Nov 302007

This is “weird” because it directly contradicts the direction the Bush Administration has been headed for the past 8 years (I realize he hasn’t been in office that length of time, but the (s)election was already made and the PNAC had already “decided” on their Pearl Harbor need).

Sent in by Vaughn (his comment below), but I’m going to post the entire article for “posterity” sake (because later on, I guarantee, this will be useful).

Adorning my ‘tin-foil hat’ on this one….and have come up with the following theory….cut, drastically, the so-called ‘Homeland Security’ Budget and then allow a ‘terrorist’ action to occur, then cease elections next fall and the “Decider Guy” becomes just that and imposes Martial Law. Just around the time the U.S. economy finally collapses.

But what a piss-off, making all of [us] take off our shoes, drink breast milk and all those other silly can’t-take-certain-fluids-on-a-plane nonsense if you’re only going to now cut most of your spending that was keeping us all in fear and scared of each other while on a plane. Goofs.

Bush Seeks Dramatic Cuts in Homeland Security Grants

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — The Bush administration intends to slash counterterrorism funding for police, firefighters and rescue departments across the country by more than half next year, according to budget documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The Department of Homeland Security has given $23 billion to states and local communities to fight terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks, but the administration is not convinced that the money has been well spent and thinks the nation’s highest-risk cities have largely satisfied their security needs.

The department wanted to provide $3.2 billion to help states and cities protect against terrorist attacks in 2009, but the White House said it would ask Congress for less than half — $1.4 billion, according to a Nov. 26 document. The plan calls outright elimination of programs for port security, transit security, and local emergency management operations in the next budget year. This is President Bush’s last budget, and the new administration would have to live with the funding decisions between Jan. 20 and Sept. 30, 2009.

The Homeland Security department and the White House Office of Management and Budget, which is in charge of the administration’s spending plans, would not provide details about the funding cuts because nothing has been finalized. “It would be premature to speculate on any details that will or will not be a part of the next fiscal year budget,” OMB spokesman Sean Kevelighan said, because negotiations between the White House and the Cabinet departments over the budget are not finished.

The proposal to drastically cut homeland security grants is at odds with some of the administration’s own policies. For example, the White House recently promised continued funding for state and regional intelligence “fusion centers” — information-sharing centers the administration deems critical to preventing another terrorist attack. Cutting the grants would limit money available for the centers.

The White House’s plan to eliminate the port, transit and other grants, which are popular with state and local officials, would not go into effect until Sept. 30, 2008. Congress is unlikely to support the cuts and will ultimately decide the fate of the programs and the funding levels when it hashes out the department’s 2009 budget next year. The White House routinely seeks to cut the budget requests of federal departments, but the cuts proposed for 2009 homeland security grants are far deeper than the norm. Congress has yet to approve the department’s 2008 plan.

“This budget proposal is dead on arrival,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. “This administration runs around the country scaring people and then when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, they say ‘sorry, the bank is closed.”’

California receives a large share of the counterrorism money each year, and could lose more than $200 million under the White House plan.

Boxer was particularly incensed about the proposal to end money for port security — a big concern on the West Coast. “California’s ports carry over 47 percent of all goods imported into the United States,” she said. “A terrorist attack at any of California’s ports could shut down our nation’s port system and result in a mind-boggling loss for our nation’s economy.”

Bipartisan opposition to deep cuts emerged from New York, another state that would be hard hit.

“To zero out essential homeland security programs which have more to do with protecting Americans and fighting the war on terror than much of the money spent in Iraq shows how warped and out of touch this administration’s priorities are,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat.

The proposal “goes totally in the wrong direction,” said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. “This would be a very grave mistake, and I will do all I can to stop it.”

In some years the grant program has created more ill will than security. In 2005, the administration cut by 40 percent the counterterrorism funding to New York and Washington, D.C., the two cities hit hardest on Sept. 11. New York lawmakers were furious, and the homeland security official in charge of the grants program eventually resigned. Since then, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has promised to apply more common sense and less “bean-counting” in grant decisions.

The White House plan calls for massive cuts in areas where federal homeland security officials had sought increases. The department requested $900 million for grants to U.S. cities at greatest risk of attack. But the White House only wants to provide $400 million for that program, to be divided among no more than 45 urban areas. In 2007, Congress gave New York City $134 million — about a third of the total amount the White House would give to the highest risk areas in the country in 2009.

