2007 Monkeyfister Awards

Monkeyfister has nominated 15 “unsung” blogs for the 2007 Monkeyfister Awards.  I’m humbled to even be recognized.

My job is to recommend 3 of my favorites, for the “Au Peer” Award of 2007.  I can think of several and I’m proud to be linking to them.


admin at survivalacres dot com

9 thoughts on “2007 Monkeyfister Awards

  • December 27, 2007 at 11:53 pm

    I brings me joy to be able to thank you, fella. You’ve really helped me to hone my sites on what is truly important right now. Save for that damned $10,000 of Student Loans, and my low, low mortgage on my house, which I bought for $30,000 below the “advertised value,” I am out of debt.

    As a Government Servant, in a secure position, and probably the last to lose my job, I am actually thankful to be “only” $130,000 in debt. I expect to stay in my house until I get old, and those STULOANS are getting retired faster than expected.

    I really hope that you’ll re-visit that “Secret comments” link often to encourage debate.

    You deserve every bit of attention that folks like me can send you, and I mean that.

    Cheers, buddy!

    I’ll probably be sending you a food order come the end of February– before the big tsunami hits.


  • December 28, 2007 at 7:07 am

    Hmmm – I’ve never heard of any of those blogs cited, except SA of course.

    Here are the remarks about SA:
    “The Unsung Award– To Survival Acres for constantly and consistently bring me the very best of news regarding the economic collapse of America. No one has been so diligent, and so thorough and even-handed. “Admin” has been taking my track in trying to be cautious, in the face of over-whelming evidence that events are rapidly coagulating to bring a very bad end to what we perceive as reality right now. Few want to hear the truth, but Admin doles out the Truth on a regular basis. It must be difficult on him. For that, I salute him. I strongly urge you all to read his blog daily.”

    IMO, SA is ‘about’ much more than “economic collapse”. Additionally, this blog regularly covers issues of environmental, societal, governmental, extinction(s) and resource/population topics.

    Apparently, us mere mortals can not vote in this fisting game. Obviously, Admin has my vote, not for “unsung blog” of 2007 but for “siren blog” of the omnipresent apocalypse. Extra Extra Read all about it, “End Times” is NOW. Be the first one on your block to have your kids come in from the storm. No, It’s not a game. This is as bushing real as it gets folks. And Admin is here (virtually) daily to be keeping it real – for you – ‘lord’ knows why.

    WRT “monkey fisting”:

    Doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take, I said
    Doctor, to relieve this rectal rape, I said
    Doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take, I said
    Now let me get this straight

    Put the hand in the coconut, you shake ’em both together (3x)
    Put the hand in the coconut, then you feel better
    Put the hand in the coconut, smash ’em both down
    Put the hand in the coconut, and call me in the afterglow.

    PS: To fellow blogees and blogettes, Welcome to End Game, 2008 edition – AKA Peak KYJ

    PPS: To all the spooks and ghouls patrolling/archiving this blog: F U, and Lord Beezelbush, and Demon Spawn Cheney, and the entire ZioNeoNaziCon choir, and all four horses you ride on..

  • December 28, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Speaking of ‘unsung’, let’s all sing. How about something ‘worthy’ of an aspiring “Thought Criminal”

    ready? Sing along, you know the score!

    Hmmmmmmmm (for pitch)


    My country, ’tis of Shit,
    Dread land of Renditioning,
    On thee I puke;
    Land that my fathers stole,
    Land of pilgrims’ disease,
    From every mountain top,
    Let delusions reign.

    My native country, thee,
    Land of neo-slavery,
    Thy name I loathe;
    Thee are full of shit and crocks,
    pure greed and heinous crooks,
    My heart with venom bursts,
    Like Hell’s fire below.

    Let toxins fill the breeze,
    And exterminate all save sleaze,
    With bleating ignorance our refrain;
    Let mortal tongues abate;
    Let all that breathe forsake;
    Let farts their silence break,
    Thy stench prolonged.

    Our fathers’ God, Oh Thee,
    Author of Insanity,
    Of thee I fear,
    Long may our land be blight. tortured with Freedom’s might,
    Protect us not from thy wrath,
    Great God, our painful path.

    Our diseased Land to-day,
    ‘Neath propaganda’s sway,
    Spirals toward oblivion day.
    Thy arrogance knows no bound,
    Where “Security” all will [know] fear,
    behold them spying everywhere,
    On com and net!

    Thy safeguard, depravity,
    The greatest lies shall ever be,
    Our Nation’s pride!
    No tyrants hand withheld,
    While Liberty’s heart is stilled
    All here are taught the Lie,
    With Truth denied.

    Beneath Heaven’s disgrace,
    A world of fear gains pace,
    Our course does crash;
    In disharmony supreme.
    To deeper depravity we dream,
    Chaos over every Life,
    God shows the way!

    Grand delusion of our sires,
    Our altars are our funeral fires
    First kill those we fear!
    Our starry flag unfurled,
    The fear of all the world,
    All peace and light imperiled,
    Thy God worships (is) Evil.

    There now (here-here), don’t you feel better (warm and fuzzy) following a rapturous fit of un-lifting verse?

    Special thanks to the me-too choir for their inspiring accompaniment (can’t actually call it harmony).

  • December 28, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    I do not know of anyone better than you in getting an award. You deserve a lot more.

  • December 28, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Ire, disgust, revulsion, loathing, etc. tends to do that.

    Yet, I came by it ‘honestly’ – I earned it. So, If I spill some on this keyboard, oh well, plenty more where that came from.

    BTW, I’ve never said I was cute or cuddly.

  • December 28, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    RE: Monkeyfister Award … I think you should be ‘underwhelmed’. As you’ve said, the Internet/Blogs/real News sites are not going to change anything. In fact they could be viewed as welcomed by TPTB because it keeps the landless peasants imagining they are activists in this ‘virtual reality’.

    Preparation is all that is left – boots on the ground. I’m joing a CSA (community supported agriculture) this week (signup opens in January), dumped a truckload of manure in my own garden, collected over 100 lbs of granite dust to remineralize the garden.

  • December 29, 2007 at 8:01 am

    Congrats Admin. There are not enough awards…

    Lonewolf: Thank you too. I can’t stop humming along.

  • December 30, 2007 at 4:02 am

    I’m certain your right aft. I’ve been dwelling on this for a few days. 99.999% of the so-called ‘progressive’ blogs out there are totally clueless on what we’re facing. It’s asses and elbows time, but you’d not know it by the actual effort being expended.

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