The March To Madness

I highly suggest everyone read the Vanity Fair article, “Is Trump’s Chaos Tornado a Move From the Kremlin’s Playbook? very closely. It’s spot on to how Trump has disrupted this country – and right from the Kremlin playbook. It deserves careful reading.

In fact, it’s so accurate as to be quite scary to understand how Americans are being manipulated so easily. By Russians no less. This is more then Trump doing what Trump does – this is Trump not only following a Kremlin playbook and learning from it, it is about Trump playing directly into the hands of the Russians. And of course it begs the question – just how beholden is Trump to Russia? There’s been a lot of effort to uncover these connections, which are growing stronger by the day.

There really IS something to the Russian involvement in Trump’s election, of that, there is now absolutely no doubt whatsoever. And Trump’s private off-book meetings with Putin don’t represent anything that can be considered in America’s best interests.

There is another highly disingenuous and inaccurate article making the rounds right (by that idiot Matt Drudge), “The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Is America’s Military Loyal To Its Commander In Chief?“. First of all, this website is a Russian propaganda psy-ops source of dishonesty, distraction and division. That Drudge is promoting it should come as no surprise, he does this type of thing quite often as does Alex Jones. Both men are being played, over and over again because it fits their own personal agenda. They don’t care if the information is incorrect, misleading or fomenting division and discord, none of this matters. But it’s wrong on so many levels.

The contents of this gross distortion in historical facts and current events are breathtaking (including the totally ridiculous use of George Washington imagery and claims). The summary which is supposedly Trump is allegedly pulling troops, firing generals from imagined questions (fabricated by the author) and the general’s refusals to “obey” and engaging in stonewalling stupidity because he’s preparing for war on American soil on the southern border (and against anyone else who gets in his way). Uh huh. Against women, children, infants huddling together, trying to survive. Yep – that sounds about right. More idiotic propaganda.

This is yet more of the same idiotic stupid crap coming from “Q-anon”, that source of grossly distorted and made-up (most likely Russian) bullshit that has got idiotic followers in this country pissing in their pants (for violence). Everything in this article is a lie, with made-up claims and manufactured bullshit, but to the non-discerning, it’s going to be picked up as “evidence” without checking any of the claims being made. If they did that – it would be rejected as the propaganda garbage that it is.

It’s hard to believe anyone could fall for this kind of propaganda, but they do, all of the time. I suggest they back off and take deep breaths. All is not wrong in the world. America is not falling apart like they think. Civil war over ideological differences is just plain stupid. Making yourselves into criminal elements will just get you a life sentence (or the death penalty) – and you will deserve it if you engage. There is zero chance that Americans are “ready for this”. They’re not. Not even close. There is zero justification for any of this. It’s all just garbage in heads filled with utter nonsense, propaganda, misconstrued and imagined “facts” and misguided intentions.

Americans are NOT your enemy, and neither are our real differences. Border immigration is not the major problem as it is being construed. It’s not even the most pressing problem for America irregardless of what the polls say. The polls are the results of how much propaganda Americans have accepted. Very few Americans operate from a basis of facts. And the facts are immigration isn’t that big of a deal – legal or illegal. Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans are not our “enemies” either. They’re PEOPLE who are seeking better opportunities and lives. And yes, they have their criminal elements too – but even that claim is so grossly distorted that it confounds reality.

America is not “under threat” from border immigration. This is manufactured propaganda. The influx of refugees, immigrants and illegals (yes, I said “illegals”) can be managed without panicking. This issue is actually an issue of racism and xenophobia and protectionism. But it is not the “national crisis” it’s made out to be. The Wall, if ever built, won’t make the issue of immigration (legal or otherwise) go away. If you have been following the Israeli / Palestine conflict, you’d know why. Walls are EASILY circumvented. So our $5 billion “fix” will turn quickly into $10 billion (even before it’s completed), then $20 billion and then $50 billion. Just like the war on drugs – the problem will NEVER go away, and no amount of money will fix it.

Immigration is a fact of life – get used to it. I’ve told readers before – climate change will create hundreds of millions of immigrants and refugees and this is the real source of the problem. Climate change is causing drought, crop loss, gangs, violence and immigration as people seek to find different ways to survive. If you want to stay angry – get angry at your politicians that continue to refuse to do anything about all THAT.

The reactionary, knee-jerk, easily misled morons in this country are gobbling up dishonest propaganda at a amazing level. I blame much of the media, who like the Vanity Fair article pointed out, are being overwhelmed with the endless divisions and dissensions of the Trump Administration and the distractions being created. The Twittering Idiot in Chief is no help either and can rightly be considered the source for these problems – and the racist, xenophobic, reactionary fomenting of violence brewing here. This shit is Trump’s fault and it needs to stop.

Get real people. And get a fucking life. Nothing is changing in your world, except in your HEAD. I’m not ignoring any crimes, thefts, rapes, murders that have happened, but I’m not addressing those in this post. Nor am I making light of them – but they’ve always happened. But for the entire rest of the country – this asinine panic of immigration is utterly ridiculous. Your way of life is not under threat, you’re supposed to be a fucking human being – not monsters who seek to kill, murder, imprison and torture others who are “not like you”. To those people have lost their grips on reality and their humanity – you need to step back, wake up, get the real facts and calm down.

All is not lost. Trump is not your savior. He’s a deeply seriously flawed individual who has launched this country into some ugly directions and helped reveal the truth about what we are. He’s not going to fix what’s wrong. He’s making things worse. That’s why the country is so divided now. And why it’s headed into a terrible recession (most likely). His policies are not working.

We can do better then this. We have to. It is ultimately our only real choice because we really do have to to live with each other. To those that think we don’t – you are simply dead wrong.


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