While very popular in the states and among lawmakers who take credit for getting counterterrorism dollars to their districts, some of the Homeland Security grants have been criticized as wasteful or excessive.

— $345,000 for crashproof barriers and 60 closed-circuit cameras to monitor the University of Arkansas Razorback stadium, which local officials think could be a terrorist target.

— $5 million for the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology to buy a nearly deserted town to use for counterterrorism training.

— $70,000 for Huntsville, Ala. to create a fallout shelter in an abandoned mine where 20,000 people could take cover underground.

— Several South Florida fire departments have used Homeland Security grants to beef up their gyms. Pompano Beach, Fla., spent $220,000 on fitness equipment for a wellness program, training and physical exams.

While the White House would eliminate at least seven current homeland security grant programs, it would create two new grants:

— Targeted investment grants, which would fund administration priorities such as the requirement that states create more secure driver’s licenses, secure credentials for transportation employees and state and local planning for catastrophic disasters. The White House would provide $450 million for that.

— A $300 million discretionary grant program for terrorism preparedness, prevention and response, which would fund specific projects instead of sending a set amount to each state.

These grants have long been debated in Congress, particularly whether a certain amount should be guaranteed to each state regardless of its risk of being attacked by terrorists. Rural lawmakers have not wanted the money to be distributed based on risk alone because it would mean their states and districts would see cuts.

In a joint statement, Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Conn., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, chairman and ranking Republican on the Homeland Security committee, said they “urge the administration to reconsider this wrong-headed strategy.”


I’m with Vaughn on this one. I’m also wondering if this is a “test the winds” or a “diffusion” of the dissent that has been growing against DHS. After all, it’s not like the Bush Administration to do the right thing, is it? These guys are legendary in their blundering, squandering, wasteful ways. And they are also masters at deception and deceit.

So what’s really going on here? We can be sure it’s something that doesn’t quite meet the eye. Please note, that it is Congress who will “get the blame” here if they refuse to support the cuts. This could be a early campaign ploy for the next (s)election upheaval / fiasco. Which occurs almost exactly one month later after these cuts are scheduled to take effect.

In any case, I can see how this could be spun into a “win – win” situation for the Republican party no matter what. If Congress doesn’t support it, the blame is put on the Democrats for not cutting federal spending and “waste”.  If Congress does support it, they can go ahead with their false flag terrorist b.s. to suspend the Constitution and blame Congress.  Or if nothing happens at all, they can go on pretending that they had our best interest in mind all along.

It’s too bad we can’t trust these guys, but of course, we can’t. At this point, after all this time and all the evils they have perpetrated all over the world and of course, here in America, nothing they do should escape our scrutiny and awareness.

Nov 302007

This find is from Lonewolf, another “dot” warning oft repeated here:

Far from saving us from catastrophe, the market is developing fortresses to shield the haves from the victims of the future.

Bush wants to leave our climate crisis to the ingenuity of the market. Well, the market has spoken: it will not take us off this disastrous course. In fact, the smart money is betting that we will stay on it. Forget the Green Technology – The Hot Money Is In Guns

If capitalistic enterprises and expansion created the problems (the human side), which caters to power and money, how can uncreating these problems be dealt with by the “free market”?

Naomi Kein is correct – it will not take us off this disastrous course. We’re here to stay, right until it all falls apart, because a profit-motivated market cannot effectively respond any other way.

They certainly won’t be cutting their own throats, now will they? Proponents that claim we can “fix” our problems by throwing money and technology at them are miracles-worshipers, hoping for something that has never happened in human history. Both components created the problems, both are fundamental to the problems, and both will accelerate the problems, effectively worsening our overall condition.

This is because it all revolves around the basic units of demand (continued consumption of resources) at a profit, versus preservation of resources without profits. In other words, the same old paradigm is at work, ie., “business as usual” despite the green glitter and marketing hype.

The free market “answer” to climate change will be a global disaster. Period. There is zero possibility of any other outcome.

There is a reason former civilizations that were not based upon money did relatively little damage to their environments. We must also remember that is exactly what we inherited (stole) and why it was still there when we arrived and setup our “merchant” accounts.

The environment ought not be “on sale”. The environment is what sustains all of us and needs to be off-limits as much as possible to capitalistic enterprises. We need to completely rethink the paradigm that claims we “own” the planet and that we can “fix” our past and present mistakes by continuing with this faulty “ownership” paradigm.

