Jun 282007

Worth posting, directly related to the Lawless Government – Michael Chossudovsky’s The Use of Armed Forces In America Under National Emergency (special thanks to Carolyn Baker). Emphasis mine:

It provides specific details regarding the powers conferred to the President and Vice President in the case of a “Catastrophic Emergency” as envisaged under NSPD 51:

The president “may employ the armed forces … to restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States

Unrestricted powers are granted to the White House. The President would have the authority to suspend civilian law enforcement at the federal and state levels and call in the Military, which would be in charge of suppressing “domestic violence” “insurrection”( e.g. public rallies), or “conspiracy”, meaning anybody who might express dissent, indignation or opposition to the Bush Administration for having scrapped the Constitution.

The emphasis of Sec1042 is in relaiton [sic] to actions directed against “domestic enemies” rather than bona fide “defense” in relation to attacks by foreign forces, which is part of the Military’s mandate.

Taken together, NSPD 51 and Sec 1042 of the DDAA 07 define the contours of a “democratic dictatorship” in America under the authority of the White House.

We are not dealing, however, with “Military Rule” or “Military Government” as normally understood, because the authority to govern under the provisions of NSPD 51 is vested in the President and the Vice President. What is at stake is the unrestricted and arbitrary “Use” of the Military by the President /Vice President in the conduct of police and law enforcement functions, while bypassing the US Congress and the Judiciary.

This is a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, the military charter, a violation of the clear lines of authority in the Constitution and an innumerable breaking of laws in the respective states.

There can be no further doubt (as if there ever was) regarding the intentions of the Bush Extreme and their desire to undermine and see to the destruction of this country.

Related – Debate Over Habeas Corpus Looms in Congress

Jun 262007

This blog covers a wide range of issues, most of which are interconnected and pertain to the coming collapse of civilization and how this global precipice will effect us all, whether we like it or not or even whether we agree with it or not. This is an immutable, undeniable fact that is going to slam us face down into the mud of reality no matter what.

The perspectives shared here are more rare then not, although there is a growing groundswell of uneasiness and a certain fearful trepidation about what the future might bring among the average citizen. Everyone seems to know something is amiss, but there really are amazingly still, only a very small percentage that seem to know what it is.

It has always been my intention to do more then document the collapse. This is proving to be an exercise in futility. The massive paradigm shift that is necessary is colliding with the cognitive dissonance of reality. Blogs such as Clusterfuck Nation, Carolyn Baker, Cryptogon, Life After The Oil Crash, and so many more are clamoring for attention, literally screaming the warnings out that still aren’t being heard by very many.

An example –

There is a very substantial volume of highly credible writing, for anyone that wants to see it, that warns us that humankind has only a few decades left in which to “˜get it right’. We face demographic challenges and global ecological disruptions on scales like nothing that people have seen before. This is no longer news; the information is out there. In spite of this, most people in North America are still “˜sleepwalking’ into the future. Peak Oil Anarchy

This is a must read. Although dated only slightly (2006), this very timely article portrays the deep and abiding concerns that I have tried to share here.

I urge that readers do not escape by “˜turning me off’. Our children and grandchildren will not be able to “˜turn off’ the massive impacts of the changes that are converging around us now. The denial of today, is the parent of the disaster and discomfort of tomorrow.

Almost exactly one year ago, I penned ‘Our Fathers Father‘. This sins of our father, and his father, and us as fathers, is being passed down to all future generations. We are coming up woefully short of what it urgently necessary and desperately needed.

We’re going to have to get hardcore and deadly serious about making the cultural adjustments necessary if we hope to continue our survival on this planet.

It’s been one year since that was written, and in that year, there has been no progress even worth reporting. Not here, not anywhere. We are all in trouble, serious trouble, but that warning message is still not getting across, and often as not, is derided as being inaccurate and misleading.

However, more and more voices are pointing out what should now be obvious to even the most obtuse observer. These are the “heralders of collapse”, the voices who challenge the status quo, decrying the same message endlessly, repeated for years and years on end.

We believe that civilization, capitalism and greed are human vices that are no longer permissible. We know that the present paradigm of civilization is wrong, inadequate and dangerous, a destructive way of life and ultimately deadly for all things living, including humans. We long for a new society and a new type of civilization, one that is built upon the increase of life and not on the decrease.

