2 Rats x 3 Years = 482 Million Disease Carrying Rodents

I scan tons of articles for useful information. This one in particular stood out. It’s not often you’ll see a concern about pandemics or how they can come about, but this is a sobering fact:

Two breeding-ready rats can spawn an extended family of 482 million rats in just three years

Now mix those numbers into a highly populated, dense urban cities with most have major garbage collection problems. You get the idea. We’ve got another problem and it’s a big one.

A warming planet means a lot more rats are breeding a lot faster. Since rats carry disease and pestilence, then it’s simply logical to expect a pandemic. First on the list would be bubonic plague from fleas. And then there’s New York City’s rats which carry diseases like E. coli, salmonella, and Seoul hanta­virus, which “can cause Ebolalike hemorrhagic fever,” according to the Washington Post.

Oh boy. Fun times ahead. Some of these are absolute monsters:

They do more then just carry disease too:

America Is on the Verge of Ratpocalypse – Scare mongering? I really doubt it. Rats have been a massive problem for humanity since forever.

Clearly, the coming ratpocalypse is no longer a city-centric problem. It is threatening the health of millions across the country, costing billions of dollars, and is being fueled by global climate change that the U.S. primarily created.

Shorter, warmer winters are well, breeding more rats. By the millions. It’s a huge problem costing billions of dollars.

Rats are surging in Washington D.C., but then again, we’ve always had a particular problem there with the two-legged variety.


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