Food Crisis & How Far We Are Into Total Disaster

Desdemona keeps scaring the hell out of everyone (if you’re not scared yet, you probably should be):

Devastating Pakistan floods now threaten food crisis

“People have lost their food stocks. The markets are not up and running. Shops have collapsed. People are definitely in the greatest need of food,” said WFP spokesman Amjad Jamal.

In Nowshera in the northwest, one of the worst-hit areas, former army officer Mohammad Yaseen and other villagers picked through rubble hoping to find food and a few of their belongings. People washed clothes waist deep in water. Rugs hung from the legs of water towers as dozens of bloated buffalo carcasses lay in muddy streets.

This will have a global impact on prices no doubt.

This should scare you:

We are already 30% higher then at any time in recorded history.

Here is the executive summary. Remember, every year they up their estimates — even their “worst case” scenarios prove to be too conservative, time and time again.

Here is the link to the entire report: Global Climate Change Impacts In The United States


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