Nov 272005

This is going to be a difficult subject to bring up – especially by me, since I was advocating the ecovillage idea. But I’d like to discuss it and see if we can’t all learn something.

I’m also posting this here in this particular forum so it receives the broadest possible audience (and hopefully, participation). Not everybody visits the ecovillage forum.

Regarding ecovillages, or intentional communities and their place and purpose –

The reason and purpose these are most often done or are being advocated are two-fold.

a) To provide a better, alternative lifestyle.

b) To enable the members to sustain themselves in the event of collapse.

I think all reasons and justifications for an ecovillage or intentional community could fit under one or both of these reasons. Continue reading »

Nov 242005

Let’s see, today is Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday of gluttony and greed. Still, there are some good things about this day, a chance to argue with your mother-in-law, or disapprove of your sisters’s choice in husband, or get drunk and make rude jokes. Have another slice of pie, this is America, land of the red, white and blue and home of the slave.

We can always be thankful for the the truth though and even though it is unwanted, unheralded and unrecognized, there are many, many people who are demanding the truth. And the truth is stranger then fiction. Continue reading »

Nov 232005

Here are some notable quotations –

“Peace and the survival of life on earth as we know it are threatened by human activities that lack a commitment to humanitarian values. Destruction of nature and natural resources results from ignorance, greed and lack of respect for the earth’s living things.” Continue reading »

Nov 222005

Blog update – The blog and the board have been moved along with everything else, something that was unavoidable and necessary. Everything should be back up and running again.

I haven’t felt much like writing lately, been rather busy with the move and other issues which invariably crop up. The world churns on, still headed towards complete insanity and self-destruction. Continue reading »

Nov 162005

The Bush Administration is either planning or preparing the stage for another 9/11 style attack on US soil to boost the President’s standing and to “restore his image as a leader of the American people.”

A leaked GOP memo includes this and other strategies.

The President’s popularity was at an all-time high following the 9/11 attacks, admits one aide. Americans band together at a time of crisis.

Things are pretty bad for the President. A simple appearance by the murder-in-chief is enough to destroy your election chances these days. While this should come as no surprise, Republicans are acting like this is somehow news to them. Hundreds of millions of Americans know deep down in their hearts that America is headed for ruin and destruction. Memo’s like this only prove just how damnably dangerous the Republican party really is. Continue reading »

Nov 132005

What the hell is it going to take to wake people up to what is going on in this country?

Latin America is enjoying a revolution of the people, who are sick and tired of the lies, corruption and deceptions that have plagued them, while here in America, we’re still debating whether or not torture is permissible or if it is even being performed by our sick government and its agents.

This is absolutely unbelievable. The appalling ignorance, denial and self-delusion still being spouted off by the millions of fawning Bush sycophants is worse then pathetic. It’s wretched. It’s disgusting. It’s sick and it’s revolting. I’m convinced you people are not even human.

If this describes you, if you are still a Bush supporter, a war supporter or an American Patriot, God and country and all that crap, then go do yourself a favor. Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Continue reading »

Nov 132005

From Field Artillery Magazine

“WP [i.e., white phosphorus rounds] proved to be an effective and versatile munition. We used it for screening missions at two breeches and, later in the fight, as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes when we could not get effects on them with HE. We fired ‘shake and bake’ missions at the insurgents, using WP to flush them out and HE to take them out.”

(above link was removed – but you can find it here)


Obviously, it wasn’t just used as a psychological weapon. The thousands of burned bodies of men, woman and children attest to that.

Wake up America. You’re government is lying to you point-blank. Do you even care?

Nov 112005

What is natural living?

Is it living off the land? We all “live off the land”, although not directly. Not so that you’d notice where food, clothing or housing actually comes from. We are deliberately divorced from this knowledge and experience. But in reality, everything we need for our survival as individuals and as a species already comes from the land. Is this natural living? No, of course not.

Is sustainable living “natural living”? Doing things for yourself and being self-reliant and self-sufficient, independent of the larger society? No, this isn’t natural living either, not really, because of the constraints that are still in place.