We need to come to an awareness, that we are not part of a society that values life -only one that values its own life. We need the awareness that we are an “anti-biotic” society – against life. If the world, including this society, are going to survive, then that consciousness needs to change dramatically. Culturally and institutionally we need to become “pro-biotic” – pro-life – and that is all life, not just our own. Pro-biotic does not mean moving to a “sustainability” platform that trades development against destruction. We are past any hope of “sustainable development” in that context. We need to repair before we can even consider sustainability. New Life – On It’s Way Out

We’re interested in discovering and sharing root causes and root problems, not superficial ‘fixes’ and glossed over patches that perpetuate the present paradigms and status quo. We’ve learned that it is our civilization and our behavior that is the cause for almost all of the suffering that occurs in the world. And we don’t believe for a moment that any institution on earth has the capability to rectify these problems, because these same institutions spring from the same source as the root problems, and are often the cause of it all.

These perspectives make us outcast, outsiders and even distrusted, because we’re dancing to a different drummer and hearing a different tune. We remain unheard because our message is unpopular and contradictory to “all things” as they are known today. It never seems to occur to detractors that the way things are today is very temporary, very destructive and ultimately, a sure path to global suicide.

The sounds of collapse that we hear isn’t the same sound as what everyone else seems to hear. The loss of a single keystone species, or the aggregate meaning of a thousand different events, make their ways into our minds and our thoughts and into our writing and into the message we are trying to spread, all signposts of where we are, where we’re going, and where we’ve been. And whatever we have to say, it has already been said, all of it, a thousand times over by a thousand voices.

Let’s be honest here. We really do not have anything really new to add to the discussion. We don’t have any additional facts or understandings that will change the probable outcome. In fact, the only thing we do really have is the message itself, and the perspective of what it means, because even we are as confused and distraught about what do about it all as any of you are.

On a personal note, I understand what is needed. But like everyone else, I’m caught up in this world of a dual existence. Almost anything I do in this life, will diminish the life and lives to come after me. Robbing the future children has become America’s favorite pastime as we motor our way into a hellish future.

My choice is clear as it can be. Stop contributing to the problem and start working towards the solution. But the difficulty lies not in the understanding of these issues, but in their actual implementation.

We are isolated, alone and even outcasts. We have extremely limited finances accompanied by too many commitments, all of which are dependent upon the present paradigm and status quo that we hope to see destroyed. We need do nothing to ensure this destruction, but simply stand and watch.

Time is our common enemy as the world winds down on it’s own accord. And we lack the teachers ourselves that we know that are so desperately needed. All we really have is the message itself. We’re seeking the same answers you are, and really, not finding any no matter where we look. I hope that’s not too disappointing, even though it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, the message has proven itself to be insufficient, even for us. We have the message and the perspective, but not much else. We’re not yet self-sufficient, non-polluting and self-sustaining ourselves. We’re not ‘demonstrating how it’s done’, and giving our lives over as examples for others to follow, not even close. To my knowledge, nobody really is. Everyone is still plugged in to the oil-socket, drinking in their daily share of the output stream in a thousand different ways.

This is a subject area that bears close examination and it should scare the living hell out of everyone. Our problems is the same as your problem – who among us, any of us, has actually managed to truly unplug? Anyone? I think not. Anyone that is still using the past or present production and benefit of products created from cheap petroleum to include housing, food, tools, transportation, clothing and zillion other things is not yet really unplugged.

It’s also well worth nothing that we are all in a terrible Catch-22 situation. We cannot afford to do this unplugging either. Our commitments to this present world are simply too deep to simply unplug from the petroleum benefit lifeline, even though we know we really should. Nor can we afford not to do this either, since this ensures our destruction!

This is a terrible situation and it only demonstrates just how inadequate we really are and how completely contradictory our society is towards sustainability. We have the message, we know what needs to be done, but we’re caught between the two. The message is insufficient, it’s proving to be self-deluding because it implies that what we propose in terms of self-sufficiency can in fact be done. But if that were true – why aren’t we doing it?

I live in a very rural, remote area and have much of my life. I have met thousands of rural peoples, yet I have never even once met anyone who was truly unplugged. Unhinged perhaps, but not unplugged. The reliance upon cheap petroleum benefits is shown in everyday things big and small. Even the “self-sufficent” really aren’t, they have all built their homesteads with the benefits of roads, cars, lumber, supermarkets and hardware. The truth of the matter is we don’t seem to have any self-sufficient people anymore.

