well-being. Do whatever is necessary now to ensure that you have sufficient means to exist. The world at large is going to implode, with or without your help (the sooner the better). Toss the rule book out the window and do what needs to be done.

Feb 212009

Greenfyre has a good write-up on why climate change means global famine.

Anyone who imagines that with climate change we will simply shift agriculture towards the poles probably does not even have house plants, much less a garden, and certainly knows little or nothing about agriculture or climate change.

Global Soil Fertility Map

Put simply, these soils are total crap for food production. The entire region where the delusional are hoping to grow all of our food is not good for food production based on soil alone, never mind other factors.

You can clearly see that we are supposedly talking about moving agriculture from the good to excellent soils to poor and very poor.

Even if there were no other challenges (and there are plenty, as have been and will be discussed) we would have to massively expand the area under cultivation since the land would simply not be as productive.

Such expansion means the cost per unit of production and distribution (ie food price) goes way up, the environmental impact goes way up, and there still isn’t enough land to match current levels of production. Climate Change and Famine

Greenfyre has a nice write up on why this whole idea of moving our farm lands north is self-defeating. I suspect that the fall-back position that many secretly harbor about climate change just got nuked.

See also Understanding Why Climate Change Means Global Famine

Feb 182009

Community gardens bulldozed into dust:

It’s called The Destruction of South Central Farmers and it demonstrates why short-term, profit-based thinking will ultimately destroy sustainable human life on our planet. Keep in mind what you are watching it the city of Los Angeles destroying a community garden plot. It’s like an apocalyptic future scene right out of Terminator, enforced at gunpoint by clueless city cops who are arresting the very citizens they should be protecting.

Now contrast this with this news:

California’s unfolding drought – now three years running – may prove to be the worst in recorded history. Farms have begun to fail, communities to crumble, food prices to rise and more people are going hungry. How we respond to the drought will offer us a template of how to respond to global climate change.

The drought is a national crisis because California produces 50 percent of the nation’s fruits, nuts and vegetables, and a majority of the nation’s salad, strawberries and premium wine grapes. State and federal agencies that deliver water to farms up and down the Great Central Valley are preparing to cut deliveries by 85 percent to 100 percent. Coastal communities may begin rationing programs within weeks. Even with 50 percent increases in ground-water pumping, which is clearly not sustainable, the Central Valley alone will lose up to 40,000 jobs and $1.5 billion in income, according to a UC Davis agricultural economist Richard Howitt.

Even more disturbing is that rising emotion over water is sparking hostility. Last Thursday in Fresno, a representative of the California Water Impact Network told a television reporter during a debate that saving farmworkers’ jobs is a mistake because they are the “least educated people in America … they turn to lives of crime, they go on welfare, go into drug trafficking ….” This is this blatantly racist, and evokes images of Europe in the 1930s and ’40s.

Drought or hurricanes are beyond human ability to stop. Thus, the human challenge is to offer effective response.  Drought Is Dry Run For Climate Change

Our “response” is going to be knee-jerk stupidity.  We are already seeing plenty of examples of this now.

Feb 162009

[This is one of those infrequent updates that I more or less promised I’d make. This is an issue that affects us all and should be aired (again) from time to time, especially in light of all the bad news we are receiving every day – Admin]

There is a treatise over on the Ishmael Community “Reaching For The Future With All Three Hands“, that should be read – and understood for it’s scope and most importantly, lack of completeness, because it implies a “steady state” of global populations and food production that is most definitely not true.

Daniel Quinn was right as far as it goes, in a steady state economy, steady state environment and with an unlimited supply of energy, global population levels can be effectively and even efficiently maintained by simply controlling the food supply.

This is of course, what the world has not been doing, as our population levels have doubled, tripled and quadripled. But the argument remains that we could do this if we wanted to. The implication is that we just need to make this decision and we’ll be fine.

What is dead wrong about this argument is that is assumes that ours is a steady state. Quinn conveniently overlooked some really significant points in regards to the source of that “unending food” supply tossed into the parking lot as it were.

First off, all things are definitely NOT equal or constant. A constant supply of food in our depleted world of today is most certainly not guaranteed at all.

