Sep 112006

“a secret FBI report in 2005 reported that after more than three years of intense and well-funded hunting, the agency had been unable to identify a single true Al Qaeda sleeper cell anywhere in the country“”rather impressive given the 2002 intelligence estimate that there were up to 5000 people loose in the country who were “connected” to Al Qaeda. [1] Some attribute this to luck, good protection, the distractions of the war in Iraq, patience in planning additional attacks, or the breaking up of the Afghan training camps, but, as I have argued elsewhere, the evidence could be taken to indicate either that they aren’t trying very hard or that they are far less dedicated, diabolical, and competent than the common image would suggest.”

Or they never existed in the first place. Full text here.

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    its amazing how much their stories have come unraveled and threadbare, yet nothing changes. it really smacks of “believe us just a little bit longer…” with a nasty “and then it won’t matter anymore what you believe” attached. i agree with you and vonnegut, there is NO hope for humanity in its “civilized” form.


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    Humanity is evil, pure and simple. We’ve proven we cannot govern ourselves in our present “format” (civilization, culture, society, lifestyles). The solution is already making itself obvious.