May 312007

Here’s a great article that sums up the future in ways that will make you think. Feels Like I’m Dying… Read this first, it’s worth it. Now for my commentary…

What’s missing is the pain of transition to literally force society to make this ‘peasant journey’. I don’t think this should be underestimated or glossed over, which I don’t think the author did (you can’t put everything into a single article).

Huge numbers of modern world dwellers don’t want to make the transition. That evidence abounds everywhere as global consumption continues to rise, so no need to really go into that.

Transition, a.k.a. “die-off” when you really get down to it’s actual cause and effects, will involve huge ‘sacrifices’ and loss.

The sacrifice is simply this – our way of life is over and we will now have to actually do for ourselves what has long been done by our energy slaves (machines). This will be quite hard and very difficult for the majority of people because of points I’ve brought out before.

We have no real survival skills, we have little to none training and almost no real practical experience. Those that actually do have these things are usually elderly and have little time left. I’m just speaking realistically, so nobody get upset. Right now, we’re failing to utilize these human assets, which is rather unfortunate. They could teach us a lot.

Learning to do entirely for ourselves, is simply not in the cards for huge numbers of people. Also missing is the desire, the will power, the mental and emotional and physical capacity and the sense of being ‘cheated’ from a cornucopian future. Those that fall into this category, and I suspect it is a very large percentage, will be part of the coming die-off. A few will make the transition as their circumstances force their survival upon them and they lucky or not, manage to cope somehow.

Our loss however, will actually be much harder to cope with then our sacrifices. Loss will be much more then human life. Loss is also a way of life. We’re going to lose much more then a lot of humans (and I’m not making light of this, just trying to focus on the other aspects). We’re going to lose our democracy, our living standards, our peace and safety, our educational systems, our medicine, our science, and our technology, essentially all human ‘achievements’ as we fall back into a dark age.

For those that survive this transition period, it will be harder to accept then the human loss, which is going to become very, very ‘mainstream’ and part of life for a generation or more to come. We’re all going to get very comfortable with death.

Consider the fact how large loss of life right now is simply ignored by those that live in comfort, especially here in America. What is more important to such people? The television, Budweiser or their SUV? Take those things away and there will be a huge public outcry. But don’t trouble us with Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan or Iraq. Famine in Uganda? So what? We’re comfortable and to millions upon millions, it is all that matters.

Death abroad is meaningless. Death at home still manages to touch us, but not for long. As the death rate increases, we’re going to get very used to this for several reasons. Our conscience is going to totally seared with a hot iron due to events going on, and we’re going to be so busy trying to survive that it’s just not going to really matter anymore. It’s going to be ‘all out us’ and our survival. Harsh, but true. This is exactly what happens in a collapse.

What’s really going to be hard to lose is our civilization, and all that it means. Personally, I fully expect civilization to completely collapse as it turns against itself. In many, many ways it already has at it devours the foundations of all life on earth. It never seems to dawn on the cornucopians that it is the fault of modern civilization that has caused these problems in the first place. Losing it then, is a double-edged sword and will cut both ways. We’re going to lose, but eventually, we may actually gain a better world. Maybe.

I’m still preaching that a diminishing world is in everyone’s future. It cannot be helped, it can only be dealt with, bit by bit. Eventually, if climate change doesn’t wipe us all out, we’ll regain some of these things back, and they will probably be better grounded and rooted in sustainable and reasonable methodologies. Maybe. There are certainly no guarantees of anything these days. But this hope is pretty far off into the future in reality. Certainly way past my time and yours.

I can easily envision a ‘new civilization’ that is very unlike what we have now. But really, it’s not up to me or you on whether or not that civilization will ever become a reality. Our job as it were, is to learn first and foremost how to survive this civilizations collapse. And to teach our children where we made our mistakes (and how to survive). It will be up to the future generations to decide what works for them and how they want to live.

Our other job, the one that nobody seems to want to talk about, is how we need to stop robbing the future so that we can live like kings in the present. I’ve long said that our grandchildren are going to really despise us for our shortsightedness and insatiable greed. I think this is already a foregone conclusion. It’s already too late to change that.

