Feb 272006

I read a lot of everything I can get my hands on. I’m not a news junkie, I don’t have time for it, but anything that catches my interest, I read. How much do you read? I???m curious, because much of what I read is disturbing as hell. This article is one of them – (if you are receiving a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” response, I have the entire article posted on the Sustainable Living board (membership required).

There is a lot of information in that article, material that I have read off and on for the past ten years. I suggest you read it. It is a hair-raising disturbing piece revealing a planned pattern of global destruction and planetary genocide.

There is a terrifying message in that article – an all too common theme that is repeating itself everywhere you look. The final rape of the world is taking place, with advanced technologies making sure it happens according to plan.

The rotten bastards behind this insidious plot are in fact, planning on reducing the worlds population by at least 3 billion people.

While this isn???t ???news??? to me, I am distraught. The future is looking bleaker and bleaker. I don???t think we have a clue to be honest just how bad things are going to get. It???s not just an issue of things flying out of control or systems crashing – they???re planning this and making sure it does happen.

To say that they hate ???us??? is a gross understatement. They have been consolidating their power base for decades and are almost ready to pull the plug on humanity. Plainly speaking, we???re not ready. Are you?

Feb 252006

Taken from the SuperFluTalk website and my reply:

Do you guys think your taking this to seriously?

Are you spending all your time prepping and not living a normal life.

What is “normal”? Being dependent upon an increasingly toxic system? Not being able to take care of oneself?

I think it is all a matter of perspectives. Modern living basically says, “let someone else do all the worry and work, I’ll just go make the money”. This is actually contrary to natural law (long subject), and very destructive to various things, but sticking to my points, it severely affects You. You become a dependent when you rely upon other people, other “things” to provide for you to the nth degree.

There are a great many people who don’t even have basic skills to help themselves. Removed from their “jobs”, they would simply perish, unable to feed, clothe or even provide themselves basic shelter.

Is that important? Depends on your perspective – and your level of dependency. Our society has built a vast infrastructure that affords the existence of millions of people, while denying them the basic knowledge, skills, and experience (ksa’s) to take care of themselves. How can that be a “good thing”?

Living like this presupposes an awful lot of assumptions, very dangerous assumptions. The Katrina disaster showed this. People died because they didn’t have the basic skills to fend for themselves. Others exploited the situation while waiting for ‘help’ to arrive.

Preparations, which I couple with “self-reliance” should, in my opinion, be a way of life. You never know when you might need it. It is no different then buying insurance, one day, you may need it. Preparations by becoming a way of life, removes you (somewhat) from the dependency cycle and causes you to think about your needs and related, your actions. Our world could certainly use more of this ‘thinking’.

Using my example above (“I’ll just go make the money”), this assumes several things –

* Money will (always) buy you what you need (bad assumption)
* What you need will always be available (bad assumption)
* Someone else with the required knowledge, skills and experience will always be there to help, or make the stuff that you need (bad assumption)
* You will always have other people around to help you (bad assumption)
* You will always be able to make money (bad assumption)
* Your “job skills” (whatever they are) will always be sufficient to get your through life and through any possible crisis or need (bad assumption).

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Preparations take responsibility for one’s own welfare, instead of putting it upon someone else. This is essential for healthy living and another point, personal accountability. At it’s very basic level, preparations emphasises maturity, experience and responsibility.

Those that don’t, won’t or refuse (as opposed to can’t) are exhibiting some rather disturbing characterstics, which include irresponsibility, indifference (amazingly, to their own welfare), dependency, arrogance, ignorance, denial, lack of experience, immaturity and apathy.

Preparations used to be a way of life – for the entire world. Cultures throughout the globe made preparations every year for all kinds of things, crop failure, drought, plague, pestilence, disease, wind storms, you name it. They planned ahead because they knew for hard experience (starvation and death) what life was really like.

Our world today refuses to do this. We live in artificial constructs, that is reliant upon a just-in-time global delivery system with many points of failure (increasing all the time). Our manufactured world say’s, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, WE will take care of you”. Who’s “We”?

Profiteers. People, corporations, media, government, all kinds of entities and agencies that say, “We’ve taken over YOUR responsibility, leave it all up to us”.

To accept this lie is quite literally, insane.

They don’t want you to take care of yourself, because it negates their control and their profits. They want to be your “provider” (for everything), houses, clothing, cars, gas, food, water, land, all of it. The only thing you have to do is –

* Trust them.
* Pay them.
* Work. For decades and decades. Never once learning the basic skills to take care of yourself and meet your own needs.

Now, is this “normal”? I don’t think so. In fact, it is an abberation to natural living in the extreme. To say nothing of the incredible planetary destruction this entire process causes.

We have many other crisises on the horizon following the bird flu. This is but one expected and anticipated event from dozens. People can prep – or not. But those that don’t, will remain ignorant, dependent and ultimately, victims.

Who would willingly choose to be a victim?

It’s amazing – but apparently millions upon millions are quite willing to do it. Why?

Besides simply “not knowing how” (where is this stuff even being taught in our world today?) they prefer their present way of life (dependency) over personal responsibility and accountability.

I think this is very sad, very tragic and a great big part of the problem leading to how our world works today. And to think this is exactly what we have been teaching our kids for the last few generations.

We were kids once too, and grew up, knowing what, exactly? How to push paper? How to order people around? How in the world is this going to help when we lack the very basic skills to simply take care of ourselves?

Whatever comes our way and the resulting fallout will have devastating impacts exactly because of this incredible lack and dependency.

Feb 242006

On the subject of crisis, the United States has been in a serious political crisis since the stolen 2000 election. Appointed by the Supreme Court to President, the Herr Furher has embarked upon a campaign of hatred towards the American people and anyone who opposes him ever since.

It doesn’t appear that a lot of people are connecting the dots regarding the Furher’s ambitions for Americans, but a well crafted plan is being laid out to keep the Furher in office – beyond 2008. Without a Constitutional Ammendment, no President may have more then two terms in office, even if both terms were stolen. The 2004 rigged “election” of the Furher made it clear that the Bush handlers have no intention of playing by the rules. After all, it’s “just a goddamned piece of paper“.

Constitutional limits play no role in limiting the Fuhrer in his assault upon Americans, which is why we can expect more from the Fuhrer. Like the latest assault against “Fifth Columnists” Americans. This assinine piece of hatred for Americans is being paraded about as necessary to “protect Americans”. The irony is apparently lost upon the morons who are behind this.

The confirmation of the zero Constitutional limits is already out in the open –

I stand by this President’s ability, inherent to being Commander in Chief, to find out about Fifth Column movements, and I don’t think you need a warrant to do that.

This traitor to the American people is clearly in league with the Fuhrer and his right hand Nazi, Gonzalez. Replacing John Ashcroft, who was a nightmare come true, Gonzalez is already out of the gate with his endorsement of the Fuhrer’s unquestionable policies. The “executive privilege” argument is wearing a bit thin, but no matter, the Fuhrer isn’t accountable (to anyone) for his decisions or his actions.