We’re too far removed from that lifestyle today. We no longer practice it, teach it or really even understand it. Our society completely contradicts this lifestyle in a million ways. There is very little in society that assists those that seek this type of living, or simply doesn’t interfere with those that want to try it. We can recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal, or compost if we have gardens, but much, if not all, what we compost or recycled has first come from the supermarket. How self-sufficient is that?

There are only a few communities that are actually working towards self-sufficiency. I don’t happen to live with 400 miles of a single one. Despite a few published stories of “community support”, the reality is very different.

They receive no tax breaks or financial incentives to be self sufficient (other then simply saving money and / or the need for a job), they are not being recognized or acknowledged as community leaders or teachers for a non-oil future, they receive no real community support or assistance, they’re not being given plots of land to help in their efforts, nor are they provided with volunteers, teachers or even a good course of instruction unless they somehow manage to find this on our own, or pay for it out of their own pockets.

They’re neither rewarded or even recognized for being self-sufficient and non-polluting, in fact, just the opposite is mostly true – they’re considered weird, odd and counter-culture, sometimes to be shunned, avoided or simply dismissed. In some circles, they’re the ones who are considered “unhinged”, lacking a firm grasp on the reality of greed. Their anathema to the present paradigms of unending growth, greed and corruption.

Yet, staring us all in the face across the globe is the total collapse of civilization and society. How strange it is that we can look at this with so little understanding of why it has happened! And worse, deliberately ignore what must now be done about it. This is the essence of the message we are trying to convey, the path of unsustainable growth and development that has led us to the brink of disaster and that a new model of living is now essential if we hope to survive.

But as I’ve already said, it is a message that is proving to be insufficient. It fundamentally contradicts the widely embraced worldview of expectations and demands and rewards. Until that perspective changes, either by hurt or by harm (but almost certainly not voluntarily) the message will remain insufficient. It lacks the commitment, skills, support and earnest desire necessary to make it a reality.

The fault, as in all things, is human. Illusion and promise and comforting words are preferable to the harshness of reality. Humans seem to learn only through the pain of experience, especially when there are other less painful choices and avenues still available. But that luxury of choice and time is fast disappearing before our very eyes. It is then, when we are being forced face down in the mud of reality that we will wonder (and cry) at our days, weeks and years of our former reluctance to choose when we actually had the choice.

The only possible decision that provides any of us with comfort, safety, security and a future promise is to act responsibly right now even though this too, will be painful. But it will be far less painful then doing it later.

Jun 262007

The latest statistical work by Dallas geologist Jeffrey Brown over at The Oil Drum.com, suggests that something else is happening, something that was not anticipated: an imminent oil export crisis. This Export Land Theory states that exporting nations will have far less oil available for export than was previously assumed under older models. (Story here.) The theory states that export rates will drop by a far greater percentage than net production decline rates in any given exporting country. For example, The UK’s portion of the North Sea oil fields may be showing a nine percent annual decline for the past couple of years. But it’s export capacity has declined 60 percent. Something similar is in store for Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela — in short, the whole cast of characters in the export world. They are all producing less and they are all using more of their own oil, and have less to send elsewhere.

Brown’s math suggests that world oil exports will drop by 50 percent within the next five years, certainly enough to trigger a systemic breakdown in market allocation, meaning serious supply shortages among the importing nations. That’s us. We import two-thirds of all the oil we use. Peak Suburbia

I definitely suggest everyone read the links above. With imports now at 80%, what would happen if they were slashed in half? Systematic collapse, probably.

Of course, our oil-soaked economy won’t absorb any of this. The skyrocketing costs of products and goods will be passed on to you. We just received notice only yesterday that Mountain House is raising their prices, and the world food situation is looking grimmer and grimmer.

A massive drop in oil imports will devastate this nation, it’ll be like a gut-shot deer, staggering, stumbling and fumbling around, glassy-eyed and near death. It will also cause a rather massive backlash as the nations leaders stupidly attack each other over the remaining resources. And as predicted, this will have a severe impact on individual freedoms in this country. Expect a curtailing of all travel except essential business. Rationing of energy supplies will also occur.

Our world is about to get extremely chaotic and dangerous. Starving billions notwithstanding, the cultural shock of having to ‘learn local’, stay home, grow your own food and develop entirely new relationships, business models and infrastructure is going to have a huge impact upon every one of us.