The planet doesn’t “need” our help. What it needs, what anybody can see and realize is that it needs to be left alone. The Earth can heal itself far better then anything we could ever hope to do. It is human activity that needs to be curtailed, not expanded by creating more “markets”. This is the only answer that will work.

So there you have it – more proof that collapse is inevitable and we really are, “on our own”. Someday soon, simple common sense like this and simple words will be deemed “illegal” by our owners, who will still be insisting that they alone know the answers that are best for all of us.

I just read the other day where was called “American insurgents” for their stance in demanding the war in Iraq be stopped. Well, sign me up, because I’m an “insurgent” who believes that the juggernaut of civilization need to stop.

Nov 302007

This is from Vaughn, who found it on Blacklisted News, who found it on Cryptogon, who found it on the Wall Street Journal (whew, did I miss anyone?). It’s also an “I told you so” when I recently shared that the State and the Feds would step in to keep debtors in line:

The Bush administration and major financial institutions are close to agreeing on a plan that would temporarily freeze interest rates on certain troubled subprime home loans, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

An accord could reassure investors and strapped homeowners, both of whom are anxious as interest rates on more than two million adjustable mortgages are scheduled to jump over the next two years. It could also give a boost to the Bush administration, which is facing criticism for inaction amid the recent housing turmoil.

The plan is being negotiated between regulators including the Treasury Department and a coalition of mortgage-related companies including Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co., Washington Mutual Inc. and Countrywide Financial Corp. People familiar with the talks say the individual members have agreed to follow any agreement reached by the coalition, which is called the Hope Now Alliance. U.S. Government, Banks Near a Plan to Freeze Subprime Rates

My earlier point was that “debt forgiveness” would not happen is demonstrated here. There are people who are wrongly running up debt in hope that collapse will “free” them.  This is a dangerous game, one which you may not win.

I do not know if this will “work” to prop up the troubled economy or keep homeowners in their homes. Seems like most things the Feds try backfire anyway, so go figure.

Nov 302007

Ok then. A little housecleaning has been necessary around here from time to time. I do it when necessary. Lonewolf had asked me to do it sooner then I did, so I’m sorry about that, probably should have taken his advice.

It’s pointless (and dangerous) to publicly post some commentary. Engaging unknown strangers anywhere, online or offline in risky conversations is simply stupid.

Let me share a fact with you: Every single ‘organization’ in America, public and underground, has been infiltrated. If you are engaging in anything that will jeopardize your liberty (even talking), you are at risk from informants and undercover agents. I’ve made it perfectly clear before that you should only deal with people you absolutely know, which will be close friends, family and close neighbors. And not one of them can be 100% trusted either, everyone has a pressure point and can easily sell you out to save their own hide (and all too often, do).

This is a very common tactic used to extract information and entrap people. Most people never realize that most of what is known about you or anyone else is information that you gave them, trusting and believing that it was safe. Our entire society is now built around “extracting information” from you. The rights to privacy are long gone in this country, but the illusions still hold.

If they can’t get enough information from you yourself (unlikely in reality since they have many methods), they will go to your friends, family and neighbors and glean it there.

Most people never really consider that our adversaries are everywhere, including online (especially online, because it is so easy for them and many are basically lazy). The American judicial system with it’s armies of courts, judges, lawyers and law enforcement agents are in business. Their business is to stay in business. They have a personal, vested interest in doing so. It has long since ceased to be an issue of ‘enforcing law’ or ‘catching criminals’, or any other such judicial causes, this is another illusionary falsehood that has been perpetrated by politicians, the media and Hollywood.

This is what makes them our adversaries, because they are engaging in entrapment operations and false arrests on a unprecedented level. This is happening all over the United States right now. Moreover, most laws ‘violations’ are victimless crimes (no one has been harmed), yet our prisons and jails are full of such ‘law breakers’ (combined, it’s over 4 -5 million now) and ‘paroles’.

It’s a business, big business, make absolutely no mistake about it. Check out the “prison industries” if you don’t believe me. Our ‘protectors’ are working for themselves primarily, and they are working for those who employ them — and that certainly isn’t you.

The Supreme Court has ruled on a number of occasions that the police have no obligation to protect you — let that fact sink into your head. Now ask yourself what this means. If we are not allowed to protect our own selves without risking our own liberty (try it and you will find yourself jailed immediately), and if law enforcement has no obligation to protect you, what does this mean?