So who are these Fifth Columnists? Why bloggers of course! Disloyal Americans who disagree with the Fuhrer. And protesters. Letter writers. Anyone who disagrees with the Fuhrer. They are enemy combatants, terrorists who are a danger to all Americans.

What’s going to happen to these terrorists? Well, the fun doesn’t stop with your simple harrassment and arrest. Apparently, massive new detentions centers are being built by that company favorite of all Americans, Halliburton. The missing billions in Iraq aren’t important, Halliburton is now going to exercise its prison camp expertise right here in America. Do you detect a pattern here?

I do. Starting with the stolen election and the surveillance authorized by the Fuhrer on Americans, the Administration has embarked upon a series of extremely dangerous steps leading America to the brink of civil war. But I am getting ahead of myself. The Fuhrer has long taken an extreme dislike to “disloyal” Americans who oppose his policies and decisions. Patriotic Americans aren’t supposed to question the events surrounding 9/11, or the invasions of Afghanistan or Iraq or the domestic spying, torture, coverup or any issue for that matter. That ALL these atrocities happened on the Fuhrer’s watch doesn’t invalidate the agenda (but take note) – punish Americans who disagree and are deemed disloyal.

Dead journalists and exposed covert operations operatives are part of the agenda too. Living in the Fuhrer’s Amerika is dangerous – even if you happen to be stationed overseas. Is your name one of the 325,000 reported? Or if you are one of tens of thousands on the “no fly” economic punishment list (yet ANOTHER managed by your beloved government), it probably is. Can’t get your name of this list? Too damned bad. You shouldn’t have wrote that letter to the editor.

Isn’t it comforting to know that Herr Fuhrer is watching over your well being by punishing your fellow Americans for exercising their rights to free speech?

Anybody want to calculate the economic impact to just ONE PERSON who has been put on the “No-Fly” list? For how long? Ten years? Twenty? A lifetime? Ah, never mind. It doesn’t matter. The next episode of your favorite mind glue is coming on, go back to the couch and your beer.

Well, don’t get too comfortable, the best is yet to come. Massive arrests (martial law), imprisonment and slave labor on on their way (I told you it was going to be fun).

There also was another ittle-noticed item posted at the US Army Web site, about the Pentagon’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program. This program “provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations.”

On its face, the Army’s labor program refers to inmates housed in federal, state and local jails. The Army also cites various federal laws that govern the use of civilian labor and provide for the establishment of prison camps in the United States, including a federal statute that authorizes the Attorney General to “establish, equip, and maintain camps upon sites selected by him” and “make available … the services of United States prisoners” to various government departments, including the Department of Defense.

Clearly Prescott learned something from the Nazis he funded and taught to the younger Bush, or was it Daddy who did this? It doesn’t matter, but we can be pretty sure Junior didn’t dream this up, I don’t think he’s capable of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The return of the Nazis in America is well underway. But true as this is, it isn’t sinking in.

It’s no longer sufficient to speak the truth. Vernacular is precise, but look at how it is being misused:

“Contrary to popular belief, there is no absolute ban on [military] intelligence components collecting US person information.”

Making the incredibly dubious distinction between “collecting” and “receiving” information, military intelligence is (still) actively engaged in the spying on Americans. A

secret 400-page Pentagon document listing 1,500 “suspicious incidents” over a 10-month period, including dozens of small antiwar demonstrations that were classified as a “threat.”

This would include a meeting held by the Quakers, who are apparently considered a “domestic terrorist threat”.

The media is also being used as a tool to convince American’s that such behaviour by the Fuhrer and his henchmen are acceptable policy.

“PSYOPS messages will often be replayed by the news media for much larger audiences, including the American public,”

This program was approved by Donald Rumsfield, Secretary of Defense.

Stretching the line in the same way as the difference between “collecting” and “receiving” intelligence, “the Information Operations Roadmap argues that as long as the American public is not intentionally “targeted,” any PSYOP propaganda consumed by the American public is acceptable.”

Even worse, is the Pentagon’s plan to kill the Internet – the last bastion of free speech in the world:

The Pentagon plan also includes a strategy for taking over the Internet and controlling the flow of information, viewing the Web as a potential military adversary. The “roadmap” speaks of “fighting the net,” and implies that the Internet is the equivalent of “an enemy weapons system.”

This “Long War” as defined by the Fuhrer’s right hand man, Rumsfield, makes it clear who the real enemy is – you.

“Let there be no doubt, the longer it takes to put a strategic communication framework into place, the more we can be certain that the vacuum will be filled by the enemy and by news informers that most assuredly will not paint an accurate picture of what is actually taking place,” Rumsfeld said.

The “vaccum” is being filled by disloyal Americans who have reported “unapproved” news and opinions. The Secretary of Defense for the United States of America has declared war upon you. When implemented, the Pentagon plan will take over the airwaves and the Internet just like Nazi Germany did for Hitler.

Don’t look forward to martial law as being any sort of help in this domestic war, this will in fact, make things much worse for all Americans. The heavy handedness of the Fuhrer’s storm troopers is well known. During the Katrina aftermath, “heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, (and had them) openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans,” reported journalists Jeremy Scahill and Daniela Crespo on Sept. 10, 2005. Noting the reputation of the Blackwater mercenaries as “some of the most feared professional killers in the world,” Scahill and Crespo said Blackwater’s presence in New Orleans “raises alarming questions about why the government would allow men trained to kill with impunity in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to operate here.”

Well, that’s not hard to figure out, now is it? The Fuhrer’s Administration is hoping to stay in power beyond 2008. Americans are being conditioned all across the spectrum to accept armed storm troopers in their midst (just ride a New York subway and you’ll see what I mean). Note the missile batteries on some of our streets. Mercenaries and professional killers are being paraded around in our streets while our National Guardsmen are on “extended duty” (for national security of course) in Iraq on “stop loss” orders. Can’t have the local homeboys helping out during times of crisis.

The Fuhrer obviously doesn’t consider himself just President anymore. Writes Michael Ratner in the book Guantanamo: What the World Should Know.

“The President decided that he was no longer running the country as a civilian President. He issued a military order giving himself the power to run the country as a general.”

Hot damn! Being President allows you write your own ticket, which clearly General Bush has taken extreme advantage of. But where is our Congress, beside hiding like the absolute cowards that they are? Silence….

Except for one voice (Ron Paul), we’re not hearing (or getting) anything from Congress. And we won’t either.

Al Gore asked one of the most important questions that should be a cold-sobering thought to every American –

“Can it be true that any President really has such powers under our Constitution? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then under the theory by which these acts are committed, are there any acts that can on their face be prohibited?”

And the answer is, “No”. There are no limits to the power the Fuhrer can give himself. Congress has been gutted and disabled, cowed into complete submission and the Senate is quivering in fear. This is a speech that you will NEVER hear spoken in Congress (too long to post here), but well worth reading.

