Jul 302006

If you have high speed internet, you might want to take a look at the media presentation here.

Video images can convey a huge impact on the viewer. I’ve read about the declining oceans for years, but until yesterday, I wasn’t able to view these images. Quite frankly, I’m shocked. Eating our way down the food chain is a gross understatement. What was once a healthy habitable planet to live on is now turned into a human sewage dump.

I feel like a man who’s just come out of a long coma after dreaming for a long while. It’s just not the same to read and write about what is happening as it is to actually see it. The shock is very real and very upsetting. I’ve also watched videos of the Israeli slaughter, which set the stage so to speak, for my present emotional state. Since I don’t get or watch television here, I’m not privy to the news bytes of what’s been happening in the Middle East. My source for information is the Net and books I pick up. But printed words just do not do justice to what can be seen in videos and photographs.

I can only imagine what someone from say, the 1900’s or even earlier would think, if they could be brought back and shown the condition of the world and man’s inhumanity to each other and every other living thing on the planet. They would probably die of shock and fright right on the spot. Their world was not without it’s own cruel injustice and inhumane treatment, but most people today have become desensitized to this. They simply not moved by what they see, what they read and what they hear.

That is probably the strongest indictment I can make with respect to the human condition. Being dead within, they just don’t care anymore, not enough to put a stop to what is going on. This makes us “deserving” because when we stop caring about what our actions are causing, we are deserving of the results. Irresponsibility leads to irreverance, which breeds the apathy we are plagued with today. And it is this apathy to all things good and long since taken for granted, and the apathy for all things inhumane, injust and cruel that is destroying our planet and everything within it.

If then, being dead, images make no impact and no difference in the viewer, then as one writer put it, they are just bags, taking up space and water. It’s no wonder we have no respect for life, because we have no respect for anything else either.

Jul 292006

The U.S. is the biggest threat which exists in the world. It is a senseless, blind, stupid giant which doesn’t understand the world, doesn’t understand human rights, doesn’t understand anything about humanity, culture and consciousness” – Hugo Chavez

Why do I find myself in agreement? When I examine the human rights abuses past and presently practiced by the United States, I find myself in complete agreement. When I consider the sovereignty of nations and the invasive practices by the United States to undermine countries around the world, I find myself in agreement. When I consider our instant pop “give it to me now” culture and entertainment gratification, I find myself in agreement. When I examine the xenophobic reactionary response to all thing not American, I find myself also in agreement.

I don’t enjoy bashing America, but then again, I don’t enjoy watching America implode either. If the truth cannot be spoken, then the truth doesn’t matter. As an American, I silently and not so silently grieve over what America has become. The hollow arrogance and self righteousness that now permeats this country is appalling. There are some great things about America, but they are being overshadowed by so many other things that aren’t so great. Some of them are downright horrifying and terrible.

As the world’s self-appointed policemen, America has become the bully on the block, pushing and shoving and demanding it’s way like petulant child who dropped his ice cream cone. This behaviour is disgusting and reprehensible and is a reflection on our foreign policy and quality of leadership.

Under the Bush Administration, America has become a sad, sick joke of a country, a hollowed-eyed rheumy old man stumbling about on a six day drunk, lurching and crashing and boisterously demanding that it gets it’s way, or else. Chavez is right, I don’t care if he’s a socialist. It makes no difference at all.

He is of course, referring to the American government, just as much as I am. Chavez has reached out on several occasions to help Americans directly, but holds no respect for our government. Frankly, I doubt very much that world leaders pay much attention to the little people, the actual citizens, although that is not the case with Chavez. Most world leaders consider themselves above the common people and take no notice of their voices, complaints or criticisms. Bush considers himself immune from all constraints, including Constitutional constraints long since imposed upon the Executive Branch at the foundation of this country. He deliberately distances himself from the common man and requires a massive security army to accompany him everywhere he goes.

The elitist behavior as exhibited by our so called “leaders” should give you reason to pause. It demonstrates just how standoffish they really are and how out of touch they are with the average American. They do not see this country like you and I do, which should be patently obvious by the way in which they “rule”. Issuing edicts and decrees irregardless of their impact and benefit or the detriment to the people themselves, the elite practice a form of exclusionary isolation of remote ruling in regal comfort.

We’re supposed to think this is normal for our elite, but I tell you, it is not. It’s a reflection of how far off the mark they are in mind and body to the lives of the American citizen, to say nothing of the foriegn citizens that they have tortured, imprisoned and renditioned around the world. Plainly said, they don’t live where we live and they don’t think like we think and they don’t respond like we respond. Most of them are dead inside like Bush, feeling nothing and never admitting to their mistakes. Blasted and wounded soldiers aren’t worthy of their attention, only “patriotic” and worthy if they’re dying for the cause of their Empire.

