Fresh Water Disappearing

Surprise, surprise (not) – More than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050 due to climate change

Unless you’ve been living under a well-watered rock for the past few years, the notion that water shortages won’t be a problem for billions in the years ahead is factually false.

Glaciers are going to continue to keep melting for decades – Well, duh! That’s what glaciers do – but what they reporting is old news here.  If all carbon emissions were stopped instantly, there would still be massive glacial melt for decades. Of course – it’s called climate inertia and it’s as unstoppable as the rising sun. This is another puff piece that doesn’t do this topic any justice – like just how will 5 billion people survive without this essential melt water that provides drinking, irrigation, sanitation and industrial activity? Hint – many of them won’t.

If that doesn’t give you pause, how about this – Billion-dollar polar engineering ‘needed to slow melting glaciers’ Well, why not a trillion dollars? Money is sure to ‘fix’ the unfixable, right? Of course, this is pure hopium bullshit from the endless stream of lies and deceptions that surround this topic. Do you recall that I’ve often said, “You can’t replace the missing ice”. Well, this is going to be one of their failed attempts to do exactly that.  Idiots. Instead of addressing the cause of this ice loss – let’s just engineer more shit and enrich more companies while contribution more greenhouse gasses to make things worse!

Can you recognize stupid yet? The old adage, if you keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results comes to mind.




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