The fact that that Fuhrer considers himself to be an unlimited President (illegitimate is the proper definition) is a scary thing. To have unrestrained power in the hands of an empty headed mealy mouth liar is stone cold sobering. Couple that with his atrocious track record of a Presidency and “protecting Americans” while killing them, imprisoning them and harrassing them. So what comes next?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Does anyone really expect that a man who has all the characterstics of the Anti-Christ to simply walk away from the highest office in the world? After directly participating in the killing tens of thousands Americans? Participating in the attacks and coverups on 9/11? Ordering the illegal invasions of two nations and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians, which continues to this day? Attempting the assassination of heads of state? Ordering and approving the use of torture and a global network of torture camps? Passing the Patriot Act I and II and ordering the illegal harrassment, arrest and imprisonment of thousands of Americans? Ordering the domestic spying millions upon Americans? Creating massive “enemy” list of Americans who simply don’t agree with the Fuhrer? There are countless and countless examples of gross incompetence, malfeasence, treachory and outright hatred (remember the Katrina response?) exemplified by this Administration.

What do you think comes next? Hot fudge sundaes?

That America has a political crisis is a gross understatement. We’ve NEVER seen a political crisis of such magnitude, not even during the Civil War. That war did not involve the entire nation. This war will. Nobody will be exempt. The treachery and corruption extends all the way to the root.

It’s going to take more then beans and bullets to survive this crisis.

Feb 232006

We live in a very strange era, which is fraught with increasingly difficult events and circumstances. Strange it may be, but predictable. I am not at all surprised at our common predicaments that are coming at us all with increasing frequency and violence, since these things are what you’d have to come to expect, considering the insane human behavior we exhibit as a species.

The problem, as I see it, is how the human race is going to manage to survive. Assuming we live through multiple waves of bird flu, what are we going to do as the oil runs out? No serious energy alternative to oil even exists. The EROEI (energy return on energy invested) equation hasn’t changed one iota – and the alternative energy “techno fixes” that have either been developed or proposed, don’t even come close to the stored energy in a barrel of oil.

But this argument doesn’t seem to wash with most people. They’re not concerned about how much energy we can produce, since these things are already and always being taken care of by someone else. I see this attitude as a fatal flaw to the human experience – the dependency cycle that basically states “I exist because technology makes it possible”. That’s fine – as long as the technology and underlying resources don’t dry up and blow away…. Wait! That’s exactly what is happening now. It’s all being turned into smoke, smog and acid rain.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought going into people’s thinking on how to ensure their own long term survival. Who’s going to feed you when all the mega farms close down? What jobs will there be when most employers have gone out of business? How will you buy any food due to astronomical costs? Where are you going to get your clothes? And of utmost importance to most Americans – how are you going to keep your house when you can’t pay the mortgage?

I received an interesting email from a lawyer regarding some of these things, here’s a snip of what he said:

When I asked a friend of mine who does real estate law what she plans to do when the housing bubble bursts, without flinching she responded: Foreclosures. In my own practice, when employers/big businesses (my firm’s clients) lay off people, the number of claims tend to go up, which is of course, bad for my firm’s clients, but good for my firm. And let me tell you, my firm’s been super busy the past couple years. In two years we’ve grown from about 40 lawyers to nearly 80. This prosperity will obviously be short-lived. I think how medical costs are directly connected to energy costs and I see insurance companies going bankrupt in scores in just the next year or two – it’s already started. I’m silently laughing now. I’m thinking about the reaction I would get if the partners or even other associates in my firm could read this email.

Already the sharks are circling – they plan on staying in “business” as long as possible by helping to evict you from your home. But he’s right, this is predicatable and expected. As as business shut their doors and people lose their jobs, the foreclosers and evictions will increase, creating a limited “job” market for some. But for how long? How long can the country withstand this kind of onslaught before it finally starts consuming itself?

Everything is related to the cost of energy. And when this stuff goes up beyond the price of the Moon, what exactly are you planning on doing to stay alive? It really will come down to a “survival” situation. Many Americans are already there and it will only continue to get increasingly worse. There is no “slack” in their meager lifestyles to absorb any more costs to staying alive.

This is what I mean when I say “crisis to crisis”. On the heels of bird flu, we have a global crisis of energy. Of fresh water. Of habitable ecosystems. Of climate. Think drought, hurricanes, ice storms, thermohaline, melting ice caps, climate shift. All of these issues are related to the very basic issues of human survival (and other things too, but I’m going to stick to my point). All of these things point to a single possible outcome for humans – our survival is no longer certain and will never be this easy again. We’re going to be forced to figure something out that deals with the very basics of our ability to survive. Water, food, clothing, shelter. None of these essentials can be taken for granted anymore because each one of these requirements is under increasingly serious peril.

Water comes from our lakes, rivers and oceans, but as climate shift dramatically changes the world’s weather, this basic necessity of life cannot be taken for granted any longer. Aquifiers are being pumped dry, the ground is subsiding, we’re polluting the rivers, lakes and oceans in unbelievable ways and what once fell from the sky can no longer be taken for granted. Added population pressure (demand and pollution) and habitat destruction created extreme inbalances which have lasted until just about now.

I’ve already written much on the food production availability, and the just-in-time supply chain. This is a catastophe of our own making, but climate change will also take its terrible toll on the harvest. On top of this is of course, the energy cost to till, plant, fertilize, grow, harvest, transport, package and distribute the production from these mega-farms, who are in turn excessively depleting the soil, contaminating the ground water and creating toxic environmental conditions.

Our clothing comes from petrochemicals (many of them) and cotton, hemp, rubber and leather. All of these products require a global distribution network supported by cheap energy and cheaper labor. I suppose labor will always be cheap (exploited), but energy won’t be, it can’t. As oil supplies diminish, the cost of products, goods and services dependent upon oil will go up. Stock up while you can – because what you buy today will definitely be less expensive then tomorrow.

The housing bubble is already here (depending on where you live, but just wait long enough, any of these problems will show right up at your door). If you paid too much, you’ve enslaved yourself for three decades (most often, it works out to even more then this) while you struggle to maintain your mortgage payments working at a job you despise. Eventually, you either give up (move), sell out (maybe realizing a profit, and stupidily repeat the entire ridiculous cycle again), walk away (bankruptcy, ’cause you lost your job and just can’t make it anymore), foreclosure (any of the above), or God forbid, you actually paid your house off (if this took longer then five years, you paid far too much for that house). Now what? Looking around, it’s clear “everything has gone up” which it’s going to continue to do for the rest of your life. And they call this the “American Dream”.

This is not only insane – it’s just plain dumb to even play this game. Who wants to be a slave for 30 years? There are far better ways to live and not have to clearcut a forest to do it. You do have to live somewhere, everybody does, but you don’t have to destroy the environment in the process, or enslave yourself for several decades just so you can stupidily repeat the entire process several more times in your life. This is another crisis of our own making – indentured slavery and resource destruction. And this is of course, only a tiny part of the problem, but something a lot of people can actually relate to. There is also habit destruction, species extinction, pollution, overcrowding, overpopulation, toxic development and urban sprawl, all of which barely touch upon the magnitude of the entire problem with housing and how we go about living on this planet.