It means you are a slave, with no rights to life, period. I’ve pointed this out before, but this is one area that makes it perfectly clear. You are an economic unit deemed worthy of life only if you produce, consume and spend. If you fall outside of that area, or even fail in one of those areas, you are now a target (consider how the debt-free are barraged with “credit offers” for a very simple example). It doesn’t matter if you haven’t broken any laws, you must be ‘controlled’ in all aspects of life. This is why the homeless, vagrants, forest dwellers and even indigenous people are readily jailed, killed, deported and abused.

Our society and civilization does not recognize the individuals right to life, despite what you have heard. There are volumes and volumes of rules you must follow if you intend to exist. It is not an issue of “law breaking”, but an issue that says, “if you are to live within OUR society, or on OUR planet, then you will perform and obey the following: xxxxx”.

Anyone who choose to live outside of that set of rules, harming no one, will find themselves swiftly attacked, ostracized, assaulted, jailed and even killed. This is EXACTLY what America is doing to other nations by the way, who choose to believe, act, live and breathe differently then we do. It helps immensely of course, if they happen to have resources we can steal from them.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a civilization that destroys it’s own. The concept that we have the “right” to dictate life, dictate freedom and dictate individual liberties on a global scale is absurd. If none harm another, then what “right” does any society or civilization have to impose it’s standards upon anyone?

Yet that is exactly what we have, in spades, throughout the entire world. This paradigm is fatally flawed and is yet another reason that what we truly have today in respect to freedom and our so-called “rights” of existence (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) is truly a farce no matter where you go.

These are increasingly dangerous times we live in, a tiny smattering of ‘violations’ by the power-hungry which I have blogged. There are quite literally thousands upon thousands of cases being documented in this country alone. And it is indeed, getting much, much worse. It must because power corrupts absolutely and frankly, the natives are getting restless. The yokes and chains which bind us are becoming far too burdensome to bear. Tyranny is already at our doorstep and in our living rooms. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it’s not already here.

Those that refuse to see this are blind. Many, many writers such as Naomi Wolfe have been trying to connect the dots for you, but this is really your job. You alone are responsible for your freedom. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you — they won’t. Do not continue to allow them to also make a “business of freedom” either, because you will (finally) wake up one day in a place you do not recognize, and in clothing you don’t want to wear.

Nov 292007

There has been a lot of food doom in the news, but not all of it noticed and some of it, downright misleading.

ING’s financial analysts predict that agricultural prices will increase further by another 40 per cent by 2020, reflecting a tight supply brought on in part by increased demand for grains, a global water shortage, and changing weather patterns. Grain Prices Could Rise By 40%

This is a ridiculous claim. Global energy depletion is happening right now. We’ve been warned of a possible 100% price increase this winter, depending on the ongoing US drought conditions, only a decade ahead of this wildly optimistic and totally unrealistic “prediction” above.

Some products are now gone. I do not know yet when or if they will return. Organic wheat is gone. Mushrooms have gone up over 100%, we don’t carry them anymore.

China (19% shortfall), Australia (76% shortfall), Bangladesh (50% shortfall) and Indonesia.

“The poor walk the earth with very light carbon footprint but they are set to suffer the most from the actions of a few.”

“An agrarian crisis is brewing because of climate change that could jeopardize global food supplies and increase the risk of hunger for a billion poorest of the poor…”

Meat, poultry, vegetables feel heat from global warming.

“From meat, poultry and milk to potatoes, onions and leafy greens, everything consumed on the world’s dining tables is feeling the heat from climate change, scientists say.” Meat, Poultry, Vegetables

High food prices: Africa shows first signs of trouble.

“Recent violent unrest over soaring food prices in several West African nations points to new signs of trouble on a continent where nearly half the people live on a dollar a day, experts warn.”

Soybeans highest in 34 years on China demand.

“Soybeans surged above US$11 a bushel to the highest in 34 years as China increased purchases of dwindling U.S. supplies.” Soybeans Highest In 34 Years

Here’s the gut clenching kicker —

Food = seed (which are both vulnerable & controlled in MANY ways) + soil (current high rates of depeletion) + climate (significant global changes now underway) + (peak / energy depletion).

