Nov 302008

From the Climate Progress blog:

Desgagn’s Transarctik used the MV Camilla Desgagn’s because it is a super ice-class vessel, said Waguih Rayes, the general manager of the company’s Arctic division.

Rayes, who was on the vessel during its trip through the Northwest Passage, said the company informed the coast guard, which put an icebreaker on standby.

“They were ready to be there for us if we called them, but I didn’t see one cube of ice,” he said.

“They were informed about our presence [and] they were ready to give us the support needed. However, since there was no ice whatsoever, the service was not needed, we didn’t call for it.” No Ice In the Northwest Passage

This is even a year earlier then I predicted. But it was predictable by many. Climate change deniers be damned, the planet is heating up, irrevocably and dangerously.

I have no doubts at all that the majority have no clue what this news means. No matter, they’ll all be dead soon enough anyway.

To those that think this is harsh — what do you really think this level of climate change really means? Better harsh words now to shock the lethargic then the terrifying droughts and floods and starvation to come.

Addendum: Another climate impact comes faster than predicted: Himalayan glaciers “decapitated”

Addendum #2: Climate change dropped from The Weather Channel

Worth reading. I’ve repeatedly warned: Climate change is happening far, far faster then all the scientists have predicted.

Nov 292008

This is an cool animated video that lays out the global warming / climate change in an easy presentation. It’s rather cool, worth watching and at the end, you can pick and choose from their solutions.

The Solutions Are Waiting

Please watch, you’ll find it interesting and amusing, I did. Especially the armed fortress.

Now, sticking to the pessimist view, I don’t buy into the solutions presented at all. The proof is always in the pudding, and nobody is making this pudding yet.

Most of these solutions have already been discounted as being sufficient, sustainable or possible permanent replacements. The other solutions, such as hydro power, we already have but it’s insufficient and does not address other issues, such as “electric planes” and such like (we can never become an all-electric society in other words, since this fails to deal with our transportation demands).

We’re certainly not “saved” as it’s alleged in the presentation, hardly. If we were, we’d be there already, but we’re not, not even close. But we are being bamboozled by a slick presentation that implies we can have our cake and eat it too and it won’t be that hard. No big adjustments are necessary.

The hidden assumptions in this message is that we really do not have to change and that we can avoid planetary ecocide and our own extinction by simply modifying our methods of consumption. This is a dangerous lie that is completely ludicrous.

It fails to address the population / resource issues entirely, or the current depletion rates (exponential function), or the declines in the planetary ecosystems or even the critical shortage we have now on absolutely essential elements like phosphorous.

Waving a magic technological wand at the problem and declaring us saved is worse then being simply disingenious, it’s dangerous because it breeds apathy and indifference altogether, and encourages us to place the responsbility upon the wizards to make it all better. Just make it all go away, I’ve got to go shopping.

The other main point of contention I have is we do not have until 2050 to pull this off. I always wonder where these groups get this numbers from, I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply make them up because it has no basis in reality.

If we are already at “critical red” on our carbon emissions now, permitting this to go much, much higher by 2050, and then start the long decline in emissions, really makes no sense at all. In fact, it makes no damned sense at all. Because to take this path would damn the human race for certain.

Read this:

A paper by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research shows that if we are to give ourselves a roughly even chance of preventing more than two degrees of warming, global emissions from energy must peak by 2015 and decline by between 6% and 8% per year from 2020 to 2040, leading to a complete decarbonisation of the global economy soon after 2050. Even this programme would work only if some optimistic assumptions about the response of the biosphere hold true. Delivering a high chance of preventing two degrees of warming would mean cutting global emissions by more than 8% a year.

Is this possible? Is this acceptable? The Tyndall paper points out that annual emission cuts greater than 1% have “been associated only with economic recession or upheaval”. When the Soviet Union collapsed, emissions fell by some 5% a year.  The Planet Is Now So Vandalised That Only Total Energy Renewal Can Save Us

Uh uh. While we’re getting a much better time frame to turn things around, it’s still not enough (but better).

If we are extinguishing species at up to 50,000 extinctions per year now, what would another 42 years make? 2,100,000 extinct species. That might as well include us. The world’s ecosystems would be “acidic” at the very least and toxic to most life forms.

Going up, up and up is suicide, irrespective of the chosen date to begin the declines. We do not know just have fast our collapse might come, it might be as fast as the Larsen Ice Shelf that collapsed in just 35 days.