But some of us can start now, working on our family lineage and teaching our progeny what it means to live lightly, reasonably and sustainably on the earth. Perhaps these future family generations will come to appreciate our ‘early decisions’ and foresight and willingness to accept both loss and sacrifice. But if we do hope to hand anything down to our future generations, we’re going to have to start planning it now before they are completely robbed of everything, including life itself.

May 302007

Food security isn’t something that most people have given a lot of thought to. But perhaps you should, because immediately upon the heels of any natural disaster, peak oil, drought or any number of other factors such as pests, pandemic or natural disaster, the world’s food supply can be severely threatened, even to the point of causing a nations collapse.

The world food stocks are in a global decline due to drought, disease, climate change, soil loss, acidification, peak oil, bioethanol production and pollution. These factors are worsening each year, reducing our global food security to alarming levels.

The answer to these problems is relatively simple to identify, but in real life, very hard to enact. What is required is localized food security that is non-dependent upon excessive energy inputs (ie., petroleum based) that meets the needs of it’s community and one that encompasses a long term strategy.

Although there are many thousands of community gardens, and millions of private gardens, their combined output remains woefully inadequate to meet even the basic nutritional requirements of 300,000,000 people. Consider how much the average American family buys each week at the supermarket. While this is probably excessive compared to other countries (we do have a severe obesity problem) the fact remains that it is the mega-corporations that are feeding America. Now multiply this fact by every developed nation around the world and most 2nd and 3rd world nations. The supermarket and the entire mega-corporate agricultural industry is the essential lifeline that is keeping billions of people alive today. And it is this lifeline that is now seriously threatened.

In particular, the umbilical cord is the sea of cheap oil that we have guzzled like a growing, gargantuan baby. As global oil supplies dwindle, the ability of the world’s corporate farmers who are totally dependent upon petrochemicals and vast fields to grow billions of tons of crops is also dwindling.

Without corporate conglomerates and mega-industrial farms and agriculture (and thousands of trawlers mining the oceans), the sad fact is, the worlds population could not possibly survive. This is a situation the needs to be changed, immediately and with all possible haste because of the coming global food crisis.

Localized Food Security

The definition of this is the localized growing, harvesting, storing, transporting, processing, packaging, marketing, retailing, and consumption of locally produced food. Understanding the logistics is relatively easy, but the actual production of localized food isn’t. In fact, it’s very hard to produce enough localized food to feed the population.

In “It’s Not Easy To Eat Local“, the author notes that it is prohibitively expensive. Testing the concept of “eating local”, the conference failed miserably to even find enough localized food at affordable prices to feed the attendees. This exemplifies what oil crash really means – food will be prohibitively expensive.

If and when (because there is much room for doubt) localized food production actually ramps up to full-speed, then (and only then) will “eating local” even be possible. Until then, it’s another vapor-ware type of promise for most of us, localized food production is at present, woefully inadequate and prohibitively expensive to meet the needs of the population. Notably, the conference above had only a few more then 100 people in attendance!

It IS “all about price” when you consider availability as they did, but in reality, there is much more then availability to consider too. Growing the food is a huge, huge factor and it is not as easy as it may appear. In fact, my own experience has shown me that it’s pretty hard to grow enough food to feed yourself.

I’m not really a green thumb, not yet and I work 7 days a week, so getting in the garden and getting it done right with seasonal variations, soil, planting and adequate watering takes time. And you make a LOT of mistakes. Personally, I find the idea of “growing all your own food” rather ludicrous because 99% of us simply have no idea how to do this or how much work and calorie expenditures this is going to take. I’m very certain I’m expending more calories then I’m taking in right now, making this effort a net loss, but the experience is absolutely invaluable.

But this is indeed what needs to be done on a community level. The days of transporting every morsel of food we eat an average of 1500 miles are soon to be over. Localized growing is the only option we have. Localized food security means learning from all the mistakes we’ll make as budding gardeners and unskilled and untrained preservationists and dealing with all sorts of problems that will seriously impact that actual consumable caloric output.