Will it last? Unfortunately, in this case, yes, I think so. Until it’s all used up. People will always sell out to “live the dream”, even if it means the death of the planet, servitude for 30 (and now 50 year mortgages), destroying more land, more habitat and more resources. Living the good life has come to mean owning your own home, even if that is really a lie. It simply never occurs to most people what the true cost of this lifestyle really is.

This only underscores the real crisis and that is human apathy and indifference. Exploiting other people, places and products (including animals, plants, minerals, all inert objects as far as most are concerned) is simply “out of sight, out of mind” and not worth contemplating. The needs for future generations, or even their potential for survival simply doesn’t enter into the equation.

I can only touch on the basics of what is happening to our world – and I’m only dealing with a tiny aspect of the environmental, human caused conditions. There are many other factors such as politics, government, ideologies, religions, economies, social economics, and corporate monopolies that are having tremendous impact upon the very fabric of life – of every living (remaining) entity upon this planet. All human caused and all fraught with dangerous side effects and hidden non-denominated costs.

Do you see? These are almost all human caused conditions, which another way of saying they are man made, man manufactured crisis. We are doing this – to ourselves, repeatedly, all over the world, over and over again, a thousand, millions time over. The fantastic capacity of the planet is being severely overtaxed and is now breaking down, threatening our very chances for survival. What we once took for granted can never be taken for granted again. Ever. It’s only a matter of time as we continue our barrage and assault upon what’s left, which of course, means further impacting the planetary ecosystems to guarantee their total collapse.

It’s only a matter of time now, it has to happen because humans have simply refused to change their behaviour. We’re like lemmings or rabbits breeding out of control, that have overtaxed the environmental conditions, except this time, we’ve managed to muck up the entire planet. It will be die-off on a massive scale, helped along the way by an energy crisis, emerging pandemics, climate change and more then one or two rather serious wars as we fight over the scraps of the planetary resources. It won’t be fun, it won’t be pretty, but it’s a sure thing. You can count on it.

We’re going to be forced to raising our own food, forced to “stay local” and develop local economies and barter exchanges for essential goods and supplies. We won’t (and don’t) have any choice anymore. If we don’t see it – our kids most certainly will as this generation uses up the last of what was once a Pharoah’s treasure of abundant earth resources. We’re living crisis to crisis now, already, and these will only increase in frequency and intensity throughout the planet. The vibrations of the human “footprint” and ecological impact are reverbrating throughout the entire planetary ecosphere.

I take the view that planning for collapse is a prerequisite for sustainable living. This isn’t just fear mongering hype, but understanding where and why crisis originates. I’m actually confused by people who “don’t see it” and “don’t get it”. This state of denial is highly suspect. I can’t even fathom humankind charting a course around the coming collapse, I don’t think this is even possible. Far, far too much damage has been done for humans to avoid a planetary collapse.

Crisis is already here in one form or another and like waves beating against the shore, there will be another one and another and another. Knowing this is perhaps the first course of action. Planning for it comes next, it’s really the best course of action. And your only hope, after all. As stated on this blog before, hope requires action. I hope you understand that.

Feb 202006

I’m getting tired of talking to myself in cyberspace. I don’t know if this blog is reaching anyone, or doing any good. I receive a few comments from time to time, but it’s not like there is a lot of readers who barrage me with email. The point is, repeating the same line over and over is making me feel like a one-act play. And I’m much more then that.

I’m unclear if anyone is paying any attention. There is scant evidence that people are taking the coming collapse of civilization seriously. Bird flu is of course, the latest “news” (and getting significantly worse every single day), but then what? What comes next? Even if bird flu wipes out half the population (a potential possibility), do we just go back to “business as usual”?

Unfortunately, this is probably true. I recently received a copy of Jan Lundberg’s Culture Change #22, which contained the words “Dereliction of Duty”. Appropriate, when you consider the gross injustice practiced by the present and past world leaders, particularly the United States, who stupidly and stubbornly put profits ahead of everything else.

Lunderg points out how world leaders are still failing to address the collapsing ecosystems and “petrocollapse”, which will be the near kill-shot for the human race (my words, because this is what petrocollapse actually means). Petrocollapse also means peak energy, peak civilization, peak production, peak everything. The downhill slope from there will look like a fall from the Rock of Gibraltar. With no safety line to rescue you from the fall.

To say that our world leaders are guilty of dereliction of duty is a gross understatement. Worldwide mandatory reductions in energy consumption, pollution, soil depletion, fishing, logging, and of course, population are long overdue. But there is simply no way to really enforce such a declaration even if it were to be (belatedly) declared.

The upshot of this should be obvious, something I’ve been saying for quite a while now. It will be too late by then to affect any meaningful change and head off the disaster that is sure to come. It already is too late, but since that message is not “getting through” to enough people, let me make this perfectly clear: no “answers” or “technofix” or “political solution” will be forthcoming to prevent global disaster from devastating the human race. Such answers were needed and necessary at least twenty years ago (and never arrived). It’s too late now for the world’s population to avoid the coming resource conflicts and environmental consequences of hundreds of years of planetary greed and consumption. These machinations are already underway as evidenced by the ongoing resource wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and soon, Venezuela (you didn’t think this was about terrorism did you?).

We’ve overshot the critical ecological balance that would have sustained us quite easily into the next millenium. The latest pandering by the President regarding “alternative energy” is yet another example of how clueless these political “leaders” really are. Their response is quite predictable (and pitiful) – too little, too late and grossly underfunded (while still giving tax breaks to wasteful companies and enterprises as recently shown). The motivation just isn’t there. It’s simply more profitable to maintain the status quo then to truly be visionary and not undercut the future generations to the point of total collapse.

This is the message that people aren’t thinking through. Future generations will be faced with severe hardships because of our actions – and our inaction. I recently wrote “As Good As It Gets” which was meant to emphasis that we simply won’t live to see a “better” world. It’s not even possible. A better world would only be possible if there were, in fact, untapped resources, technology (maybe) and social restrictions in place, operational and effective. Since none of these things exist, and it’s “business as usual” until this runaway train crashes into the bottom of the ravine, it’s not a better world that we can look forward to.

What we’re doing is robbing our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters of the same or equal opportunities that we had. It’s not possible that they will enjoy the same things we enjoyed – there are only so many ways to slice up this pie into smaller and smaller bites. And that’s what they are going to be getting, much smaller bites. While we had as much of the pie we could have possibly wanted, we squandered a great deal of it away, not considering the future, our future – their future. And now, what’s left is diseased, polluted, depleted, destroyed and decimated. That’s “their” inheritance, thanks to us.