Discounting the specific technologies presented here as solutions for a moment, just consider the promise of a technological fix the animation (and many believers) embrace without any evidence at all that it will ever happen. All these proponents have to this day is a so-called promise, but no reality.

There are specific reasons for this by the way. Reality is far removed from promises and the cost to see them realized. It is not just monetary costs or scientific knowledge costs (qualified people for example), but environmental costs. For every so-called solution, there are environmental and ecological costs to our efforts to deploy or use these solutions. And this is all too-often, not taken into account. It is the very reasons that bio-fuels as an example, are now receiving negative press (one of the proposed solutions in the presentation). Can you say, it doesn’t work as promised?

I spent a bit of time today studying exactly one of these issues. I read up on the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFC) for example, because I saw Gore on Oprah pitch his presentation again and his so-called solutions. What I learned is that this fix will not save us, nor even come close, yet this is an example of what is being promoted.

If you honestly investigate all of the other technofix solutions being proposed, wind, wave, solar, hydro, hydrogen, coal, whatever it might be, you will uncover the deficits they all have. And even if they don’t seem to be “all that bad”, the presumption behind them is we can just keep right on going like we are today, never mind their costs, their impacts, their environmental demands, their waste, their pollution and their contribution to planetary destruction, all so we can continue to “have it all”.

This approach is challenged by the American thinker Sharon Astyk. In an interesting new essay, she points out that replacing the world’s energy infrastructure involves “an enormous front-load of fossil fuels“, which are required to manufacture wind turbines, electric cars, new grid connections, insulation and all the rest. This could push us past the climate tipping point. Instead, she proposes, we must ask people “to make short term, radical sacrifices”, cutting our energy consumption by 50%, with little technological assistance, in five years.

So when I read or hear about a technofix, I’m quite unwilling to believe its alleged promises as being the salvation of mankind. If not for the reasons above, for the simple reason it has never, ever happened. We just keep digging the hole deeper with every such solution is all, pushing off the inevitable “forcing” of what really needs to be done in regards to human civilization and its demands upon the environment.

The hole by the way, is our grave.

Nov 282008

Someone sent me these, some of his vids are funny, others just “off”, but these two are entertaining.

Reality Engineering:


Nov 282008

I came across two articles today that deal with the same subject, from the same report.  However, the difference in their reporting is quite remarkable.

This is nothing new, skeptics or deniers will use the same data sets and the same reports to bolster their claims, and proponents will do the same, each cherrypicking their data to report on.

Here they are:

Efforts to support global climate-change falls: Poll (Windsor Star)

‘World mandate’ on climate action (BBC)

The BBC does a poor job of reporting the serious decline in support, while the Windsor Star came acrossed as much more “real”.

In other news, Al Gore was on Oprah tonight, pushing his documentary.  That’s fine, except at the end the greenwash was once again, promoted, telling us to buy fluorescent light bulbs and change our furnace filters.  As one person said:

I am convinced the embodied energy to produce, package, and ship and considering the real duty cycle, and the mercury content, make them a firm net negative for the environment, energy savings and health. We should be looking towards LED and halogen.

Meanwhile, greenhouse gases are at an all-time high and show no signs of letting off.

Nov 282008

I thought this headline was a joke, but it is not:

A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a store Friday morning, police and witnesses said. Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Only a matter of time before the stupid sheep would kill one of their own.

I have absolutely no pity for the fatted calves of today who think they’re going to “save” a few penny’s at China Mart by being the first slobs to arrive. This is worst then disgusting, it is an indictment of our entire culture and civilization.

Fast forward six months, nine months as collapse deepens. Still think you’re going to be safe in your cities? There are too many people living there. Unless they declare martial law and keep the crowds at bay, you’ll see more of this when the food runs out.

These slugs were rushing inside for god only knows what. Probably trinkets and junk.

Of course, this stupidity makes Drudge headlines in big bold red letters.

But these never will:

Israel’s Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine (scroll down on Lendman’s site to find)

Media Response to Venezuelan Elections

Does it occur to anyone else that we are paying attention to all the wrong things? That there are some important developments going on in the world which the Amerikan mainstream media refuses to let you hear?

Which is more important, the ongoing genocide in Palestine or the trampled Wal-Mart worker? Real democracy in Venezuela or the sham democracy in Amerika? Saving our biosphere or saving our banks?