OIL = work / population (per capita). Oil is (obviously) required in each and EVERY ‘step’ (aspect) of food production, processing, delivery (access and distribution), and even consumption (unless cooking on wood stove / hearth) in ALL of the ‘developed’ world and in most of the 2nd and 3rd-world’s as well (AKA, for the VAST majority of humans).

9 out of 10 calories in the American diet (and others) derive from food that comes from petroleum based sources (fossil energy). Did you get that?


EVERY single step, process, action IS rapidly increasing price – with NO end ‘in sight’ (or even possible, “alternative” fuels sources have never come even close). For EVERY $x/gal increase in liquid fuels (all of them) times at least a dozens steps and processes = 12+ fold effect of oil price on food to the CONNEDsumer.

Food will rise in price MUCH faster than Oil – or ANYTHING else. FOOD will rise exponentially to the price of oil.

Population Impacts

Population growth rate (net) approx +10,000,000 per year (3 per second) [note: IMO exceeded by several orders of magnitude by bullets, and tons of bombs, explosives and biotoxins produced per second).

Productive agricultural land lost per year approaches 2 BILLION hectares (every) YEAR (and accelerating) from: salinization, erosion, desertification, nutrient stripping, over grazing, aquifer depletion (does not include climate change) each cause probably (IMO) exceeds current deforestation rates.

“According to the Global Assessment of Human-Induced Soil Degradation there are 1.9 billion hectares affected by soil degradation world-wide, 850 million hectares of which are within the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for about 24% of the total regional land area. Thirteen per cent of arable land in the region is severely degraded, 41% is moderately degraded and 46% is light” Land

Deforestation Rates

1990 – 2000 89.000 sq km/year
2000 – 2005 73,000 sq km/year

Total since 1990 approx. 1,400,000 sq km = 541,000 sq miles or approx 1/7th the entire US including AK (also approx. 1/7th of China).

Species extinctions

There are many thousands of species exterminated per year (that we know of). Conservative estimates are a species extinction occurs on average every 20 minutes (3 per hour, 72 per day, 504 per week, 26,208 per year). This is every day, every year, non-stop.

In effect, for every 3,600 humans added to the planet, another species goes extinct. ALL directly caused by fossil fuel combustion (by man) in one form or another.

Some are arguing that this lifestyle and it’s “costs” is still worth “saving”. I disagree. At this rate, we will cause the extinction of all living things in our quest to have the ‘good life’ and then go extinct ourselves. However, the reality is actually going to be much different — We ourselves will die out once we have depleted our food supplies (water, soils, seeds, plants, animals and climate factors).

[significant input from Lonewolf contributed to this article – Admin]


It is patently clear to those who have delved into these subjects, that our future is highly uncertain and is in fact, in severe peril. It is not a question any longer regarding our “way of life” and whether or not it is over, that has already been decided. Efforts to create alternative energy supplies will only exacerbate the existing depletion conditions in species, water, soil and climate, effectively hastening our own destruction and that of every other living thing on this Earth.

This knowledge is not unknown, but it is being almost totally ignored by those who have the power to change the outcome. Instead, every effort is being made to continue as before, propping up the existing power structures and corporate elite who are on the forefront of our planet’s destruction.

This situation will in all likelihood, continue until ‘corporate collapse’ sets in, but not before irreversible planetary damage has been done to the global ecosystems and bio-fauna, including the human population.

If is also patently clear, that if other species cannot live here, then neither can we. Our active destruction of the biological chain of life cannot go on forever without impacting our own survival. We have literally consumed the underpinning structures that support life itself, and at present, are now living on the dregs that are left. This will not last much longer.

This is regrettable, but unavoidable. Power structures that cater to profits, position, power and prestige refuse to recognize the planetary peril that they have created. Corporate collapse is needed, necessary and long overdue and will result in a global economic collapse, lifestyle collapse and ultimately, civilization’s collapse.

As harsh as this may sound, this too is unavoidable, because our civilization refuses to learn it’s own lessons from the past despite having the best science and scientists in history and the most interconnected and informed populace this planet has ever seen.

I offer nor suggest any solutions that have not already been written here. There really are none. We cannot save what is irrevocably damaging, nor should we even try. Many will still try, which will only continue to make things worse.

Unless and until we adopt a new culture and a new ethic that lives from the increase of the Earth rather then the decrease, we will ultimately fail and find ourselves outcasts on a wasted, blasted and devastated planet.