Jun 232007

Not sure if readers are following the story surrounding Dick Cheney’s insistence that his office is not part of the Executive Branch, but perhaps you should. Dick Cheney As A Legislative Official

This despicable monster has no shame. But it doesn’t stop there –

“The White House said Friday that, like Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, President Bush’s office is exempt from a presidential order requiring government agencies that handle classified national security information to submit to oversight by an independent federal watchdog,” Bush is Exempt From Oversight

The Face of Terror

President Bush is notorious for issuing statements taking exception to hundreds of bills as he signs them. This week, we learned that in a shocking number of cases, the Bush administration has refused to enact those laws. Congress should use its powers to insist that its laws are obeyed. Don’t Veto, Don’t Obey

Everybody should be asking themselves one question – why now?

What’s going on here? We’ve long known that the rule of law was being overridden by presidential signing statements, but why is both offices of the Executive trying to claim they’ve nobody and nothing to answer for?

It can’t possibly work – or can it? It appears that the Executive is trying to force a Constitutional crisis. But Congress is worse then useless, they’re pathetic.

Is this why this is happening? Bush is guilty of an illegal war and creating torture camps and redefining “enemy combatants”. However, over 80% of the persons seized were not enemy combatants. The Supreme Court ruling reveals that this is a criminal act.

They persisted in this nonsense until the Supreme Court declared the process illegal.

But that led to a dilemma. If the person was really a civilian noncombatant, and he had been seized and held for years, subjected to torture and other illegal interrogation techniques, then the U.S. had a problem. Then, of course, what had been done was a criminal act. Indeed, a felony under American law. It was therefore essential to juryrig a system which would guarantee the result they needed to protect themselves from criminal liability.

And so the Combat Status Review Tribunal (“CSRT”) was born. The CSRT has been enshrouded in controversy from its start. To call the CSRT a kangaroo court would be an insult to kangaroo courts; it is far worse than that. Indeed, it would be embarrassing to allow outsiders to actually watch one of these farces in operation. The Pentagon therefore denied journalists and others the right to attend the proceedings, contending that national security secrets were prone to come up. Instead redacted transcripts were to be provided afterwards. And, like clockwork, the Pentagon has produced transcripts which reflect page on end of redactions: the witnesses coming before the tribunals describe how they were tortured. Enemy Combatant Fraud

Both Bush and Cheney should be arrested, immediately and held for trial without bond. But there’s nobody with the balls to do it. I’m quite certain the vice president would happily work for free as long as he gets to pluck the strings of government power. Defunding him is not going to work.

Recently, Bush signed into law that all Constitutional power would be transfered to the Executive branch in a time of national emergency.

The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, signed on May 9, 2007 declares that in the event of a “catastrophic event”, George W. Bush can become what is best described as “a dictator”: New Presidential Directive Give Bush Dictatorial Power

This bypasses the entire Constitution and Congress. We also have this –

The “Continuity of Government Commission” (COGC), spearheaded by the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute, recently issued proposals for the operation of Congress following a catastrophic terrorist attack. Specifically, COGC advocates a constitutional amendment calling for the appointment of individuals to the House of Representatives to fill the seats of dead or incapacitated members, a first in American history. An examination of the proposal reveals that it is both unnecessary and dangerous.

Note that COGC is “self-commissioned,” its members being neither elected nor appointed by any government body. The Continuity of Government Proposal

If you connect all of the dots on all the machinations now going on, a very scary picture emerges and it has all the appearance of a government coup d’etat. Is Bush and Cheney planning to kill members of Congress and the Senate? Not so outrageous if you consider the truth behind the events surrounding 9/11 and the high crimes and misdemeanors that these two monsters are facing.

Does ANYONE in America want Bush a dictator for life? Either that, or two other possibilities emerge. A presidential pardon by the next sucker-in-chief, or enough nullifying legislation gets passed in the remaining term to protect these murderers.

I vote for coup d’etat. Here’s a warning from Australia regarding our dictator – Bush’s Secret War On America.

Jun 222007

This is really only a tiny smattering of very recent news articles from the fall of civilization – they’re now pouring in so fast that it would take several pages to display a single day’s news on these subjects.