Of course I know the answer to those questions, which is why I have no sympathy whatsoever for the brain-dead.

Nov 272008

Since its inception, this blog has concentrated on many issues relating to the human condition within the framework of civilization: human rights, greed, corruption, justice, equality, environment, politics, tyranny, war, collapse, survival, primitivism, sustainable living and above all, common sense and the transparency and folly of our present world.

It has always been my goal, while not always clear or plainly stated, to effect the final outcome of our common future (if only slightly), a not unworthy goal that has made this effort of mine an underlying driving force, rousing me from my bed at night and spending thousands of hours here, expenditures and efforts that I regret not in the least.

My own learning curve has been steep as I journeyed across the entire world, looking, reading, learning and examining and assessing the information that I found, sharing some of that with you here, adding my own commentary and insight, all in the hopes that even the slightest change might be forthcoming, somewhere, anywhere if even only in myself.

This catharsis of revelation and sharing was necessary for me as I learned, reading, writing and researching was my own way of bleeding out the bad and tainted blood in my own life, sharing this here with all of you was my privilege and not a burden.

I’m a hospitalized patient of civilization like everyone else, seeking health and healing, a balance of truth in my own life, by identifying the sicknesses and maladies that plague us all.

It has slowly dawned upon me that while I documented the collapse and our way of life, that I was missing something critically important. Something so essential and so basic and blatantly obvious that it defied my attention and observation. I was looking too hard for symptoms and causes within, all too-often encapsulated by the indifferent walls of civilization.

Concentrating upon the human condition and how we treat each other and our planet always presumes the preeminence and priority of mankind over everything else, despite the growing knowledge that this has never been true.

Raging against the injustice of modern civilization was still a big theme, which presupposes that something else other then this would eventually somehow solve the underlying human problems. The how to achieve this remained somewhat vague and uncertain because this view remains woefully incomplete and lacking in understanding that there is something far more fundamental unaddressed here.

Humankind is the direct result of millions of years of evolutionary development, entirely exclusive and removed from civilization. The last 10,000 years have seen the rise of civilization and modern agriculture, with all of its accompanying ills and problems, but in this very short time frame, humans have not measurably evolved at all. Our change is ideological only, manifesting itself in environmental domination and control (agriculture) and domination over all other species, including humans.

Putting this into perspective, our experiment with civilization is very short and full of terrible tragedy. The future poses absolutely no promise whatsoever that this will be any different despite our growing knowledge and awareness of this folly.

The common focus of billions of humans for thousands of years has been to continue on this failed path, to work within the confines and boundaries of civilization towards the long promised but-never-realized “solutions”, presuming that we can eventually “manage” our way to eventual global harmony. Even if this could be embraced and believed as being true someday, somehow, this very effort represents human exclusivity — a view represented by civilization itself.

A belief in managed human development, ignores the true history (human and non-human) and undermines the fundamental dependencies of all life. Worse, this practice prioritizes human preeminence above all else, placing priority first and foremost upon the human condition alone, and our propensity for avarice.

This has proven to be a very damaging and dangerous deception, one which has only been permitted due to the sheer abundance and resiliency within the natural world that sustained us as we fumbled our way about, destroying and damaging our way to preeminence and global domination.

We have reached the end of the road of natural tolerance and abundance some years ago. The pavement we’ve ripped up and laid down is crumbling, very quickly under our feet. This is just, and not to unexpected.

We will never learn to treat each other with kindness, respect, tolerance, compassion and care if we cannot practice these things to the natural world that sustains us. The simplicity and truth of this argument is absolutely undeniable. Our life is the life of the Earth. This will never change even if humans were to colonize Mars.

The preeminence of humankind is a lie foisted upon us all by civilization itself. This is avarice itself, the belief that we alone are special and deserving of privilege, protection and preservation. This is not true, these lies continue to exist only because we continue to practice our failed notions of environmental justice and equality.

Supporting every aspect of this has been the living biosphere, with its incredible diversity and density, permitting the privileged and exclusive development of civilization and all things human. All of the modern world is at the costliest expense of the entire biosphere, the living Earth, a ecological deficit of terrifying proportions.

The rage I have felt towards this modern world and its terrible injustice of the human condition has been based upon civilizations failed precepts and promises. My own failure has been the assumption that this was the battle to be fought.

I was wrong.