P.S. – Envision a blood-drenched American, sweating, swearing and swarthy, clenching a bloody knife between his fist as he stands somewhere near the North Pole. At his feet lies the world’s last surviving mammal dying at his feet, it’s throat cut and lifeblood leaking out onto the cold ground.

His triumphant shout proclaims his “victory” and total mastery of all, as it echoes off into the nothingness, for there is no one and nothing left anywhere at all to listen to his hollow words. Only when he returns to his senses does he realize that he has killed the only other human that was still alive on this planet.

Now, finally, master and owner of all, king of all the Earthly domain, his plight is finally and forever, apparent to him. In tears of sorrow and regret experienced far too late, he awaits his fate as the new day dawns and the body at his feet grows cold.

Nov 282007

[Just a tiny smattering of today’s headlines – Admin].

Here’s an example of one man who fought back:

In 1994, Henderson dispatched his girlfriend to the tax offices to submit an application for a NZ$65,000 (£23,723) rebate. Inappropriate comments were made to the girlfriend, and Henderson felt obliged to defend her honour. Result: a Kafka-esque twist in which the tax office audited his books and issued a claim for NZ$1m (£365,159). A four-year legal battle in the high courts followed, the claim was eventually overturned and Henderson received his original NZ$65,000 refund.

At which point, most people would probably be happy to retire to a quiet corner and lick their wounds, along with the insides of a couple of bottles of champagne. Revenge tasted sweeter to Henderson, however, so he bought the building, put his name over the door and evicted the tax department. He then set about raising the NZ$40m (£14,606,388) to develop the space into Hotel SO, and is now looking to roll out more in Auckland and possibly London and New York. So, really, we owe a debt of gratitude to the New Zealand inland revenue, the tax department that just likes to keep giving. New Zealander Fights Back

And here is another account of one who’s fighting back, but got slapped on the wrist for his efforts:

CAIRO, Nov 27 (Reuters) – The video-sharing Web site YouTube has suspended the account of a prominent Egyptian anti-torture activist who posted videos of what he said was brutal behaviour by some Egyptian policemen, the activist said.

Wael Abbas said close to 100 images he had sent to YouTube were no longer accessible, including clips depicting purported police brutality, voting irregularities and anti-government demonstrations. YouTube, owned by search engine giant Google Inc , did not respond to a written request for comment. A message on Abbas’s YouTube user page,, read: “This account is suspended.” Google Slaps Wrist

Here’s a weird one, reported in an Australian newspaper, but the case occurred in New York:

“Everyone is going to jail,” the judge said. “Every single person is gong to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now. If anybody believes I’m kidding, ask some of the folks that have been here for a while. You are all going.”

When no one came forward, the judge ordered the group into custody and they were taken by police to the city jail, where they were searched and packed into crowded cells.

Fourteen people who could not post bail were shackled and bused to the county Jail, a 30-minute drive away. Judge Jails 46 People for Ringing Phone

I could post this stuff all day, everyday, is anybody besides me even aware or concerned about what is going on in this country and the sheer quantity of this type of malfeasance? Why are we even tolerating this kind of crap?

One purse was found just sitting on a display shelf in the shoe department at Macy’s. Another one turned up downstairs, in Macy’s Cellar. Yet another rested on a chair in a Midtown McDonald’s, left by a woman who had stepped into the restroom.

In fact, all three items had been planted by police officers in plainclothes during the previous six weeks. And the three people who picked them up were arrested, and now face indictment on charges that could land them in state prison.

Nine months ago, a similar police decoy program called Operation Lucky Bag was effectively shut down by prosecutors and judges who were concerned that it was sweeping up the civic-minded alongside those bent on larceny. Shopping bags, backpacks and purses were left around the subway system, then stealthily watched by undercover officers. They arrested anyone who took the items and walked past a police officer in uniform without reporting the discovery. Phony Sting Operations Ensnare Good Samaritan

Houston, Texas has solved the problem caused by a law that took effect in September forcing the city to split one-half of red light camera profit with the state. By citing motorists for turning right on red and installing twenty new cameras in high-volume locations, Houston is pocketing more money than it did before the profit limitation law kicked in.