Well then what is natural living? And why does it even matter?

Natural living comprises many things, but at its core is living without force. And it matters because of the imbalance between man and his environment today. Understanding our role as a species in the natural order of things is critical for our future survival and that of the planetary ecosystems.

Most of what mankind does is by force, most often violently. This of course includes human exercises like wars and resource extraction (environmental war), but civilization itself, which is a dual form of warfare upon the environment and humans.

Even agriculture is forceful, tearing up and laying down the soil in unnatural ways, forcing the land itself into the acceptance of unnatural plant species and growth. Little or nothing is naturally returned to the soil to regenerate it. The stress upon the existing natural systems is absolutely staggering.

The very foundation of our civilization are a forced construct, an artificial human fabrication of control, resulting in extensive damage environmentally and socially. The resulting human relationships laboring under this structure are also by necessity completely artificial and controlled, fractured fabrications by design, pale shadows of their true potential.

On a macro scale, civilization violently takes whatever it needs with no regard for anything else, including the planet, people, society, animals, plants or the ecosystems. There is nothing natural at all about our civilization or the society and relationships it constructs. These are in fact, unnatural relationships, based upon an unnatural society, built from an unnatural civilization, acting exactly the opposite to natural systems of balance, cycles and restoration.

Our societies are a mirrored reflection of our civilization. Society reflects the unnatural forces of artificial fabrication, resource extraction and control (you), and violence (coercion and forced compliance).

This coercion is also found throughout our social structures, where forced compliance and acceptance of unnatural things are required of entire societies encompassing millions, billions of people. The resulting stress from this forceful acceptance of unnatural things is fracturing the very foundations of civilization and society. It is one of the primary reasons why civilization and societies are failing today.

Our entire civilization is based upon the concept of high rates of extraction, with little or nothing returned being returned to restore the natural balance. A staggering loss to our planetary systems has been the inevitable results.

Nature is violent and cruel, but what nature takes, it replaces. The simple act of a deer nipping off the the tender branches of a bush is an act of violence. But the deer or the rabbit or the bear does not destroy their environment so forcibly, so completely, that it won’t regenerate itself in a single season. Nor do they engage in a pattern of systematic and deliberate ritual abuse of their environment. Such a concept to naturally living things is absurd in the extreme. Whenever the natural balance is exceeded (most often first caused by man), a few seasons returns the plant and animal life to its natural harmony and balance.

The energy consumption of plants and animals is returned to the soil in the natural cycle of re-fertilization. The power of the wind, sun, air and water are constantly in motion renewing, replenishing and restoring what nature has consumed within the natural cycle of life found throughout the entire Earth.

But this natural cycle of life, recycle and return is non-existent within civilization and society. Both of these creations are artificial constructs based upon the principles of violent extraction, returning nothing, caring for nothing from or for the natural systems that support them, or the unnatural societies that they spawn.

This constant extraction, the taking of resources, energy and raw materials and the forcible control that is exercised has enabled the development of a highly complex and unnatural civilization, which is entirely alienated to living without force.

It must also be observed then, that it is impossible for our civilization to be naturally occurring, because its very essence was built upon these unnatural patterns! It must also be observed that civilization is entirely dependent upon force for its continued existence. This force is mirrored within society and applied to its “animal kingdom”. We in turn, expect and perceive force and control as being entirely natural and acceptable, without once realizing that our society is simply a reflection of the violence of our civilization!

Every aspect of our civilization relies upon the underpinnings of force as its life blood, a force which is highly unnatural and ultimately, non-renewable. The recycling of energy is locked up into the artificial constructs and extractions of civilization, leaving the greater natural world diminished, depleted and damaged and eventually, mortally wounded. This non-renewable component also applies to our society. Eventually, society and civilization collapse, because the unnatural pattern of force and control are quite simply, unsustainable and far, far removed from the natural and sustainable patterns of renewing and recycling of life and energy.