It’s not my Empire and it’s not yours. They created it and they’re the ones that want it. Not me. I want nothing to do with it whatsoever.

The huge gap between the people and their leaders is probably insurmountable under this present form of government. I hold no hope whatsoever when a victimized mom cannot even get an explanation from her dead son’s commander in chief. This isn’t grandstanding, but just the opposite – a private and painful never ending agonizing torture of trying to come to grips with the loss of your only son and being utterly and totally rejected by the man who made it happen. It’s not Cindy Sheehan’s fault President Bush won’t meet with her, it’s his. And it’s also his fault that he sent her son off to die for a war based upon his deceptions and his lies. Goddamned right he owes her an apology and all of America too. Every last man, woman and child in America and in the world. He owes the people of Iraq an apology and those in Afghanistan. He should be lashed with a thousand lashes for his lies and his deceptions that have cause so much pain to so many people.

Out of touch with humanity? Chavez is absolutely right. Our government doesn’t even recognize what humanity is. It remains untouched by the all the suffering and the pain and the agony that it causes. It refuses to hold itself accountable for its very actions that are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, even millions of people. It’s truly unconsciousable in its disregard for its blundering policies and inordinate demands upon peoples throughout the world. It’s a hulking rabid demonic corpse, lurching and flailing about as if it were alive, but really belonging to the souless undead.

Jul 292006

The need for CYA actions by the present administration draws closer every day. However, it is already evident that hardly matters anymore. We know what they are, they’re terrorists in suits hiding behind the veil of legitimacy.

Why don’t we just rip these veil of illusions off and expose the naked truths for what they really are? We can keep on pretending or we can get on with the program.

It’s obvious that they refuse to be held accountable for their actions. Any crimes they commit will be legislated (or pardoned) away with a slap on the back and hearty handshake, all is forgiven while the tortured and abused, the dead and slain writhe in their graves with anguish.

What’s the point then? That we continue to blithely accept the double standards that apply to all of us but to none of them? That we accept their elitistship as if were divinely inspired and forgiven? That we are no more qualified to rule and govern our own lives with integrity, character and honor expecting the same from them as we do from us?

Or are we being plagued with a diseased infested mindset that is being propagated by the mass media and our political institutions that manipulate whatever it takes to shape and form public opinion and perception, even it has to call torture “freedom” and invasion “democracy”? Can we shake off this veil of mental sickness and defeat and realize that our destiny isn’t in the hands of any other, but only in our own?

Ah, who’s listening? Anybody even care anymore?

Jul 292006

The Amazon is dying. The permafrost is melting. Both are contributing to the release of carbon dioxide and methane, greatly accelerating the greenhouse effect.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying, it’s already too late to stop it. It take generations for these problems to manifest themselves, but we don’t have generations in which to try and fix them.

Why isn’t this message getting through? Why are world leaders still pretending that civilization and all of its abuses can continue like this into infinity? The planet is screaming out smoke signals that we’re in serious trouble, but world leaders are not paying adequate attention. Those that do get stymied by countries like the United States who go on pretending it’s business as usual.

It’s time, it’s past time we realized that some people are very unhealthy for the planet. Some people are exacerbating the problem by either making massive negative contributions to the problems, or are standing in the way of any resolution. Shall we name names? Would it do any good?

It’s not hard to identify the perpetrators. They are well known, well respected (undeservedly) and widely listened to because of their wealth, power and prestige. But they are also some of the worst contributors to the planetary destruction mankind has ever seen.

Their actions and their inactions are goose-stepping the world into a dead planet. They haven’t the courage, the intelligence or the guts to tell the truth and to defend that truth with their reputations, their fortunes and their characters. I’ll let you figure out why.

It is our lives they are gambling with. Their fools bet is that they will be dead and gone or find a way to profit from their mistakes and their blundering. To them, every problem is an opportunity, but the axiom doesn’t apply in this case. Some problems are fatal. A long term vision of a habitable planet for generations to come eludes them entirely.

One definition of the word “terrorist” is someone who inflicts undue suffering and pain upon another; inciting fear, terror, oppression, anxiety, injury or death. This definition fits quite appropriately these planetary wreckers and the environmental destroyers who are paving their way into Dante’s Inferno.

This definition also fits most of the US government and their agents and probably most governments throughout the world. In fact, if I’m allowed to digress, this definition fits a whole lot of people and institutions whose power derives from their acts of terrorism. What they are doing is disguised and obfuscated as “necessary” and oftentimes wrapped up in the phony flag of patriotism or progress.