There is something deeper, more fundamental and more important than this. The harmony of people on the Earth can never be found within the confines of civilizations yoke and chain, this is a stockade hiding behind notions of “progress” and “civilized society”. A civilization the destroys and abuses the resource base that sustains it can never be justified.

This is not the battle to be fought. Saving this civilization or even railing against it is totally pointless.

This is not the war to be fought because it is anathema (totally set apart) from ethical human existence.

It is our civilization that is destroying this home to all things living and yet to come. This civilization will never succeed in stopping this destruction, because of the fundamental principles which drive it, and therefore it does not deserve to survive. Any and all efforts to ‘preserve’ or ‘sustain’ this civilization is morally wrong and should be vehemently opposed.

Humans are no more preeminent over all other forms of life then a rock is to a grain of sand. Because we alone “decided” that we are the most important form of life on Earth, we embarked on an insane imbalance of life, tearing and destroying the very fabric of existence from beneath our feet, devouring the bones of anything and everything in our way.

But like sand, humans are not indestructible. We are not rocks that can endure this weathering of self-destruction for millions of years. Our existence is fleeting fast before our very eyes. This is just. A civilization that refuses to preserve ethical life is not worthy of continued existence.

At times they were kind, they were polite in their sophistication, smiling but never too loudly acting in a civilized manner an illusion of gentleness always fighting to get their way. while the people see, the people know, the people wait, the people say the closing of your doors will never shut use out, the closing of your doors can only shut you in.

We know the predator, we see them feed on us, we are aware to starve the beast is our destiny. At times they were kind, they were polite, but never honest.

We see your tech no logical society devour you before your very eyes we hear your anguished cries exalting greed through progress while you seek material advances the sound of flowers dying carry messages through the wind trying to tell you about balance and your safety

But your minds are chained to your machines and the strings dangling from your puppeteers hands turning you, twisting you into forms and confusions beyond your control

Your mind for a job your mind for a t.v. your mind for a hair dryer your mind for consumption.

With your atom bombs your material bombs your drug bombs your racial bombs your class bombs your sexist bombs your ageist bombs

Devastating your natural shelters making you homeless on earth chasing you into illusions fooling you, making you pretend you can run away from the ravishing of your spirit

While the sound of flowers dying carry messages through the wind trying to tell you about balance and your safety.

Trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness leading us into the trap believe in their power but not in ourselves piling us with guilt always taking the blame greed chasing out the balance trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

economic deities seizing power through illusions created armies are justified class systems are democracy god listens to warmongers prayers tyranny is here, divide and conquer trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

greed a parent insecurity the happiness companion genocide conceived in sophistication tech no logic material civilization a rationalization replacing a way to live trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness

To god we hope you don’t mind but we would like to talk to you; there are some things we need to straighten out, it’s about these christians they claim to be from your nation but man you should see the things they do all the time blaming it on you: manifest destiny, genocide, maximized profit, sterilization, raping the earth, lying taking more than they need in all the forms of the greed. we ask them why, they say it’s god’s will.

Damn god they make it so hard. Remember jesus? Would you send him back to them, tell them how to kill him, rather they should listen stop abusing his name and yours.

We do not mean to be disrespectful but you know how it is, our people have their own ways we never even heard of you until not long ago, your representatives spoke magnificent things of you which we were willing to believe, but from the way they acted we know we and you were being deceived.

We do not mean you and your christian children any bad, but you all came to take all we had we have not seen you but we have heard so much it is time for you to decide what life is worth we already remember but maybe you forgot.

Look at us, look at us, we are of Earth and Water
Look at them, it is the same
Look at us, we are suffering all these years
Look at them, they are connected.
Look at us, we are in pain
Look at them, surprised at our anger
Look at us, we are struggling to survive
Look at them, expecting sorrow be benign
Look at us, we were the ones called pagan
Look at them, on their arrival
Look at us, we are called subversive
Look at them, descending from name callers
Look at us, we wept sadly in the long dark
Look at them, hiding in tech no logic light
Look at us, we buried the generations
Look at them, inventing the body count
Look at us, we are older than America
Look at them, chasing a fountain of youth
Look at us, we are embracing Earth
Look at them, clutching today
Look at us, we are living in the generations
Look at them, existing in jobs and debts
Look at us, we have escaped many times
Look at them, they cannot remember
Look at us, we are healing
Look at them, their medicine is patented
Look at us, we are trying
Look at them, what are they doing
Look at us, we are children of Earth
Look at them, who are they?