That doesn’t really say much, does it? But it’s the truth. The present generations are responsible to the enusing generations, but this concept is simply being overlooked by Western culture (in particular). We think that “retirement” is our golden answer to a long and fruitful life. This viewpoint is incredibly shortsighted, because it fails to account for anything other then “our” generation, which is solely concerned with grabbing as much of the pie as it possibly can. And the results of this arrogance and shortsightedness are everywhere. Dereliction of duty then, is our problem too, we simply cannot escape this fact.

It’s hard to face the fact that what we do today, affects tomorrow, all of them. This effect reverbrates down through the years with devastating consequences. The earthly abundance that sustained previous generations is constantly being diminished to the point of planetary collapse, which is inevitable because the prevalant attitudes of unlimited abundance.

There is nothing unlimited about a finite world. There are renewable resources and replenishable resources, but even these resources are not unlimited. Planetary carrying capacity (which must be recognized within its technological and socialogical limits) isn’t infinite. Earlier civilizations has the luxury of simply moving on to greener pastures. Where can you do that today?

What happens now is planetary resources are depleted to the point of exhaustion and then other resources are mined, harvested, fished, logged or extracted. But this approach will still (and is) hitting the finite limits of whatever was once available.

While humans can live off of renewable resources, nobody actually does. Not anymore. Once we abandoned the hunter / gatherer lifestyle and began to overpopulate the earth, we erected cities of glass, steel, plastics and asphalt (all non-renewable resources) to house our burgeoning populations. We clothed our bodies with polyester, nylon, rayon and even plastics (non-renewable). While we continue to eat renewables, almost everything else we’re now doing comes from non-renewable resources. The extraction, mining, processing, manufacturing and distribution of these non-renewable resources in turn created gigantic demands for even more non-renewable resources. The associated pollution, depletion, destruction and environmental damage caused by all this activilty is, quite literally, irreparable and long term (thousands of years, at least).

In other words, we are terribly out of balance with the world that sustains us and it’s getting worse day by day. Yet this problem, which is monumental in scope and significance, is not being addressed – by anyone. What we term “modern living” is actually killing the planet that we live on, it’s a terminal disease eating away like cancerous cells, consuming whatever it touches, leaving behind a wake of devastation and destruction. That’s the inheritance we are passing on to our kids – a cancerous terminal disease with no hope of survival without effecting a “cure”.

The “cure” as it were, is unmentionable because it strikes at the very root of all that is wrong with our present corrupt society and system, crossing every barrier, every boundary and makes a mockery of our very way of life. Isn’t it ironic then, that our way of life is actually a disease, with humans as the carriers?

Feb 202006

This article shows just how incredibly clueless George Bush is regarding energy and our future. And how much of a liar he really is too.

We’re supposed to be just as ignorant as he is, and swallow this song and dance hook, line and sinker. The only thing this article shows is how the Administration is getting desperate to appear to be doing something about our domestic energy needs, but they’re clearly clueless, as usual.

Feb 172006

It’s very hard to try and report any “good news” these days, since so much of it is bad and getting worse. I try to gauge in my laymen’s fashion what is happening in the world that affects each of us, even if only at a distance (until it lands on your doorstep and kicks you in the teeth). I have less and less time these days to devote to reading the articles and stories posted on the Web and I have scant little use for the idiot box, so simply don’t watch it for news and information, whatever is broadcast is either weeks or even months behind the information “curve”.

It’s that “curve” that is so important these days. The news is coming in fast and heavy, always bad and increasingly worse. If you don’t realize this already, then you probably never will. So ignore the following, which really isn’t applicable to you anyway.

I’ve long considered how to chart my way through this human-caused disaster called civilization. So far, so good, I’m still here, still alive, still kicking and breathing. But lately, this is becoming much more questionable how long that run of experience, sincere effort and more then a little luck will continue.

There are indications that that the human race had entered into a definitely scary era of all-out survival. Will we make it? Will you? Will I? I don’t know. There isn’t a lot of evidence that we will come through this unscathed. In fact, our survival as a species is in serious question.

Truth be known, I’m not particularly optimistic about this either. We’ve done an incredible amount of self-inflicted damage to our bodies, our health, our planet and our future survivability as a species. Even now, almost all of us exist simply through the application of artificial means (which really means somebody else is actually keeping us alive), all which are based upon the economics of cheap energy. But denial continues to run rampant regarding these irrefutable facts, which I find absolutely amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised though, the daily news regurgitates all kinds of doom and gloom, which fails to penetrate to the level of conscious thought in the average man. This is “normal” these days, a state of denial and disbelief, what should rightly be called abnormal, alarming and even life threatening apathy. But “normal” it is and we’re all the worse for it.

That’s the real scary part. The human apathy and indifference. Most everyone seems to believe that all things will continue on pretty much as they “always” have, which when you think about it, is an extremely biased and limited perspective averaging at best, no more then five or six decades. Few people have really had to suffer – to go hungry, endure torture, watch their families sicken and die, or seen their homes blown up.

Yet any of these things are now distinct possibilities, events which can and probably will happen in our lifetimes. Crazy? I don’t think so. Not after digesting mountains and mountains of news stories and studying the course of history. What is happening today has happened before, with a logical sequence of events leading to the same inevitable conclusions.

It’s not my intention to upset anyone regarding these “facts” as I see them – but rather to point out that these things are actually “normal” throughout human history. They have happened before and will happen again. The important thing to remember is to not lose our perspective. We believe a lot of things, many which simply aren’t true, losing the true, historical perspective in the process.

As American’s, we have a strong tendency to believe that we are untouchable and that what happens “elsewhere” won’t happen here. I do not subscribe to this belief myself, since I do not perceive being an American and living in America as being of any particular advantage. In fact, I think that it might be a distinct disadvantage because of the apathy I’ve described above. Apathy leads to a sense of false security and dependency and that is directly related to the predicament we now all find ourselves in today.

We “thought” it was okay for us to plunder the planet for profit and material gain. Surrounding ourselves with these stolen treasures, we forgot about the damage that we were doing. Our security became our “stuff”, our wealth which we proudly displayed as being a symbol of our influence and our position in the world. We failed to recognize that these things were really glaring signs of our stupidity and ignorance and indifference to greed and actions, characteristics which we falsely labled as “success”. Our wastefulness and wanton greediness is the real symbol we portrayed, abysmal behavior which continues today.

And now we’re about to face the Grim Reaper, the agent of death and destruction that will wreck havoc to human civilization. We ought not to act surprised or startled, these things are quite ordinary, but because we have lost our perspective, while lamenting our calamities and crying to the heavens. Frankly, it’s pitiful to witness such behavior because it only reflects our true level of arrogance – we don’t want to be held responsible for our actions and wish for a way of escape from responsibility. The irony of course is that we have brought most of this upon ourselves.

In truth, there really isn’t much we can do about our situation. The damage has already been done. I admit that I used to blame my parents and my grandparents in a contemplative sort of way, but I am equally as guilty – if not even more so. The opportunity to rectify these problems occurred mostly within my generation, but didn’t. My generation just repeated the same stupid mistakes as my parents, and their parents, only more so. It wasn’t until the last few years did I realize this fact – and that I was continuing to contribute to the problems incrementally like billions of other people.