It’s very clear to me that as long as our priorities are profits, power and control, the human race will always be plagued with these terrorists for as long as we manage to still survive, which doesn’t appear to be long now.

Jul 282006

This will make the apocalyptical happy:

If confirmed, the reports could lead to an Israeli air strike on the embassy, possibly leading to a widening of the conflict, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Foreign embassies are sovereign territory and an attack on an embassy could be considered an act of war.

The present slaughter isn’t being considered an “act of war”, but attacking the Iran embassy would be. Supposedly, the Hezbollah leader is hiding in the embassy. But wait! Maybe he’s in Damascus instead! Now that will really get the jumpin’ juices pumping!

Syria figures prominently in biblical apocalyptic theology and any excuse to bomb the hell out of Syria is being considered “fulfillment” of bible prophecy. Damascus is to be wiped out by none other the then King of Babylon, Nebuchadrezzar.

There is strong evidence that George W. Bush considers himself to be Nebuchadrezzar, with many of his following believing that too. Ironically, the other King of Babylon is sitting in jail right now.

I don’t mean to digress into theology, but interpretive theology has long played a role in middle eastern affairs as being interpreted by the Bush administration and a large number of Americans. It is the reason why Bush approves of the war with Lebanon, but nobody wants to talk about it or make mention of this fact. The PNAC is a fundamentalist group that has long before set into motion a plan for fulfillment of end times prophecy. The Iraq invasion was part of it.

Many fundamentalists groups in America are in full support of Israel, who can do no wrong since they are the “chosen of God”. No amount of genocidal slaughter, torture, imprisonment or deprivation to any of “Israel’s enemies” (which can be anybody) is considered immoral or injust to the chosen. Their even sending delegations to the White House to show their “support for Israel” as Israel continues to blow up civilians and infrastructure in Lebanon. Their vision for the Middle East is a radioactive nuclear holocaust that will then usher in a millenium of “peace”, which if you understand bible prophecy, then reverts back yet again to another nuclear war with the final worldwide slaughter of billions of people.

At least, that’s one interpretation. There quite a few more, hundreds to be more or less exact. There is widespread disagreement on “how it all is supposed to play out”, but their evil machinations are at work to make sure that it does indeed happen. I say “evil” because they worship death more then they worship life, having neither any active participation in this world or the living, and only desirous of the “next world”. Their only way to get there is to fulfill prophecy with their apocalyptic vision of death and destruction which they call “‘peace” at the expense of the lives of millions and millions.

This is one of the ruling beliefs behind the Bush Administration and the PNAC. Bush, Rice, Cheney, Wolfowitz and all their ilk are bound and determined to remake the world into this image and the roles that they believe they have been ordained to fulfill. Our President gets his “orders from God“, who also obviously approves of the slaughter. And the lying, the coverups, the fabricated evidence, the assassinations and murders and torture. Hell has no fury as reserved for this lying murdering sack of dog dung who is guilty of massive war crimes worldwide.

I’ve long wanted to write my companion piece to “Forcing the Rapture” Part II, exposing the lies, misrepresentation and theological errors to the view of the end times theology, but can’t hardly bring myself to wade into this muck. These are the end times alright, but it hasn’t anything to do with biblical fulfillment or theology. Mankind embarked upon non-sustainable ways long before the first words of the bible were written down. Moreover, he has taken his religions and made them into self-fullfilling prophecies of global cult proportions. With his distorted self-induced visions and limited understanding being grossly manipulated by a controlling few, he is thundering towards apocalyptic visions of global self-annihilation.

The end times that we are all now being forced to accept is the result. Rather then embrace life, we’re being forced to embrace death as Nebuchadrezzar and his henchmen steers a crash course for a catacalysmic Middle East showdown.

Jul 272006

Don’t get caught taking pictures of the police doing their “duty”. Wonder why they arrested him? It’s the message. Intimidate one and you’ve intimidated 10,000. It’s happening all over the country. Journalists are now being arrested and imprisoned for investigating. Doing their jobs is apparently a crime, but when the police are doing their jobs, apparently it’s not. Lying too is apparently a-okay if you’re a badge totin’ gun humping thug.

Jul 252006

There are several very important points in this Axis of Logic article that I’ve long been saying. We are past the oil peak, the growing crisis in the Middle East is a desperation (and stupid) move for resources, the plans for our future will be an ongoing series of wars and militarization, global climate tipping points have now been irreversibly reached, the political and financial collapse is now a certainty, and massive American detentions will be a part of our future as global manufactured “crisis” converge.

A hell of a ride in other words with no way out. There are hundreds of similiar analysis being produced around the world by respected authors and researchers, adding to the growing evidence that the final collapse of civilization is well underway.