Learning How

It takes years to develop the proper skills, knowledge and experience to even meet half of your daily calorie requirements. Unless you have been blessed with perfect soil, abundant sunshine, ideal weather and an absence of bugs, parasites, rodents, you’ll discover like I’m discovering that “growing your own” isn’t easy at all.

The motivation to do this and stick to it, learning from your mistakes must be there too. Hungry people are highly motivated (and dangerous), but hungry people make terrible farmers. The likelihood that a crop will be ruined, or the seeds eaten (think Irish potato famine for case histories) or the sheer impatience of hunger pains of having to wait and adequate length of time before you can really have something worthwhile to eat.

Without a survival food storage, the majority of people simply won’t make it. It takes (at least) one entire season or longer for a crop to produce harvestable food. Factoring in crop loss at every step due to bugs, infestation, depredation, honeybee loss, variable climate, drought, theft, processing loss, preservation mistakes, and even personal illness and health conditions, the idea of “feeding yourself” or even the community becomes dicey as hell.

If like me, you don’t live in an area with good soils, long growing seasons or adequate sunshine (all three are factors here), then growing your own becomes extremely challenging. This year, I built earthboxes, and they’re working okay, but they’re not perfect and they’re inadequate to meet my individual needs. At best, I can grow some vegetables, but nothing even close to my daily calorie requirements. I would need a greenhouse full of these containers to do so (for one person).

We’re a nation of “know nothings” when it comes to personal survival. And we need to immediately admit that fact. Dishonesty or denial of this fact isn’t going to help. We’re all alive and owe our existence right now to the experts that do exist, and they’re scattered pretty far and wide. Fewer and fewer farmers are being used to feed the world. Using my town for example, not one of these people lives here. So we’re left with forging our own path and making our own mistakes, which we must do right now while we have a small window of time left to us to survive from these unavoidable mistakes.

Book learning just doesn’t cut it either. I have a personal library that I keep adding to, but it’s inadequate when it comes to understanding everything that you need to know. There is no replacement for experience (and proper climate, soil, sunshine, etc.,). If we are really serious about localized food security, we must start immediately to implement these efforts, because if we don’t, we are all facing severe food shortages as the world powers down.

Energy Decline and Costs

There is another side to this issue that bears mentioning too. Earlier, I mentioned that food will become prohibitively expensive due to the lack of localized growers. That’s true and this will take quite some time to change. The other reason food will become prohibitively expensive is the mega-farms will start shutting down as localized growing attempts to ramp up. Their market base will shrink. Their farms and their productive output will shrink too as oil supplies dry up or become so prohibitively expensive in their own right that farmers simply quit. Whatever they do produce will be outrageously priced.

Food IS oil and vice versa in our modern society. I’ve covered this issue before, but in a nutshell the planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, processing, packaging, distribution, storage and selling of food today is only possible because of the ocean of oil we consumed. Those days are soon over. When the oil goes – we go. Nothing has been found to replace the portable energy found in oil, nothing. The only way to prevent our demise from happening is localized food security.

Take a look around in your community. What is grown there? Does it depend on huge quantities of outside energy inputs (oil or hydro or whatever)? What about fertilizers and insecticides? What kind of harvesting and processing equipment is used? Does that depend on a constant supply of cheap oil too? How far does your localized food actually travel before it’s available to you to eat?

Or better yet, check out the stocks of food in the grocery stores near you. America has a 3 days supply of food on the shelf and a limited back up of food in warehouses in distribution centers. A single seasons crop failure can have national impacts. Bear in mind that we’d not be importing food anymore from Mexico or Argentina or Chile because oil prices would prevent that. How far has that food on the shelf traveled? The American average is 1500 miles. Will that food selection and variety always be there when oil reaches $100 a barrel? $200 a barrel?