Energy = Food

Without cheap, abundant energy, we cannot produce the quantities of food that we are presently reliant upon (to simply maintain our existing populations, to say nothing of any growth). It takes 9 calories of petroleum energy today to produce just 1 calorie of food. Obviously, this means as our energy stocks decline, so will our food production, dramatically.

Climate = Food

Our changing climate is in the news every day. Climate changes are having rather huge impacts on global food production (and prices). Export restrictions are now being enacted globally to ensure that countries that produce food surpluses still have enough to feed their own populations. A primary reason why this is happening is because of declining food harvests due to climate change. Additional reasons cited are the costs of production (energy and fertilizer increases).

Soil = Food

There is no place on Earth that has not seen severe either soil erosion, acidification, depletion or salinity pollution. Without the constant application of fertilizers (produced by natural gas and petroleum inputs), harvests are significantly lessened due to soil depletion. What was once the most fertile soils on Earth are now only able to support monoculture crops (single crops) with the heavy application of fertilizers.

Water = Food

The drought news in California (one of the most fertile “breadbaskets” on Earth) and Australia and other parts of the world are constantly reminding us of our food peril. Dry lands that were “reclaimed” for farmland and food production are entirely dependent upon transported water supplies to make them sufficiently watered enough to grow crops. Without these constant rivers of waters coming from hundreds and thousands of miles away, crop production suffers greatly.

Most areas require a constant climate of both wet and dry seasons to produce the heavy yields we are accustomed to. Without normal rain patterns watering fields and farmlands, crop losses now run into the billions of dollars. This is akin to Quinn’s “grocery bags” not being thrown over the fence anymore. Suddenly, we don’t have 20 bags of grocery to feed to the parking lot people, we’ve only got 10. Population will decline as a result.

Each one of these “steady state assumptions” in Quinn’s treatise cannot be taken for granted today, not even close. They are all imperiled and their danger signs are increasing on a daily basis.

There is a reason why we are all called consumers – connedsumers is what we really are. The giant Ponzi scheme of population growth and the required steady state apparatus and unending energy supplies required has conned us all.

In the words of the late Dr. David Price;

“People who believe that a stable population can live in balance with the productive capacity of the environment may see a slowdown in the growth of population and energy consumption as evidence of approaching equilibrium. But when one understands the process that has been responsible for population growth, it becomes clear that an end to growth is the beginning of collapse. Human population has grown exponentially by exhausting limited resources, like yeast in a vat or reindeer on St. Matthew Island, and is destined for a similar fate.”

I’ve not doubt my regular readers of this blog are quite aware of this fact, but since I stopped publishing, this reminder needs to be hammered in again. I remain absolutely convinced that there is nothing we can do to avoid our collapse, and especially so after watching the shenanigans of the last few months.

Global leaders are still stupidly calling for “growth” in the face of exhausted resources, so much so that I want to shake my fist in their face (or smash their noses in) at how stupid this belief is. We cannot grow anymore in any segment of our economy, industry or population without imperiling our future ability to survive on this planet. There is absolutely no more argument for this fact.

Runaway climate change is already here. “We are basically looking now at a future climate that’s beyond anything we’ve considered seriously in climate model simulations,” Christopher Field, founding director of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University.

A growing segment of the scientific community is admitting to this dire fact. Along with food wars are water wars, also daily in the news. Drought is going to be huge problem in the years ahead, much more so then it is already. The reason for this is the climate is no longer reliable, what was once useable farmland is now a dust bowl. And other regions that are being inundated with water (or snow, like here) are absolutely useless lands for growing large quantities of food.

A century of resource wars is predicted as the world struggles to feed itself and maintain country-by-country “preeminence” and dominance. In the crosshairs is absolutely everything we have taken for granted. In the “Geopolitics For Food Scarcity“, Lester Brown reminds us that “we” are now in doubt. Our very survival is now at stake, primarily due to our unwillingness to change.

Today we are witnessing the emergence of a dangerous politics of food scarcity, one in which individual countries act in their narrowly defined self-interest and subsequently accelerate the deterioration of global equilibrium.