Indigenous tribes and cultures are facing extinction all over the world. We are their modern descendants. We deny this ancient heritage, pretending that we are unconnected, and somehow, ‘different’, but this is untrue. We are a branch from the same tree from which they themselves have sprung.

The only difference we exhibit is our meglomanical and psychotic human behavior in this insane asylum we call civilization.

The real hope of humanity is not in civilization and never was.  With or without any of us, we will return to a non-civilized world. This is by far, the best solution the human condition can ever achieve.  History proves it, and millions lived it.  Our short experiment seals it.

Look at us. Take a hard, hard look. What do you see?

If you are the least bit interested in ‘saving’ anything, save only the things that really matter. Most of them don’t. They are folly, foolishness and presumptuous.

Let history be your guide if you are in doubt. What existed for millions of years is your roadmap.

Nov 262008

[This is an excellent article bringing up several important points – Admin]

Hope in Common – David Graeber

We seem to have reached an impasse. Capitalism as we know it appears to be coming apart. But as financial institutions stagger and crumble, there is no obvious alternative. Organized resistance appears scattered and incoherent; the global justice movement a shadow of its former self. There is good reason to believe that, in a generation or so, capitalism will no longer exist: for the simple reason that it’s impossible to maintain an engine of perpetual growth forever on a finite planet. Faced with the prospect, the knee-jerk reaction””even of “progressives”””is, often, fear, to cling to capitalism because they simply can’t imagine an alternative that wouldn’t be even worse.

The first question we should be asking is: How did this happen? Is it normal for human beings to be unable to imagine what a better world would even be like?

Hopelessness isn’t natural. It needs to be produced. If we really want to understand this situation, we have to begin by understanding that the last thirty years have seen the construction of a vast bureaucratic apparatus for the creation and maintenance of hopelessness, a kind of giant machine that is designed, first and foremost, to destroy any sense of possible alternative futures. Continue reading »

Nov 262008

I’ve been kinda “holding it in” lately, on purpose. Lots of hoopla and hoorah and blah blah going on out there in Net land, but it doesn’t really mean much. Actually, it doesn’t mean anything at all and I’m not going to pass it on.

The crash / collapse is progressing nicely however. This isn’t b.s., or blah blah. Big bad chunks of news each and every day, piling up the evidence to stratospheric heights.

I’ve spent a bit of time reading up on these, but held off sharing the doom. Those that aren’t aware of this doom by now aren’t going to benefit much anyway. Those that are, have certainly had their fill of it.

But you’d better stock up on everything, immediately, many, many reports that ’09 is going to be slam dunk whopper of a year for all of us.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to stay in business, when I read of the hyper-inflation to come, I’m thinking “weekly price changes” and such like. How am I going to keep up with that? One country is experiencing over 2,000,000% inflation rates, how could you stay ahead of that? It would be impossible.

I’ve also been investigating a few other areas of interest, including the environmentalist movement. While well intentioned, I do not believe that they are any better prepared for collapse (even though some of them advocate it) then any other groups. In fact, they’re far worse prepared then several other groups I know.

Not that this matters, because it really doesn’t. But some of them have a particular interest in speeding up the collapse. That’s all fine and good, a slow collapse is the worst possible outcome for everyone, but it’s not the least bit realistic, so I’m not holding my breath.

Simply due to their “small stature” and ability to do much of anything at all on the size and scale that would be absolutely necessary to make even a tiny change, I do not expect them to change the collapse outcome at all.

This may not be welcome news, but it’s simple math really.

They’re too small, unheard, marginalized and ineffective and they lack the resolve and the preparation they need to act.

Want proof? If they actually had these things, they’d have done it already (or died trying) and you’d be reading about it everyday. Pretty simple really.

This is true principle of all groups by the way, so I’m not trying to single anyone out.

Opposite examples of this are people who are actually doing and not just grandstanding their views are the tribes and indigenous groups out there on the battle lines right now, they’re dying on a daily basis for what they believe in, which is simply the preservation of their way of life and the right to be left alone.

But you don’t see the rest of us doing that, not at all. We’ve still got both feet firmly planted on this side of the fence of resource abundance and our continued consumption, hollering over that same wooden fence that we paid for to “stop the clearcutting”.