The answer to these questions for most of us is depressing as hell. Now examine your growing season, how climate change is affecting this, whether an adequate water supply can be truly relied upon, soil composition and compaction, and a host of other factors. Can your community actually “grow your own”? I’ve traveled a great deal of the western U.S. and the answer is most definitely “NO” for many cities and towns I’ve visited. There are too many people to support with too few resources and all too often, too little water.

Some towns are simply going to dry up and be entirely abandoned. The city of Perth, Australia is facing this crisis right now. Throughout many dry and desert areas of the U.S., there is almost no chance future water supplies will be adequate to permit the feeding of millions and millions. This will cause massive migration waves (and a huge ‘homeland security problem’) as people flee their dried out towns in hunger.

Someone else can chime in regarding the eastern U.S. states. But the issues of population density, water, soils, climate and the all important required “skills set” is the same everywhere, throughout the world. There is a reason why countries face famine and it ties directly into the available land and human resources, and often, because of too many humans, who usually resort to extreme violence (war) to horde or control what’s left.

Time Is Of The Essence

There’s little time left, realistically speaking. And we are now 100% certain that our esteemed leaders remain totally clueless of the severity of this issue. No matter what we do, even if we start immediately, we have serious life-threatening crisis on our hands for the reasons stated above (arable land, too many people). Multiply this in every nation throughout the world and you will begin to grasp the dangerous situation we are all in. Unfortunately, it’s too late and cannot be helped. The only thing that can be done is to honestly fess up to the crisis and the situation we have placed ourselves in and start dealing with it now, on our own, while we still can.

Learn everything you can about growing food. Work with others in your community to bring about awareness and attention to this issue. Start planting and raising your own garden and animals. Learn about composting, greenhouse growing and water preservation techniques. There are some technologies like aquaculture that will probably become huge lifesavers (and big businesses) that have the potential to meet community needs. This methodology has yet to be widely supported, which makes little sense considering it’s incredible potential, but that will hopefully change very soon.

Community cooperation will become absolutely essential. Finding others within your community that you can work with is challenging enough. Attend the local farmers markets and find out if there are others who are at least aware of the issues. Attend community meetings and speak up. Expect the usual condemnation and ridicule, since business as usual is the only thing people seem to still understand. Go prepared with facts regarding the oil and climate crisis and leave this material with those who show an interest. It won’t be easy, but it will ultimately be necessary.

Community leaders will bear the responsibility to enhance these efforts, with tax breaks, zoning laws, designated land plots (donations) and community support. Of course, this assumes the community will remain relatively intact, of which I have some doubts. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future we all face, but this really doesn’t matter. It is a future largely of our own making and we now have absolutely no choice.

But if anything is certain, it is this – alone, we will die, alone and many probably violently – together, we may indeed live if we can learn to cooperate and communicate the essential skills and knowledge that we will need and take action while there is still time. Only time will tell which path most of us will take. I suggest you choose now, while you still can.

May 302007

Read this article, Deadly New Level of Depravity in New Reality TV Show.

This shocking, disgusting, sick. I cannot believe that they’d pull a sick stunt like this. Would you want your dad or mother or sister or brother to be exploited like this? Unbelievable. This is pure televised terrorism.

I have often wondered if we are catering to the bloodlust of the government, or to the bloodlust of the corporate elite, or to the bloodlust of the people, I think the jury is still out only on the latter.

I’m totally convinced that we are being extremely manipulated. But what happens when that manipulation takes over and brings forth a new life of it’s own? Society is degenerating into vile, disgusting and evil infotainment. It’s why I don’t watch television, it pollutes the mind.

May 292007

Cindy Sheehan has a farewell message you should read. Listen to (read) the message. She’s 100% right. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have lost a son to the senseless wasted slaughter still going on in Iraq. Try to imagine it. Try to come to grips with it. Then try to imagine how the Iraqi families feel as foreign troops continue to invade their land. Continue to torture their sons and daughters, haul their fathers off to prison camps and rape their woman.

Is this happening? Of course it is, it has been widely reported. The message that Sheehan is saying is Americans simply don’t care. They don’t even care enough about their own dead to band together and force this corrupt evil government to stop this insane war. We already know if we were honest enough to admit it, that we do not care one whit about the Iraqi dead. That number is now over 1.2 million people. But what about our own dead (and dying)?