Climate change and the fight for resources ‘will set world aflame’
Global warming will uproot millions
Alarming rise in refugee numbers
Mexican farmers replace tequila plant with corn
Reduction in [Indian] agricultural production a crisis: Barnala
India running short
Zimbabwe imports wheat to ease shortage
Iraq faces grain crunch
High prices mock US wheat farmers


Grim picture emerges on Wyoming drought
Drought conditions right for fire
Australia still high and dry even after rain
Darfur conflict worsens environment
Sahel: flood season starts but not where it should
Heat wave affects water supplies in Southeastern Romania

Czech fuel consumption up 38% in 2006
Kuwait power supply at break point
$70 crude looks increasingly likely
Borneo: destroying their environment
Gulf of Mexico threatened
Pemex says May oil output falls 6.6% from year ago
Analyst: oil majors’ reserves slipping
The ripple effect of refinery fires
China coal imports top exports for 3rd straight month in May
Companies face power freeze in hot months
South African gas shortage fuels fears
Indonesian fuel shortages blamed for partial blackouts
Science panel finds fault with estimates of coal supply
Pakistan: more madness breaks out in the suffocating darkness
Ghana: debate continues on energy crisis
Surging oil demand fuels higher prices, volatility

Jun 222007

I’d like for everyone to take a look at some of the hairbrained proposals being bandied around to combat global warming and the buildup of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

These are the deliberate releases of volcanic dust; a giant solar umbrella; artificial trees; dumping iron ore into the oceans; or dissolving CO2 into the oceans via massive pumping stations.

I call them hairbrained because not one of these idiotic ideas addresses the root problem of where this carbon dioxide buildup is coming from – human activity.

Notice the source of this stupidity – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. These people, if permitted, will kill us all and all other forms of life on Earth. They sounded a clear warning – but this has already proven inadequate. And now, some of these endorsed ideas will threaten the life they are trying to save.

Not one of these brainfarts is guaranteed to work. Not a single one.

The obvious choice is absent and isn’t even being seriously considered – the reduction of human activity. We already know where our contribution is and what causes it. But we’re seeing some really outrageous ideas on how to “capture our carbon” instead of the obvious solution – STOP PRODUCING IT.

At what point do we declare that the survival of the species and it’s existing lifeforms is more important then our way of life? NEVER? Even in the face of global collapse?

I ought not be shocked after all the information I’ve seen to date. But I am. Is this really the best we can do? Toss out a ridiculous techno-fixes to “deal” with our greed and consumption and simply hope it works? Does anyone besides me think this is dumb, stupid and foolish beyond belief? This is planetary suicide.

I am quite willing to reduce my own carbon footprint, voluntarily. But voluntary won’t be anywhere near enough, not even close. The necessary reductions have to be made mandatory on a global scale, evenly applied to all nations, and not through “carbon credits”, which simply allow the rich nations to go on creating the most pollution and CO₂.

Mandatory reductions aren’t the least bit popular, especially here in the US. But nothing less then this stands a prayer of working or even helping.

It is my deep seated fear that by the time the obvious is the only practical, real choice that should have been taken, it will be far too late to do anything about it anyway. The runaway effect of global warming may already be too late to stop. But doing nothing about our production of greenhouse gas and destroying the natural carbon sinks is absolutely crazy.

Jun 222007

Zimbabwe’s beleaguered currency has lost half its value in three days, black market dealers said last night, prompting predictions that the country was plunging into an economic meltdown that its veteran leader Robert Mugabe would not survive. According to the government in Harare, one US dollar is worth 250 Zimbabwean dollars.

But the free market rate yesterday reached more than Z$300,000 to one US dollar. “It’s gone crazy,” said one illegal trader. “People are holding out for the highest bidder and mentioning as much as 400,000-1, which could be tomorrow’s price. It’s changing by the hour. Rates have doubled since the start of the week.” Zimbabwe in Meltdown As Currency Halves

One US dollar is now worth 300,000

I would not want to be in Zimbabwe right now, or South Africa. Meltdown isn’t imminent, it’s already happening.

But in South Africa — already plagued by one of the world’s highest crime rates — authorities fear it is spiralling out of control and will only worsen as the country rolls out infrastructure projects ahead of the 2010 World Cup. Cable Theft Epidemic Wreaks Havoc in South Africa

I hope to write an entry soon on what meltdown in the United States is going to mean. What we are already witnessing in other parts of the world is the same predictable path that will happen here, with a few added twist thrown in for good measure.

Currency devaluation, theft, violence, war, hunger and collapse.  I sort of doubt that the World Cup will actually be held in South Africa if this continues.  A massive police state crackdown would be predictable and necessary.

Jun 212007

Lonewolf sent me the transcript and I found the source – this is a potential reason for revolution if the people ever wake up to the massive fraud this signifies, but I’m definitely not holding my breath.

The following is a conversation with Mr. Ron Supinski of the Public Information Department of the San Francisco, Federal Reserve Bank. This is an account of that conversation reconstructed to the best of my ability from notes taken during the conversation on October 8, 1992.