Remove this force and civilization and society would quite simply, collapse. Therefore, it is impossible for natural living to occur under these present constructs of civilization and society. It simply can not happen. We cannot even experience it anymore.

In order to explore natural living and what it might mean, we would by necessity need to divorce ourselves from the artificial constructs of force and control. While not impossible to do, it is quite difficult to obtain. For example, it is illegal to reject these artificial constructs. Civilization and society demands your right to existence to remain under “its” control. Even your basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter must come by permission. These highly unnatural and artificial entities will go to extreme lengths to ensure that you are forced into complete compliance. Therefore, to simply observe natural living is extremely difficult, to say nothing of attempting to live natural living on a day-to-day basis.

These concepts are alien to most people. Of course they are! There is nothing within our present civilization and society that recognizes the basic rights to life and living as being inherently your entitlement, your birthright for simply existing! These rights include the use of the land, air, water and food, all of which should be free to the planetary inhabitants. Ownership of such things denies the right to life (for all living creatures, not just humans) and leads to exploitation, control, environmental destruction and eventually, enslavement and planetary collapse.

Natural living does not recognize the construct of civilization and society as being either healthy or necessary. Coercion of the land, people or resources is neither needed nor wanted and is avoided wherever possible. The best human examples still in existence today is found in the few indigenous tribes still alive, but even these are a shadow of their former selves and former existence due to the coercive and destructive nature of the surrounding civilization and its incessant demands. Much of what these tribes do is a reaction to the unhealthy civilization that surrounds them.

Other non-human examples are already right before our eyes and still exist in abundance, although under great stress. These are the examples in the animal kingdom, which do not seek to exist through force and control. Taking what they need as their birthright, they co-exist with other species without “ownership” of the land, air, water and food. Theirs is a cycle of life and renewal, returning to the soil what they have taken out. The natural ecosystems of the earth are highly adjusted to their existence and cycles, but this cannot be said of mankind. We are the one species on earth that is out of balance, creating discord and destruction with everything we do.

The root of this is caused by our civilization and its principles of force and control, which is unnatural and unhealthy for all living species. Strange, while we grudgingly admit the birthright of animals and their right to life and existence, we don’t recognize the natural birthrights of the human-animal, and go to great lengths to make sure nobody else does either.

Natural living does exactly that, while rejecting the artificial constructs and self-defeating patterns of force within civilization and society.

Nov 072005

Tomorrow, worldwide news coverage is supposed to reveal the extent of the horror in Fallujah. You can view this movie here – Phosphorous Weapons in Fallujah

The US has used chemical weapons identified as phosphorous against the citizens of that city. These weapons of mass destruction are absolutely horrifying. Be warned, the video contains people with blackened, melted faces and intact clothing. Babies with missing limbs. Images of children and woman and elders burned to death with their clothes still untouched. Witnesses from the US Army speaking the truth at the cameras. Full footage of shooting at children waving white flags. Red crosses on houses. Black crosses inside mosques. And more.

On the video – US soldiers heard in open broadcast over US military radios that “Whiskey Pete” was being deployed. This is the Army “slang” term for White Phosphorus. It looked like it was just raining down on some city blocks, deployed from what I think were helicopters. According to the former US military soldier, upon impact it creates a white cloud out to a diameter of about 150 meters. Humans and animals in that area will decease.

Basically it burns anything that it contacts with water and oxygen, which includes not only skin, but rubber as well. The US soldiers said that gas masks are not effective as it will burn through the rubber membrane that filters your breathing, and then burn through your lungs from the inside out…

So, it burns your skin like napalm, and it goes inside your mouth and blisters your throat and then burns inside your lungs. It does not burn dry clothing, so it is unimaginably graphic to see someone who was burned alive, but to see their clothes still intact. It appears that white phosphorus is far worse than old chemical weapons like mustard gas, etc.

The images in the documentary are appalling beyond comprehension.

The coverup by the US Army starts here – Odd Happenings in Fallujah