So now that I’m aware of how this has happened, my every effort to mitigate the now impending doom that planetary destruction and abuse means is in all honesty – negligble and insignificant. I mean, I can’t stop this even if I killed myself and ceased being a part of the problem. Even if a billion people killed themselves nothing would change. The pendulem of destruction is swinging rather far and wide these days and what is going to happen, is going to happen. There is no stopping it. In other words, as if that isn’t clear enough, we’re all going to have to suffer for the actions of the past ten generations, whether we agree with this summary or not.

I’ve long believed the above and it is one of the reasons why I’m in the “survival business”. Knowing I couldn’t actually fix the problems, I set about knowing what I could do about these things on a personal level. This still seems to be the wisest course of action – how to endure, if possible, the coming catastrophic changes that are about to remake our world.

That is now, primarly, what concerns me. How to survive the “human survival curve”. Or better stated, how others might survive, since I don’t really expect to make it very long. Why should I? Survival will tend to favor the young and I’ve lived at least half of my life already. My main “job” as I see it, is to survive long enough to teach what I know to others who won’t ever know the lifestyle I’ve enjoyed. I hope to distill a little common sense into them along the way so that in about 200 more years, we can repeat the entire sordid process (maybe). Or maybe we will finally learn something about our behavior and do things differently.

Whether or not this will all be necessary is, in my mind, beyond dispute. Anyone who reads this blog probably realizes this. The future is going to be radically different then the present. So much different, that we won’t even be able to recognize the social / political / cultural landscape. Our days of “easy living” are about over. What is to come will be devestating, earth shattering and extremely difficult. Adapting to the new cultural survival “norms” will be hardest of all. Those of us who have had it pretty good (admit it, almost everybody in America has it pretty good, nobody starves – not yet) will do more then a little “belt tightening”. We’ll have to become quite different people then we are today. If not – we probably won’t survive.

The law of the jungle will still remain, “survival of the fittest”, which is where the proverbial rubber has always met the road. Nations exercise this principle today, with resource wars, economic sanctions and military actions. It’s still “survival of the fittest” wrapped up in patriotism and gobbledygook “feel good” justification.

In actuality, it’s not hard to see “where we’re going” or “what it will be like”, because in truth, we’ve already been there, many times before. Think Dark Ages, a time of scrabbling for survival, facing plague, bandits, “governmental thievery”, crop failure, cold, drought, wild animals, locusts, disease, disaster and war. Survival went to the meanest, baddest sons-a-bitches around. It won’t be any different in our future then it was then.

This too then, is part of the “human survival curve”, which if charted on a graph, would reveal the level of difficulty corresponding exactly with the steepness of our descent into chaos and anarchy. We are very poorly equipped to cope with this reality, which is why our chances as a species to survive this human holocaust aren’t very good. Of course, it’s not just our general lack of survival skills working against us, but the fact that the ecosystems which sustain us are so badly damaged now.

In the past, nobody ever had to deal with planet wide destruction, which made their chances at survival much better. Wiping out the buffalo still left the cattle, the elk, moose, deer, turkeys, etc. And there was still an abundant worldwide fish population too. Not anymore. None of these natural resource exist in the abundance necessary to feed even half of the world’s population today. Without artificial support (cheap energy), the population of the world would be a fraction of what it is today. And that is exactly where we are headed. Massive population reduction, occurring because of world wide depletion and destruction to the natural resources.

These things are beyond our individual abilities to control. But that is irrelevant to our future. What is relevant is whether or not we can survive this. That is the real question – one which I have been attempting to answer.

Feb 122006

This is a worthwhile “repost” that ties directly into my “Advice” post on preparations. I stumbled across this link on Ran Prieur’s blog and want to highlight some important points. What this Independent Online article is saying is the tipping point for global warming and catastrophic climate changes has already been passed, making this irreversible and unstoppable with catacalysmic consequences:

A crucial global warming “tipping point” for the Earth, highlighted only last week by the British Government, has already been passed, with devastating consequences. Research commissioned by The Independent reveals that the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has now crossed a threshold, set down by scientists from around the world at a conference in Britain last year, beyond which really dangerous climate change is likely to be unstoppable.

The implication is that some of global warming’s worst predicted effects, from destruction of ecosystems to increased hunger and water shortages for billions of people, cannot now be avoided, whatever we do. It gives considerable force to the contention by the green guru Professor James Lovelock, put forward last month in The Independent, that climate change is now past the point of no return.

The danger point we are now firmly on course for is a rise in global mean temperatures to 2 degrees above the level before the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century.

This is now a certainty, which according to the latest studies, pretty much guarantees the loss of our polar ice caps, dangerous rising of sea levels and devestating consequences for billions of people.

“It means we have actually entered a new era – the era of dangerous climate change.

Feb 112006

Unasked for advices is often ignored, sometimes rightly so, othertimes not. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding preparations, ranging from everything from the bird flu pandemic to global warming. I make no secret about my personal view of things, just read this blog or the discussion board. Personal preparations should be a part of everyone’s ‘normal living’ experience, and not an emergency knee-jerk reaction to bad news.

I’m prepping of course, in a big way. For the long term. The reasons for this are many and what I think should be obvious, but apparently aren’t to a great many people. Perhaps the most pressing issue is the bird flu pandemic. But I started prepping long before I learned of this issue.

On top of pandemic is the cost of energy, which has been skyrocketing. This is making the cost of everything go up proportionally and it won’t, can’t get any better.

See that plunging yellow line? That occurred in late 2004, which corresponds exactly with what we are seeing now occur with the price – of everything.

It’s simply not possible to meet the world’s energy demands anymore. Limited supply then directly relates to increased prices for all products and goods. But the world continues to act like this irrefutable fact isn’t going to change how we live. I beg to differ – a lot. We are all in for the shock of our lives, some more then others.

You can do a LOT to mitigate these damaging effects, but you have to decide to do this, nobody else can do this for you. Right now, prices are going up on everything. This isn’t going to stop. Ever. Thusly, I have a saying, “what you buy today will cost more tomorrow”. The energy to produce consumable and ‘hard’ goods (things made to last), isnt’ getting any cheaper (or more plentiful), and nor is the goods produced. Buying ‘plenty’ today is simply good sound advice.

The key here though should be carefully considered. While it’s possible with a truckload of money to buy everything you need for a lifetime and store it away someplace (in a lot of places!), you don’t really want to do that. You want to simplify your life and streamline a lot of things down to a level of minimal impact. There will be many who try this route of ‘plentiful abundance as long as possible’, which will only excaberate the problems they will inevitably encounter someday. Problems of having to ‘trim the fat’ and ‘reduce’ and ‘do without’ and even, fend of the marauders who see the house and land of plenty staring at their swollen bellies from hunger.