Source Watch basically confirms this data. But notice the date. Does anyone even remember gasoline at a $1.42??!! Well, I do, but I’m getting distracted.

The Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) has long since been put into effect. And the national indebtedness has increased dramatically since 1992. The house of cards that has been assembled is now a McMansion of unbelievable proportions. And there are no more cards in the deck.

Except one.

I can think of just one final “stroke” that will be employed to try and prevent the cards collapse, because it is the only thing that will keep this fraudulent system propped up. This is the RFID implant.

The power to tax, govern, monitor and restrict any financial transaction, and to do away with real money altogether. Of course, this is really only the tip of the iceberg of what this means, but in context to the fairy-tale fractional reserve system and how we are all being bullied into paying for our own money (with interest), the RFID implant offers the only solution from the bankers standpoint.

Our monetary system has already been destroyed, but cash itself (even worthless paper) must be destroyed too. The need to bury financial transactions beyond the physical reach and control of everyone except the bankers. To control all transactions, ensuring that all taxes and fees and interest are paid, what money is actually “spent”, when it’s spent and even on what it’s spent on. This provides the bankers with the perfect cover to perpetuate their fraudulent money-out-of-thin-air scheme.

Imagine – a cashless society that relies on networked computers, electronic debit cards and microchip implants. Not at all far fetched, all the mechanisms and technology have been in placed and used for years now. How do you even know if the money you spend electronically actually is “spent”? Your bank account is debited and the sellers account is credited. Or are they?

In reality, right now, with our fraudulent system, the only thing that changes is a computerized entry. No money is actually transferred. Simple binary 1’s and 0’s are exchanged and nothing more. This makes it exceedingly easy to create “money” from nothing. They do not even have to bother to print the notes anymore.
And this is how the national “debt” will be dealt with. Computerized sleight of hand. No need to back it with gold bullion or anything else.

The level of power this scheme provides is unprecedented throughout history. It puts into the hands of the financial elite the economic power and potential of each individual human life throughout their entire lifespan that labors under such a system.

This is barbaric – economic slavery down to the nanosecond. Under such a system, you would NEVER be debt free, or own anything. Your daily sustenance of food, water, housing, clothing and “income” would be entirely dependent upon the plantation owners. You would be a slave – for life. And you would be required to work for life too. Doing whatever the hell you were told to do.

We are nearly there already, even without implants. The value of “stuff” (anything, cars, houses, real estate, etc.) is presently based upon the phony money scheme, fractional reserve banking. The actual worth of real assets in this scheme is dependent upon the inflationary value (or deflationary value as the case may be) of worthless paper, denominations of which are created out of thin air. The ability to pay off these asset debts is impossible because the real money is no longer there.

It is only the voluntary compliance to this entire system that keeps it in motion. This is the momentum that makes it work. Lose the momentum as it did in the 20’s and it will crash. This is the great fear of the banking elite and one of the reasons why real money was abolished. Real money cannot be so easily controlled, hoarding is physically difficult. And it has an intrinsic value unlike federal reserve “notes”. Or computerized journal entries.

The bankers are the ones right now that dictate what stuff is “worth” by controlling the phony money supply. If they want prices to inflate, then that’s what they do. It has little to do with the real world of supply and demand, but everything to do with the fairy-tale world of how much “money” they’ve put into circulation. Under an RFID scheme, they would simply do away with all forms of physical money, including cash and could control the nations supply of everything.

There are two goals – controlling the disposition and ownership of real assets (food, water, land, resources, building, people, governments) and controlling the beneficiary effects of every single financial transaction in the nation. The latter alone is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars per year if extended globally. The actual ownership of real assets winds up in the hands of the financial elite because there is never enough money to actually pay for them.

Anyone interested in this subject area should investigate. These plans are well-advanced and underway. The present financial crisis will not simply collapse on it’s own (even though it should) without the bankers and their henchmen forcing this RFID scheme upon us first. This will be declared to be both necessary and for our own good.

I’ll switch gears slightly to a partial subject of “what we can do about it”. My subject is gold. Is investing in gold going to be a means of avoiding this draconian system?

I am not a gold “advocate” because of some simple points. Gold’s value is dictated in dollars, which are really worthless in themselves. The value of gold goes up or down primarily depending upon the money supply, not the gold supply, which is what is really supposed to happen. The gold fields themselves, their labor, infrastructure, investments and stocks are also controlled by the money supply. In effect, they have been neutered as being the measure of what a “dollar” is worth. A dollar is worth what we’re told it’s worth, and it is the same with an ounce of gold. Its only worth what were told it’s worth.