Our position remains valid, even if our lifestyles are not (and that is an easy mistake to make, this is called Ad Hominem Tu Quoque). Even so, our position will remain only as effective as our actual lifestyle and our ability to adopt a revolutionary mindset.

Those that seek revolutionary change in how they want the environment to be treated or protected will need to be revolutionaries themselves. They will need to lay it all on the line or do nothing at all. Marginal and / or mediocre efforts will always return marginal or mediocre effectiveness.

This is probably why so few people are truly preparing for collapse in meaningful ways, and why so few groups actually achieve anything at all. They lack a revolutionary mindset and a lifestyle that follows it. They also all seem to lack discipline, training and instruction.

Taking this further, these characteristics apply to all of us too. If our system is coming down and collapsing, where are we receiving the necessary training, instruction and discipline we need to help us get through this? This is a revolutionary event now in the making, but the schools of instruction don’t exist yet. Why is that?

We have the well-documented information on our impending predicament, but most of us are bogged down and stuck, unable to work either in or outside of the present system. This absolutely guarantees our ineffectiveness (and probable failure).

So where are the schools to assist us? Where is the training? Where are the mentoring and disciplining of individuals and groups that would be necessary to make these particular people much more effective and better prepared then they actually are?

Consider this: If what you advocate is to “stop the environmental destruction”, then where are the schools of instruction to properly prepare you to actually do this? If the institution of a “school” offends you, then where is the training you need? Reading a book on the environment does not make you an environmentalist or prepared to take on the corporate machine, anymore then eating a fish makes you a fisherman.

I’m saying that we are woefully under-equipped and naive to think that we have what it takes to make the changes we claim to seek. Therefore, we should become better equipped instead of simply giving up.

Make no mistake, I am under no illusions that we are going to change anything. I simply do not believe it because there is absolutely no evidence for it. What little exist is pathetic. But I am highly persuaded that we can still fight back and should. It is not the goal of winning that make the battle worthy to be fought, it is the knowledge that I have done all that I could, this compels me to try irregardless of the outcome.

People get trapped in the “I can’t win” syndrome and defeat themselves before trying anything. This is the only surefire way to always lose. Everything else is really just chance anyway, you don’t know what the outcome might be if you try. And in the end, you will have to live with yourself if you don’t try. Looking back, what regrets might there be?

I’ve always said to watch what people do more then what people say. The “do” is the most revealing of all of character, intent and belief. Many people for example, want a “fix” to our current financial crisis, but are still extending their credit to the limit. WTF??

Our government is now claiming it will “help the little guy” by extending us more loans and increasing our indebtedness. WTF is this?? More debt slavery is NOT what this country needs. Neither group is the least bit interested in “fixing” anything, it’s status-quo all the way.

So when I read the stated agenda (and the inferred unspoken ones) of a given group or organization, I take a look at what they are really doing to reference what they really are, which oftentimes takes a modified form of the “I can’t win” syndrome. Most are really status quo in all that they say (which in itself doesn’t really mean anything) and what they actually do, which obviously means that no change at all can ever really be expected. The hoopla is all smoke and mirrors and can simply be ignored.

I don’t think that most minor and marginalized groups are taken truly seriously for this reason. This doesn’t mean that some of them are not watched or harassed or arrested or things like that, but taken seriously in the sense that they could actually do some real harm or really change the outcome of things because they’re very transparent and we see right through them. They’re seen as ineffective and ineffectual because most of their members are exactly that themselves.

This is an important point, because there must be a million different groups all trying to “make a difference” in the world today — and not one of them really ever does. The forward momentum and inertia of our highly destructive system marches on without skipping a beat, hardly even noticing their objections and protests. We have the status quo as always, the same problems, the same tired “solutions” and the same results — nothing.

It doesn’t really matter for the sake of argument what the agenda of these groups actually is in this case, the point is that almost nobody is changing the final outcome of this headlong destruction being caused by the system, either for “good”, or for “bad” (depending on your personal perspective).

I see this occurring for the following reasons:

a) members and individuals keep playing by rules that defined the “game” they seek to change;
b) their own lives are not the living examples of the changes they seek;
c) they are improperly equipped and supported;
d) they lack the discipline, instruction, and training that would make them more effective.

You should note that most of these things also cause something else — a lack of external support. Whether financial support or increased membership to the group or any other type support, the lack of a living disciplined example is perhaps the #1 reason why these individuals and groups are not more broadly supported.