This is no joke. There are some really serious problems facing Americans in particular, but I dare say, almost all of them are actually cultural. Pandemic, global warming, climate shift, drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disaster are events that have come and ‘gone’ before (this time however, some of these looming events won’t be leaving us for many thousands of years) – and humans have ‘survived’ these things, recovered and gone on.

But not this time. We’ve never had a population explosion like we have today. We’ve never devestated our environment from one icecap to the other like we have today. We’ve never overfished our oceans, polluted our lakes, streams and rivers, and destroyed the soils to the extent that we have today. The bottom line is – we expected and demanded too much from the earth and in the process, wiped out everything that sustains us – the air, the water, the soils, the plant and animals species, and left behind devestation and ruin. Or a housing tract on top of a landfill.

Perhaps you live in the city. Stop and think for a moment about what you are seeing as you drive down the road. Everything, buildings, roads, concrete, glass, steel, signs, resteraunts, high rises, office furniture, paper, cars, tires, gasoline, diesel, power lines, lights, paint, literally everything – came from someplace else. And when these resources were wrested from the ground, they left behind devestation. Forest were cut, the land was mined, factories were built, more land was cleared, even more minerals were extracted to produce the conveyer belts, distribution systems, trucks, transportation, telephones, more houses were constructed to house the workers, even more forest was cut, even more land was cleared, more plant and animal species were decimated and this cycle has continued now for several thousand years around the planet.

The ruin of our planet surrounds us, but we continue to ignore this like some dark family secret. We’re staring in the face at our own destruction, ignorant that the surivival of the human race now hangs in the balance. We keep believing, acting like we can go on living like this, as if it will last forever. This is worse then a foolish hope – it’s planetary suicide.

We don’t live in a world of infinite resources, although we certainly act like it. At some point, the ‘limit’ was going to be reached. The earth had a huge natural reserve of abundance at one time – air, water, animals, plants, minerals, soil, oceans, fish, even ice (critical to maintaining global temperatures), but that is now all about gone. We are now living on the vestiges of what remains, while teeming BILLIONS of people are fighting over the scraps so that they can maintain ‘the good life’ of abundance and plenty.

This alone is a ‘deal killer’ for the human race. We’ve spread like a virus over the face of the earth and have consumed everything and anything that is even slightly desirable. Our ocean fisheries are so bad now that we are forced to fish for what was once considered a ‘trash fish’ to keep up our world harvest demands. We have overtaxed everything to the point of collapse. It’s no wonder at all that something like avian bird flu is coming around to devastate this human-virus that has decimated the earth. I’m not the least bit surprised. Saddened, yes, but surprised – absolutely not. We are way overdue for a pandemic in the world. These things have happened before.

But this time, it could turn out quite differently, since we have consumed all of the abundance and revelled in our excesses to the point of gross gluttony and wantoness. What’s left to consume? What’s left to mine? What’s left to log? To fish? Is there still “enough” to go around, globally, and keep up this global party of wanton consumption? For how much longer? And then what? What happens when these dominoes start to collapse and we are forced to – eat each other?

This is already happening, which is called war. War is the health of the State (look it up) and is highly beneficial to the State. Never mind you, the individual, you’re just cannon fodder anyway, only good for taxation and consumption, and when necessary, a body bag. War is very much a part of the activity of the State.

Wars are fought for many reasons, but underlying them all is resources (and profits). They have little to do with ideologies as we are being told, but everything to do with resources and profit. If ideology was a true factor, the United States would have invaded communist China. Or Cuba, only 90 miles away, which we desperately tried to ignore (and sanction) for the past 40+ years since the Bay of Pigs. But there is little profit in ideology and little resources in the countries that we don’t agree with. Except for those of course, that DO have resources. Like Afghanistan and the pipeline for the Caspian Sea (and opium crops). And Iraq. Iran. We’ve already got Saudia Arabia, although how long is questionable. Now it’s Venezuela’s turn since they too are sitting on a sea of oil. Wars are fought for resources – and you will die. Period. The rest is just patriotic bullshit meant to convince the gullible fools that they are ‘sacrificing for something worthwhile’.

Perhaps a lot of people buy this line of crap, I don’t. The State and war are intimately connected to resources and profits. However, I am not for sale, nor should you be. Since I do not profit whatsoever from such bloody endeavors, I’m not interested, nor a foolish supporter of the patriotic line of crap that is being forced fed to the gullible. Nor should you. Realize that these things are all about power, control, resources and profits. There is a better way to live then being a mind-controlled moron, spoon fed by the idiot box on what to think, see, do, buy and support.

We are all subject to what occurs by and within the State. If the State declares war, like the United States did (twice) within the last few years, you’re either going to be a willing victim or a gullible fool. Take your pick. There is no in-between. The rest of us, who are allegedly ‘left alone’ are expected to ‘support’ these stupid adventures while the State proceeds to kill our sons and daughters, who themselves are tasked with killing the sons and daughters of the ‘enemy’, which also happens to be ‘defined’ by the State and propagated by the mass media.

Only a fool can’t see this for what it really is. We’re not supporting “us”, as in the US or whatever nationality you might happen to be, we’re only being fooled into supporting “them”, the power elite who are desperate to retain their control and their power and especially, their profits while they proceed to rape and plunder the world – and us. And to think we are paying these monsters for this privelege. We are so stupid that we even elect them into office, giving them high salaries!

Forget it. I’m not playing that game, where the rules are rigged and the losers wind up dead. I’ve got far better things to do. So do you. But war isn’t the only ‘game in town’ that is affecting your scores. You, like me, are the inheritors of the earth, supposedly at the top of the food chain, eating your way down to the bottom. Hope you like rocks, because rock soup is definitely in your future.

What’s left of our planet after billions and billions consume and pollute the environment is going to be the real ‘durable goods’. Rocks. These things have been around for billions of years, they’ve seen the passing of asteroids and dinosaurs and quite probably, the human race. I don’t envy them, each has its place. My place isn’t to be a rock, or cannon fodder, or a “consumer”, but a consciencious human being who can think and can see that the course we have charted for the human race is pure folly through and through. However, I have choice and that is to choose, deliberately and consciensouly to live differently.

Because I also believe that pandemic, global warming, peak oil, climate shift and other events are now occurring, I’m ‘prepping’ to a fairly high degree. To me, this is taking personal responsibility for my life. I’m absolutely convinced that others people should be doing this too. If we ‘all’ did, we would live in an entirely different world. There would be a lot less exploiting going on for starters. And we wouldn’t all be victims to circumstance and surroundings. This is, in part, why I believe we should prepare. To take responsibility for our lives and the impact our lives have upon the planet and ultimately, each other. To stop this cycle of dependency and ‘addiction’ to “consumerism”, which is a terrible cancerous blight upon everthing. And to stop funding these mega-corporations that control our government, destroy our planet and produce mountains of useless crap while exploiting their slave labor work force. And that’s just for starters. But I won’t go into all of the reasons, read my blog, you’ll figure it out.