Gold is not independent of the federal reserve notes. I’ve read the arguments otherwise, but they still denominate the value of gold (and silver) in federal reserve notes. The gold standard will never be restored pre-collapse. The bankers cannot allow this to happen.

Future gold prices will suffer from all of these same effects, even under an RFID scheme (and probably more so then, because it will be very hard to get rid of your gold except in an underground economy). Gold has become simply a vehicle of “dollars” instead of a intrinsic precious metal that has a real value. It has value, but not it is no longer recognized or even honored as having real value because it is still tied to the phony money scheme.

Gold then becomes an inflationary protection within this scheme. Money can be made, or lost, depending upon the adjustments to the money supply. This is why investors hope to profit, but even then, they must convert back to federal reserve notes or computerized journal entries to try and use these profits. Doing so puts more money back into the system that created the problem, and is then loaned out 8:1 in the fractional reserve banking system (everyone is doing this by the way if you use any bank at all).

There is a window where gold or silver can benefit and it’s very simple. Buy low – sell high. But that doesn’t satisfy gold investors who dream of a day of a return to real money. Post-crash, maybe a gold standard will be reestablished, but nobody knows. And what if it’s set at $35 an ounce? Your investment in gold today would devalue at a ridiculous amount. But right now, gold is simply a vehicle to inflate or deflate your net worth – all which is based on federal reserve “notes”.

I do not believe gold or silver will buy food or essential supplies in the future like some assume. Some things are not worth any mountain of gold. Food, water, essential medicine. If such essentials are in critical short supply, why would anyone exchange them for gold? Gold could be exchanged for anything that is plentiful and abundant, like land or perhaps transporation. But a critical shortage of oxen or dairy cows won’t be sold to a man with a sack of gold. Not if his life depends on it.

Those who are not expecting a severe crash do not believe the above. They believe that gold will go much, much higher and that they can benefit from this inflationary cycle. This is probably true, I’ve no reason to believe otherwise. But even then, the value of gold at that time will need to be compared to the value of everything else denominated in dollars. Food has already risen 300%. Has gold risen this high yet? Energy costs for fuel and heating have risen over 100%. Whatever gold’s future worth in dollars, real commodities will have also risen. And they do not always correspond.

This is why you have to buy low – sell high, before inflation affects everything else. Copper and nickel for example has dramatically increased in price and would have been a much better investment then gold. Gold prices are being suppressed and I do not see that changing – ever. It can be more easily controlled then other metals for many reasons. There will be spikes, both low and high, and that’s when the gold bugs can profit (or loose as the case may be).

But some commodities will probably NEVER come down again. Oil for example. Unless a gigantic, truly stupendous find was made, oil will simply climb into the stratosphere. Copper, nickel, uranium, molybdenums, these metals that are truly useful and in extreme demand by our world and intricately linked with the energy costs of extraction, processing, production and global distribution, these metals will quite probably far outpace any temporary advantages made by gold or silver.

But even these investments need to be weighed against your doomerosity index.  How deep and lasting of a crash are you expecting?  And more importantly, at what level are you actually (not theoretically) prepared to survive and for how long?

Some things are without price.  Water, food, health, love, life, peace, freedom.  Others, they’re just commodities too despite their “value” and as nice as they may be, they’re really not essentials.

Jun 202007

Good article on why Americans are not ready to revolt. As revolting as our culture downfall is getting, we’re not ready for revolution. I agree and more importantly, it would not solve anything anyway. It’d just create lots of dead people and put even more crooks and liars behind the halls of power.

What’s happening to our country is political desperation by the people and by the politicians. Our living standards, economy, trade, development and growth are directly tied to the availability of cheap, plentiful natural resources and the cheap energy it takes to obtain them. And we’re losing control. Nothing is going to replace what we’ve already consumed. Revolution, though desperately needed and long overdue, will simply go through these resources even faster.

The political solutions sought by a revolution will not be achieved. This is simply no longer possible. All that can be done, and all that is being done is moving the chess pieces around the board, irregardless of who’s in power. As the pawns and knights are captured, there are fewer and fewer pieces left to contest over.