Other reasons for no support would include “breaking the rules” of society (so-called “illegal” activities), but this is actually meaningless to those that have either trained themselves or received instruction on what is “legal” and what is merely protectionism to what is unjust, immoral and wrong.

Legal in our world today authorizes the genocide of an entire population through nefarious means, including war, disease, and starvation, deprivation, deforestation and many other direct and indirect attacks, while incarcerating totally innocent victims for no crimes at all for indefinite periods of time. Legal in other words and even morality, is defined by whatever the system claims it is.

The entire system is actually designed to self-protect and further the status-quo despite its destructive propensity to all things animate and inanimate. This “legality” is the form, structure and content of acceptable “system” behavior enforced upon all and codified into law. This behavior finds acceptable the flooding of entire river valleys for thousands of square kilometers, reducing thousands to homelessness and destitution, defending this as an inalienable “right” in preservation of the dominant status-quo.

It never occurs to the proponents of the system that humans or the living biosphere are in living existence irregardless of any “law” and as such entities, have inalienable rights which transcends all laws, laws which are simply mere ideas, made up conventions among humans alone for their particular advantage, often subject to constant interpretation and manipulation to only further that advantage.

Society is too ingrained to this system to effectively challenge it, let alone change it. Asking where is the instruction or the training to oppose this rigid system is a revolutionary thought completely outside the bounds of normal accepted behavior.

We won’t see change, or even effective resistance until and if these principles and concepts are understood and embraced.

It is noteworthy that not all peoples require this basic primer, as evidenced by the historic speeches of history and even in this present day.

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.” – Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

“The Earth is the Mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it. You might as well expect the river to run backward as that any man who was born a free man should be contented when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases.” – Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

“Traditional people of Indian nations have interpreted the two roads that face the light-skinned race as the road to technology and the road to spirituality. We feel that the road to technology…. has led modern society to a damaged and seared earth. Could it be that the road to technology represents a rush to destruction, and that the road to spirituality represents the slower path that the traditional native people have traveled and are now seeking again? The earth is not scorched on this trail. The grass is still growing there.” – William Commanda, Mamiwinini, Canada, 1991

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. – Henry David Thoreau

History is a voice forever sounding across the centuries the laws of right and wrong. Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral law is written on the tablets of eternity. – James A. Forude

Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right. – Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992)

Nov 242008

Is it ok if I laugh now? I mean, a real big belly shaking hilarious kind of laugh?

Our government is so stupid, so insane and so out of control, that laughter is got to be better then pulling your hair out by the roots.

The only thing stupider are the people still playing in today’s Russian roulette version of the stock market.
I watch this thing go up, then go down, then go up and then go down, each time Congress or Bernanke or Paulson promise something that they cannot possibly deliver.

This is collapse folks. Full-blown, in-your-face, we’re-all-totally-and-royally screwed collapse. Our financial system is TOAST.

Absolute mindless ZOMBIES are running the show folks. Desperately trying to prop up what is irretrievably broken.

“All this obviously begs the question: what kind of economy are we going to live in if the old one is toast? Well, it’s also pretty obvious that it will have to be based on activities productively aimed at keeping human beings alive in an ecology that has a future. Once you grasp this, you will see that there is no reason to despair and more than enough for all of us to do, so we can recover from the zombie nation disease and get on with the next chapter of American history”

In Lurching Toward Gomorrah: More Signs of An Unstoppable Economic Meltdown Lendman lays it out succinctly, although he got the bailout figure wrong, it’s $7.7 trillion and still climbing.

Do you know how many YEARS it would take to simply run the printing presses to flood the banks with this kind of cash? That’ll never happen of course, but it’s going to create some terrifying conditions as the US Dollar becomes absolutely worthless.

Hehehehehe!!! Run up the black flag folks, it’s going to be mighty difficult in the days ahead.

Nov 222008

If you haven’t seen this, perhaps you could take a look at The World. Check out the video clips and the image gallery to fully appreciate what they’re doing there.

Makes you wonder why we worry about replacing light bulbs, save forests, or cut down on carbon emissions at all. Hell, for that matter, why we’re even here. We’re just in the way.

It’s not envy I feel, it’s disgust. How can you be envious of stupidity and arrogance? We can always hope sea level rises will wash this place away (soon).