Preparations are a cure – but this is an incomplete diagnosis. Self reliance is the real cure, but that concept is simply lost to history. Partial self-reliance, simplification and sustainability is within almost everyone’s grasp. But this requires a complete rethinking of life and living, a world view that changes from dependency to dedication. It’s also not for everyone – but only because it is foreign to our thinking. A new cultural ethic is needed that embraces the concepts of sustainability, self reliance and stewardship. That won’t happen until we have learned to suffer. And that, is about to occur on a global scale.

I’ve written about this before, but suffering is what is in store for the human race – and very, very necessary. The loss of what once was (and may never be again), will be the driving force towards a new ethic of responsibility. Eventually. If not, the suffering will happen anyway, it’s too late already to stop it. And there is a lot of this that is simply beyond our control anyway. That’s like trying to stop a hurricane. While they may be related to human pollution (climate change) or not, it’s not like any of can stop a hurricance. The only thing you can do is endure and make out the best you can. You can get out of the way if possible, which is advice I strongly recommend today.

We need to ‘get out of the way’ of what is happening to our world, our country, our social systems and our government. They are all teetering on the verge of collapse and catastrophe, which is only a reflection of what is happening on the planet throughout the environment. They are mirror images of each other. As we abuse the environment, our environment abuses us. The same with government. Government is taking a special interest in abusing the people, who are in turn, rightly rejecting the control and the authority exercised by government. There is no balance anymore – anywhere.

A return to a balanced life, an ethical standard and a stewardship of responsibility is long overdue. But between “here” and “there” is going to be catastrophe piled on top of catastrophe. I doubt very much that there will be any escaping this. The ensuing suffering will breed out a lot of the idiocy that has occurred in the human race. You could rightly call this the ‘survival of the fittest’ – which is more the just gene selection since the human race is also capable of learned intelligence. Your intelligence is going to be a factor on your survival and that of your kids. Will they learn a new ethic, or just be more cannon fodder for the power elite as they go about plundering and destroying the earth for profits and resources?

That’s up to you, I hope you make the right choice. We’re all going to suffer. We’re all going to get more then a little hungry. The answer to this is to make your preparations now, to think things through, see where they are going and then start addressing your basic needs. Water, food, clothing, shelter, heat. Sustainability. Survivability. Teach it to each other. Teach it to your children. Live the life, demonstrate, extoll, exhort and inform. Educate yourself on the issues that are important. Toss aside the mundane and the inane and focus on the impact of your life on your environment. Learn responsibility to the highest degree that you know how. Start small, start with tiny steps, but start today.

Feb 062006

Isn’t it ironic, now that it is irrefutable, unavoidable and costing billions of dollars in terrifying damage, that climate change is finally (and belatedly) being acknowledged? Not addressed, but only acknowledged. Former President Bill Clinton is calling for “a serious global effort to develop a clean energy future” to avoid the onset of another ice age.

Too late. Irreversible climate change is now underway. I find this hypocritical as hell that a former national statesmen would belatedly cry wolf when it was once in his power to actually do something about it. Sure, I’m glad it’s getting coverage now, but it’s too late and too little.

Governments (and governmental ‘leaders’) are not in business to pay attention to anything that threatens their power base or their profits (corporations) . A close examination of government will easily reveal it’s (ruthless) business like nature (and direct ties to corporations), irregardless of the long term damaging effects to the planet and biodiversity.

If world leaders are calling for reform – it’s because they are looking for more avenues for profits. It’s not based on any real concerns. Remember, actions speak louder then words, and the actions we are getting out of our governments is pitiful, or worse.

When illuminaries such as Bill Clinton was in office, he could have redirected this nation into renewable energy sources in a big way, but he didn’t. Nor did ANY of his predecessors or his sucky successor. That is because they simply DON’T WANT TO. I can’t emphasize this fact enough.

If the United States truly wanted reform (on ANY issue), they’d get it. But what exactly are we ‘getting’ from our government? Well, it’s not reform, but ‘restrictions’ in manifold ways. Treating every American like a suspected terrorist is one thing we’re ‘getting’. That’s because government, namely the Neo-cons, hate the American people. They truly do. They hate anyone and everyone that is not marching lock step to the death camps they are preparing for us.

The point is this: Governments CAN change a nation, but rarely do for the better because it is simply not in their best interests to do so. Clinton can complain all he wants – now that he’s out of office. It does no harm to his benefactors – and no good.

You want to know the true state of the world? Just look around – it’s terrible. And getting worse. Governments are teetering on the edge of control, simply because of all the excesses they have allowed, within and without. Bloat, corruption, coverup, vice, abuse, intimidation, terrorism, jerrymandering, you name it, you find it among the rank and file of government and the agents and the corporations they support.

What you don’t find is this same level of greed among the common man. It’s simply not there. We’re not perfect, far from it, but neither are we tainted with the stink of death that surrounds these hollow, obsolete institutions.

So what does any of this have to do with the state of the world? Generally, when you consider the state of the world, you consider all of the things under governmental control. War, famine, oppression, economics, trade, deficits, etc., which is really just another way of saying “the business of government”. Governments profit immensely from all these things and it is in their best interest to ensure that these things continue as long as possible. Which is exactly why we have never eradicated war, famine, crime, drugs, dictatorships and terrorism.

It’s all about profits and profitability. Which is why global warming won’t EVER be effectively dealt with unless it proves to be profitable. Nor is it profitable to stop terrorism. Or war. Governmental agencies receive huge bloated budgets for ‘combatting’ these evils on one hand, while quietly supporting them on the other. What do you suppose would happen if the these problems were solved? Do you actually expect these governmental succubus to actually work themselves out of a job? It’s simply not in their interests to do so.

Governments are horribly suited for ‘doing the right thing’ because of their profit based motivation and their internal structure. Governments, more so then people, are specifically oriented towards the continued manipulation of everything, seeking the ‘advantage’. This is exactly what occurs with capitalism by the way. What you won’t and don’t see is when a governmental institutions, agency, organization deliberately does something that is detrimental to its own existence and power structure. This is why we keep getting “bloat”- bigger institutions, bigger budgets, more corruption, more evils.

Planetary salvation won’t be coming from government, not directly. They, like the corporations they serve, will eventually be forced to change due to climatic and planetary shifts – and not before. This is now happening. But this will be reactionary (as it always is) to forces already long underway, and thus, too little, too late, which is exactly what we are seeing now.

What this means is that there is no ‘salvation’ for the planet; there is no institution capable of implementing the changes necessary in time. This also means of course, we’re all in for one hell of a ride, because it’s all downhill from here. It cannot get any better then it already is today.

I don’t know about you, but that is a sobering thought. If you ever wanted to know if it is as good as it gets, just take a look around. Or think back to five, ten years ago. We’re not in the same place, nor will we ever been again. This is, as they say, “is as good as it gets”.

Anywhere. Enjoy it while you can.