This blog covers a lot of stories and issues that pertains to collapse. Now I want you to think about the devastation that has gone on in Iraq and realize that this is also the future of America. Think about having your door kicked down in the middle of the night. Having your daughters yanked half-naked out of bed by leering soldiers to be hauled into back rooms, screaming. Having your husband, bound and gagged and dragged out into the night, never to be seen again.

Rumors of torture, assassinations. Property confiscated, bank accounts raided. Having your power cut off for months, years. No gasoline in a country swimming in oil. No food, no clean water, having your crops and your fields napalmed and blown to smithereens. Having your supermarkets flattened, your food stalls destroyed, your factories bombed and your coworkers simply shot or ‘disappeared’. Having your children blown to bits because they accidentally found unexploded munitions in the back yard. Or having your babies born by the tens of thousands, horribly deformed, disfigured and blind.

Would you be angry? Would you be mad? Would you do anything more then complain? Would you fight back?

How DARE America call these Iraqi’s “insurgents” as if they are supposed to simply bend over and take it up the ass and act like they enjoy it as their country is ripped apart. To expect them to stand silently with welcoming arms as their sons and daughters are shot to pieces and strewn about in the city streets, their bodies feeding the dogs. If there is a definition of mass psychosis, it is found in the homes of America that blithely watches the daily carnage and does nothing to stop it.

Sheehan was right and damned if we don’t all know it too. I’ve long said that political protest is useless. We are long, long past that point when the demons in charge gave a damn about what the people think or how many protest. I utterly reject the asinine notion that a ‘democracy’ is working in America. Go examine Congressional behavior if you do not believe this. Or better yet, go examine Presidential behavior if you still don’t get it.

We have a defacto dictatorship in full operation today. The Executive has executed with swift precision the demands of Herr Fuhrer and nothing and nobody has been able to stop him. All we’ve seen is smoke and mirrors, grandstanding and bluster. Hundreds of millions have protested around the world, including tens of millions in this country and it changed nothing. I cannot even begin to calculate the monies that were spent to try and stop this insane juggernaught.

But it was all for naught. Look around if you think otherwise. Our cowardly and crippled newly selected Congress refuses to execute the will of the people, which makes them morally and legally corrupt, part of the same evil machinations that are destroying everything they touch. Each and every month we’re presented with more images of slaughter and destruction, but we have become inured and immune to it’s stench of death. We’re no longer enraged, many of us aren’t even mad, we’re just ‘disappointed’ and hope the next roll of the dice things will change for the better. Nothing is getting ‘better’, look around!

Now go look at the mainstream candidates that are being offered for our next (s)election. Think long and hard about this as you stare into their smiling faces and candid photos. Remember that these are the same ones that voted to bomb the hell of Iraqi citizens and are still supporting the war by refusing to do everything possible to stop this madness. And there is much, much more to remember when you examine their voting records on health care, taxation, global warming, corporate handouts, lobbying and ten thousand other issues.

These are the people that are full of dead mens bones, walking evil personified, stealing life, liberty and happiness from whatever and whoever they can. It doesn’t matter if your American, Iraqi or Venezuelan either. If you oppose the American juggernaut, you’re just grist for the grinder, destined to be ground to powder, or like Sheehan, worn down to nothing by the sheer weight of it all.

I don’t hate America. I hate what America has become. We’ve become soft, complacent, irresponsible and demanding. Like a petulant child, we think the world must cater to our every whim while we pissed away our entire good will, economic standing and integrity. And for what? Nothing. America has none of these things left anymore. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a nation of slovenly slaves, addicted to government handouts and Chinese imports.

Sheehan was right. Not only did her son die for nothing, nobody even cares. How much nothing is that?

