A Whopping $1,500,000,000,000 In New Taxes

Yet another deception: Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue.

Updated: $3 in tax increases for every $1 in promised spending “cuts”.

The notion that Americans “owe” their unbelievably STUPID government any more taxes is ABSURD.  We didn’t spend our way into trillions in debt — THEY DID.

I would not have approved of 90% of the insane spending they’ve done, believing that we don’t need government to be the nanny protectorate state that it has become.  Very little of the money government spends do I approve of, but the government believes that despite this, you and I are somehow “responsible” for their utterly insane fiscal irresponsibility.

If the Tea Party wasn’t such a stupid sick joke, hijacked by big business and oil interests, I’d say lets use them for a tax revolution.  But that won’t happen.

I have a MAJOR beef also with the so-called “cuts” that Obama proposes (and every other lame-duck President). What needs to be done is staring us in our face – dismantle the military industrial complex, bring home 95% of our troops from around the entire world (800+ bases, over 160 clandestine missions daily), toss out the corporate lobbyists (or hang them), put a stop on most foreign aid, especially to terrorists countries like Israel, stop supporting puppet regimes and corrupt governments that have sold their souls to be in America’s pocket, and start focusing on the internal affairs and functions of THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE.

The trillions saved would go FAR towards fiscal responsibility and security for THIS COUNTRY.


Yeah, I’m mad, every single American over the age of 4 should rip roaring mad at the terrible conditions that our government has created around the entire world. There is an awful lot wrong with this country and almost nothing is being done to address the root causes and issue of why we are swirling faster and faster down the drain.

This weekend was the so-called “Day of Rage” non-event that was held in Wall Street, as once again, protesters lined up with signs and slogans, claiming again that they’ve “had it” and “won’t take it anymore” and demanding our country back.

Well, my position on these activities remains the same as ever.  Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money.  The media barely covers these things, having also sold out their own children to the government.

Absolutely NOTHING will come out of this protest. NOTHING. The reasons should be obvious to even the most obtuse.  Our GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT WHAT WE THINK OR DO.

These protest are utterly powerless and meaningless to the people that actually run this country (which is not the U.S. Government, politicians are figureheads). They do not recognize the people or the so-called “power” we hold because we are using it in all the wrong ways.

The “vote” is no longer the tool it once was (but feel free to still try, it IS one peaceful means of still exhibiting your opinion).  They only thing these pricks recognize is power, and that is not a group of people chanting down the street, waving their fingers.

Please watch the video link above… I can barely believe what I saw.  The advertisement showed the Fatherland Security “see something, say something” mantra, a clear brainwashing technique to keep up the fear and paranoia among the sheep.  Then, at about the :49 second mark, the camera focuses on the World Worker Party sign, which shows “A Job Is A Right”.

Unbelievable.  Demanding a “job” is the same thing as saying “put chains on me so that I might work for you and help make you rich“.  It is neither a right or even a need.  It only serves to keep up the failed economic paradigm that has overtaken our entire world, robbing you of EVERYTHING.

Life is a right, food is a right, land to live on is a right, housing is a right, but a job is not a right.

A job is what they want for their global army of worker-slaves, cranking out an endless mountain of products for their slaves to buy, who then “require” a job to buy them.  Slaves who must now work at jobs to pay taxes to support the entire apparatus, from fat cats and bureaucrats and Wall Street thugs, “protected” by a bloated military industrial complex that perpetuates wars, occupation and slaughter around the world.

If you want a job, or believe that you “need” one, then that’s your business. It is not the government’s business and never, ever was.

This is why there will never be a populist people’s revolution in this country. There are so many mixed up ideas and divided people, who have different demands and expectations from their government.  Most seek to propagate the status-quo in all honesty.  I’ve yet to see ANY party that doesn’t. Very few people have come to realize that the status-quo IS at the very heart of our many, many problems.

Oh well.  Monday morning rant.  It won’t do any good, it never does.  I need another cup of coffee however.


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