Trump Administration Attacks the Environment, Again

Another attack upon the environment and the nation’s National Forest by the Trump Administration:

Trump plan to open national forests to oil and gas drilling rebuked as attack on biodiversity and indigenous lands

This is both a dirty industry and highly pollutive. Opening up the National Forests to oil and gas drilling would be a utter disaster. The United States Forest Service would also lose its veto rights to the Bureau of Land Management, and be unable to object if the environmental impacts would be considered “too great”.

Since ALL oil and gas drilling has negative environmental impacts, then any large or small project would be without objection by the USFS, which is utterly absurd. The United States is less then 100 years away from having ALL water sources polluted from oil and gas drilling, including fracking, which uses an enormous quantity of water and is extremely polluting. Aquifers around the nation will be irreparably damaged.

This is a disaster. Brought to you by the Trump Administration.

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