The “insufficient pain for revolution” is the suffering that I’ve claimed is necessary for us to make the fundamental changes required of us. Nothing less then this will work, matter or account for much of anything. We could elect or install an entirely new government and gain absolutely nothing. We could wipe the slate clean and start over, but this is highly misleading. We’re not ever going to be able to start over. We can only start with what’s left. This is a basic principle that is too easily forgotten. And there’s not enough left.

Such flights of fancy are ridiculous anyway. We’re much too entrenched to cashier the existing system, so we’re effectively stuck with it until it collapses. Even a military coup wouldn’t change anything. This country has occupied the top tier for too long to permit itself to rebuild voluntarily from the ground up.

What we will see, are seeing and will see much more of, is the feeble efforts to fix the system from within. And it won’t work. It stands absolutely NO chance of working, period. The system will both define and defend the system in perpetuity, an outside agency or influence to redesign or tear down and rebuild will not be permitted to happen. There is far too much momentum and investment in what we have today to allow anything else to occur.

I agree with the author’s final words – fight self-delusion. Absolutely. But it is delusional to think we’re going to fix the system from within or even without. With what? A magic wand? A crash would have to happen of significant depth and breadth first before any serious adjustments can be made. The entire apparatus would have to be completely destroyed before it permitted such changes, and I see very little chance of that destruction and rebuilding happening as a result of a people’s revolution. This is a pipe-dream.

Revolution may happen – and I’m not saying it won’t, eventually (who knows?) but it won’t fix anything. The world and particularly this nation, is running up against the unopposable problems of finite limits. This will cause exactly what we’ve seen in the last 50 years – a flight of capital chasing resources and cheap labor, global inflation, economic collapse, political posturing and positioning, the creation of State “enemies”, population overshoot during the years of abundance, then the collapse of living standards, massive immigration problems, trade wars, violations of international agreements, war, and eventually, a draconian police state and a massive crash, collapse and die-off.

Civilization is mostly about resources. All else flows from their abundance, availability, price and profits. Entire governments are built around these resources. The more they are exploited, the bigger the government. The bigger the government, the less responsive they are to the people they were elected to serve. Eventually, the imbalance between the people and the government gets so large and untenable, that the desire and the need to replace that government rises to the surface. But by then, the nation is no longer the same nation it once was, it no longer has either the resources available it once had at it’s disposal or the political will by the people. War ensues, with massive depopulation, refugees and the final destruction of the nations resources.

This scenario is very likely for the United States. The real grievances held by the people cannot be ignored. Nor can they be fixed. To do so, would require a massive restructuring of our society and civilization from the bottom up. But what do we have today? Top down government and top-level favoritism and nepotism. The rich, wealthy and powerful are in control and they control the reigns, the resources and the governments.  And the armies.  America’s armies will do what they are told, and they are being told what to do by their government and by the people that control their government.  But that’s not you or I.  Changing this will not be permitted to happen and war on American soil is very likely to happen in time.

Of course, this is completely senseless, but then what isn’t? Reason, common sense and cooperation has fled much of this nation and it’s government. Right now, our government is quite willing to slaughter millions elsewhere using their armies and military power. The idea that they won’t do it here isn’t based on any reality at all. All governments eventually turn against their citizens as unrest, dissent and resource shortages develop. This is a logical, predictable and historical pattern.  It will happen in America. But I don’t know exactly when.

And it won’t fix anything. The only thing it will do is hasten our final collapse as a nation. By then, we’ll have many other severe problems, which will take their own toll upon us.

It is both telling and extremely ironic that so many events are converging all at the same time. Peak oil, peak energy, peak civilization, global resource shortages of food, water, and raw materials, global climate change, rising sea levels, global warming, drought, collapsing fisheries, reefs and natural resources and on and on. I’m just waiting for the asteroid strike to put a final cap on it all.

Of course war is coming, how could it not be? We’re not going to go down without a fight (amongst ourselves and everyone else) for what’s left from all the looming disasters.

I am deeply aware of how pessimistic this sounds, but this is the pattern throughout history. Humanities only hope is in the ashes. Reason will not reign.

It remains to be seen if we will survive the ashes and what we will do if do.  I don’t know.  I only know that we will follow the rise and fall of every other civilization before us.  What is happening is “natural”, predictable and unavoidable. As lousy as that is, it’s unfortunately an established fact.  The best you can do is to prepare yourself for this and get far, far out of the way if you can.  Otherwise, you will be in the meat-grinder with everyone else.

Learn self-sufficiency skills.  Learn practical survival skills.  Learn how to doctor, provide, create, grow and survive. Do it now.  Convergence is already upon us all.