Water shortages, cropland losses, rising temperatures and falling yields bode ill for the world’s populations. The sum total of this equates the failed State as nations succumb to internal unrest, riots, division and war.

Within the environmental community, we have talked for decades about saving the planet. But now we have a new challenge: to save civilization itself.

I have my (serious) reservations that this is an impossible and even undesirable goal. Saving civilization is not going to happen. Civilization means different things to different people, which usually translates to “business as usual”. This is the Pollyanna view commonly expressed, a exceedingly selfish viewpoint that basically says “as long as I have what I want, let’s not worry about tomorrow’s generations”. This is the latte-now crowd, unconcerned at all about what we are presently doing to our home and our future survival and why I do not personally support this view.

This is the time we have been waiting for. Some of us, anyway. We wanted a better world, and we might just get it. The old one had to fall and get out of the way, and this must be finished for the sake of our faltering climate and for our own sakes. Meanwhile the old guard is floundering around and is as useless as tits on a bull, as my father used to say. People are still mesmerized by power and imagery, but the luster and facade are fading. While some government spending can be along healthy lines, it is certainly not “the answer.”

We have entered the time of the most rapid, sweeping change in culture. Great changes are in the works for the way people live and think. We are just beginning to see the failure of not just easy credit and overspending, but the failure of living for money and material things. Granted, most participants in the growth economy thought that’s how things were supposed to work, and now they feel at a loss. These are people who have had little use for traditions of their ancestors. They thought nature was something to dominate into submission and rape for pleasure and profit. They thought technology placed us above all life forms as well as primitive peoples, and that we could cast any number of them into the extinction bin. For we could continue to extract resources forever and solve any problem.

Now the humbling has begun, on several levels. By now only an idiot isn’t worried about climate change. Now that we know full well what we’re doing to the ecosystem, how can any sane person put the economy first instead of integrating it with ecology? How can defending our systemic destruction be tolerated? The Old World Is Crashing Down, Welcome Back The Older

As our global economy continues to nose-dive as brain-hemorrhaging speeds, I will remind all of you once again – you are on your own. Our global leaders are categorically clueless to the perfect storm now prepared. This is a global crisis on multiple fronts, literally a biblical tidal wave of epic proportions.

Another good read is also from Culture Change, “Social Collapse Best Practices“. Please read it and then if you haven’t already, take action for yourself.

It goes without saying that the predicted collapse outlined long ago in this blog is now fully here. We are now in the “collapse” stage of the pre-collapse, collapse and post-collapse phases. This will probably last up to several years as we spiral down towards the ragged bottom. Check out the Future Prep and Collapse Survival series of articles here (right side menu) for hints and suggestions and what you can expect.

Eventually, I’ll publish some of the really hard-hitting stuff that I’ve held back all these years. I never did think anybody was really ready for this material. If I even mentioned these views in “polite but informed circles”, an uncomfortable silence was the usual response. We’re still not ready yet to consider the implications of how desperate things are going to get, but signs of this level of desperation are already on our horizon.

I’ll see you all later — again, it is unknown when I will publish again – Admin

Update: Download these podcast (mp3 files) NOW, Part I is going to disappear very soon:

Climate Wars Part I (right click, “save as” to your drive)

Climate Wars Part II

Climate Wars Part III (link fixed)

Feb 122009

[I found this over on Great Linking For Peace Project. It’s important enough to post even though “I’m not here”. There are some very important points / techniques / methods shared which I hope you will take the time to fully read. My comments are in italicized brackets – Admin]

This is a long long read, but it address’ the techniques that governments, intelligence agencies and media have used for a long time, to control mass consensus [and belief systems]. This is how they operate [and control the American population].

From the time you are born ’til the day you die. [It is ubiquitous, found absolutely everywhere, from work to church to home, and of course, through all forms of media, including the Internet.]

To break free of this requires going through Severe cognitive dissonance, and that’s why so many cannot see the truth, no matter how simple it is. They will always believe it to be something “other” and as such are neutralized from being able to make a strong decision to go in the right direction, even when it means personal survival.

Like I said, it’s a long read, but take a day or two, and things will become much clearer.


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