Tickets mailed in September were worth $882,525 but jumped to $2 million in October as a result of the changes. Some $270,000 of the increase came from motorists who turned on red and about $950,000 came from the new locations. The Houston Police Department denied the changes were designed to make up for lost revenue. Houston Red Light Cameras Bring Record Profits

One more, but I’ll summarize, because the LA Times paper will bombard you with stupid ads:

The Glendale Fire Department sends a letter to the Collards to trim their trees, so they do, hiring a tree trimmer to do the job. They pay $3,000 for this service, and the tree trimmer tells them “no permit necessary”, having done this many times before. Meanwhile, the city forester spots the tree trimming activity, and issues a “cease and desist” order effective immediately. This eventually transpires into a $347,600 fine for trimming 13 trees (which resided on the Collards property). And it’s not the only case of this type, another person was fined $175,000 for cutting just two trees. Now, the Collards are hoping for a resolution to this fiasco and a fine of only “$10,000”. You can read it here if you like: Out On A Limb

These people are SHEEP! I’m not saying they deserve to be fleeced, but ‘cmon! I would NEVER consider even living where the city can dictate such absurdities. I’d be dumping the sawdust from my trees on their office desks!
And this important piece fits right in to my last blog entry on power, truth and life:

The mainstream media is dominated by a handful of mega corporations who control what many of us hear, read, and believe. The propaganda masters are censoring and suppressing the truth from the American people. There are many reporters who know the truth but dare not talk or write about it, and what some report they don’t even believe themselves. Those who are courageous enough to stand up to the establishment are often ridiculed, intimidated, and blocked by editors and producers who are acting as gatekeepers to the truth.

There have been calls for the arrests and even death of those who criticize the government. You know you have slipped into a fascist dictatorship when those who dissent are treated like traitors, terrorists, and enemies of the state. We are being brainwashed with all the propaganda that we are subjected to in our everyday lives in an effort to control our minds and shift us into massive groupthink. We are being told that we are spreading democracy around the world while our own freedoms are being systematically taken away. Fake News And Propaganda: Shaping Our Reality

And if you don’t think this is serious and do not understand yet where this is all headed, think again. Dissent is now terrorism.

THIS IS AN URGENT ACTION ALERT: (the following is from Restore the Republic’s Gary Franchi)
S 1959 “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007″³ must be stopped at all costs.
Pick up your phone today and contact your US Senator’s office to instruct them to vote “NO” on S.1959.
Click here for your Senators contact info:

Full PDF text if the bill:

If this bill is passed, and becomes law, your words and actions could be considered terrorism. S 1959 EVISCERATES FREE SPEECH, and empowers the govt. to declare ANYTHING they deem an “extremist belief system”, instantly make you a terrorist, resulting in stripping of US citizenship, torture, and/or execution, with no habeas corpus rights, no ability to challenge even in the US Supreme Court.

Contact your Senator and let them know they will be looking for another job if they vote yes on this bill, which is now introduced into the Senate as S.1959 THIS BILL **MUST NOT** BECOME LAW, PERIOD.


Call if you want, but the path ahead is clear as day. Dissent already IS terrorism, we’re just witnessing the nailing of the coffin now. “Get up off your knees!”

Nov 282007

This is a story from 2004, but worthy of posting here because it reveals (in part) just how highly manipulated our Presidential “race” really is.

The Top 10 Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know About the Debates

In fact, we are not being fairly represented by ANYONE, nor are we even being allowed to engage in an open-discourse on the subjects most important, nor even being allowed to have even a shadow of “fair play” at work here.

You can be sure that nothing has changed or will change for the 2008 (s)election.

Nov 272007

truth –
1. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.
2. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.
3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.
4. the state or character of being true.
5. actuality or actual existence.
6. an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.
7. honesty; integrity; truthfulness.
8. ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience: the basic truths of life.

The truth is a powerful act, even a revolutionary act in times like today, but the truth is no longer sufficient by and of itself. There have been countless times in the past when truth has served as a powerful voice to reason and “saved the day”, but that time is now long gone.

There is a widespread misconception that “real truth” is going to be the long-needed catalyst to instigate the changes required in our world before it is too late. This is without a doubt, not true, not in today’s world. Continue reading »

Nov 272007

This will make you want to puke: Congress Pushed Bush To War Prematurely

Unfrigging bushing believable. It’s now our fault that we went ‘prematurely’ to war. This bushit story is barely worth the bits and bytes it takes to share, but it does reveal the duplicious, evil and insidiously warped thinking behind the cursed Bush Administration.

Talked about ‘defining reality’. This absolutely takes the bushing cake.