The reality is, when you take nothing from nothing, you get a big fat zero. It doesn’t seem to matter in which direction I look, I keep coming up with zero. No effective foreign policy, no real security for citizens and their welfare, no meaningful efforts to curb global warming, no serious protections to preserve the remaining species and habitat, no population control agendas or measures, no effective immigration polices and protections, no curbing of consumer spending and ‘unlimited’ growth, no control of the federal budget or deficit, no future plans to deal with climate change, no respect for life, personal liberty or property, no control over the judiciary, no limited government as required by the Constitution, and no respect for law, treaties or international agreements.

All we have is a sham. A sham government that pretends it is behaving lawfully and with integrity. You’d have to be doubly deaf and blind to swallow this lie. I can barely choke on it anymore, I’m literally gasping for air. American behavior, both internally and externally has become so bad, so atrocious, so shocking and assuming a perpetual air of irresponsibility, that it has become quite impossible to accept anymore.

America has no redeeming qualities left. It’s not just about an illegal war and a campaign of genocide, it’s about everything. Sheehan claims she’s finally woken up, but I doubt this very much because she’s only scraped the tip of the iceberg (as bad as that is). What she hasn’t yet woken up to is this isn’t anything new in America, but something that has been lining the seedy underbelly of our government for a very long time. But it’s all out in the open now, in all its sordid disgusting glory.

Talk to a veteran, find out how they are being treated by the VA. Listen to their stories of corruption, denial, misdiagnoses and outright rejection. Visit the homeless, many who happen to be veterans, learn from them their experience of trying to survive in a nation that simply doesn’t care anymore. We’re moving too fast and all of it in the wrong direction. Sheehan will soon figure this out. It’s much bigger then the war and the loss of her son, or even 1.2 million Iraqi people. This entire world is heading over a cliff with it’s insatiable greed, insensitiveness, irresponsibility and absolute apathy. And each and everyone of us is going to go with it.

Sheehan’s story is tragic and I’m not making light of it. Imagine how the Tillman’s feel when they learned their son was shot by his own side. It’s a story that will be found throughout America and most of the world very soon. As heartbreaking as this is, the real tragedy is how our refusal to enact some common sense, use some simple reasoning, and act with responsibility is the reason this is all going to happen. But when you want something from nothing, what can you reasonably expect to happen?

Suffering teaches humility and respect, honor and integrity follow. This is what America lacks. And this is why it will suffer, terribly. We cherish nothing, becoming nothing, but want everything. Soulless, empty, hollow shells, hardened and heartless, demanding everything but giving nothing.

The end result will be our terrible suffering as the wheel turns against itself, grinding it’s makers into powder by it’s own inertia and momentum.

Self destructive behavior isn’t perpetual. A day of reckoning will come.

May 282007

I’ve been following the reports of the caged (purged) voter rolls and how both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. There’s a recent report and interview on this if you haven’t been following the story.  The Future Of America Has Been Stolen

Rather then repeat myself on some political commentary, read the comments on the post Stop Dreaming.

May 282007

“”The DHS claims it is focused on terrorism. Well that’s just not true,” said David Burnham, a TRAC spokesman. “Either there’s no terrorism, or they’re terrible at catching them. Either way it’s bad for all of us.”

Surprise, surprises!! (NOT!!)  I wasn’t fooled for a minute. The claims of terrorism in this country are almost all bogus.

How bogus?  How about 0.0015 percent? Is that bogus enough?

Homeland Security has nothing to do with terrorism but everything to do with domestic harassment and monitoring of Americans.  Still think those prison camps scattered all over the country are for terrorists?  Or that Herr Fuhrer recent Presidential directive giving him alone all power and authority to run the country is really for a bona fide national emergency?

May 272007

Lonewolf posted this on the forum:

“Extinction rates are rising by a factor of up to 1,000 above natural rates. Every hour, three species disappear. Every day, up to 150 species are lost. Every year, between 18,000 and 55,000 species become extinct,” he said.”The cause: human activities.” Human Activities Wiping Our Species

This is (using the lower number) –

72 per day
2,189 per month
26,280 per year
525,600 per generation Bipeds Wiping Out All Life

Still think the collapse is not happening? Or that humans will somehow remain immune from their own actions and behavior?

