2008 In Pictorial Review

Knowing how much Americants like pictures, I thought I’d post a few.

Signs of the times:

More Signs of the times:

Our Ridiculous Future expectations:

The Only Brave Man in the Entire World:

And the Would Be Brave:

The Future Ex-Leader:

Herr Leader’s Future Job Opportunities:

And the Future Of Our Troops Occupation:

More Signs of the times:

More Colored Horseshit From American Corporations:

American dartboards of the future:

The Real President:

Your Real Future:

Their Real Future:

And Why You Don’t Care:

Your Future Redeuex:

And what this means:

Need I say more?

But I’m not done yet, how about Your Allegiance or Die?

And Your Children’s Future:

Do You REALLY Want Change?

I didn’t think so. You REALLY think this mattered?

The only ones willing to fight:

Because YOU won’t:

Nothing to see here:

The Graves of No Excuse:

Our response:

But this is what we really prefer:

It’s really all just fun and games:

And none of it matters:

I’ve been asking you to resist:

And so has the world:



Wake The Fuck Up:

Is There ANYTHING you care about?

I didn’t think so:

Do you really think you can have it both ways?

They’re going to make sure you don’t:

And so will they:

Some world you’ve failed to stop:

There will be a lot more of this:

This is not a spectator sport:

And there is no wisdom here:

It is ALWAYS someone’s BLOOD:

But not the ones responsible:

Come home:

Before it’s too late:

No more of this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

But this:

And this:

They need your help:

So do we:

Before this:

Becomes this:

The threat is real:

No, not that, this:

And this:

Our Leaders are too busy playing around to care:

All of them:

Some know what we have become:

But most don’t:

And some just beg:

I hope it doesn’t take this long:

But it probably will:


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