If the higher number was used (150 per day), this would be:

150 per day
54,750 per year
1,095,000 per generation

Species extinction is critically serious because as species die out, other species will attempt to fill the missing niche. This creates a huge imbalance in biodiversity. Mosquitoes for example, can suddenly become endemic, carrying disease to humans and non-humans alike. Other diseases will suddenly have new vectors because their natural predators will have gone extinct. The increase likelihood for pandemics and emerging disease grows with each new extinction.

Eventually, as species loss accelerates (which is now happening), nothing replaces them except things like bacteria and mold and lower life forms. Biodiversity is the ‘sustenance’ of the human race. No species = no sustenance. It’s pretty simple, really. No sustenence = no humans.

Extinction means forever. One way of looking at is found here. 700 newly discovered species would last, oh about 9 1/2 days.

May 272007

These are good articles to read – Gasoline Headed for $8 a gallonAwakening to the Threat of Excessive Material Consumption

I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with a respected stockbroker who has over 30 years of experience. The long and the short of it is there are many people who are aware of the coming collapse. Hyperinflation is going to hit and hit hard. This will have a severe impact upon people’s ability to simply live. You can expect a massive depression, food lines, bankruptcies and foreclosures. For starters. Then die-off begins.

Even worse, but long identified, is the fact that there won’t be any recovery. Not like we’ve all come to expect when a recession hits. Cheap plentiful energy and resources have already been found. We’ve already plucked all of the low hanging fruit. What’s left is far more harder to find, extract and bring to market, and it all requires cheap energy to make it affordable.

Hyperinflation was 8000% in Argentina. The 1.2 trillion dollar cash reserves in China will be competing for essential commodities produced in America. With the gigantic debt bubble and pitiful cash reserves held by Americans, who do you think will be getting serviced?

There will be no rescue from the American government. They’re too busy practicing the business as usual approach to hardly even notice. Bluntly put, they’re fucking clueless when it comes to effective management.

On Thursday, May 24, the US Congress voted to continue the war in Iraq. The members called it “supporting the troops.” I call it stealing Iraq’s oil – the second largest reserves in the world. The “benchmark,” or goal, the Bush administration has been working on furiously since the US invaded Iraq is privatization of Iraq’s oil. Now they have Congress blackmailing the Iraqi Parliament and the Iraqi people: no privatization of Iraqi oil, no reconstruction funds.Privatizing Iraq’s Oil for US Companies

Then we also have the stupid (and hypocritical) fist-shaking going on with Venezuela. The point being, Congress is too easily distracted and quite probably, too stupid to realize just how deep a crisis we are in. Even our water systems are in peril, but these alarms are not being heard.

Maxwell is among those who believe it will take a catastrophic infrastructure failure causing widespread illness or death to spur action.

Federal funding for clean drinking water and waste-water treatment, in fact, has declined 24 percent since 2001.
A National Water Crisis Is On The Verge Of Gushing

China has become America’s lifeline. This is a very dangerous situation for the American people. Only 1% of the food being imported is being inspected by the FDA. Now check out the number of violations occurring here, keeping in mind that this is part of that 1%.

The insanity of all of this is how in the hell did we allow this to happen? To become dependent upon foreign powers, foreign energy and foreign food? The only thing America seems to have is a large military, most which are scattered abroad in hundreds of military bases, while the “homeland” has been eroded out from under out feet by a compliant Congress who is still too distracted to do the job they’ve been hired to do, like say, reign in our rogue President, or to protect and serve the people instead of the corporation.

Our disgusting Congress should perhaps have taken this oath:

I pledge allegiance to the multi-national corporations and to the profits for which it stands, one corporation under God with consumerism and slavery for all. 

Collapse and confrontation over scarcer and scarcer resources is a foregone conclusion, the inevitable outcome of all of this, and that is exactly what the nations of the world are preparing for. We are all caught up in a gigantic grist mill that feeds upon itself. It’s insatiable, demanding and bloodthirsty and is going to require the souls of millions.